100 lb. Club - Accountability/Menu/Planning 10 - 16 August

08-10-2009, 04:09 AM
Hi lovelies!

Well, I'm not sure what happened last week. Every time I came to post, something would happen and I just never got back to post. It was a fairly quiet week, in any case.

The gym went well - I did yummy trainer's class on Thursday morning and OMG, my arms were so sore on Friday I could barely lift them high enough to do my hair and make up! Yeah, not enjoying that bit so much! Although I think I'll do the class again on Thursday. I must be mad!

Work is still quiet - we're actually helping out another part of the company with their backlogs, so at least we're keeping busy and being productive. I'm beginning to think we may get through the winter without something big happening somewhere, but I doubt we'll be that lucky.

Anyway, the plan for tomorrow is to go to the gym early, work and then I've got an appointment with my bank - my mortgage is up for renegotiation next month, so I want to see what changes they're going to make to the terms and conditions. Given the financial situation, I don't think I'm going to be too happy, but you never know!

Take care everyone - I'll check in tomorrow.

08-10-2009, 08:27 AM
Hi chicks! Don't faint...it's Beverlyjoy. I've been MIA because I was in a bad place with food. I didn't feel like I could be helpful to anyone. I've 'crawled' out of my food frenzy and have had two solid healthful sane days with food. I am so grateful.

As we always do in this lifelong existence with food - I am trying again to live in sane healthy relationship with food.

For today:

lots of water
put my fork down between bites/pause
leave a small amount of food on my plate
no eating standing up

breakfast - grits, lite margerine, egg white scramble with ketchup, raspberries
lunch - turkey and cheese wrap, cauliflower with spray butter and parm
snack - strawberries
dinner - blueberry pancakes, sf syrup, butter spray, turkey sausage,
snack - pnb english muffin, sf cocoa

I hope everyone is doing GREAT.

08-10-2009, 10:36 AM
Hi Friends!

I'm back. And, not a minute too late. The summer was a whirlwind of activity and family time. I enjoyed every single minute of it, but my eating has been crazy. I've gained quite a bit of weight back and can't fit into any of my clothes.

Beverlyjoy - it is so good to hear from you again!
MJ - that is great news about the knee surgery.
Beth - Welcome

Last evening, I picked up some grocery items. Today, I'm back to tracking my calories on Daily Plate. I am eating whatever I want, but avoiding all sugar. I may mourn the loss of my evening bowl of Haagen Daaz, but my hips and belly will thank me!

May I make a suggestion? Back in the day, this thread used to be extremely active. I believe part of the problem is that people don't know what our purpose is and who can post here. I recommend that we change our name to something like '100lb Club Accountability Thread' and that our first post of the week should be a blurb about the thread....."do you need accountablility.....yadda yadda..." What do you all think?

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day.

08-10-2009, 10:40 AM
Good Morning! It's going to be one of those hazy, hot, and humid days that I 'love' so much....ugh, at least my office has good a/c!

nicolen--yummy trainers class sounds good! Good luck at the bank....

Beverlyjoy--YEA you are back!!! I have missed you!

Accountability time...Saturday was NOT on plan....I didn't drink anywhere near enough water/decaf plain tea, and I skipped breakfast (forgot), hardly ate lunch, then was starving at dinner and over-ate--it was healthy stuff, but still ate too much. Yesterday, I did drink, A LOT which was good and my food choices were ok--but too much sodium which wasn't good.

This morning I was ready to put my lunch in the refrig at work when I realized that I left it at home! Oh well, at least it's already made for tomorrow! Now the trick is, getting something take-out that is healthy. My gym clothes are in the car and even though it is hot, I AM going to the gym. I will do legs/back weights and cardio.

I am waiting for my ortho's receptionist to call me back (yep, I have her direct phone #!)....I received the approval letter for the 'scope of my knee on saturday! YIPPEE!!!! I want to get this scheduled asap! Of course, a monday morning is the worst time to call a drs office, but whatever...I left her a message anyway.

I also really want to find a bathing suit. There are some water aerobics classes at my gym that I have been thinking about trying, but STILL haven't. My bathing suit is horrible, so I need to replace it. Plus, it would be really good for me post-surgery to get into the pool!

Have a great OP day everyone!

08-10-2009, 10:42 AM
Rhonda--We must have been posting at the same time! YEA!!!! Glad to see you back!!!! I think it's a good idea to post the into 'blurb' about what we are for in the first post of the week...I remember when we used to do that. a name change is fine w/ me to if everyone else is ok w/ it.

08-10-2009, 11:21 AM
I Dont' mind a change. :)

also, mj5 I got the cutest black and mahogany patterned swimdress from lane bryant, and STILL haven't been swimming! hoping to go thursday! :D

todays menu: 1722

b: 2 whole eggs, 2 slices whole wheat toast w/ ICBINB, 1 banana
s: green apple
l: general tso's tofu w/ eggroll
s: pb and j sandwich on arnolds sandwich thin
d: garlic, zucchini, mozarella pasta w/ olive oil

08-10-2009, 12:10 PM
Hi everyone. Good week for me last week. I was over on food yesterday and kind of lazy all day, but overall the weekend was good. I took the kids to get some new clothes for school. It took forever! But, they're happy. I was kind of tickled with their reactions to everything. We've been cutting back so much lately with the economy the way it is, I think it was just a treat to go shopping and get new things.

