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07-07-2002, 09:59 AM
Good Morning!!!!!I am up early again..feeling much better!!Not 100% but better...The fever finally broke yesterday...the baby is still doing great with a loud, strong heartbeat...I guess he/she has been doing sommersauts from the decongestant high!!!! :D
I will hopefully find out the sex in 2 weeks!!Then I can quit with the he/she stuff!!!

Hopefully, everyone had a great long holiday weekend!!!!!
Take care!!

07-08-2002, 10:43 AM
Hello all! Sorry I didn't write all last week, I had an awful row at work and could not (=was not allowed to) use internet as a result...
All is well, but I am very pissed and very determined to find something else (better!), sorry for the rant anyway. Body for life is going VERY well, I am already having some results, but I have been faithfully doing the program, including fitness and aerobics x-ercise. I have seen this fabulous ad on TV about the bun-and-thigh something, it seems very effective (judging by the movement), but is bloody xpensive (250 $) so will either expect BF (fat chance) to chuck in or just wait. Does anyone know about this thing? Exercizes legs and bum at the same time if you do it right. Will now have a quick peek at former entries.

Love to all, sad 'n mad GG from athens (thunderstorm going on right above my head!)

07-08-2002, 12:00 PM
Hi everyone!

Thanks for the welcome Road Road runner! I am really excited to be here!

I am starting today with my food journal! I am also going to start today tracking exercise as well! Got on the scale and was bummed at first (5 extra pounds showing) but then I remebered that TOM is due today.. so most likely that is water. I retain quite a bit every month! :o

Being a SAHM of 2 active kids makes getting in exercise difficult, but I am going to schedule it in everyday. even if it is just a 10 minute walk to the park and back at first!

Anyway, I need to run.. but I will check in later!

07-08-2002, 01:53 PM
Hi All,

I'm back from Florida!! I don't call it "Sunny Florida" because everytime DH & I are there, it rains!! :lol: It was much better than our honeymoon though. For starters, we didn't miss our plane... :lol: The hotel was beautiful, we stayed at the Renissance Hotel in Boca Raton. We were on the 4th floor overlooking the pool. And the pool/jacuzzi were 24/7!! It was nice and sunny until we got our rental car and once we hit the road to the hotel, it started pouring (flashback to honeymoon!) We met up with some other family members and got reaquainted. Went in the jacuzzi for a little bit Friday night, like 10 or so, once it was dry again. It was good because the jacuzzi was not hot, it was like a warm bath, so I figured it was OK to go in. Saturday we got up and met everyone at the pool for some swimming. The hotel staff said the "Del Mauro Party" had pretty much taken over the hotel! We didn't see too many other people and it was nice. Most of the family ordered lunch from the hotel, but Jim and I (being cheap as we are), decided not to pay 20/each for lunch and went across the street and picked up a couple pizzas. Of course family helped us eat it. It wasn't like "Jersey" pizza, but it was good. Saturday night was the big "Nana Bash" at the hotel. Nana was soo excited, she had a new dress for the occasion and all. Everyone had a great time, with the exception of my nephew Blake, who did not want to take a nap that day and pitched a fit for the first hour or so. He refused to look at the camera for any pictures (they hired a professional) and I thought my BIL and SIL were gonna send him to the moon. Finally after sitting by himself for awhile, and a little interaction with me and Jim, (his fav Uncle), he relaxed. Pretty much all the grandkids got up to say something about Nana and I pretty much bawled my eyes out listening to it all! Ugh, prego hormones on top of a normally emotional me!! Sunday, we got up and had breakfast with the family at the hotel, and said good bye to everyone. Some of them were staying down for further vacation, but Jim and I had to come home. Our flight was at 12:40, and we had to stop over in Charlotte, so we didn't get in til a little after 5:00.

Four airplanes in 3 days is not my idea of fun. It we had gone for a whole week or something, it would've been OK, but back to back was pretty exhausting. And 3 of 4 of the planes were older and very uncomfortable for us, with our long legs. I practically begged them to let us sit in first class on the first flight to Charlotte, because there was NOT ONE PERSON in first class, but they wouldn't let us. The people in front of us, all short of course, had their seats reclined!! (No offense to short people!) ARGH!!

