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08-01-2009, 01:02 AM
:wave: WELCOME EVERYONE ~ Please join us in our thread: to give support and encouragement; to share ideas, and/or just chat with one another about everyday issues ...

This special thread is for anyone with any kind of physical obstacle and/or challenge like SB, CP, MS, MD, PK, Lupus, Osteo, Arthritis, Rheumatism, or any other condition (s), whether genetic or acquired (like injuries), that causes some physical limitations and/or difficulties.



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08-01-2009, 01:23 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ Well, here's my first official post for the month of August ...

We went up town to pay some bills; and pick up just a few things we were out of (basics really). Picked up a BBQ spit chicken for dinner but made my own veggies and had salad with it too; so I stayed on plan today (credit moi). I also baked DH some blueberry bran muffins this AM (credit). I also got some walking in today: I purposely walked around the entire perimeter of the grocery store and uptown a little bit (kudos to me).

PLus, I also sat up town on the benches in the square where all the flowers are for awhile -- just waiting for DH to do his thang, and enjoying life and some rays in the meanwhile. It was a good day overall.

Hope all our Canadians friends here have a grand long weekend! Monday is our civic holiday for the month of August. That's why we decided it would be better to do our errands and stuff today instead of next week.

I talked to two of my siblings today; one brother and poor exhausted NUMPSTER ~ her step-daughters wedding went well; they said it was beautiful. Numpster did the photography for them and her DH did all the music too; so they were very tired after it was all done. Now they are off to their planned vacation -- they rented a cottage for a week or so and we hope they have a great time.

Well, things are finally cooling off in here, and it's time to hit the hay; it's been a long day for us too. DH and I caught a bit of bug, but we hope it won't stick around; the symptoms aren't as severe, but you get sticky phlegm in your chests that makes you feel yucky and tired. Hopefully that won't last too long.

Take good care ladies ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

08-01-2009, 10:58 AM
Hello fellow chicks

First Happy civic holiday this August to all the Canadians on 3fc hope you have a wonderful time whatever you may chose to do. We do not have a holiday this weekend but our Summer bank holiday is on the last Monday in August which happens to be (Last Monday in August) 31 August this year. The civic holidays that you mention I think are equivalent to our Bank holidays. Traditionally bank holidays no banks, shops etc were open. Though some shops are now open the banks still remain shut on these days.

It still remains our normal summer ;) we are awash with rain :rain: so a very miserable and wet day here again. This is so unfortunate for the stall holders at the farmers market which was held today as it is so miserable when it is like this for them. Today I think was a complete loss really for them for the majority of time as the entrance to the shop's car park (This is where the market is held and on the wide aisled pathways) there was a car accident. The car accident had over turned a vehicle so the police had blocked off the road. So DH parked the car in the safest nearest spot on a side road and we walked to the market. So great daily exercise if somewhat getting wet in the process :rain: despite the umbrella.

This morning before going to the market I had put on a casserole for a hot tea this evening. We are having steamed vegetables with a chicken/vegetable casserole in a gravy/white dry wine sauce. I have made a large pan of this so I will have gravy left for other dishes that do not produce any gravy. With the day being so miserable I thought it would make a nice day for a casserole.

Our dog Rizzie has just had his mad half hour running round the lounge tossing his ball in the air, pouncing on his ball like a cat catching it's prey. Whoa betide anyone in his way during this time he is oblivious to you and knocks you flying. So best sit in one spot till he has done with his bizarre antics. Normally you only see this really playful running round like a demented idiot when he has just bathed. If it is good weather I pop him outside there he goes running from the front of the house front lawn to the back lawn at break neck speed. Again best policy is to steer clear else you are swept off your feet.

Yesterday DH went to the dentist to get his partial dentures. He had them in top and bottom set but was so struggling to cope with them. Today I have done some reading on the INTERNET for new denture wearer and hope the tips I have found will help him in his endeavour to be able to wear them full time without thinking about them. Now I did have a partial denture many years ago as I awaited for an area of gum to heal before they would consider doing bridgework. I was self conscious of the gap so asked for a denture to cover up the gap. So I have brief experience of what it is like and how difficult it is to get use to. Though you do crack the nut so to speak if you persevere. I do hope he has the willpower or patience shall we say to stick with them. This is because they are a perfect match that you would never know they were not his own teeth. The dentist has made a great job at ensuring the real teeth from the false teeth are not at all obvious.

