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08-01-2009, 07:09 AM
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08-01-2009, 08:32 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Absolute down pour as I drove home from work. Then it stopped just when I was ready to walk to the gym. Had a good session with a focus on feeling the burn rather than getting done; CREDIT moi. Rain started again after I had walked home. Felt like the skies were taking care of me.

Had dinner at the house of friends last night. I ate rationally enough to declare it on-plan; CREDIT moi. It was easy since they serve and eat rationally. It was rather nice to know before we went that the evening wasn't going to be a struggle. Wish all eating out occasions were that comfortable.

Slept late this morning. Erika (eusebius) starts practicing CBT sleep therapy and everyone on the thread begins to sleep better; now that's group therapy at its best.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Yea for making plans for the opening of your art-and-music-centric bakery; I just purchased non-refundable airplane tickets to Ohio for your August 1st, 2012 grand opening. Will you post your menu with calories online so I can plan my treat before I get there?

Thanks for the moral that we never regret not eating something, but frequently regret eating stuff. Yep, good to remember that.

onebyone - Kudos for noticing that you were "forking it in" before finishing the current bite. Good Beck stuff to be self observing.

Sending supportive thoughts for finishing that order and getting it in the mail. Know that that's been hanging over your head for a spell here.

Robin (RobinW) - Kudos for checking in even when you're not feeling in your stride. Yea for not gaining. Kudos to your DD for "managing her sugar cravings." I'm jealous of your yard sale - wish I could add a ton of stuff to it.

Anne (wndranne) - Yea for sleeping. Kudos for continuing with your bike(s) despite bruising experiences. Sending you supportive thoughts for "getting it together." I agree with you, it's coming.

Thanks for the reminder, LOL, "Sometimes it's better to be lucky than right!"

ChinaMaine - Yep, Bing Cherries have enough good stuff to rationalize eating them whenever available. Yea for Mom's annoying little sayings such as, "Things work out for the best" which we remember as adults and begin repeating. There must be some evolution advantage to annoying our kids, LOL.

Kudos for walking Moose twice and doing a high heart rate kayak session. With Moose as your only companion for the week, would seem like the ideal time to ask such questions as, "Honey, do these jeans make me look fat?"

Erika (eusebius) - Ouch that all the blah's stack up at once. Kudos for going for a walk anyway, even if you might "collapse in the middle of it." Perhaps it's time to sing with your DD one of my favorite childhood dittiesNobody likes me, everybody hates me,
I think I'll go eat worms!
Big fat juicy ones,
Eensie weensy squeensy ones,
See how they wiggle and squirm!

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Kudos for continuing Zumba and for walking to the ice cream place. Yep, every extra bit counts.

Sending supportive thoughts for the last of the birthday celebrations; hope dining with your in-laws is comfortable enough for you to make good choices for yourself.

Kara (Walking Princess) - Happy Birthday. Sending supportive thoughts for your breakfast - it's a great time of year to get some good morning fruit like cantaloupes, blueberries, and strawberries.

Readers - How Thin People Think
. . .
• Do you stop dieting as soon as you've lost weight?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you possess characteristics that can make dieting difficult.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 33.

08-01-2009, 09:01 AM
Coaches/Buddies How can it possibly be August already? Just a quickie this morning, since I'm getting ready to go out on my bike--a common theme these days.

Thanks to Erika about mentioning CBT for insomnia. I picked up a workbook. Hoping the general CBT exposure gets my act together in general.


08-01-2009, 10:48 AM
Coaches I'm here to report in on this one thing:
1. weight change from yesterday +1.0 (269.8)

It doesn't phase me (except that it's so verrrryclose to 270 again. Persist in victory I remind myself here.) Oh Well. I know why it's up 1) waiting for the you-know-what=fluid retention and 2)salty food in my big takeout meal last night.

So I've already been on the bus downtown and back. I wanted to start the kiln this morning and get a firing in since it's a holiday here on Monday which makes it a short firing week in the ceramic room and so I get there and see a note on the door Due to the Civic Holiday the Ottawa School of Art will be closed August 1, 2 and 3rd reopening August 4th.:censored:
Wish I had known that before I set the alarm for 6:15pm and woke up before it and got up and dragged my butt and my queasy body downtown only to turn right around and come home again.

Plus side? credit: spontaneous exercise in taking the long way to the bus and then back home.
Also a credit in knowing I did what I could when I get flack for it from students next week who are waiting for their stuff to be done already. :p

I'm off to package my order up and then plan out the rest of the day. It's a weekend to get ready for art shows: one for sure in two weekends and possibly one this coming weekend if I can make enough stuff I'll do it. Look for me putting Beck's promises to the test this week and next week for sure as I will be burning the candle at both ends to make a pile of $, maybe.

BTW I got a note from a local community paper that they want to do an article on the "large quilt they heard we put together" at our "event held July 18th" and would like to hear how it went from someone in our "group". :soap: You know, newspapers are folding left and right and here's a good reason why. We submitted press releases and event notices to all the local papers including this one. Our event was July 18 it's now Aug 1st. We were contacted by this editor July 29. What kind of a story is it now? it's over. We can say it was great you should have been there-okay. And as for the quilt, well it was a painted mural, and as for our group we are two people. All the information to get it right before he emailed us at the show's email address is on the net. Fact-checking, hello? He knows the show's name because it is the email address yet he couldn't bother to learn the facts of what we did. And he's the editor of a local paper supposedly keen to disseminate local news. It's like someone played the telephone game or he heard a rumour and wants to report it. Hello? STILL. It's press, albeit kind of late. Whatever. Call me old school but it's not even Journalism 101.:soap:

oooo. I'm feisty today.

I'm off. Enjoy your fantastic Saturday.

08-01-2009, 11:18 AM
Morning everyone and Happy August.
After a fairly good night's sleep and some sinus medication I am feeling a bit better, though exhausted. This is a long weekend up here in the frozen north and I am trying not to obsess about how the heck I'm going to amuse my hyper daughter for 3 days while in a semiconscious state. (a new lego set perhaps??)

Still up a pound, which I hope will vamoose when TOM does.

Bill - Well done staying on plan during dinner with friends! LOL on eating worms. DD likes a dessert at Boston Pizza called "worms & dirt" (ice cream with crumbled-up oreos and gummi worms).

wndranne - what was the workbook you found? Glad people are finding the CBT/sleep stuff useful!!

onebyone - The pound will disappear! Good job seeing the bright side of the annoying civic holiday closure and getting spontaneous exercise. I think you're totally right about newspapers - our local one is pretty much the same. Hey, I think you invented a new art form - giant painted quilts, LOL! (Sounds cozy.)

Hugs to all and good wishes for the weekend,

08-01-2009, 09:15 PM
I did an upper body workout, walked Moose and kayaked for 30 minutes. After lunch a friend and I drove down to Boothbay, to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. We walked around there for over 2 hours. It’s really the nicest Botanical Gardens I’ve been to. It’s 250 acres with nearly a mile of tidal frontage. The gardens are amazing, from somewhat ornamental to very naturalistic gardens. They have an exhibit now of a very talented sculptor who uses rebar and other metals to create impressive sculptures of animals. The sculptures are scattered throughout the gardens among the plants, granite and schist. I'm tired and will hit the hay early, but it was a nice day.

:df: WI-up .5 lbs, Read my cards, made a plan. Food – op (I was very hungry today, but appear to be staying op in terms of calories), Exercise – op

Kuhljeanie Congrats for losing 37 lbs! You’ll get there with the rest of the weight you’d like to lose. :yay: that DD is doing so well with the sugar issues. The student surpasses the master? ;)

one by one It sounds as though eating the ‘favorite’ meal was a real challenge. Credit for meeting that challenge so well.

Ouch that no one let you know the Art School was closed. And for the unresponsive local editor. But credit for being feisty in the face of it!

Margaret It’s a great idea to write down your sabotaging thoughts. Have you noticed a pattern of the most common thought you have, or type of thought? And credit for looking up the menu for the in-laws dinner.

Bill It is a relief to eat someplace where food is rational, isn’t it? Moose, to his great credit, thinks I’m perfect. (Well as long as he gets lots of treats and short walks.) I’m sure he never thought I looked fat… The cat on the other hand believes my lap is getting much too small. She can’t fit in it anymore! :lol:

Anne Hope the bike ride went well!

Erika Legos – wonderful stuff! I hope you and your daughter enjoy the 3 day weekend.

08-01-2009, 11:41 PM
Coaches/Buddies OK, I've come to some conclusions. Sitting around waiting for this mood to pass isn't a really effective strategy. So. Time to get it together. I'm working my CBT exercises for my eating stuff again. Issues I've been having lately:

I don't feel like planning my food.
I deserve to eat more since I'm training hard and have greater nutritional needs.
I don't have the mental energy to deal with this right now.

There are probably more, but that covers maybe 80% of my issues on the weight management front.

So I'm getting mental energy. I decided to deal with my stress at work with some CBT techniques. What exactly am I afraid of anyway? What are the likely outcomes? What actions can I take to increase my odds of good outcomes? What are the sabotaging thoughts that are getting in the way of that? So, bye bye dishrag, hello Anne.

I think getting that dealt with will help my sleep issues as well, which I'm also starting to deal with directly CBT techniques.

So here I go. I need a few days under my belt and I'll really believe I'm doing something rather than just talking about it and wishing. Action is way more effective than wishing.

I had a good ride this morning. Exercise helps. I need to work a little more consistency on that front, and maybe less epic, get-a-week's-worth-of-exercise-in-one-day rides.

Bill Thanks for getting the thread started this month as usual. So glad you're back. Here's to rational eating with friends.

onebyone Sorry about your ceramic room being closed. Glad you got some spontaneous exercise out of it. The editor sounds like he needs a refresher course!

Erika Glad to hear you got some sleep. Wishing you a few more good nights to combat exhausted. I know how that feels.

ChinaMaine Sounds like you got lots of exercise! How are your fatigue levels doing?

See you all tomorrow!


08-01-2009, 11:51 PM
Hello Everyone,

Got 11,000+ steps today--yay! It helped that dh suggested an early morning walk for coffee so I had a jumpstart. The most common sabotage on days off is the thought "I'm too busy to take a walk," or "Isn't this wasting time?" as if exercise had no redeeming qualities. . .

Tracked food, credit. Weekly average calories OP, credit. Only ate half the roll at birthday dinner, though did eat more than a bit of dh's dessert--the in-laws were doing the "It's your birthday, you have to have dessert" thing. I think Beck has something to say about it being ok to take care of ourselves. I need to remember it next time.

ChinaMaine--That's so cool you went kayaking! And walking around botanical gardens is one of my favorite ways to get steps.

eusebius--hope your sinuses clear up, and you find ways to connect with your daughter in spite of grogginess.

onebyone--yay on the spontaneous exercise even though taking a bus somewhere and having to turn around go back really sucks.

wndranne--credit for getting a CBT insomnia workbook! Hopefully that'll shake some of the unhelpful thoughts loose.

Bill--Kudos on the gym trip and staying present and focused. So nice to hear that eating out went well, and was comfortable--I love that feeling.

08-02-2009, 05:49 AM
Hi everyone,

Well, I only have one more day of food celebrations - tomorrow. Thank goodness!

Last night we went to Subway. I ordered the Turkey, no cheese, light mayo and veggies with water to drink 6" sub on wheat. I did great. Then I found out one of my friends had bought literally $20 worth of munchies for the evening while we all scrapbooked. I tried to stay conscientous but it is so hard when you are surrounded by it. I ended up eating 1/2 a big grab bag of Cool Ranch Dorritos and about 4 big handfuls of Crunch n Munch and a couple handfuls of Mike & Ikes. Eek :yikes::(. I still didn't eat as much as I usually do, and I had budgeted calorie wise for some snacks but I was just mad that I actually indulged!

Today at breakfast I did so much better. For the first time ever, I left 1/2 of my plate of food!!!!! This was HUGE for me. I literally cut my food in half and ate exactly 1/2 of what they brough me. I boxed the rest up and took him home and told my husband he can have it for breakfast tomorrow morning (he was thrilled!). I was so happy and I wasn't bloated at all which is unusual. Usually I'm bloated and uncomfortable. I felt good. Yea me! :) I didn't eat much for lunch because of the breakfast. I just ate 1 tbsp of peanut butter on 1 slice of 7grain bread and some water.

Tonight was the next challenge. Dinner. And it was my favorite food in the world - Mexican. Oh boy. This is my hardest meal of all. We got there, I ate some chips and salsa because that is my favorite food. I tore each chip in half or thirds so I would eat less of them (that's one of my tricks) but I still probably ate more than I should have. I don't know how much though as I was enthralled with talking to everyone (there was 10 of us). My bad :(. I usually order the 2 tacos, rice and beans combo. I ordered only 1 taco (thereby cutting what I normally have it half) and then I left about a 1/3 of the rice and beans. I thought I was in the clear and already mad at myself for eating as much as I did and then all the waiters come over and sing happy birthday and present me with flan. Oh boy. I offered some to every single person at the table and all 10 declined! :mad: I was like, "someone's got to help me eat this!" No one would so I ate it because I felt bad.

I feel like I totally screwed up today. I tried so hard to eat less and do exactly what I was supposed to do but feel like I really screwed up. The only meal of the 3 since Friday I feel good about is breakfast. I feel like I'm never going to get this right. Why couldn't I just stick to my normal weekday routine?

I have one more meal at dinner tomorrow as we are going to my parent's house tomorrow to celebrate with them. There will be dinner and cake.

Will I ever get it right? :(

Thanks for listening
Kara --

08-02-2009, 07:22 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Lovely summer day to enjoy a long walk; CREDIT moi. Found good cukes and cauliflower at the farmer's market. That's always a joy.

Discovered that the good rain we've been having helped the weeds in our vegetable garden as well as the veggies. Oh Well. I felt like I'd abandoned my dear beans when I found them struggling for sunlight under the towering grass. Picked some cherry tomatoes - the big ones are still not ripe, yellow beans, and kale. Some good eating is coming.

onebyone - Kudos for getting up at 6:15 am to service your impatient students. Ouch for the school shutting down when the buses are running - especially since I recall that recently it was the other way around, LOL.

Yay for remaining in the 60's. Yep Persist in Victory.

Glad for your feisty journalism tirade. I too fear that journalism will take a deep hit along with the declining fortunes of the printed newspapers. I'll miss both; I read the Boston Globe every day hoping for some perspective and judgmental filtering of the news.

Robin (RobinW) - Will you kindly, and discreetly of course, tell me whether it's more proper tomorrow to wish our Ontario friends on this thread, "Happy August Civic Holiday" or "Joyous August Civic Holiday?" I want to get it right and not sound like, well, an uninformed American who is clueless to the nuances of the Great North. Will you be celebrating it yourself, cooking the traditional "Civic Holiday" dishes so that your DD retains the culture?

Anne (wndranne) - Well Hello Anne. Honking Big Kudos for grabbing life, putting one foot in front of the other, and trusting yourself that you'll find a path once you get walking. Thanks for the demo on how to do that.

Love your way of asking CBT type questions about work, especially "What are the likely outcomes?" I'm capable of harboring dire fears in a situation where there won't be harsh consequences even if the worst happens. It can be like I was reliving seventh grade when it would have been sooooooo embarrassing to be corrected by the teacher. Good luck on what you're trying to do for yourself.

ChinaMaine - Kudos for all the good exercise. Do you kayak to specific natural spots to look about, or just randomly about the open water?

Amazingly enough, I've been to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens - its reputation reaches to Boston for sure. We spent hours there. Loved the sculptures. DW noted every plant and grass - all well labeled. I enjoyed the walk and the thoughtful layouts everywhere. There was a section of little habitats built by kids that was neat.

Erika (eusebius) - Yay for a good night's sleep and for feeling a bit better. LOL at "worms and dirt" - that appeals to me, also.

More Legos sounds like the world's best diversion. Does your DD have a set of wooden blocks made from real hardwood? I never brought those for my kids because they were ridiculously expensive, but I wish that I had.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Ouch for having to face the in-laws pushing food because "It's your birthday." Kudos for making it a sane meal anyway.

And Kudos for that 11K steps - good walking day there.

Kara (Walking Princess) - Kudos for working hard on your weekend of birthday celebrations. (I'm detecting a theme about birthdays around this thread, LOL.)

Great job at Subways; Ouch for getting broadsided while scrap booking with your friends. That would have been a difficult situation for me also.

Sending supportive thoughts for your last challenge tonight.

Readers - To think like a thin person you must learn to tell the difference between hunger and the desire to eat.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 34.

08-02-2009, 11:39 AM
Good Morning :rain:

Bill~ no, the civic holiday is just a wonderful (paid)day off in the middle of the summer time.(everything is closed too) We've never wished each other a happy civic holiday. When we were kids it was usually the time my parents took holidays and we were either at the beach, camp or some theme park. It is just a wonderful paid holiday for the Canadians. I have a rather complicated custody agreement but it guarantees she spends equal time with both she still gets Canada time with her dad.

Had our yard sale yesterday. The girls made more money selling lemonaide and timbits than I did selling my junk! I ended up putting a big "Free" sign on stuff at noon. I wasnt sitting out in that heat any longer :lol: Shipped the girls off to the pool, and I came home and colored my hair :lol:

Im about ready to refocus. I really wish I didnt have to do this...meaning I wish I was still focused. Oh Well.

Its raining here this morning, so I think we will all hit the movies and see the latest Harry Potter!

Have a great day everyone!

08-02-2009, 12:06 PM

Resuming my program with Day 19, I have just made an "IT's NOT OKAY" (to eat unplanned foods) response card. I use the service to send myself emails with my ARC and other cards several times daily.

This morning the pesky extra pound was gone. I am maintaining the 4-pound loss from last week, which seems reasonable. Yesterday I was tempted to eat an entire bag of goldfish crackers (3 cheese, mmm) but limited myself to a 3-point serving - credit.
Didn't walk, though - cold symptoms too severe. Hoping to resume walking tomorrow.

For those who are wondering about the CBT for insomnia program, I am starting week 2 this week. In the first week you keep a log of hours slept, time you went to bed, time you actually went to sleep, number of times you got up, etc. Then you establish an average of how many hours you slept each night and plan to allow a bit more than that average in bed for the 2nd week. So, for example, if you slept an average of 6 hours a night, you'd allow 6.5 hours per night in bed. Then you establish a going-to-sleep time and rising time and don't go to bed until the going-to-sleep time ... which is usually much later than you're used to going to bed! This way you're more tired when you go to sleep and you're likely to sleep more deeply.

*ChinaMaine* - Great job keeping your exercise up!! The Botanical Gardens sound stunning. We have some beautiful ones here in Hamilton if you ever visit.

*wndranne* - You have a winning attitude and with this I know you'll succeed! CBT really does work! I am finding myself wishing Judith Beck would write a book in her no-nonsense style to deal with everything else in our lives, LOL!

*Nuxmaga* - WTG on 11,000 steps!! I totally hear you on the sabotaging thought, "Isn't this wasting time?" So often this is what I tell myself when I do something just for me. Great job on staying OP with food as well!

*Kara* - You will be fine. Beck has something for us to say about days like these - "Oh Well!" You can get right back on track today. Sending good thoughts your way.

*Bill* - I don't think I can come up with a healthier way to spend a day than a long walk to the farmer's market. That's just intrinsically good in so many ways. DD did have hardwood blocks ... someone bought them for us, thank goodness. She didn't end up buying more legos, but we played 2-player Super Mario for a good while :) (Sorry, I'm a child of the 80s!!)

*RobinW* - Enjoy Harry Potter - I thought it was great! Congrats on the yard sale. I've never been able to get it together to do one of those - I just end up driving stuff to Value Village.

*kuhljeanie*, *tera* and anyone else - :hug:

Happy and OP Sunday, Everyone!

08-02-2009, 02:05 PM
I've read my ARC's today and needed to. My weight, though it is just a number my arc tells me, is 271 this morning, a weight change of +1.2 Reasons? Same as yesterday: salt intake from takeout food and fluid/hormones. While the bodily processes are a mystery to me and I am along for the ride as I always am, the salt intake will be lower today and the water intake will be upped. I will persist in victory d@mn it :mad: and not eat whatever which is what the sabotaging critic would have me do. :nono:

I tangled with two bouts of unbridled eating yesterday. When I get super-puffed up with hormonal shifts and such I feel so awful and when I "feel so awful" I ALWAYS turn to food to "feel better" or if I don't think that I turn to food to "make myself feel better" or alternately "I already feel physically so bad and uncomfortable eating lots will make me happy and I can't feel worse physically anyway". Some rationale! I don't even assume I will feel better if ____ cause the way it is, it just has to pass, but I am eager almost to take advantage of feeling bad as an excuse or permission or a reason to eat whatever I want. THIS is an old extremely harmful pattern. I will be writing my first cheat on this today.

my official credits: weighed myself once, yesterday and today; left food on my plate; did not eat in between meals; did not have seconds; had spontaneous exercise; checked in with my coaches/buddies; tried to eat slowly and consciously; read my arc cards;

Yesterday's challenges were: calming down before my food; recognizing it take 20 min to feel full; had a spoonful of crap standing up-but only one then I sat down (1/2 credit here); did not wait to feel full instead ate something else right away as I didn't feel "full enough" - was not hunger but desire I gave in to.

Billblueeyes you asked this of RobinWRobin (RobinW) - Will you kindly, and discreetly of course, tell me whether it's more proper tomorrow to wish our Ontario friends on this thread, "Happy August Civic Holiday" or "Joyous August Civic Holiday?" I want to get it right and not sound like, well, an uninformed American who is clueless to the nuances of the Great North. Will you be celebrating it yourself, cooking the traditional "Civic Holiday" dishes so that your DD retains the culture?
BBE the best thing you could say to me is "happy last day off before Fall or before Labour Day". It's pretty much how I think of it. Of course I keep hearing of everyone "going up to the cottage" as if everyone has a cottage to "go up to". I never have had one of those. (I'll add the word sadly here.)

AS for the future fortunes of journalism, you know what i really fear? That we will all know what's happening in some weird dramatic celebrity event in Sweden or something and we will not know that the local politician is absconding with the funds for the new highway or something. the focus on the odd, interesting, glamorous worldwide event/celebrity/atrocious criminal monster eclipses the ordinary local everyday unglamourous everyday bits of life that as ordinary everyday citizens we actually have to deal with be it roads/transit/sewers/flooding in the basements etc. and with the local media gone who will be watching and reporting this stuff? they say bloggers but who has the time to dig into the story? To spend the money to follow the trails? To do a story when people go "oh yeah that. of course politicians are idiots and they spend money stupidly and...who cares?" I don't know. it really worries me. That this city editor could not be bothered to know exactly what we did and who we are and when it happened and why when it's all there before he emailed me is unexcusable to me. Why would I treat him like a professional? because I have manners is why...but YOU know how I feel. I just told you. The old saying the devil is in the details can be applied to local vs global interests. We may be interested in Paris Hilton or China or the Middle East and we may be affected as we were with the goings on of Wall Street and mortgages and banks but how did it manifest? Locally. My neighbourhood is going downhill cause they can't sell a house or get a mortgage or my factory closed down and I can't work so I can't buy that loaf of bread at your grocery store or pay more for organic carrots from my local farmer. The local is really important. Ugh. Sorry. I'd erase all that but I won't... I'll just, again do this :soap: OFF.

eusebiusThank you for mentioning the site. I will check into it. Credit for the maintaining 4lbs!

RobinW methinks refocusing is what we always have to do to deal with weight issues...sometimes more re-focusing, sometimes less. Credit for knowing this and I am so glad you are here with us :hug:

Walking Princess :hug: You deserve A LOT of credits my friend. You said Why couldn't I just stick to my normal weekday routine?
Hello? Because it WASN'T either a week day OR a normal routine. It was a celebration and a holiday and a weekend. ALL challenges. You did great! Dr. Beck wants us to give ourselves credit for EVERY change in behaviour you did the ALL of the following: left food, packaged food up and didn't eat it, gave food away, budgeted for bigger meals by eating less earlier, stayed conscious of your food choices. Although you didn't see yourself being perfect if you take a look at what you've done so far it is great. We are all works in the making. We never really get there ever, eat perfectly I mean. But you have taken so many steps. Just keep going. You are absolutely "getting it". :bravo: <---- I give you this because I want you to see that I mean it!

Nuxmaga Credit on being 1000 steps over your daily walking goal, being OP, and on leaving half a roll. :cp:

wndranne Credit for taking action. I am reminded of a time when I was in heavy duty therapy and was told that the best place to practice relationship issues is by being in a relationship. :chin: I think this is the same. We need to be in it, doing it, in order to create the situations that push us forward and make us face our own selves and our choices... yay for finding the energy to do so.

ChinaMaine Credit for all that walking! And a question, did you get any pictures of those rebar animal sculptures? If not, can you send me a link to where I might search them out?? Thanks!

:wave: to everyone - have a good Sunday.

UPDATE at 11pm: Had a tough time today with taste-testing at the stove. I did it several times, once even taking a big enough hunk of stuff to make me go "oh come on. If you're going to eat that at least go sit down then" and so I did, for the second it took me to eat it then I went back to the stove. From here I fell into the "I don't care" sabotaging thought pattern. I resisted, but weakly. This was the worst of it today for me. I felt frustrated most of the day and that's never good.

08-02-2009, 03:17 PM
one by one -- I didn't take my camera this time. For some reason I don't usually take pics I like when I'm at the gardens. I was pretty bummed when I got there and saw these fantastic sculptures... I found a link on the interwebs, but there's only one pic of the sculptures in the exhibit. Here it is:

Walking Princess
08-03-2009, 01:41 AM
Hi everyone,

The weekend is finally over. I did enjoy my bday weekend but the constant stress of the continuous food and food I would not normally eat was very challenging and stressful. It's a relief to be back to normal.

Today, we went to my parents. Breakfast I ate on plan. Lunch, my dad went and got Del Taco for everyone. I had a beef and bean burrito with no cheese and a Ginger Ale. For dinner we had a chicken pasta salad that my mom made. It is my favorite dish she makes and I only get it once a year. I think I went overboard on that and had 2 cups (oops!). My mom also made a bday cake for dessert. It was the only one I had all weekend so it wasn't too bad. I had one piece and I gave away the rest of the cake so as not to eat anymore.

Looking back, I did the best I could througout the weekend and considering I didn't cook one meal the entire three days. Were there things I could have done differently? Absolutely! I learned how to do things a little better for the next time. Live and learn. Other things I just flat out still need to work on. I guess it takes more than 3 weeks to totally change your attitude towards food. I definitely have more work to do.

I am very disappointed in myself though about some of it and happy with other aspects of the way I handled things. It's hard. :-(

One by One - thank you sooo much for your very sweet and encouraging words. I was feeling pretty low and unsuccessful about everything but after reading your post I felt so much better. Thank you for being there for me. So sorry you got up for no reason today. That is so frustrating. On the plus side, you got your exercise in though ;-) Don't worry too much about the weight gain. You know it's just hormones/water etc. and it will come right back off. Just have faith :-)

Bill - great job on your dinner party last night. You deserve lots of credit and a pat on the back for staying on plan last night. Good for you!

Anne - hope you enjoyed your bike ride today. So sorry to hear you are feeling discouraged right now. I don't know if this will help, but when I feel like that, I go read all my ARC over and over until I feel better. That usually helps me feel motivated again and picks up my spirits. Hope it helps a little

Erica - I'm glad you are feeling a little better. Legos is a good idea for your little one, mine loves those things! :-) One thing my little guy likes to do on a rainy day is make a fort in the living room. Then we hide in there and giggle or read books. It's fun :-) Thank you also so much for the encouraging words when I've been feeling so discouraged.

ChinaMaine - the botanical gardens sound beautiful. Sounds like you are doing great sticking to your eating plan and exercise. Keep up the good work!

Nuxmaga - Happy Birthday to you! :-) Boy, do I know how you feel about the challenges of celebrating your birthday. It sounds like you did a great job and were able to stay on plan. Congratulations - big credit! :-)

RobinW - great job with realizing you need to get refocused and then doing so. Big credit! Also, hope you enjoyed the movie with your kids

Have a wonderful on-plan day tomorrow everyone

08-03-2009, 05:54 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Decided to sample one cookie yesterday - a standard plastic package sort - that I wanted to see if it still tasted as good as I remembered. Had four before I stopped. Oh Well. If I did a cheat sheet I'd probably discover that I was annoyed because I wanted to be somewhere else before it started to rain. The lesson learned, for the zillionth time, is that when a sour emotion of any type settles in, it pushes aside well made plans. To stay on plan, I need to maintain a clear head.

Still got in a good walk before the rain, which by the way, never came. CREDIT moi. Passed a yard sale with a new-with-tags L. L. Bean backpack for only $5, an attractive Guatemala blanket of a peculiar size, and some books that appealed to me that I may or may not ever read. I had money in my pocket and could use the backpack to carry it all home. But I have more backpacks than storage space already, more unread books than hours in the week, and no empty display space for the blanket which would have to go in a closet. So I passed and kept walking, CREDIT moi. Neat for me since my self-assigned role in life is to bring home stuff we don't need.

onebyone - "Happy last day off before Fall or before Labour Day"

Ouch for feeling frustrated and for spurious rationale. Kudos for looking both straight in the face, forcing them to see daylight so you can deal with them. Yea for planning to do a cheat sheet.

You continue to push my buttons about the news that's being pushed across my vision. I wish I knew why it's so important for me to read how Paris Hilton feels about not being taken seriously just because people think she's a spoiled rich girl.

Robin (RobinW) - Yea for a commitment to refocus. Yea for reducing stuff by a yard sale. Kinda amazing that doing the effort for a yard sale makes it OK to finally just mark the stuff "Free" and let it go to another home.

Thanks for the civic lesson on August Civic Holiday. Wish the U. S. would adopt that. I could use today off.

ChinaMaine - Thanks for the link to the sculptures. You' got me to chatting with DW that we're due for a good trip to Mount Desert Island again soon.

Erika (eusebius) - Neato to use to send yourself reminders. Thanks for the pointer to that service. Kudos for moving along in your Beck program days to working on unplanned foods. Apparently I could use a little refresher in " 'IT's NOT OKAY' (to eat unplanned foods)."

Yea for Super Mario with your DD. Kudos for lasting "a good while," LOL.

Kara (Walking Princess) - Yea for concluding a three day weekend without cooking a single meal but remaining vigilant about your eating during all the celebrations. I give you Kudos for staying vigilant and for never letting go with a tired old rationale such as might as well just give for for the rest of the day. Neat that so many people want to celebrate your birthday.

Readers - You'll learn how to effectivelly respond to the voice in your head that tries to convince you that you must eat right now!

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 37.

08-03-2009, 08:14 AM
Morning Beckies,

Lost another pound in time for official weigh-in this morning :woohoo: That means I've achieved my first 5-pound goal! :carrot: Time to hit the fabric store ... and get started on the next 5.

Happy Civic Holiday, fellow Canucks! The weather looks beautiful today, so we are thinking of taking DD to African Lion Safari. It's like a zoo, but you drive around through the animal preserves instead of looking at them through fences and glass. This often results in baboons and so forth climbing on your car. DH is not keen on this, but there is a bus you can take instead. This is about my speed today as I'm still sniffly and having gas pains. I will be taking a walk today, however.

On the sleep front, it's week 2 of the CBT program. I have now officially adopted a sleep and wake-up time, resulting in me posting here at 7AM ... feels a bit weird, but I think it's a step in the right direction. Also I am out of bed ... no longer will I be hanging around doing stuff there - I need to create only sleep associations with the bed. The adventure continues ...

onebyone - The art festival was in Lunenburg? Bummer!! It's a gorgeous place. Well, you WILL get to go one day. The 1.2 will be gone in a jiff. Persist in victory!! Wrestle the yeti!! You can do this. Indeed you are doing it, as shown by your many credits you've listed.

BTW - no cottage here that's for sure! My cardiologist uncle has one, but I think he's the only one in our family that does. We rented one for the last week of August (in NB where they're a lot cheaper).

Kara - What a huge learning experience you've had over the past weekend. I know you will take this information and work with it and become stronger than ever before. This is my second or third try at Beck so it's taken a bit longer for things to sink in for me as well. I think we all have our own style of learning and our own pace.
How old is your little guy? he sounds awesome!

Bill - big credit for the walk! and credit for passing up potential clutter!! Oh those sour emotions. They do know how to sneak in unawares. Funny how those yetis can be so quiet even when they're abominable and 7 feet tall.

ChinaMaine, wndranne, kuhljeanie, tera, RobinW and anyone I've missed :wave:

Have a great day!

08-03-2009, 10:15 AM
Coaches/Buddies I'm getting my act together. I made a plan for yesterday (and today) and while I didn't stick to it perfectly, it really did help to guide my food choices and make better ones.

And then after 36 straight hours with my children, I was ready to pull my hair out, and went out with a friend for a margarita the size of my head, two (2) bowls of chips and salsa (which was fabulous), and cheesy/sausage-y concoction served up with homemade tortillas. Mmm. And oops. I figure it was at least a 1500 calorie diversion. Oh Well. The mariachi band was covering the likes of Barbara Streisand, so at least I got a lot of good laughs out of it. HOWEVER, I have to think of a better way.

I did the mental exercises for work, and feel a lot better and prepared today. Head is officially together. Next task is simply to keep it that way!

Margaret (Nuxmaga) Great job on the 11000 steps! Sounds like you are moving along.

Kara (Walking Princess) Sounds like both of us have a Mexican food issue, LOL. I think you did way, way better than I did! I don't think you totally screwed up; I think you are making progress, and none of us ever gets this perfectly. It sounds like you had a great weekend.

BillBE Your vegetable garden sounds lovely. I hear it has been raining like crazy there. Hope you get to dry out once in a while. Love the 7th grade analogy. There was a lot of that on my work list, to be sure.

Nice work on leaving the backpack full of stuff!

About those cookies: it is always easier for me to eat just one of something truly good, than junky food. I can eat two squares of Dove dark, but need an entire bar of Hershey's. What is up with that? Anybody have a similar experience?

RobinW Here's to refocusing. I've been refocusing since late 2002. It's better than the alternative.

Erika I like the RC! Your CBT insomnia program sounds just like mine so far. BTW, I've not had to take my Ambien since I did the work CBT list. J Beck does have some other CBT books out there, mostly written for other professionals.

:woohoo: on the 5 lb goal!!

onebyone I'm so glad you found some things to give yourself credits for on a bad day!

ChinaMaine Love the sculptures!

:wave: Tera, kuhljeanie, & maryblu

Oh yeah, there is a great review of the Kessler book on this weekend. Now I don't have to write one.


08-03-2009, 12:54 PM
Good Morning Coaches/Buddies

I just looked at the clock and it's 11:30am. Almost noon. I slept in again but I was up really late: 2:30am futzing around on the net. I am "farming" on Facebook believe it or not. That dumb game has me hooked. DH sends me gifts and I send him gifts. It's funny as the game is totally food related (no wonder I am hooked HELLO?) but the game isn't even all that great! There is no pestilence, no weather disasters, no crop failures. Even the climate on my farm allows me to grow coconuts trees, that give me coconuts to harvest every few days, along with peas and potatoes and cotton and coffee crops! I just grow everything! DH sent me a cow and that stumped me. I was fine with the chicken, the rooster and the goat. But the cow? Oh yeah and the animals don't breed, they don't eat your crops though they wander freely and my turkey is the size of my cow.
I can't believe I am hooked on this game.
ANYWAY... got on the scale, weighed myself only once credit and this morning it is down 0.4lb (270.6). ohmmmmm persist in victory persist in victory ohmmmm

I got a phone call from my sister this morning, which I slept through, letting me know she was still intending to send me my graduation gift ($) and that her move to Key West has left her in a continuing state of chaos. It was nice to hear from her though the Key West breezes made her phone message a little garbled.... I can completely imagine Key West breezes blowing as she talk on the phone *sigh* They are all this colour like the water *sigh* Anyway I am shaking it off and am just happy she called. Yay! Seems I am STILL in communication with all of my family. Amazing.

Tomorrow I start my 4 weeks of working as a children's technician at the school of art. This means I need to plan my food for breakfast and lunch-dinner too I suppose as when I get home I won't want to cook. Crockpot time. I find myself looking forward to it today. Odd. I have never been around kids. Really. I think it will be interesting and inspiring to see them work on art projects and even the art projects themselves will be interesting to me I think. As a tech I am responsible for making sure the teachers have what they need to teach their course. Lots of running around and carrying stuff. Also, if there is an outing I tag along to help shepherd the kids. I believe that Wed are pizza day and Fridays are swimming days. I'm still doing my ceramic tech duties too but I can do that during and after the kids tech jobs. What's harder is to keep track of my hours doing each job: ceramic tech is $2 more an hour!

I also found myself in the continuing education online pdf file for courses offered this fall. I found my Pet Portrait class in there and my Funky Plastic and my Intro to Stop Motion Animation course and I may be the one with the Intro to Mixed Media class. I need to confirm this with P who set the courses up with me so I can advertise them on my blog. I was interested to see I'd be teaching into the spring with these classes. Apparently I am offering them in the fall and the winter. Hello? This is all brand new to me. I won't even know if I am teaching until a week before the classes are due to start.

Imagine, me a teacher?!:dizzy:

Okay better go. I am planning to exercise today: 5min on the wii fit. That is my additional Beck recommended activity and my chosen change for the week. 5 min is better than 0 she promises me...

Enjoy your day.

08-03-2009, 03:07 PM
got the food planned....ate the planned food.....

then a major issue surfaced that I would just as soon leave buried and never ever have to deal with. But it's life and I will.

I had read an article a while back about the difference between eating for hunger and emotional eating/hunger. The author described emotional eating/hunger to be higher and in your chest. She explained it perfectly! If I can find the link I'll post it. That is where I am feeling it....its up in my chest and I just want to stuff that feeling away with food.

So far....Im ok :)

08-03-2009, 03:58 PM
hey robin, whatever you need! we're here for you.

just a quickie from me - had a minor blow-out saturday night. note to self: buy SMALL bottle of lambic, since DH will stick to ale. i drink alcohol maybe 2 times a month so it's not something i spend a lot of time thinking about or planning for, but a whole (large) bottle of it has hundreds of calories. yipes. thankfully the actually dinner i ate it with was balanced and healthy. oh, well! also, chuck e. cheese is the devil. what an awful place (unless you're 6, or 2.5). planned around two pizza outings and did fine on those days, ironically enough.

many walks around the parking lot today...i'm bored. at this rate, i'll be a skinny minny in a couple of weeks. i may get fired again, though. ;) just not much work to do and many hours not to do it in. i'm walking instead of eating. had a major "duh" moment when realized that i overeat at work from sheer boredom.

tonight am playing with yet another wii game - EA sports active. so far, so good, day 2. my wii rocks. always a different fun way to move my bod.

monday w/i - weight unchanged. story of my life!

thanks erika for the sleep CBT detail. sounds like the kind of thing you need the manual for...not going to try to wing it on my own. i'm sleeping better anyway, so...

more personals tomorrow. cheers m'dears!

08-03-2009, 04:05 PM
Here it is....Wanting v. Needing Food ( ...just one of those articles that lit the ole light bulb in my head. sometimes it gets thick in there :lol:

08-03-2009, 10:47 PM
I ended up working a full day yesterday. I was being too optimistic by thinking I could work 8 hr days, no weekends to get past my current deadline. Oh well… Luckily I’m feeling a lot better than I have in years, so it’s a hassle, not an impossibility. :) There’s a lot of talk on the thread about CBT for insomnia. I did CBT about 2 years ago for being type A. If I had a big deadline, I’d just get in a anxiety-driven tizzy and not feel I had the ‘right’ to exercise, take any time-off etc. CBT has cured me of it. I’ll work 10 hour days, etc, but my attitude is completely different now. And work is just work, although a paycheck is worth putting in some extra time now and again. :) It seems that if CBT can cure Type-A behavior, then it should work for insomnia too. I wish you all the best of luck!

I am really starting to get excited about our family trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota. My son called me 3-4 times over the weekend, really excited, with questions about trails, weather, proper attire, etc, along with proposed day-trips to take with his girlfriend. We’re renting them their own sub-compact so he can show her around his favorite spots in the hills without the constant presence of old foggies like us. :D The best news of all is that my MIL is doing wonderfully. She actually asked her hospice folks to stop visiting because she feels so well she doesn’t want to waste their time until she actually feels sick. (And her doctor’s prognosis last fall was that she had 6 months to live – ha!) We'll be seeing her everyday. But we're thrilled that she’ll come out to the lodge we’re staying at least one day and hang out with us during the day, and then have dinner at the lodge. We all feel quite blessed.

I did my usual 45 minutes today plus an extra walk with Moose and a brief kayak paddle around our cove. I’ve been lurking 1-2 lbs above my current mini-goal for 10 days now and I hoped to hit it before I left, but I’m trying not to lose hope. :crossed:

:df: WI-up .25 lbs, Read my cards, made a plan. Food – op, Exercise – op

Anne You know waiting around for your mood to change is frequently an effective strategy, so I can see giving it a try. But kudos for recognizing the waiting wasn’t doing the trick this time. :)

Re – your attitude about work, CBT can help you there I think. (see my CBT story above – it’s funny I thought of that today, huh?) Just keep asking yourself ‘what’s the worst that can happen’ until you get to the point that you realize the worst isn’t that bad at all.

And your new approach to exercise sounds very CBT-ish. No all-or-none exercising! ;) Ouch about the Mexican restaurant extravaganza. But a mariachi band doing Streisand might just be worth it. ;)

You asked about my fatigue -- The fatigue comes and goes. I give in and skip exercise when it’s bad enough, but mostly I try to push past it so I can build stamina. The great news is that I feel better than I have in at least 3 years, probably 4. So, I’m thrilled, but not satisfied. I see no reason a prefectly healthy, fit woman shouldn’t be able to hike a real hike. So, I’ll keep pushing the doctors on that front. And thanks for asking!

Margaret Credit for getting in so much exercise when your sabotaging thoughts are trying to undermine you. Beck says something about being selfish for your own good health. Exercising and eating well are two of the most important things you can do every day!