So there's my weekend, sorry if it's a book!! Overall, a great time.

Karen- Welcome!! How old are your kids? Good for you making the change to get back on track.

GG- UGH, sounds like you had a bad week. Sorry to hear that, I hope next week gets better. I don't think I know which machine you're talking about.

RR- Glad you're feeling better, and the baby's OK too. I have my appointment at 4:00 today. Going to try for a quickie U/S!

Have a great day all!!

07-08-2002, 03:24 PM
Hi everyone!! I made it back alive. It was a crazy hectic trip but had so much fun with all the family. Now I'm trying to recover from a cold and some sort of allergic reaction to something -- my arms/shoulders are covered with hives. I've never had that happen before but since I was away it could be anything that caused it. I'm just hoping it goes away as fast as it appeared.

LBH, sorry bout the rainy weather. It's been doing that non-stop for almost five weeks now. If it makes you feel better...it's raining out right now. :) So it's not just you.

I'll catch up more later -- just wanted to say hello.

07-08-2002, 06:19 PM
Hi all. I've been lurking but doing lousy with the diet. Just wanted to drop in and say hey. Giving myself kicks in the butt. I gotta get back on track.........

07-09-2002, 09:06 AM
Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to drop in and say hi. My eating has been strange. The good is really really good and then the bad (mostly weekends) is pretty bad but not horrible. I saw 149 again this morning and I'm going to try my best to keep it there. It wouldn't usually be such a problem but since we're moving and sometimes at the new house where there's no cooking yet we have to pick up dinner. And we'll be working hard, skipping lunch (bad idea I know) and then we'll be starving. And at home I'm starting to pack up the kitchen so it's a challenge. I'm still cooking the rest of this week so that should help but then it'll be tough for a week or so. I'm trying for more subs and stuff like that rather than pizza but I LOVE PIZZA! Anyway I've finally worked some water in and that should help. I try for about 40 oz. when I'm at work since I don't drink much at home. That's not bad right?

RR - Glad you're feeling better. It will be so exciting to find out the sex. How far along are you now?

GG - heard about some awful storm in Athens - is everything okay there? Don't worry about the venting we all do that! Sometimes work just sucks!! As for the exercise machine, I've always heard that those specialty machines are a waste of money. It's not that they don't work it's just that you could usually get the same results without spending the money but I'm not sure exactly what machine you're talking about so I can't say for sure.

Karen (Crochet Karen) - Welcome - come by here anytime. It's a great place for support and motivation.

Lauren - sounds like you had a great vacation despite the weather. The family party sounded really nice - Welcome back!

Liz - hope you're feeling better soon.

KarenK - Hope dropping in helps you get back on track. Keep us posted.

Have a great day,

07-09-2002, 10:20 AM
Hi its a busy day here. We're trying to get product finished, boxed, and packed in the truck. DH leaves tomorrow for a show in Lexington KY then he drives on to Baltimore. I've still got to run out and get an oil change in the truck today and then will spend the rest of the day packing the show stock. The packing room is a disaster - it looks like peanuts and bubble wrap exploded.

Lauren: your quick weekend trip sounded fun.

Welcome Karen

Hi to everyone else.


07-09-2002, 03:14 PM
Hello Everyone,

Sorry I wasn't around last week. It was so hot and muggy I couldn't drag myself to do much, plus K was home most of the week so we did stuff together.

I lost at WW last week (three weeks in a row I think it's a record :lol: ) but I'm not expecting much tonight. I'm feeling really bloated and fat (I know that's a bad word, but.....). I think TOM is due next week though so that's probably why.

RR - Glad you're feeling better.

Crochet - Welcome!!

KarenK - Good luck with the butt kicks.

Rabbit - I know your gone, but hope you're sucessful on your trip.