ROSEBUD Gosh I bet Numpster is absolutely exhausted and her DH come to that after the step daughter's wedding. These maybe beautiful family occasions the union of two people whom love each other. Though the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make a wonderful day is really hard work. Not to mention the stress that it brings as it is one of the most stressful things that can happen in your life. The only one to beat this stress wise which was shown by research is moving home. Or at least it was when I was studying mental illness when just having had a baby. So many people on finding they are pregnant decide to get married if they are not already married. Then move home to a bigger place to make room for the baby. Each of these events are shown to be extremely stressful and they were known factors to getting either depression or psychosis after the birth of the baby. Ladies whom this happen to will make a full recovery but it does take time to get back to normal. Though if you do have a mother and baby unit you can at least maintain the bond between the two of them as much as their illness will allow. Some contact per day is better than none at all. It will often help families as well knowing that the child is being cared for as finding out that your wife, daughter, sister is mentally ill is a big thing to take on board let alone take the responsibility of caring for the baby for X amount of time. You see you do not know how long you will have to make the commitment to care for the child which is a difficult thing. It was also proved that recovery rate was quicker if baby was around plus the bond started to form as soon as possible.

Just read that you and DH have caught some bug I hope that your soon both feeling better soon.

Well no further news I can thing of for now so take care ladies till next time bye bye

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08-01-2009, 08:26 PM

I'm down a little bit of weight - less then a pound from last week and my appetite is still pretty tame but I've stocked up on nuts, eggs and cheese. It's kinda nice to have a mellow appetitie because I get to enjoy calorie rich foods with fat (kind of my old 'trigger' to overeat) like cheese, bacon bits and sour cream :)

I am really loving the summer. and hoping to get some painting done this weekend. I need to go and buy primer tomorrow.... must not forget since monday is the day to paint AND the holiday.

I am off to see the latest harry potter movie in theatres. have a great weekend ladies,

08-01-2009, 08:32 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we woke to a :sunny: weather this morning, but I knew they had predicted :rain: and winds today, and that did show up as the day went along. DH did a biking run early this AM, then went to see a friend after lunch for a short while.

I stayed home with NIKO and just did light housechores and stuff on my PC, like checking my mail and such. Wow, you can certainly while away a day doing stuff like this. I also put my legs up this afternoon to rest them as they were a bit sore after walking yesterday afternoon. If I do my walking in the AM, my legs and feet don't get too bad the next day (unless I really overdo it); but when I go walking later in the day, they always hurt the next day. It's good that I can stay home and rest them every other day.

On the alternate days of walking, I'm doing things like handweights and/or stretchie band, chair aerobics, and other toning exercises, which gives me a nice variety too. I try to do the light toning and stretching stuff each day. WE had nice leftover chicken tonight for dinner; had asparagus baked beside the chicken. I also did up some mushrooms, onions, and corn as I wanted to use up the mushrooms I had left. I still have some left that will be nice for an omelette tomorrow.

HI PURPLE ~ yes, NUMPSTER and her DH did take on a lot with this wedding, but since it was her DH's daughter, they were able to cut the costs of her wedding by donating their services. NUMPSTER is a graphic artist and does photography for a hobby right now; and her DH is a musician, who works for a music store repairing, restoring, and tuning new and old pianos, etc. She said it was nightmarishly hectic the last few days; and there were only a few small glitches that were easily remedied, but she is sure glad it's over and they are on to their new life together ... :lol:

Our NIKO acts in very similar ways to your RIZZIE; he throws his ball around and goes after it. He's great for entertaining himself; he does this indoors and outside too. Outside, he has a ball and a blue glove that he likes to toss around. DH tries to play with him a bit every evening, as that is when NIKO likes to play the most (right after dinner). Yes, NIKO went absolutely loco after we bathed him recently; he hates, and I mean 'hates' being wet in any way ... ;)

We have a farmer's market here that just started up the last week or so; but you have to show up right at the start becuz the people line right up and the fresh veggies go like crazy. Our farmer's market lasts into the fall; and they have trouble keeping up with demand -- it's crazy ... :dizzy:

Boy, it's getting really dark and windy out there; and it's pouring like cats & dogs out there too. Don't see any lightening or hear thunder yet, but if I do, I will have to shut her down (the PC, I mean). Don't want any damage done to my pc or modem.

