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08-19-2009, 08:26 AM
Good morning gals. We had lots of rain yesterday afternoon and into the evening. Some big thunderboomers but no loss of power. I hope it has moved on through.

No swimming for me today. I decided to go tomorrow if weather permits. I need a day off. My muscles are complaining because I really work them.

Susan: You just take it easy and like Jean said, listen to your body and get rest. That kind of thing will take it all out of you and you need recoup time.

Jean: How are you liking the retired life now that you know school is back in session? I bet you enjoy having the time to tool around with Bob when he goes places and doing the luncheons and what not.

Today is bill paying day I am going to have to get to it I guess. This is the month for tags so Jack has to go this weekend and get that danged bulb and replace it in the Grand Marquis so he can get it inspected next week and we can get the tags. At least we don't have both of them due at the same time or have to pay the prices of places like California. Their car tags are out of this world.

Not much going on here. I haven't been doing much knitting, but I need to get the blanket in a box with a card and get it shipped to Dave and Rachel. Their wedding is coming up real soon.

Have a good hump day all and I will talk with you later.

08-19-2009, 02:59 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! A lovely day today in the low 90s.

I've seemed to have turned the corner and almost feel like my old self. My friends are going to take me to quilting bee tonight. It will be good to get out. I can tell I'm still not quit up to par because I get short of breath so easy. They did find my blood pressure is too low while I was in the hospital and it continues to be so the doctor is going to put me on medication to bring it up a little. I'm still on high dosage of Prednisone so my face looks like a moon and I'm so hungry all the time. I've eaten enough vegetables that I should be turning into a rabbit.

You all have a great day.

08-19-2009, 06:38 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It is trying hard to rain again. We had a downpour this morning and thunderstorms are coming through tonight. It is 78 degrees and humid so if the sun would come out the air conditioner would come on. I went to the retirement breakfast this morning; there were probably 30+ there and I knew all but one.

After eating we got to tour the new elementary school. It will hold K-4 with the grades divided into pods. We have so many Kdgners (26+ per 7 classes) they are "thinking" about adding another section. The elementary students begin on Friday so someone had better be making some decisions so a room can be ready for them. The projected room is now set up as a reading and ESL room combined; they will have to move out and share space in other rooms. Some of the rooms have no windows and I would not like that at all.

I made a WM run, came home, and then went out for lunch with the other four who retired from the high school. We hadn't seen each other all summer so it was fun to catch up on the scuttlebutt.

I stopped to get groceries on my way home, put them away, and here I am. It's way too late to start any cleaning projects today! I'm certainly NOT hungry so think Bob will be on his own for supper.

"Gma" -- After touring the new school I am so glad I am NOT working there. Anyone new coming in would need a map to get around! I'm sure once everyone settles into a routine it will be fine, but I can't imagine 500+ elementary students invading the place all at once and no one will remember where they are supposed to go! I have missed seeing some of my favorite staff members at the high school, but not the chaos of the first few days when schedules keep changing and tempers are short.

Susan -- I'm glad to see you here today! You must be feeling better if you are going to the quilting bee. Enjoy! I'm glad your friends are taking good care of you!

I need to make a couple phone calls so had better get a move on. Have a nice "rest of the day!"

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-20-2009, 08:18 AM
Good morning all! Looks like it might be a nice day today. No swimming today. It has clouded up and really dark. Jack just called and said they are getting pounded out at the plant with a storm and to "batten down the hatches." Once a sailor, always a sailor! :)

Susan: So glad you are feeling a bit better. Hope your progress continues. You will be back to your ole self in no time.

Jean: Wow a new school. Are all your schools in close proximity to each other? The town I grew up in had the schools all together, but that was back when it was safe to have little kids around teenagers. I am not so sure anymore. I am still waiting to hear from someone about the clinic. I did enjoy doing it last year and would like to do it again this year and I know they have to want the extra help. Guess I will just have to wait and see.

Guess I better get going on chores so I can get some breakfast in a bit. I found my ff milk to be sour already so I am going to either have to use the 2% or eat something else. Seems everytime I get milk at Walmart it spoils quickly. It is commissary weekend so I am going to just go without until Saturday.

Have a great day today!

08-20-2009, 11:59 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's another 50 degree morning here. BRRRR! This feels more like October than August. I've accomplished two things this morning -- shaved my legs and cut my toenails! TMI! I am dressed and ready for the day. No special plans for today except more sorting and pitching.