LBH - The trip sounds like fun, glad you enjoyed it. If you didn't enjoy the planes don't get a job with traveling involved, I remember one week I spent Mon - Wednesday night in Mexico City, flew to Atlanta on Thursdsay and drove 2 hrs north, stayed the night, visited the plant, drove back, then flew back to Detroit, and got in a car to drive 5 hours up north for a cousin's wedding. By the time I got home Sunday night I had no idea what time/climate zone I was in and man was my own bed a welcome sight.

Jul - Good luck at the shows, hope you're feeling better, and glad you lost when you thought you'd gained.

Elisa - Congrats on getting the house. Good luck getting everything back in order.

Liz - welcome back.

Well, gotta go pay bills (ich!!!!)

- Tech :spin:

07-09-2002, 04:16 PM
Hi All,

Wow, miss one day of work and BAM, I spend the entire day trying to sort through things and still feel like I haven't gotten anywhere!!

Had my appointment with the NP yesterday afternoon. She was really nice. She couldn't hear the heartbeat through the fat, so she did an ultrasound. She did a stomach one, not vaginal, so it was kind of blurry, I couldn't tell the head from foot, but I caught a glimpse of the heartbeat. She said it looked about 160. She commented a couple times on how active the little bugger is! I guess I have an acrobat in the making!! :D My next appointment is 8/5, then 8/22 we find out the sex.

Tech- Congrats on all the loss! Hope you're keeping cool there.

Jul- Good luck with all the packing.

Elisa- Good to see you!! Hope you've got yourself back on track...stay away from the pizza, I know how hard that is, and drink that water!!! :D

Have a great day all!!

07-10-2002, 04:21 AM
CK (Crotchet Karen) welcome here! If we can help in any way with questions, let us know? What kind of plan are you following?

RR, good you’re feeling somewhat better!

Lizzard, sorry about the hives but the trip was fun at least.

Karen, get on track again! Just take one day at a time and don’t feel guilty about anything, somebody said that to me yesterday and I felt instantly better about myself.

Eliza, you are well informed! We had a huge thunderstorm, which did not last that long (a few hours, but due to our “special” sewage system, caused a lot of damage and flooding. When I got home from work, it had stopped thank god. But I had to avoid a lot of pools on the freeway (!) and one of the underground car passages in my neighbourhood had been closed off as water was standing up to 6 ft high in it!. About the machine. I fully agree that most of them are worse than useless, but I do have an air-glider and lots of dumbels at home that do a very good job and are not expensive at all, so that’s why, when the thing really appealed to me, I decided that If I could find the money for it, I would buy it.

Jul, what’s the show about? Must have been VERY hectic days…

well done tech! 3 weeks in a row! How was the weigh in yesterday?

Gotta go now (bos is coming and gotta go to gym….)

Love to all, be well

07-10-2002, 06:37 AM
Good Morning All!!
Welcome back Lauren!!!Glad U got to see the heartbeat!!!I am 17w today soo getting very excited..Last night DH could feel the little feet(I guess) gently kicking on my left side..He/She is very active when I finally get quiet!!!:D It is too weird to actually feel a little push when U push in my belly a little!!!The heart rate is in the 140's still!!!!!I go to the MD next Tues and cant wait!!!I will schedule a sonagram after that!!!!My belly is really getting to the point now where the "panel pants" are the only option!!:dizzy: Glad for the hospital scrubs!!!!

Liz--Hope U R safe from the floods!!(Texas right???)

Crochet=WElcome!!!!How old are the children????Keep running after them and posting in the meantime!!:lol:

GG-Yeah on the Body for Life!!!I felt great doing that program!!He is a good speaker if U catch him on the tv!!!!

Tech--I heard how hot it was there!!My mom in law called from Houghton and it was 103!!!I was shocked!!!Dh is foaming at the mouth to go to Mi instead of Florida....I am just too scared to fly now....He is even tempting me with Ketchup chips in Canada if I go!!!:devil: :devil:

Elis--Welcome back!!!Stay dry!!!

Helloo to all!!!Have to go to work!!!!

