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08-13-2009, 04:59 PM
This is exciting news. This morning I did a fitness and body fat assessment at my campus gym, and the results are thusly:
I weighed in at 222. My body fat is 36.74 percent, which places me in the 10th percentile. However, the woman who did the assessment said that based on my body composition, 190 would be a very good weight for me, and 180 would actually be a bit low. Which means that I only need to lose 30 pounds!

Other: my cardiovascular ability puts me in the 50th percentile, I'm very good (but room for improvement) for push ups and ab crunches, and my flexibility puts me in the 95th percentile. I should be a dancer....

All in all, results are consistent with somebody who's been working out to lose weight, but still has a ways to go. And she confirmed my suspicion that walking long distances actually burns more fat than bicycling, because you're using more of your body.

In other news, she told me to keep a food diary for a week, because she suspects that I'm not eating enough and I'm not getting enough protein. We shall see if my sometimes constant hunger should be listened to more.

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08-13-2009, 05:50 PM
Thank you! It sort of boggles me that my body fat percentage is so high when I've already lost so much, and that I only have to lose 30 pounds to get to a good percentage. It's both heartening, and yikes. I didn't look that bad even at 270! I carried my weight well!

08-13-2009, 06:07 PM
Congrats Lapelosa!!! :carrot: You're lucky you can carry your weight well. For me, another 10 lbs up from my current weight and you could roll me, I look ROUND! :p

08-13-2009, 08:14 PM
Do you mostly put your weight on your tummy? My best friend does; she's incredibly self-conscious about it, even though she's actually a very attractive girl. My sister was overweight after two pregnancies, and even though her weight was a lot lower than mine -- the highest she got was 180 pounds -- she definitely showed it more. But then she lost all the weight, which just showed me that I could do it too. And it proves that one-size-fits-all never works!

08-13-2009, 08:18 PM
You got it. Actually, I have big hips too that are taking forever to melt away, but I've noticed the first place I gain weight is on my tummy. Coincidentally, the first place I lose weight is my tummy as well. :)

08-13-2009, 08:30 PM
I have wide hips too, but then I had wide hips even when I was underweight as a teenager. It's bone structure.

I sort of have a personal theory that if you put your weight on around your hips, thighs, and butt, then you could gain more and not look fat -- meaning it's easier to go into denial. Although, my god, the cellulite. I'd have to lose a lot more of the fat off my thighs before I'm willing to venture out in shorts.

But if you gain weight first on the stomach, then a little weight shows a lot more. Meaning that it's harder for you because you have a narrower range of weight to stay in, but then when you do lose it, you look more "slim." I may be talking complete bollocks.

I had thought that the first place you gain would be the last place you lose!