Lots of folks have gone to their cottages, the lakes, or their camps this long weekend. DH went to pay the rent today, but our landlord was gone away to his hideaway out in the country. It seems almost every time they go out there lately, it rains on them.

Well, DH is putting on the kettle for some tea; time to rest and relax again for a spell. Want to put my legs up again this evening for awhile too. Hope you ladies all have a great weekend; take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

08-01-2009, 08:38 PM
HIYA VAL ~ you posted while I was typing. That Harry Potter movie was just here for a week and my SIL went with some friends and said that she really like it, so have fun ...

Glad to see that you are steadying out on your eating plan; tweaking here and there can really help. I like to have almonds, hard-boiled eggs, and cheese too; I find that they satisfy me better (especially the eggs). I remember doing lots of painting in my house years ago; I actually enjoyed it very much. Remember, that it counts as good exercise too (credit you). ;)

Have a wonderful holiday weekend ...

08-02-2009, 08:02 PM
Hello fellow chicks and good evening (creeping very rapidly to morning may I say :o)

Today is a much better day weather wise so I have taken the opportunity to get some laundry done and dry it outside. Washing is so much nicer if dried outdoors. I have been busy doing the chores this weekend and have done them all by one which is the ironing. I hope that I may tackle that when I have mustered enough enthusiasm to do it :D

DH today has a swollen top lip that is making him under the weather. Not that he is admitting to that as that may mean being packed off to the doctors toot sweet. You know men and their health if it means visiting the doctor they would rather play ostrich and hope the matter goes away :D Let me tell you he is doing a mighty fine impression of a ostrich ;) What is it with men and visiting the doctors you virtually have to drag them their kicking and screaming in my experience.

I have been good on the exercise front the past three days ans have managed to get in three walks of varying distances. I enjoyed todays walk though towards the end the hot weather did get to me a tad so I whipped my cardigan off and I felt much better. It reduced the MS symptoms I was experiencing.

Today for tea I have cooked something I have not cooked in a long while which is stuffed peppers. I stuffed it with rice rather than meat, it was very nice though I think next time I will cook them a tad more as the pepper was not has soft as I would have liked. It is so nice to have different variety into your diet as it stops you from getting bored.

VAL I have pipped you to the post on watching the latest Harry Potter film the half blood prince. I personally enjoyed watching this and hope that you have the same pleasure that I did. I have read all the 7 books in the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling. I feel the film stayed to the essence of the book though it has be be edited down from the book else the film would last all day. This is because the books are rather long with many twists and turns to the plot.

Congratulations on the weight loss :carrot: plus well done on being mindful to have the right foods in your diet with your appetite being reduced at the minute. I think like many of us we have trigger foods that we have to be wary of else we can go down the path of self destruction. Any way keep up the good work.

ROSEBUD Unfortunately this is my second attempt at this as my first post disappeared into the cyber space due to an update by windows that appeared to have knocked me out of login of this site. Normally I save the information but it totally when out of my head as I was tired writing it at the time. So I got well and truly stung for my troubles.

Well done you for getting all the different exercises in and clocking up some walking trips. All these different forms of exercise all count and are burning those calories.

Talking about getting stung for my troubles. DH and I were fooling around well more like I was threatening him with putting a cold can on his bare back. Well I lost my balance (not hurting myself in anyway though) and my bare back leaned up a very cold wall. So my DH said God moves in mysterious ways so it looks like I got my just desserts for being mischievous :D

I know that you like photography especially of birds that arrive in your garden. Well I spotted a bird flying towards the hedgerow when we where in the countryside. The birds name is the yellowhammer this is a website to show you what the bird looks like. It has been years since I have seen this bird. Yet when I was younger we did see a lot more of them. Not sure why there has been a decline whether it is the tearing down of many of the hedgerow or is it the pesticides used on the land that has brought this about. It is such a crying shame as they are such a pretty looking bird. Here many of our birds do not have bright colours but tend to be either black, brown or white or a combination of these colours.