"Gma" -- I'm guessing the main part of town is 3 - 4 miles wide, with the residential areas extending a couple more miles beyond. When we moved to town there were 4 elementary buildings: north, east, south, and west -- one for each part of town, a junior high and a high school plus a K - 12 Catholic school. A few years ago they built a new middle school, tore down the south school and moved those students into the junior high building. The paper said there are 700 elementary students set to arrive tomorrow morning. I'm guessing middle school has 600+ and the high school has 600+. The new elementary and middle school are across the street from each other. The high school is on the other side of town; the busses all meet at the high school to exchange students for whatever school they need to go to. Our Catholic school is in financial trouble and many of their students come to our high school for advanced classes, art, music, and some sports. Our milk has started coming in bottles that you can't see through. :( Since I don't drink it, Bob is in charge, and either picks it up on his way home from the office or puts it on my grocery list.

I need to keep moving so Bob can see that I've accomplished more than the above when he comes home for lunch.

Have a great day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-20-2009, 02:05 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! Hot and humid yet again - must be August!

Faye, I'd call the school and tell them I'm ready to help. I'm sure they would be delighted to hear from you. It looks like your rain is about here. Storms in the forecast for tonight and then this weekend rain and beach erosion from Bill. Just so he doesn't decide to come our way. I'm not ready for a hurricane. I have all the emergency supplies, but mentally, not there.

Jean, Sounds like you had a good time with your fellow retirees. It's always fun to get out and get the latest gossip. I remember when I was young we had the Borden milkman delivery and it came in brown bottles. Actually, milk should not be in containers that allow light to get at it because it destroys vitamins.

I did enjoy the quilting bee last night. I'm not used to being home all day for days on end and it was getting on my nerves. The doctor told me not to go out when the humidity is high if I can avoid it. It felt good to do some hand sewing and I'll be back to my quilting a little today. I must be just about better. Hopefully I can go to work next week. I'll be lucky to find my desk after being gone for 2 weeks.

08-21-2009, 01:27 PM
Good morning gals, well afternoon to Gloria and Susan. I had a bunch of errands early so I didn't get in here to post until now. My stupid cell phone wasn't working for some reason so I had to come home and find out why. I turned it off and back on and the dang thing started working again. GRRRRRRR! I was going to meet Jack for lunch, but I couldn't get ahold of him to ask him where to meet him so I had to come home and by that time it was into his lunch hour so he had to just eat his lean cuisine meal.

Susan: I don't know if the woman that has taken over the clinic is going to be better or not. I went to the school website just to see if they had any PTA info up so I could call the person who was now the clinic person and she had posted a calendar on the website and had people already signed up for all of August. I saw her phone # and called her and told her I was willing as was Thomas's other grandmother as far as I knew. I asked why she hadn't called me. She said she had called some people but a lot of them didn't want to volunteer this year. I told her she should have called me as I volunteer once a week for them. She said she had been told we were excellent and did a great job then just left it at that. I thought to myself, if we (meaning Pat and I) are so excellent, then why have you not called either of us! Anyhow, I emailed her when I would like to work in Sept but she hasn't gotten back to me. My gut says it is going to be as disorganized as it was last year. I don't like going month to month as I like to sign up for several weeks at a time so I can plan around them but looks like she is going one month at a time.

Jean: I never realized your town was that big that you would have that many students. I know it isn't big to you, but then my high school had less than 300 total students. I think my graduating class had something like 64 or so.

Well, I need to fix me some lunch and jangle the toilet. I can hear it running. The stupid thing works for weeks then starts acting up.

Have a good weekend to all of you!

08-21-2009, 04:24 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It is a cool 67 degrees but sunny in my corner of the world. I went next door this morning to see if my neighbor had a box I could use to mail a gift. I ended up staying over an hour and just visiting; we don't do that very often. Consequently my morning slipped away without me accomplishing anything besides wrapping the gift and fixing a casserole for dinner. Bob came home late for lunch so I just finished cleaning up the kitchen . . . again.

Susan -- It's nice to see your post again! If you feel like quilting you are on the mend! :D Is there anyone at work who might have done some of your work for you? Either way it will get done when it gets done. I've never seen milk in brown bottles. That doesn't sound very appealing. I remember the milkman coming to my grandma's house and the glass bottles had a different kind of an indented top where the cream settled. That's probably been 60 years ago. :o

"Gma" -- Our population is probably 8 - 9,000 and goes up a couple thousand when the college is in session. I'm guessing the school district is pushing 75% nonwhite; if the packing plants ever close :crossed: the schools will be like ghost towns for sure.