Beverly: So good to hear from you. Sorry you've been struggling with food, but you'll get back on track!

Rhonda: Great to see you again, too! I'm so glad you're back posting here. As for changing the name, or adding something to explain what this thread is, I think that's good.

MJ: Good news on your knee! I hope you get in soon to get it done!

Nicolen: Good to see you! Sore arms are good for you, remember? ha!

Lottie: How fun, a new swimsuit! Have a good time with it!

Jab, Schmoodle, and anyone else: How's it going?!

08-10-2009, 03:29 PM
I am SO proud of myself for my lunch choice....I was pressed for time (gee, there's a surprise....), so I went to Wegmans--GREAT store, BUT, it can be overwhelming and there are lots of not-so good choices there too...I ended up w/ some low sodium sliced turkey, a slice of swiss, and a whole wheat roll--to build my own sandwich--it is all so fresh and yummy no need for condiments and I bought some green grapes to snack on. I have water here (and have been drinking LOTS of it. I didn't linger, I didn't 'just look around' I went in with a plan and got the heck out of there!

lottie--I'll have to check out lane bryant...I started looking online yesterday and quickly got bored w/ it....I have never tried the swim dress kind of swimsuit.

Diane--Sounds like you had a great weekend!

K, I need to finish up some things. I have been covering for another manager, so it's been hectic, but she covers for me, so it's only fair!

Have a great afternoon!

08-10-2009, 03:43 PM
mj5 they are so flattering and not "granny" looking at all. I tend to think that skirts are granny looking but I love the swim dresses. I had a different one last year and got so many compliemtns. a big woman even came up and said "THAT is how they should make swimsuits for ladies like us! That is so flattering!" LOL It was weird, but nice. :D

08-10-2009, 08:22 PM
lottie--thanks for the info! I will check them out this weekend.

Accountability time....I did not work out at the gym tonight--the power was out. When I came home, well, it's so hot (insert whiney voice here!) I am going to do some yoga-ish stretches, so that will be something, but not great.

I did not hear from the drs office, yet. Hopefully tomorrow....

08-11-2009, 09:01 AM
Hi chicks - day three of food sanity. I am very, very grateful.

Lately, I am faced with when to do my foot surgery. With DH's new insurance we have a $4500 out of pocket co-pay before the insurance pays for anything. (except well care). No RX - no nothing. If I do my foot surgery now - I'll have to pay $4500 dollars. In January - the 'calendar year' for the insurance starts again - another $4500 for next year. DH says that I am worth it to do the surgery now - I agree! But, the frugal part of me says to wait til 2010. I am managing. But, DH is tired of my 'foot stuff'. Me too. It's hard to figure out.

stretches & strengthening
lots of water
put fork down between bites
no eating standing up
leave a tiny amount on my plate

breakfast - turkey on toast with lite mayo, blueberries
lunch - bean and cheese wrap with salsa, cauliflower
snack - ff cottage cheese & fruit
dinner - Thia noodle salad, carrots
snack - 1/2 english muffin with pnb, sf cocoa

MJ - It's so good to 'see' you. I missed you too & everyone! I am proud of you and your selection for lunch. Good for you. Hope you hear from the doctor soon. Hope you find a bathing suit you like -they are probably on sale, too!

Slash - such fun, shopping for school stuff. I remember it well.

Lottie - zucchini and mozzarella sound so good...thanks for the inspiration!

HI Rhonda... - I guess we are back at t he same time. Let's do this --- I know we CAN do it.

Nicolen - good for you...getting to the gym. Gotta see that yummy trainer.

Have a good day!

08-11-2009, 09:56 AM
Good Morning! It's another hot one here, but I wised up this morning...I have heavy drapes on the windows in my office, so I closed them this am....hate to block out the beautiful sunshine, but it's SO hot over by the windows...it's cooler in here already! Thank goodness for central air at work!

Beverlyjoy--Wow, that's a high copay. I know what you mean though...Yes, you are worth it! But, I would be right there with you...at least wondering if I should wait so then the copay would be done for the WHOLE year. Ugh, good luck with your decision. I want to get my surgery scheduled asap--because I am SICK of dealing w/ my knee and I have met my max out of pocket expenses for the year....so I won't have to pay anything if we can get a move on! LOL!!!!

I remembered my lunch today! Yippee! I have already started drinking water! I have my gym clothes in the car and ready to go.

It will be a good, no, make that GREAT OP day!

08-11-2009, 10:21 AM
Hi Friends,

Yesterday was so-so on the weight loss front. I found it very difficult to switch directions after 2 1/2 months of self indulgence. Thank God for another brand new day. I need to purge the cabinets and fridge today. The leftover ice cream caught me.

Beverlyjoy - if you can work it out, you might want to seriously consider having the surgery as soon as possible. No one should have to live in pain.

Have a great on-plan day.

08-11-2009, 10:39 AM
BJ!!, so good to "see" you again. You know you would tell anyone else to keep posting even when they are not on plan. Don't disappear on us again. I know I'm one to talk, I am pretty sporadic myself, but as long as we find our way back, right?

