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08-26-2009, 02:30 AM
Ted Kennedy Dies of Brain Cancer at Age 77

Sen. Edward Moore Kennedy, the youngest Kennedy brother who was left to head the family's political dynasty after his brothers President John F. Kennedy and Sen. Robert F. Kennedy were assassinated, has died at age 77.

RIP Mr. Kennedy!!! :(

08-26-2009, 02:36 AM
WOW.That family has had a lot of sadness.Sorry for them all.

08-26-2009, 02:39 AM
Exactly. :hug: and prayers to their families and friends.

08-26-2009, 02:41 AM
RIP Senator Kennedy. He led an amazing life.

08-26-2009, 08:51 AM
RIP Senator Ted Kennedy.

Thanks for 40 something years in Congress.

08-26-2009, 09:07 AM
Rest in Peace Senator and thank you authoring bills and standing up for the elderly and the mentally ill when other members were blind to their importance.

08-26-2009, 11:47 AM
Its so sad... I hope his agenda on reforming healthcare gets some attention. He gave us over 40 years of his life, and I hope Congress realizes it.

RIP Senator Kennedy.:(

08-26-2009, 06:04 PM
RIP Senator Kennedy.....he has worked so hard for our country and for the state of Massachusetts.

08-26-2009, 06:04 PM
End of an era, for sure. Kind of embodied both the best and the worst of the Kennedy family/legacy, no?

So sad,