I hope everyone else comes to visit and post today! Have a nice weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-21-2009, 05:22 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! Another hot, humid day. Rain is in the forecast and the promise of a few cooler days.

I appreciate everything my friends have done for me, but I'm getting a little tired of having so many people here. My refrigerator is stuffed and I've asked for no more food but some of them have switched to desserts. What I really don't need around! I must be better.

Nothing interesting to report.

Faye, that school sounds like most of them - PTA is disorganized. They will be the ones to lose out if she doesn't get you on the September schedule.

Jean, if the Armed Forces and Seafood industry ever left here, we would be a ghost town. We have lots of orientals that work seafood packing. Smithfield Packing is on "the other side", meaning you have to cross the James River so I don't know who they employ, probably Mexicans.

Hi, to Maggie and Gloria!

08-22-2009, 01:56 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's another cool day in my corner of the world, and with the sun shining it is a nice day for sure. I've been to a funeral this morning; an IA friend of mine from school, who is also an "only," lost her mother just before classes started. The lady had been in a nursing home for several years so it is a blessing although never easy. Now the washer and dryer are humming away. Bob is off on his Saturday "tour" -- he likes to check in with his farmer buddies and see what's up.

Susan -- It's nice to see your post again today. I guess I don't usually come back here after I've posted. Our Asians are a much better class of people than the Mexicans are. Most of the Asian families that came in the 70s have moved on since the Mexicans invaded. We have a few Asian families left -- smart kids who go to college on full scholarships and parents who support the school district.

I need to change clothes and get my "clean the bathrooms" clothes on.

Have a nice day and remember to :D!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-23-2009, 08:47 AM
Good morning to all of you. I am not even sure I posted yesterday. Sometimes I just plain lose track of time. Old age I guess.

We got all the shopping done yesterday for another couple weeks, Jack got the bulb for the headlight and they had a two pack so he came out ahead. He just changed them both so the beams would be evenly bright. Now he can go tomorrow and get it inspected and then Tuesday go and get the tags for it. She has been a good ole girl that's for sure.

Tuesday I have a physical, which I am looking forward to like getting my teeth pulled. I just want to get the darn thing over and done with. I imagine she is going to want me to schedule a colonoscopy, which I will do, but not right away. I am still just not ready for all that again. I figure then it will be time for the mammogram, which is no great shakes to me so I will schedule that and get it done.

I want to get a few days swimming in this week as we had lunch out yesterday and none too diet friendly. I did have a guy who was waiting tables, at least 6-7 years younger than my son, come up to me and say he loved my hair. I wasn't sure whether he was saying the color, the style or the whole shebang. Usually it is black women that rave about my hair. They seem to like the wild red color I wear. Anyway, it was nice to hear.

Susan: It is nice all your friends think of you, but maybe they need to get organized about bringing you tons of food. lol Why is it all things are solved with desserts? Every person is supposed to feel better if given a chocolate cake I guess. When we lived in Indiana and I had my gall bladder removed, the ladies group from church took turns bringing in meals. There was always a hefty dessert included that was for sure.

Jean: We are probably around 65% black here. We have a pretty large hispanic population, many of which live in the area we do. We also have a lot of koreans and vietnamese. They run almost 100% of the nail salons here and boy do they make the money at it.

I guess I should get started on cleaning the downstairs. I am pretty hungry and my tummy is growling, but I would like to wait to eat for about half an hour or so if I can. Probably fruit and cereal today.

Have a great day everyone!

08-23-2009, 04:21 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a beautiful day in my corner of the world. We have our neighborhood picnic tonight; some of the neighbors who live behind us are hosting it (not the partying ones). Most everything is furnished and we are to bring a salad, dessert, or something to share, and our lawn chairs. It won't be late since it is getting dark earlier and earlier each evening. :( I'm taking the cabbage salad with the Ramen noodles and almonds in it. :T I only make it when I can take it someplace or we have company because it is too much for the two of us.

"Gma" -- I'm glad to see you today . . . missed you yesterday! ;) Bob's dad always said that the US would become one color, but not in his lifetime. He was thinking black rather than Mexican though. I think he just might be right. I need to get busy and do some deep cleaning along with the sorting 'n pitching. Bob was working out in the garage and came in with a glass cube shaped vase wanting to know if I wanted to keep it. His mom had gotten a flower arrangement in it shortly after she moved back to Iowa. She kept it on her table and would put cards and letters in it for us to look at. I looked at him and said I thought we should keep it for awhile but he could get rid of it if he wanted to. He said he thought we should hang on to it for awhile too. :lol: Mr. "Throw it away if you haven't used it!" himself! I'm thinking of putting potpourri in it. I had to chuckle at the man commenting on your hair. I have had women ask how I color mine because it is a lot darker in the back than the front.

