100 lb. Club - Not Letting the Scale Determine My Success

08-08-2009, 03:23 PM
So, I have decided to stop obsessing on the scale.

This is huge for me since I used to weigh daily.

Anyhow, I figure I will get down to weighing once a week, on Sundays, that is the official weigh day of the jingle away the jiggle xmas challenge.

But for now, I am weighing on Thursday (for curiosities sake) and Sunday, officially.

I might not weigh next thursday. I am finding that the less I weigh myself, the better I feel. I know my clothes fit better, I went down several shirt/pant/a ring/bra/undies sizes. The bra size is a huge accomplishment for me as you know! Going from a 44H (which when I wear it around the house for comforts sake I can actually fit a fist in there with everythign 'else' haha!) at 299 lbs and am now a 42G at 265 lbs.

I FEEL like I'm losing, I'm wearing an old white shirt that used to show my belly pudge and today, NO PUDGE. :) I feel generally healthier now that I'm eating right again and exercising. I know that if I step on that scale and it doesn't show a loss tomorrow it's going to effect my self esteem. I will talk myself out of that inevitable hole if it comes to that and I will keep on keeping on, because I FEEL so much better, that I know as long as I stick with it I will get to where I need to be.

My success is that I am trying to stay positive, regardless of what the scale says, that I'm not obsessively weighing and that I feel SO amazing. :)

08-08-2009, 05:06 PM
Congratulations on your new outlook !!

The number on the scale is definitely not the biggest indicator on what's going on with your body. I think too many people obsess too much about that one number. You sabotage yourself when you let that number be your sole guide in weightloss.

Now you can relax and enjoy the ride !!

08-08-2009, 05:14 PM
I can sympathize with you on this one, I'm obsessed with weighing myself, I step on the scale each time I go into my bathroom. I do it so much that I can predict my weight the next morning -_-

Although I'm not losing that much weight as when I first started out, 13 lbs gone the first week and now it's 1lbs a week. I would love it if it was 2lbs a week, that's my goal but that's not happening. I measure myself weekly, and I'm losing inches. My clothes are bigger also! The only downfall to losing weight is that I gotta buy new clothes and I'm so broke! lol

But good for you giving up weighing yourself too often. If only I can do that too but wow, it's so tempting!

Here's to smaller clothes *cheers*.

08-08-2009, 05:52 PM
oh, I've been all over the place with that dang scale! :lol:

yes, it's a compass and one indicator of many.

it's funny, the inches off my chest seemed to come off faster than most any other part of my body (that's to say, I wouldn't mind if the inches on my hips and/or thighs took a hint)

congrats on the shrinking clothes! and to the pudge-now-gone! :carrot:

08-08-2009, 07:13 PM
I also weigh myself almost everytime I use the restroom...I only use my Monday morning weigh-ins for official pounds though. Even though my scale only says I've lost 5 lbs in about 5 weeks, I can squeeze into jeans I could hardly pull up over my booty now. I am seriously debating if I should bring my scale with me for abroad(it's flat and I can fit into my suitcase).

08-08-2009, 07:18 PM
Good for you. I use to be a scale obsessor too but not anymore :nono:. I refuse to let that determine my success or failure so I use my clothes for that instead. You are doing fantastic! :hug: