100 lb. Club - So, I am keeping track of what I eat/calories and such and have a question.

08-24-2009, 05:26 PM
So, this plateau is kicking my arse, so I broke down and went back to my old FitDay journal and started keeping track. Here is what I noticed so far:

So far today I have eaten 539 calories, 16.4g Fat, 85.6g Carbs and 12.6g Protein

It is 4:21 pm where I live.

Now, this isn't a big surprise to me. I just don't feel like eating much early in the day so I am sure I will make up for my calorie deficit at dinner time. I am thinking dinner will be chicken breasts, breaded w/seasoned Panko breadcrumbs, (dipped in egg) and mixed veggies (steamed) and maybe some rice. I'll have a big glass of 1% milk too.

After the kids go to bed, there will probably be a rum and coke in it for me too.

So now I am thinking, is the way I am eating my calories contributing to my plateau? I realize I need to balance out more of what I am eating. Carbs have always been my staple but for right now, I have to work with what I have at home, in the fridge and pantry. I can't run out and get more fresh fruit and veggies. I suppose I should probably start eating eggs or something for breakfast. However, I DID force myself to eat a serving of Cheerios Oat Clusters cereal for lunch which is better then the usual PB&J. It was good, I'm just not much of a cereal person. I've made a big effort to drink more water...so far 40 0unces. I like water...I just never think to drink it.

So there it is. I am supposed to be eating around 1,875 calories for weight loss at last calculation. (Though if someone has that website again to figure out calorie consumption I would appreciate it...I'm not 100% sure of this number.) I think I may make it. Maybe not. I don't know. I have such a problem with calculating calories because I pick at stuff here and there! Guess I should stop that too.

I have also been taking generic Adapex for awhile now too. I thought I should mention that.

So based upon what I've said so far (I'd post a screen shot of my calorie chart if I knew how) - what stands out as GLARINGLY bad? I mean, I know I'm not getting the highest quality calories, but is the way I am eating (not much until dinner) part of the problem?

You'd think I'd have this down by now. According to my FitDay Journal, I've been on this journey since January 16th!

08-24-2009, 05:31 PM
Good job, don't give up. Are you exercising? Drinking lots and lots of water? Sometimes the body gets used to the same amount of calories and I have to fake it out and eat more for a few days. Not alot more, just 200-300 calories extra to make the body realize that I'm not trying to starve it. good luck, hugs to your soul

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08-24-2009, 05:34 PM
To be honest, though I keep promising myself I will get back to the gym, it hasn't happened. First it was that it was closed for maintenance, then it was just that life is INSANE right now! I am hoping that once we get back into a reasonable pattern with the older boys back in school (this wednesday) I will be able too. Life is very chaotic right now. I can't go until DH gets home from work, somedays he is late, one day a week it is his turn to take care of his parents, the oldest has counseling one night a week...I need to get back into a schedule that we can ALL work with...soon.

08-24-2009, 05:40 PM
I'd skip the rum and coke- lots of sugar and empty calories.

Also if you aren't working out you might be eating more for maintenance- I'd try going down to no more than 1700 calories a day and also getting in at least one more snack before dinner time.

08-24-2009, 09:15 PM
Here's a link (http://www.freedieting.com/) to a dieting page with TONS of information, including a calculator your looking for. It also has a whats called a zig-zag week where it shows you how many calories to intake on which days of the week for maximum metabolism. Its like what ernurse was saying... you stagger your calorie intake through out the week to fake out your body. I personally found the calculator to be a little on the "high" side for me but I think that's cause they average it at a pound a week. Just subtract another 500 calories daily for the safe 2 pounds a week loss.
And, yeah, you need to eat something earlier on in the day. It boosts your metabolism and by keeping your blood sugar and metabolism better stablized your body will burn your fat more effeciently. I am NOT a breakfast person...I could go till 4 or 5pm without eatting much either but its a binge trap and really hard on your body so now I eat 1c cereal with 1/2c milk. Not much but enough to kick up my blood sugar and get my metabolism going.
The liqour is really harsh on a diet. Its super calorie dense without the nuetrients but if you allow the calories for it in your meal plan, 1 occassionaly isn't going to hurt. My suggestion there: make it a diet coke and rum (if you don't like the taste of diet coke & rum, try it with vanillia rum...world of difference!!)
Sorry to hear your schedule is so hectic right now. WTG keeping up with the calorie tracking though!! And remember you can always go for a small walk down the road for a lil' extra activity (and Mommy away time)!