And Rhonda!! good to "see" you as well. I think your suggestion is a great one, particularly the blurb at the beginning.
mj and nicole, lottie, and Diane thanks for holding down the fort for the prodigal daughters.
mj, I'm glad things are moving ahead with your surgery.
lottie, I saw some of those swimdresses at the beginning of the summer when I was looking for a new suit, they are really cute. They didn't have my size though, so I ended up splurging on a Land's End suit that squeezes everything in.

okay, group hug time!:grouphug:

Well, if any of you have been wondering what's going on with me, here's a quick recap. Last October, I had lost 70 lbs in 18 months and things were going really well. Then I don't know what happened. Over the holidays and spilling into the new year, I kind of went nuts and ended up gaining back 15 lbs. I did get a handle on things and have been maintaining for about 6 months now, but having a really hard time moving back into lose mode. I did pretty well in June and July and I think I've re-lost 5 of those lbs., but it's pre-TOM and I am not going near a scale for a week or so to check. And yes, I really need to fess up and change that ticker and avatar. I've been away a lot this summer on vacation and work trips, so haven't been able to post here much. Last week, I was away all week at a conference. Food was provided, but none of it on-plan, of course. The hotel I stayed in did not have a fridge and microwave, no free breakfast, and I didn't have a car to get groceries. I brought some non-perishables with me, and the first few days I worked really hard to stay as on-plan as possible, but that got very old and by the end of the week I was scarfing down the pastries. SO, back to square 1, Ph1 detox again. :( I've got a girls' getaway trip planned in late September and I'd really like to be down a few more by then.

so today...
B: blueberry and cottage cheese smoothie, coffee with milk
S: raw zuke, cherry tomatoes and hummus
L: leftover steak over steamed squash with Parmesan, V8
S: skim latte, string cheese
D: Grilled chicken breast, ratatouille
S: SB peanut butter cup

Have a great day everyone!

08-11-2009, 11:57 AM
Well, I did it. I went to spin class today. I am going to go again on Thursday to see if I can do it twice a week. The normal instructor for Tuesdays is one I have not seen before. It was a lot different, but still good. It seemed easy at first, but we did a lot of "climbing", so high resistance. That sneaks up on you after awhile and I was pretty worn out at the end. The instructor on Thursday does more of a high intensity class, with a lot of speed involved. I think they might be a good mix for the week. It does feel really good. I have to stay vigilant on my food plan, though. That's always a tough thing for me. LOVE to eat!

It sounds like a lot of accountability folks have had some struggles lately. I think we just have to be kind to ourselves. We all need to take responsibility for our choices and be accountable, but then we have to treat ourselves like we would treat anyone else and be more encouraging and less condemning. While I would love to think that we can remain committed all the time and be perfectly on plan all the time, we have our times when that doesn't happen. It's ok! We own it, forgive ourselves, and then move onward. We need to keep posting and receiving encouragement. It is so hard to do this alone. Even if you are having a tough time, keep posting!!

Schmoodle: You can do it, just keep plugging along. BTW, cottage cheese and blueberry smoothie? Is that all you add together? Just curious.

Rhonda: Darn ice cream. It is one thing I always want!!!

MJ: Seems like you have a good plan for the day! Have fun at the gym.

Beverly: What a predicament. I can see why you hesitate, but you are definitely worth the cost of the surgery!

Lottie: How's it going!? I've been enjoying your posts! Keep writing.

08-11-2009, 12:09 PM
Rhonda I feel ya on the ice cream, I can't really have it in the house ...big time comfort food!

schmoodle, you can do it! :D just stick around here, the ladies will be more than happy to kick your butt in gear!

beverly, that sucks about the surgery! insurance co's be damned! :P

slashnl, good idea to add that other day in the spin class. good luck! :D

today: 1746 cals

b: oatmeal, banana, strawberries
s: soy nuts
l: leftover chili and triscuits
s:hummus and crackers
d: mexican pita pizza
s: banana and 2 oz sharp cheddar
Have an On Plan day everyone! :)

08-11-2009, 07:50 PM
I can't believe it......I have a surgery date!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, tentatively, I have to confirm it tomorrow. But, so far it looks like 9/11. There were two sooner dates, but I couldn't do either one...the first date I am covering for a co-workers vacation and the other one dh has red sox tickets in Boston. I have waited this long....what's a few more weeks?

I almost forgot...I have a hair appt tomorrow! I am super excited....I really need a trim and color.

Rhonda--Today is a new day! How did the cupboard purging go?

Schmoodle--Great to see you back too!

Diane--Your spin classes sound really tough, but good. Great job! Keep it up! I agree, I think we need to take responsibility for our choices and plan for how we can handle it differently tomorrow. Easier said than done sometimes, but as long as we keep at it!!!!

lottie--mmm, mexican pita pizza sounds yummy!

I didn't last long at the gym tonight. My knee was really sore, but it's ok...it IS going to get better!!!!

08-11-2009, 08:00 PM
mj5, here is the recipe:


I also recently uploaded a pic of the finished product. :D

08-12-2009, 06:20 AM
Good Morning!

I have another day of a string of meetings, so I wanted to pop in here nice and early just in case I don't get a chance to later!

I have my lunch packed, water bottle ready, and my sneakers all set--w/ my hair appt, I just don't have time to get to the gym, so I'll get in a walk at lunch time. It's better than nothing...

lottie--YUM!!! I make my grocery list later tonight, I am SO getting the stuff to make those! thanks for sharing!

