100 lb. Club - The stomach's amazing ability to shrink...

traci in training
08-27-2009, 04:52 PM
Job interview #3 for the week today - but that's another whole subject. Interview was at 11am in the city - about an hour from home. Finished about 12:30, knew I would never make it home for lunch, so I stopped at Subway.

Subway has always been my friend. Good choices, food with no grease, spinach if you want a salad. Today I decided on a roasted chicken sandwich on honey oat with tomatoes and onions. No chips. No cookies. Glass of water. Sat down to have my lunch with my book, and all of a sudden it occurs to me I'm stuffed. Two inches of sandwich left and I can't eat it. WHAT??? Truly full. I'm home now - 2:50 as I write this - and I'm still full. No need for a snack this afternoon.

It's amazing what your body will tell you if you just listen and give it a chance to speak, isn't it?

08-27-2009, 05:15 PM
Isn't that funny? Previously, we would go out of our way to finish the entire meal and now that we really think about what goes into our mouths, we can listen to that "I'm full" sensation.

Good for you! Good luck with the interviews!

08-27-2009, 05:27 PM
good job on recognizing the fullness.

It's so weird how me and bf would split 3 baskets of chips, salsa, bean dip, etc, and then eat a huge meal of wing wrap and waffle fries with a quarter cup of ranch dressing and bbq sauce!

ridiculous. Today I went to that same restaurant and ate a taco salad (no shell, no meat, black beans instead) and was shocked at how full I was and didn't even finish it all. I wonder where all that food went before, don't you? :P

08-27-2009, 07:09 PM
Yep. This past weekend my partner and I went to chipotle. We ordered our usual and I could only eat half. Chipotle doesn't do sizing differences so I'm starting to think of asking for a 2nd basket for my food and before I start, slide half my food to the 2nd basket and give it to one of the kids on the streets begging for stuff. Then go back to my own plate.

We actually looked at what we both ate, and if only we liked the same items, we could get 1 meal and split it.

traci in training
08-27-2009, 07:12 PM
Oh, the amount of food I used to eat! It's mind boggling! DH and I used to eat an appetizer, two entrees and (being weight conscious) split a dessert.
:-) Now we share an entree or split an appetizer and both have a small salad. Tastes great, doesn't kill us. No indigestion or bloating afterwards. How did we get so out of hand? What makes us so over-indulgent? I guess I'm just grateful to be doing things differently now.