It is great that your sister and BIL were able to use their talents in the recent wedding of their daughter. Weddings have become so expense now and the annoying thing is your doing the right thing making the union legal. You can see why so many choose not to marry as the sheer cost is way out of their pocket. I would dearly love to marry my partner but the cost is too much, and secondly we would be worse off financially to the tune of a lot of money. At the moment we are classed as individuals but if we got married then my pension would be expected to keep my husband (pension being from my nursing when I took ill health) This is a bizarre set up we have in this country they do not encourage people to be married especially if they have low income like ourselves. It we choose to marry then we would really struggle financially :( Not that we are flush with money now but with careful budgeting we are OK.

well I must make tracks for my bed else it will be morning before I know where I am. So till next time ladies take care. Fingers crossed :crossed: that this post does not disappear. Though taking precautions and saving it this time.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

08-02-2009, 09:59 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we had a bit of :sunny: this AM, but gray clouds moved in by noon. I fell asleep on my couch after I posted in here last evening, and then woke up in the middle of the night. I came by to read, and post; and wrote a note to my Aunt, but then finally got back to bed about 4:30 AM. Of course, then I ended up sleeping in later -- 9:15 which is later for me as I usually get up between 7 and 8 AM.

Since this was our rest day, I wasn't too upset about that though. Just took my time and moseyed around with my coffee. I splurged and had a bagel with PB this morning; a nice treat now and then. I find if I don't eat a good breakfast now, that I feel too hungry later in the morning. We decided to go for a drive this afternoon for awhile even though it was cloudy, but the rain didn't fall.

A friend of DH's is building a new house, so we went out to see how it was progressing. He has to tear down his old place first though and then they are bringing in a prefab bungalow to replace it. They are still in the tearing down phase yet, but they do still have to the fall.

Anyhow, we went out to a favorite couple of lakes that we used to go to in the past; one of them, had 6-7 or more large camping trailers parked all around the shores but no-one was there; and one fellow was fishing at the dock by his car. We used to go out there to look at the lake and yak becuz it is so peaceful, so I hope they aren't planning on leaving all those trailers out there year round becuz they are taking up all the land in front of the lake so no-one else can use it, which isn't the way it is supposed to be.

This is free public land and is supposed to be available for everyone to use throughout the season. We will go out again another time when it isn't a holiday weekend, and hopefully most of them will be gone (as I know a few of them are being left there year-round even though the government has told them not to do it). We are not pleased with people who hog the shores along all the public lakes up here: it's not very considerate -- esp for those of us who can't afford a cottage on a lake. Well, I guess that's my rant for this month. ;)

Anyways, we had a lovely dinner when we got home; I had sirloin steak with sauteed veggies and DH had a boneless center-loin pork chop (his favorite). We had a treat while we were out -- we had our dessert in the afternoon for our snack: we had a medium ice cream cone at a favorite spot that we hadn't been to for awhile. That's a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon; we wouldn't do this normally though. We only have 96% fat-free ice cream at home and in 1/2 cup measured amounts; it's our one indulgence. We have given up chips, and nachos, and hickory sticks, and popcorn, and many other treats; so we are doing really well, I think. Kudos to us ... :lol:

HEY PURPLE ~ sounds like you were up late tonight too; sorry you lost your post. I am getting more precautious these days; if I notice that my pc is acting slow or in any way odd, I save my post BEFORE clicking on the "submit reply" button. This has saved me many times.

Sorry to hear your DH is having problems with his gums; it takes time to get used to those plates for sure. When my DH got his bottom ones, his mouth was too swollen so they didn't fit; now they are way too big so he doesn't use them anymore. I wish it wasn't so expensive to have them fixed; the price is way too high now.

Today, I totally rested except for going out; but will do some other things like my stetchie bands today. I did do my tummy tucks and leg squats this AM; plus a few other toning exercises as well (credit moi). On my new plan, Sunday is now my rest or take it EZ day; I only do what I feel like doing. I'm doing more stuff on the other 6 days of the week instead.

That bird looks alot like our yellow or canary finches that we have over here. We had some here tonight; one was kind of greenish (probably a female) and the other was bright yellow with black markings (probably a male or another kind of gold finch). The tree outside our kitchen was covered with finches, sparrows, and young starlings tonight. We still have some blackbirds and the mourning doves are still coming here today as well.

We had cooler temps today; it stayed around 60F. The birds were here on and off all day and evening, so DH put out a little extra food as they always seem to return here if the temps start to get a bit colder. We couldn't believe how high one of the lakes we visited was; probably from all the recent :rain:. We could see the lake from the road as we were driving by; it reminded me of the shores we went to when we were young in the southern part of the province off Georgian Bay.