Hi to everyone else! Have a great OP day!

08-12-2009, 09:18 AM
Hi chicks - I hope everyone is having a good day! For me today:

paperwork in my office - am
working - afternoon
board meeting - evening
stretches and strengthening
aware eating
fork down between bites
sitting down while I eat
lots of water

breakfast - ff cottage cheese & 1/2 banana, pnb toast
lunch - bean and cheese wrap, beets
snack - tangerine, cheese
dinner - egg white scramble with peppers & onions, ketchup, lite bread
snack - eng. muffin

MJ - I am so, so happy your knee operation has been approved. :carrot::carrot: Goodness - you have waited a very long time. Great planning ahead for your day today!

Lottie - thanks so much for that great recipe! :) I agree about insurance copay..yes, be damned, indeed!

Slash - good for you...doing your spin class. :D You are so, so right about keeping posting - even when struggling. Thanks so much for the reminder.

Schmoodle - thanks for that lovely welcome back, friend. I am definately in for the group hug! Sounds like your vacation spot wasn't real condusive to helping with your plan. But, you're back and hopping to it. You CAN do this. :)

Rhonda - hi and thanks! Purging the cupboards is such a good way to start. :)So good to see you!

Everyone have a GREAT day. :D:):D

08-12-2009, 10:55 AM
Hello ladies, just a quickie today. I am actually on a telecon right now, but I don't have a plan for the day and actually haven't even had breakfast yet, not a great start, so I want to get this in before it's too late.

B: scrambled eggs with salsa and cheese, turkey bacon, coffee with milk
L: leftover grilled chicken breast and a sliced tomato salad, peach
S: skim iced latte, cheese stick, raw cauli with hummus
D: cheeseburger (lean and no bun), ratatouille
S: a spoon of natural peanut butter and a glass of skim milk

Oh Diane, the smoothie is a variation of the South Beach chocolate cheesecake smoothie. I now put a scoop of cottage cheese in all my smoothies to up the protein, then milk or yogurt, fruit, flavorings, ice if the fruit isn't frozen. Makes it more of a substantial breakfast.

08-12-2009, 12:30 PM
Oh boy, was I sluggish this morning. I made it to the gym, but not as early as I wanted. Oh well. I did some weights, so that was good. I have to admit that the spin class yesterday kicked my butt. Then, my kids had registration for school, so we did a lot of walking. I was REALLY tired last night. But, I'm planning on going to spin class tomorrow. We'll see if I can survive 2 times in one week.

I'm going to have to be careful today. I feel like I could eat a bunch today. MUST STAY FOCUSED!

Schmoodle: That's interesting. I'll have to try the cottage cheese. Good idea on getting in some protein.

Beverly: I'm so glad you're posting. I missed you! You're doing well.

MJ: Oh boy. Meetings. Have fun today.

Lottie: You can come cook for me anytime. :)

08-12-2009, 12:44 PM
slashnl.... sure thing! :D

b: egg white sandwich w/ 1 slice cheese on wheat, banana, blueberries
s: hummus w/ 1 serv triscuit
l: cheese pita pizza
s: 1 oz extra sharp cheddar
d: mac and nutritional yeast 'cheese' and bbq tofu sandwich on Arnold's wheat sandwich thin

I'm feeling great, TOM bloating is finally starting to come down, I'm wearing my ring again. It was SO BAD. Prolly had a good 4 lbs of bloat. Thank god I stayed away from the scale!

08-12-2009, 05:14 PM
Hello everyone! After straying very far off the weight loss path, I've found my way back and am ready to commit myself to eating and living healthier. Lottie pointed me to this thread, and I must say, an accountablity thread sounds like a marvelous idea.

For some brief background, I am a waitress at a Pizza Hut, as well as a full time student (classes start back up again on September 1st for me). Since getting my job at the Hut last September, I've really been packing on the pounds, due to drinking lots of soda and eating lots of pizza and other bad things at work! I also haven't been exercising enough, but I plan on hitting the gym once the semester starts.

So what I need most right now is stop eating food from work and to drink lots of water. I'm also getting myself a notebook to start a calorie-counting journal, and figure out how many calories I need to be consuming.

08-12-2009, 05:18 PM
Shadowclaw, glad to see you over here! I am forever recruiting for this thread, I find it so helpful. :)

08-12-2009, 10:03 PM

Well, I did not make it on a walk during lunch. Work totally got in the way--luckily it wasn't anything too serious, but something that had to be taken care of right away. So, no exercise tonight, but my hair looks fabulous. The color came out great! It's a chocolatey brown w/ some red mixed in.

But seriously, I need to find my exercise groove again. With my knee surgery scheduled it will help me bounce back afterwards so much more quickly--besides all the other obvious benefits. I have already set my alarm a little early tomorrow to get in some workout time before work. After work I have a ton of stuff to do--again! Seems like there just aren't enough hours in the day sometimes. I will get this back on track. I have to!

08-12-2009, 10:29 PM
Hello everyone! Coming home from vacation and NEEDING to stop the "just a bites" and the "eat whatever I want as long as I have the calories" so accountability it is!