Bill I’m jealous of your farmer’s markets! I wanted to stop at a roadside stand on our way home Saturday, but was driving too fast. I blew past two of them before I saw them. Oh well… My flower gardens are as dwarfed by weeds as your vegetable garden. I don’t have maryblu’s dedication to weeding, I’m afraid. I enjoy planting much more than I do weeding…

So far I’m kayaking in our cove. We have an island I paddle around quite often. And if I feel like dawdling, I paddle near the island’s shore looking at turtles, rocks, flowers, etc. Occasionally I also just paddle in among the reeds & cattails by the marsh. When I’ve built up more stamina for paddling, I’ll venture further.

Ouch about the cookies. Did they taste as good as you remembered?

Robin Selling stuff at a yard sale is a huge pain in the butt, as far as I’m concerned. Coloring your hair was probably a much better use of your time!

Kudos for making a plan and sticking to it. Ouch about the major issue – warm supportive thoughts coming your way.

Erika Summer colds – yuck! Hope you feel better soon. Credit for eating a reasonable portion of goldfish!!

:woohoo: for the 1st 5 lb mini-goal :woohoo:

Is Hamilton a pretty city? I love how Canadians incorporate such beautiful landscaping in their cities and towns…

one by one :bravo: for all your hardwork this last week or two. I know you are struggling, but you are making so many positive steps. It’s great you are being so consistent at giving yourself credit for each and every one. It’s all going to be worth it!

Kudos for dropping .4 lbs! I hope you can get to Key West some really cold February or March. My DH and I went there 18 months ago in the dead of winter and loved it. I think the free-wheeling bohemian atmosphere would appeal to you.

How’d the wii fit go?

Kara I think you did great over your birthday weekend. You made a lot of good, reasonable choices. Credit! I understand how awful we all can feel when we don’t hit every goal, but it’s great you see it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Kudos!

Kuhljeanie Credit for finding such a healthy way to deal with boredom! Can you wear a headset and pretend to be making important PM-ish calls to the client? ;)

I have been positively salivating after EA Sports for the wii! I go to Amazon and read the reviews at least once a week... Do you love it?

08-04-2009, 07:14 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Dinner was pasta salad so DW put out cheese and crackers for a shot of protein. Apparently, I'm completely new at Beck, because I failed to serve myself a chosen portion. I just dipped into the box of crackers and cut from the wedges of cheese as we ate and talked. Ouch! I took in a bunch of cheese and crackers. Duh!!! That was one of my old tricks to eat a huge amount of cheese and crackers before dinner. Gotta remember to serve my portion, always. Oh Well.

Continued to concentrate on stressing my muscles at the gym; CREDIT moi. My attitude is improving.

At the office I used CBT thinking, ala Anne (wndranne), to reduce my stress before a meeting. What was the worst that could happen to me and what was the true likely outcome of the meeting? It worked. Got my head out of the fog to contribute to making the customer feel that good stuff was happening. Yea CBT!!!

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Kudos for ordering a balanced and healthy dinner. Ouch for being caught by the lambic.

Hope you can find some way to look busy at work, but Kudos for the walking - wherever there's a patch of time. LOL at Chuck E. Cheese - may you not find yourself there often.

onebyone - Yea that your sister called; Yea that you're in touch with your family. Kudos for only one trip to the scale. And BIG Kudos for continuing to Persist in Victory.

LOL at farming on Facebook. May you have a giant flock of happy cows and turkeys.

Yep, I can imagine you as a teacher. Methinks you'll bend some flexible young minds.

Robin (RobinW) - Kudos for confronting the issue of emotional eating; powerful stuff. But once you give it a name, it can't hide from you and strategies can be engaged. Good luck with that. Thanks for the link.

Anne (wndranne) - Kudos for making a plan and working to follow it. Ouch for too much kids in a row. And Ouch for Barbara Streisand by a mariachi band; now that should clear the head of all memories of one's children.

Yep, I am also satisfied with a small serving of a high quality treat; good dark chocolate is one of them. But wimpy stuff, like the packaged cookies that I ate, keeps drawing me back for more; my brain never gets the signal that I've had the something good that it craved.

Thanks for the tip on using CBT at work. Think I'll continue trying that.

ChinaMaine - You're getting me excited about your trip to the Black Hills. Neat that you're setting your son up with the independence to be off with his SO. And SUPER neat that you MIL is going to join you for a day. What a trip; can't wait for the report, even though you haven't even left yet.

Thanks for sharing your story of using CBT to curb hyper-working. It's comforting to know that it's useful for a variety of diversions.

Kayaking in your cove and around your island sounds fun; Kudos for taking joy in your surroundings. Alas, Nope, the cookie wasn't the great treat I had expected, which makes it all the more annoying that I had three more that were, duh, also not particularly rewarding.

Erika (eusebius) - Yea for hitting your five pound goal; Kudos for giving yourself a reward. And Yea for your continued success with CBT and sleeping. Kinda share your DH's concern for baboons scratching themselves across the paint on his car.

Yep, beware the stealth yetis, LOL. Sneaky devils, them.

Readers - The problem, of course, is that you feel better only momentarily. What happens as soon as you've finished eating? You still have to deal with the problem that made you upset. And, on top of that, you fell bad that you strayed from your diet. You become self-critical, undermine your confidence, and feel even worse then you did at the start.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 38.

08-04-2009, 08:27 AM

Unbelievable - I don't think I woke up once last night. Folks, that hasn't happened in over 7 years, possibly longer. If I can keep this up I might start to feel human again. (It's too early for that, and no coffee yet ... but I'm posting, so that's something...)

Health stuff is starting to slowly improve as well. DD was scared of the lion safari idea so we took her to a big indoor playground instead. Managed to get a walk in - credit. Food was OP - we decided to buy the ingredients for a homemade steak dinner rather than going out. That wasn't on my "night-before" eating plan, but it was more food for the same number of points, so I'm going with it. Healthier, too - more balanced, and we controlled the sodium content.

What does everyone think about writing a plan out the night before? I like it in principle, but part of the reason I chose Weight Watchers is its flexibility ... I don't have to eat exactly what someone else tells me to.
As long as I'm within my points limit and choosing healthfully, I figure I'm OK. So the whole "IT'S NOT OK TO EAT ANYTHING NOT ON YOUR LIST" thing is a tiny bit restrictive ... I guess it applies more to overeating portions and grabbing junk food, which is what got me into this mess in the first place.

Doctor's appointment today and then a date with the fabric store :) Weights right after this post.

wndranne - Fabulous job getting your plan going!!

onebyone - I have heard a lot about this farm game on Facebook. I'm too scared to try it, LOL! Congrats on 0.4 lb!!! Crockpots are amazing for sure. Have fun with the kids ... I hope you enjoy them. You're so creative -- I am sure they will love working with you. Are we allowed to look at your blog? ;)

RobinW - Cool thought about the physical difference between emotional and physical hunger. That seems very key to me!! Great job on planning food!

kuhljeanie - thank God we have no chuck e. cheese around here!! Glad to hear you are sleeping better, and great job on food planning and wii fit!!

ChinaMaine - Would love to know how you addressed the type A thing. Any recommended reading? Your trip sounds exciting! Great job on exercise ... keep it up and you will get to that mini-goal pronto!
Hamilton is indeed quite attractive, at least the western part of it that I live in. Torontonians can't see it from the highway ... they just see steel mills ... so it's kind of a real estate secret. (We're an hour away from Toronto but I think the house prices are 40-50% lower.) We have a gorgeous escarpment in the middle of town called the "mountain". A couple of my fellow school moms use the hundreds of stairs up and down the mountain as their daily workout. eeek!

Bill - Credit for recognizing the importance of serving portions and your continued hard work at the gym! Those CBT questions - "what is the worst that could happen" and "what is the true likely outcome" are like the magic pill for anxiety, and I think I will cross-stitch them and hang them on my wall, LOL! Thanks for reminding me of those!

OK folks - can't put off that weight workout any longer! Have a terrific day.

08-04-2009, 01:28 PM
hi china! only had the EA sports 2 days, but so far i absolutely lurve it. my hams and glutes are sore this morning, and that’s saying something. lots of variety in a circuit-type session, constantly changing. first night it led me through some boxing cardio, last night it introduced tennis and some different track exercise (like kick-ups) so i’m interested to see what i get tonight. the resistance band is cheapo but i have a better one, so i just use that. it can get a little cumbersome, holding the remote, the nunchuck, and the band for things like bicep curls and shoulder raises, but i’m getting better. i also invested in a thingy that allows me to use the nunchuck wirelessly so am hoping that makes it a little smoother to use. (available on amazon.) between EA sports active, gold’s gym cardio boxing, dance dance revolution, and my fitness coach, i’ve got more variety and digital accountability than i could have imagined. what a great toy! and i’m excited for your trip too! looks like our next family outing will be to visit a dear mentor/friend of DH who was diagnosed with colon and liver cancer. heart is breaking for DH. and i WISH i could pretend to be talking to my client, but since i’m onsite with them every day, that’d be a heck of a trick. :) no, i have to pretend to be actually working, which is why i type this all out in a word document and then copy and paste it to 3fatchicks. i am crazy sneaky that way.

it’s raining today, so my walking buddy (a competitor consultant placed on the same project as i) suggested we go around and up and down the stairs in the parking garage to stay out of the rain. nice! she’s from another company, but she’s good people. and now i have no excuses, period. am walking 3-5 miles a day, and wii-ing 20-30 minutes most evenings. if i continue to stay in my calorie range at SOME POINT the friggin’ scale will HAVE to show SOMETHING. (end brief rant.) AND i’m managing around 7 hours of sleep a night. erika, can you mention the actual name of the program you’re doing? is it available for purchase? because it sounds like it’s working for you – and both DH and i could benefit from better sleep. and BTW, mazel tov on your restful night! how yummy. i bet you feel amazing.

about your planning question: i used to, but i kind of do it once a week now. i know what my calories and macro ratios need to be, and i’ve got a number of recipes and snack/meal combos that land me in about the right spot, so on Friday i make a list of dinners and lunches for the following week, along with a shopping list and what needs to be prepped (e.g. washing and cutting up strawberries, boiling up a pot of seitan, etc.) i have to do it on Fridays because that’s when the CSA box comes in, so i need to figure out how to eat what we get. like last week we got an eggplant, so i decided to make chickpea and eggplant vindaloo – the recipe makes 6 servings, i needed to soak and cook the chickpeas on Saturday, i could use the potatoes and green onions that also came in the box, but needed to buy the vindaloo sauce. that takes care of a couple of lunches (depending on what DH decides to grab for his lunch pail) and one family dinner. if we have fish one night, it’s usually earlier in the week when it’s fresher, so something like the eggplant will wait until later in the week, which means i’d need another “tomorrow lunch leftovers” dinner entrée (like the beef stroganoff we had last night) earlier unless i have lunches left over from the following week. then, add in nights we’re at the ballpark, or this week, we’ve got our block party on Thursday – you see how it goes. mise en place, baby! i really have to have the whole week sort of mapped out, which means that on any given day, i’ve already got a plan (with the GAP of breakfast and snack cycling among my 4 bf and snack options as the mood strikes.) i guess with the time constraints i’m under with my stupid commute, i have to be that organized, or it’d be a mess, and we’d have lots of beautiful organic CSA veggies rotting in the fridge. and i’d eat a ton of crap because it’s easier and weeknights are pretty much a loss, between baseball, el nino, and my wii. and oh yeah, there’s still laundry and bills and all that other stuff. so really, no, i don’t write it all down the night before. it’s more of a weekly thing. man, did it really take me that long to answer a simple question?

yay bill! it’s very cool how these CBT techniques can spill over into so many other areas of our lives – stress management, sleeping, anxiety. how’s the clutter coming? ;)

off for another stroll up and down the 4-level parking garage...have a good one, becksters!

08-04-2009, 10:43 PM
It was a pretty good day. I did my usual exercise plus 7 minutes on the elliptical. But since my piano lesson was today, I didn’t really have time to sneak out of work for 20 minutes to kayak. I should be able to do it tomorrow though. I bought some new jeans for our vacation – no farmer jeans allowed!

:df: WI-unchanged, Read my cards, made a plan. Food – op, Exercise – op

Bill Ouch for grazing through cheese and crackers. I could be imagining it – but it seems that you’ve had several situations in the last few weeks where you’ve reverted to old behaviors. I’m sure you’re already on top if it, but it might be something to keep an eye one. Your ‘giving-in’ muscle may be getting stronger… But you do so well usually, I’m sure it’s not a big deal.

It’s cool you used a CBT muscle in a new situation. CBT is soooo powerful…

Thanks sharing my excitement over the upcoming trip!

Erika :yay: for a good night’s sleep! I had insomnia for years and it is debilitating…

About making and sticking to a ‘plan’. IMHO Beck shows some all-or-none tendencies on this topic. But, I do understand the need for many of us to have structure around our eating. The way I think about it is that the structure helps me to learn to think like a thin person. That said, my concept of eating on-plan is different than Beck’s. I make a plan every day – it takes only 10 minutes now. I’m looking at calories, % sat fat, % fiber and I make sure I eat some protein with every snack or meal. Within that structure I can change my mind about what exactly I eat, but I make an effort to optimize calories, sat fat, etc. I have a similar plan for exercise (45+ mins a day) and can switch my exercises around depending on schedule, etc., as long as I meet my goals.

I actually went to a counselor for the Type A thing – I wanted to have more ownership over my life, you know? She introduced me to CBT. The book we used was the original CBT bible: The Feeling Good Handbook (, by David Burns. I had daily homework and weekly meetings with her. The whole process took less than 2 months. A lot of the homework will seem familiar from Beck although they are a bit different. You fill out a ‘Daily Mood Log’ to help you identify your sabotaging thoughts and confront the fact that there’s little reality in the fears and anxieties you feel. I think a motivated person could easily move through the book without the aid of a therapist… I did see another book on Amazon by the same author that deals specifically with anxiety (When Panic Attacks ( The New, Drug-Free Anxiety Therapy That Can Change Your Life) Hope that helps!

I’ve driven past Hamilton many times on the highway, and I was as fooled as the Torontonians. I’ll try to take the exit ramp sometime. :D

Kuhljeanie Thanks for the assessment of EA Sports. I’ve started to really enjoy handweights, can you use them with EASports? I had read that having a wireless nunchuck made it more fun to use. I’ve also been thinking about getting DDR. I’m getting wii-game-envy! Do you have Rock Band?

Yikes being onsite with the customer *is* a chore. I’m feeling your pain. ;) But wow you are getting some serious exercise in! The weight loss will start to show soon, I’m sure!

08-04-2009, 10:54 PM

food still isnt where it should be, but it's not "really" bad.

Got an email from my old PT. She's asking how its going at the gym :eek: I havent been there since June :( Summer does it to me every time. Excuses? Or just the way its been my entire life. I really dont know.

Work is crazy busy. We have one customer who is going to help us look into interns. I really need help with the marketing aspect of it all. I know what I want to do, I just need the extra person to help execute it all.

Erika~ I used to drive down that escarpment every single day when I lived in Brantford. It was my fav part on the way home....I knew I was almost home :lol:

Sorry....that's it for my personals tonight. Im working on banner designs. The more I work tonight, the more time off I'll have at the end of the week to go see g-force with dd and spend time off with her.

Have a wonderful evening everyone!

08-04-2009, 11:57 PM
Hello All,
I am giving my sabotaging thoughts a shove long enough to post to the board. I ate unplanned potato chips yesterday and today, and feel generally anxious--it's a very specific thought, "I must eat a large bag of chips. It can't be snack sized, because it won't be enough." Enough for what?? It didn't solve my stress, but made me feel worse. I think it started with eating a healthy protein snack on Monday, and thinking, "this is so satisfying. I can really do this, eat good stuff" and then the backlash kicked in, "oh, no you can't. You can't sustain this. . ." Bleah

I need to look up the "Cheat Sheet" in Beck.

On a happier note, 10,000 steps, credit, tracked food(ouch for the chip calorie count), credit, gave my husband some of my sushi. . .

Tomorrow I have therapy in a new location, involving a train ride to the "big city" and an appointment to drop off some work at a consignment store. I'm feeling anxious, and then tell myself "I shouldn't be anxious" which really does not help.

Well, off to bed.

Walking Princess
08-05-2009, 01:49 AM
Hi everyone,

I want to thank you all for your encouragement and support for me during my birthday weekend. It was a very intimidating weekend for me and I was actually pretty down on myself that I didn't do everything perfect, but you all showed me that I didn't do as horrible as I thought, thank you! :-) I am back on plan now and feel much better.

Bill - yes I am truly blessed that so many people wanted to celebrate with me. Don't worry about the cookie incident. I say give yourself credit that you didn't eat 10! Emotional eating is very difficult to step away from sometimes. At least you did stop before you ate the whole pkg. Don't be too hard on yourself.

Erika - congratulations on your 5 lb weight loss! That is so wonderful, I'm doing a major happy dance for you! :-) Ah thanks, you are right it was a huge learning experience. I've already thought of ways to improve on things for the next time. It was definitely great practice in leaving food on my plate! My little guy is 7 and he is life's true joy. Thanks for asking

Anne - you are addicted to Mexican food too? Lol, I could live on it! haha. I don't think you did as bad you think. We both did the best we can and as long as we make it a learning experience and apply the knowledge to the next time, it's ok :-) We're in this together!

onebyone - congrats on your weight loss. That is great news! I'll bet you will make a great teacher. Have fun with your new job. Now get some sleep tonight ;-)

Robin - hang in there with the emotional eating temptation. I know you are strong and you can do it! ((hugs))

kuhljeannie - I love the Wii Active too. It really gives you a really good workout. I just did a workout on it yesterday and boy am I sore today! Don't fret too much about the alcohol. Just start your plan again right away as Dr. Beck says :-)

ChinaMaine - thank you for your encouraging words as well. It sounds like your vacation will be lots of fun! I'm glad your MIL is doing better. How wonderful! Keep up the good work on your plan. You are doing great

Nuxmaga - even if you weren't totally on plan with your eating, you still tracked your food and exercised - big credits! Great job! Keep up the good work! :-)

Have a good night everyone, got to get to bed

08-05-2009, 07:18 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Dinner was a take out burrito with chips and guacamole from our favorite place. One good part is that I take a walk to get it; CREDIT moi. Another is that I've slowly converged on the grilled veggie rather than the beef and converged on the 'normal' rather than the 'large'; CREDIT moi. I tried something new. I ordered mine without cheese, sour cream, and guacamole. For the sour cream I added in fat-free yogurt and put in some guacamole from the little container of the dip. Felt like a thoughtful dieter with all the changes. Good enough, saved some calories, but the missing cheese had all the salt that was needed for the black beans and that was missed. Have to keep experimenting on this. We ate no more than a quarter of the bag of chips; CREDIT moi - the remainder will be toasted for snacks over the next few days.

With my attitude adjusted for the meeting with the customer we ended up exchanging high fives over a bureaucratic success at his organization that had taken months to accomplish rather than a few days - all possible because I had my head on right to bring it to the meeting as a triumph rather than a complaint that his organization made Dilbert look good. It's good to have little bonding moments with the folks who supply the money.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Kudos for sore muscles and Kudos for walking the parking garage with steps. You sound like you're keeping the exercising plan moving along.

Thanks for asking about clutter. It moves slowly, but I have one tiny place that's brought me great joy. When I moved back into my bureau after my vacation (cleared for my son to stay at my house) I had this amazing insight. In one drawer I only put the underwear that I actually use: tops and bottoms, white handkerchiefs, socks: black, white, and tan. The drawer isn't stuffed. It's a joy to take out each morning and replenish from the laundry basket. The remainder - stuff that I never intend to wear for the rest of my life - sits in a bag at the foot of the bed annoying DW. I am waiting for some magic insight of what to do with it.

Robin (RobinW) - Congrats for "crazy busy" at work. And Congrats for hiring a marketing person to make it even more so. Ouch for the gymless summer; hoping that you can find a bunch of walking to balance that.

ChinaMaine - Yea for buying new jeans for the trip. Yea for buying new jeans without major traumas. Yep, methinks you're right; my 'giving-in muscle' has been getting a bit of exercise lately. Thanks for helping me to see that.

Erika (eusebius) - Just WOW for a wakeless night. Congrats on using your CBT to get there. Too bad about the missed safari.

My own planning for meals is to have a generic plan, as is suggested toward the back of Beck's first book. Since I didn't find Beck until after I'd finished losing, this fit my situation, including that DW chooses dinner every evening. It works well - when I follow it. It fails when I eat standing up at an event repeatedly filling my napkin from the walking appetizers.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Ouch for the unplanned chips; Kudos for taking the time to look at your feelings about it. Good luck with your new journey today past the evil chocolatiers.

Kara (Walking Princess) - Kudos for taking the time to reflect on your birthday weekend, especially about giving yourself credit for leaving stuff on your plate and gathering thoughts for how to do it next year.

Thanks for the reminder that I stopped before the whole bag of cookies. BTDT.

Readers - The Beck Diet Solution teaches you how to learn from your eating mistakes and to recommit yourself to your diet right away.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 39.

08-05-2009, 08:19 AM
Morning all -

Thank you all so much for your encouragement with sleeping. I had another 7 straight hours of sleep last night. Unfortunately, I still feel completely dazed, and this continued all day Monday and yesterday. My doc changed my meds and put me on a new antidepressant that promotes drowsiness, which is great for sleeping but not so much when you wake up. Hopefully coffee will ameliorate the situation. I am hopeful that eventually the antidepressant effect will kick in and energy levels will improve.

Eating and exercise OP with an extra 40 min of walking yesterday. The scale continues to inch down slowly. Beck rules. Just sayin' ;)

kuhljeanie - the program I'm doing is called CBT For Insomnia and is found at The researcher in charge is Dr. Gregg Jacobs. It's indeed working and I'm getting uninterrupted sleep. I don't yet feel amazing, because I'm completely pooped all day. Not sure what to do about it yet. Great job on EA sports!! You are right, the scale will be moving soon!!

ChinaMaine - You're studying piano? Yay!! I'm a professional pianist :) What music are you working on? Great job staying OP so consistently!!

Thanks for your thoughts on CBT and Beck - so useful!! I like the healthiness and flexibility of your plans very much. I have a David Burns book on my shelf so perhaps I should revisit it.

If you do take the exit ramp off the QEW or 403 let me know ;)

RobinW - You used to live in Brantford? Cool! They seem to be improving the downtown there quite a lot.

Nuxmaga - Ouch for chips, but good job recognizing your sabotaging thoughts. Next time you'll be better equipped to resist the siren song! Chips are a big trigger for me as well.

Kara - This group is really fantastic, isn't it! I am so glad you are feeling better and WTG for getting back on plan!! I bet our kids would love playing together. Makes me want to hop a plane to California :)

Bill - Great work with burrito adjustments. You seem to have an excellent approach going with the customer meetings - that sort of diplomacy really seems to work! The generic plan for eating is a great idea ... I think I will adopt a similar approach with regard to points and health check items - as long as I am OP that way, flexibility is OK. For example I had a small skim milk latte yesterday instead of a granola bar - same amount of points and a dairy serving - worked fine.

OK all ... time to fuel up on coffee ... hope I can wake up today!! My walk later will help too.

08-05-2009, 05:19 PM
apologies for the non-personals flyby...spent a looong time at lunch with a friend who owns a local teahouse, and am officially going to be supplying her with vegan choc chip cookies. starting small, but she's given me a lot to think about in terms of costing/pricing, differentiating, and that i need to give myself a lot more credit for my skills - even if i feel unworthy because i don't have any classical pastry training. she seems to think that i've got a ton of talent, and she's really, really picky (i've seen her in action, so i believe it!)

now to the **other** good stuff:

big honkin' credit moi for eating half a panera asiago cheese bagel with cream cheese, and throwing the other half away. even though it was free. go MEEE!

credit for continuing to make time to exercise

credit for continuing to report calories to coach lynn, and for i don't even know how many days in a row of logging every single bite. including weekends!

credit for successfully employing "it's not about me" AND "hunger is not an emergency" AND "just keep walking, woman, you really don't want those doughnuts" several times yesterday. offices, man...what's with the friggin' doughnuts, chips, and crap? TWO tables of it on my way to the bathroom? is that really necessary? also, chose not to buy junky crap last night at the gas station when i was really hungry, but 20 minutes from home. waited until i got home and then had an ostrich jerky before ballgame, so wasn't starving when we got there. yay.

more good stuff tomorrow, i'm sure! awfully quiet today...

08-05-2009, 06:24 PM
Seems I am a better lurker than poster.
I am still reading all the posts when I get a chance but may not post for a while. Having an unexpectedly traumatic summer.Still OP for food and lost 3 1/2 pounds this week.Ploughing on through Becks and still believe she really has it nailed.Struggling with exercise but doing more than I have done for a long time.Will be watching how you are all going and hope to post again in the near future.Enjoy the rest of the summer

08-05-2009, 10:52 PM
Hello Coaches

Well not sure what I said or didn't say and I don't want to go back and check so if I repeat myself forgive me.

I've done two days of the children's technician job. it's really kind of boring and there's lots of time where you really do very little. I feel guilty about that believe it or not. But, as is the case with humans, I am getting used to it...even after a mere two days on the job.

The "bonus" is all the unexpected spontaneous exercise. The elevator is broken and our tech room with all the supplies is on the 3rd floor and there are classes on floors 1, 2, 3 and 4, with a bunch of always-needed-and-requested supplies in the main tech store room in the...basement. I am up and down stairs way more than I have ever wanted to be and I do not give in to not doing it as I am working with teens so I do not want to be seen as the old lady who can't do the stairs. Hello? Although, were this to be detrimental to my hip/leg pain I wouldn't do it but it's all good! In fact, I think it's really doing me a lot of good. Only very very minor stuff this morning.

BUT the scale climbed this morning to over my start weight: 272.2, up 0.4 from yesterday when it had climbed to 271.8 from the day before. up up up
Some fast food is to blame. Don't know what else. it is what it is. I have had a tough time not eating when standing. I gave in twice yesterday. In fact I have had two days of not following my plan too well. My most current bad habit of choice seems to be eating two dinners. I come home, eat a dinner IMMEDIATELY that I have thrown together, then DH comes up from the basement and says "what's for dinner?" and then whatever he wants/suggests/orders I have another dinner. I did that Monday and Tuesday. i was not hungry. It was all about desire for more food and for "special" food ie. not made by me. Anyone else but me. Someone else take care of me.. wah! But credit I did not do that today. I ate as planned and started and stopped and ate it sitting down. I have not done my 5min of planned exercise yesterday or today. Maybe in the morning if I can get up early enough. I seem to be most resentful of getting up before 6:30am and in order to eat a good breakfast, wash, do exercise and deal with emails I can't get up 20 min before I have to go out the door. Oh Well. We'll get there.

I also went to my first OA meeting in years. A friend wanted to go and I agreed to go with her, more for me than her. I was reminded of some of the things I really liked about going there. It also reminds me that I am indeed getting serious about my food issues. One more support system. You can't have too many. Thanks coaches...have a good night!

08-05-2009, 11:05 PM
A quick check in before bed--trip to the city netted me 8500 steps, plus I also did Zumba, credit. Tracked my food, credit. Didn't eat bread with dinner, yay. I did eat an incredible veggie Vietnamese hoagie in the city, much bigger than I expected, but on freshly made baguette. . .so much more worth it than potato chips. Came in under my calorie goal, :) Train ride went fine, did a lot of knitting. Consignment store owners loved my work. I'm exhausted, but feel much better than yesterday. Will do personals soon--good night all!

08-05-2009, 11:25 PM
Catching up from a sick kid. Everyone is fine now.

On plan today. Hooray, for once. Just have to keep it going until bedtime. I wil do this.

Disaster run this morning, complete with a giant thorn in the food, and a wardrobe malfunction. Sigh. Riding tomorrow.

I seem to be doing better at work. Less freaking out.

Back tomorrow.


08-05-2009, 11:32 PM
:wave: night all

08-05-2009, 11:46 PM
I’m ready for vacation, packed and about ready to retire my computer for the evening. I have to get up at 3:30 AM though. :( I did my usual 45 minutes and walked Moose for an extra mile after work. I was packing for my trip, when I decided I’d wanted one last kayak ride before I left for a week. We had a thundershower mid-afternoon, but the sun was back out. I made a loon nervous as I passed, but I stayed far enough away that he didn’t actually flee. After I rounded the island, and headed back towards home, I got a bit tired so paused for a moment. My kayak pivoted towards the sunset, apparently wanting a better view of the evening sky. The lake had a million tiny ripples, reflecting light. As the light changed from mostly blues to mostly pinks, the ripples reflected colors I couldn’t quite see in the sky. It was the perfect way to say goodbye to my oasis for a week.

:df: WI-up .5 lbs, Read my cards, made a plan. Food – op, Exercise – op

Une It’s nice to hear from you! Credit for being op for food in spite of a traumatic summer. :yay: for losing 3+ pounds. Credit for doing more exercise than you’re used to.

Kuhljeanie so cool that your friend will sell your vegan chocolate chip cookies! Credit for exercise! For counting every calorie! For using beck strategies to combat office food.

Erika Credit for op food and exercise – and that the scale is reflecting that!

Yes I’m not a naturally gifted musician, but I love music and just want to learn to play. My husband *is* naturally gifted; was a guitarist in his youth. He’s also taking piano now and already has a better grasp of theory than I do. Anyway, I really enjoy playing. But work and Beck don’t leave me as much time for practising as I’d like…

I’m sorry you are still feeling ‘dazed’. Do you plan to discuss this with the doctor prescribing anti-depressants? If the symptoms persist even when you are sleeping well, you might want to consider trying yet another one. I know I was on one that caused severe brain fog, and had to try another one to find one that didn’t have that side-effect. Just a thought…

Bill Credit for a great Mexican dining experience!

Robin :hug: hope the intern pans out!

Kara :wave: Glad to hear you are back on plan, and feeling better!

Margaret Ouch for the sabotaging thoughts. Sending you strength and fortitude through the interwebs. ;) Cheatsheets are really effective, good luck!

one by one Credit for going to OA, for not eating a second dinner today, for the spontaneous exercise you are getting at work! You know, when it comes to weight, the body is fickle. The scale goes up and down on a daily basis that doesn’t map perfectly to what we’ve done in the previous day. The overall movement of our weight is indicative of the work we’re doing, but from day to day it can be erratic.

Anne, Margaret, Robin Goodnight! :wave:

Walking Princess
08-06-2009, 01:42 AM
Hi gang,

Today I was on plan today. I exercised even though I didn't feel that great - credit. I resisted eating a scone when I was at the salon getting my brows waxed - credit. I did very well today and feel good again.

Bill - great job on modifying the burrito to be more diet friendly. I think you have made some very healthy changes. I'm glad your meeting with your client went well too. Sounds like a successful day ;)

Erika - glad you are making some progress towards getting a good nights sleep. I can't imagine what you must go through. I hope you continue to improve. Yeah, our kids probably would have fun together! :-) That's great the scale continues to inch downward. Who cares how long it takes as long as it goes down right? :)

kuhljeannie - you are doing great! Look at all you accomplished today. Congrats on throwing away 1/2 the bagel, that is huge! I have a hard time throwing food away so I can imagine how difficult that must have been for you. Great job! You are on track for success!

Une - great job on the progress with the program you are making this summer. Just keep taking it one day at a time, you are doing great! :carrot:

onebyone - sounds like you've got a lot going on this week but you are doing great! You are getting spontaneous exercise in, keeping your support base strong and getting to be aware of your eating behaviors. Fantastic! That's all half the battle right? Don't be discouraged by the weight. As Becks says, it can fluctuate by up to 2lbs in a single day! I know how hard it is when you want someone to take care of you once in a while. When you are always the one to take care of everyone else, it is easy to get burned out and feel like you want someone else to take care of you. But I promise you, it's more important YOU take care of YOU. You know what you need and right now, that is to stay on plan and continue to make these behavioral changes so you can take back the control that food has over you. You are doing great, keep up the good work, ok? :hug:

Nuxmaga - great job staying on plan today!

Anne - great job staying on plan today despite all the chaos you had going on. You are so strong! I don't think I would have been able to stay on plan despite all that so great job! Hats off to you! :carrot:

RobinW - :wave: back to you! Hope you had a great day

ChinaMaine - hope you have a most wonderful vacation! Relax and enjoy yourself :)

08-06-2009, 07:12 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Faced dinner at a big company affair on a Boston Harbor cruise with mixed results. I grabbed more walking appetizers than planned or needed. But skipped the continually-being-replaced roles and butter; CREDIT moi. Ordered the fish rather than the huge beef slabs and even left half the wild rice mixture on the place; BIG CREDIT moi for leaving food. Then decided to avoid the giant desert spread by going topside with some friends to watch the ships; CREDIT moi again. But dropped my guard as the ship docked and I went to the head which took me past the desert table. I just grabbed some as if it were the manna dropped by the gods to save me. Ouch. For two hours I had happily ignored the stuff then gobbled some at the last moment. Gotta work on my 'giving-in muscle' a bit.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Yea for moving forward with your baking dream with vegan chocolate chip cookies. Now that sounds fun. Have you chosen the name that will appear on your cookies yet? And big honkin' Kudos for tossing that asiago bagel; I'm a bit jealous of that. I admire your "just keep walking, woman, you really don't want those doughnuts" - wish I had a bit more of that last night.

onebyone - Yea that your teaching summer is underway. Kudos for all that stair climbing. And Kudos for going to OA to get the support from that group. Keep the faith on the scale wiggle; it can feel discouraging but ultimately it'll reflect all those stairs.

Robin (RobinW) - Waving back. Have a nice day.

Anne (wndranne) - Ouch. Sick kids, giant thorn, wardrobe malfunction. Good grief wndrJob, can pestilence and locusts be far behind? Kudos for persistence and for continuing to smooth out the work stuff.

ChinaMaine - Your sunset from the kayak sent shivers down my back; what a sendoff. Bon voyage on your Black Hills journey.

Erika (eusebius) - Yea for the continued good sleeping nights. Good luck with figuring out the dazed. Just love your "Beck rules. Just sayin' ."

Une (irishune) - Congrats on the 3 1/2 pound loss this week. Ouch for facing a "traumatic summer." Kudos for staying the course with your eating and working with your exercise anyway. Take care of yourself; get what you can from lurking, drop a wave from time to time as you're able, and rejoin us periodically when that's right for you.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Yea that the train ride went well and that the consignment store liked your stuff. I presume that you made it past the evil chocolatiers, LOL.

Kara (Walking Princess) - Extra Kudos for exercising when you didn't feel that great. And Kudos for resisting that scone. In the olden days, I used to have a scone each month at the airport Starbucks, until my DD told me how many calories were in them; YIKES!!

Readers - Most thin people, especially women, stay thin by being incrediblly careful about what they eat. They might tell you that they don't work at it, but mostly they do.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 40.

08-06-2009, 08:23 AM
Morning coaches,

I'm posting during the one minute breaks between sets of my strength workout.

Yesterday was quite awful. The new antidepressant I'm on debilitated me with drowsiness. I slept 5 hours during the day. I was just so angry about feeling like a science experiment for the medical system. I know that's unreasonable and I'm giving the drug time ... I'm not going to rush back to the doctor unless I feel the same for a week. But I am really hoping that my body acclimatizes to the drug quickly ... I have so many notes to learn right now ...

Amazingly, I did my walk (on the treadmill, so I wouldn't walk into a car or something) and stayed basically OP eating. I did eat 3 extra points worth of couscous when I got the munchies after dinner ... I do have a weekly allowance though, and I figured it was better than a huge bag of chips, which is what I might previously have consumed.

kuhljeanie - wow, you are doing all kinds of great stuff! Kudos, and congrats on the vegan cookie contract! Would love to try those ... mmmm ...

Une - Great to hear from you. Congrats on the 3.5 lbs! :carrot: I hope you will keep us posted occasionally!

onebyone - Great job on spontaneous exercise - awesome! It's so true about the sodium in our fast food ... I can only hope that the big food companies will figure out that we don't want it as we increasingly refuse to consume their products.

Nuxmaga - Your consistency is amazing - hats off to you! A Vietnamese hoagie - there's something you don't see every day. What is in it?

wndranne - Oh yeah, the sick kid thing can really knock you for a loop. Great job staying on plan anyway!!

Robin - :wave: back

ChinaMaine - Have a wonderful vacation!! What a beautiful description of your kayak ride ... sounds like a gorgeous mini-vacation in & of itself.

Kara - Great job being on plan and exercising!! Big credit to you!

Bill - Sounds like, on balance, you did a wonderful job at the cruise. Major credit to you! Yeah, that giving-in muscle ... mine is huge from years of strengthening it. Right now it is the only muscle in my body that I would actually like to lose to atrophy!

Wishing everyone a terrific Wednesday,

08-06-2009, 11:10 AM
Oh come on! Migraine today. Some days, you just gotta wonder.


08-06-2009, 11:51 AM
almost the weekend...MIL and FIL taking el nino, so DH and i will have two full days to work on the house, eat in grown-up restaurants, and sleep past 6:00. oh yeah, i'll be doing lots of cooking. should be blissful!

had a WONDERFUL dream last night…i was doing my thing and a friend (secretary? agent?) told me that my book had gotten picked up, and was getting huge – rave critical reviews, skyrocketing sales, the whole lot. i’d just thrown it out there and hadn’t been paying attention to it, and it had become this crazy successful thing. woke up smiling but a little disappointed because i haven’t actually written a book. maybe it’s a metaphor though? maybe it’s time to stop it with the maybes and what ifs and really put my intention behind this bakery thing. i’m happy to do the hard work – recipe development and number crunching and all that, but i need to feel sure that i’m listening to the right voice inside. not the crazy escapism voice (join the peace corps! open a tattoo shop! buy another house! marry the baby daddy!) though nothing truly bad has ever come from listening to that one – just some serious hassle and a major financial setback (or three.) crap. i don’t trust myself not to create a new magnificent screw-up. onebyone, i may need another coaching session. you up to it?

went over my calories by a little bit, went over target calories burned by a lot. according to the math, i should be losing weight (about a pound a week.) i’m not. blah. coach lynn has advised patience. i can’t be patient, but i can pretend to be and i can distract myself when i start thinking too much about how conscientious i’ve been and the results i haven’t seen. as long as i stick with it i’m good, right? if enough weeks go by and nothing happens, it’ll be lynn’s job to figure out what to do. that’s what i’m paying for. my job is to log my calories, eat my 1600-1800 a day, and work out. harummph. (stomping my tiny foot.)

poor anne, that SUCKS. sending head-healing thoughts. just when things looked like they were getting better. argh! hey une! mazel tov on the loss! i’d be ecstatic…just post when you can, no problem! it’s nice to hear from you. onebyone, i completely understand feeling guilty about not having enough to do (and making up the time with spontaneous exercise. ) the thing is, the people who pay me (and you!) know what they’ve asked you to do, and how much they’re giving you to do it. so guilt=waste of emotional energy. take it from a truly bored-at-work person – use the time for yourself! you were talking about the need to feel taken care of. this is a real thing, girlfriend. if you’ve got the time, give to yourself at work. if not, do it anyway. i’m finding that i can’t get up in enough time to eat a nice breakfast at home. i’m a desk jockey so i can eat at my desk when i get to work. it’s something to do…are you doing bulk cooking? that helps me too, when i’m overwhelmed and i can’t handle doing one more thing. last night for example i pulled a freezer bag out and nuked some veggie taco soup, ate it with a healthy quesadilla just like el nino’s. the end. no guilt about not making fresh tofu and cabbage slaw. i’m tired – need to respect that, you know? margaret! congrats on the knitting! apologies that i don’t recall – do you knit full-time, or is there another dayjob? just curious. and envious of the zumba. holding out for wii zumba…morning robin! :wave: china, your kayak ride sounds amazing. have a wonderful vacation! hi kara! sounds like a solid day. man, i need some serious waxing myself. haven’t made scones in a while…probably a good thing, since i end up eating so many of them. bill, kudos on fortitude in the face of relentless temptation. i can only handle so many of them in a row before something gives. the difference is that we handle so many of them in a row! have you read the instinct diet? it doesn’t give you strategies for dealing with those types of situations like beck does; it simply recommends that you avoid them. difficult in the real world. what it does, though, is provide a really good explanation of why we respond the way we do to variety, abundance, and calorie-dense foods. if nothing else, it makes me feel better for wanting what i want.

checking out a new (to me) veghead place for lunch. will see what their desserts look like and if i might be able to assist...

08-06-2009, 05:06 PM
the stress is getting to me!! :eek: I'll be soooo happy when the jacuzzi tub is installed in the house next month! Calgon take me away!~

08-06-2009, 10:26 PM
Hi coaches
very quick checkin-checklist today's thoughts in dark olive green:

Weigh-in done and I stepped on the scale but once creditResult today? up another 0.6lbs this morning. Am now 272.8 oh well

At the OA meeting last night it was said in the meeting to "try tomorrow to have your three meals with nothing in between. See if you can start there and I don't care how big those meals are, but they must have a beginning and an end." credit for doing just that.

credit For using the stairs again today/spontaneous exercise. Oh and credit for the planned exercise of walking back and forth to the public park with the kids over the lunch hour. This is a planned 20 minute walk in total.

I hope the elevator is fixed by next week though. It is week long clay camp and the clay is VERY heavy...almost impossible to move it around let alone up and down stairs...

credit to my loving DH who is now making me my lunches. I have never had anyone make lunches for me, even as a kid. Today I was thrilled to find two pickles in a ziplock bag and some salsa (?) on my turkey sandwich. DH hates turkey so he really doesn't know from turkey combos what's good or bad. This is awesome!

And finally a credit to DH's brother who send him a belated birthday gift of the newest wii fit game, called wii resort, with all new activities PLUS a wiimote with the motion thingy on it! It was like it was MY birthday.... credit to the universe for being so kind.

Gotta go. I need some real rest tonight. I was farming on facebook again for too long last night--until 11:30 or something silly. Coaches I think I really need some real land of my own to farm, for real!

Have a fantastic rest-filled, sleep-filled night you guys.