YES, VAL ~ Congrats on losing even 1 lb ... it all counts, so take it!!! Last time I weighed the scale said I lost 3 lbs, but that may have been water as I tend to retain lots of water (from 3-5 lbs and more).

Well, that's all the news from here for now; time to put my legs up for awhile. Will have some tea later too. Take good care ladies and have A MARVELLOUS MONDAY ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

08-04-2009, 12:12 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well this AM started out with a mix of :sunny: and cloud; it was a bit cooler and a bit windy, but it turned out to be a fairly nice day overall. Sat out on our porch for awhile this afternoon. Did some work on my files and my plan: working on healthy recipes and fiber foods today; and my new exercise plan (credit moi).

I am trying to increase my exercise a bit, so after dinner, I got DH to take me up to a local school and we walked around their gigantic parking lot which is about the size of a football field; we walked around a perennial garden dedicated to a local girl as well. It took us 30 minutes going at my pace and we went a bit extra to get the time in. My back and right knee started acting up by that time, so I knew it was time to go home. A doctor I had in the past, told me to stop if my back started to hurt: becuz that meant it was time to rest.

I did discover some helpful things tonight while doing this walk: 1) if I felt pooped, stopping for a few seconds helped a lot; 2) that after a little while, my breathing leveled out, and I felt much better; and 3) after so many minutes walking, my adrenaline kicked in and I started to feel like a normal person walking again, without the undue strain I had felt at the start.

Another thing that was an answer to prayer for me is that my calves were actually sweating by the end of the walk -- that means the circulation is improving in them; so the exercises I have been doing is helping them after all. That alone made me very happy. So, kudos to me, for pressing on, and getting this done. All of this gave me some encouragement.

I am also going to go look at a track that is at another place to see if it is accessible to me; it is a bit more private and would feel more appropriate than just walking around the perimeter of a large parking lot. I also hope that that snowfall, I will be in good enuff shape to be able to go to the arena this winter. I have to build up my endurance now though, starting with 3 days a week, then 4, then up to 6 days a week with one day off.

I am going to try and do this as often as my body will let me without hurting it too much. I want to pick us up some really good rain coats or ponchos this week too, so we won't use the :rain: as an excuse not to go for a walk. I can also go for walks in the stores on those days as well.

Anyways, that's all the news from here for now. Tomorrow, we will be also getting the last of the wood we need to finish the floor braces; then it will be all done. The floor takes a long time to do, but once it is done, then the actual cottage can start to be built.

Take good care ladies, and hope you all have A TERRIFIC TUESDAY ... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

08-04-2009, 09:41 AM
Hello, Ladies! Sorry to have been gone so long-well, wasn't really gone, but had little time to visit 3fc and post, but I have tried to keep up with all your posts. You are a very busy group!

We've been so busy running back and forth to visit DH's dad and try to help deal with issues of cleaning out his apartment and moving things. He finally passed away Saturday night. It was a long time of suffering for him these last few weeks. DH was with him when he passed, so I know that helped both of them. Unfortunately, it was also DH's mom's birthday, so she kinda joked that he didn't give her a very good birthday gift:lol: They had been divorced for many years, but had a good relationship now, and I did remind her that he waited until the end of the day to go. She knows he had no control over the time, but was trying to cheer us all up a little bit. The memorial is planned for Saturday, so we'll be gone again for a long weekend.

Other than that, my own dad was finally diagnosed with throat cancer and waiting for results on whether it has spread (I may be repeating myself-sorry if I mentioned that before). He lives 12 hours away, so we're hoping he might let us move him here for treatment, so we can help him out.

DS2 started football practices this week-I can't believe it's almost time for school again! Much to do before the first day with paperwork we have to file. Must get his senior pics scheduled soon too or we'll miss the yearbook deadlines and much to do:dizzy:

Well, hope you all have a really nice day and rest of the week, in case I get too busy to visit again. Take care and enjoy what's left of summer!