Today's food 1400 calorie cycled day (average of 1600)
B- weight watchers bagel, 2 Laughing cow wedges, 1/2 large banana
L- cloverleaf tuna steak, 1/2 cup sushi rice, 1 cup broccoli, 2 T nutritional yeast
S- yogurt cup, 1/2 cup blueberries
D- whole wheat pita, 3/4 cup chicken breast, 1/4 cup onions, 3 baby tomato's, 1/2 cup lettuce, 1/4 cup shredded cheese, 2 T salsa, 2 T sour cream
S- large peach

I had NO just a bites today and stayed on plan all day! Yay me!

08-12-2009, 10:46 PM
cfmama, great job! :D

I had a **** of a time staying on plan today cuz it's that TOM....but I'm doing it!

08-13-2009, 06:27 AM
Good Morning! It's going to be another hazy, hot, and humid one here today...well, that will help me drink LOTS of water! LOL!!!!

Beverlyjoy--Any progress in your decision for your foot surgery?

Rhonda--How are you doing?

Jab--What's up?

CC--Are you still out there?

math--Come on back!!!

I have lots to do today. Especially now, with a surgery date--I really need to buckle down and get some projects that are lingering over my head finished.

My lunch is packed. I did part of a yoga dvd this morning....oooh, it was hard!!!

Have a great OP day everyone!

08-13-2009, 08:04 AM
Hi chicks! I am grateful to a healthy sane food day yesterday. :) It seems I have a bit more willingness to try - I am grateful today. It especially helps when I am willing to meditate and do visual imagery. :dizzy:

For today:
stretches and strengthening
journal - not doing enough of this :(
lots of water
put my fork down between bites
no eating standing up
leave a bite of food on my plate
write down everything I eat
working this am

breakfast - turkey sausage, pnb toast, applesauce
lunch - tuna sandwich (openface), pickle, cauliflower
snack - ff cottage cheese, pear
dinner - ? -
snack - 1/2 english muffin, sf cocoa

MJ - I haven't decided yet about the surgery. This past summer I went to a different doctor. He was able to pad and wrap my foot a different way that allowed me to work with little pain. Of course, my walking was very limited, but - I got through. I know that eventually I will need to do the surgery - just trying to figure out when or even if the new doctor thinks I can find a way to live without pain or surgery. It's hard to face surgery when the pain is minimal. However - my getting around and doing regular things is minimal too. I saved my "foot" for working this summer. *** Glug, glug -I'll drink lots of water. :)

Lottie - I remember TOM - I am in my fifties. Now I have my own 'personal summer". ;) Glad you got thru it.

CF mama - I am so glad to hear you got thru your day with no nibbles and on plan. Great - you are heading in the right direction once again. :D

Welcome shadowclaw - accountability is so helpful for some folks. Glad you are joining in. It's tough to work around food you like. It might sound silly - but, can you picture the pizza with something nasty on it. Really, close your eyes and concentrate. It works for some folks.

Slash - good for you - heading back into the spinning class even though it kicked your butt. :D Remember - walking counts as exercise too. Thanks for the nice welcome.:)

Schmoodle - good for you...getting here with little time to write down your plan. I think it's those little things that add up and help us get our groove back. :)

Have a GREAT day.

08-13-2009, 08:12 AM
Hi chicks! I am grateful to a healthy sane food day yesterday. It seems I have a bit more willingness to try - I am grateful today. It especially helps when I am willing to meditate and do visual imagery.

For today:
stretches and strengthening
journal - not doing enough of this
lots of water
put my fork down between bites
no eating standing up
leave a bite of food on my plate
write down everything I eat
working this am

breakfast - turkey sausage, pnb toast, applesauce
lunch - tuna sandwich (openface), pickle, cauliflower
snack - ff cottage cheese, pear
dinner - ? -
snack - 1/2 english muffin, sf cocoa

MJ - I haven't decided yet about the surgery. This past summer I went to a different doctor. He was able to pad and wrap my foot a different way that allowed me to work with little pain. Of course, my walking was very limited, but - I got through. I know that eventually I will need to do the surgery - just trying to figure out when or even if the new doctor thinks I can find a way to live without pain or surgery. It's hard to face surgery when the pain is minimal. However - my getting around and doing regular things is minimal too. I saved my "foot" for working this summer.*** Glug, glug -I'll drink lots of water.

Lottie - I remember TOM - I am in my fifties. Now I have my own 'personal summer". Glad you got thru it.

CF mama - I am so glad to hear you got thru your day with no nibbles and on plan. Great - you are heading in the right direction once again.

Welcome shadowclaw - accountability is so helpful for some folks. Glad you are joining in. It's tough to work around food you like. It might sound silly - but, can you picture the pizza with something nasty on it. Really, close your eyes and concentrate. It works for some folks.

Slash - good for you - heading back into the spinning class even though it kicked your butt. Remember - walking counts as exercise too. Thanks for the nice welcome.

Schmoodle - good for you...getting here with little time to write down your plan. I think it's those little things that add up and help us get our groove back.

Have a GREAT day.

