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08-07-2009, 09:36 AM
I thought I would write a little bit of background about me for anyone who is interested, and partially coz its good to gchat about things when you feel like you don't want to let people in your life know that you're trying to loose weight incase you feel like you're failing and they're judging.

I know when I became overweight, it was in my 2 and a half year relationship to my first boyfriend, one thing I really regret about this relationship was the fact that it was the cause of why i put on weight. Anyways, many times I tried dieting, i'd loose a little, and then put it back on, the classic yo yo dieting. At one point I did actually manage to loose a stone, but then I lost motivation and eventually put it back on again, the loss of motivation plus the fact that I was at uni so didn't have alot of time for thinking about food properly or going to the gym didn't help. I ended up being a stone heavier then the highest weight i'd ever been.

Now I'm back home, for the past 5 weeks I haven't been focusing on getting alot of exercise although I do try and walk a bit more, and I attempted to go on the exercise bike half an hour a day. But, I have learnt to eat properly, well, healthier then in the past, ie I havent had chocolate for the past 4 weeks, I try not to have pastry, cut down on the pizzas etc. I have managed to loose half a stone just by focusing on eating 1500 calories a day, although i still haven't got an exact figure on the calories, i estimate when i make the meals. But, i managed to loose half a stone which has given me motivation to carry on trying to eat properly and not eat chocolate. It is only now that I understand totally the concept of yo yo dieting, originally i just though its when you don't eat much and then loose it, but then you binge coz of lack of food and you pout it all back on.
But now I understand that because I haven't yo yo dieted, basically i've changed my eating habits, or attempted to anyway, if I go out for a meal, my weight doesn't shoot up a couple of pounds, it stays the same, as long as it's only a one off. But with yo yo dieting, you basically loose nothing because it all goes back on.

Anyway, what I'm saying is that I'v managed to loose half a stone just by changing my eating habits and doing a bit more exercise, and I don't plan to stop and eat lots of crap and then get back onto the diet because thats why I lost focus in the first place. I'm hoping this time I'll be able to loose the weight without loosing motivation and giving up bbecause I really want to get to my target weight. I have attempted a diet and given up after a few days without even realising it in the past. Now I'v lost half a stone without obsessing over trying to loose weight it makes me feel like i can really do it, and can try to get to my right weight.

p.s. if anyone likes going the pictures and feels like they have to eat something, like popcorn or the chocolate that they sell there, my advice is to take 2 small bags of haribo, or some grapes in, because i find that when you're watching a film you don't tend to enjoy the taste of food as much, so you may aswell take something which has low caleries. The haribo is for people who like to have sweets while watching a film. Much better then a big bag of haribo, coz once the two little bags are gone, they're gone, and they're only small.

Anyway, hope this helps motivate other people or has given an interesting read

08-07-2009, 09:47 AM
Congrats for getting your healthy life back on track! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Good luck with your goals.