08-04-2009, 11:26 AM
Hi ladies

Did not find the time to come on yesterday unfortunately. I have spent the weekend scouring the INTERNET for tips on cleaning a shower. I have been a naughty bunny and let soap etc build up. So it was elbow grease and patience need. Though finally by the end of the day my shower is sparkling clean and smells super clean. I hated the fact my shower had gotten so bad through my own neglect. Everything else in the bathroom was shining and beautifully clean but the shower was awful till yesterday. Glad I had read on the INTERNET how to remove soap build up, mildew and mold. I know by other peoples standards they would say my shower wasn't too bad but you know when something is bugging you as it is not to your own high standards.

Weather has been a right mixed bag of sunny and rainy weather. Though today rain is forecast throughout the day. So far the forecasters have this one spot on. Even though it is raining it is quite hot and humid really not what you would expect when you see the grey clouds over head.

RONNI :hug: My deepest sympathies to you and your family during this time. FIL sounded like a brave, courageous man whom fought cancer to the bitter end. Wherever your FIL is now in the world at least he is pain free and cancer free. :hug:

I can fully understand the running around after the passing of your FIL if the procedure is anything like here in the UK. You do not realise the amount of running around to various places informing different organisations of the circumstances now. Plus on top of that clearing an apartment of your FIL and we do not realise how much stuff we collect over the years.

Prayers for your own Dad and his further investigation in the nature of the cancer. I am sure it would make a lot easier for you to help your Dad if he was close by rather than 12 hours away. Lets hope he is willing to move and that it will make life easier for you with caring for his needs during his forth coming treatment.

When you say your taking your son to football practise is this the game I know as American football or is it soccer ? Here our own football season is starting up very shortly (soccer) . There are small leagues of American football here but it is no where as popular as football (soccer) which is our national game.

ROSEBUD Thanks again for holding the fort just over did the work load yesterday so was bush whacked (shattered ;) )

DH seems to be slowly on the mend and his lip has gradually gone down. It still remains a little sore but not so bad. He is persevering with the top dentures at the minute and then add in the bottom ones into the equation shortly. They say from literature it takes a week for every decade old you are to get use to them and your cheek muscles to hold the plate in place. Seeing as DH is 50 next year your talking at least 5 weeks. :fr: gosh where does time fly to it is hard to believe he will be 50 in about 9 months time. My sister reaches the big 40 this years how this possible my baby sister ;) Alright so when she came along (born on same day 5 years apart) I was taken by Dad to see my special present for my birthday which was my baby sister. I apparent took one look at her said "I don't like her take her back !!" As children we fought like cat and dog though I think it was due to the age gap of 5 years which is a lot as a child but nothing as an adult. Now when she hit the age of 14 we got on like a house of fire the years melted away. We still have a close relationship with her and is like a best friend.

Good for you on your walking. I find the same about having to push myself a little initially and then as you say you get the rush of adrenalin which puts you on a high. It is just a matter of gritting you teeth and getting to that point. Doing as you do walking and taking frequent stops along the way is an excellent way of building up your stamina. It is good that you are looking into alternative more private options to do your exercise of walking.

Right time to go into the kitchen and making some head way in making the tea. So bye for now ladies and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

08-04-2009, 11:30 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ the weather wasn't too bad today; we had a nice mix of :sunny: and :rain:, so we went up town and got our wood to finish the floor frame and we also picked up the rails for the ramp. They were much less than we thought, only $5.00 a piece; well worth it to have nice rails and get no slivers. We got one for each side which should be nice.

We decided that while we were there, we would do this week's shopping and save a trip. So, I managed to get in some walking again today (kudos to me); and it looks like this new plan will work out well. Some days, we'll shop & walk; another, we'll go to the lot and walk; and on the others, we will go to the track and walk; leaving Sunday as my rest day.

DH wants to go up to the lot tomorrow, and work on those last crossbraces, so while I am there, I will try and get some walking in with NIKO too. We went to the school and looked at the track that I mentioned here yesterday. It looks pretty big to me; it could be 400 yards or more, but I'm only guessing. We want to see if I can walk around it at least one time; but I'm pretty sure that I will have to stop and rest a lot. It's a goal to work towards anyways. DH helps support me though to make sure that I get around without falling; I wouldn't even try it without having his arm to lean on.

We had a good eating day; I made a Irish family favorite called creole patties which are just hamburger patties cooked with onions, corn, mushrooms, tin tomatoes. I brown the 2" patties with the onions and mushrooms (just becuz I happened to have some on hand), then added the tin tomatoes with juice and 1/2 cup frozen kniblets corn. We also had new potatoes with this; and it was really nice. I made myself a baby cuke salad with lite ranch dressing. I have a couple of meatballs leftover for lunch tomorrow.