PS kuhljeanie when I first started painting I was really worried because I was so obsessed with it. It was just soooo good and I had such a desire to do it that I could barely live with myself. I have a strong tendency to abandon things when they feel too good so I was worried about the whole thing and whether I should stop or keep going. I was really torturing myself. Then one night, very shortly into this familiar second-guessing process, I had a dream that I was in an empty room and I was sitting on a stool. Beside me was an easel and the room was totally dark except around the easel and the stool I was on. I could just make it out. I saw that I was looking at my back. As my eyes continued to adjust to the dim light I noticed a second me, up ahead, also seated, no easel. I knew it was my subconscious and it turned around and looked straight at me and said "Don't worry. I'll give you everything you need." And you can say I have never looked back. Dreams make no sense but my dream talked to me in a deep deep visceral way and I just trusted it. My painting has brought me great joy and the entire shape of my business changed when I started doing it. If I could do the business end better, or if I cared more about money I might have more, but really, I consider myself very fortunate to do what I do...more so now that I have a taste of 9-5 life again (blechhh! not for me) and a renewed appreciation for the challenges and rewards of being a working artist. I'll take spending my precious time over chores to do with my own business over chores to do with another's any day of the week.
It's good to be reminded of this every now and then and, of course, I will happily cash those pay cheques and use them to get my own business on solid ground once more. Everything's connected. :hug:

08-06-2009, 11:39 PM
Hello All,

9600+ steps, with 10,000 possible before bed, credit. Tracked food, credit. Passed on cookies laying out at work, and skipped chips with my dinner, credit.

Another surge of snacking out of anxiety, sigh. I thought of calling dh when the craving hit, but didn't. Maybe next time--he said he'd be fine if I wanted to call for moral support. The ironic thing is that I craved one item, but when I substituted something with a bit less calories, I stopped thinking of the first item, and just a few minutes before I'd been sure of what I wanted. I need to find a way to work with this malleableness.

onebyone--Yay for eating 3 meals! Putting a boundary on the eating is very useful, and also scary. And credit for dh and his creative sandwich!

kuhljeanie--I love your "Just keep walking woman, you don't really want those donuts"! I need that as my mantra. And yay for throwing out half a bagel, free and all--that's big! Knitting is my relaxation, not a full-time thing. I make glass mosaics, and also have a part-time "day job."

eusebius--credit for strength training, and for walking, and for persevering with the antidepressant. I had a rough few weeks when I started, and it does suck that it's a trial and error process, but eventually it really helped. I figure either being depressed is hard, or finding the right med is hard, but at least the med could offer possible relief. A Vietnamese hoagie, Banh Mi, comes from the French colonization of Vietnam--fresh baguette with marinated carrots and cabbage, cilantro, and in the case of a veggie one, marinated tofu.

Bill--Yay for ordering fish and leaving rice! Sorry to hear about the desserts ambush, but kudos for the initial pass by. I had to laugh at your manna image--remember if the Israelites took more than they needed, it rotted overnight. . .Luckily for me the evil chocolatier actually has its own entrance door from the street, and not one into the lobby, so it was easier to just rush by. I could do without the giant sign on the sidewalk with pictures of truffles, and "chocolate perfection" written across the top.

Walking Princess--Credit on passing up the scone! Baked goods frequently call my name, and saying no is a big feat!

ChinaMaine--Yay for kayaking and sunsets! Being in the present moment.

wndranne and irishune, RobinW, :wave:

Walking Princess
08-07-2009, 01:47 AM
Hi everyone,

It is almost 10pm, I was supposed to be in bed 15 minutes ago since I am up at 5am for work. I literally just sat down for the first time since I got up this morning. Whew! I am exhausted. I'm just jumping on for a quick post tonight as I need to do my Beck reading for tonight and head to bed.

I was on plan all day today. I took Little Man on a play date to Chuck E. Cheese today with his best friend. Normally, I always get a large pizza, salad bar and soda to drink because I have a coupon. I told myself no choice today and I chose an iced tea and then put Equal in it for sweetening and that was ALL I had. I was so proud of myself. It was so hard. I wanted the salad bar but I just kept busy talking with my friend and I did just fine. This is the first time I've ever done this at CEC so I was very, very excited

Anyway, got to get my reading done for today's lesson so I can get to bed before I fall asleep on the couch here.

I'll do personals tomorrow. Have a happy Friday everyone


08-07-2009, 07:07 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had a slightly smaller serving of pasta salad for lunch - the rest of the bowl; CREDIT moi. Of interest because of the panic feeling I had when putting it in the plastic container to take to work. Felt that I wouldn't have enough food, a feeling that Beck describes somewhere in the first chapters. I clearly had enough food with my two quart container of raw veggies and an ear of corn. But it reminds me that I have an image "needing" lots of food or else I'll be hungry. That image needs to be undermined.

Good session at the gym; CREDIT moi. Grabbed a two pound jar of Bally's chocolate whey protein power at 75% off, only $5. Nothing, I mean NOTHING, delights me more than a bargain. Not only a bargain, but I will drink it; it's been on my list to try other flavors before I tire of vanilla.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Virtual Congrats for the raving success of your virtual book, LOL. Enjoy your grown-up restaurants; I well remember all the extra I added to tips to try to cover my embarrassment for the mess my darlings had made, even when we were eating in a hose-downable joint made for families.

Hadn't heard of the Instinct Diet; will add to my Amazon list. Thanks for the pointer.

onebyone - Kudos for all that walking; your body must certainly be feeling that. And Congrats for tasting those regular paychecks; the trick is to be happy in our harness, LOL.

And Kudos also for sticking to your plan for three meals with no snacks. Beck is certainly big on making and sticking to a plan for the day.

Robin (RobinW) - Ouch for your stress. Sending soothing thoughts toward Buffalo.

Anne (wndranne) - Ouch again. Statistically speaking, you're certainly due for a streak of good times.

ChinaMaine - Waving toward the Black Hlls; sending good weather thoughts.

Erika (eusebius) - Sending supportive thoughts to a drowsy Yeti. Kudos for sticking to the treadmill and OP eating anyway. Yep, we gotta atrophy our giving-in muscles; wish there was an exercise for that.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Kudos for rushing past the evil purveyor of "chocolate perfection." Glad to hear that you don't have to actually walk past the counters of chocolate themselves.

Ouch for the snackies. Interesting observation about substituting a lower calorie item for the craved item. Hope to hear more about, "I need to find a way to work with this malleableness."

Kara (Walking Princess) - Kudos for your stellar iced tea performance at the evil Chuck E. Cheese. Was there a special strategy to achieve that?

Readers - It's natural to look at some people and compare what they're eating to what you're eating - but it's not helpful. With the Beck Diet Solution program, you'll learn how to accept the restrictions you have to impose on yourself to reap the rewards of losing weight.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 40.

08-07-2009, 07:44 AM
Hi Coaches

I didn't expect to be be posting before I rush out the door but I stepped on the scale and :devil: 274.4 this morning, a weight change of +1.6 COME ON I will read my arcs before heading out the door. I'm just leaving that here. Oh the "plus" side I feel like you could poke me with a pin and I'd pop so TOM must surely be arriving? Really? Please? persist in "victory". Wonder if my legs will ache more today due to the extra weight? Yesterday they were a bit achey. I guess this water gain will help me figure out what the threshold weight is for me that's really bad. credit for weighing myself once.

Anyway, better go. credit to DH for making my lunch again :carrot:

08-07-2009, 08:40 AM
OMG. Drowsy Yeti here reporting for duty. Being a Yeti, it ate 45 points yesterday. Note to self. Alcohol plus new sedative antidepressant = munchies. Thank the Lord, I still have 8 activity points and plan to earn 4 more, or I'd have nothing left. And, even more amazing, I didn't gain weight as of this morning's weigh-in. Now I need coffee desperately, and am going to get it immediately.

Which reminds me of one of my favourite Tom Lehrer songs for the Electric Company (which my daughter watches on DVD - hence her Grade 4 reading level at age 6:) The L-Y song!

You enter a very dark room
And sitting there in the gloom
Is Dracula! Now how do you say goodbye?
Immediately ... immediately ... immediate ... L-Y!!

So awesome. It's on YouTube: Tom Lehrer's LY Song (
Too ZONKED to do personals this morning. Thanks and hugs to all my coaches.

08-07-2009, 12:06 PM
let’s start out with the good stuff:

credit moi for staying 70% on plan last night at the block party. DH was doing a low-country style shrimp boil, but was running behind. the rest of the food was starting to get cold, and i had skipped my afternoon snack because i got a fabulous dessert at lunch. (go me!) so by 6:30 i was really, really hungry. ate someone’s mac and cheese and had half a chicken finger (el nino relieved me of the other half when i was turned away. thanks, kid. :)) held off the rest until the boil was done. ate a serving, then passed up every single one of the desserts on the table because i had already had one that day. new strategy that i heard at work: ask self, does it look good? really good? good enough that i’d want to wear it? because in that light, the brownies, cakes, cupcakes etc. didn’t really look that good, especially compared to the amazing thing i’d had at lunch. and at lunch, i left half my roll, started with a cup of vegetarian vegetable soup, and had a carribean-style ceviche, cabbage, and mango-papaya salsa on flatbread that was brilliantly on-plan. pretty tasty, too. the veggie place was closed for renovation, so had to come up with a plan B and it worked out fine.

so just in case – credit moi for choosing a low-cal appetizer a la Y: OAD, a low-cal entrée, leaving some of all of it on the plate, leaving about a third of the beautiful dessert, skipping my usual afternoon snack, not overdoing it when i was truly hungry and the planned food wasn’t ready, and for completely bypassing homemade-but-not-really-spectacular desserts. also burned 2500 calories even though i didn’t make it to the wii. did some extra walking during the day thinking that might be the case. go me.

so-so stuff: pulled a muscle on or near my rotator cuff during wednesday's lat raises followed by an intense wii cardio boxing session. awful yesterday but much looser today. still no change on the scale. will continue as before – frustrated but on-plan. whaddeva.

thanks, onebyone. i need more faith in myself – have to trust those messages, and not worry so much about the outcome. i asked the universe for guidance, and keep getting it. just need to put on the big girl panties and face the fear, huh? must give self credit for learning previous mistakes, and thank historical self for making them so that i know what i know now. also must thank historical self for sweating through the MBA and the corporate job, so i feel at home with the business side of a business too. righto. and sounds like your need to feel taken care of got answered as well by DH’s lunch sammies and new wii game, huh? yeah. i won’t sweat my weight impass if you won’t sweat TOM-related water weight, deal? margaret, huzzah on the malleableness! if you can gradually ratchet the crave-object down to something harmless (like watermelon) then go you! and go DH for his willingness to take that call. nice to know he’s got your back. way to go, kara! i have a deep suspicion i know why there was a horror movie character named chucky. that place is awful, and pizza just doesn’t taste that good. will remind myself of same the next time i’m back and tempted. bill, when you figure out how to undermine that need feeling, pls pass it on! i suffer from that too. even though i know that hunger won’t kill me, and god forbid it does get really unpleasant, i don’t think there’s anywhere i could even go where i wouldn’t be more than 10 minutes away from putting something in my mouth. must remember this esp. when packing my lunch and snacks for the day! thanks. erika, sounds like you need to try a different med! that’s a terrible way to feel (unless you’re a drug addict, which it sounds like you are not.) munchies are tough to fight and a whole different animal, because you’ve got to muster the strength while your brain is under attack. it’s not a fair fight (which doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll lose, though.) but strategically, yeah, you should try to at least even the playing field if not tip the odds in your favor whenever possible. and BTW, i LOVE tom lehrer. didn’t know that he had stuff on sesame street! now i like sesame street even more. old school, baby!

:wave: robin and maryblu and anne and une and china!

have a good ‘un my friends!

08-07-2009, 03:26 PM
:wave: everyone!

Busy Busy Busy! I AM going to be done today and take the WHOLE weekend off :D

I AM going to take my free weekend, and thoroughly enjoy life and plan for monday morning!

I AM going to relieve my stress this weekend (Or ELSE!!)

Have an awesome friday night everyone!

08-07-2009, 11:34 PM
Groggy post here. Tracked food, credit. Weighed myself, down 1.6 lbs, credit! Zumba, credit. Ratcheted my snacking cravings down to an egg salad sandwich on wheat--but really, a sandwich out of a hospital vending machine is so not worth it(credit, sort of.) Off to bed. Will check in tomorrow.

08-07-2009, 11:41 PM
I AM going to relieve my stress this weekend (Or ELSE!!)

No pressure! LOL.

I'm hanging in there my Coaches/Buddies. Work is getting much much better, or at least my attitude about it. Trying not to stress about headaches and such. Eating was eh today. Better than bad I guess.


Walking Princess
08-08-2009, 01:37 AM

Today, I was both disappointed and proud of myself if that makes any sense. :dizzy:

Talk about the birthday that won't stop. My friend at work brought me in a huge spread today as a belated bday gift. She is a single mom and doesn't have a lot of money so she cooks for people as a gift. She makes these deviled eggs with bacon and brings them to work for potlucks and such and people actually fight over them they are so good. She'll bring 120 eggs and they are gone in 8 minutes if that gives you an idea. Anyway, she brought me in a tray of those which I normally would gobble them ALL down over a short period. Today, I only at 6 halves and then I put them away. This was a HUGE credit for me as I have never, ever been able to do that with her eggs. It was a huge deal, I was so excited that I didn't eat all of them like I normally do. Now on to the disappointing part. She also brought in chicken mole` and spanish rice (another specialty) and she knows it's my favorite. She brought me in large servings of those so I ate half for lunch and half for dinner tonight. I was over on my calories by 380 calories today so it could be a lot worse but it also could be a lot better. I'm like, when is the birthday stuff going to stop? Seriously! :ink: Oh what to do? I wonder if I will ever get this 100%. It's so hard and Dr. Beck makes it sound so easy!

Oh well as she says!

Bill - great job on not giving in and eating more salad. I feel like I'm not gettign enough food sometimes too. It just goes to show you how distorted our views on portion sizes are doesn't it? That's great that you were able to get your workout at the gym done plus get a good deal on the Chocolate whey. Who doesn't love a good bargain? ;) Thanks for the kudos on my Chuck E Cheese performance. Did I have a strategy? I told myself there was NO CHOICE. I was not eating anything there. I must have been pretty stern with myself as I didn't go near the ordering counter after getting my iced tea! :D

onebyone - please don't be discouraged over the water weight. It will come right back off soon enough. I know how frustrating it can be. Just know that it's not your fault and sometimes our bodies and that pesky Aunt Flo can cause us problems. You are doing just fine, keep up the good work

Erika - so sorry you are so tired today :(. Let's hope you get some rest later so you can make it through the rest of the day. Don't worry about yesterday, you will be fine. At least you had activity points still as you pointed out.

kuhljeannie - great job on how you handled the block party. I think you did fantastic! I'll bet you're right about Chuck E. Cheese. That horror movie is probably exactly where they got that dreadful mouse. The pizza is not even that good as you pointed out. I'm glad I didn't waste my precious calories on that cardboard, lol. Luckily I made it out alive, whew! :p

Robin - enjoy your relaxing weekend. Get lots of R&R :)

Nuxmaga - great job on staying on plan today! Big credit to you ;)

Anne - hang in there. It's hard to stay on plan when you are stressed, but you are doing great! :hug:

Good night,

08-08-2009, 07:48 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - DW declared a crisis because we ran out of blueberries and her favorite supermarket was charging $4 a pint. Not a problem. 3FCman steered his long walk to the store that still has them for $2 a pint; CREDIT moi.

Fought the ever growing weeds in our little garden plot; CREDIT moi, perhaps for "Organize your Environment" or just because I feel noble and want to take credit. Harvested more cherry tomatoes and our first full size tomatoes. The process remains miraculous to me.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Drooling over your "carribean-style ceviche." Kudos for passing over the "homemade-but-not-really-spectacular desserts." That's the discriminating attitude that could make this a plan for life. And Kudos for staying under control at the block party.

onebyone - Persist in Victory. Persist in Victory. Persist in Victory. Persist in Victory. Persist in Victory. Persist in Victory. Persist in Victory.

Robin (RobinW) - Welcome weekend!!! Yea that you're taking it off just like us salarymen, LOL. Feel that stress seeping away.

Anne (wndranne) - Kudos for giving yourself credit for "eh," LOL. Gotta take what we can get. And Kudos for recognizing that a better attitude makes work better.

Erika (eusebius) - OK, I'm back. Had to go listen to Tom Lehrer sing the L-Y song, LOL. Boy do I ever remember how funny he was; glad he's still bringing joy. Ouch for the munchies; sending supportive thoughts as you search for your path.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Ouch for cravings strong enough to face a hospital vending machine. (Double Ouch that hospitals are notorious for having bad food choices.) Continued Kudos for tracking your food and Zumbaing.

Kara (Walking Princess) - Kudos for deploying NO CHOICE. That's one powerful strategy. LOL that your birthday just keeps on celebrating. You did a good balance with that platter made especially for you; that's always a hard one.

Readers - There is a significant difference between people who have lost weight and kept it off many years and people who constantly yo-yo diet (losing weight, regaining it, losing it, and regaining it). People who end up maintaining their new weight do so because they've changed what they do and how they think about food and eating. If you think that you'll be able to return to your old ways of eating after you lose weight, you'll gain the excess weight back.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 40.

08-08-2009, 10:36 AM
Coaches/Buddies -

Hallelujah, I think relative normality may just have been restored. I am still zonked this morning, but not much more so than every other morning. My body feels better, though. I'm waiting to see what things are like when I get outside of some coffee :coffee:

Yesterday was OP for eating and exercise - credit! So far I am maintaining the 5-pound loss - credit.

kuhljeanie - credit for your excellent choices at the block party!! Hope your pulled muscle continues to improve.

RobinW - Enjoy your free weekend!!

Nuxmaga - Credit for your continued success! I hate egg salad sandwiches personally ...

wndranne - Keep on hangin' in there!

Kara - eek! what is up with all these friends and coworkers of yours who think you need to eat all the time!! Well, soon it will be far away enough from your birthday that things will be normal again ... anyway I think you're doing great.

Bill - All credit to the noble 3FC Man, LOL. Seriously, garden work deserves credit for both eating and activity reasons. Tom Lehrer is so awesome. I think he's about 80 now.

OK, DD wants the computer! Off I go. Have a great weekend, all!

08-08-2009, 09:02 PM
I swear that pile of t-shirts was never ending....and Im still not done with it. I ended up having to go in today for 3 hours to finish up. Only to have 1....count'em 1 t-shirt mess up! Of course I dont have any its off for a shopping trip to find a matching t-shirt so I can go in tomorrow and finish it. :(

But I am NOT going in on Monday!

Dd and I are going to body worlds monday, and I should be back on track by then.

Ok, enough groaning about it all....... have a great weekend everyone. :wave:

08-09-2009, 12:13 AM
Hi All,

10,000+ steps, credit. Did not scarf down the breadbasket at lunch,ate two bites and it wasn't great bread, so I put it down, credit. Tracked food, credit.

Walking Princess--I am so with you on the never-ending birthday stuff. Today a good friend took me out for a birthday lunch(mind you, bday was July 29th), to a place with the word "cake" in the name, and I had a piece of absolutely fabulous cake, but enough already. . .Kudos for your victory over the deviled eggs! That is amazing. You are doing so well--don't listen to the voice that says it needs to be 100% perfect. . .it's probably that evil Chuck E. Cheese mouse whispering in your ear.

RobinW--Hope you get to surface from the t-shirts soon! Credit for slogging through all the stress.

eusebius--congrats on the 5 lb loss! Credit for for OP exercise and eating.

Bill--Go 3FCman Go! Credit for the walk for blueberries. And double credit for weeding.

kuhljeanie--You rocked that block party! Passing up the dessert table is huge--at church potlucks when I was a child, I would hover over it for way too long.

onebyone--Hope the water weight is gone soon. Credit for only weighing once--that's hard when the number isn't what you want.

Goodnight all.

08-09-2009, 07:26 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Ate an unusually good and unusually low cal dinner, CREDIT moi: salmon burgers using the salmon cakes (120 cals) that I had picked up from Whole Foods on sale a week ago on toasted Arnold's 100% whole wheat Sandwich Thins (100 cals) with oodles of lettuce, a small potato salad made with skim milk yogurt substituting for half of the mayonnaise, a big tomato salad made from the fruits of our garden, and cold blanched yellow beans from our garden, consumed outside on our patio. A peak summer experience.

Before gym, CREDIT moi, I made my protein shake using my new jar of Bally's chocolate whey protein - my first venture away from my favorite flavor, vanilla. Good to do some variety I guess. Chocolate was OK, which is good since there are 29 servings left in the two pound jar, LOL.

onebyone - Waving. Persist in Victory.

Robin (RobinW) - Ouch for going in on your planned Saturday off. Double Ouch for having to chase down one more T-Shirt.

I loved Body Worlds. As it happens, I went with my DD and her roommate as well as DW. All of us loved it. I could have stayed for hours. I felt that the bodies were treated with appropriate respect. Local papers published some letters from people complaining, but a bunch seemed most concerned that the bodies were anatomically correct and kids were allowed to see them. The Boston Museum of Science display had some dramatic examples of how fat is stored.

Erika (eusebius) - Yea for restored normality. May it settle in and make itself at home. Glad to hear that Tom Lehrer is still alive.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Big Kudos for restraint on the breadbasket recognizing that "it wasn't great bread." Such good sense to avoid wasting calories on mediocre food .

And what's with this "never-ending birthday stuff?" We need to invent some dramatic birthday rituals that involve shared group exercise instead of shared group food. Neat that if you're going to have cake, it be "absolutely fabulous."

Readers - In order to lose weight this time, you'll learn crucial Cognitive Therapy techniques that you'll use for the rest of your life. They include planning what you eat, choosing healthy foods, resisting cravings, soothing yourself without turning to food, using good eating habits, and exercising, to name but a few.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 41.

08-09-2009, 09:10 AM
Hi Coaches.

Checking in
Sat: weighed in once (credit) - 1.8lbs 272.6
Sun: weighed in once (credit) + 2.8lbs 275.4 - getting really really close to my all time high now.

I'm about ready to sob in a heap here.

Or I am about ready to stop eating altogether.

Or pull my hair out.

I walked a lot yesterday (credit) and I walked a lot the day before. (credit)

Fridays at art school day camp the whole afternoon is spent out. Lunches are from 12-1:30, out at the park (planned exercise is the walk to and from the park) and then after that the teachers join us at the park and we walk across the market area, about 10 blocks, 20min or so, to the city pool and there is swimming for an hour. And then the walk back to the school, 20 min, and then the rush for the techs (that's me) to get all the supplies the teachers have used all week back into the tech room, cleaned up/sorted and put away.
The school closes at 4:30 on Fridays and we have to move fast to get it all done so we aren't still there at 6. Problem: I am being pressured to join in the swimming on Friday. I am by far the largest person in the group. I feel extremely self-conscious. I won't even go out in shorts or ride a bicycle for Pete's sake these days let alone wear a bathing suit in front of 30+ kids and the staff at the school that I will continue to see after the summer is done. It makes me want to cry. On top of this, after swimming I always feel really really tired and worn out. The thought of having to swim then having to walk to the school, and then work very hard and fast for 2 hours makes me think "I can't do this".

I just feel like giving up.

My body is not shedding the water. I am an emotional wreck this morning after DH came to bed at 5:30 which I read as rejection of me personally and I snapped at him. I just feel so sensitive--like nothing is working for me anywhere. It's just awful.

Anyway I'll leave this note here. Plan for today? More water, wii fit and doing some artwork and updating the blog.

UPDATE at 9:46pm
credit for doing all four items listed above on my to-do list.
credit for not jumping onto the scale today to see if I "really was that weight still"
credit reading my arcs
credit eating sitting down 98% today
credit no second helpings (tough!) and putting one bowl of leftover stuff away even though I picked a bit at the top of it before I put the foil over it... (tough!)
credit no sugar today. I'll take credit for it even though it wasn't a goal for today.
credit for reaching out and talking out frustrations this morning instead of eating over them

If I have a problem and I eat over it, then I have two problems.

persist toward victory

08-09-2009, 10:32 AM
Bill~ The Boston Museum of Science display had some dramatic examples of how fat is stored. This is exactly why I want to go and I want my daughter to see it. Couldnt talk dh into going tho.

:wave: have a great sunday everyone!

08-09-2009, 10:57 PM
Hello, dear Beckies,

Tonight after dinner I described in loving detail to a male friend the salad I had just enjoyed.

Listen to this:

My own homegrown lettuce (due to the unseasonably cold summer, still tender, not bitter, and has not bolted), my own raspberries, Trader Joe's Cranberry, Gorgonzola, Walnut dressing, TJ's Goat Cheese crumbles, and TJ's raw pecan halves toasted...TDF. He said, "chick salad". Bah! I say, I already know that BillBE is drooling, and beyond that, "too good for boys". Hah!

I also make the best pesto in the known universe. I am still living on pesto and ww Angel Hair far, so good. Did a three day weekend with the girls last weekend, and weighed in on Thursday on my trusty balance scale at 138. Need to buckle down again, this is the time of year that momentum counts..plenty of fresh, seasonal produce, great outdoors weather, the stars are aligned. Truly. For each of us in the northern hemisphere, this is our time!

For wndranne and all who might be interested, Mad Men starts on AMC next Sunday night at 9:00 CDT...:-) I CAN wait, because summer is going waaaayyy too fasssssttttt. I do look forward to its delights..just hope it comes slowly.

Weather forecast is for hot weather this week..may get my August starry night swim in yet!

Am grateful for you all.

08-09-2009, 11:08 PM
Tracked food, credit. Gave the bread with my entree to dh and ordered the small pasta rather than the large, credit. 5,000+ steps, credit. Stocked up on healthy snacks at the grocery store today, credit.

Bill--Your summer peak lunch sounds amazing! Not in the least "diet food" but good food. Kudos! I've started eating the Arnold Sandwich thins, and they make a handy vehicle for fillings with minimal calories. My other favorite is corn tortillas. I had to laugh at the ritual birthday "group exercise"--wouldn't it be cool if all holidays included exercise! I also think about Beck's "arranging your environment"--our culture is part of that environment, and a challenge when food pops up constantly and we drive everywhere.

onebyone--Credit for all the walking you are doing. Ouch on the weight and the feelings of despair and stuckness. Oh, and the swimming pressure, which sounds disheartening. Why do they want you to actually get in the pool? From my distance from the situation, my impulse is to say that you have every right to take care of yourself, and protect your limits physically and emotionally. This doesn't make it easy or politically simple. I don't know you, but this sounds like "old" stuff--a visceral fear of being forced into a vulnerable situation, very much like a child would be.

For me, tracking my calories in made a huge difference in seeing concretely what I was eating and how much it added up to--I really had no clue. I have been ruthless in including every single bite, which is my way of accepting the reality of where I am. And I write down what my thoughts are. Not a judgement, just acceptance. Can you watch all this turmoil for a bit, maybe write it down? The observing part of yourself is in there--or you wouldn't be on this list or reading Beck.

08-10-2009, 06:26 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Da good news: I planned to have one cookie, and that's what I had, CREDIT moi, from platters of very top-shelf packaged cookies that I'd never buy for myself. Was a good one.

Da bad news: I wandered past a container of dark chocolate covered roasted almonds and snarfed 5 before I even noticed. Ouch. I wanted even more. Like Harry Potter I whipped out the Not about me curse, but they deflected it by calling my name. Can't use that when they're already looking me in the eye. Tried Persist in Victory, but they kept coming. In desperation I threw NO CHOICE and that stopped them long enough for me to escape.

It gets worse. I had escaped to another room, but they were still there and I was still thinking about them. I thought of stealing the whole quart to put in my freezer because they'd be incredible frozen. Yes, stealing them. Good grief; no bottom to depravity. I left the building.

It boggles that nearly four years into my journey I can still have such powerful feelings about a food. I suppose it'd be appropriate to be grateful that the Beck tools work and to be reassured that I have the strength to face any evil when I get my thoughts together to use them. And even to give myself credit for stopping when I did. But, for the moment, I just remain a tad boggled. Am I the only one who's only an eyeball away from a compulsion to woof down a quart of something?

maryblu - Yep, drooling here over the "Chick Salad." Now that's paying attention to the taste of your lettuce.

onebyone - Persist in Victory because you're winning, my friend. You're winning because you continue counting and walking and being aware. You will continue to continue and the scale, like a two year old having a temper tantrum, will reluctantly follow.

Sending supportive thoughts for all the negative feelings. They too are real and deserve to be honored as such so they can go their way.

Robin (RobinW) - Happy Ex-pat's Civil Holiday. Have a great adventure at Body Worlds.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Neat idea to extend Arrange Your Environment to arranging the cultural traditions from food-centric to exercise-centric. I'm on board; lead the way.

Kudos for donating your bread to the hungry, for stocking up on healthy snacks, and for ordering the small pasta.

Readers - The good news is that once you learn these skills, dieting becomes much easier. And so does maintaining your weight loss. The dieters I counseled tell me this all the time. It doesn't require as much effort to maintain your weight as it does to lose it ... if you learn the skills you need along the way.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 41.

08-10-2009, 07:54 AM
Good Morning Becksters and Coaches All

One thing to report so far before I head off to start a busy week
:carrot:credit moi :carrot: on and off the scale ONCE this morning
-4.8lbs (270.6) 0.2 to reward of Hans Falada book

Gotta run.

DH made my full lunch today and I have no clue what he made me...

:wave: have a good Monday.

08-10-2009, 08:12 AM
Morning Coaches -

Eccch ... I had a terrible eating weekend, and I'm up 2 lbs on the scale as a result. Mostly sodium, I'll bet. In any event, I am now acclimatizing to this new drug and I believe I'll be able to stay OP this week.

Robin - Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Nuxmaga - Your consistency is inspiring!! Big credit to you!

Bill - Salmon burgers sound extremely yummy! Tomatoes and beans from the garden must be scrumptious. There really is nothing like fresh veggies that haven't been on a truck for days. I love the idea of No Choice, Persist in Victory, and so on as Harry Potter-style charms. No, you are not alone in your nearness to compulsion. I wonder if mine will ever go away.

onebyone - :hug: congrats on the 4.8lbs!! Persist in victory! I am so proud of you for sticking it out through those awful emotions and I'm extremely happy to see that it paid off for you. Kudos for rewarding yourself as well!

maryblu - OMG. Can I come live at your house and eat your salad and pesto for the rest of my life? Oh good, I knew you wouldn't mind. I hope you have a piano :dizzy:

OK coaches, I am off to a fresh start this week. Glad to have you with me!

08-10-2009, 12:14 PM
We are happily ensconced in our lodge, prepping for the day. One person in the shower, one blow drying their hair, a third processing digitial pictures we took this AM, and me on the balcony trying to catch up on our group. It is indeed a new century... ;)

From a exercise perspective, I've been doing great. (credit!) Before we got out to the hills, I did 45-70 minutes of exercise a day (walking + weights). I've already tromped around Sylvan Lake for an hour this AM and we have Mt Rushmore in our future. I don't think we'll do a real hike today, but we'll see.

From a food perspective, I've been okay but not great. But I'll take okay - credit!

My MIL and her sister look and act better than when I visited in February. June (the sister) was taking benadryl and sleeping all day. Now that she's weaned off, she's awake and happy all day long. May has lost a lot of weight, but is very happy -- so much so that she's happily giving my DH grief every chance she can.

After Rushmore this AM, my DH will probably head into town to pick them up. Then we'll all meet up for a couple of hours. Maybe do some drives in the hills. Nothing makes the ladies happier than driving around and seeing their favorite sites...

I don't have time for personals, but say 'hi' to you all! :wave:

08-10-2009, 12:53 PM
so-so weekend. so much to do, so little time…i spent most of yesterday cooking, and still have a couple of dishes to make today. pickles from the cukes our neighbors hoisting off from their garden (mine went nowhere in a hurry except to feed the deer. first attempt though, wasn’t expecting much.) also need to make tomato soup and this citrusy cold borscht my uncle developed, once he coughs up the recipe. we ate out a LOT this weekend, and i made mostly good choices, didn’t stuff myself – but was over my calories by a few hundred on Saturday, then Sunday was in my range but did it eating waaay too many of the vegan chocolate chip cookies i baked for the teahouse. will freeze the rest and save for future marketing efforts at other places. and dinner saturday was truly fantastic. i never had an "eggplant cutlet" before, and it was pan-fried and crunchy yet creamy on the inside, as advertised in the menu. but i don't eat like that every day, the rest of the meal and portions were healthy, and DH and i split an incredible dessert made mostly from fresh cherries. didn’t do any planned exercise either, but cooking and laundry burn a surprising amount of calories. thanks, sensewear! i wouldn’t have thought housework would be enough, but there you go. will have to do some balancing this week between the few dishes i have left to cook, and the exercise i mean to do. i’m not worried though. enough work walking and it’s all gravy.

MAZEL TOV onebyone! it’s so crazy great that you held on and didn’t lose your grip while the scale was playing fast and loose with your mental health. i can’t help but think about how valuable a lesson learned this must be for you! you didn’t pull your hair out, sob in a heap, or GIVE UP. nope, didn’t do it. and now, don’t you feel like saying, ha! HA! good on ya!!! and very good advice from margaret. bill, i love those arnold’s thins. they make good low-cal hamburger buns too. there was some ingredient in there that wasn’t making me super happy – bleached flour or HFCS or some preservative or something – but i can live with it, whatever it was. those thins are great for hummus and spinach sandwiches. i think i’m going to use them for an heirloom tomato side sandwich with my tomato soup, with goat cheese and basil (the only thing the deer left alone.) yummy! nope, you’re far from the only one still fighting the demon. there are days when i think i don’t have the energy to fight and will just go down on my shield of extra weight, but most days the ARCs and easy techniques rise up and take over for me. but not always, or it wouldn’t be taking me this long to lose the last 30ish lbs. oh well! but yeah, no, nothing unusual in feeling that way over chocolate. it’s chemical. and mary, would love that pesto recipe! we’re stocked to the gills with fibergourmet pasta, and i’d love something new to do with it (again, seeing how’s the only thing to survive the deer was our basil.) erika, save me a seat next to you at mary's place! sorry to hear you had a rough time this weekend but it sounds like you’ve got the best possible attitude about it. better than mine would be, for sure! i’m losing patience with the scale myself. will take a page from your book.

cheers, everyone!

08-10-2009, 02:15 PM
Hi Everybody,

I haven't been here in quite some time, but just had to stop in and give an update. I played around trying different diets etc and finally ended up back on Intuitive Eating. But this is to share with you Beck's part in my journey since I don't think I would have made it to where I am without Beck Skills.

I wanted to drop in and say that even Intuitive Eating did not work for me until I applied the Beck Skills to it. In fact the Beck Skills actually helped me learn which eating plan fits me. As I tried each diet, I would use the Beck Skills. I made more Response Cards and Advantage Decks than you could imagine :dizzy: to fit each diet that I tried. It lead me back to Intuitive Eating which I find is the "Normal" way of eatig for me. I would and I often do greatly recommend that anyone who is having trouble finding and staying on any diet should read one of the Beck books and learn the Beck Skills and add them to their diet/eating plan. It seems to be the glue that actually holds any diet plan together so to speak and also seems to even make it easier. I am so thankful to have found Beck's way of doing things. IT WORKS!!! My weight loss is slow, but steady and even feels effortless (don't feel like I'm dieting) and I attribute it all to the Beck Skills.

Have a great day everyone.

08-10-2009, 10:59 PM
Zumba today, in spite of miserable heat and wanting to stay home, credit. Tracked food, credit.

Another altercation with a large bag of potato chips, with all sorts of negative predictions about my future. Sigh. I think of Brian Wansink's book Mindless Eating, and his research that shows whatever the package size is becomes a serving in our mind(ie. Bill's quart of chocolate almonds=one serving!), and as much as I rationalize that I might not eat the entire bag, I do anyway. Now I need to deal with the sabotaging thoughts that say "A small bag isn't enough. You need the big bag."

Well, off to bed in grogginess.

P.S. Yay onebyone!!!

08-11-2009, 04:39 AM

08-11-2009, 06:00 AM

Just a quick check in. Sorry I've been MIA. My dh is getting ready to go camping with some friends for 5 days and is leaving on Wednesday morning so we are trying to get him all ready to go. Plus, we are in the process of trying to buy a new car so I've had no free time to myself to sit down and chat.

I'll try to write personals and more info tomorrow. :)


- -

08-11-2009, 06:56 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Food OP, Gym done; CREDIT moi, CREDIT moi. Lunch included corn on the cob, lentils with kale, and curried zucchini, all of which I had cooked over the weekend, along with a fresh batch of granola. By my standards, that's a lot of food prep, so CREDIT moi for that.

Tonight we have tickets to the Red Sox vs. the Detroit Tigers at Fenway Park in Boston. The challenge for me is to have some ballpark snacks without trying to consume a whole bag of kettle corn.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Kudos for "mostly good choices" with all your eating out. Did you remember how to live without El Nino, LOL?

Thanks for the solace with "no, nothing unusual in feeling that way over chocolate. it’s chemical." Some days I still naively think my brain is in charge. Perhaps personal growth requires losing that illusion.

onebyone - Honking BIG Congrats to your scale for finally catching up with you. Which Hans Falada book are you going to buy?

Anne (wndranne) - Waving back. Sending cool thoughts to your desert for your bike riding.

ChinaMaine - Kudos for giving yourself credit for "food ... okay but not great." Your Black Hills scene sounds both calming and exciting. Seems like you're getting plenty of exercise. Are you seeing different birds than you see in Maine?

Erika (eusebius) - Yea for "acclimatizing." Re "I wonder if mine will ever go away." My thought this morning is that we had best be prepared for these food desires and craving to reappear without warning - forever. Recall reading stories of long time ex-smokers who were offered a cigarette and, without thinking, went right back to their previous pack-a-day habit. So, keep your yeti wand at hand.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Kudos for Zumba; Bigger Kudos for Zumba when the Sabotaging Thoughts are whispering why you shouldn't bother.

Ouch for the chips. Good that you can look at it to devise strategies for next time. Yep, I do know that feeling that the bag is the serving size.

Kara (Walking Princess) - Yea for being too busy to sit down; now that's one way to get exercise. Good luck in your quest for a new car. Will you grab one of those clunker rebates?

Trish (pattygirl63) - Great to hear from you. Kudos for settling into Intuitive Eating as your diet plan - hope it works for you. It has great appeal to me, and I occasionally lurk on their thread here on 3FC.

If memory serves me, you had a real life Diet Coach/Buddy; is that still happening?

Readers - in session with Dr. Beck
. . .
Megan: I guess. But that's pretty discouraging.
Dr. Beck: Yet, it is, but I think you'll be so much less discouraged if you realize three things: One, you can always plan to have at least small portions of pizza and doughnuts if you want. Two, your craving for these foods is going to go way down. Three, the payoff for not eating these foods whenever you want them is huge. You've told me how important it is to you to lose weight.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 42.

08-11-2009, 08:05 AM
Morning Coaches -

A great Monday. Food and exercise OP, and more energy than before. Down a pound this morning as well. DH made chocolate cake for DD's bake sale, but I wasn't tempted - credit.

ChinaMaine - What an excellent and invigorating holiday! Big credit for the extra exercise and doing OK on food, which is sometimes a big roadblock on vacation.

kuhljeanie - nice job burning calories on the housework! I have to say, I'm not sure I'd be able to stay OP with all the yummy food you make, so I'm very impressed.

Trish (Pattygirl63) - Very interesting to hear about how you've combined Beck and Intuitive Eating. I have that book and it seems to be full of wisdom and sound logic (as Beck is).

Nuxmaga - Oh man. I had a bout with the chips on the weekend too. Those things are pure evil - I think they should probably be on the cover of David Kessler's and Wansink's books. Credit for tracking and doing Zumba anyway!!

wndranne - :wave: back :)

Kara - Sounds like you're very busy. Hugs & good thoughts to you!

Bill - That is indeed a ton of food prep. Big credit! Sounds scrumptious as well. Go Sox!! (If the Jays aren't playing I'm happy to root for the Bosox. It's a Maritime thing.) I think you are right about the "forever" nature of our craving. It's our response that we can choose ... Accio Yeti! Riddikulus!!

OK - time for a little vipassana and then strength training. This getting up early has its advantages, especially with a night owl family!


08-11-2009, 11:52 AM
Good Morning :sunny:

Dd and I went to body worlds yesterday morning, and we were both thoroughly amazed! She even thanked me later for making her go. I think the stuff that made the biggest impression on her were the embryos and the smokers lung!!

I did think the cross section of the obese person was pretty amazing! I dont know why, but I just didnt think about the fat being all intertwined in amoungst my vital organs. I also didnt think about how much harder everything has to work with all that gunk surrounding them :(

I think more on that type of thing would have been good for me.

Food is planned and packed! Supper is planned and thawed in the fridge. This weather has to be the worst for me. The hotter it gets the less I want to eat properly.

No exercise yet....but Im easing back into this. I told dd, we would get a dvd of beginner pilates for us to do in the mornings.

I have to tell you about my dd and her sore stomach......she spends the day at the pool with the slide. Spends all her time frolicking and playing....then the next day she is complaining about how much her stomach hurts. I thought it was kinda weird. Until she said...dont make me laugh it makes my stomach hurt. Ah Ha!!!!! Mom finally has it figured out :lol: She liked the fact that she was on her way to a six pack! :lol3:

Im off....I have a ton of stuff that needs to get done!

Have a great day everyone!

08-11-2009, 05:26 PM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Great to hear from you. Kudos for settling into Intuitive Eating as your diet plan - hope it works for you. It has great appeal to me, and I occasionally lurk on their thread here on 3FC.

If memory serves me, you had a real life Diet Coach/Buddy; is that still happening?

Thanks BillBlueEyes I think one reason IE works for me is that there are no forbidden foods. That being the case I have no foods to crave. But as I said Beck Skills the what I credit for IE working for me.

Yes I did have a Diet Buddy, but I don't hear from her any more so I'm not sure what she is doing. She has a lot of emotional things going on in her life right now. I've found some really good IE support groups here at 3fc and on line.

Morning Coaches -Very interesting to hear about how you've combined Beck and Intuitive Eating. I have that book and it seems to be full of wisdom and sound logic (as Beck is).

eusebius You are right, there is so much wisdom and sound logic in both Beck and Intuitive Eating books. I believe that is what makes it work for me because I use the Response Cards that I made using positive thoughts from both books. That is why I would recommend Beck Skills as a great companion to any diet plan a person decides fits them. Those of us who have to diet not only have to struggle with our weight loss, but we also have the battle of learning to accept ourselves and have good thoughts and feelings about ourselves. Beck Skills teaches us how to change so that the Skills helps us to be more positive about ourselves. It also helps us believe we can actually stay OP and successfully lose weight. Beck is a great addition to any plan.

Hope everyone has a great day.

08-11-2009, 10:33 PM
hey everyone - just a flyby. today has SUCKED. car got broken into with windows smashed, glass everywhere. had a heck of a time getting to the rental place, had to reschedule an after-work thing i really didn't want to do but was going to get over - then, the tivos are dead. really dead. DH tried to fix and succeded in voiding the warranties. dead lawnmower, mini cooper, chainsaw, weed whacker. all within the last 4 days.

overate by a single cookie - not horrible, but not optimal. what i really need is to go to bed so i can make it out the door by 6:45 and beat the morning traffic so i can be on time for my $@(*ing 8:00 status meeting. did i mention that the car was vandalized in the parking lot at work, at lunchtime?

sigh. hopefully a better mood tomorrow. signing off.

08-11-2009, 10:55 PM
Good Evening Coaches

Well three times today I was bathed in sweat in that summertime job of mine. Much activity going on for my old bod dealing with the children. Children are active. They make everyone who has to deal with them be active too. Who knew that? Not me. I have never been around children ever--which is why I am doing this. Can't say I ever want to do this again, but it is ridding me of the underlying fear and avoidance of children I had. It's all good and the bonus is climbing those stairs. I move much easier from floor to floor now, after only aweek and a half, and I often opt for the stairs instead of the (now fixed) elevator. All good I say. All good.

Check in
-credit- weighed once this morning 270.2 I EARNED my Hans Falada Book!
Billblueeyes I am getting what is supposed to be a masterpiece of literature, translated only this year from German, written in 1947, Every Man Dies Alone Here's a NY Times review (
-0.4 from yesterday -credit- and 5.2lbs from my top weight. On to the next 5lb goal: 265.2
-hours of spontaneous exercise -credit
-planned exercise to the park and back -credit
-read arcs -credit
-ate sitting down -credit
-ate three meals only/no 2nd helpings -credit

08-11-2009, 10:56 PM
Quick check-in. Declined an offer of sandwiches and cake at 2:00 in the afternoon. Tracked food, credit. Took a walk after the sun went down, though it was still pretty miserable, credit. No impulsive eating, credit.

Kuhljeanie--just read your message, ouch! Hope things get better soon.

08-12-2009, 07:33 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - My goal at the Red Sox game at Fenway Park was to not eat out of control. I ignored the two bags of kettle corn bought by my kids and freely offered; CREDIT moi. I also ignored Italian sausages, Fenway Franks, beer, coke, lemon aide, ice cream, and pretzels; CREDIT moi again for all those. I did however, happily indulge in the roasted peanuts that I had (illegally) brought with me; CREDIT moi. Unfortunately, more than I wished; Oh Well.

And the Red Sox won even after a fracas that got one player evicted from each team, including their pitcher who had just hit the guy who charged the mound, and after manager Terry Franconna later got evicted for arguing with the second base umpire. Mucho drama as well as good baseball.

Thought of several good reasons not to take a walk at noon - more like Sabotaging Thoughts than reasons. Finally zapped them with "Accio Yeti! Riddikulus" and took off, combining the walk with an errand for DW; CREDIT moi. Was rewarded, in addition to the endorphins, by a first rate chocolate covered strawberry that unexpectedly was offered at a store that sold such. Yea for the unexpected.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Ouch for a vandalized car and Quadruple Ouch for a day that "SUCKED" big time. Kudos for recognizing that your first need is to get enough sleep so that you can make your work obligations and attack the catastrophes. I'd send you the Jobe award, but it's currently checked out by Anne (wndranne). Sending supportive thoughts that you can remember how to line the alligators up so that you can wrestle them one at a time.

onebyone - Kudos for "bathed in sweat." And Kudos for opting for the stairs even when the elevator is working.

Yea for earning your Hans Fallada book. Thanks for the pointer; it's now on my unbounded list of good stuff to read.

Robin (RobinW) - Yea for a DD who first notices the joy of muscles. And yea for a DD whose mind is open to the wonders of embryos. Yea to you for taking the day off to take her to Body World. Kudos for having today's food all planned and packed.

Erika (eusebius) - Kudos for ignoring your DH's chocolate birthday cake - that's serious restraint. Yep, I share that joy of having the house to myself in the early morning.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Kudos for turning down sandwiches and cake in the afternoon. Was it difficult, a big struggle, or just your daily deflection of the unplanned?

Trish (pattygirl63) - Kudos being so clear about "Beck Skills teach us how to change to be more positive about ourselves." Yep having our head screwed on right seems to lead the way to weight loss and maintenance.

Readers - in session with Dr. Beck
. . .
Megan: Yeah it is. But it's still discouraging to hear that I'll always have to watch what I'm eating.
Dr. Beck: Yes, it is, but what you don't know is how much less disappointed you'll be when you're maintaining a much lower weight and feeling good about yourself. My guess is your disappointment will be really minor and not very frequent. It won't be like it is today. You'll be at a restaurant or someone's house, everyone will be eating some fattening dessert, and you'll say to yourself, You know, that looks good .... But how great is it that I don't feel compelled to eat it. ... I'm much happier being thinner.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 43.

08-12-2009, 08:00 AM
Good Morning Coaches

credit moi: got on the scale, but once
weight: -1.4 (268.8) :carrot:

credit moi: ate breakfast sitting down, tasting every bite

credit moi: have lunch planned by my DH

credit moi: have $ to buy dinner as I am at the school until 9:30pm due to my final ceramics class

This will be a tough day. But I have tomorrow off as I called in another tech from our other location to cover me for Thurs and Fri. Thurs is all about ME needing time to get work done for my art show on Sunday and Fri is all about Family as I drive to Greenfield for the internment of my aunt's ashes. I may, or may not, be picking up my mother to bring her there. I may meet everyone on site. Sat is more prep for the art show, SUN is the show MON is back to work with $ in my bank acct...I hope ;)

Yikes gotta run. Have a good day Beckster Buddies!
kuhljeanie hang on! ditto for wdranne!

08-12-2009, 08:11 AM
Morning Coaches -

Well, the 2 lbs I gained is off again. Can't argue with results. Cheers for WW and Beck, and my buddies for accountability and support!! OP food and exercise, and left gyoza and 2 pieces of sushi on my plate at dinner - credit.

Don't laugh too hard, but the past couple of days I've been trying something new. My MIL is a big proponent of that crazy Shangri-La diet. Well, I read the book, and Seth Roberts is incredibly persuasive. So I got some extra light olive oil and had a tablespoon here or there. I think it is indeed starting to suppress my appetite, so I will keep at it for at least a week and just see what happens.

Sleeping continues to be good and my mental acuity is slowly creeping back. It better ... one of the most popular pianists/accompanists in town just moved away and I'm starting to get a boatload of work. No complaints, though I hope I can figure out when to say no.

Robin - Wow, Body World sounds incredible. Is it in Buffalo? Sounds almost worth a trip across the border ... that and Wiggles World at the Six Flags park LOL.

Trish - Thanks for your wise words about Beck skills. Absolutely, they help us to accept ourselves so that we are truly ready to change our behaviour. No wonder you are having success - you clearly understand these skills deeply.

kuhljeanie - all I can say is :hug: and big kudos for only eating one extra cookie!! I'm wishing you a terrific day today.

onebyone - :woohoo: you have done it! Keep on persisting in victory! And thanks for introducing me to Hans Fallada. Who knew, 20 years of reading German literature and I never heard of the guy. He sounds pretty amazing, I must say. Oh and about children ... yup. Totally. DD can turn a piano lesson into gymnastics in about 3 seconds.

Nuxmaga - Kudos for staying OP and doing exercise even in gross weather!

Bill - Yay Sox! Sounds like a great game and you did wonderfully dealing with the ballpark temptations. Kudos for taking a walk as well! Glad the charm worked :)

:wave: to wndranne, maryblu, tera and all other buddies! Have a great Wednesday!


08-12-2009, 08:44 AM
Erika~ yes, the Body Worlds is at the Buffalo was pretty amazing!

08-12-2009, 11:37 PM
Hi All,
Another trip to the city today, and 7400 steps, credit. Zumba, credit. Tracked food, credit. Left some food on my plate at lunch(does the fact that it was healthy kale negate the credit??? A woman can only eat so much kale). Measured my syrup with pancakes tonight--in spite of how much I enjoy glugging on the syrup, so big credit for that.

eusebius--congrats on leaving some sushi on your plate! Glad to hear that you are sleeping and the acuity is coming back.

onebyone--Credit for eating breakfast sitting down and mindfully! Hope the art show goes great.

Bill--Wow, you really conquered that ball game! Major kudos! Turning down the food was surprisingly easy--I didn't give myself a chance to think about it, I just said "no thanks." It's the thinking that really does me in.

Robin W--yay for food planning! dh and I slide into major avoidance when the weather is hot, hence the diner pancakes for dinner tonight.

wndranne & kuhljeanie--:wave:

Walking Princess
08-13-2009, 01:36 AM
hey everyone,

I thought I would have more time today to do personals but I just sat down for the first time today and it is 9:15pm. I'm exhausted. We bought the new car last night and yes, even got the Cash for Clunkers program and got the $4500 credit towards the new car! Yea!

My dh left today on the fishing/camping trip with his brothers and a couple friends. My little one didn't take too well to not having daddy around and it has been quite a long and emotional day for both of us. I pray tomorrow is better. I'm just exhausted.

So sorry I couldn't do personals today, I need to get some sleep. I will try agian to catch up with everyone tomorrow

Hang in there Jeannie and Wndranne! ((Hugs))


08-13-2009, 06:48 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had my lentils with kale for lunch and DW prepared dahl (lentils) with a side of kale and feta cheese for dinner. Such is the life of independent menu planning, LOL. CREDIT moi for good food even if duplicated.

Did gym; CREDIT moi. I concentrated on moving the dumbbells slowly and on coming down for the full stroke. Must have done something different since I was barely able to finish the last one of the last set. I assume that that means I'm doing something right.

onebyone - Kudos for having today "about ME" - may you find your productive self to get ready for Sunday's show. And yea for hitting the 60's.

Robin (RobinW) - Waving back. Still thinking about your trip to Body Works and remembering different parts that were amazing.

Erika (eusebius) - Wow! Leaving sushi on your plate exceeds anything I can imagine. Kudos for leaving that and your dumplings both. Look forward to hearing the results of olive oil as a diet aid. Do you take it like castor oil? (Which we took as kids for whatever ailed us, which might explain why I avoid thinking about going to the doctor, LOL.)

Congrats on the extra work appearing. Glad your sleep and acuity are both arriving in time to handle it.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Yea for "diner pancakes for dinner," which wins today's Dessert in the Desert Award - for obvious reasons, LOL. Yep, Hemi-Kudos for leaving kale, LOL. I do like your notion, "I just said "no thanks." It's the thinking that really does me in." That thinking thing has gotten me in more trouble than my impulsive blundering.

Kara (Walking Princess) - Yea for a new car; Double Yea for getting the Clunkers credit. We inhabitants of planet earth thank you for reducing your carbon footprint with that purchase, LOL. Ouch for an exhausting day with a little one who misses his dad.

Readers - the solution at a glance

• If you struggle with weight loss, you have a different mindset about food and eating than people who don‘t struggle with their weight.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 43.

08-13-2009, 07:59 AM
Morning Coaches -

OP with food and exercise yesterday. Possibly up a half pound this morning ... hard to tell with my crappy scale. Trying not to sweat it.
Ate dinner very slowly and without distractions ... reading while I eat is the worst for me. So credit for that.

Robin - thanks for the info about Body Worlds ... I will have to look into it for sure!

Nuxmaga - Credit for all your healthy behaviours, including measuring syrup ... that's definitely one that many dieters would overlook.

Kara - Congrats on the new car!! I'm well acquainted with those long emotional days - hope things are easier today.

Bill - Kudos for good food and exercise. Yes, as far as I know, if you are nearly unable to complete a set but can still do it, that's the correct amount of weight for you. Bravo! Yes, you just kind of throw the oil back ... apparently some people put it in sugar water to make it easier, but I just chug it out of the measuring spoon. It has to be extra light olive oil, or there will be too much flavor - the point is to eat an unflavored food within a two hour window of not eating any other flavors. This causes the appetite suppression. So far it does seem easier to follow my plan - I am hungry for the amount of food I do eat, but have little desire for more (unless I smell chocolate cake, LOL)

OK friends, it's strength training day today. Enjoy your Thursday!


08-13-2009, 10:00 AM
:wave: on a Thursday to my Coaches

I have the grand luxury of sitting here at home while my fill in at the school is running around RIGHT NOW getting stuff to the kids classes.

Ah! :hat: Here! Here! to my replacement!

So my job today is to get painting for my Sunday event. I have my sketches and four canvases waiting for me. I'll need more canvases but luckily it's also payday and I actually have a sizable cheque to buy canvases with!

:hat: Here! Here! to the school for gainfully employing me.

My final ceramics class went well last night. I had a great time and see great potential in what I am making. I can see myself using my ceramics position this year to build up that stock to have a massive blowout sale next year and make a big pile of cash! I am starting to plan for xmas 2010 now; very non-onebyone behaviour! I am considering starting a business related facebook page. I need somewhere to put my wares out for sale and I am slow to make websites so this may be a good re-start on that stuff. I'll be looking at that today.

credits today: weighed once +1.8 (270.6)
made a decision: I will continue to report my daily weight shifts as Dr. Beck recommends but I choose WEDNESDAY to be my official weigh-in day and the day I update my ticker and my stats. side note: my body seems to like 270.6 a lot - especially when fed fast food.

credit: ate breakfast slowly and mindfully while seated

That's it so far. Ill be back in later.

Wishing you all a great day today.

08-13-2009, 10:25 AM
still feeling punky, but i was struggling with sleep last night. it happens frequently on baseball nights. hard to wind down coming straight from a game. there’s only 4 more games this season. they’re wonderful and i’ll miss them but it will also be wonderful to use that time for other things (like a drawing or painting class.)

new GPS has been ordered, and will be dropping the car at the shop at lunchtime today for cleanup and repairs. the window guys are going directly to the shop. figured out yesterday that yeah, it’s a hassle, and no, i wasn’t planning on a new GPS (actually more expensive than my deductible – am clinging to that) but the thing that really got me is that i don’t feel safe parking my car and going to work. it’s not like i’ve got a choice of places to leave it; the building is part of a campus and the lots already extend more than a mile outward. plus, after talking to the cop, the whole area seems to be bad. so. not feeling secure. which made me think about that “i don’t have enough food – i won’t be able to get enough food – i should buy more food – i should eat more food so i won’t possibly be without later” feeling which has inspired me so many times to over-buy and over-order and over-pack and overeat. even more fundamental than barraging my brain with the advantages of losing weight seems to be this primal need to secure enough food. strikes me that it’s at the root of so many of my counter-productive eating behaviors, and the main difference in thinking between strugglers and non-strugglers with weight. non-strugglers don’t think much about it, don’t obsess, don’t worry, because they don’t have this basic underlying fear of scarcity. i hoard food – in the pantry, in the fridge, in the freezer, in my lunchbag, in my body.

it’s easy to see the survival value of a hardcore fear of food scarcity. i don’t believe (in my own case, anyway) that it’s a chemical addiction. my lizard brain is completely convinced that the food could run out at any time, and i need to be prepared. i’m sure that a lot of beck behavior mod addresses this in one form or another, but i think i want to really dig down and find those techniques that focus on this. i know it’s a bit of a departure from the structured program but this is something i want to play with a little bit.

anyway, i have actual work to do today (huzzah!) so i can’t spend a lot of time on personals – but onebyone, yep! – about the kid thing. imagine working all day and then coming HOME to that! weekends too! :)

cheers, all. hoping everyone has a great day.

08-13-2009, 06:12 PM
kuhljeanie wrote: “i don’t have enough food – i won’t be able to get enough food – i should buy more food – i should eat more food so i won’t possibly be without later” feeling which has inspired me so many times to over-buy and over-order and over-pack and overeat. even more fundamental than barraging my brain with the advantages of losing weight seems to be this primal need to secure enough food. strikes me that it’s at the root of so many of my counter-productive eating behaviors, and the main difference in thinking between strugglers and non-strugglers with weight. non-strugglers don’t think much about it, don’t obsess, don’t worry, because they don’t have this basic underlying fear of scarcity. i hoard food – in the pantry, in the fridge, in the freezer, in my lunchbag, in my body.

My own form of this is "I must eat all of this RIGHT NOW because there won't be more later." I can clearly recall being a small kid and going grocery shopping once a month. My grandparents and I would fill two shopping carts for the three of us. Then, as soon as most of the groceries were put away it was a feeding frenzy for me. I would eat this and that and this and more of this and almost all of that, all the "good stuff", sharing in the food love with my grandmother. Usually after three days all the "good stuff" was gone and it was back to eating all the very large Hungarian food my grandmother cooked from scratch, offered to me with great love and an insistence that I have more--you can never have too much. Indeed. I never did feel that I ever had too much, or enough.

This afternoon and this morning I had snacks. And this afternoon I actually asked myself "are you hungry?" it was a fairly clear "no" but I ate it anyway. I am eating over my anxiety of driving to see my family tomorrow and the graveside internment and seeing my mother -- actually never mind the people I simply haven't ever driven there before, on my own, and back. 1.5hrs. Guess there's a first time for everything. I'm determined to do it and things will be how they are you know? I have mixed reports of how "bad" my mother is now--if her Alzheimer's has progressed or what so I'll see for myself what's up with that...but it's kind of a tough day to assess this stuff. A very tension-filled sad event so my mother is bound to be more absent-minded than normal.

Anyway, this is my worry/concern and it's what's driving my extra food consumption today. I think I'm done with it now but I felt the frenzy of "get it while you can" beneath the behaviour. Thanks for the memory jog kuhljeanie.

08-13-2009, 10:01 PM
I just want to make a quick ‘trip report’ from the Rapid City airport. :) We had a great time. Although it was quite a drain on my DH driving back and forth to Rapid City from the lodge every day (2.5 hours round trip). We all enjoyed the Hills, and my DS was proud and excited to show them off to his SO. The ladies had a great time, although MIL was definitely more easily tired this trip. But she’s still doing amazingly well under the circumstances. My DH and I will return for Thanksgiving, and DH is likely to come once more before then.

The trip was a great success from an exercise perspective. I exercised as much or more than I do at home every day (except travel days like today). I look forward to doing our favorite hikes next year. DH and DS did Harney Peak yesterday. After taking a walk around Sylvan Lake, DS’s SO and I hiked the first 20% or so to meet them on their way back down. We startled them by jumping out of the bushes – and all had a good laugh. I was stiff today, but not bad. I think with ‘training’ I can get up to speed on the bigger hikes. :D

My goal on this trip was to eat reasonably and mindfully. For the most part I succeeded quite well. I ordered food carefully to reduce fat and calories, and always left food on my plate. CREDIT I had dessert three times, so that was more than necessary. Oh well… We had chips in the room where I could see them (at home they are in the pantry, cloaked with an invisibility spell – hi Bill!) Three nights I chowed on them hard. Ouch! But my DH promises to hide the chips in a man-sized safe on future trips. And I’ll bone up on my invisibilty spells… ;)

Update: We were offered an opportunity to get free tickets if we stayed in Chicago overnight. We took it and got 2 free ticket vouchers and hope to use them to get tickets to visit Rapid City for Thanksgiving. I’ve eaten well today and hope to stick to it here at the hotel.

NSV: The seat belts on the planes I’ve ridden on this week have a lot more slack than I’ve had in years. I remember looking at my seatbelt last November and seeing I had only a couple inches to spare. I wondered what I was going to do when I could no longer buckle my seat belt on a plane. I had 12-18” to spare today, so no problem! :D I also don’t infringe on the personal space of the passengers sitting next to me anymore. I always felt incredibly uncomfortable when my arms would touch the arms of my seatmate, at least when that seatmate was not also my DH. . It was quite rewarding to stay well within the dimensions of my seat.

Trish (pattygirl63) Nice to hear from you! I’m glad that IE and Beck are working for you.

Kuhljeanie Man you had a seriously lousy day yesterday. CREDIT for overeating as a reaction to it. I think CBT is a great way to address the kinds of thoughts you are having. Like Beck there’s ‘work’ involved, including specifying the thoughts, rating how close to reality those thoughts are, and asking yourself the question ‘What’s the worst that can happen if I don’t buy food today?’ etc. I don’t know if that helps, but I think you are on the right track.

one by one It’s really cool that you are getting used to walking up and down stairs! Credit for choosing to do that instead of using the elevator sometimes. :woohoo: for hitting your mini-goal and then dropping even more weight!

Ouch for emotional eating today. I hope your day tomorrow is not too stressful…

Margaret Kudos for a late walk, and for no impulsive eating. :)

Bill Sounds like you had fun at the ball game. But is baseball turning into ice hockey? Credit for the good food choices at the game, and for fighting off sabotaging thoughts with a HP curse!

I didn’t see many birds in SD. We did see some large birds flying very high, several times. They weren’t bald eagles, but may have been another kind of eagle or a large hawk. This morning I saw two little birds (sparrows? Wrens?) discussing something quite important on our balcony. On the other hand, we did see a lot of Pronghorns and Bison. We saw a dozen or so Mule Deer, and 3 Yellowtail Deer. We did not see the elusive Mountain Goat or Big Horned Sheep. (oh well…)

Erika Kudos for losing 2 lbs. Credit for being op and leaving food on your plate. It’s always hard to leave sushi behind… ;) And I’m glad to hear the sleeping and mental prowess both seem to be getting better. BTW – Body Worlds has been touring the US, my son saw it in Cincinnati and raved about it several times. Perpaps it’s coming to Toronto, or Hamilton?

Walking Princess
08-14-2009, 01:37 AM

It was a much better day today. My son is not as freaked out as yesterday. I had to really keep him busy though, it was hard! We had a campout tonight for a while and had some marshmallows on a graham cracker (I had to skip my snacks today so I would have enough calories). I took him to an indoor playground with this best friend and that really cheered him up too. My exercise plans again fell through due to having to do a few more things than normal for my little guy. He's worth it though. I did do 15 minutes today though because Dr. Beck always says to do "even 5 minutes as to not break your exercise habit". Credit for moi! ;) My eating was on plan too which luckily despite everything going on, I stayed within my calorie range, yea!!!

Bill - great job on getting your lentils in - twice! :lol: At least you can say you eat very healthy! lol. Sounds like you are doing great at the gym too!

Erika - don't worry about the scale. It can just be you are retaining some fluids or just your body chemistry for the day. Hang in there, you are doing great! :hug:

OnebyOne - sounds like you've got a great plan for your business! I'll bet you will sell lots of things! :-) Enjoy your day and stay positive!

ChinaMaine - so glad you had a nice trip. Good to have you back. You did great with your eating on the trip - especially when you are eating out so much. I think it's awesome you were able to leave food on your plate so many times. Great job!

Off to bed. Let's hope I can finally sleep tonight, I'm exhausted!


Jeannie - I feel so bad for what happened to you yesterday that is just awful :( I think it's great that you didn't turn to food despite what had happened. I don't know if I would have been that strong. Way back in the old days, humans used to hoard food like there was no tomorrow because they didn't know if they would have enough for winter and other times since food was more scarce. I think that we are pre-wired for that in a way if that makes any sense? So I can understand your situation with that. Sending big :hug:

08-14-2009, 06:29 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Busy at work so didn't remember my morning snack. Just Wow, since I count on that snack for Beck's notion to deflect all desires to eat with knowing that a snack was or would be within a few hours. Then had lunch late. Then worked too late to have both my walk and my afternoon snack before dinner, so chose my walk. Sorta Oh Well for being off plan with two skipped snacks, but CREDIT moi for, rather unexpectedly, taking that in stride without believing that I'm suffering from hunger.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Congrats for taking the steps to get your car repaired. Ouch that it's such a PITA, as most auto repairs are. Yea for being busy at work.

Interesting thoughts about your "lizard brain" hoarding food. I certainly got the food-hoarding addiction. There is strong appeal to me to have a backup container of everything in the pantry; just feels good. My DW, on the other hand, enjoys having a less crowded pantry and only buys what she needs to take her to next weeks shopping.

onebyone - Yea for paycheques; beware, they're addictive. Kudos for thinking ahead to sales for xmas 2010. Rather obviously, that's onebyone-thinking going on. Neat to think about a website.

Sending supportive thoughts for driving to your aunt's interment and all the emotions that go with family interactions.

ChinaMaine - Welcome back! Your trip sounds both delightful and healthy. Yea that your MIL is still healthy enough to participate. Love the story of climbing up partway to startle your DH and DS. Kudos for exercising more each day - it's great that you got your body ready to be able to do that.

Ouch for the chips; LOL at your notion of "invisibility spell" - gotta try that with some stuff around here that catches my attention.

Neat seeing "Pronghorns and Bison ... a dozen or so Mule Deer, and 3 Yellowtail Deer." I'd love to see Pronghorns; hadn't heard of yellow tail deer. LOL at your birds discussing something of importance.

Erika (eusebius) - Thanks for the explanation about olive oil in the Shargri-La diet. Neat that it's working for you. Kudos for eating dinner without distraction; I'm not there myself.

Your comment, "...but have little desire for more (unless I smell chocolate cake)" reminds me that one of the thinnest women I know has the (I assume rare) no sense of smell. I'd never before thought of that as affecting her size before your comment today. I wonder if that's true for all people who don't have the sense of smell.

Kara (Walking Princess) - Neat that you put out the extra dose of parenting to help your DS be less freaked out missing his dad. Love the idea of a backyard campout with graham crackers and marshmallows. Kudos for doing your 15 minutes of exercise to not break the habit; gotta remember that myself when I'm entertaining all the thoughts about why it's impossible.

Readers - the solution at a glance
. . .
• The way you think - seeing hunger as an emergency, overestimating the discomfort and duration of cravings, underestimating how thin people restrict their eating - makes it more difficult for you to stick with a diet.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 43.

08-14-2009, 08:05 AM
Morning Coaches -

Once again OP with food and exercise. Once again up a half pound. I know that obsessing about this is a manifestation of the yeti. Doesn't make it easier, but I'm going to get that oversized varmint. (Cue Bill Murray in Caddyshack: Varmint Cong!)

Today: cardio, and a recording session with a tenor. Then DD has a sleepover at her daycare ... a most brilliant innovation which I recommend to all daycares! DH and I will go to a fine Italian restaurant for dinner. I have already devised my plan of attack ... wish me luck!

onebyone - have you considered opening a store on It seems very easy and folks can buy your stuff with paypal directly. I buy fiber and yarn from people on etsy quite a lot.

kuhljeanie - what a great insight about food scarcity. I think a response card, at least, would definitely be in order ... would love to know what you come up with.

ChinaMaine - Kudos for doing so very well with food and exercise on your trip!! Free plane tickets are a great bonus. Nice feeling to have the seatbelts fit you comfortably again. I just noticed that we are very nearly the same height and weight right now ... cool! We can inspire each other with our success :carrot:

Not sure if Body Worlds is hitting Toronto or H-town. Must check their site - good point!

Kara - Kudos for OP food and exercise (I love the 15 minute approach)!! SO glad you had a better day. Thanks for the kind and wise words about the scale ... I will try to remember!

Bill - Wow, what a feeling to forget to eat and then realize it later! I am hoping to experience this sometime soon ;) Completely fascinating about the thin woman with no sense of smell. SOme of the people on the Shangri-La forums ( ( actually wear a swimmer's noseclip to eat some of their food - apparently if you consume flavourless or bland calories at a meal, you have less desire later to eat.

Off to enjoy the morning quiet - vipassana followed by coffee. Have a fabulous Friday!

08-14-2009, 09:34 AM
Good Morning Coaches

I am reminded to stick to the foodplan this morning by my upper thigh muscles. They are tingling today. *sigh* I need this weight offa my body! All that walking/moving and stair climbing and my legs did not hurt once. Here I am, day two spent mostly at rest and they are. What's up with that? Guess my body wants to move is all I can figure...or I am more distracted while at work keeping up with teenage co-workers (all around 16) and trying not to let my "old ladieness" show. So far, it's mostly tucked in ;)

yesterdays credits:
1) planned exercise: walked to art store from bank and then to bus stop carrying a bundle of canvases.

today's credit: weighed in once, -0.8lbs (269.8)
credit for printing out and planning to take the "rural route" back from my mother's place this afternoon. I will bite the bullet and drive the pavement dominated freeway to her house, but will take the la-de-da way back home to see cows and farms and crops and ruralness on windy country roads. I tried this once before with DH but there's a weird little slight turn you need to remember to do that I never remember so we end up on the freeway to come home after all. THIS time, I have written directions! Credit for planning some fun into an otherwise demanding and somber day.

This will be my first trip driving to my mother's by myself. DH could have come but there is no need for him to do that. I have to become more confident in my driving and there's only one way to get that; to do it. I am loosely planning to travel to out of town festivals next year with my artwork and DH can't come as he works on the weekends when these shows are so I will have to drive myself then. Better to get comfortable with this kind of thing sooner rather than later.

Gotta run. Will check back later. There is pizza perhaps today so will plan to have one slice, two if I am truly starving. Two is max.


08-14-2009, 12:00 PM
Anybody know where I lost my commitment, because I can't seem to find it for more than a couple hours at a time. Still I struggle on. Two steps forward, two steps back.


08-14-2009, 12:48 PM
anne, you're still with us! at the end of the day, that's success! i should think two steps forward and back would count as exercise. :) if nothing else, it's not moving backwards. i'm finally wise enough to understand what a victory that is. chin up, lady! what's an advantage that really moves you? can you tell us about it? onebyone, good observation about moving your body. i also just feel better when i'm moving around more. erika, i feel ya! am wondering how to work with my own yeti instead of fighting her. she's pretty strong. :) bill, echoing the others - you FORGOT to eat your snack? you pretty much just snagged yourself a unicorn, partner. wow. i know people who say they've done it, but not foody-people like me. wow. a shining beacon of the light of possibility...:D and thanks so much kara! it's all good...just need to focus on the positive, like the amazing features of the garmin 855T that i didn't have before. (voice recognition! bluetooth! audible books and mp3 player!) i did end up going over my calories by 140, which is (oddly) the exact number of cals in a dark chocolate and cherry bar that one might eat at 9:00 pm instead of working out. funny thing, that. :^:

planning a dinner out with the family and my mom. all her suggestions are pretty much calorie bombs, so i'm online, researching the best options and once i've decided will close the book with a "no choice." i'm getting to the end of the window for getting myself healthy for a potential nino #2 - time to get serious about my commitment. still thinking about my intense fear of scarcity and ways to counter it, since it doesn't seem to live in my rational mind, but somewhere deeper. am thinking about NPL to re-program the lower levels. that or hypnosis, maybe? hm.

looking forward to a hot, humid summer weekend at kings island with el nino, while DH does his thing at a lakehouse with some buddies. i hope he can relax a little. i'm going to be on vacation just for saturday and sunday. :)

08-14-2009, 10:32 PM
Anybody know where I lost my commitment, because I can't seem to find it for more than a couple hours at a time. Still I struggle on. Two steps forward, two steps back.


I think you and I have stepped into some sort of vortex.

Walking Princess
08-15-2009, 01:52 AM
Happy Friday everyone!

My little guy is finally settling down again. He did very well today, almost back to normal :yay: DH will be home again in 2 days. We've been able to talk to him every day. He is having lots of fun although he got bit by a wasp today while hiking! :yikes:

Anyway, I ate on plan for breakfast. For lunch, a lady in my department had won free lunch for the department from Chipotle. I thought carefully about it and ordered a chicken burrito with only chicken, salsa, and black beans in it (no cheese, sour cream or guac) and then I only ate half of it and gave the rest to one of my friends. Big huge credit!! I checked the nutrition info and it was only 365 calories and 9g fat! :woohoo: I was so proud of myself and I was perfectly content with the amount of food I ate. Dinner was op too so I am so happy! I had cramps this afternoon and didn't feel like exercising but I made myself do a 30 minute workout since most of the week had been sketchy on the exercise due to my crazy schedule this week. I was glad I did.

Onebyone - yes, your body LOVES to move! It is so good for you! Great job on your weight loss again today! :carrot: How did you do with the pizza in the office today?

Bill - I think it's still a credit even though you missed your snacks. Yes, that part isn't the best, but the fact that you weren't in a panic thinking you were going to starve to death (that was what I used to do) is a huge credit! Great job! And you are op with exercise too so great job!

Erika - enjoy the time with your dh while your dd is at the sleepover ;) Great job staying op with the food and exercise! :)

Robin & Anne - so sorry to hear you are struggling. I don't know if this would help, but when that happens to me, I just refocus by reading my ARCs several time and I read every single one until I feel better

Jeannie - great job on pre-planning your dinner out. I know you will do great!

Talk to you all later. Have a good evening!


08-15-2009, 08:00 AM
Morning Coaches -

OK, I think I may have achieved something of a breakthrough today. Two keys for me:
a) measuring portions
b) eating without distractions
The second is clearly very important - I eat much less and feel full much sooner. Imagine going out to a fine Italian restaurant and finding yourself down a pound the next morning! That's what I experienced today.
Also, we decided to walk to & from the restaurant instead of driving (allowing DH to really enjoy his wine, which is great since I only wanted one glass out of the bottle - LOL). That was 40 min of spontaneous exercise - credit! Then I ate absolutely no bread (all those breadbasket examples from Beck came back to my mind), about a 1/3 of a small antipasto appetizer, and no more than 1/2 of my whole wheat pasta entree - credit.
Today: a children's festival with DD on the shores of Lake Ontario. A gorgeous sunny day is forecast for us here - I'm excited!

onebyone - Credit for all the exercise you're doing, planned or unplanned! How great that your body wants to move now ... go with it!!

wndranne - I hear ya. Most of this past year, that's how I felt. Your mojo will return, I know it. Hang in there! Meanwhile, two steps forward and two steps back sounds like a line from my '90s Kathy Smith aerobics videos ;)

kuhljeanie - credit for researching restaurant options online! NLP does seem to work on a very deep level ... could be a good option for you. Hope your weekend with el nino is fun & relaxing.

RobinW - :wave: LOL at the "vortex". I'm imagining you and wndranne dressed up as Trinity and Neo in their über-cool black uniforms. Very slimming :lol:

Kara - Big kudos for eating OP and finding a great lunch option at Chipotle! Fantastic! Glad to hear your little guy is settling down a bit.

Bill - LOL, I think I got up earlier than you today. I would never have predicted that a couple of weeks ago! Hope your Friday was great.

DD is still at the sleepover - we pick her up at 10 AM - so a few hours of real quiet are now all mine! Have a great weekend all!


08-15-2009, 08:05 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Ate appropriately at diner last night; CREDIT moi. The two kids were over with their SO's for steak and corn on the patio with pineapple for dessert. The menu was planned around a bottle of the new THICK Worcester Sauce that I had bought on sale because I wanted to taste the stuff. DS didn't bother waiting for the steak, he sampled it on a lime flavored chip, which I then tried. Kinda neat - got the feeling of eating a steak with a cracker, LOL. If you need to know, it tastes like A1 Sauce.

Did gym, CREDIT moi, even though I had to rush home for my part in preparing for dinner. Concentrated on NOT comparing myself to the guy using 80# dumbbells or to the guy doing a dozen pull ups. Or to the woman who was effortlessly doing warm up stretches on the mat that I will never be able to duplicate. Nope, not me, didn't even notice.

Yesterday's email from the Beck Institute (anyone can sign up for their mailing list on looking for a woman of color in her thirties who has lost weight using Beck and kept it off for a year or more. If you want the contact info, email me,

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Happy vacation for the weekend. Kudos for doing your homework before your family dinner and planning to cast a NO CHOICE at the affair.

Interesting to think of NLP to reprogram the lizard brain. Have you done NLP before?

onebyone - Sending supportive thoughts for your journey today and for your family interactions.

Congrats on having a body that wants to move; not that's a motivator. Glad that you don't compare yourself to those 16 year olds. Yep, we evolved people wouldn't think of comparing ourselves. Nope we don't, LOL.

Robin (RobinW) - Ouch for the vortex thinking. Summer will end; DD will be back in school and your stride will return. Sending supportive thoughts.

Anne (wndranne) - Ouch for the Texas Two Step. Kudos for keeping in the game even when you wish you were winning more. Methinks there's value in focusing on the things you're doing well to benefit from giving yourself credit - feed that part of you that struggling to get fully onboard. Sending supportive thoughts.

Erika (eusebius) - Continued Kudos for continued OP with food and exercise. But Big Kudos for recognizing that it's your Yeti trying to obsess over the scale wiggle. Vamoose you Yeti!!!

Interesting Shangri-La notion that bland at a meal reduces desire later, which would seem to correlate with all the folks who report eating OP at a tasty restaurant then coming home and eating straight out of the fridge.

Kara (Walking Princess) - Kudos for such a good job facing a FREE lunch at Chipotle's. That's some good Beck planning there. And then going for your exercise despite the Sabotaging Thoughts to skip it.

Yea for the little guy settling down. It's rough being little when the grownups do unpredictable things.

Readers - the solution at a glance
. . .
• No matter what your mindset is like today, you will learn how to change it, not only to lose weight, but also to make sure that you keep it off - permanently.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 43.

08-15-2009, 08:58 AM
Good Morning Coaches

I'm about to start my day and take off so I thought I'd check in before I get busy.

credit weighed once on the scale (this is still hard! to just step on it once and not 3x!) -0.4 (269.4)

This is totally shocking to me that I am NOT my familiar 270.6 this morning. I ate a fair bit yesterday. My Beck skills weren't really front and center. I still ate even when I knew I wasn't hungry. I questioned it, for a second or two, but the desire for the next round of food/eating won. I only cared about doing that just before I stepped on the scale this morning. perhaps I need to write a response card conjuring up this image for myself. I often DON'T regret overeating right away--I can easily compartmentalize this--but during weigh-in I remember and dread what I did, after I've slept on it. So I think I may be onto something effective for me in this realization.

So I had the graveside event yesterday, saw the family, and I wasn't much of a mingler. I was intent on figuring out how my mother was really doing. She has Alzheimer's, early stages I think, but as DH said he found her "easily confused and easily led. She'd be the perfect target for a scammer." Indeed. And she has three cats and litter boxes in every room of the house; proof she has lost her sense of smell (along with her tastebuds) due to the Alzheimer's meds she takes. She's perfectly lucid and all there and then she'll say "are you still painting?" and come back to the same question 5 or 6 times. It just never seems to sink in--not everything but some things over and over. I will be relieved when she's out of her isolated home and in a senior's care residence. It's worrisome to have her there by herself. Luckily she never cooked so she really doesn't even think of that. BUT she was a big walker, never owned a car until she retired and learned how to drive, so now she'll get it in her head the cats are hungry (there are large bags of cat food in plain sight) and will take off for the grocery store on the other end of her small town. For now, she makes it back, but some day she won't know how to do that.... this is worrisome indeed. :(

Anyway that's it. I have lots of art work to do today plus a visit to a new farmers market to jury stuff in for me and my friend. We'd like to try it -- it's cheap and he just got a car so I don't have to pay for a rental, just share in the gas. After that I have to complete many things to be ready for the Women's Art festival tomorrow. :dizzy:

Better get at it.

BTW I wanted to report that the class food pusher i mentioned ages ago, who always brought expensive chocolate and biscuits to class and "insisted" we have them, but I never saw her eat any ( due to her "health issues" she claimed) got me again! She had an art opening at the student gallery on Thursday. I went to support her and see her work (and pick up my paycheck too) before I even thought about it I was eating proscuito wrapped around a melonball! Only as I placed the toothpick onto the plate of other used toothpicks did I realize she got me! I had already chosen my food from her offerings and ate them, but she pulled out an empty-but-for-these-two-little-proscuito-you-must-try-them-I-read-they-are-good-for-you-air-dried-blahblahblah *pop* in my mouth more to shut her up about them than that I really wanted it. She's GOOD.

really have to run now. Have a great Saturday...

A special :wave: to RobinW and wrdranne I know what it is to not know if you'll ever get back on track or if you want to or what. As Dr. Beck rightly points out many things need to be in place to "do this thing". Just keep checking in... it's happening and you'll soon find yourself on track once more. I promise. :hug: to you both.

08-15-2009, 11:41 AM
It’s wonderful to be home! Moose and the cat seem to like having us home too. ;) On the way home from the airport we stopped and bought fruit, veggies, milk and boneless, skinless chicken thighs (for dinner). We made one of our typical dinners, sat by the lake with Moose, and just celebrated our homecoming.

At sunset, I dragged my DH out to the kayaks (wanting to share the experience of seeing the sunset from the kayak). We paddled around the island. Seeing the sunset, DH was happy to have been dragged out. As I was paddling into the dock, a startled Great Blue Heron flew right in front of us, voicing his displeasure. I gather the big rock next to our dock is his rock. We really should be more considerate… ;)

:yay: WI-down 3.25 lbs (10 days since my last weigh-in). :woohoo: I passed my last mini-goal, so my next one is 166 lbs. Did not read my cards or make a plan – I’ll get back into the groove today. Food – op, Exercise – I plan to skip exercise on travel days, so I guess I was on-plan. We did do that 15 min kayak paddle last night though.

one by one I’m sorry about the situation with your Mom, I can understand being worried. Have you selected a senior’s care residence yet?

Ouch for the food pusher – though it seems what she pushed you into wasn’t a big calorie hit… I like your idea of having a RC to remind you what you’ll feel like later should you go off-plan. Very Beckian…

I think it’s kind of neat that your body is letting you know that exercise is good. Oh, and credit for losing more weight!