08-13-2009, 09:17 AM
Hello chicks, here's today:
B: scrambled eggs with squash, turkey bacon, coffee with milk
S: a cup of grape tomatoes, cucumber with hummus
L: ratatouille, sauteed squash, black-eyed peas
S: chocolate cheesecake smoothie
D: chicken or lean hamburg patty, more ratatouille and squash (lots of leftovers), fruit salad

I am very bleh today, hoping for a quiet one. I've got a dental appt, otherwise just work. Maybe a walk or the pool. Hopefully getting lots done, but I've got to find some energy. am munchie too lottie, stupid PMS.
BJ, living with pain must be very exhausting. I hope you can find a way to get rid of it.
Great job cfmama!
mj, I wish there were more hours too... sigh.
shadowclaw, I worked in a Pizza Hut during college too. It kept me alive but wasn't the best diet. Of course that was a million years ago.

Have a good one all.

08-13-2009, 10:22 AM
Hi Friends,

Today is open house day at both daughter's school. They start back on Monday. I've had a blast this summer, but I welcome getting back on a schedule. I find it much easier to plan and stay on my fitness and weight loss regimen. I've been doing okay. Not great, just okay. It helps that there is no more sugary junk in the house. Each afternoon after work, I've been doing some deep cleaning on this house. A clean organized home also helps me stay on plan. So.....I really have no excuses for not staying on-plan next week, do I?:D

Welcome, Shadowclaw!
Lottie - I remember Tom. He was a real punk! LOL.
Nicolen - How are you? Are you still having problems getting to the site?

Have a great on-plan day.

08-13-2009, 11:42 AM
Hello ladies!!!!

Scale was DOWN 2 lbs this morning breaking me into the 230's!!!! yay for controlling sodium! lol!

Menu plan for today (1400 calories on a calorie cycling plan with average of 1600)
B- ww bagel, 2 LC wedges, 1/2 large banana
L- 1/2 cup chicken breast, 1/2 cup sushi rice, 2 T salsa, 2 T nutritional yeast, large peach
S- 1/2 cup blueberries, yogurt cup
D- 1 cup ground chicken and cabbage spaghetti sauce, 1 cup whole wheat egg noodles, 1 cup broccoli, 2 T nutritional yeast
S- 1/2 cup homemade apple/blackberry sauce

Have a lovely day friends!

08-13-2009, 11:48 AM
Went to spin class today. I do think I am doing much better at it, but it still is hard. I noticed that some of the very fit people in there were sweating a lot too, so maybe as you get better, you can push yourself more, and still is a tough workout. There was a new person that came in today... drove me crazy. She whined and whined about how early it was, how hard it was, how out of breath she was, and then talked to her friend throughout the class. Excuse me, if you can talk you aren't working hard enough. I like to focus on the class and she was just very distracting. Annoying!

Rhonda: I've thought that too about my house. Right now it is not organized at all. The kids go back to school next Wednesday, so maybe I can get it back on track. I am just not a great housekeeper.

Schmoodle: Hang in there! It is tough to make it through those days of "meh".

Beverly: You're doing well. Glad to see you feeling well!

Shadowclaw: Welcome! Pizza Hut... that would be a tough temptation for me!

MJ: Hope you get time to work out today!

Nicolen: You're kind of quiet! How's it going?

Lottie: You rock! Recruiting people for our accountability thread! Awesome!

CFMama: Good Job on the 2 pounds! How cool!

08-13-2009, 02:01 PM
cfmama, congratson the two lbs

slashnl, I try ;) and yeah people like that ...augh!

today: 1731 cals

b: 4 egg whites, 2 slices american cheese, banana,
s: 200 cal tofu banana chocolate mousse (when the TOM monster demands to be fed you feed him!)
l: mexican pita pizza (I can't get enough of this thing this week!)
s: fruit (a friend is bringing fresh fruit for desert)
d: zucchini and sweet potato stir fry
s: 1 serv hummus and 1 serv triscuit

08-13-2009, 03:27 PM
I'm doing ok today. I had a rough emotional weekend, and a chocolate pity party all by myself. Now that is over I am down 3lbs.
Lottie, you don't know it but last night you saved me! I was alone in the house, my two kids were gone, and busy getting things done. I had waited to long to eat any dinner and was starving. In the fridge was a whole pizza! I was terrified. Then I remembered dear Lottie, I made your black bean sloppy joes this weekend, and I was saved! Thanks for the recipe, the chilli was great too!

08-13-2009, 03:29 PM
scarletmeshell, wow, so glad to help!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

pizza be damned!

Hope this week goes better for you and congrats on the 3 lbs. :D

08-13-2009, 04:13 PM
Howdy ya'll!! :wave:

Here's my menu for today:

Vegetable Quiche Cups to Go (2)
Turkey Bacon (2)
Large Cup of Coffee with Splenda and a Splash of Half & Half

Snack 1:
Strawberry Yopliat Light Yogurt

Leftover Whole Wheat Turkey Spaghetti
Tossed Salad

Snack 2:
String Cheese

Salsa Chicken
Surprise South Beach Mashed "Potatoes"
Tossed Salad

Not sure but will be something legally on plan. ;)

Disclaimer: Menu subject to change depending on the mood of the consumer. ;)

08-13-2009, 07:27 PM
You all sound encouraging. I have 100 pounds to lose. I'm starting over today, ya know everyday is new.
I have a good meal planner on line that helps. But I have been binging on sweets.
Last night I had tilapia with rice pilaf.
Tonight I had a beef/cheese taco & some sugar free rasberry crystal light.
But, I took a few tablespoons of ice cream, then a little more of cool whip.
Oh, well, better than a bowl full.
I am out from work for 1 week after gallbladder surgery that went well.
Work is a real challenge...i tend to go all day without eating then of course grab anything hi cal when I get off.
My biggest challenge will be to eat a proper lunch daily and to switch to healthy snacks and some low cal (in small portions) sweets.