HI PURPLE ~ don't worry about being too tired to come in now and then; that happens to us all. Sometimes, I'm so tired that I fall asleep in the evening and don't get in. I'm glad to hear that your DH's lip is starting to get better; I bet he can't wait til it's all over and done.

It's funny that you wanted your parents to take your sister back -- that reminds me that NUMPSTER was so upset that our youngest sister showed up, that she slapped her across the face when she first saw her. Eeks, talk about jealousy or what? But Numpster was only 2 or 3 y/o at the time, so we can forgive her; and our little sister doesn't remember it anyways. They are also good friends now too. :lol:

:hug: HI AGAIN, RONNIE ~ you have had more than your share of grief over the last while. I think that is a great idea to get your Father to come and stay near you for his treatments, so that you can help him and also enjoy spending some more time together too. We can only hope that he sees the benefit of such a move.

I am sending up some special prayers that your doctors in the US will see the wisdom and kindness of making sure that those with terminal cancer (and other terminal illnesses) don't suffer needlessly during the last days and weeks (or even months) of their lives. With all the pain medicines that we have at our disposal, there really isn't any reason why anyone should be suffering at the end at all. I thank GOD above that our doctors and nurses in Canada have such great compassion on our terminally ill patients and try to make them as comfortable as is possible. That's my rant for this week, but it is a so very important one too!;)

We are also sending up ^prayers^ for you and your Dad; plus your DH and all of your families during this difficult time in your lives ... :hug: It was nice of you to take the time out to come in and post; thanks for the update.

Well, that's all the news from here for now. Take good care of yourselves and do have A WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

08-04-2009, 11:38 PM
:wave: HI MEOWEE ~ hope you are starting to feel better; and those doctors are figuring out what ails ya ... ;)

HIYA VAL ~ hope you are having a good week up there in Thompson; just a short week this week anyways! Hope your meeting went well with your MS doctor ... :hug:

08-05-2009, 10:48 AM
Hi! Trying to get some normalcy in life for the boys, so, after football practice yesterday, we went to the pool and just swam and sunned for the afternoon. It was really relaxing and ended up a little pink!:beach:

Purple-my DS plays American football, although he did play soccer one summer a while back, but he just loves the American football the most. Always watches the Minnesota Vikings and has his favorite players, of course! Thanks for your well-wishes. It helps alot at this time to know that others are concerned. :hug: I also have issues with cleaning showers, so nice to know I'm not the only one! Some of mine come from the fact that most of the cleaners don't do what they say they will and they aggravate my asthma as well, so I have a hard time finding something that will clean up the soap scum and hard water spots. Oh, well....

Rosebud-Keep up the great work with your walking plan. Your DH is so supportive that I'm sure that helps alot! Thank you also for your thoughts and prayers for us. As I said to Purple, it really means alot. :hug:

Hi, also, to Val, Meowee, Numpster, Beverlyjoy! Hope you all have a great day!

08-05-2009, 05:39 PM
Hi Ladies

It is late evening here as I have been busy today going to the chemist twice, doctor and weekly grocery shop so a full days schedule.

Weather started off very wet and pretty horrid altogether. Though as the day progressed it got better I must say to the point we had some nice sunny periods.

As I said earlier I went to the doctors to discuss the issue to the oedema that I had experienced whilst taking the increased dose of gabapentin. Doctor agreed with me that I could not stay on that amount due to the side effects and stay on the reduced dose. At the moment the pain is not too bad from my face due to the fact the weather is milder. Though cold days are a big trigger factor to me frequently causing attacks. The other issue was the on going problem with my lack of sensation due to nerve damage. So I fully expected an increase in my tablet. But no I must have seen a forward thinking doctor. I have been seeing the female doctor in the practice as she is very good in my opinion. Why I say forward thinking was she suggested I take an alternative medicine. Even telling me that it was on offer in a particular shop as one of her patients had informed her. So when I get the product called lepicol I will let you know how I get on with it. Doctor told me to come back if I was having no joy with that product and we will try something else. Doctor also gave me gabapentin in 300mg dose to see how I could tolerate that so stop me from taking so many tablets in a day. At present I take six 100mg daily. This tablet will mean only two a day so reducing the the amount by four. Though will have to see if I can tolerate taking the high dose all at once.