Bill Sounds like dinner on the patio was fun! My Dad was quite an elitist about steak sauce (‘if you buy GOOD steak, you don’t cover the flavor with steak sauce’). Consequently I will probably never use it; I think I enjoy my feeling of superiority over lesser mortals too much…

Ooops! You caught me, I meant whitetail deer! Jeez…

Erika Kudos for the insights! Both are important to eating more healthfully, I think. Credit for walking to-and-from dinner!

I think it'd be fun to be buddies -- so you are also around 170-ish and 5'4"?

Kara Great job at Chipotle! Isn’t it cool to eat healthfully, feel full, and feel great that you CHOSE to eat that way? One of the things that motivates me is having that feeling of control. (I am a control-freak, so not everyone may feel that way!! ;))

Anne, Robin :hug: I have been there so many times – without motivation and not knowing how to get it back... Posting here, and doing whatever you can to eat well and exercise are probably the best ways to tread water until you have motivation again. Would revisiting Beck’s principles (in book or workbook) help? Or perhaps giving yourself small daily rewards for some behavior you feel is important to getting you back on track?

Kuhljeanie I hope the dinner with your Mom went well, and that you are having fun at King’s Island!

08-15-2009, 01:08 PM
I seem to have caught a cold! A cold!! In the middle of this heat wave?!?!? How did that happen....Im sooooooooo not impressed!

Thanks everyone for your hugs and support. I am doing my best to maintain the loss since Christmas. Im holding my own...but fluctuating between 5 and 8 lbs up and down.

I know sitting down with my beck book will probably help...but Im not quite ready yet.

This heat just sucks the life out of me. Not to mention, the shop has been crazy busy (which is good) but the tiredness and lack of desire to cook healthy meals just isnt there at all.

I think I was born in the wrong part of the country....even northern ontario for me was too hot. I think I should have been born somewhere up in the yukon! :lol:

Have a great weekend everyone! Off to the movies with dd to see G-Force in 3d!! :lol:

08-15-2009, 02:47 PM
Thanks everyone. I've been making progress with the work stress, and my exercise/training is getting back on track.

I'm thinking I should make a commitment to do one thing every day this week in pursuit of weight management. Just one thing. I'm stuck on figuring it out.

OK. I will read my ARC once/day, my Memory cards, read 5 minutes of Beck, and come back here and tell you about it. (Sure, this is more than one thing, but hey, I obsess.)


08-15-2009, 11:18 PM
Hi everyone! I'm new. Anyone want to be my buddy?

I made my first four Response Cards and my Advantages Deck today.

08-16-2009, 12:06 AM
It was a quiet day at home. I did a 30 minute upper body workout (the first time @ 30 minutes), credit! I had hoped to weed for an hour or so, but since it didn’t drop below 90 degrees until after 5 PM, I decided discretion was the better part of valor. Instead of weeding, at 5:30 DH and I walked Moose for 1 mile and kayaked for about 20 minutes. Credit moi.

:df: Made a plan, read my cards. Food – op, Exercise – op.

Robin Sorry you have a cold, feel better! Maintaining without motivation is hard – so congrats. You’ll get the motivation back soon.

About the heat, I feel the same way. Being in the city in this kind of heat is very draining; it doesn’t really cool down at night. I hope this heat wave breaks soon – maybe Monday night?

Anne Your plan sounds reasonable – credit! Just beware of all-or-none thinking, it’s great if you accomplish some, but not all, of your goals, right?

gardenerjoy :welcome3: We’ll all be your buddies here. Credit for making such a strong start: response cards and advantage cards - :bravo:

Walking Princess
08-16-2009, 01:13 AM
Hi everyone,

I went out to lunch with my mom today at PF Changs and only ate 1/2 of my meal with no dessert! I was so proud of myself!!! Then I came home and did my exercise. Another credit! My little guy talked me in to going to our local pizza buffet (his favorite) and I caved since Daddy isn't home and I know he's been missing him so much. Unfortunately, I also caved at the pizza place and ate 3 1/2 slices + a small piece of dessert pizza :mad: Bad me! I came home, did some cleaning and read my cards. Hopefully all the cleaning burned a little of that off.

Erika - congrats on your 2 breakthroughs! that's great news! :carrot: I doubt I'd be able to go out for Italian food and weigh 1 lb less the next day! Great job. Ah, thanks, I really tried hard to make a good choice yesterday and I was so proud of how I did. I think I'm really starting to see some breakthroughs myself.

Bill - great job NOT comparing yourself to others. Just concentrate on yourself and your goals. You are doing GREAT!! :D Thanks for the kind words on my luncheon yesterday. I really tried hard to do it right and I felt good about how I handled it. THe old me would have ate the whole thing and added a few more things too! ;)

onebyone - don't feel bad about the food pusher. Some people really sneak up on you like that - they are really sly! If you did good the rest of the time, then just say "oh well" like Dr. Beck says.

ChinaMaine - congrats on the weight loss! That is wonderful news! :carrot: Welcome home, I'll bet you are happy to see Moose again! Thanks! I do actually feel good that I was in control of the food rather than the reverse. It is usually the one that controls me and this time I was in control. It felt good!

Robin - so sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I hope you feel better soon! Hang in there with the plan. Do NOT give up ok? We won't let you! Just do what you can :)

Anne - sounds like you've got a great plan! I know you'll do great! :)

Gardnerjoy - welcome to our group! Great job on getting your first cards made. You will find them quite helpful. I read mine several times every day. It helps me to stay focused. So glad you have joined us! Don't worry, we will ALL be your buddies. This is quite a wonderful group!

Have a good evening!

08-16-2009, 07:31 AM
:welcome: Joy (gardenerjoy) :welcome:

And, in honor of joining 3FatChicks yesterday, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about the Beck books?

And how did you find this thread on 3FC?

08-16-2009, 08:09 AM
Morning Coaches -

The scale shows a whoosh down TWO pounds this morning. Wow, I hope this lasts for my official weigh-in tomorrow. Good incentive to behave at my parents' for dinner tonight :lol:

I've got to say, this oil thing works like a charm. My MIL was telling me about it 3 years ago, and I completely had to bite my lip to keep from laughing in her face. Ha! Who's laughing now! I do think, however, that the combination of Shangri-La and WW is the best for me ... because hunger signals are definitely not the only reason I used to eat. Now I eat within my points range and mostly have no desire to do otherwise ... and should a sabotaging thought come up, Beck is there to combat it. Amazing that one needs such an arsenal of tools to work on the weight issue!

Yesterday was a bit stressful ... the glass of wine I had at dinner Friday completely knocked me out for most of Saturday. It seems that alcohol and this new antidepressant really don't get along. Oh Well ... that's 2 extra points I can use for food if I need them! BUT THEN - my DH, who has an anaphylactic allergy to eggs, ate a spoonful of egg-laden ice cream by accident. Oh, that was not a good scene! He then had to drive us home, because I don't have a license, and load up on antihistamines. Now he will feel gross for days. Sigh ...

Bill - CREDIT for appropriate eating at a family dinner and also huge credit for ignoring sabotaging thoughts about gym show-offs. Instead think about me and my measly plastic 5-pounders, LOL.

onebyone - congrats on -0.4 and making it into a new "decade"!! I hope that your mom can find a good place to live where she can get the care she needs. :hug: to you & mom. And ... have a great day at the Women's Art Festival today!

ChinaMaine - welcome home, LOL! To me your home sounds like an idyllic vacation spot. Big congrats on -3.25!! Woohoo! Yep, I'm 5'4" and at my last weighin was 167, down from 172 when I restarted WW a few weeks back. Buddying up would be great ... if you'd like my email feel free to send a PM! I will actually be in New Brunswick as soon as next weekend ... not sure yet if we are driving home through Maine but if we are I'll definitely let you know!

Robin - Summer colds suck. I had one a few weeks ago when my daughter got sick. Oh, the heat these days has been bad enough to suck the life out of anyone. It was 35 with humidity here yesterday. I highly recommend Newfoundland for very cool (temp-wise) summer vacations, LOL!

wndranne - Big kudos for your stepwise plans to get back on track with Beck! I will be rooting for you! Great job on your exercise and on your approach to work stress!

gardenerjoy - welcome!! This is IMO one of the best weight loss support groups on the net. Would love to read your advantages response card if you're willing to share it with us. What part of Missouri is Kirkwood located in? I'm a Canuck and not really familiar with that part of the US.

Kara - Great job at PF Changs!! Ouch for the extra 'za, but you'll definitely burn that off quickly. How are things going with Beck for you?

Have a great Sunday everyone! Vanquish the Yeti!


08-16-2009, 08:34 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Joy for a little thing when I stopped at a yard sale while out walking (CREDIT moi). They had a plate of warm, fresh baked, home made, chocolate chip cookies under a sign "FREE - thanks for stopping by." I didn't partake; CREDIT moi. Then used that little exercise of my resistance muscle to avoid stopping at Whole Foods; CREDIT moi again.

Blueberries are really good right now - and locally at a good price. So DW and I each independently decided to stock up without coordinating. Alas, we're awash in blueberries. My job is to consume them before they rot. Tough job, but I'm up to it, LOL.

onebyone - Seems to me that you did well at the somber occasion of your aunt's interment. Trying to evaluate your mother's mental state is an emotional tough job; sending you supportive thoughts for the processing of that information and for trying to figure out what you can do from a distance. I wish you well.

And Congrats for navigating the drive there and back.

Ouch for the class food pusher. Thanks for the reminder that food pushers have fine skills to get around are regular defenses. "...good-for-you..." is particularly fighting dirty. You might want to try some of the Harry Potter Black Arts when you next see her, LOL.

Yukon Robin (RobinW) - Kudos for maintaining since Christmas even when the spirit is fighting back. Ouch for the cold and the heat simultaneously. Keep the faith, you'll find your path back to where you want to be.

But, Congrats for the good business. I just heard about another architect friend who is on "Temporary Leave" because business is slow.

Anne (wndranne) - Kudos for going forth one step at a time. Progress in the work stress seems like a good foundation to allow some emotional energy for your other stuff.

And Kudos for making a commitment to do just one thing each day when doing every thing seems out of reach. There's a lesson for me in that one.

ChinaMaine - Yea for making it home; Double Yea for being welcomed by a happy Moose. Love the notion of your Great Blue Heron being territorial about his rock.

Thanks for the reminder from your Dad about steak sauce. Since red meat becomes more and more infrequent in our menu it is difficult to imagine when I would want to use the stuff again. It was probably a good idea back when massive hamburger steaks were part of my life when I was in my twenties.

Erika (eusebius) - Kudos for the two keys to your breakthru: measuring portions and eating without distractions. Those are big commitments; good job.

Love reading your success at the Italian Restaurant, both the walking and the portion control. Great reminder to me that I don't have to be a victim of portion size chosen by the restaurant.

And congrats for getting up earlier than me yesterday. I won't be surprised if we cross-post again this morning, LOL.

Kara (Walking Princess) - Kudos for the stellar show at P. F. Chang's with your mom. Ouch for the tough pizza buffet later. Good for you for keeping it all in perspective, for simply moving forward and not getting stuck.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for making your Response Cards; would you care to share them with us here?

Yep, I'll sign up to be one of your Diet Buddies and request that you be one of mine. As Kara (Walking Princess) said, we're all on board.

Readers - This program is designed to help you solve the problems that have made dieting difficult for you in the past.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 45.

08-16-2009, 11:43 AM
Especially Gardenerjoy, Welcome, kindred spirit.

Joy is the first word that comes to mind when I hear "garden"...though, to me "garden" is flowers, not veggies. Veggies are a necessary gardening "chore", since I live on Pesto in the summer, herbs are a must .and a few other basics as well. of course. The rest is "joy".

Be forewarned, Beckies, I have pics coming. A friend did a huge shoot for me last Tues. in evening light...8 of the 9 flower gardens..the "Plunk it Down" garden got neglected, but that one is exactly as it sounds. It works, though.

wndranne, sorry for your struggles. You have been so successful and come so far, I am sure you are just in one of those phases where even though not satisfied, you aren't going back that whole tremendous amount, and so motivation is harder to find. Look what it took to shock me back out of that "good enough" mode........tremendous sadness..major life change. Glad it worked. Still sad, but not *quite* as much; time heals all wounds. It is really weird getting used to being hungry and a being OK with it, but I do have a few #s left to lose and that is the only way it is going to happen.

Whoever warned "beware of the all or nothing" thinking gave good advice. My two cents of the "one thing at a time" would be back to Beck..the one thing that works for me 100% IF I DO IT..big IF, but IF I DO IT, it works 100% of the time, is write everything down. I know you used to do it..if you can only do one thing, that would be my 1 thing. I don't know how you juggle it all to do as much as you are advice, dear one, is take the time for you to write it all down..every bite. It is a rainy day here, The Magician is calling! :-)

Heard and danced to some great blues last night..I mean GREAT blues, and there was reference made to an old blues guy, Hound Dog Taylor. I was so happy to say I had heard him 30 years ago in Iowa City. Great fun. ...There *are advantages to being ancient!

08-16-2009, 11:37 PM
ChinaMaine and Walking Princess: Thanks for the welcome. I thought this might be a mass buddy network!

BillBlueEyes: I'm a librarian -- books find me. Beck popped out from the pile for me after I read The End of Overeating by David Kessler. He made the case that I eat the way that I do because the food industry conditioned me to do so. The only path to eating the way I want is to recondition myself. But he was skimpy on the details. I knew from my perusing of books that detailed reconditioning is what Beck is famous for, so that was my next book choice.

I found this thread by looking around 3FC to see what plans people were actively following. The activity of this thread jumped out.

On your extra blueberries. Last year, I pureed blueberries and froze the puree in ice cube trays. Later, I popped the puree cubes out and stored them in a freezer bag. All winter and especially this spring when the weather got warm before the berries ripened, I thawed a cube of puree to use as a healthy topping for my chocolate frozen yogurt.

eusebius: Kirkwood is a suburb of St. Louis.

maryblu: I like flowers, too! Looking forward to your pictures. I made pesto today. My basil grew like crazy this year.

Since eusebius and BillBlueEyes asked, my Advantages List:

I want to get off my blood pressure medication.
I want to live longer.
I will have more energy.
My health span will more closely match my life span.
I will have accomplished an important and difficult feat.
I will experience less pain in my knees, hips, and back.
I will be able to work in my garden more and longer.
I will be able to get on the ground while doing photography -- and get back up!
I will look better.

Today I weighed myself. That's the first time in weeks and the first time in months that I converted from the kgs of the scale to lbs. It was a bit of a shocker. But I'm comforting myself with the knowledge that the loss will look all the more dramatic from the high number I got today. Weighing myself every day will be a change, obviously, but I'll try anything once.

Today's other credits: I read through Success Skill 3 (eating slowly) and Success Skill 4 (giving myself credit) -- both very relevant to my situation. Also, I realized that eating in my car is as bad as eating standing up, for me, for all of the same reasons and more. I walked on the treadmill when my outdoor walk got rained out. I invented a stir fry tonight to use up a bunch of veggies in the fridge -- and it was tasty!

08-17-2009, 06:40 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Ate well and on plan at a Mexican Restaurant last night; CREDIT moi. Devised a scheme to scoop salsa with a fork onto a chip which I then ate without the chip. Got a satisfying serving of salsa while using only about three chips. That's new for me. Chips were left in the basket which differs from my past when I was the reason that the waitress had to bring a second basket of them. I ordered chicken with cilantro sauce which was yummy and avoided the tortillas and tacos that usually run up my calories when eating Mexican.

Did two good walks despite the heat; CREDIT moi. Went to our community garden and harvested 12 BIG red tomatoes. Lunch included a sliced tomato with a little feta cheese and black pepper - didn't even need oil. Just heaven.

maryblu - Yea for "GREAT blues." Yea for hearing Hound Dog Taylor in person. Yea for eating Basil Pesto all summer. (Whole Foods sells other kinds of pesto, but I think of them as impostors.) My DW freezes pesto in cubes for us for the winter; it seems like magic every time. Basil and pine nuts are gifts from the gods.


Erika (eusebius) - Yea for the "whoosh down." Ouch for the negative reactions that hit both you and your DH. I hope you both recover quickly. The unexpected eggs is scary.

Yep, "Amazing that one needs such an arsenal of tools to work on the weight issue!" Don't know why that was amazing to me also, but it does seem like it's the case.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for converting to pounds to see your starting place; that seems like a big step. And Kudos for recognizing that eating in your car is the same as standing up. We do seem able to find multiple ways to eat mindlessly, LOL. I was SHOCKED be the amount of eating while standing that I was doing when Beck forced me to notice, and embarrassed to find myself nibbling from my plate as I walked to the table.

Thanks for sharing your Advantages Response Cards. I particularly like, "My health span will more closely match my life span."

Drooling over the thought of a freezer with "pureed blueberries" cubes next to my pesto cubes.

Readers - Every diet provides you with a plan that tells you what you should and shouldn't eat. But knowing what to eat is only a small part of successful dieting.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 45.

08-17-2009, 08:43 AM
Morning Coaches -

The two pounds stayed off! Yippeeee!! That is 7 so far. I get to change my ticker now. Wahooo ... And that is after eating roast beef and (massive trigger) mashed potatoes at my mom and dad's. Thanks Mom for making a low-calorie strawberry mousse for dessert. No thanks Mom for shoving a teaspoon of salad dressing in my mouth to find out if it tasted good. Seriously, she came into the living room where I was sitting with a spoonful of dressing and actually shoved it in my face. Can we say "food pusher?" Thank God I had activity points.

A useful exercise yesterday: making response cards for common sabotaging thoughts (Day 27). That Seven Question Technique is fantastic. I think it can be applied to virtually any sabotaging thought regardless of whether or not it relates to weight loss.

Bill - Your resistance muscle is Schwarzenegger-sized. I am in awe. Choc chippers and Mexican chippies!! MMMM ... fresh tomatoes with feta ... mmmmmm ...

maryblu - Can't wait to see your garden pics. Total agreement on writing everything down. Nothing works the way that does.

gardenerjoy - Yay, a librarian in our group! After having spent 8 years in grad school, librarians are my best friends ;) I definitely have David Kessler's book on my list to read. St. Louis sounds like a great city to live in. Are you from there originally? Thanks for sharing your ARC - love it. My favourite, like Bill's: "My health span will more closely match my life span." Extremely well put.

OK on to some quiet time. After my walk, my major task for the day is to write 750 words of program note about La Bohème. Nice excuse to listen to the old Freni/Pavarotti recording again.
Happy Monday and here's to a yeti-free week!


08-17-2009, 10:19 AM
Coaches/Buddies Just read my ARC. I'm always struck and surprised by the first one "To feel strong and competent." I forget that one. Heavy hitting RCs read. "How will I feel about it 10 minutes from now?" is the one that got me today. A couple of Memory Cards about feeling great after persisting through a tough period got me too. I also liked seeing the 5 lb goals that I met. I'd like to make another one of those. I'm inspired.

I'm glad I did this.

Now I need coffee. :)


08-17-2009, 10:58 AM
hi all beck buddies! welcome gardnerjoy! i was hoping for some gardening joy this summer - my first in a new house, where i will probably stay for the next several decades. had to bushwhack a bunch of yard just to have a clear spot, and after a super-exciting push from the squash plants, realized that we have a MAJOR deer issue. they ate everything. freakin' everything, down to the nubs. right after i started back at work - so no time to build a fortress to protect against them. i was so excited...sigh. next year, maybe?

had an interesting weekend in light of my insight late last week. el nino and i stayed with my mom, and spent most of the weekend at kings island. not a place overflowing with diet-friendly food choices. so i ordered moderately well (e.g. chicken sandwich with fries instead of bacon cheeseburger with fries.) ate mindfully, enjoyed, realized i didn't need most of the buns, or about half the fries. i looked at the food and thought about how the next meal would be arriving in a just a few hours, and i'd have the same access to pretty much whatever i wanted. thinking about this allowed me to stop before i got too full, and not to care when my mom/kid ate my fries, or DIDN'T, and the meal was over. i actually threw away tasty fries. aaaaah. i can't believe how much easier it is to do that when i think of food as ever-plentiful, ever-available, and mostly cheap. recalled a statistic i heard or read somewhere that you can spend 17% more money to get 44% more calories (don't quote me) and that's what the food industry wants you to do, because it makes them MORE money. just need to continue to tell myself that i'm in no danger of starvation. period. repeat. food everywhere.

this was also easy to remember at KI. i was walking around the waterpark, looking at all the bodies in bathing suits, and was so struck by how many people were overweight. some super-obese in motorized wheelchairs; some morbidly obese struggling to move; many, many just heavily overweight. old people, young people, lots of kids. reinforced that we live in a toxic food environment and it's absolutely stupid and pointless to judge myself, or anyone else, for making unhealthy choices that support the original intention of our biology. it's freakin' hard, hard work! we're fighting our bodies' natural inclinations, we're fighting a powerful and sophisticated industry that knows that it must get us to eat more poison, or face extinction itself. there's no morality here. just the need for survival, either working for or against us (depending on your point of view.) the beauty of beck is that her techniques set the stage for us to engage our own highest good at the time when our actions are most likely to be effective. i'm starting to put the pieces together in my own head, so it's speaking to the reasons i fall prey to my environment. yay.

yipes, that was a long stream of thought. thanks if you stayed with me. :)

feeling all crampy and gross. ready to fight the fight against sugar and salt. wish me luck! i can't believe that i didn't put on any bloat weight from this weekend's foray to the salt lick. will keep working my "i'm drowning in a sea of calorie-laden food - do i really need to eat (and subsequently wear) this?" muscle.

go anne, you rebounding, pulling-it-back-together beck buddy! erika, your mom sounds like my mom. who lost 80 lbs many, many years ago, and now gets her little fix of whatever by telling ME to order it, so she can have a small bite off my plate. this, of course, leaves me with the idea that i need to finish it so i don't waste it. ah, the universe gives me a perfect opportunity to work on exactly the thing i need to work on. thank you, universe. bill, mazel tov on your new little chip trick! i like it! also a little envious about the tomato love. i wish, wish, wish i liked tomatos, especially this time of year, when everyone is raving about the joy. alas, i've tried over and over again - not the crappy supermarket kind either, but the 17 different purple/pink/whatever colored heirlooms/beefsteaks/whatever from our organic CSA, less than 24 hours out of the ground. they just leave me cold. at least i can eat them now...when i was younger, just the smell made me sick. i just don't get it, and i wish i did! can't wait to see your garden pictures, mary! i've got a huge yard (front and back) that's close enough to cleared out that i should start thinking about what to do with it. wish you lived close enough to give me ideas...i'm such a newbie at the business of growing plants and flowers, i get overwhelmed. kara! great that you can give yourself credit for the part you rocked without beating yourself up for slipping. change is HARD!

onebyone, your mom's behavior sounds like my grandmother's. she used to ask the same questions 16 times and it was hard. but it wasn't actually alzheimers - the doctors & neurologists never identified it exactly, just some sort of progressive dementia. it's a very tough thing. let me know if you need mom wanted to move my g-ma to a home, but by the time she and my aunt had convinced my uncle that his mother was not going to get better, they realized that the move itself was going to be such a disrupter to her that it was better to leave her. she had a nurse come 3-5 days a week to bath her and clean the apartment, and they unplugged the stove and stocked her with frozen dinners she could microwave. once a week my mom and i would take her out to lunch and we'd count the dinners in the freezer, to know how much she was eating. the most important thing i learned during the whole process was how important it is to see what's actually going on as opposed to what you want or fear. i guess that's true for everything, though, huh? :^: big hug.

08-17-2009, 01:29 PM
Sunday was another quiet day. I had some DOMS yesterday. Earlier this year DOMS resulted in severe fatigue. Yesterday, it made me really tired, but not fatigued. :yay: Nevertheless, I didn’t feel up to doing my usual exercise; I did walk Moose and a brief stint on the elliptical. Credit moi.

The Sylvan Lake Lodge had a fantastic salad that I made a stab at replicating yesterday. Credit! It was spinach, craisons, oranges, feta, spicy pecans, red onion with a citrusy vinaigrette. Mine came out pretty good, although I still have a couple of tweaks. (The pecans were way too sweet, and the vinaigrette was blasé.)

After seeing how benadryl was negatively affecting the cognitive function of DHs aunt, I have decided to try a different allergy med. My DSs SO recommended Zyrtac – said it addressed the allergies and didn’t affect her sleep either positively or negatively. I’ve taken it two nights and it is fantastic for the allergy symptoms. I didn’t sleep well last night, but I’m hoping it was a 1 time thing…

Made a plan, read my cards. Food – op, Exercise – off-plan.

No personals yet -- I'll try to catch up on personals later today...

08-17-2009, 04:38 PM
:hot: Im melting!

I am going to be away for a while folks.

I was reminded today that the stress that I was feeling the last month or so helped make me sick. I dont have time to be sick, I dont want to be sick, but I am :(

I am no longer sleeping like I was.

Life is too short for this sh*t. So I am on a journey the next couple weeks to get my ducks all back in a row, get my eating back to where it needs to be, and get back to the gym. Most importantly....enjoy this glorious life.

Be back in September :grouphug: :wave:

I need to apply this to my daily life....not even so much my business.
“People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.” - Zig Ziglar

08-17-2009, 05:24 PM
Life is too short to waste, right? Good luck Robin!! :hug:

08-17-2009, 10:12 PM
This week I’m going to re-jigger my exercise plan somewhat. Here’s what I’m planning:
Mon / Fri: Yoga (15m), Core (15m), Walk Moose (17m), Elliptical (7m)
Tues / Thurs: Upper Body (30m), Walk Moose (17m)
Wed: Yoga (15m), Lower Body (15m), Walk Moose (17m), Elliptical (7m)
Sat/Sun: 52+ minutes / 400-600 calories of whatever makes DH and I happy
I’ll optionally add in kayaking whenever I can.

We did throw in a kayak ride after dinner tonight. It was so hot and muggy here, the sky was bluish gray and almost foggy. The water was still, with creepy reflections. DH commented that my paddling had improved over years past; he can hardly keep up. :cheer2:

We put in a whole house fan last year and haven’t used an air conditioner since then. Tonight we broke down and put the air conditioner in our bedroom window because it’s just oppressive. :flame: I think we'll do fine with the air conditioner though...

:df: WI-up .4 lbs. Made a plan, read my cards. Food – op, Exercise – op (72m).

I have to do another fly-by, I’m afraid. DH wants to watch Mad Men, so I really will try to catch up over lunch tomorrow. G’night! :wave:

08-17-2009, 11:44 PM
Hi All,
Resurfacing for a bit. . .lots of time in the studio. Zumba, credit. 5200+ steps, credit. Tracked food, credit. Walked out of drugstore without buying chips, credit.

Welcome Gardener Joy! I am a librarian as well.

Good night all, personals soon.

08-18-2009, 12:07 AM
BillBlueEyes: I love pesto cubes, too! Congrats on the healthy behaviors in a Mexican restaurant and thanks for sharing your techniques. Mexican restaurants are one of my downfalls.

eusebius: Yay for two pounds gone!
I grew up in a small town in Missouri on the Mississippi River. I came to St. Louis for college and stayed -- it feels like home.

kuhljeanie: Deer can be so destructive. Knock on wood, we haven't seen any. We have rabbits, but they didn't eat any of my veggies this year. I had some problems last year, so I planted marigolds around my veggies hoping that would repel the rabbits. It didn't work quite the way I planned -- the rabbits munched on the marigolds! But at least it wasn't my baby pepper plants.
Good job at the amusement park! And thanks for sharing your techniques and thoughts. Very helpful to me.

Nuxmaga: Thanks for the welcome and congrats on walking out of the drugstore with junk food -- that's a biggie for me!

Credit to me for not eating in the car on grocery day and for eating a little more slowly.

Walking Princess
08-18-2009, 01:56 AM
OK everyone, I am really mad at myself.

I went to a very upscale luncheon yesterday. I had no idea what they were going to serve but I figured I would just watch my portions. Yes, I ate some fruits and veggies - credit. But, I also ate a large serving of spinach dip. I did ok with the lunch part which is the funny thing. I served myself small portions and if I behaved the rest of the time, I would have been fine with what I did (except the spinach dip). But noooooooo! Then they served a chocolate fudge cupcake with strawberry cheesecake icing. Then about 2 hours later (it was a 5 hour deal), they served a small piece of cake. Did I eat both?? Heck yeah! :mad: I had no shame!! Then I finally get home and dh is home from his trip. He went and picked up pizza so I didn't have to cook anything since it was so late. I of course ate 4 pieces of that too!! :moo::ink:

I felt so bad but I decided, hey, it's ok. Let's just start fresh tomorrow (since it was now almost 9:30 at night when I finally had a moment to sit down).

Today, I met a friend for lunch (we do that usually about once a month). She ordered us hot wings which is a tradition we always do except she doesn't know I'm on a diet now (I don't like to advertise) and so I ate my portion of those. Then I ate my whole portion of lunch which I have been trying not to do. Then I was over stuffed and we walked around the mall for a while trying to burn off a little of the fullness.

We are leaving for vacation tomorrow morning. So we don't have any more dirty dishes to wash, dh and I decided we would grab something to eat. He wanted to go to Mexican which is my favorite. I ate only 1/2 of my meal which is a credit for me (big), but I ate a little too much chips again. I've got to remember to precount out the amount of chips I'm allowed and eat only those. On vacation, dh and I are planning on sharing meals, and I am bringing my Zune so I can listen to music while I workout in the hotel gym. I'm really going to try and behave.

I'm just really disappointed in myself for my behavior the last few days. Am I ever going to get this right?? Yes, I've made a lot of changes to my behavior that I've kept, but at day 27, shouldn't I be "cured" so to speak? Am I a hopeless case? I felt like crying because I've done so good to date and now I've had to go and mess up everything. What's wrong with me? I'm really mad at myself! :tantrum:

OK now I've confessed all and I'm sure you guys are all disappointed in me and figure I've totally blown it. :( I wasn't going to say anything but felt that part of being a part of this group is sharing not only the good but the bad no matter how hard it is.

I've got to get to bed. I'll try and post tomorrow or at least in a couple of days. I'm taking my laptop with me so I'll be able to come on line.

Thanks for listening. Have a good week.


08-18-2009, 06:42 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Saw a movie about a young woman who blogs everyday about her heroine while she tries to live the life prescribed, frequently quoting her writings, such as:Anyone can cook in the French manner anywhere with the right instruction.

Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Julia Child, from the flyleaf Our copy is inscribed, "Bon Appetit! Julia Child." LOL at the similarity between Julie and Julia and this thread; we've found the right instructions guys, but Judith suggests that we leave the pound of butter out of Julia's recipes.

Did gym; CREDIT moi. Saw a guy re-rack his dumbbells in the correct spot. That made me sooooo happy. Now there are two of us in the whole gym. At my Bally's, it seems to be a sign of manhood to put the heavy weights in the wrong places - sorta like male dogs marking their fireplugs.

Ate on-plan; CREDIT moi, where on-plan includes too much fruit as I need to consume the too many blueberries and strawberries that I bought. Someday I might have to pay the blueberry piper, but it's worth it.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Kudos for enjoying a day of activity at Kings Island and for the chicken sandwich. Thanks for the reminder, "it's freakin' hard, hard work!"

I spawned a child who doesn't eat tomatoes; feel like I failed. Does El Nino eat them?

Robin (RobinW) - Bon Voyage on your journey. Sending supportive thoughts as you do what you feel you gotta do. Love the Zig Ziglar quote. Yep, "daily" is the key.

Anne (wndranne) - Kudos for one thing per day. Thanks for "How will I feel about it 10 minutes from now?" Gotta steal that one next time hot hors d'oeuvres walk past me.

ChinaMaine - Yea for less fatigue - seems like progress. Your Sylvan Lake Lodge Salad (repeat rapidly 10 times, LOL) sounds yummy; look forward to your final recipe.

Yea for casually kayaking after dinner - what a way to live. Finding this sentence hard to comprehend, "DH wants to watch Mad Men." Thought that was exclusively a chick-flick sorta series.

Erika (eusebius) - Kudos for day 27: Mastering the Seven Questions Technique. Did you use it successfully? I'd like to be encouraged to revisit it - used it only once and felt presumptuous ticking it done.

My first La Bohème was at the Met where the young lady dying of consumption belonged on the 3FC 100 pound thread. More recently, The Opera Company of Boston productions have a more credible-sized heroine, LOL. The Met is one of the good reasons to think of living in New York City.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Kudos for leaving the chips at the drugstore- where they belong and should die, LOL. Yea for continued Zumba and walking.

Kara (Walking Princess) - Kudos for all the changes you've made so far. Time to give yourself credit. In response to, "Yes, I've made a lot of changes to my behavior that I've kept, but at day 27, shouldn't I be "cured" so to speak?", my thought is NOPE, never cured, just more consistently on plan. I wouldn't think "mess up everything" - rather just had an off track day. It happens. Methinks the real success for all of us is how quickly we just get back on track. You're winning; it's useful to remember that.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for not eating in the car. That's a great habit to break. It's sorta nice to vacuum out a car and not find hard french fries under the seats.

Readers - . . .
In fact, the Beck Diet Solution doesn't tell you what to eat. You can choose any reasonable diet. If you followed a sensible diet in the past but couldn't lose weight or keep it off, it wasn't necessarily the diet's fault. You jut didn't have the skills to make the diet work - now you will.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 45.

08-18-2009, 08:05 AM
Morning Coaches -

Well, up 2 lbs again this AM ... those daily fluctuations. Yeti begone!! Yesterday for some reason was really hard. I was exhausted on waking, and then DD was sent home from daycare for puking ... of course, she wasn't sick at all, just reacting to running around in extreme heat on a concrete playground. Nice programming, daycare. So I got virtually no work done. I did get my walk in, however. For some reason I was really hungry all day ... wonder if my Shangri-La setpoint is going down.

wndranne - Great that the RCs are getting you through hard spots!! I love them.

kuhljeanie - nice job at Kings Island!! Bloody food industry. I guess what we're trying to do here is nothing less than changing the course of human evolution. Wow. But you know what? We can do it!! Isn't that crazy? :crazy:

ChinaMaine - Yay for DOMS not knocking you out completely! That salad sounds super yum. Allergy medication is very tough to find. I use a generic version of Claritin for non-drowsy but maybe that's not strong enough for your aunt? Awesome exercise schedule you have there.

RobinW - Melting right along with you. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well and sleeping badly. I am looking forward to seeing you back here when you are feeling great!! I'll miss you though :hug:

Nuxmaga - :wave: good to see you. Kudos for continued awesome consistency!

gardenerjoy - great job with new diet-friendly behaviours!! You're doing great!

Kara - :hug: Good job sharing your rough days with us. 27 days is just the beginning of the rest of your life and you don't need to be perfect. You are doing the exact right things, which are getting back on track, posting here, planning for success on your vacation, and moving on!! So big credit to you for all those excellent behaviours. You are going to be just fine! We are on vacation as of Friday so planning is everything and your plans are awesome.

Bill - Are you getting up earlier so you can beat me to the punch? LOL! Did you enjoy Julie & Julia? I hear Meryl Streep has the voice down to a T. Nice job with gym and eating! LOL at male territory marking in the gym. I love that Seven Question Technique - it's resulted in 5 additional response cards that I'm reading every day for sabotaging thoughts such as "I need to read while eating" and "I am so hungry, I must eat the first thing I can find immediately!"

LOL at the Mimi who needed 3FC!! I have never been to the Met and hope to visit someday soon. About 12 years ago I was a research assistant for a husband and wife team - one a respirologist, the other an internationally renowned comparative literature scholar - who wrote several books together on illness and death in opera. It was so interesting to see how Michael demonstrated that Mimi and Violetta were showing realistic symptoms of TB. Neither of them were musicians, so my role was to make sure their musical analysis was on track.

Speaking of on track, off I go to do vipassana and strength training. Keep cool, everyone!

08-18-2009, 01:44 PM
have a ton of meetings today, so no novel (like yesterday. :^:) mostly i wanted to shout out to kara to say, are you serious, woman? hardly! this is tough to do and we've all been there, many, many times. this is not about not falling off the wagon - this is about what you do WHEN it happens. you had a few rough days. some of us have had a few rough weeks (or months, or years.) what's wrong with you? well, you're HUMAN! this seems like a great oppty for you to take a step back, look carefully at what happened, and see if you can figure out why. and, oh yeah, be gentle with yourself! that's all. you're not expecting perfection, are you? like jillian michael says, perfection is BORING. :)

erika, feeling for you. dumb daycare. my kid puked in the pool at KI because he drank like a gallon of water in about 3 minutes, and it came right back up. they still had to evacuate the entire toddler pool for about 15 minutes. THAT had him howling. he wasn't at all aware of how mortified i was that my kid was the reason everyone had to clear out...sigh. bill, i'm not sure that it's possible to eat too many strawberries and blueberries - but i could be wrong about that. time and our respective colons will tell. go gardnerjoy! it's hard to eat more slowly. after a year and a half, i still struggle with this one. go you! good luck robin with getting your headspace in order. hear, hear! good for you! nice to hear from you margaret! china, i am super envious. i hear that water is a great de-stresser. sounds lovely!

off to do my walk. yesterday i gave the finger to the laundry, food prep, monitor uploading, dishes, and wii and just went to bed about 15 minutes after el nino. still overtired today. sigh...will go for a walk (that usually perks me up) and will head home maybe a little early today. i have a bunch of cooking to do, and haven't visited with any of my digital trainers in a couple of days. i should see how they've been keeping. :)

08-18-2009, 10:46 PM
Coaches/Buddies My mother spent the night in the hospital last night, and I was freaked and didn't get my #$%@ together to do anything. She is fine today and home. So. I did stop eating when I shouldn't have been. Credit me.

I'm going to quit thinking it can't get any worse.

Anyway. On plan today. Things were busy. I read my ARC and am settling into my Memory cards. I'll shoot for Beck later, but need to get bike ready to ride tomorrow, and then pick up the house for the cleaning people.



08-18-2009, 11:05 PM
There really wasn’t much happening today. The only interesting news is that since I’ve gotten back from vacation I’ve been indulging in too much saturated fat, primarily dairy. The percentage of calories from sat fat is getting higher each day. Most of it is low fat, but too much dairy still means too much saturated fat… I just need to say ‘no choice’ tomorrow.

:df: WI-up .7 lbs. Made a plan, read my cards. Food – op (yes I actually planned to have too much dairy :doh:), Exercise – op (47m).

Kuhljeanie I hope you had fun exercising tonight! Water is a de-stressor. I’m very thankful I live here – I realize how lucky I am. :)
i was walking around the waterpark, looking at all the bodies in bathing suits, and was so struck by how many people were overweight. some super-obese in motorized wheelchairs; some morbidly obese struggling to move; many, many just heavily overweight. old people, young people, lots of kids. reinforced that we live in a toxic food environment and it's absolutely stupid and pointless to judge myself, or anyone else, for making unhealthy choices that support the original intention of our biology. it's freakin' hard, hard work! we're fighting our bodies' natural inclinations, we're fighting a powerful and sophisticated industry that knows that it must get us to eat more poison, or face extinction itself. there's no morality here. just the need for survival, either working for or against us (depending on your point of view.) the beauty of beck is that her techniques set the stage for us to engage our own highest good at the time when our actions are most likely to be effective. i'm starting to put the pieces together in my own head, so it's speaking to the reasons i fall prey to my environment. yay.
This was a great insight. It might even be useful to Kara . It is really hard work. And I don’t believe anyone learns it in 27 days. We learn, we do well, then we fall. And we get back up, and start all over again. But we’re wiser. Every misstep is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to learn more, and to learn more deeply. Kara , if you’re reading the second Beck book, there’s a section on cheat sheets. I don’t like the name, but they are great tools to help you learn. I have one bad pattern I’ve got 5 or 6 cheatsheets for. :D No need to see if you can beat that ‘record’. ;)

Erika Daily fluctuations are frustrating sometimes, but they mostly don’t mean anything. It’s the overall pattern over a week or a month that matters. I think that’s the beauty of weighing-in every day. It helps you to accept that our weight naturally goes up and down. Credit for walking even though you were so tired yesterday!

I wasn’t clear about the allergy meds. I’ve went to my endocrinologist 3 weeks ago to see if he had any idea why I was still not physically or mentally back to 100% although my thyroid numbers are very close to perfect. He did another test or two and found nothing amiss, but adjusted my meds a bit to try to make the thyroid numbers even better. But he said there’s no reason I shouldn’t be back at 100%, except if there was something else going on. When I saw how DHs aunt had improved immensely in terms of sleepiness and cognitive function because they took her off benadryl, I decided to try getting off benadryl myself. If zyrtac doesn’t work for me, I will give claritan a try (thanks!)

I do want to do the buddy-thing, just need to have a bit more time. I’ll send you a PM in the next couple of days. :)

Are you reading the 1st book? I may have to look up the 7 question technique – sounds great!

Bill Sounds as though you liked Julie and Julia – two actresses who can really make you smile. You know, butter does make everything taste better – too bad it’s bad for me and adds fat directly to my stomach and hips! LOL at male dogs and their fireplugs…

I honestly don’t think of Mad Men as a chick show. It’s well written, scathing indictment of a culture that was rotting from the inside. Oh, and it’s a fun soap opera, aaaah I see where you get the ‘chick tv’ from. ;) So you are probably right – at least on one level. But it’s no Sex in the City or Desperate Housewives – I usually run in the opposite direction from most chick tv.

Anne So cool your cards had such a strong impact on you. Hope all is well!

Just missed cross-posting with you. I’m glad your Mom is home and hope she is doing well. Credit for ‘stop eating what [you] shouldn’t’ – and extra for being op in spite of it all.

gardenerjoy, Margaret Two librarians – how cool! This group seems to be vey well read and artistic, don’t you think?