Since it is warming up I'm going to look for a pair of capris to wear to the picnic. I have laundry going and the never ending pile of ironing is waiting.

Hope you all have a nice day! Remember to be nice and :D!

Jean -- :wave: and :D from Iowa!

08-24-2009, 11:07 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! I think I hear an echo here! :lol: The sun is shining and it is promising to be another nice day. The neighborhood picnic was fun and it was nice to meet new people who have moved into the area. We used to know all the names because Jason delivered the newspapers. There are still some "oldies" around but lots of new people have moved in. Today is back to sorting and pitching; Bob painted the foundation around the house this weekend so I have to get my "stuff" out of the garage as I promised him I would. Most of it can go to Good Will but I want to see what is going. Have dust/fur bunnies and crunchy cat food to vacuum. Ernie likes to chase a piece of cat food around on the bare floor, then someone steps on it because he just leaves it wherever.

The garage "stuff" is waiting so I'm off! Have a great day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-24-2009, 11:40 AM
Good morning to you all! I had a very rough night last night so didn't get much sleep so I slept in until 7:45 or at least tried to. The neighbors had a puppy barking and whining outside at midnight last night for one thing and it made Fortune bark. They must have finally taken it back inside as I came downstairs and watched tv until 4 am with Fortune in my lap. They aren't allowed pets next door so we shall see about that.

We bought the film "Knowing" and watched it this weekend. It was a little scary and a tear jerker so I whacked Jack for buying it and told him that I was going to have Fortune bite him if I had nightmares in my sleep about Thomas. The movie had a little boy Thomas's age in it and something happens to him to separate him from his father and I boohooed for several minutes.

Jean: Fortune takes his dog food and carries it into the living room and flips it around sometimes. Drives me nuts. Our bare feet usually find it! :mad: I am amazed you have any furniture, households or clothing left in your house! :) You are the Goodwill queen. My younger sister is the return queen. She buys tons of stuff she can't afford then ends up taking it all around town and returning the stuff. Most of the time it doesn't even get out of her trunk. I think shopping makes her feel better but then she realizes there isn't money in the checking account to cover what she bought. Who knows? She does love to shop. When we lived in town together in South Bend she used to drag me all over with her shopping. I am not a looky loo lover and you know I shop online for almost everything so it really wasn't my thing.

Susan: Just finished Finger Lickin' 15. A lot of people complained it is the same ole stuff, but I still laughed, especially when Rangeman gave Stephanie the Cayenne to drive and she and Lula were chasing the Chipotle killers and Lula got stuck halfway out the window and her boobs came out of her top and were flying around down the street. I laughed til tears came down my face.

I did all the body shaving today so I don't have to rush around and do it tomorrow. My appt is 8:20 and I have to take Jack to work tomorrow as we are going after work to get the tags and I have to keep the good car to go to the doctor. I just want to get it over with at this juncture. I am not anti doctor except for the idiots that seem to think I don't know I am fat. We shall see what the scale at the dr office says tomorrow.

I guess I better run as I want to get to the pool and swim and get back here and get some work done before Jack gets home from work. He will be late as he has to get the Gran Marquis inspected today, but I want everything done early.

Have a good start to the week!

08-24-2009, 08:25 PM
Good evening, ladies! More rain but it's only in the low 80s.

Jean, Cupid always has to drag some of his food into the family room. I get tired of cleaning it up. I second Faye, you are the Goodwill Queen! I'm still working on the sewing room.

Faye, I was tempted to make a quilt for the Challenge with Lula hanging out the window. I laughed and laughed when I read that. I could see it so clearly in my mind. I wish those books came out more often.

I went back to work today. My boss actually asked me this afternoon if I was about caught up. I gave him the look. It'll be at least a week if nothing comes up this week. They didn't even take checks to the bank. I'm feeling good again, thank God!

Our bible study group at Church is going to study the book of Matthew this year. I look forward to it.

Have a good evening!

08-25-2009, 09:43 AM
Good morning to you all! Quick post as I have to leave in just a few for the doctor's. Just want to get this over with. I didn't sleep well, my hemmoroids are acting up again, my hormones are nuts and I feel like I am burning up and I am a little nauseous so I want to go and get stuff done and come back home and take a nap.

Susan: I would give him a look too. When you get to it, Luke is a lovely book to study. Keep in mind Luke was a physician and if you look at in the eyes of a physician writing the book, you get some insight you might not otherwise have. The current Evanovich book got slammed by most people as being a repeat of other books, but for heaven's sake, she is a bond agent, her grandma is nuts, her partner is an ex whore so how much can you do? I thought it was again delightful and if you can laugh at these books, then you have something definitely wrong with you. I loved the fireman too. She is so descriptive that you can just see him cleaning her apartment looking like Julia Child.

We have to go to Millington and get the tags for the car after Jack's gets off work today so I just took him to work and will go pick him up and we will go then. We go to the town the base is in because it is small and there aren't tons of people waiting in line to get stuff. It is a bit more of a drive but well worth it.

I guess I better shut this down and leave for the doctor's. It is too early to have to strip down and be probed and prodded, but this was her only appt I could get after I had to cancel the last one.

Have a great day everyone and talk to you later!

08-25-2009, 10:45 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! We've had a few sprinkles of rain and the weatherman says the thunderstorms are on the way. It is humid now, so the air conditioner is running. One of the teachers stopped by after school yesterday. The system is just as disorganized as it was last year and getting worse by the day. One of the IAs has been gone and they never bothered to hire a sub for her. I thought some of volunteering since I know the kids/teachers, but then thought "nah, if I do they'll keep calling." I've got ironing to do today and clean another bathroom for sure. I need to make a cleaning plan by the day, and maybe I could get myself more organized.

"Gma" -- I am not a shopper either! I hate to try on clothes so will bring them home and then try them on. I can buy the same brand, same size, and they will fit differently. :( In reading your today post the first time I thought you were commenting on the book of Matthew when you switched to "she and her" I thought, "WHOA! I missed something there!" :lol: Sometimes I skim too fast and think I know what I read. Good luck with your physical -- hope you get good news!

Susan -- I'm glad you feel well enough to be back at work. It's too bad that someone couldn't have helped with some of your duties while you were gone. A "pile" waiting is not fun to look at. Take your time and what gets done, gets done in due time. :D

Well, the pixies haven't done the ironing so I best get at it. Have a nice day and remember to :D !

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-25-2009, 12:54 PM
It was in the low 100's yesterday and is said to be the same or hotter this day. OF course I will be staying inside where it is nice and cool. :) I have been quite busy doing glass and also some typing for my main squeeze. He can type but I do it so much faster and don't mind a bit to do it for him. The little gray kitty does some things that the black one doesn't that are so endearing. When I first get up and come in here and get on my computer in comes Ragg Mopp to get a doggie treat. Well little Gray comes right with him and sits by him expecting one also. I break of a tiny corner of Mopps and give it to Gray and then they both trot off together. Also Gray waits at the back door with Mopp to go outside. We don't let the kitties outside just yet. Also it is a hoot to see Gray putting a toy in submission just like Ragg Mopp does. That is definitely doggie thing so Gray is picking up some of his "things" for I have never seen a cat do that. ;) Life is good.

DONNA FAYE Um ~ Matthew was a tax collector and it was Luke that was a physicion. Just thought I would clarify that. :D Hope your physical goes well. I absolutely hate those things. But I go kicking and screaming each year but if I didn't have to in order to get my perscriptions renewed I probably wouldn't go. I just don't like being prodded and squished.:dizzy:

SUSAN I am so very glad you are getting back to exact. Surely your boss was jesting. :o Enjoy your study of Matthew which actually is part of the OT. The NT doesn't really start until Acts chapter 2. Just thought you would like to know that.;)

JEAN One would think that a cat would have enough to entertain himself and not play with it's food. Right now until we get the kittys front claws removed they eat in my office. After that I will feed them on a small table in the kitchen. It is best to feed them "up" somewhere that Ragg Mopp won't eat their food. They can share the water but not the food. They have some neat ways to feed and water pets that I am going to order for them. Have fun exploring the contents of those boxes of things before Good Will gets them.

Everyone have a lovely day while this day is still here. :wave: Type at y'all later.

08-26-2009, 06:49 AM
Good morning to you all! Hope your day is starting out well.

