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08-05-2009, 07:22 PM
Like many people I have been dieting or thinking about dieting while eating my double quarter pounder with cheese for most of my life, and I am fully willing to admit that it has never been the diet's fault but my very own, I would always give up whether I was losing weight or not. I do want to stop calling it a diet because I'm not dieting, I really am doing a lifestyle change, what I've been doing for the past three weeks I know that I can do forever, even though I do have to throw a little more exercise in.
I am doing the weight watchers program, I really think that for me it is the best way to keep on track, I really can eat whatever I want, with limits, of course and I'm not only accountable to myself, but to the woman writing down my weight as well, sure, I'm doing this for myself, but I don't want them tsk tsking me either. I've lost five pounds, I'm at about a two pound a week loss and if it keeps going that way I'm fine with it, this isn't about speed weight loss, it's about changing my life and my health, that's the big one, I want to have a baby and I need to be healthier.
I haven't been under 200 pounds since the first time that I hit 200 pounds, probably when I was about thirteen or so, the highest that I ever got to was about 240, right now I'm 205.2, probably the lowest I've been in my adult life and I'm just a few pounds away from 200 or 199, that's really my first mini-goal, I guess. I looked in the mirror today, I mean, really looked and I didn't feel huge, I just didn't. I've never been a fan of my body type, I am a total apple, quarterback shoulders and no butt whatsoever, with most of my weight in my middle, sometimes it's rough to find clothes for that type, I look like a stuffed animal who had the stuffing meant for their backside thrown into their middle instead, but today, I looked at myself and didn't feel miserable, no matter how I look I know that I am working hard and doing better for myself.
Sorry, I'm not quite sure that this post completely fit the subject, I guess that I kinda rambled, it's my first post of hopefully many.

08-05-2009, 07:35 PM
:welcome3: And congrats on your success so far! And no worries, even if you have a rough week (or a rough 5 months as I did) on WW the weigh-in ladies understand, they've seen it all, they'd never tsk! haha. Best wishes on reaching Onderland soon!