Robin, Tera Thinking of you and wishing you well! :wave:

08-19-2009, 12:12 AM
Walking Princess: The long-term members have better help for you than a newbie like me. I just wanted to chime in, from a variety of reading that I've been doing, that Day 27 is not cured! Day 270 is not cured. Day 2700 might be where you could start thinking in terms of remission, but the conditioning that the food industry has given us will still occasionally hold power over us. We have been conditioned for all of our lives up to now and we'll be reconditioning ourselves for the rest of our lives. But what better cause than taking control of our health and well-being? Or, if you're feeling pissy like I get sometimes, showing the food industry and their advertisers who is really boss of my body!
And credit to you for writing all this out in a place where you knew you would get support for engaging in the kind of behaviors that will lead to permanent weight loss and all of its benefits.

BillBlueEyes: I have the Sonoma Diet and the SuperFoodsRx books checked out of the library and they both tout blueberries as an uber-healthy food, so you're getting lots of that good stuff!

eusebius and kuhljeanie: yay for walking on challenging days!

wndranne: glad your mother is home -- it is very freaky to have a family member in the hospital and really pays havoc with plans and routines.

ChinaMaine: Good for you for catching the dairy thing and making a new plan. I'm starting to realize that I depend too much on cheese and not enough on lean meat -- a leftover from my aspiring vegetarian days. But vegetarian doesn't always mean healthy.

Credit to me for not overeating while I was alone in the house for several hours -- that's been a trigger situation for me for some time now. Oddly enough, I distracted myself with kitchen work, doing a bunch of things that will make it easier to fix healthy meals for the next several days.

Also, credit for trying Hunger Experiment 1, where you track hunger sensations all morning. I did it even though I'm quite convinced that I'm incable of discerning hunger from non-hunger. I'm still pretty convinced of that, but I did learn one thing -- it took an hour from my first possible hunger pang until real hunger set in. So, I think I can happily wait quite a bit longer than I do to satisfy that initial pang.

08-19-2009, 06:50 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - For reasons of mercury and survival we've reduced our swordfish consumption from about weekly to about once per year. And dinner was that once. Just WOW - it was uber-good. CREDIT moi for an on-plan dinner; Oh Well for contributing to the demise of a good fish and for polluting my body.

Started my walk with hot and muggy as companions along with the Sabotaging Thought that the weather justified stopping in Whole Foods to get cool (as well as, sigh, a few samples) which would then justify turning around and heading home making it a shorter walk. Then I had a Beck-like thought to skip Whole Foods, do the full walk, and just get dripping wet. Which I did; CREDIT moi.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Yea for ditching the oughta's and going to bed. Kudos for a moment of sanity.

Anne (wndranne) - Ouch - what a scare with your mother. Sending supportive thoughts for her health and for your recovery from the shock. Kudos for on-plan and for reading your cards.

ChinaMaine - Neat that you're solidly enough back from vacation to be analyzing your diet. LOL at Homer Simpson drooling , "Dairy."

Attached to one review of Julie and Julia was Julia's recipe for Leek and Potato Soup. Sigh, it included 4 Tbsp butter and 6 Tbsp heavy cream. Can't recommend that to you if sat fat is off your menu.

Erika (eusebius) - "Yeti begone!!" all you Sabotaging Thoughts - gonna steal that one, a new Harry Potter spell for the arsenal.

Interesting that Mimi and Violetta are realistically portrayed with TB. Is there any basis for my assumption that someone dying of TB should be wasting away? Perhaps there are heavy TB patients. When I use the word consumption, it leads me to think thin.

Neat that you've used the Seven Questions Technique so many times. Gotta revisit that.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Neat collecting data about your own hunger feelings. I remember being surprised that mine were milder than I was imagining. It was indeed news to me that Hunger is Not an Emergency.

Thanks for the reminder that my blueberries are "uber-healthy food." My new prejudice in life is that the foods that are good for me are really good.

Freer - Waving. Thought you might be interested in this thread i-joined-jazzercise-oh-dear (

Readers - . . .
This program teaches you how to eat, how to motivate yourself every day, how to create time and energy for dieting, how to solve diet-related problems, and how to use many other essential techniques.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 45.

08-19-2009, 08:08 AM
Morning Coaches -

Somewhat easier day yesterday ... down 2 pounds again (back to weigh-in level). Strength training - credit. OP eating and resisting DD's chips at the mall - credit. Buying myself a purse and having a long soak in the tub instead of eating - credit.

kuhljeanie - you sound incredibly busy. Hang in there. :hug:

wndranne - Glad your mom is better and credit for returning to normal eating and consistency with the bike.

ChinaMaine - Cool about buddying - no worries about timing - whenever you are ready! Hope the zyrtac does the trick for you. Great job with food and exercise - you have been doing great!

gardenerjoy - good observations about us never being "cured". Great job on distracting yourself from overeating and doing the hunger experiment!! Sounds like it was fruitful for you.

Bill - Never tried swordfish. Sounds like it's amazing but possibly not worth the environmental risks. Credit for getting wet and doing your complete walking route!! My feeling on the TB thing is that yes, the sufferers were usually wasting away, particularly the 19thC ones. Chopin was another (real-life) example.

OK folks, the schedule is thrown off today but I still plan to get my walk in sometime. Happy humpday all!


Walking Princess
08-19-2009, 09:28 PM
;)Hi everyone,

I'm sitting here in my hotel room while my dh and ds are at the pool so I thought I'd check in with you.

First, I want to say, YOU GUYS ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!! :hug:

You made me see that I don't have to be perfect and that it's ok to mess up for a while and I can just get right back on track. No one even judged me for my mess ups either! It was so hard to write that out and yet everyone was just so supportive. Thank you so much :)

I've been on vacation for 2 days now. I've done really well considering. My calorie consumption is way up of course because I'm not cooking any of my own meals but I am doing some really good modifications to keep it under 2000 calories a day even while eating 3 meals out. First, breakfasts, I am eating a piece of fruit, 1/2 bagel with 2tbsp peanut butter and yogurt. Lunches and dinners I have been sharing with dh so not only is our bill lower, but I am only eating half of what I would normally eat. Last night he wanted something different so I got a bowl of vegetable soup and a 1/2 sandwich. Plus, the 2 days I've been here, I have gone to the exercise room and worked out for 45 minutes each time! I've never done any of these things before on vacation so it's a real milestone. I'm trying very hard.

Bill - great job eating healthy, op and for doing your workout at the gym. You are right on course! Great job avoiding that Whole Foods situation. The outcome of it would have probably been something you would have regretted. Yea you for staying strong! :carrot:

Erika - glad your dd is ok. Great job in still getting your walking done despite being short on the time. Also, I think it's great that you didn't give in to the inclination to eat (I wonder if it was more of a craving from being stressed from the day's events???). You did great!

Jeannie - Thanks for the Jillian quote. I do like her and her no-nonsense approach. Great quote! ;)

Anne - so sorry to hear your mother is ill. I hope she is doing better. Big ((hugs)) your way

ChinaMaine - good job for spotting an issue in your eating and now being able to correct it now that you know what it is. That's very intuitive! Thanks for the new prospective on things. Your story about the bathing suits kind of put things in a new light for me. Thanks!

GardnerJoy - great job on avoiding your overeating trigger. You did great! Also, it sounds very positive that you learned something from the hunger vs craving exercise. That is a hard one! Good job!

Be back again soon, thanks again for all the support!


08-19-2009, 11:40 PM
BillBlueEyes: Yay for doing the walk as planned. Whole Foods within walking distance would be very hard for me. Even going once a week, I have to remind myself that not everything there is as healthy, or even as whole, as I would like for my way of eating.

eusebius: Way to go with the on plan eating and exercise even at the mall!

Walking Princess: I'm so glad that you're feeling better about things. It sounds like you have a real handle on things for the duration of your vacation. You're doing great!

Credits for today:
Eating a healthy snack before going to the Farmers Market, enabling me to resist the cookies that the nice couple with the baked goods sells
Not allowing a low energy evening to become an excuse for overeating

08-20-2009, 06:58 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Food OP; CREDIT moi. Did gym; CREDIT moi. Didn't even notice the guy next to me with huge arms using 80# dumbbells. Nor did I notice an off-duty trainer doing lunges s-l-o-w-l-y, pausing when his knee was almost to the floor and rotating 90 degrees with his outstretched arms holding a weighted ball, then repeating in the other direction on the next one, while I was doing my dreaded lunges like a kid taking Castor oil. Apparently, there's still room for attitudinal improvement here.

Walked home from gym round about to get to a farmer's market, just before it shut down. Grabbed two ears of corn both with the small worm damage at the tip - which doesn't bother me since it's easily cut off. It does concern me that that's usually what happens at the end of the corn season. Are we near the end of season? Good grief, I hate the thought.

Erika (eusebius) - Kudos for resisting DD's chips at the mall. I admire all you guys who stick to plan while raising kids; it certainly increases the challenge. When my kids were small, I felt that it was my duty to finish every morsel of food that they didn't.

Thanks for the info on TB. My sympathy to Mrs. Chopin, if there was one, as well as my gratitude to the Mr. for writing such wonderful stuff.

Kara (Walking Princess) - Yea for two days of vacation, especially if it includes minutes off duty from your DS. Kudos for the Beck approach to three meals a day at restaurants. That's a difficult challenge and it sounds like you're doing well.

BIG Kudos for making it to the exercise room both days. Such a good reminder that life continues even while on vacation.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - What a great strategy - Kudos for eating a snack before going to the farmer's market. LOL at the image of the "nice couple" selling baked goods. Just the positive reinforcement to justify buying a cookie or two.

Good for me to be reminded that not everything at Whole Foods is healthy or even whole.

Readers - If you start dieting too soon - that is, before you have the skills you need - you might find dieting too challenging. You might get discouraged and even abandon the program altogether. Readiness is more complicated than just wanting to change.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 46.

08-20-2009, 07:08 AM
Reasonably good day yesterday. Planning for another one today.


08-20-2009, 10:15 AM
a big ole honking CREDIT MOI for last night. had planned to eat a turkey burrito, but noticed that DH’s aging shrimp boil was probably on its last legs so needed to “get et” first. i put a heaping plate in the microwave, which i shared with DH. the corn was already starting to taste yucky so skipped that, just eating shrimp, potatoes, and sausage. not really enough – not really satisfying. after el nino was in bed i ate a gnu (and yes, it was gnu to me) banana walnut fiber bar – 140 cals. thought it would be more filling than my usual dark chocolate square. it was, a little, though again, not terribly satisfying in that post-dinner-happy-belly-sigh sort of way. found myself pacing for food at around 9:00ish. i figured i was about out of calories for the day, and i wasn’t starving, but i wasn’t full, either. hmm. what to do? wanted chocolate, wanted that (healthy and low-fat yet still over calories) burrito that i had originally planned, pace, pace, think, calculate, pace. self, i thought, you’re not actively hungry. you’re at your calorie limit for the day. what do you think more food is going to do for you? couldn’t figure out what i really wanted instead, so rather than continuing this stupid argument in my head, i went to bed.

woke up perfectly intact, none the worse for wear. i know that everyone who’s done the hunger exercise already knows that, but i had kind of a time with the hunger exercise (in my zeal to do everything perfectly, i overdid it, and my take-away was probably not what the good dr. beck had intended.) this was a different take on the hunger exercise – what happens when your meal really doesn’t satisfy you, but you’re done for the day regardless. this morning i was FINALLY down that last 2 lbs from my slight gain. rational mind knows it’s a happy coincidence that the scale finally gave me love the morning after making the hard choice, lizard mind is going to connect the two causally and know what? i’m okay with that. i’m also thrilled that i’m smart enough to give myself credit for the choice i made – not for what the scale did. one i can control, the other i can’t. so there. so credit moi for that too.

yep, bill, sucks about the corn. summer is my favorite season and winter my least, so i always get bummed out when i visibly notice the sun setting earlier. course, it also means that it’s getting near time for honeycrisp apples again. and then, pomegranates and clemetines. that oughta keep us going! and you know what, you may never love lunges, and that’s okay. way to go gardnerjoy! i hear you on the low-energy evening. somehow i make relaxing and taking care of myself about eating, when the two are not for SURE not one and the same. and kara, don’t mention it! to judge you would be pretty dumb, since 1) we’re ALL guilty of not being perfect and 2) as a wise woman once said, you can’t hate yourself thin. and oh yeah – 3) judging is a valueless, harmful exercise pretty much no matter what. if we promise not to judge you, you have to promise not to judge you! deal? glad to hear you’re right back on track! the vacation plan for food & exercise sounds great – doable, enjoyable, realistic. i hear about people following their diets to the letter on cruises etc. and i think, wow, that’s dedication. for me, it’s enough to enjoy, keep it reasonable, and then get right back on program when i get back. i figure that’s what skinny people do. if i don’t lose, or even backslide a pound or two, it’s nothing to get crazy about. it always comes back off. yo erika! purses! very nice. i love purses (and shoes.) probably a holdover from not enjoying buying clothes very much. am currently lusting over about three different mary francis purses. ah, to be wealthy…

waving to maryblu, onebyone, robin, china, and nuxmanga! has anyone heard from coastalsue or knows how she's doing?

08-20-2009, 02:53 PM
I had to leave early yesterday, so only did 30 minutes of exercise in the morning. I did make up the time later (walking Moose and kayaking). I was op for food, and did reduce my saturated fat relative to earlier in the week. But I still have a bit more to go.

:df: WI-down .2 lbs. Made a plan, read my cards. Food – op, Exercise – op (69m).

Kuhljeanie CREDIT for choosing dinner wisely (fiscally and otherwise) and for resisting the desire to eat more than you were allowed under you plan. I have an evening like that at least once a week. And I’ve yet to wake up in the morning hungry. It really is instructive…

Bill I guess it’s good to realize that there are usually folks better than ourselves on almost any metric. It leaves me the satisfaction of doing the best I can (or at least the best I am willing to shoot for).

gardenerjoy Great idea to eat before heading out to the farmers market – credit!

Anne :yay: for a good day.

Kara I love your plan for your vacation – eat reasonably and try to exercise every day. You’ll do great!

Erika Love your distractions (purse, hot soak) – credit!

08-20-2009, 09:51 PM
I did 30 mins on the upper body workout this morning. Like the other times I’ve done it this week, I felt fine immediately afterwards and got more and more tired as the day passed. And around 2 my stomach became very upset :barf: don’t know if it that’s related. If so that’s the first time something like that has happened. I’ll be in bed early tonight. :)

I changed my food plan before dinner because pesto just didn’t sound appealing with my stomach roiling. So, we had a comfort food meal (ham, mashed potatoes and broccoli). It did settle my stomach. :shrug:

:df: WI-down .4 lbs. Made a plan, read my cards. Food – op, Exercise – op(47m).

08-20-2009, 10:52 PM
Hi All,
It's hot. Bleah. I did attempt a walk this morning and then went to the gym in the evening to walk laps in air conditioning and got my 10,000+ steps, yay! Tracked food, credit. Requested no chips with my sandwich, credit. Then succumbed to a cookie at my knitting group that meets at Panera's. Ouch, ouch, ouch. When I got home I looked it up and it was 460 calories. And definitely not worth it.

ChinaMaine--Yay for doing all the good Beck stuff like reading cards and planning meals.

kuhljeanie--Wow, going to bed after a long self debate about eating is very very cool! And that you woke up intact is a wonderful revelation. I need more practice with that.

Bill--Kudos for passing Whole Foods--that place is an obstacle course of temptation.

gardnerjoy--Oh, man, baked goods at the Farmer's Market--big credit for eating a snack ahead of time! Our Farmer's Market has pastry, bread, and a guy selling wine and wine slushies(!)

Walking Princess--I am so impressed with your hard work on vacation to stay under 2000 calories with eating out, and also doing workouts!!! And as for your "bad" days--all learning is trial and error. This is hard for me to accept, and I expect myself to learn things instantly, but that's not how it works, and if I do work at accepting it, then I can keep going rather than becoming despairing.

eusebius--Congrats on passing up DD's chips. Some of my earliest happy memories are of eating chips, so the neural pathways as pretty well worn.

wndranne--hope your mom is doing better. Yay for planning for another good day.

08-21-2009, 12:44 AM
BillBlueEyes: Yeah it's harder to resist the nice couple at the farmers market. I like to get mad at corporations just because I can use that anger to keep me out of Hardee's, but I need different techniques to resist temptations at the farmers market.

wndranne: yay for a reasonably good day and a plan!

kulhjeanie: congratulations on winning that late night argument with yourself in the kitchen! And the happy coincidence of the scale giving you good feedback.

ChinaMaine: Sounds like you're doing really well. What are your strategies for reducing saturated fats?

Nuxmaga: Ouch. Now I know to avoid the cookies at Panera's. Actually, I suspect I should avoid Panera's because I usually order things much worse than a cookie. Wine slushies -- what fun! I've never heard of that.

I'm dealing with a possibly very strange sabotaging thought. I'm losing weight too quickly. I have good reason to not trust fast weight loss -- in the past, the faster I've taken it off, the faster it went back on. But, I have also let the thought "I'm losing weight too quickly," get me off a diet before I've even really started -- while I'm still in that early honeymoon phase when pounds do drop off pretty fast. Also, with that sabotaging thought, I found myself standing up while eating a handful of cashews before supper and going back for more food at the end of supper.

It is entirely possible that I'm not eating enough calories right now. I skipped ahead to see how many the Beck diet would have me on -- 2200. I'm guessing I've been eating between 1600 and 1800 every day in the last week. I don't want that sabotaging thought and real hunger at the end of the day because I know I don't always make good decisions at that time. New strategy: I only had one snack today (two if I count the handful of cashews) -- I think I'll aim for the three that I see Beck recommends later in the book. Hopefully, I'll arrive at the end of the day with the sense that I've eaten enough and don't need to add extra things to my supper.

08-21-2009, 01:18 AM
I need to redo the CBT thing on the work situation. Stressed spelled backward is desserts.

Not such a bad day today, and I suppose that is something.


08-21-2009, 07:02 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - There's a sucker born every minute - shyly raising my hand. Grabbed a FREE Clif Builder's bar handout at the gym yesterday, drawn by "20 g Protein" - now that's a goodly amount. Bragged to DW that I'd at last found a snack bar worth eating at only 100 Calories. Was checking the sodium content when I noticed "Protein 8 g." Huh? Looked again at the front and noticed the fine print on the 1 oz bar:20 g
PROTEIN per 2.4 oz servingYa gotta eat 2.5 of the buggers to get your 20 grams of protein!!!!!!!! It's just another candy bar, LOL.

OP, OP; CREDIT, CREDIT moi. At dinner DW stepped over and plucked a few cherry tomatoes for our salad. What a turn on. Our white beans had been cooked with a hunking wad of sage from our garden. Gotta wallow in this while its harvest season.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Monster Kudos for going to bed hungry, and living to tell the tale. What a demo of Beck's "Hunger is Not an Emergency." Hope you've made a card capturing that one. Ah yes, I do remember your first hunger experiment - the one that nearly caused me a heart attack when I read your post that you were a nursing mother, feeling faint, but weren't going to break your hunger experiment. Just WOW remembering that and admiring your self control.

Yea for the thought of honeycrisp apples. Those could raise up maryblu who lives near where they were invented.

Anne (wndranne) - Yea for a good day yesterday and today. Ouch for desserts-spelled-backwards at work. Kudos for posting. I had to sleep with a fan last night - your desert temperatures had finally reached Boston. Hope you are surviving the heat when you're out on your bike.

ChinaMaine - Kudos for continuing to work your level of saturated fat. It's useful to me to watch you take small, calculated steps to get where you're going.

And thanks for the reminder that for any metric I can go find someone who's better if I want to waste my life comparing myself, instead of "the satisfaction of doing the best I can." I hate that all the cherished wisdom of the world sounds trite to me until I get it, LOL

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Kudos for your 10,000 steps despite the heat; there's no points off for doing them in an air conditioned place, LOL.

And yep, Triple Ouch for the evil Panera cookie. Calories on the menu isn't enough; they should be baked into the top of the cookie like grill marks on a steak. Maybe California will lead us in that direction, LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Ouch for the Sabotaging Thought that you're losing too quickly. I agree, it's too early to know your losing rate. I would think your calorie level is just fine as is. If you find yourself consistently losing more than 2-3 pounds per week, you can adjust up a bit. My doctor wrinkled his nose at my losing rate until he calculated that it was 2 pounds per week which he thought was fine.

Ouch for the cashews before dinner and Ouch again for the cashews after. I know about those guys. I had to ban them from my house during my losing phase. I was eating them by the LARGE handfuls. Fortunately, I'm no longer drawn to them and don't include them in my life because almonds, walnuts, and pecans take up the space of tree nuts so well. Good luck with dealing with those.

Readers - . . .
Think about other changes you've made in your life. For example, you didn't start driving one day simply because you wanted to.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 46.

08-21-2009, 08:32 AM
Morning all. Have been crazily getting ready for the weeklong trip out east, as well as the concert with 2 singers that happens next Sunday afternoon - BEFORE I get home. Eating has been alternating between excellent and stupid. Exercising, however, has been OP. The oil has ceased to give me any appetite suppression, so I'm stopping it for now.

We leave this evening and I will be continuing to read my response cards and plan my eating as best I can. There's internet at our cottage, so I'll check in periodically. Have a fantastic week, all.


08-21-2009, 12:53 PM
Coaches/Buddies I ran this morning. I feel SO much better. It is such a stress killer. Massage today. It is probably going to really hurt to get all the knots out of me, but I know I'm going to feel great afterward.

I read my ARC, my biggie RCs, and my Memory Cards. I'm having lunch at an Indian buffet, and have a plan. One trip, lots of cauliflower, no samosas, 3 lamb meat balls.

My mother is doing well. Thanks everyone for your concern.

BillBE LOL at your protein bar realization. I've switched back to Snickers for the most part, if I need (and who really does need?) a bar of some sort. It is about the same, and I really like it.

Erika Love the observation that Eating has been alternating between excellent and stupid. This is my life. Over and over. Sometimes it alternates faster than others. Hope your trip goes well.


08-21-2009, 01:13 PM
finally. had some rough nightmares last night (different from the night before, but almost as yucky) and got very little sleep. about 4.5 hrs, and feel awful today. also crampy. argh. still down yet another 1/2 lbs, which (for those who can remember this far back) brings me back within 2 lbs of the meaningless-in-practical-terms-but-psychologically-important BMI shift from obese to overweight.

got my cupcake order done last night and am muy pleased with the results. (see picture below). one totally unexpected benefit of doing this - i was making up a batch of dark chocolate ganache, and thought, i really ought to taste this, but then was thinking, god, no, i can smell it just fine, it looks like it's supposed to, and i have no taste for this stuff at the moment. whaaa??? me??? not in the MOOD for dark chocolate ganache? when have i EVER not been in the mood for ganache? buttercream wasn't doing anything for me, either. i did eat an un-iced cupcake, but it was based on a spur-of-the-moment decision to rebake a set using a brand-new recipe and i wanted to make sure i was making the right call. first set was fine, second set was fluffier but taste very similar. so now i know - i brought in all the leftovers to give away at work today. i need the fridge space for borscht, anyway. :) cupcakes are: (clockwise, from top left) cookies and cream, triple chocolate threat (you don't want to know), turtle sundae, and matcha with pistachio cream (otherwise known as "matcha doin'?" i LOVE my cutsie names.) if i keep doing this long enough i may actually bore myself out of my sweet tooth, which is good, because then i can concentrate on the visual part, which is where my interest really is/could be.

more good news - the teahouse is already sold out of my cookies and wants 2 doz more. yay. there's a dancing carrot but no dancing cookie. wonder why that is...

have officially run out of time for personals. sorry sorry!

08-21-2009, 09:57 PM
Hi All,
Another hot and miserable day here in the Northeast! 4,000 steps, credit. Did Zumba, credit. Declined chili con queso at dinner party tonight, yay! Weight the same, I guess that's a credit. I'm getting creeping sabotaging thoughts that I'm not capable of losing any more weight. Sigh. Which then increases my anxiety, and I want to eat more.

Yes, Bill, the calories should be branded into the top of the cookies--I love that idea!!!! 460 calories is just absolutely crazy. If it were good that would be different.

Tomorrow is the farm market and pastry temptations, plus the ever present heat wave--I need to get myself some laps in at the gym.

08-22-2009, 12:32 AM
BillBlueEyes: That's a great story about the Clif bar. Good grief! A good lesson to remember to read those nutrition labels.

eusebius: have a great trip!

wndranne: glad your mother is doing well! and yay for a plan at the Indian buffet.

kuhljeanie: love the dancing cookie image, even if it's only in my head. And good job with keeping yourself on track through a cupcake order.

Nuxmaga: hope your heat wave breaks soon -- I guess you don't want to hear about the unseasonably perfect weather we're having this weekend. Good for you on the exercise in spite of the weather and doing what was right for you at the party.

My weekend challenges are an Old Thresher's Show an hour and a half drive into the country tomorrow and a family dinner on Sunday. So, I came up with a strategy.

I convinced DH that we should be prepared to eat nothing at the Old Thresher's Show. He was pretty easy to convince. He's allergic to red meat and I reminded him that our choices might be limited to "do you want ketchup or mustard on that hot dog?" So, we'll either eat an early lunch and pack a snack or pack lunch.

That frees me up to be a little more loose at the family dinner. I'm not prepared to tell the in-laws that I'm losing weight (again!). The subterfuge will be easier if I can answer the question "How about some dessert?" with "Yes, a small piece, please."

08-22-2009, 07:48 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - It's August hot. Did gym, CREDIT moi, looking forward to its air conditioned space. Walked straight home to avoid the heat. Dawdled over dinner on the patio until the bat(s) were flying. Really neat to watch them dart about, just occasionally flying just right to be silhouetted against the small patch of clear sky so that their wing shape was visible. Thank you bats for eating our mosquitoes.

Geeeze louise ... I'll never understand shopping. Went to the store where I bought my last khaki's and asked for a couple pair "just like the ones I have on." The very nice sales lady asked me the brand. Had to undo my belt and find a label. Then more questions. I remembered the price. She "wasn't familiar with that style." I didn't want style - I wanted ones like I was wearing. Left empty handed. I still look like a pauper with frayed cuffs. The only bright side was that I needed the exact same size as when I bought these 2 years ago (no more than 3 years ago for sure). That's new for me since loosing my weight.

Gotta go bake some granola so I can have breakfast. But the kitchen is now cool and mixing oats and nuts and stuff is fun.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Congrats for approaching that "psychologically-important" BMI threshold. Ouch for the rough sleeping - hope that smooths out.

Kudos for baking the muffins without wallowing in them. LOL at "matcha doin'?" Yea for your marketing skill to hook folks into wanting your muffins. Yea for the repeat order on the cookies.

Anne (wndranne) - Glad to hear that your mother is doing well. Sending supportive thoughts that she continue to do well and that you and all the family recover from the shock.

LOL at "Sometimes it alternates faster than others." Worth laughing since I want to cry when I eat something stupid merely minutes after eating excellently.

Kudos for the intellectually honest Snickers bar. I so hate this Power Bar, Sports Drink nonsense.

Erika (eusebius) - Bon Voyage on your trip "out east." Hope that means some cool place like Nova Scotia. Ouch for "alternating between excellent and stupid." Do I ever identify with that one. Not clear how you're going to play a concert before you get home, but whatever, have a relaxing time.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Yea for surviving our east coast hot and muggy day. Extra Kudos for 4,000 steps in this weather.

Yep, "If it were good that would be different." I absolutely hate wasting my calories on stuff that doesn't just jostle my endorphins.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for the planned strategy for the Thresher's Show. Hope you have a great time. Not clear to me that we ever need to tell anyone that we're losing weight, which seems to invite unwanted opinions and comments. It worked for me, if forced, to allow that I was working on healthier eating habits, which didn't seem to draw comments directed at me.

Thanks for the remider that the front of the package is advertising, always gotta "remember to read those nutrition labels."

Readers - . . .
You had to learn driving skills one at a time. You had to practice them over and over again until you got good at them and developed a measure of confidence in your ability to drive safely.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 46.

08-23-2009, 12:28 AM
Does the Beck thread always go this quiet on weekends? I hope everyone is having too great of a weekend to post!

BillBlueEyes: You're absolutely right about keeping the weight loss private due to unwanted opinions and comments. I think that will be a much better approach for me than what I have done in the past. As Dr. Beck seems fond of pointing out, it didn't work so well for me then or I wouldn't be in this position again.

Well, we didn't make it to the Old Thresher's Show after all, so I decided to do Hunger Experiment 2 today. That's the one where I don't eat between breakfast and supper (yikes!) to prove that the experience of hunger for that duration is survivable. And, indeed, I survived. My physical discomfort never went higher than mild. She didn't have us check emotional discomfort, but I noted that my grumpiness also didn't go above mild and was as easily distractable as the physical hunger sensation. I did not experience anxiety even though I thought I might.

08-23-2009, 07:09 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had an unusual NSV; a person I only see once a year at the same birthday party didn't recognize me. She said, "Oh, I need to get used to the slim Bill." It still feels funny to me to be referred to as "slim."

Excellent remaining on plan for eating at the party, CREDIT moi. I took only one bite of carrot cake - forgoing any pretense that it was more healthy than any other cake - and had no ice cream.

In place of mayonnaise on my chicken sandwich, I mixed non-fat yogurt and Dijon mustard. It worked for me. Non-fat yogurt continues to work as a substitute for sour cream also. Was recently reminded that Italian tuna fish salad is made without mayonnaise. Kinda nice because, before my journey, large volumes of mayonnaise were used on everything.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - You asked, "Does the Beck thread always go this quiet on weekends?" It appears to wax and wane. Sometimes when we get quite it seems more safe for new people to jump in and make their first post.

Neat to dig out Beck's "It didn't work so well for me then or I wouldn't be in this position again." Wish that I didn't catch myself repeating old behaviors with the aura that the change in my head should be happening without learning new behaviors. I love the Beck paragraph I've chosen over the last three days; dieting takes learning new skills. Little kids don't seem self conscious when they fall off a bike - perhaps intuitively understanding that falls are part of learning. Wonder when in life we lost that understanding.

Kudos for Hunger Experiment 2; Double Kudos for extending it to emotional discomfort and demonstrating that that, too, remains bounded. When I did the hunger experiment I was flabbergasted with the results that were similar to yours. I don't know where the fear of hunger comes from. My own childhood knew that we had serious limits on money, e.g. potato chips were rare. But I have no memory of ever having the thought that the meals wouldn't be regular. Doubt that I ever skipped a meal as a kid. Yet I have this urge to eat as if my next meal might not come.

Readers - . . .
It's the same with dieting. You need to develop certain skills and develop confidence in your ability to use them consistently.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 46.

08-23-2009, 11:05 AM
Got an iPhone. Apparently I have a new obbsession.


08-23-2009, 12:04 PM
Okay – I really do need to get more serious about Beck again. My food plans have been haphazard and I am mindlessly flexible with them. The upshot is that I continue to be high on saturated fat, and,the last 2 days I have been over by 250 calories. Harrumph – this will not be borne! (I’m reading a British novel right now, and I have been dying to use that phrase. ;))

Today I will make a plan and be mindfully flexible with it. No choice.

We live on a private dirt road maitained by the residents of the road. It’s surprisingly inexpensive -- $125 per year for all properties and another $200 (snow plowing) for those who use their property year-round. But every 2-3 years they ask residents to come out for a half day and clear brush, cut down small trees along the edges of the road, etc. They turn off the power while we do this activity. The start-time was 8 AM which I refused to adhere to – it is Saturday for heaven’s sake! But DH got up at 7 and out by 8 – a saint. I walked and met the road crew at 10:15. I was the only woman working yesterday – I was shocked! There was a big wood chipper being fed by 5 men. It would have been most efficient to have 3 men feeding it, but this gave the guys plenty of time to rest while waiting their turn to put trees and branches into the wood-chipper. So, I went and helped my DH prepare the trees/branches for chipping. This involved picking them up and laying them down butt first to make it more efficient for the *five* guys loading the chipper. After doing that for an hour or so, I concluded it was hard work. After 3 hours, I was exhausted! There’s still a bunch of stuff to be chipped, so I gather some folks are back at it this morning. The next time we do it, I’m going to recommend we have 2 chipping crews with 3-4 guys each.

WI-no weigh-in. Made a plan (sort of), read my cards. Food – off-plan, Exercise – op.

Bill :yay: for not recognizing the slim Bill. That must be a very nice feeling…

Kudos for your creative ways to avoid mayo. Have you tried to mayo made with olive oil? I think it tastes better than the original, and seems healthy if used sparingly.

gardenerjoy :bravo: for the hunger experiment!

About the calories – it sounds like you are probably getting enough calories, but if it’s easier to stay onplan when eating a few more calories a day – and you are still losing weight – there’s a lot to be said for that… Everyone is different, you’ll find the right balance for you.

About the saturated fats. The primary thing I do is reduce the obvious the culprits wherever possible (eggbeaters instead of eggs, olive oil instead of butter, olive oil mayo instead of the original, low fat cheeses, almond milk instead of cow’s milk). Where I do have sat fats, I try to reduce the amounts of the offending ingredients. I also have increased my fiber intake figuring that’ll fill me up, so I’ll want less of the fatty foods. I eat a fruit and or veggie with every meal or snack. The last thing I do is use a web based food tracker so I can see how much saturated fat and fiber I’m planning for at the beginning of the day. I can then adjust my plan to be sure I’m staying in a good zone. I use My Food Diary, but there are others. It seems as though many in the group use FitDay.

Anne lol at the iPhone. We don’t get AT&T service here, or I’d have to grapple with that temptation. :D

Kudos for getting back into the Beck groove. I’m glad your Mom is doing well...

Margaret Credit for saying ‘no’ to chili con queso. It’s so good, if I had one it would be quite difficult to stop…

Kuhljeanie Your cupcakes look fabulous. It’s so cool you are taking the plunge and pursuing your passion. So few of us are brave enough to make that choice.

08-23-2009, 08:14 PM
Hello Coaches

Well week #3 of my paid experiment as a Children's Technician at the school of art ended last week. I am not cut out to work with kids. This is clear. So, on this point alone: credit moi for going in and trying what I was afraid of and facing the fear and doing it anyway and sticking it out to discover what my truth is. Honestly it boils down to this: I didn't want the responsibility of looking after my own kid, and I really don't want the responsibility of looking after anyone else's. It almost seems anti-female to voice this out loud. So this means I won't be talked into teaching children art and I won't feel "bad" about that as I would have had I not given this a go. This whole year I seem to be putting issues to rest. It's good. All good.

I blew off the Women's Art Festival last week. It was like 44C and I thought I don't need to sit out in that for $300 as everyone will be a the cottage or something what I NEED to do is go see my mother and spend time with her. And so I did. I drove there in the rental car and we went driving all over and had a nice time. This week my sister returns from her new home in Key West for a three week stay as she uses her power of attorney over my mom to get her moved into a home (the day for this is undetermined but it will be in the next 3 weeks) and to initiate and clean out the house my mother lives in which the the last house my grandmother lived in and therefore is linked to my own childhood growing up with my grandparents. Her basement is full of old moldy bits of stuff and everything must go. In the end she will be in an almost fully assisted care one bedroom space and she will have a minimal amount of things with her. My two older sisters are feuding, as I was previously, (but made up with before she left the country THANK GOD), with the power-of-attorney(PAT) sister, and talking with the non-PAT sister today I felt/heard the stress of seeing the sister and dealing with the mom and the event all rolled up into a tight ham-fisted ball. And my brother is COMPLETE doom and gloom "Mom's like the yellow pages and everyday a page gets ripped out of her book never to be returned."

OY. :(

And me? I am completely and utterly sad. I feel positively obsessed with doing something for my mother, after years of not doing very much, and what? Am I grasping at what's left? To me, she doesn't seem all that bad. If there was no "official" Alzheimer's label I'd be happy to think of it as "Oh mum, well, she's 82 now and you know, she forgets stuff and, you know she gets stressed out and she always forgets stuff when she's stressed." Minimizing things? Maybe.
But I don't think the "everyday she gets progressively worse and worse" attitude is particularly helpful to anything.

I will be asking for this Thursday and Friday off. There are several fill-ins on the roster for the Children's Dept. the PAT sister will be at my mother's on Thursday for sure and my brother says he'll be there too and was thrilled when he heard me say I would try to arrange it for me to be there as well.
Again, I'll lose the $80 for the day, $160 for the two days but this is my mother's LIFE. And the tech job isn't my life that's for sure.

Weight-wise/foodwise I got my stupid TOM last week as a surprise. So all month I have fluctuated from 268.8 to 275.something. When the month ends I'm going to post my complete pattern. it's quite fascinating.
So. CREDIT MOI as I continue to weight ONCE only in the morning and recording in and not freaking out too much. I am slowly truly detaching from those numbers.
Also CREDIT MOI for LOTS of daily exercise, planned and spontaneous. For days spent without air conditioning and dripping with sweat 3x or 4x everyday... and for keeping up with my teenage co-workers. As for Friday swimming: I skipped it. the teacher that was pressuring me didn't work last week so it went smoothly. None of the teachers swam actually.
With my food DH continues to make my lunch. I have developed a very bad habit though. I continue to have 2 dinners. As I walk int he door I stuff my face with something until I am full then DH comes up from downstairs and we have a dinner of some sort. I just eat in a frenzy. Not every night but at least 3 nights a week.

Well I've taken enough bandwidth here tonight. I'm doing okay it's just an extremely challenging time and I cry easily right now. I don't want any of this to be happening.

See ya later.

08-23-2009, 10:06 PM
BillBlueEyes: congrats on the NSV, slim Bill!
I have exactly the same experience that there seems to be some innate fear about where the next meal is coming from, even though they have come like clockwork my entire life. And more than half my life, now, the meals come because I make them! I'm hoping this new wisdom I'm gaining will help a bit with that.

wndranne: have fun with your iPhone! Someone on the 40somethings thread is using a free iPhone app for keeping track of her food. You might want to try a search on 3FC for iPhone and see if you find some interesting tools.

ChinaMaine: yay for road work as a form of exercise and good for you for representing the women. That's generally my role, too. Glad you are working your way back to the plan. Thanks for the sat fats info. I haven't tried almond milk and I love the idea of a veggie or fruit every time you eat. That would work really well for me, especially this time of the year.

onebyone: that sounds like a huge and wonderful revelation you had about not wanting to work with kids. As a woman who never chose to have children, I get the anti-female fear, but being female is many things -- society sells us short when it says we must express it in only a limited number of ways. Breaking those sorts of barriers are what we women of the late 20th and early 21st century do. So, go you!
Take care of yourself during this stressful time with your family. I found it difficult on many levels emptying my parents house after they died and I wasn't dealing with the nearly the amount of drama you have going on.

The family dinner went well. My brother-in-law's new girlfriend brought whole wheat bread so there were even decent carbs. I hope they stay together! She was also the biggest cheer leader next to me for "let's take a walk!"

Walking Princess
08-24-2009, 01:07 AM
Hello all,

I'm back! We just got back from our trip and I am tired! It was so much fun though, I didn't want to come home in a way. Can't wait to go back again! Back to work tomorrow though, ah well.

Bill - I am so impressed with all your NSV. You have lost so much weight, people don't even recognize you! Awesome!!! :carrot: You've found a satisfying way to substitute mayo and still get that creaminess. Great job! :carrot: You are doing so well and should be so proud!! You handled yourself so well at the party, another huge CREDIT! :carrot::carrot::carrot: I like your Beck analogy about a kid learning to ride a bike. Falls are just par for the course. I never thought of things that way I guess. Thanks for the new perspective!

Anne - hope you enjoy your new iPhone!

ChinaMaine - good for you for recognizing the need get back on track. I think that is the first step. Reading your cards as you said is the right way to get back on. Every time I don't read my cards even for one day, I go off track. No wonder I take them wherever I go :lol::lol:

OnebyOne - please don't be so hard on yourself. You are going through a lot right now and it sounds like you are really struggling with some emotional eating. Hang in there. Meanwhile, I'm sending you some big ((hugs)) :hug:

GardnerJoy - congrats on making it through the family dinner unscathed. Sounds like you did really well. I think we will definitely have to keep your BIL's new gf around. She is definitely a good influence! ;)

I'm headed to bed. Got to get some rest so I can get back into my routine tomorrow.


08-24-2009, 06:39 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - For lunches this week I made a big bowl of my favorite White Beans and Tomatoes with Rosemary Vinaigrette; CREDIT moi. Gotta keep remembering that success is based on planning and prep in advance - not just on white-knuckling it when faced with off-plan foods. It's not my history to prepare stuff in advance, so I'm proud of having fixed my own lunches for the three plus years of my journey.

Not much exercise in the heat, but was mucking about in the woods with DW and a friend, who later served us iced tea and her homemade blueberry mini-muffins. It's always inspirational when she serves food. Her tea was unsweetened and her muffin had very little sweetener. She listed the ingredients of organic oats and flours and made me feel like I was consuming food. And, she didn't serve a platter of muffins, she served one each - no Martha Stewart need to serve too much to make sure that no one could possibly want. Now that's style.

onebyone - That's so neat that you took your mom for a long ride; I'd bet that she really appreciated that. Sending supportive thoughts for what you'll try to do this Thursday and Friday. It's good that you're keeping your perspective because dealing with an Alzheimer's parent is so difficult and is so well known for setting siblings at each others throats.

Kudos for staying on track with your single weigh-in and for all that spontaneous and planned exercise - particularly in the heat we've been having. Ouch for the double dipping at dinner. Is it possible to plan a snack for before you get home to help with that desire to eat then?

Anne (wndranne) - NEVER come between a geek and her iPhone, LOL. Glad you've got a new amusement. Methinks it's a necessity to maintain your current job skills, so feel free to deduct it as a business expense on your IRS 1040. You can use my name for that advice.

ChinaMaine - LOL at "this will not be borne!" Now THAT'S a stiff upper lip version of NO CHOICE.

Neat arrangement by the guys in allocating the tree clearing work. Yep, makes sense to me it should take 5 guys to load a chipper, but only if the branches were properly stacked up to make it easier. Some executive material there. Kudos for doing so much work and not bashing any of them with one of your properly stacked logs, LOL.

Will have to try the olive oil mayo. Do you recommend a particularly tasty brand?

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for doing well at the family dinner, and another Kudos for pushing for the walk. Glad that your brother's GF supported you; did they all get up and go for a walk with you two?