08-14-2009, 06:30 AM
Good Morning! Phew it's Friday!!! Double phew...I hounded dh until he put the a/c in last night!!!!! We have been really lucky and our house hasn't been super hot this summer until yesterday. I came home from work and it was hot. Like really hot. So, rather than my usual approach ;) I got the facts--checked the temp on the thermostat, the weather for the upcoming week....etc, pointed out that the dogs will be in their crates while we are at work--that's what finally did it. Honestly, I don't care! All I know is that it is nice and cool now! We don't run it all the time, just enough to cool down and then use fans.

cfmama--Great to see you here! You are doing fantastic, by the way!

Beverlyjoy--Excellent! It's not an easy decision, that's for sure. I know for me, part of the reason (at times) I didn't aggressively pursue the approval for mine is I would have times when my knee felt ok, so it was hard to wrap my mind around surgery when it felt ok...just like you. You'll make the right decision. Hopefully your dr can help you find a way to avoid it altogether AND live pain free!!!

Schmoodle--I am hoping for a quiet day at work today too...I re-vamped my To Do List...tried to make it a little more manageable...we'll see....

Rhonda--I need to do some major deep cleaning here too...my brother moved my curio cabinets to hook up our new internet and I was embarassed about the amount of dog hair behind them! Luckily, he could care less...I'm w/ you, I do much better when I am organized. It's the same at work--if my desk is messy, I just don't think as clearly.

Diane--I know some VERY fit people who take a spin class and it still kicks their butt. I think you hit it exactly--as you get better, you push yourself harder. I agree...if you can talk and whine, you aren't working hard enough!

lottie--Yes, thank you for recruiting some new people! It's great to see lots of posts around here again!

scarlet--Great job!!! Sorry you had a rough weekend and hey, some chocolate now and then isn't the end of the world. Congrats on the 3lbs!

sunshine--How are you?

Maggie--Welcome! Glad your surgery is over and that it went well. Sounds like you have a good plan.

nicolen--How did it go at the bank? Hope things are going ok for you!! Pop in and let us know.

Tonight I AM going to the gym. I seriously need to get back on track.

Tomorrow I am going to a party at a friends house. I am not staying long--it's actually a family thing for her family, but I told her I would stop by. I know there will be NOTHING remotely healthy to eat, so I'll eat before I go and that should work well.

Last night I bought lots of yummy fruit when I got groceries--cherries, grapes, nectarines, pluots, plums--YUM! I am going to check out the local farm stand on saturday for some fresh veggies so there will be NO excuses for not cooking healthy dinners next week!

Ok, I suppose I really need to get ready for work. Have a grea OP day everyone!

08-14-2009, 09:24 AM
Hi chicks! I am running out the door for work. I"ll check back later.

I hope everyone has a great OP day!

08-14-2009, 12:48 PM
beverlyjoy, good luck figureing out the surgery thing.

maggie, welcome!

mg5, We use the ac WAY TOO MUCH but I'm pretty heat intolerant and so is bf. We both get VERY CRANKY if we start sweating. ha.

Well, last night we went to see district 9, (which btw was amazing and original) but my TOM cravings finally got the best of me, before I wanted sweet, I could handle that with some tofu mousse, salty, some sharp cheddar, but last night the GREASY craving came, and it hit hard. I gave in and had soem nachos at the movies.

but, we did walk the 30 mins home, up a giant hill, and i"m going to eat a little less cals today and tomorrow and exercise a bit more to try and even myself out for the week. (yes I know you can't un-eat) and I know some people say not to worry about it, but I would have a little more sense of control if i did, and feeling out of control tends to make me eat. so... here I go! :)

b:4 egg white omelet, 2 slices cheese, 2 slices whole wheat toast
s: 1 oz extra sharp cheddar
l: 1 black bean sloppy joe
s: 1 serv hummus and 1 serv triscuit
d: zucchini and sweet potato stir fry

Have a great On Plan day! :D

08-14-2009, 12:55 PM
Hello everyone!

Thanks for welcoming me to the thread. Yesterday, I did a little research into what I've been putting into my body for the past several months, and did some calorie calculations. I've pretty much been eating over 3000 calories a day between Pizza Hut and eating junk. That amount of fat I've been eating is equally abysmal.

I also used a BMR calculator to figure out how many calories I need if I just sit around all day. It came to 2136, although I'm sure I really need a little more, since I don't just sit around all day. So I figure a good start will be to cut back my calorie intake to 1700. Anyone else have any thoughts about it?

So far I've only eaten breakfast, but I've eaten this, equaling 490 calories:

2 eggs
1 slice of wheat toast
1 cup skim milk
1 mini donut

The donut was obviously not necessary and a big no-no, but I wanted to get rid of it. There will be no more donuts from now on!

I'm planning on tuna for lunch, and dinner is as of now undecided. I have a lot of planning to do for the next week.

08-14-2009, 01:04 PM
shadowclaw, I am usually doing 1700 and doing great. good luck. :)

salsa chip
08-14-2009, 02:43 PM
Ladies, can I join in here?