07-10-2002, 11:26 AM
Greek: my husband is a glassblower. We've had our own studio for 4 years but he's been in glass for 17 years now. We travel and do art shows (retail shows) and wholesale shows (take orders for gift shops/galleries). We're headed to two different wholesale shows that overlap abit. DH is headed to Lexington KY for a retail art show then will be in Baltimore MD for two days of wholesale then two days of retail, I'll be flying to Philadelphia for three days of wholesale. DH will drive to Philly and pick me up and we'll drive home together...half way across the country since we live in S. Missouri. We've got accounts in almost every state, even Hawaii and also Virgin Islands. Thats the rundown for you :) .

I was up till 3 this morning...still packing boxes of glass. Now we have to load the truck and push DH out the door and on his way. I ran to the grocery this morning to pick up a few things and "7 movies, 7 days, $7". I'll be without a car until my dad comes down on Tuesday so I'm going to catch up on 'chick flick' movies. I'll take off next wed. One of these days we need to replace the truck I sold in March.

I'm still plodding along, maintaining 173.
- jul

07-10-2002, 12:37 PM
Hello to all! Sorry I have not been the poster child for frequent posting lately. Things are chugging along. I am officially up to 150 - will have to change my signature line. I am a little disappointed by the 7 lb gain - but it could be far worse! I am slowly working on getting back with the program as far as eating goes - need to find time to work in the exercise bit too.

Have heard nothing back from the "dream job" in CA - but they reposted the job on hotjobs this week. Don't know what to make of that...

Have started both the Kaplan job and the Target job - both are what you would expect. It is actually quite interesting to go in and watch how a company like target starts from scratch and gets a store running the "target way" in one month. Hanging thousands of packs of gum on little tiny hooks is not quite as interesting, however:devil: . I should get my Kaplan teaching assignment when training ends on the 24th. Target grand opening is on the 28th. Will likely be leaving Target as soon as my class starts with Kaplan.

Otherwise - things are fine. Still haven't found a home we want to make an offer on, but kind of putting that on hold until I hear about the CA job (although they may never get back to me). Went to northern VT to visit with the BF's friend over the 4th, very fun. This weekend is my nephew's 2nd bday party on cape cod. Should be a lot of fun as well.

RR - Glad you are feeling better - bet you can't wait to find out the sex!

GG - Sorry to hear about the job problems. Hope BFL is going well.

Karen (Crochet) - Welcome! Best of luck with the food and exercise journals! Stick with it and you will see progress!

LBH - Glad the trip to FL went well! Very exciting about the ultrasound!

Liz - Glad you had a good trip - how is the exercise coming?

KarenK - I am with you on the lurking and doing lousy thing - Let's get back on that horse!

elisa - I am living vicariously through your move! How goes it? Must be so exvciting - but so much work.

Jul - hope the shows go well

Tech - congrats on the 3 consecutive losses!

07-10-2002, 01:09 PM
Bailey - I just wanted to say a quick hi and welcome back!! It's so nice to hear from you although I'm sorry about the gain. I know when you get everything together again it will come right back off. Even if you're not being perfect do what you can to at least maintain and then get back to it seriously. If I remember correctly when you were really trying you lost weight at a nice pace (I think I was jealous) so I know you can do it! Even with the loss you're still 23 pounds better than when you started and that's great! Our numbers were always about the same so I certainly feel for you. I was also around 173 but that was last year - it's taken me this long and I'm definitley not giving up. I slowed right down around 150 but I'm back at it and it's creeping down slowly. Keep the faith! :) And good luck with the job etc. And yes the house thing is exciting but scary at the same time.

07-10-2002, 07:19 PM
Hello All,

Went to WW last night and lost another half pound :D . I was pretty happy. I looked at my book and actually this was the third loss in a row or 4 losses out of 5 WI. It dosen't sound like much, but considering I've been on the up one week down the next rollercoaster since the first of the year, I'm pretty excited.

You pg people crack me up :lol: . My sister is due next week, and though she sounded like you at the begining now she's ready to get it over with.

Baily - Welcome back. We all go thru low times, just hang in there and you'll get back on track soon.