Kara (Walking Princess) - Welcome back from your trip. Ouch that you're back in the saddle immediately on Monday. Are you gonna tell us tales of your travels?

Readers - It takes time to let new ideas sink in and to become proficient at changing your ideas and behavior.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 47.

08-24-2009, 09:50 AM
Did my upper body workout Sunday morning. We celebrated our 15th anniversary last week, but Sunday was the day we were going to actually celebrate. We checked the weather, and while rain was possible the predictive radar on indicated it would stay south of Portland until well after dinner-time. So we headed down to Georgetown for hiking and lobster. We hoped it would be cooler near the coast, but it was humid and still where we hiked. The mosquitos were held abay by my bug spray, but they circled my head plotting how to carry me away and hold me until the deet wore off. Thank goodness I’m not down to my goal-weight yet. I’m sure my extra poundage saved my life…

Then we went to the ocean to actually catch a breeze. And did we catch one! Hurricane Bill was making itself known. It was foggy, but the light was golden from the sunset that should still have been a couple of hours away. The waves were huge – 15’ – 20’ high. I worried for all the children playing in the waves (in spite of the swimming ban at the park). I’ve seen children pulled in by waves half this size, and wished that people respected water more. We clambered up the rocks until it started to rain. We, and all the swimmers, dashed for our cars. We headed home in a driving downpour, no lobster for us. Oh well…

We had bought fresh tomatoes and melons at an organic farm, so we made a fresh tomato pasta sauce when we got home. Yum!

WI-down 1.1 lbs. Made a plan, read my cards. Food – op, Exercise – op.

Bill The muffins sound yummy! The brand of mayo we’ve been getting is Kraft. Our supermarket carries one other brand, but it wasn’t quite as tasty…

Kara I’m glad you had fun on vacation! Kudos for taking your cards with you wherever you go!

gardenerjoy Glad the family dinner went well and hooray for ‘let’s take a walk!’ You know skim milk is just as good as almond milk for sat fat. I avoid cow’s milk because I’ve had issues when I drink too much of it.

one by one :hug: I’m sorry you are dealing with such a difficult family situation. I send warm thoughts to you, your Mom, and your entire family.

Credit for distancing yourself from the number on the scale. Extra credit for all the great exercise you’ve been doing.

08-24-2009, 10:08 AM
Coaches/Buddies Lousy day yesterday. Lots of extraneous eating.

Getting back on track by posting, reading my ARC and really focusing on what those words mean. I'm doing enough exercise that I'm not having trouble maintaining my progress, but I really would like to lose another 10 lbs. Since I've realized most of my advantages, maybe I need to make some new ones for 10 lbs from now. Like wearing my pre-daughter clothes. I have about another size or size and half to drop to get there.


08-24-2009, 11:12 AM
morning everyone,

where to start? i was so excited about finally dropping a few pounds right before TOM that it didn’t strike me as strange, even though i have never in my life lost anything right before TOM. well, surprise surprise, no TOM. will POAS tomorrow in the AM to confirm, but i’m 97% sure i’m pregnant. which would thrill me beyond measure, if i weren’t spending most of my energy on talking DH down from the proverbial ledge. his freakout is profound and kind of surprising, given that we had so many discussions about trying (and the fact that’s he’s been aware for some time now how these things work.) aargh. i haven’t gotten hardly any sleep, between being worried for him and pissed off at him at the same time, and having several very-late-night conversations about stuff we’ve talked about a million times before that he decides he wants to discuss right when i'm trying to get some sleep. i’ll stop there because i don’t want this to become an anti-DH rant. i love him to death, but some of the things he does – AAAARGGGH! will keep telling myself, he’s dealing the way he deals. i need to take care of me.

so, assuming stick test confirmation, weight loss is on hold for a while. i don’t want to stop posting, though, because the last pregnancy was a binge-crazed free-for-all that left me miserable and morbidly obese. made my recovery a whole lot tougher, no question about it. so i will still have a plan and i’ll stick to it a la beck. even if something happens or it turns out to be a false alarm, putting a ton of unnecessary weight back on won’t make me feel good. obviously necessary weight gain is a different story, but there's the suggested healthy 15-25 lbs and then there's the 60 i threw on the first time.

i’m so sorry – there are folks (onebyone in particular) who deserve personals – heck, everyone deserves a personal. but i only got 4 hours of sleep each of the last two nights, and i feel like i got hit by a truck. will have to sort some things out with DH and we need to have those conversations BEFORE getting into bed. sigh. i’m off for a parking-lot walk. cheers!

Kim in NH
08-24-2009, 10:28 PM
I wanted to briefly introduce myself. I am a work at home mom to two boys (9&11). I have been overweight since DS #1 was born. My DH and kids have no weight issues, are very active, and are a great inspiration for me to make some changes.

Recently I came to the realization that what I needed was much more than a diet and kept thinking if I could get back to the way my mind worked regarding food for the first 35 years of my life I’d be on the right track. Unfortunately, I can’t remember how my mind worked then, only that I didn’t think about food and weight issues all the time!

I feel like I have walked into your living room where you all know each other. Reading some of your posts, so much of it sounds familiar to me that I was hoping I could join you. What I read about the program both here and on her website makes me think this is the last journey I will be going on (oh is that ever a good thing;)). Now, I have to wait (why did I go for the super saver shipping??) for my book and workbook to arrive.

Well this was supposed to be a short hello. I hope to learn from all of you and hopefully, once I get going have some input as well.

Thanks for listening and congrats to all of you who are doing so well!

Kim in NH

08-24-2009, 10:58 PM
Today I’m finally back on track, eating the way I ‘normally’ do on Beck. My saturated fat is down in my typical range of 5-8%. And although my calories weren’t terrible over the last 10 days, my diet yesterday and today is back to where I feel comfortable with it.

WI-up 2.2 lbs. Made a plan, read my cards. Food – op, Exercise – op (52m).

Anne I can see why it would be hard to lose the last 10-15 lbs. I think all or most of my ARCs would be ‘met’ by then too. I hope you find some new advantages that are really motivating. Do you have any wonderful memories from being at your goal weight that you could have as memory cards?

Kuhljeanie :congrat: Wow a baby! You are wise to try and gain a relatively small amount. I’m sure your DH will adjust – it is life changing, but not unexpected. But tonight, I’d recommend duct taping his mouth :tape: (leaving him a clear airway for his nose) and you should sleep like a baby. ;) You need the rest, and he needs quiet time to adjust to the new realities. (:nose: I hope you realize I’m joking…)

Kim :welcome3: We have a stong contingent on this list from the Northeast of the US and Canada. I think you’ll feel right at home! I’m from Maine (the town of China).

If you want to change the way you think about food and exercise, then Beck may very well be the perfect choice. I know it’s worked well for me…

I can tell you are anxious to dive in. Could you borrow the book from a public library until your own copy arrives in the mail?

So, just come into our virtual livingroom, and hang out. You'll get to know us (and we you) in no time! :balloons:

08-24-2009, 11:42 PM
Walking Princess: So glad your trip was great! And I hope you got a good rest your first night back before work.

BillBlueEyes: Love your story about the hostess. I want to grow up to be her. We did get a fair number of walkers at our family dinner; three were busy with food prep and two went fishing but the largest group took the walk!

ChinaMaine: sorry you missed your lobster dinner but it sounds like it was an adventurous day -- those always seem to be good for a marriage whether or not they end in a restaurant meal. And good for you for getting back on the track where you want to be.

wndranne: I think you may have hit the nail on the head that you already got the advantages you were looking for. Further weight loss would require newly identified advantages. Makes sense to me!

kuhljeanie: exciting times! Take care of yourself at this time. Being the calm one in a relationship can make you forget to take care of yourself. And I'm so impressed that you are already making Beck steps toward your pregnancy weight before you've even confirmed it. I just know that you're going to make it happen!

Kim in NH: Welcome! I've been part of this group for all of 10 days, so as you can see it's easy to just jump right in. You'll be swimming in no time. And I'll second ChinaMaine's idea of a library book -- I'm still using a library copy.

I ate standing up this evening. And didn't even think about it until an hour later. It's a pretty good reminder of why not to do that since I probably would have made a different choice about what to eat if I'd eaten it properly -- maybe bread with fruit instead of two pieces of bread. Plus, I was eating emotionally after a disconcerting second opinion on my brother's health situation. Maybe if I'd stopped to set a place at the table I might have decided to talk a walk. Which is what I did do later. Or write in my journal, which I have yet to do.

08-25-2009, 12:31 AM
Hi All,
A quick post before I turn into a pumpkin. . .tracked food, credit. 6200+ steps, credit. Zumba, credit. Talked myself down from a big bag of chips to a medium one, credit.

Welcome Kim!!

Walking Princess
08-25-2009, 01:47 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm still tired but realized as I sat down tonight, I didn't post on how I did with my eating the last part of the trip. The last 2 days were soooo busy. I didn't have much spare time so I didn't get any exercise in unless you count all the walking we did around Hearst Castle and all the shopping centers I walked. My eating during the last 2 days was not as good as the first half of the trip. I still did way better than I would have before Beck but not as good as the first part of the trip. I would say I did well about 50-60% of each day. Not bad not great. I was going to beat myself up over it but then remembered Bill's wise words about kids learning to ride a bike. They don't just get on the bike and know how to ride it. They fall many times but just get back up and try again and eventually they learn to ride the bike. Once I reminded myself that this is a process and gave myself credits for all the good things I did, I felt much better. I have really come a long way in my eating behaviors since before I found Beck and you all. :)

Today, I'm back in the routine completely. I exercised, ate o/p and everything. I did really well. Read all my cards again which I forgot to read during the trip. I find if I don't read them all the time and stay focused, I tend to stray. If I stay focused I'm fine. Anyway, let me touch on personals real quick before I head to bed. For those that wanted to know, we went to San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach and up to Hearst Castle. The vacation was very relaxing and lots of fun. We had a most wonderful time!

Bill - your dw's friend sounds wonderful. I wish we had more people like her and less food pushers in the world! :lol: Great job on planning ahead for your meals this week. Beck would be proud! :-)

ChinaMaine - Happy Belated Anniversary. My DH and I are going to celebrate our 15 year anniversary too in just a couple weeks on 9/3 :-) Sorry to hear your nice dinner got stormed out. What a bummer :mad:

Anne - sounds likeyou've got a great plan to drop that last 10 lbs. How exciting for you!

Jeannie - a new baby??? How positively exciting!! :dancer::dancer::dancer: Please let us know for sure tomorrow. Yea you! A Beck baby!! :lol:

Kim - welcome to our group! I am pretty new here too but I think you will find everyone very warm and welcoming. So glad you are going to join us. :D

GardnerJoy - isn't it funny how we don't realize we are even standing up when we are eating? When I got to that day where she talks about it, I thought "oh it's ok because I never do that anyway" Boy was I wrong. I have to literally stop myself a lot more than I'd like to because I don't even realize I'm doing it! Kudos to you though for stopping when you did and realizing your mistake.

Nuxmaga - kudos for eating a smaller portion than you were craving. Cravings are very difficult to deal with so I applaud you for minimizing it.

Good night all, I'm exhausted. Have to be up at 5am...good night


08-25-2009, 06:27 AM
:welcome: Kim (Kim in NH) :welcome:

And, in honor of your first post on 3FC, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about the Beck books?

And, how did you find the 3 Fat Chicks site and this thread?

08-25-2009, 07:10 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Was pleased to note one of the small ways that eating mindfully affects our kitchen. The rotisserie chicken for this weekend not only made 5 adult chicken sandwiches, but enough was left over for our dinner last night. DW heated a leg/thigh for herself, but I wanted only a thigh; saved the leg for lunch today where one small chicken leg added to my white beans is just the right amount. In my old days, half a chicken was my minimum serving. CREDIT moi for getting real about serving sizes in this one instance.

Did gym; CREDIT moi. After a two-day weekend, Monday gym always feels a bit stiff. It takes longer for the legs to get into the lunges. Kinda amazing that my body can tell that it's been three days instead of the normal two days.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - [Holding breath not mentioning the subject until confirmed.]

Kudos for having the conversations that are needed; Ouch for back-to-back sleep deprivation. Hope you get your sleep back on track.

Anne (wndranne) - Kudos for focusing on the meaning of your ARC's. Interesting that they're less motivating for the last pounds. Looking forward to hearing how you work that one.

ChinaMaine - Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary; may you have a zillion more. Neat that your celebration was a hike and coastal lobster. Ouch that your lobster was rained out by Hurricane Bill, but there's summer left to complete that part of the celebration.

LOL at your mosquitoes. You'd have thought that the breezes from Bill would have made it hard for them to land.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Yea for continued Zumba. BIG Kudos for making the choice on the smaller bag of chips as well as Kudos for giving yourself credit for that.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Congrats for getting a bunch of walkers after your family dinner - that's contributing to the health of the family.

Sending supportive thoughts for your brother's health situation and for you in dealing with it. Ouch for the eating standing up. But Kudos for taking the time to notice it and for seeing that it happened while feeling the emotions

Kara (Walking Princess) - Kudos for giving yourself credit for your progress in the process. Sounds to me like you did well on your vacation trip. I've never been to the Hearst Castle; it's fun to remember that we can see a castle in the U.S. since I tend to think of Europe when I think Castles. Does Canada have many Castles?

Kim (Kim in NH) - Kudos for recognizing that you don't need a diet, you need to "get back to the way my mind worked regarding food for the first 35 years of my life." That's a big start to the Beck way of thinking.

Like your image of a living room where we all know each other. It does feel that way, even though we haven't all known each other very long. Three other posters from yesterday started posting only this summer; we all get used to each other pretty quickly, LOL.

LOL at the impatience waiting for your books. I ordered mine then promptly went to the library and checked it out. Around here super saving shipping comes in about a week. My son just ordered a book using super saving shipping on Thursday and it arrived on Saturday. I salute the US Post Office for that efficiency.

Readers - Looking Forward

If you follow the 42 steps in the six-week Beck Diet Solution program, you'll find that dieting is easier than it ever has been in the past. Like the dieters I've worked with in person, by e-mail, or over the phone, you'll discover the following things:

• Your cravings will diminish.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 47.

08-25-2009, 10:59 AM
hi everyone! i'll cut to the chase - plunked down the change for a fancy digital stick to pee on, got my positive back within a minute. the coolest thing – the little window that says “pregnant” continues to say “pregnant” even today, so it makes a nifty little urine-soaked souvenir.

am hoping DH has started to calm down a little. at least this time he didn’t throw up when i gave him the blessed news. we’ve got some time carved out this evening to square up on some things that need discussin’, so hopefully we’ll both get some sleep tonight.

i’m also planning on keeping my diet coach throughout to keep me on track with the weight gain. that’s a waaay slippery slope. after i came out of the bathroom, one of the first things i did was to change my goal in my food tracker to “Maintain” and it immediately upped my calories by about 250, so i started thinking about what else i could eat, even though i wasn’t hungry. see how easy? just like that, i’m back in crazyeatingland. will really need to focus if i’m not going to blow up like a balloon. that kind of sucked the last time. i’m only 4 weeks along, for crying out loud. the blastocyt is barely visible to the human eye. it’s not like it requires a hundreds of extra calories at this point. note to self: sanity is your friend.

bill – interesting note about portion sizing. the more i stay on program, the more likely i am to realize that the amount on my plate does not exactly match the amount my body needs. still struggle sometimes with what to do about that (as opposed to previously, when i didn’t struggle. i just ate it.) so, progress. anne! i know exactly what you mean. i’ve never been closer to my goal, and while i’m still a little ways off, i’m close enough that i realized most of my ARCs already. shopping in normal stores, fit enough to easily finish a half marathon, like the way i look. it’s hard to keep going – but i do read on the maintainers’ threads that the last 10 lbs or so is where the dramatic changes in appearance really happen. maybe it’s less about ARCs at this point, and more about finding ways to fit the habits into your lifestyle more effectively? china, your anniversary sounds amazing! i wish, wish wish i lived by the water. my dad was from charleston SC and i think was always a little sad about living in ohio. hi kim! welcome welcome! jump right in and welcome! :) gardnerjoy – interesting thing about standing up, huh? we’ve had a couple of conversations about events where one is “forced” to eat standing up (receptions, etc.) and that the food usually served at those things generally ain’t too diet-friendly. i STILL catch myself doing it occasionally, but now it kind of feels wrong to eat while standing. funny thing. kara, it sounds like you’ve made a profound shift in thinking about success and failure with your plan, and this is working in your favor. mazel tov! way to benefit from beck! margaret, rock on with that zumba. sounds like so much fun…i wish the wii had a zumba game. will keep an eye out for that. :)

onebyone, am thinking about you and thinking that you’re making some very wise and caring decisions for and about yourself. i too learned the experiential way that i’m not cut out to be a teacher (two years in a high school EFL classroom, yo.) i also agree with you that your brother’s attitude isn’t particularly helpful. perhaps the best approach is neither to minimize nor maximize – put a ban on all future tripping, positive or negative. the unspoken gift of a degenerative neurological disorder like your mom’s is that it forces her, you, and everyone to deal with what is now. not what was, or what will be. it’s profoundly sad but when it happened to us, it was oddly liberating and instructive. all the usual platitudes about life and death, yada yada yada. you’re doing an amazing job. let me know if you need anything.

Kim in NH
08-25-2009, 12:29 PM
Thank you all for the warm welcome. I’m glad to see there a few other new people out there too.

Jean, Congratulations!!

Bill, I happened upon this website while searching for a diet plan (had heard about 3FC a long time ago). Then it was a bread trail/thread trail of interesting words…”general diet plans other than those listed below” (I was looking for that plan that was different after all…) then the words “Buddy/coach” caught my eye. It was not until I found your forum threads that I learned of the Beck Plan, which sounds backwards I know. So, thank you – without this forum I may not have found it at all.
I bought the books through Amazon, though I don’t know if I clicked the links on your thread or not, hopefully I did as that is a great way to support the site.

Thank you all for the reminder about checking the library. I live in a tiny town (pop 1500). Our library has been closed for renovations for almost 2 years. In that time they have been set up in a closet (really) in the town hall. The bookcases are so close together that none of the lower books can be reached (you have to bend sideways cartwheel style to see them). Today is the day they are supposed to officially reopen in the new building so I may just take a chance and see if her books are there.

I am trying to prepare for a food plan. Narrowed to two choices – a formal diet plan, which I already have the books for (have not tried it so have not failed on it either) or the old fashioned calorie counting. I have a good sense of nutrition so I can do the calorie counting while getting the right balance of foods. The disadvantage is, it’s all on me to really do the work to find recipes that work, etc. I worry that it may be too little structure right off. The formal diet has the advantage of following recipes and food lists, but it has the dreaded “not on plan” lists of foods which is usually a killer for me. I want to learn to say no to those foods and not be told no. If any of you have any ideas – I’m all ears.

My family is gone for an overnight backpacking trip and I have the house to myself and I am looking forward to pizza from scratch – with lots of toppings from the garden – very light on the cheeses and no meat this time like I would have to add if the boys were here!

Have a great day everyone,

08-25-2009, 10:35 PM
WalkingPrincess: The vacation realization is a biggie. There's a memoir I like called The Incredible Shrinking Critic by Jami Bernard. She talks a lot about not being "on" or "off" a diet -- that makes it too easy to go off for good. She says to think in percentages like you did -- I wasn't 100% yesterday, but I was at 85%. That's still a B and I'm not giving up with a B! Sounds like you had a 100% day yesterday -- good for you! And I'm sure you'll reap emotional benefits from a wonderful vacation for weeks to come.

BillBlueEyes: kudos for the chicken stretching farther -- I've noticed that about our chickens, too. I buy whole ones at the Farmers Market.

kuhljeanie: LOL at your realization of how many extra calories the 4-week old itty bit really needs! Good for you for working this out! And, congratulations on the little miracle.

Kim in NH: I grew up in a small town, but not as small as yours! I keep thinking I might like that lifestyle again and then I remember the million-book library I have access to here....Small town libraries have an amazing charm of their own, but selection isn't one of them! I hope you love the renovated building.
I don't think any of us mentioned that The Complete Beck Diet for Life does have a food plan in it. I'm intrigued by it but have yet to commit. I'm in the First Stage which doesn't involve a food plan, it's about learning dieting skills so that you can follow that plan or another.
We had pizza with veggies from the garden tonight, too!

A low energy day today (August is my premier allergy month), but I get credit for walking and eating reasonably.

08-25-2009, 10:46 PM
I had a lousy night’s sleep last night, so slept in a bit this morning. That left me with time to walk a mile before work, but not to do my upper body workout. I had to do it after work instead (credit!) DH and I made quite a labor intensive dinner tonight. Usually weekdays involve easy meals or leftovers, don’t know what go into us tonight. :shrug: He grilled a pork tenderloin along with garlicky/onion-y potatoes. I stayed inside and made artichokes and braised greens. We ate late, but well. :D Oh! And we kayaked after dinner tonight! :yay:

WI-down 2.2 lbs. (down below 170 lbs :woohoo:) Made a plan, read my cards. Food – op, Exercise – op (60m).

Kim Good luck on the library! I think either plan would work for you. I’ll tell you that starting Beck (maybe the first month or so…) is pretty time-consuming. It’s time well-spent – don’t get me wrong. But choosing the plan which involves less work until you get through enough of Beck to have gotten over the ‘hump’ might make sense. Just a thought…

Kuhljeanie :yay: for having confirmed your ‘status’. Congrats again! And great idea to keep your diet coach…

Bill It’s really cool how your portion sizes have changed.

Kara Sounds like you did great on vacation - :yay: And credit for getting back into the Beck groove so quickly. No worries about our dinner getting rained out. It just means we can try again next weekend. ;)

gardenerjoy Great insights on eating standing up – credit! I hope all is well with your brother…

Margaret Credit for all the exercise and for downsizing your bag of chips!

Now I'm off to sleep!

08-25-2009, 11:26 PM
kuhljeanie Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you. Wishing you all the luck in keeping sanity during the pregnancy. I had issues with that. Be gentle with yourself no matter what.

Lousy day today all around. Lots of stress eating. I've stopped now. Don't feel like talking much about it beyond that. Looking for tomorrow to suck too, but hoping things even out by Thursday or Friday.

I do get to go mountain biking tomorrow, and I am looking forward to that.


Walking Princess
08-26-2009, 01:54 AM
Hi everyone,

Today was a busy and intensive day in many respects. I had planned to exercise but ended up helping my 7 year old with something and never got another chance. Luckily I had walked 10 minutes on my morning break so at least I got something in although not much. Eating I did ok except I did have 1 bout of unplanned eating. There were some M&M's in a jar on the kitchen counter that DH left out. I ate them :o I had enough calories allotted in my day for them but that wasn't the point. I shouldn't have eaten them period. Oh well as Beck says. One thing I was really proud of was that because of the way the day went, I didn't get home with my 7 year old until 6:45pm which was way late for me to start cooking dinner. I stopped by Togos and looked for a "lighter fare" item on the menu. I got the BBQ Ranch chicken wrap and then only ate 1/2 of it (even though I wanted to eat it all!!). The result was only 315 calories for dinner and I can have the other half tomorrow. I was really proud of myself. I never would have left half before Beck. I ALWAYS wolfed an entire meal down. This is the first time I have been able to not eat the whole item and leave it on my plate. Yea! :carrot:

I'm sorry I can't do personals tonight. I am exhausted and I need to go to bed now. I only came online to check in with you guys. I work an earlier shift so I must get up early in the morning.

Be back tomorrow (hopefully earlier!)

08-26-2009, 06:40 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Used my after work walk (CREDIT moi) to pick up blueberries. We're consuming them in large quantities and loving it.

I'm working at being careful with my portion sizes; think I've been drifting higher lately. Not yet ready to start measuring everything, either by volume or weight, just because that doesn't seem like something I'd continue doing for life. Perhaps I can convince myself to measure for a short period every now and then to reset my vision about serving size. Does anyone control their portion size without measuring?

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Big Congrats on starting number two. Such an amazing life change. Sending bundles of supportive thoughts for your eating, your health, and your sanity over the next eight months.

And, as others have expressed, Kudos for the realistic understanding of the number of calories that you'll need. Are you going to write some specific Advantage Response Cards for this period?

Anne (wndranne) - Ouch for your day. Hope you can pull out your de-stressing strategies and get that under control. Kudos for sticking to your mountain bike rides despite the pressure (and the outside temperatures).

ChinaMaine - Congrats on breaking the 170's barrier. Ouch for the lack of sleep - hope that's only a single night.

Drooling over your gourmet dinner. I'm always jealous of your evening kayaking; you certainly know how to use your location for the good life.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yep, Kudos for "walking and eating reasonably" even on "a low energy day."

Thanks for your remarks about not being "on" or "off" a diet from The Incredible Shrinking Critic. That's an important one for me to remember.

Kara (Walking Princess) - Kudos for stopping at half the BBQ Chicken wrap; that's a big one and it's one that I find particularly difficult. I'm better at choosing a proper portion than I am at stopping.

Ouch for the M&M's. Hope you have a house rule that DH is to hide his snacks so that you don't have to face them.

Kim (Kim in NH) - Yea for following the bread crumbs to find this thread, LOL.

Kudos for using your night without the men in your life to make a garden vegetable pizza; I'm drooling. Good luck choosing your diet plan. I'm also one of those who doesn't want a not-allowed list. That's important for me to help me keep away from the "I've fallen" type of thinking which can lead me down the slippery slope of not controlling what I eat. The Beck strategy of planning each day is useful when you want to roll your own plan.

Readers - Looking Forward

If you follow the 42 steps in the six-week Beck Diet Solution program, ... you'll discover the following things:
. . .
• You won't panic when you're a little hungry.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 47.

08-26-2009, 09:21 AM
The dawgs awakened me this morning at 5:10 and I learned about Ted Kennedy's passing. So bummed, and too early to call anybody. ..*, my Beck buddies, I am bummed. On vacation for the next 3 days just to enjoy what is forecast to be summer. Will have to do some heavy digging in the compost ..some heavy digging.

08-26-2009, 05:20 PM
hi kim! there is no failure – only glorious learning opportunities. ;) of which i myself have enjoyed many. the first of many eye-openers for me from beck – trying different plans, figuring out what works for me at any given point and what doesn’t – not failure, just part of the process! i’m STILL wearing my metaphorical lab coat and figuring it out when my life changes and what i was doing last week won’t work this week.

credit to gardnerjoy for doing it even when you don’t feel like it. just like flossing (which i could really get a little more stringent about with myself, now that i think about it.)

china, thanks! your dinner sounds fabulous. happy w/i! huzzah!

hey there, anne. hoping that your prediction of a better end-of-week is already on its way to you. sounds like you’re being gentle with you, too, which is really good stuff – it took me forever to get that binge-y eating usually means that i’m not treating myself well in some other part of my life (e.g. not giving myself enough rest) and clamping down harder just makes it worse. go, you. enjoy the crap out of that bikeride!

kara, woot woot on eating ½ a sandwich! i’m with bill – i try to establish the portion before it ever gets that far, because i’m just not good with that. will see if i can take a page from your book the next time the situation presents itself – which will be tomorrow, at lunch in a new (to me) veggie restaurant. now that i think about it, it’s tonight, at a familiar place that’s not a chain (family-owned slavic-type place) – no nutritional information, lots of heavy food like pierohy and potato dumplings. a great oppty to work on satiety awareness training (SAT, get it?)

blueberries…nummy! bill, just last week i was confounded by a TON of CSA berries and didn’t know how we’d get them all down before they went bad. had an epiphany and cooked them in water with a touch of agave, lemon juice, and agar agar, and made the most delicious yummy jam you can imagine. if you’re feeling overwhelmed, just send ‘em my way!

mary, i know! so sad about ted. hope your vacation is lovely.

so good things…i seem to have mysteriously lost my taste for coke zero, and sweets that are not fruit. it’s the weirdest thing in the world. i can’t believe that i’m far enough in for those craaa-zy hormones to start playing with me, but regardless, i’ll take it. i got halfway through my one can a day today and realized i don’t want it, so as soon as i’m done posting i’ll go dump it out. wheee. am cooking a fancy dinner for friends on Saturday, and i’ve got a whomper of a dessert planned, but i’m enjoying the thinking through process more intellectually than i am psyched about actually eating it. it’s hard to describe but it’s similar to how i felt putting the cupcakes together. the planning and actual making of the food is gratifying, and i want to taste it to make sure i nailed it, but have no compulsion to eat much of it afterwards. this may explain why not all pastry chefs (or regular chefs, for that matter) are fat. i could never understand that. the one thing i’ve made that i’ve been going nutso eating is borscht. it’s my great-grandma’s recipe (seriously old school) and it uses this egg technique that involves mixing eggs in cold water, then slowly whisking hot water to cook the eggs without curdling them as a thickener. anyone know what that's called? anyway, lots of onion, fresh lemon juice and pepper – no sour cream. it’s about 80 calories a serving and i’ve been eating it like gangbusters. my kid seems to really like it too! it’s this AWESOME pink color. i’ll post a picture when i get home so you can see because it’s that cool.

thanks for all the well-wishing on #2! it’s so nice to be out about it online – still way too early to tell people IRL. will probably do that in 3 weeks or so, when we’re sure it’s “sticky.” i just love you guys.

also happier with DH – he finally took the plunge and rented himself a space for his side business, so all these tools and machinery and electronics and god-knows-what will be out of the house in a month or two. we’ll be able to park our cars in the garage, finish the pantry, finally start working on the guest room downstairs. which also means that i’ll be able to remodel the master bedroom, which means that i’ll be able to redo the 3rd bedroom into a nursery. i can paint (low VOC, i know, i know) and re-floor and rip out ugly carpet and 60’s wallpaper and weird moulding made from flooring and actually make my home the beautiful, welcoming sanctuary i know it can be. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! i've already started planning the various projects. just thinking about flooring samples makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

have a wonderful wednesday!

Kim in NH
08-26-2009, 07:23 PM
It was great to hear all of your ideas for starting out. I think one thing that rang true was not to get too caught up in the all or nothing mentality. So, with that I am going to begin with a fair amount of structure, but then use what I’ll be learning to gradually make more independent choices since ultimately that is where I need to be.

The library didn’t pan out. But I had a moment I am still reflecting on. When I walked in they were having a reopening party. I was immediately offered wine and chocolate cake and declined. It wasn’t even a temptation at all. Since I’m in the food awareness mode I wondered why it wasn’t tempting. I thought, I just ate lunch so I’m not hungry and I never like a glass wine that early in the day. Then I realized whenever I am out at a house party or visiting my mom or anywhere in public I do very well. My big issue is at home or if I’m out on my own – basically when I am alone. So at least while I wait for my books I have some things to think about, including the irony of driving to get the book only to be faced with food offerings instead. Anyhow, I’m sure a lot of you must have done the same – passed on what could be a tempting food and then questioned what made it so easy in that particular moment.

Jean; Good for you dumping the Coke Zero. I did the same just recently – realized I didn’t like the taste (too darn sweet) and was only into it for the caffeine. I’m going with iced coffee and iced tea for the hot days now. Sounds like the nesting has started already - with that burst of energy it can be a great time to get things organized!!

Bill; I used a scale for a long time. It gave me a pretty good sense for what portion sizes look like. I will probably start using it again now that I am tracking my food. As you say, great to use once in a while to verify you are estimating correctly. I still weigh cheese as being off even a little can up the fat grams so much.

Joy and Kara; You both said something the other day about eating standing up and I thought the same – “I never do that” - then halfway through the pizza I realize I am standing…so sat down for the end, but now I am thinking I do this a lot during breakfast too….yikes.


08-26-2009, 10:47 PM
I’m getting the final ‘draft’ of my documents out for customer sign-off. 493 pages of really boring stuff. I was so happy when the email finally left my outbox. :dancer: On the other-hand, Beck-wise it was a good day. So credit moi. On Sunday, we stopped at a organic farmer’s stand and got a few things including the best watermelon ever grown. It is sweet and flavorful, and I am in summer-fruit-heaven. :)

:df: WI-down 0.5 lbs. (new low!) Made a plan, read my cards. Food – op, Exercise – op (54m).

Kim I think it’s a good idea to start out with very little structure. I started with the second book and she says outright not start a diet at first. It’s important to learn the skills first before working too hard on dieting. I did that and still ended up losing weight the first week.

Kuhljeanie It sounds as though things are going along swimmingly for you. It’s neat you don’t like coke zero and want to eat fruit. :)

Maryblu I hope you enjoy your vacation…

Kara Credit for the good dinner choices! Making the decision to eat half was amazing!

Bill To me, measuring portion sizes occasionally to ‘reset yourself’ seems like a good plan. Our culture has gotten so super-sized, it’s easy to get out one’s perception out of whack. I’d vote for doing it every January or February. Those months are so lousy anyway, can’t make them much worse… ;)

Anne :crossed: that you have a great Thursday and a better Friday!

08-26-2009, 11:03 PM
Crashed and mangled my right wrist. Ride & day not bad otherwise.

Typing is a bit iffy. Expect Twitter-length posts for the next week. Still. Again :) :(


08-26-2009, 11:31 PM
ChinaMaine: Yay for the new decade and a new low and a good dinner, even if it was late. We've been getting watermelon in the CSA box every week for a month and I'm the only one who eats it -- good thing it's good!

wndranne: Ouch on the wrist! Sending healing energies your way.

Walking Princess: Great job on eating only half the wrap! I'll bet it will be a wonderful treat tomorrow, especially knowing that you spread it out over two days.

BillBlueEyes: measuring for a few days and then eyeballing works well for me to estimate portions -- and I do have to recalibrate my eyeballs every few months.

maryblu: I hope you found some of the news coverage today healing. I enjoyed the modern history lessons since Ted Kennedy's political career was just a tad longer than my age.

kuhljeanie: wow! love that you've lost your taste for diet soda and other sweets. Borscht sounds really healthy for you and both of your kids! Have fun with remodeling projects!

Kim in NH: good for you for passing up wine and chocolate cake that you didn't want anyway! And for starting to get clear in your mind how you want to approach this journey.

My day went pretty well. I'm starting to see why I might want a more structured approach in the next week or two. I spend too much energy fretting over things like "should I or should I not have a chocolate chip scone at Whole Foods?" And never being sure until I step on the scale the next morning whether it was a good idea or not. Actually, in this case I'm sure it probably wasn't because I meant it to be a mid-morning snack but I didn't get hungry for another four hours, so I'm guessing it had lunch-sized calories. I did wait until I got hungry, so at least I didn't compound it by eating by the clock when I'd already thrown myself off.

08-27-2009, 12:14 AM
Tracked food, yay. 6000+ steps, credit. Zumba, credit. Chose the lesser calorie donut(ie no cream or frosting), and enjoyed it very much, credit.
I've had sabotaging thoughts in the past that it doesn't really matter, since it's still a donut, why bother with small improvements, but since I started tracking my calories, I'm amazed at how the calories add up, even if bit by bit.

08-27-2009, 07:26 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Did gym, CREDIT moi, with minor shifting around of the number of push ups in each set for a change of pace. Not much of a change but I am in need of fighting being caught in a rut.

Food was OP, CREDIT moi, despite being abandoned for dinner by my DW who went out with gardening friends. I spent much time reading the menu of a local favorite restaurant being conscious that each choice was more food than I really wanted and being aware that I'd probably clean my plate anyway. Had decided on black lentil Dahl with basmati rice even though I didn't really need the mound of rice they'd serve. Then peeked again in the fridge and discovered the leftover Dahl and the leftover whole wheat spaghetti with basil pesto. So, walked to our plot in the community garden to pick a huge red tomato to go with that and rolled my own dinner with on-plan portions.

Thanks for the thoughts about measuring portions, all of which reminds me that to measure I first have to decide what quantity to measure. Which I'd probably derive from the number of calories that I planned for that meal from my allocation of the day. Sigh, none of which I do. Gotta dig my way out of this one.

maryblu - I share your "bummed" at the loss of Teddy Kennedy. He inspired me that he always worked so hard when he had enough money to merely live the life of the idle rich. Good therapy that "heavy digging."

Jean (kuhljeanie) - That knock on your door is just me dropping by to borrow a jar of blueberry jam, LOL. Sounds yummy.

When you do the nesting instinct, you certainly do it in kuhljeanie style, LOL. That's a lot of projects for eight months. Gotta warn you; whatever you think you've learned about raising kids from El Niño, #2 will whack you upside the head with different issues. We were braced for a La Niña equivalent but got a gracious young lady who charmed us out of whatever she wanted. Thinking about the miracle of all those little cells doubling each day and not yet declaring themselves to be hearts or toes.

Anne (wndranne) - Good grief! Glad the ride was "not bad otherwise" - other than the mangled wrist. LOL at the thought of Tweat posts. Will this affect your work at the office?

ChinaMaine - Yea for "summer-fruit-heaven." And Congrats for staying under the 170 barrier; may you never see it again. And also Congrats on finishing the 493 pages of corrections. If it's a 'draft' does that mean you'll get paid again for the 'release' version?

Good idea to use February. Yep, LOL at "so lousy anyway."

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for waiting for the snack. My use of Beck's planning is just to address the "should I or should I not have a chocolate chip scone at Whole Foods?" If my plan doesn't include it, then skipping it is as easy as NO CHOICE. (Which doesn't seem to work so well with FREE food for me.) Kudos for being aware of your hunger instead of being a slave to the clock.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Kudos for making a choice about the donut; my thought is that all awareness about the food we consume is part of the growth. Yep, "the calories add up, even if bit by bit" - thanks for that reminder.

Kim (Kim in NH) - Kudos for turning down the wine and chocolate cake. Interesting observation about yourself that you can turn down stuff like that easier than the over eating at home. For me it's the opposite. I'm blindsided by the FREE food at an unexpected place and partake more often than I wished.

Neat thought to at least weight the cheese or other high fat stuff. That would be a good start.

Readers - Looking Forward

If you follow the 42 steps in the six-week Beck Diet Solution program, ... you'll discover the following things:
. . .
• You'll automatically plan what you're going to eat each day.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 47.

08-27-2009, 11:44 AM
Hey, Beckies, I get to post next after Bill...vacation time is good! Also, Anne is "laid up" as we say in Minnesoda.........

Anne, I cannot believe your luck. So sorry. So happy savoring The Magician each night.

Gardenerjoy, thanks for your "healing thoughts", you @#$%@%^ young thing! :-)

Yes, to all, heavy digging is not only great therapy, it is great joy. I just love mindless digging....lots of it. Got some weeding done, too. Today involves the use of the push mower..have to pay a little more attention.

Have seen 2 Hummingbird Moths the last two nights at dusk in the Phlox. They showed up right on schedule...weird little things, but familiar now and and welcomed.

Out for a warm day of Gardenerjoy!

08-27-2009, 04:20 PM
another crap night with no sleep and i’m dragging butt today. can't imagine what it'll be like when the tiredness kicks in for real. am hoping that i'll be sleeping at night then. i can't remember when that starts - or when i started feeling sick. hoping against hope that i sort of sidestep all the unpleasant parts this time. (snort.)

re: my insane nesting instinct. has not a thing to do with pregnancy – these are projects i’ve been aching to do since the day we moved into our behemoth of an ugly 60’s split level. it’s got harvest gold appliances, pink plastic switchplates in the pink ceramic tiled bathroom, the world’s worst wallpaper EVERYWHERE…the list goes on and on. for over a year i’ve been looking at the walls and carpet and been frustrated beyond measure. my beloved started his own business in the basement of this house when he was a bachelor, and the electronics and crap sort of spread everywhere. it took over a week to clear enough space for us to move in when we first came up here. i’ve HATED THIS HOUSE for well over a year, but now that he’s got a place to put all the stuff, i can FINALLY do something about it. every single place i’ve ever lived i started out by painting, etc. and this place is easily the ugliest – but there was just nowhere to go to make it nicer. now, finally, there is. it’s taking a tremendous amount of discipline to not cash out my entire retirement fund and pay for someone else to do everything i’ve been dreaming of doing for the last year. but i’ve got some self control. ;)

anne, whoa. that just sucks!!!

bill, was just wondering if you’d considered a plan that involved counting something other than calories, if that’s a drag for you, and you want to plan? there’s that food pyramid site where you put in your stats and it tells you how many servings of whatever you should be taking in. just a thought. thanks for the caution! i know it in my head, but somehow in my gut i'm expecting version #2 of the kid we have now. unfrigginlikely, i know.

margaret – isn’t it amazing? it also works in reverse with burning calories – something i didn’t realize until i got my sensewear and started tracking my movement. even a little activity counts and if you can put enough together, you end up with a lot of activity. hence my parking lot hikes twice a day – seems stupid, but i end up making my calorie target without a “real” workout.

mary – not often that someone sneaks one in between bill’s crack-o-dawn earliness and my mid-morning ramblings! today though i was doing…something? i can’t remember. glad vacation is good for you!

08-27-2009, 10:17 PM
Hi! I started the Beck diet two weeks ago and was thrilled to discover this forum. Going really well so far and I am optimistic, but I need a diet buddy and am hoping this forum will fit the bill. Please let me know if there any rules/guidelines I should be following...thanks!!

08-27-2009, 10:33 PM
It was nice to have a lazy day at the ‘office’. I did my timecard, an expense report, email and tied up some loose ends. After dinner we kayaked -- there were tons of bugs. Small, silvery smelts jumped out of the water to eat the bugs. The moon was shining and the smelts were leaping into the air in every direction. While we paused to watch the fish, a neighbor came out and played the bagpipes. What an odd, wonderful evening…

:df: WI-down 0.2 lbs. (new low!) Made a plan, read my cards. Food – op, Exercise – op (67m). Credit moi!

Anne Hope you recover quickly!

gardenerjoy Sounds like you are settling on a good diet approach for the next few weeks – credit!

Margaret Interesting insight on how calories add up. Credit for a ‘nude’ donut. :D

Bill Kudos for choosing leftovers over restaurant fare. LOL at ‘getting paid again for the release version’. With this client I’m assuming it will always be in draft form. Nice folks – yes! Rigorous reviewers – no! ;)

Maryblu It sounds as though you are having a relaxing, productive vacation. :yay:

Kuhljeanie I lived in a house in NJ that was a total nightmare. It was owned and decorated by a blind woman who moved in during the 50s. Hideous, cheap paneling in the family room – check! Baby blue and bubblegum pink tile in the bath – check! Cheap, homemade kitchen cabinets – check! Yellow laminate kitchen counters – check! Wall-to-wall mirrors in the living room – check! I could go on, but I’m having horrible flashbacks. ;) We didn’t fix much until we were ready to sell the house, and I’ve regretted it ever since. We didn’t get to enjoy how much nicer the house looked. I’m glad you’re being more proactive than we were. :)

JenGM :welcome3: We’d love to be your buddies.