I've lost quite a few pounds recently, but that's been due to appetite loss (caused by emotional stress and illness) and I'm aware that I really need to take a more planned and structured approach.

How do I pick a number of cals to eat each day? Is it a bit like plucking something out of the air and running with it for a few weeks and seeing what happens?

08-14-2009, 02:44 PM
I can send you a calorie deficit chart if you like to help you figure it out.


just PM me your email.

it's based on y our current weight, gender, age, and activity level.

08-15-2009, 07:28 AM
Hi chicks...just a quick hello. I am off to Cleveland any moment. My wonderful stepmom fell down some stairs and required 15 staples on her head. DH and I are going up to check on her, run some errands and give her a visit. I'll be back tomorrow.

Have a great day.

08-15-2009, 01:29 PM
salsa, welcome! :D

welcome to all the newbies actually! :D

last night I did golds gym boxing for the wii and I lost track of time, did it for about an hour and a half and now my lower back muscles are SO SORE from the proper boxers bobbing stance. OWWY.


b: 2 egg white, 1 slice cheese on arnolds wheat sandwich thin w/ banana
s: banana
l: seitan patty with 1 slice cheese on arnolds wheat sandwich thin, 2 serv oven baked fries
s: 2 serv hummus w/ 1 serv triscuit
d: zucchini and sweet potato stir fry

I weigh in tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

08-15-2009, 03:59 PM
Hi to everyone !!!

I've been the stress queen lately and just haven't been posting. Hope that changes soon and things settle down.

Nothing new on the weight loss end of things. I seem to be at a small plateau of sorts which is always hard. I remind myself my goal is to eat healthy first and think about weight loss second. It's still easier to forego goodies when you see the scale go down...lol.

I went for a nice long walk this morning and hope to keep the daily routine up... but it's not my strong suit. I also treated myself to a new scale. My other was old and hey it's harder and harder to read/see the little slashes to tick off my weight...lol. The new one has nice big digital numbers. Problem is I bought it 3 days ago and seems like every time I go in my bedroom for something I hop on it and wow does it fluctuate dramatically during the course of a day !!!!!

Lottie ~Gold's gym is fun, I like it but I confess to not doing it lately. Lazy of me I guess.

Beverlyjoy~ sorry to hear about the stepmom, hope she will be ok !!!!

Welcome to the newbies, it's a great group !!!

Have a great OP day everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08-15-2009, 04:36 PM
Hi everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. My knee hurts SO much today. I think I am going to take some pain meds and rest. Maybe a nap.....i'll check in either later or tomorrow.

08-15-2009, 11:00 PM
I have a chicken/potato/carrot dish for tomorrow
almond tilapia later in the week
may have french toast w/the family but will have to watch portions

08-15-2009, 11:06 PM
I had a little low fat vanilla yogurt with some granola a moment ago...I seem to crave something creamy & sweet, I need to stay away from ice cream

08-15-2009, 11:38 PM
*sticks head in* Anyone remember me?

Sounds like you all are doing well on the weight-loss road. Congratulations! After a rotten summer I've been good for the past week--lots of water, 1550-1650 k/cal per day, the occasional bit of exercise. I haven't dared step on the scales yet.

I really need to start posting regularly here again. It certainly helped with the first time around....

08-16-2009, 03:15 AM
Hello all. :)

Here's what I ate today:


Snack 1:
Peach flavored Yoplait Light

Had to pick up Mom from the hospital and run her all over town. I wasn't expecting to be out that long so I didn't pack my lunch. We stopped at El Pollo Loco and I had a Chicken Tostada Salad without rice or the tostada bowl. :lol:

Snack 2:
Granny Smith apple with a couple of teaspoons of peanut butter

Had planned to have marintetd flank steak, leftover cauliflower and a tossed salad BUT it's just my daughter and I tonight and neither of us were hungry. So, I had a bowl of Kashi Go Lean and a handful of strawberries. The marinated flank steak gets to soak in the marinade bath until tomorrow. ;)

I also got in Day 6/Level 1 of Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred and TONS of water. The water is pretty easy to get down as that's the only thing I drink anyway.

So...until next time...

08-16-2009, 07:05 PM
Hi everyone! Hope everyone is staying cool today.

Beverlyjoy--Oh no! I hope she is ok!

jab-there you are! Ooh, stress isn't good. I hope things settle down for you soon! Good for you for getting in a nice long walk yesterday.

darkblue--of course I remember you! Welcome back!

sunshine--great job! I have heard the 30 day shred is really hard--keep it up!

So it's been an ice pack and the major pain meds kind of a day for me today. I will be so glad for this knee surgery to be over with!!!! Plus, TOM is here (early...lucky me), so I am feeling icky.

Despite feeling icky, food choices have been good and I have been drinking lots of water. I have my gym clothes all set for the gym tomorrow--I even have my lunch packed already!

08-16-2009, 07:57 PM
b: 2 egg whites w/ 1 slice cheese on Arnold's sandwich thin (wheat), green apple
s: 1 oz cheese and 2 serv triscuits
l: Taco salad with black beans (no meat, didn't eat shell)
s: green apple
d: bbq seitan on Arnold's wheat sandwich thin w/ 2 pieces corn on the cob (no butter)