RR - 103 in Houghton is deadly, that was always the nicest thing about staying there thru the summer was the low heat/humidity. Luckly things seem to have broken and this week is looking beautiful (of course because I'm assigned to the only a/c building in my dept. on Sat :^: ).

Talk to you all later.

- Tech :spin:

07-11-2002, 01:45 PM
hi everyone,

I am sinnrah....i did a bio. and will be here like everyday. So i see we have some people that are pg...man, it must be contagious. My SIL is pregnant too.. But she is only in her second trimester. And this is her second child. I am so excited for her. I can not wait until the baby is here.

For me...I have no kids. But work on it all the time. LOL :)


07-11-2002, 01:55 PM
Hi All,

I think I'm PMSing...is that possible?! :lol: I'm having one of those "I'm PO'd at everything" kind of days.

Sinnrah- Glad you joined us over here! Is Sinnrah your real name? Just curious...I've never heard it before. If not, what's the story behind it, if you don't mind. I'm 13 wks today...will hit the 2nd trimester on Monday!!

Tech- Congrats on another loss!! WooHoo!! I can relate, 4 out of 5 wks losing is really something to be proud of!!

Bailey- What was the job in CA? I think I missed that one!

RR- Wow, how cool is that to feel the kicking...can you see it?! Can you believe in 3 wks you'll be half way there?! :D

Have a great day all!!

07-11-2002, 04:52 PM
Hello all!!!
Welcome Sinrah!!!Hey..keep practicing..that is the fun part!!!:smug: Of course, now DH accuses me of "using" him to get this way and now not being interested1111:D :D

Congrats on the loss Tech!!!!!Glad the job is in the air condition!!!

Off to take the kids swimming!!!!

07-12-2002, 12:20 PM
Hi Ladies,

Okay...well, I made up the name Sinnrah. My real name is Tiffany. And i am not too fond of that name. LOL But i got the name because I feel like I am a sinner.....and the rah I got from my husbands name. He is arabic and the RAH is a part of his first name. The sinner is just because I go to church and still mess up. So I thought it fit me. LOL

I am not doing too well w/ my diet. I have not gained weight. I actually lost more than I wanted. But it is the maintianing the is kicking my rear.

Try to keep you all of your spirits up. And remember that when you give up that is when you lose. :)

My DH loves to practice the baby thing. LOL But I am 31 and he is 20 and I am still not sure if I even want any. I am so scared to raise a child in this world. And plus I just lost all of my weight and the thought of having to struggle w/ the weight issue again is not something that I really want to do right now.

okay...enough of my rambling. LOL


07-13-2002, 02:16 PM
Hello everyone,

just wanted to say hi...and to wish everyone to have a good weekend.

My DH is leaving monday. He is Navy and i am probably going to bomb on my maintenance program :( But I wll survive.

He will be gone for two weeks...then come home for a while and then leave again for 5 months....I get really depressed when he leaves and have a tendency to not take care of myself....

I always stop eating....and that is bad...so I will be posting here a lot more as of Monday. :)

ok....gotta run

Sinnrah :)

07-13-2002, 02:55 PM
Hi All,

Kind of slow here the past couple days, huh? I'm supposed to be at work today, but I don't wanna go. Why should I have to work on a Saturday, when it's beautiful out?! So instead I'm home, trying to get motivated to clean...hmm, at least my doors are open and the breeze is coming in.

Sinnrah- I can only imagine how hard it will be to be without DH, do you have a good support system of friends and family?

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!

07-14-2002, 02:03 PM
Hi Lauren,

I do have family about 5 hours away. They are in Houston. I have one girlfriend who is navy wife also. But i dont really fit in with the "click" of Navy wives.

I wish we had a breeze here. It is like a blowdryer in your face.

It is hard but I manage....I am on the computer a lot. I have a few friends on other websites that we instant message each other and am looking for more people to talk to. But I will always survive.

The only up side of him leaving....it is easier to maintain my diet....i dont have to cook. LOL

Okay have a good weekend.