08-27-2009, 10:33 PM
Hi Everyone:

I'm officially no longer a children's technician. credit moi for staying the course. I am completely exhausted and depleted today. I've been dreading the arrival of my Florida Sister (FS) and subsequent updates re: mom's "condition", these being any of the following: physical state of her environs, mental state of her outlook, emotional state of her, well, of her, &/or them together.

I slept with the window wide open as usual last night and woke up with a wicked sore throat that I cannot shake and it seems to be pushing its way into something else, so I won't stay here much longer. I need to rest. I did make myself turkey and rice soup from scratch to cure whatever it is that ails me (all credits here) but my food in general is way way way off and I find little to no drive to do anything about it and when I do go there in my brain I find no clear direction jumps forth.

I continue to hover between 275.6 and 268.6 and have been in this space for the whole month of August. Today: 275.4. I look forward to analysing the weigh-in data once we reach Sept 1st. It's quite fascinating. credit moi for still weighing every morning once and recording it.

wndranne Yikes! The only thing worse to me than reading you fell and crashed on your wrist would be to read you crashed, with your wrist crushing a cactus beneath it. Don't do that next okay? ;) I wish for you a speedy recovery!

kuhljeanie you wrote this to Billblueyes:
there’s that food pyramid site where you put in your stats and it tells you how many servings of whatever you should be taking in. Can you send me the link to this site? It sounds doable for me maybe... And congrats on the baby surprise!

:wave: to everyone especially the Newbies! :welcome:
I really need to get to bed.

08-27-2009, 11:13 PM
Eating is different, but not bad. 3 meals, no snacks, just working out that way.
:wave: to everyone.


08-28-2009, 12:22 AM
Nuxmaga: Yay for all your credits, including the better choice in doughnuts!

BillBlueEyes: Good job on inventing a dinner that worked better for you than the restaurant options.

maryblu: Glad you're enjoying all the benefits of vacation!

kuhljeanie: Hope the sleeping catches up soon.

JenGM: Welcome! I'm new, too! Posting and reading this thread has already been immeasurably helpful.

ChinaMaine: Bagpipes and jumping fish -- wonderful!

onebyone: Take care of yourself. This is a difficult time and I hope the sore throat proves to be a passing thing. The wayward brain seems natural at a time like this. In case, kulhjeanie doesn't get to it, I'm guessing she was talking about

I made a food plan today. A rather odd one, but I think it suits me. I made a mix-and-match plan: 3 breakfasts, 6 dinners, etc. Now, I'll know whether something is on or off plan since I have a plan to compare it to! The dinners, at least, will need to change seasonally, but otherwise it shouldn't need much monkeying around with for months.

08-28-2009, 12:25 AM
Hi All,
Walked at lunch, yay! 10,000+ steps. It was much cooler today. Tracked food, credit, and made myself a graph of my daily calories, inching my way toward more planning of what I actually eat, with a goal amount. . .credit. Ate no snacks at my knitting group, credit! After the 460 calories cookie last week, it was a big improvement.

wndranne--hope the wrist is feeling better.

onebyone--big credit for realizing you don't want to work with kids, and also for making yourself the turkey rice soup!

ChinaMaine--wonderful that you had such a lovely evening and refreshed yourself with being in the present moment.


kuhljeanie--congrats! Yes, it is an interesting reverse with the exercise--every little bit adding up to something positive.

Bill--I can picture you studying that menu--I've been there. . .credit for eating from your own fridge.

gardenerjoy--Tracking my calories has really helped with the improvisational eating, and agonizing over what I really want. Just knowing how many calories are in a chocolate chip scone can nudge you toward passing it by--if you track long enough you begin to have a sense of what will really put you over.

Kim in NH--Credit for passing up the library reopening food! Food shows up everywhere doesn't it?? Beck would probably say the more we practice turning down the food, the easier it will become. For me, the more I think about the decision the worse it is--if I can say no right away, it's easier.

08-28-2009, 12:34 AM
Welcome, JenGM,

My little welcome will have to do until the BIG one from BillBE.

I am writing everything I eat down..and it hit me how much butter Minnesodans put on their sweet corn. I wrote down "butter..100" and then I realized, that was no TBS. of was a scant tsp....but I have seen some pretty clever ways that people get butter on cobs...of course at the corn and chicken feeds, they just dip the cob in a big pot of hot butter. I know people who take a softened stick and just twirl the cob lengthwise on it. is my a slice of icky white bread over the softened butter and use that to rub around the cob. People like a little corn with their butter.

I have heard two people report back from the State Fair that there is now "Hot Dish on a Stick". Yes, in Minnesoda, it is "Hot Dish", not "Casserole", but not sure how anyone would get Casserole on a Stick anyway!

Am still competing with my two dawgs for the raspberry harvest with mixed results. They are both eating cherry tomatoes, too. It's not like I don't feed them a nice, premium dawg food. Sheesh.

Later, all, and please, stay more crashes and sore throats, and such.

08-28-2009, 06:28 AM
:welcome: Welcome JenGM :welcome:

And, in honor of your first post, :wel3fc:

How did you learn about the Beck books?

And how did you find this thread on 3FatChicks?

08-28-2009, 06:34 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - DW asked if I objected to her throwing away the remaining third of a half-gallon of our favorite vanilla ice cream that was crystallizing in the freezer. "Nope" I say with no feelings whatsoever; CREDIT moi. Two things: kinda striking that ice cream went ignored for so long that neither of us can remember when we bought it, and just amazing that I had no feelings about tossing it. I hate tossing any food but a favorite treat like vanilla ice cream all the more so. Would like to think that means Beck is right - "it gets easier." I do seem reluctant to accept that maybe I'm changing, like I don't want to believe that then get disappointed when I find myself pigging out on ice cream in the future. Does anyone else have trouble accepting that they're changing?

Food OP; CREDIT moi. Walking OP; CREDIT moi.

maryblu - Ouch for dawgs that eat cherry tomatoes as well as raspberries. Perhaps you're not giving them enough fruits and vegetables in their diet, LOL. But Double Ouch for all that butter going down in the rest of Minnesoda. It's been such joy since I discovered that I like corn without butter - just lightly cooked and cold. Sooooooo good. I like the corn taste unmodified. I was raised on all those buttering tricks and, as kids, we added mucho salt as well. Shudder.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Kinda neat that you don't remember the details of your first trip thru this; suspect that's part of the design or no one would ever go for #2, LOL. Will trade you two blue/green bathroom fixtures for any two harvest gold appliances. Sending you soothing vibes for more sleep.

Thanks for the tip to consider serving choices via the foodpyramid site. Will look at that. I've just got to avoid my known Eliza trap where I examine a subject until I convince myself that I'm caught behind "There's a hole in the bucket, Eliza, Eliza."

onebyone - Yep, Big Kudos for staying the course teaching art to kids. Remember that in about ten years some young adult will track you down and tell you that you made a difference in their life.

And Kudos for the turkey and rice soup and for consistency in recording your weight. Sounds like you're staying motivated.

Anne (wndranne) - Waving back to terse Anne. Hope your wrist is healing. We're back to cool around here - I don't know when the desert gets cool.

ChinaMaine - Wow, jumping smelts with bagpipes in the moonlight - kinda breaks the standard Maine image of the solitary loon on the lake, LOL.

Yea for a perpetual draft document if that translates into a perpetual editing job.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for making your plan. Your "mix-and-match plan" doesn't seem odd to me since that's exactly what I do. It surprised me that my list of breakfasts and lunches was rather short. It seems to me that Beck wants us to be at a point when actually choosing our food that we think in the NO CHOICE mode rather than letting our Desires select our food.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Kudos for no snacks at your knitting group; maybe that 460 calories cookie will serve as a turning point in snack awareness. And Kudos for your 10,000 steps and food planning. Moving right along.

JenGM - Yep, I'll gladly be one of your Diet Buddies and ask you to be one of mine. As ChinaMaine said, we all Coach/Buddy each other on this thread. There are no known rules/guidelines particular to this thread; 3FC mods enforce the standard web rules for not being offensive and not Spamming.

Which Beck book are you reading? Have you done your Advantage Response Cards and would you care to share some of your most important?

Readers - Looking Forward

If you follow the 42 steps in the six-week Beck Diet Solution program ... you'll discover the following things:
. . .
• You'll consistently follow your plan, even on special occasions.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 47.

08-28-2009, 10:40 AM
Good Morning Coaches

274.6 (-0.8)

I woke up feeling better, not worse. THANK YOU turkey rice soup, warm bath, extra hours of rest, and hearty hard-working immune system. Today when I am done at the school unloading the kiln, I will take a short walk around the corner and get blueberries, peaches and some fresh veggies for me and DH. I suspect I was vulnerable to this bug because since DH has been shopping for me/us and he hasn't bought one single fresh fruit or veggie. He never goes to a real grocery store unless I am with him preferring to food shop at the department store in the mall. It's all pacakaged stuff. So without fresh food I get sick. It's just a fact.

I hope to buy The End of Overeating (I think that's the book that will make me mad right? the one that shows how the food industry manipulates us?) today. It's my treat for picking up my giant paycheck today and for not going on a vacation and instead working the whole summer. BOO HISSSSS for that but oh well. It's over now.

Okay have to get some work done and I'll be back for personals later. Everyone enjoy your day.

08-28-2009, 11:35 AM
am in a STELLAR mood today. it's friday, weather's lovely, and i'm taking a 1/2 day off to start moving DH's stuff into the new "world HQ" as we're calling it. it will be out of my house, never to return. my inlaws volunteered to take el nino for the weekend. a really fun couple is coming over tomorrow night for dinner and i'm going to the farmer's market tomorrow in the AM to shop for it. CSA box will be delivered this afternoon, and i'm hoping it contains some inspiration for tomorrow's night menu. my only weight-related thought is to maintain for the next 2.5 months. life is good. :)

no time for personals this morning from me either (sorry) but glad to hear i'm not the only one singing the horrific-wallpaper blues. for the (very slightly) older becks, what was everything THINKING in the 60's with those finishes? i mean, really? and why'd they have to be wallpaper and tile? didn't anyone put in wood floors back in the day? as beck says, oh well! am deciding whether i want bamboo or hardwood in my bedroom, and what color. i think i'm going for a mid-century modern sort of feel, but with a slightly softened color scheme. not much, though. thinking light olive gray walls instead of stark white, but with the wood tones, white, and olive with punches of red and orange. i've ALWAYS wanted a room like that. only wish i had the change for a herringbone parquet floor...but that's way overkill, and i know that. it's not a DIY job and i seriously don't want to pay someone to put one in. maybe i can just install a parquet border...they've got those in carbonized bamboo.

time to rein it in if i'm going to get anything done today...god i LOVE the design stuff...:D

have a wonderful weekend my coaches!

08-28-2009, 08:57 PM
Hi all, and thanks for the nice welcome! I actually discovered the Beck books through a quiz in "O" (Oprah's magazine) about finding "your ideal diet". Somewhat embarrassed to admit it, but I have to say I think the plan is perfect for me and my tendencies to 1. give up dieting the moment I get discouraged and the second I'm under stress. Googled "Beck diet" and "diet buddy" to find you guys.

I've done my advantage cards & was having a hard time having them really sink in during the repeated readings, so I actually pasted a few small photos from catalogues and magazines to provide a visual reminder too, i.e. "want to run around on the beach with my kids without shame" and a picture of someone in a bikini. It's been helping a lot. I'd say the one response card I find the most helpful is the one about how each time you resist a food you're building that's just really resonated for me.

Gardenerjoy -- I love your mix and match plan. I've been struggling to come up with these meals and snacks every day...might have to borrow your idea!

Maryblu - I'll be in MN next week and am inspired by your ability to withstand all the treats! You're my role model as I encounter all the foods I can only find in Minneapolis!

Kim in NH
08-28-2009, 10:46 PM
We went out for Chinese food for lunch today. I chose my meal the night before, chicken w/steamed vegs – no sauce. It was really good and I felt much better with that lighter choice than I would have with the heavier dish the boys got. Brought a cooler and container and took some home too. After that we did one of our regular trail bike rides along an old railroad bed. A lot of it is flat and easy and then there are some side trails that are more challenging (roots and hills). It’s a great area, along the Nashua River and the old mill areas. A side trip downtown to a brewpub where the kids had a dessert and the adults had a beer (planned). I turned down a second with no regrets.

Still no books yet, but I am enjoying this pre-Beck time to organize and focus.

Welcome JenGM!!! I just joined a few days ago. At this point I am “hanging around” soaking up some of the great ideas here and waiting for my books to arrive, hopefully the beginning of the week. I look forward to hearing how you progress through the weeks.

Wndranne; I hope your wrist heals quickly. DH has a “Life is Crap” t-shirt with the guy flying over the handlebars – a gift from me after he had done that several times (with no lasting injury, luckily)

Nuxmaga; Do you go to Zumba classes? I have a few DVDs and wow is it hard. I even slow it down to half speed to try and follow it.

Kuhljeanie; I share your pain on the house thing. Ours (circa 1986)was a foreclosure, and what was “finished” was done so poorly we had to rip a lot out – down to the bones like electrical and plumbing – 13 years later we are still fixing. The only upside is you will end up with each room just as you want it. If you can try to take it one step at a time, maybe pick one room that is going to bug you the most and go with that. It wasn’t until this year I honestly started to feel like this was “our” home.

Onebyone; It’s great to take time to care for ourselves when we feel something coming on – then our immune system can do it’s part. Glad you feel better! The End of Overeating I had in my hand yesterday– almost bought it, will eventually get it. I got The China Study instead.

BillBlueEyes; great that you parted with that yucky ice cream! I have a hard time throwing any food away. As environmentally unfriendly as it is I wish more snacks came in tiny individual portions. You could satisfy a craving without the other 90% of it hanging around tempting you.

I know I missed saying hello to some of you – but it is so late and I am ready to put my feet up!


08-29-2009, 12:15 AM
Nuxmaga: Congrats on the 10,000 steps! And avoiding last week's trap with the knitting group.

maryblu: heard all those buttering corn tricks from relatives in Indiana and actually saw some sticks of butter kept in fridges that were reserved for rolling corn along. You could tell from the bumpy indentations on the top and that they were about half-height of a normal stick. We started buying local corn years ago (long before I ever thought of buying local for any other reason than taste) and stopped using butter at all. Fresh-picked corn is so sweet that we've learned to like it just as it is. Like Bill, I grew up with both butter and salt. I remember once having a contest with my brother about how many ears we could eat! I think we agreed to a tie at 6!

BillBlueEyes: congrats on the total detachment from the vanilla ice cream! Thanks for the confirmation that I'm not the only one using a mix-and-match meal plan. Reduced decision-making was the primary reason that I made a plan now -- I was driving myself nuts and thought this would be an easier approach!

onebyone: I enjoyed The End of Overeating and anger at the food industry is helping me stay away from all kinds of things that I was eating just a month ago. I don't know why anger is working for me -- it's not part of my normal make-up -- but I figure it doesn't do anyone harm and it does me a lot of good!

kuhljeanie: yay for the stellar mood and all the things contributing it to it. My CSA box this week had tomatoes. Lots and lots of tomatoes!

JenGM: Thanks for the idea about a visual reminder. I think that's what my Advantage Cards need as well. I got into digital scrapbooking a few months ago -- maybe I'll make pages for my cards!

Kim in NH: Good for you for pre-planning your Chinese lunch out. The bike ride sounds lovely!

I followed my new plan today. I was hungry a bit more than expected, but having completed those hunger experiments, I just didn't let it bother me that much. It worked!

08-29-2009, 12:36 AM
Hi All,
Tracked food, credit. Zumba, credit. 8400+ steps, credit. Down 1 lb, yay! A tussle with potato chips at dinner--I had a "small" bag as the guy called it, which was like 2.5 servings, but I treated it as one. . .but I'm doing pretty well, considering dh is on a retreat, and I think the first year he did that, I gained 5 lbs in a week from anxious eating.

Gardener Joy--credit for doing the hunger experiment and then building on that skill by practicing!

Kim in NH--That's a good idea to bring a cooler so you could take some food home. I got a healthy dish the last time I had Chinese, and it was really good--definitely not a hardship. I take Zumba at the Y--and sometimes I move at half speed even if the teacher is going full throttle!!

JenGM--Beck sounds good for you! Glad you found us.

kuhljeanie--yeah for a stellar mood and design energy. Our house had a mid 80's infusion of pink carpet in every room, over lovely heartwood pine floors, which even though they need refinishing, are so much better than the carpet.

onebyone--glad you are feeling better. I'm looking forward to hearing about the End of Overeating book.

MaryBlu--credit for butter awareness. We've been getting corn at the farmer's market, and I find just a suggestion of butter works for me.

Bill, yay for tossing the ice cream! Yes, I too have trouble assimilating that I am actually changing--I think the old pathways have operated for so long, that I just ignore evidence of change because it "isn't me"--even though of course it is.

08-29-2009, 07:11 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - I did better at portion control in my packed lunches this week; the white bean and tomato dish that I ate for 5 days still has one serving left. The last time it only lasted for four days. CREDIT moi for being conscious about working my portions.

At the gym I worked on the quality of my lunges, CREDIT moi, instead of just wishing they were done; it makes a difference. At the moment I can't remember what are the benefits of lunges and squats. I must have known that at one time since I doing them faithfully. Gotta go look that up.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Yea for feeling "STELLAR" in time for a big weekend without El Nino. Love the look of those bamboo floors - go for it.

onebyone - Yea for rest and feeling better. Yep, it's The End of Overeating that will make you mad about how the food industry manipulates us. Kudos for giving yourself a reward. And Kudos for going to buy some fruits and vegetables; you gotta send your DH to remedial shopping 101, LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Honking Big Kudos for feeling some hunger and "I just didn't let it bother me that much." That seems to me to be one of the biggest steps that Beck leads us toward. Just terrific that you can do that. LOL at the corn eating contest with your brother.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Kudos for food and steps. LOL at a bag of chips being 2.5 servings, grrrrrrrrrrrrr. That's as annoying as my Clif Bar being 1/2.5th serving. And Kudos for staying on plan with your DH away.

Interesting thought that you just ignore evidence of change because it "isn't me." I suspect that eventually we'll reset our self image; for me it seems to come slowly.

Kim (Kim in NH) - Kudos for the stellar planning for that Chinese lunch, including the cooler and container. Now that's enjoying life while staying on plan. The old mill areas around the Nashua River sound like a place we'd like to go explore.

JenGM - Neat idea to paste pictures that turn your Advantage Response Cards into visuals that strike you. As I recall, onebyone, who is a highly visual person, painted hers.

Yep, the Beck strategies seem well designed to fight the tendency to eat under stress and to go off plan when discouraged. I really like her idea that we have to work for two weeks learning how to stay on plan before we begin.

Readers - Looking Forward

If you follow the 42 steps in the six-week Beck Diet Solution program ... you'll discover the following things:
. . .
• You'll feel good about turning down food instead of feeling deprived.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 47.

08-29-2009, 10:09 AM
A quiet day, but beautiful weather. I did lots of laundry, hung outside to dry. The weekend looks a bleak, so wanted to get what I could done. And it was an excuse to go outstide in 10 minute increments during the workday… I’m transitioning to a new project at work. I'll still be babysitting my old project, but it won't be the same level of effort. So I set up a meeting to transfer of knowledge on my old project and got the lay of the land on my new one. I was pretty stiff and tired today – my upper body workout yesterday really concentrated on my shoulders, and I was feeling the effects today. I wasn’t up to the elliptical today, but did take Moose for an extra walk to make up for it.

:df: WI-up 0.2 lbs. Made a plan, read my cards. Food – op, Exercise – op (72m). Credit moi!

Anne :wave:

gardenerjoy Love your plan – sounds simple and easy to follow. Way to put the hunger experiments to good use!!

Margaret It’s exciting to get to the point where you are planning foods, determining goal amounts etc. Especially when you’ve been developing the skills to make it possible to succeed long-term. Kudos for all the hard work!

Bill :yay: for your emotional detachment from your [formerly] ‘ favorite vanilla ice cream. About change, I guess it’s a difference in personality. I get really excited when I see I’m changing for the better. :)

Maryblu Those darn dawgs! And I don’t want to see what a ‘hot dish on a stick’ looks like. Our local fair is next week-end. I’m quite excited – especially for the horse-pull. Do they do that in Minnesota?

one by one credit for buying fresh fruits and veggies.

Kuhljeanie :yay: for your stellar mood. It sounds as though you have a fun weekend ahead.

JenGM The ‘resistance card’ still resonates with me -- 8 months after I started. It’s a great idea to add some visual cues to highlight the real meaning of your advantages.

Kim What a great day you had – the bike ride sounds like fun. Credit for making reasonable choices!

08-29-2009, 01:40 PM
Kuhljeanie, to that (slightly) older Beckie reference, well, I resemble that remark! Can't defend the color schemes of the 70s nor linoleum, however. I think it was just part of that cooking with Cream of Mushroom Soup everything-is-easy kinda era. Are you watching Madmen? I am so hooked, even if these two episodes have been lacking..just watching the authenticity of that era is a kick for me. But the excessive smoking actually bothers makes me if I am getting the passive smoke...weird

JenGM, welcome to Minnesoda next week.. Remember the Honeycrisp apple for sure, for sure. Developed at my very own U of MN..I spent a whole fall quarter identifying apple varieties there.....but that was *mumble *mumble years ago. I understand the Honeycrisp tastes differently if grown in warmer climates CA, for example..better in the northern states. Good for us!

ChinaMaine, I DO want to see Hot Dish on a Stick..I am asking everyone I know who is going to the fair to report back! An engineering wonder, to be sure.

08-29-2009, 11:41 PM
Hi All,
A challenging day with farmer's market and an arts festival to check out, without dh as my rudder, and way too many snacks. But I did throw some of the one out--which, though I wish I'd stopped sooner, is pretty unusual for me. And my calories came in a bit under yesterday, yay! Tracked food, credit. Walked 12,000+ steps, credit(at least with snacky stuff, I had to walk to get it.) Left some food on my plate(or Bento rather), credit. I'm staying up too late, and getting tired, and notice that my eating gets more random when I'm tired. I'd like to improve my "self-regulation"--the ability to get back in balance. I should go to bed.

08-30-2009, 12:31 AM
Nuxmaga: Congrats on the pound loss yesterday -- all that Zumba is working for you! And, Good Night! Since I see you just posted that you should go to bed. I'm headed there as soon as this posts.

BillBlueEyes: did you figure out the purpose for lunges and squats?

ChinaMaine: Good job on the extra walking when the elliptical didn't work out for you.

Quiet day. Still feeling a bit hungrier than expected and disappointed that the scale is staying stubborn, but mostly I'm watching it all like a grand experiment. It seems to help me stay patient. I've been reading the Mayo Clinic Plan and it suggests that one should pay attention to the monthly trend of weight loss. I'm going to keep weighing myself daily because it's really helping me stay on track, but I think I'll only convert it from kgs to lbs and post it in my ticker (when I'm "old" enough to get a signature file) on the first of the month. And, I can tell it's time to go to bed because my sentences keep getting longer and longer and longer.

Walking Princess
08-30-2009, 02:04 AM
Hi all,

Just a quick post. Sorry I haven't posted in a couple days but for some reason, I couldn't get on this website (??) Not sure why but it would not work although I could go to other websites. Weird.

Anyway, op today but did not exercise as I have problems with my TOM and my doctor tells me not to exercise on my super heavy flow days and today was one of those. I should be fine for tomorrow though as that will be day 3.

Be back tomorrow.


08-30-2009, 04:20 AM
I was tired again today. I did an upper body workout this morning. So since I was pretty ache-y again today, I’m guessing the two facts are related. I napped this afternoon for almost 3 hours – quite a luxury really…

I live in a small town that was without a supermarket until today. The supermarket we normally go to is 25 minutes away, so a shopping trip usually required at least an hour and a half. Things will be more reasonable now. We headed over to the new store today to see what it was like. We left the final decision for dinner until we got to the store, but DH was lobbying for chicken wings. There weren’t any enticing sales or other foods for dinner, so we bought a bag of plain wings. We bake them, and put on Anchor Bar sauce. I decided to have baked potato along with the carrots and celery, to fill up on rather than wings. Once I weighed the wings, I realized that 4 wings were 10 ounces and 625 calories – yikes! Since having only 2 wings seemed silly, I decided on 3. It still puts me over on calories for the day, but seemed like a good compromise. After eating I realized that I would have been full with 2 wings, so that’s what I’ll have the next time we make them…

Luckily I’ve been under on calories every day this week, so my weekly average is right on target in spite ove being over by 300+ calories today. And the store is great – tons of gluten free food and decent produce and seafood departments.

WI-down 0.7 lbs. (new low!) Did not make a plan, read my cards. Food – off-plan, Exercise – op (52m). Credit moi!

08-30-2009, 08:39 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Food OP; CREDIT moi. In fact I skipped my morning snack because I was out and didn't get home until time for lunch. Was surprised that my first thought was that I should eat it anyway since it was owed to me, LOL, but I ignored that. Not much exercise as I worked a plumbing problem with the heating system all day as Tropical Storm Danny soaked us. Finally about 7pm, the rain had stopped and I needed a part that I could buy at a ten minute walk, so I did instead of driving, remembering the thought that even a small amount of exercise is better than none; little CREDIT moi for that.

Can someone tell me how to drizzle balsamic vinegar on a tomato? It would be easy if I just put my thumb over the big hole in the liter bottle, but wouldn't that be equivalent of sticking my thumb in the bottle itself, contaminating every future user? When I did it, I drizzled a bit then glugged a bunch, LOL.

maryblu - Interesting thought about the feelings of passive smoke from television. Yep, "weird" but interesting. Think I have the same thing. My thanks to the U of MN for the Honeycrisp; hope you guys get a royalty every time I crunch. Jealous that you can distinguish the apple varieties; wish I could do that.

ChinaMaine - Kudos for OP OP on Friday and for going out in 10 minute intervals. Remembering that you wrote that was the inspiration to go walk for my plumbing part rather than take the car.

Good work negotiating yourself through the chicken wings. Sobering the number of calories in those buggers - 150 per wing - YIKES!!! I can remember stacking up the bones til they filled a plate. Shudder. Your new store sounds like a great addition to your life. I have no idea which end of the day your 3am post goes with, so accept either the Late-night-owl or Crack-o-dawn award as fits.

Kara (Walking Princess) - Kudos for eating OP. Ouch for difficulty logging into 3FC; hope that remains fixed for you.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for keeping the perspective to watch "it all like a grand experiment." I'm a fan of weighing daily for the emotional accountability, plotting that to see the daily jitter, and then choosing my weekly number by reviewing the trend of the daily readings. I'm quite sure my body doesn't gain or lose a pound of anything in a day, but that my GI track and fluid channels have the capacity for multiple pounds variation.

LOL that your long sentences come from being tired; just wondering what my excuse is since I post in the early morning.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Kudos for tossing part of a snack; my dream is to be able to do that. And kudos for leaving food on your Bento. You're really doing the hard parts of Becking.

Readers - Looking Forward

If you follow the 42 steps in the six-week Beck Diet Solution program ... you'll discover the following things:
. . .
• You'll be proud of yourself.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 47.

Kim in NH
08-30-2009, 02:26 PM
Just a quick post today to say hello. Kids go back to school tomorrow so lots to get ready today. I love my kids, but returning to the regular routine is a big plus in my plan for weight loss.

BillBlueEyes; Not sure exactly what muscles lunges work but it feels like every muscle to me! Seems like they might be good for balance too – or is me that almost always falls over when doing them??:dizzy:
I transfer balsamic vinegar to a small glass container with a spout and a stopper. It still flows but is easier to control than the bottle it comes in.

ChinaMaine; How nice to have a closer supermarket! I’m in the same situation here – 30 minutes away and have to bring a cooler.

Does anyone use recipe cards anymore? As I start to find recipes either online or in my books it seems redundant to copy them but I like the idea of building up a collection of healthy recipes all in one place, especially if I am meal planning and don’t have a lot of time to flip through books. I’m trying to take steps to make eating healthy as easy as possible.

Off to do some reading and relaxing while I wait for the books I really want:tantrum:


08-30-2009, 11:07 PM
Hi All,
Fading here. 7600+ steps, credit. Eating only one piece of the fudge that my friend gave me for looking after her cats, credit. I'd love to get to the Beckian state of declining it altogether! Tracked food, credit. Another run-in with potato chips, but I did stop before the bag was done, which was quite amazing! Personals soon.
Good Night.

08-31-2009, 12:56 AM
Walking Princess: Hope you are able to get back to your exercise tomorrow.

ChinaMaine: A new convenient supermarket is exciting! I'm glad it's stocked with stuff you want.

BillBlueEyes: You could get one of those fancy containers for oil and vinegar with the spout. Although, I quit putting vinegar in those when my balsamic vinegar molded in one. Ick! Obviously, I don't go through it all that fast, so I've been buying smaller containers which have drizzable sized openings.

Kim in NH: I'm still working out how I want to store recipes, but I suspect I won't get myself to copy them on to cards -- even though I like the homey feel of a card box in the kitchen. I'll probably end up with a binder and recipes slipped into plastic sleeves. That's especially convenient for recipes clipped from magazines.

Nuxmaga: There are a lot of things I'm declining now, but fudge from a friend would be really difficult! Yay for 7600 steps!

Improved my hunger situation a bit by moving my morning snack. We eat supper very late, so a second afternoon snack at about 5:30 was a big help since the chicken didn't come off the grill until after 8:00.

Walking Princess
08-31-2009, 01:16 AM
OMG I'm going to cry! I have been typing my post for 25 minutes and somehow inadvertantly clicked on the add to the right. When I hit the back button, I lost my entire post! :tantrum: Try it again

Couldn't exercise again today :( but stayed in calorie range. We were out running errands all morning and it was late and we hadn't eaten lunch so dh suggested we eat at Chili's since that was in the same area where our next stop was. I decided to order the Turkey Combo - it had a cup of Chicken Enchilada soup (I ordered with no sour cream or cheese) and a 1/2 turkey sandwich (no cheese). I also counted out 15 tortilla chips with salsa since everyone else was eating that. That is normally my MO and I will polish off 2 baskets so I was really proud that I ate only 15 chips.

ChinaMaine - kudos for trying so hard to stay in your calorie range and for learning from the experience. I think you did great!

Bill - great job for recognizing the sabatoging thoughts and not letting them overrule you. For the record, balsamic vinegar always glubs out of the bottle on me too :lol:

Kim - I don't use recipe cards either but I frequently clip recipes from magazines. I've been searching for a long time for the best way to store those so they are accessible but can't think of anything except a photo album and adhering the cut recipe to the sticky back sheet. Any ideas?

Nuxmaga - good job at not eating as much as you normally would in those circumstances. You are definitely getting there!

GardnerJoy - glad you were able to move around the times of your snack to help manage your hunger better. Good for you!


08-31-2009, 06:49 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Ate dinner at a new Turkish/Mediterranean restaurant. Good food. My great thing was to eat only half (3/8ths actually) of my entree and take the rest home for lunches; CREDIT moi. Interesting to me how much I wanted to eat the whole thing - like I had no plan or no program. We were in a congenial atmosphere, food was new to me, so therefore, I should eat without bounds. Silly thinking. So, I won this time; wondering when I can win without the stupid thoughts to just eat and eat and eat.

Thanks for the suggestions for drizzling balsamic vinegar. Glad that I'm not the only one who makes a glub. I might try using the cap next time although, alas, there are few drizzable tomatoes left in our garden.

maryblu - Waving. Thought of you when reading The Search for the Perfect Apple in Sunday's Parade Magazine.
Jim Luby, 52, is a professor of horticulture science at the Univeristy of Minnesota and co-creator of the Honeycrisp, which many regard as the best eating apple of all time.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Kudos for stopping mid bag with the potato chips; that's pretty amazing - I've never done it. And good job on the fudge. Do you have a way to send the rest of it to some deserving place out of your sight?

Kara (Walking Princess) - Ouch for the lost post; many of us have done that. Some of us always do [CNTL]-A then [CNTL]-C to copy the post to the clipboard periodically. I think ChinaMaine types hers in a Word document then copies it over. I've sometimes done both of those when I'm feeling particularly vulnerable.

Kudos for your clean eating at Chili's. Counting the tortilla chips in advance to make yourself a serving is good Beck style. Count me in the club of those who have asked for a second basket of chips but never let that impact eating the meal.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for juggling your snacks to fit your dinner schedule. These late summer dinners are a challenge for me; they work best if I have my afternoon snack around 6pm. And thanks for the word, "drizzable."

Kim (Kim in NH) - Waving at your kids headed off to school; noting your mixed emotions, LOL. Nope, you're not the only one who tips while doing lunges. When I concentrate on form, I can do them without tipping, otherwise I feel like I'm waddling across the floor like a penguin.

Remember, a watched UPS truck never boils.

Readers - Looking Forward

And, of course, you'll be able to enjoy other benefits, too.

• You'll be thinner!
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 47.

08-31-2009, 09:41 AM
Hi everyone.

Restarting again here after vacation. I am back up to 172, but I know this is a temporary state of affairs and I am determined to stay OP this week.

It was wonderful to go to New Brunswick again after 7 years (when my parents moved back to Ontario). Hurricane Bill was more of a drizzle, thank goodness, and we got some great weather. DD and my 4-year-old nephew had all kinds of playtime together, including the beach and miniature horse rides. It's deeply calming for me to be in nature and near the ocean.

Now back to normal life, and time to re-establish a good diet and exercise routine before back-to-school craziness starts. Good to be back with all of you!


08-31-2009, 10:07 AM
Good Morning Coaches:

I was catching up on the posts and was captivated by the hot meal on a stick and searched for a jpg of it but instead was totally sidetracked by Piglickers: chocolate coated bacon on a stick (picture attached) The site I found it at and posted here has a few other "goodies"... I have to say, knowing me, I'd want to try it, but really, it sounds awful.

Anyway, I am off to the school to deal with shelving and access to one particular wall for the guy who's patching the wall. A big pain in the butt for me. Soon I will have to have a meeting with the two fall ceramic teachers and soon after that I will be scrambling to do their bidding. I don't want to do any of this today but Oh Well. I am off to catch the bus anyway.

Will hopefully get back here later for personals. :wave: enjoy your day!

08-31-2009, 11:40 AM
Back after a quick trip to get away from it all. I feel better, wrist is healed, and I'm only up a pound or two, more thanks to dumb luck than responsible consumption. Here's to dumb luck!

Working my techniques today.

08-31-2009, 12:00 PM
really thought i was going to get some great sleep this weekend with el nino away, but my eyes just popped open at the usual 5:45, and nothing would persuade my brain to shut itself back off after that. Saturday night’s dinner party was a raging success but didn’t get to bed until after midnight, almost unheard of for me. so today, once again, i am tired. TIRED. sigh. dinner went great – i cooked the way i like to cook, just a little fancier for company. they looked at me sideways when i told them what we were having (basil tomato soup, garlic spinach, panko-crusted eggplant, and grilled salmon) because they said they don’t like eggplant or spinach. my friend told her husband she’d eat them every night though if they tasted like mine. how great do i feel about that??? they’re seriously considering joining a CSA next year. yay!

lots of cooking this weekend; made another batch of borscht, i am completely hooked on that stuff now. i could and do eat gallons of it. i’m in love with the color, the way the beet juice runs when you peel them, the comforting smell of the onions boiling, the sweetness and tang of the lemons. ahhhh. picture attached. you can see el nino in the background eating cheerios. he does like the borscht, but prefers cheerios. what kind of toddler doesn’t love borscht? oh well. also made seitan pepperoni because i’m getting paranoid about all the metal, hormones and antibiotics in high concentrations in meat. have a question to my diet coach about that. these next few weeks is when numero due is working on organ differentiation and is highly sensitive to environmental toxins. nothing like understanding that someone else’s brain function may depend on your stepping away from fake sugar to make you rethink your lunch order. i’ll probably loosen up towards the middle/end, but the next few weeks i need to eat as close to perfectly as i can. no pressure, though.

bill, you won! you know, sometimes the thoughts just aren’t there, and it’s wonderful and easy. i love those times. the other stuff probably never goes away completely, and that’s okay. it’s been so valuable learning that i don’t have to believe my thoughts and i can apply that to every other place in my life where i have a tendency to get stuck in fear-based thinking – i’ll take the occasional struggle to leave food when i’m full. onebyone, that looks absolutely gross. i like bacon and i like chocolate. but, yuck. welcome back erika! kara, nice job with the chips! i had a couple of restaurant meals over the weekend and didn’t display nearly that kind of restraint. which i need to. and so sorry to hear about your back button loss…i almost always type in a word document and then cut and paste into 3fc. it makes it easier at work when i don’t have to keep that page onscreen, too. :) gardernerjoy, what a wonderful solution to a schedule problem! margaret, i would also like to get to that becksian state. every once in a while, i can just walk away without a second glance, but that doesn’t happen too often. course it’s a lifetime from before beck, when it NEVER happened. :) mary, nope, don’t watch mad med, though i’ve heard it’s worth seeing. maybe will tivo or rent when i go on my leave. china, nice that you adjusted your workout to accommodate your muscles – but you still did it!

(amended to add) hi anne! so glad to hear your wrist is better. i'm also a BIG fan of dumb luck. :)

09-01-2009, 12:19 AM
Walking_Princess: good job on counting out the chips at Chile's. I tried that trick today with the french fries that my husband and I habitually split when we go to the cafe at the Botanical Garden. It worked really well!
Sorry about your problems with the forum software. I've started typing out my entries in Notepad. Besides giving me a working copy that I can go back to, I can type stuff in it during the day when I think of things and still post once in the evening.
For recipes, I use plastic sleeves in a binder -- easier than the sticky photo backing and less permanent if I decide I want to change my method later.

BillBlueEyes: Thanks for sharing about your thoughts to want to eat the whole thing -- I've been wondering myself when those will stop, but since I'm all of about 17 days into this, I'm guessing it will be a very, very long time for me. And maybe never. Which is maybe okay because it isn't the thoughts that make us fat. Good job at following your plan even with the sabotaging thoughts.

eusebius: yay for a wonderful vacation and for returning with renewed commitment to a healthy lifestyle!

onebyone: hope your adventures with shelving and wall-patching are going well. And thanks for the chocolate-covered bacon -- I grossed out my husband with that!

wndranne: credit for dumb luck -- and for the possibility that the work you've done to this point has changed how you eat and move, even when you're not thinking about it too much.

kuhljeanie: that dinner menu sounds wonderful to me! Good job on converting your friends!

My mix and match meal plan worked today when we decided at the last minute to go to the Missouri Botanical Garden for lunch and a walk. I swapped out the lunch I planned for the meal in my plan that I designated for Garden days. So, even though I wanted the grilled cheese sandwich when I walked into the Cafe, I ordered the spinach salad like my plan said. And, I ate precisely 12 french fries, also in my plan because I didn't want to give up our tradition of sharing an order of fries. And it felt good to stick to my plan!

09-01-2009, 12:27 AM
Hi All,
Tracked food, credit. Walked 10,000+ steps. Had one piece of planned fudge with coffee, and enjoyed it, credit. The other half of a bag of chips called my name, because I didn't just dump it yesterday. Sigh. But still, to make it last two days is unheard of. . .No Zumba this week because the Y is refinishing the dance floor. Sigh, sigh, sigh.

Kuhljeanie--Wonderful that you cooked what you like to eat for company and they loved it! That's a coup!

wndranne--glad the wrist is healing.

onebyone--credit for getting on that bus.

eusebius--glad to hear you had a good trip to New Brunswick. I once went on a French exchange trip to Edmundston in highschool. We were taken on a tour of a paper mill and a chicken abbatoir. We retaliated when they came to Edmonton, and they were taken on a tour of the city sewage treatment plant.

Bill--yay for eating 3/8 of an entree! I know that feeling well of wanting to eat boundlessly, portions being determined by the plate size. The fudge is in the freezer and when dh gets back, he can take it to school.

walkingprincess--big credit for measuring out your chips!! I will have to try that. It's quite a feat to get a healthy meal out, and you did great.

gardenerjoy--credit for modifying snack times. I am much happier when I have snacks at my vulnerable times, keeps me on track.

Kim in NH--I have binders for my recipes. I used the hole punched plastic sheet protectors. I like being able to flip through.

ChinaMaine--kudos for the strategies with the chicken wings--having potato and veggies, weighing out the wings. I had to laugh at "2 wings seemed silly"--I form judgements all the time about what seems like a good serving, and it's usually never in my favor in terms of weight loss.

Walking Princess
09-01-2009, 01:40 AM
Hi everyone,

I did really well today. I stayed op and did my exercise. The only thing I goofed on was that I licked the serving spoon clean after dinner. :o I didn't even realize I was doing it until I swallowing the last bite of food! I've got to learn to pay more attention to my actions. Other than that, I did great!

Bill - I think you did so great tackling those sabatoging thoughts today at the new restaurant. Eating out is very hard sometimes with all those wonderful different flavors and aromas calling your name. Great job in only eating a portion of your food and taking home the rest!

Erika - I'm glad you had a great time on your vacation, welcome back!

OnebyOne - that chocolate covered bacon killed my cravings for a couple hours! ;) Hope your meetings went well today

Anne - glad to see you are back! Great that your wrist is feeling better

Jeannie - of course you're tired silly! You are pregnant! Go easy on yourself ok? :hug:

GardnerJoy - you did great too with the fries! You are right, it feels so good when we stick to our plan doesn't it? I love the way you swapped your meals. You are doing Beck proud! :-)

Nuxmaga - great job on the 10,000 steps and tracking your food. That's terrific. Keep up the good work!

Good night!

09-01-2009, 06:03 AM
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