Maggie: Dear heavens, I cannot believe I posted that about Matthew. I do not know where my brain is. I have read the Bible through at least 6 times and know better. Maybe I was in the clouds over my physical and was seeing Luke. How very very dumb of me! You are right on, Luke was the physician and if Susan does study the book she will get insight. Matthew will not provide a medical point of view at all! He will however provide the view of a sinner as publicans were the most hated of all people during that time, just as they are today! :D I refuse for me to look so stupid so I am going to fix my post when I am done here! Butterscotch used to sit for treats like Fortune does. They do adapt to other animals I think if they are of a mind to. Cats are truly very independent pets unlike other animals. They do as they please when they please.

Susan: Brother, I have gone round the bend on the Matthew thing. I fixed my post to say Luke as I completely goofed that one up. You will enjoy Matthew though. I think that book shows the true grace of Christ to a sinner because as I said to Maggie, the tax collectors were hated above all people during that time and most were highly dishonest and unreputable. I think it shows how we as sinners though having nothing to offer Christ is welcomed into his arms through his blood sacrifice. Maggie, I think I got it right this time! :D

Jean: You are right, when I went back to fix my post to Susan I saw that it looked like I was commenting on the Bible and not the book series she and I read so I fixed that too! My physical went fine. I got right in, didn't have to sit long in the room and she was extremely thorough. She went through my current information in my record, like meds and such and health issues I currently have, asked me tons of questions, then went through tests, immunizations and medications I should be on. I am being scheduled for a mammogram, possibly a colonoscopy if the barium enema I had a 18 months ago was not thorough enough (UGH), and an ultrasound of my uterus. She did a pap smear and said all looked good, but she is ??? why I am still having episodes of spotting as I haven't had a regular period in over 3 years. She checked me for a polyp, which I had none and she said could sometimes cause that sort of thing so she is having me have an ultrsound to check my endometrium and said if in the next few months I don't completely stop with the spotting even though it is infrequent, extremely light, etc, she wants to do a biopsy to make sure nothing is there. Since I had an ekg 18 months ago, I don't have to have one of those and though I haven't yet had this years flu shot, had one last year and a pneumonia shot so I am good with it for five years. She did change my bp meds since the swelling thing and put me on calcium and a baby aspirin besides my vitamin I currently take. When she did the physical, she checked to make sure I had no hernias due to my surgeries and said I could still develop them because of the scar tissue so we would have to keep on top of that. She was very, very pleased with my weight loss and exercising so far and told me she would like me to speak to her other patients since I seem to "get it" with regards to losing weight. I told her I have always felt you have to get losing weight in your head before you can fix your body and I think I have done that. I have lost 12 lbs since seeing her in June and have to go back in Sept for her to check my new meds and give me a longer prescription because this is only for a couple months to see if I adapt ok. I am also going to get my flu shot if it is available since I won't have to pay for it. It will come under my copay.

We went and got the tags for the gm so it is now legal for another year. We had to sit for awhile, even though we were next as just as we got there the second clerk went on a break! When we got up to the windod, it took longer for our bank card to be okayed then to get the tags! They have a new computer system and it takes forever to do a charge on it. Once she got that ok'd we were out the door in about a minute. So, all in all, it went fine. We grabbed a deli sandwich as it was getting late and then came home and sat and watched my Cubbies embarrass themselves again for about 3 innings and got up disgusted and went upstairs for the evening.

You all have a great day today! I am going swimming later and get some exercise and clean the upstairs bathrooms when I get home.

08-26-2009, 11:53 AM
Good morning, ladies! A nice day in the 80s.

A boring week this week with no where fun to go. I've been going to bed a little earlier to get a little more rest since coming back to work. I should be caught up with the backlog tomorrow - it's been a quiet week so far.

Maggie - I can see your kittens just the way you describe them. Kittens are so much fun.

Jean - You have to be glad you retired. Sometimes you wonder why these administrators are allowed to stay when they do such a poor job. How's the Goodwill box sorting going?

Faye - I'm really thinking I'm going to make a quilt based on "Finger Lickin' Fifteen" and put it in Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show. I really enjoyed that book. I'm glad Thomas was a little premature in announcing his parents were going to close the pool. I know you enjoy that a lot. Congrats on a good physical. I hope everything is okay when you get the ultrasound done. Its nice to be recognized for our weight loss efforts.

Well, break is over so back to work.

08-26-2009, 03:31 PM
Ever wonder how much longer you might live? The website below gives you an estimate. Even though I checked Severe Lung Disease, it estimates I'll live to 81.9.