Had a phone call from my parents to say their power steering on their car had gone. So I guess their car will be going to the garage to be repaired £££ so goodness knows what the bill will be for that. I hope it will not be too costly to put it right again.

RONNI Glad you managed to get a few hours of relaxation by the pool after after the hectic period of time that you have had.

Yes most kids have a favourite team mind you when I say kids my DH likes to know how his team he has supported since he was knee high to a grass hopper. He like a football team (soccer) called Leeds United. He told me today the football (soccer season starts this Saturday) so sooner than I thought.

Yes things like showers get neglected especially when I am feeling tired. I tend to prioritise what jobs I need to get done and those I can leave. Well you can guess the shower often gets pushed a bit down the pecking order of things. You may find this site useful in cleaning all sorts of things as several of the tips include more natural things which may not trigger asthma attacks. I use it a lot to solve my little chores around the home to get things sparkling again.

ROSEBUD Glad you have managed to get a lot of walking done whilst on a shopping trip. I also have done a lot of walking today with shopping and other chores we pulled in. So they are aching a fair bit tonight but I am sure with a good nights rest they will be back to normal.

I must admit your pattie meal sounds kind of yummy to me. Not sure what I am cooking tomorrow but I have taken some chicken out and will do something with that and serve with brown rice. It will either be sweet and sour, lemon chicken, or Thai chili so it will be decision time tomorrow. I need something relatively soft as I am having a tooth extracted tomorrow.

Glad to hear that I was not the only jealous sibling when another baby came along. I know when I tell my nieces of the story they all though it was funny that I told my parents to take her back. This is their mum so they think it is really funny. I know when I was that age it is hard to believe that adults had once been children. That adults as well seemed really old when in actual fact they were maybe my age I am now :fr:

No further news for me. Will try to come on here tomorrow but not sure how the extraction will effect me and the trigeminal nerve that I have big problems with. If effected will be taking pain killers to dull the pain but no doubt that will leave me on cuckoo fairy land :lol: Till next time take care everyone

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

08-05-2009, 11:30 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, the skies were gray and overcast when we woke up this AM, but DH wanted to go to the lot anyways, at least to put up the new rails on the ramp, if nothing else. GOD was gracious and held the showers all day long, so we got the rails up on the ramp by 1 PM (and I actually was able to help DH with this).

He also got a row of crossbraces done in the afternoon. He started to get tired by 4, so we packed it in and came home. It seems that after 3-4 hours, he starts getting too tired and starts making mistakes. That's how I know when it is time to come home. ;) I encourage him to take lots of breaks and of course, we always stop halfway thru and have our picnic lunch too.

Tomorrow will be a rest day for both of us; I did get a small amount of walking in, but my legs were very tired from the last two days, so I didn't dare overdo it anymore than I already had. I am pleased with what we did get accomplished this week already.

HI PURPLE ~ glad that your appointment with your new doctor went so well, and that she is trying many new things. I heard that we have a new lady doctor coming here in September too, that might be nice to have a lady doctor for a change, but we don't have free choice here like they do in other places.

Nobody likes it one bit, but the MD office here tends to try and designate the doctor we get, therefore not giving the patient a choice of who they can see; they even used to charge you a fee for transfer of files, if you wanted to change doctors, even when they all worked in the same building??? The whole thing seemed ridiculous to me when all the files are kept in the same room. :?:

I have even seen some doctors refuse to take more patients, and patients told they must take who they say or they don't get a doctor. Before I came here, I never heard of such shenannigans. Now, they told me that I have to register somewhere or something; I really don't know what they are talking about. Boy oh boy, don't get me started on that topic; or I will be into another rant once again tonight! :lol:

Prayers that your parents get their car fixed up soon and at a good price. DH accidently left the lights on today when we got home and ran down our battery. Thanks for the link to the tips site. Eeks, I think a skitter got me on the butt; I had seen one fly by and got out my swatter, but by the feels of it, I think he got me!!! :(

HI RONNIE ~ nice to see you drop by again. Sounds like you and your boys had a great time at the beach; that's such a wonderful, peaceful activity for everyone in the family.

For dinner, I just had some leftovers and DH made himself some new jumbo dogs we bought this week; he liked them but they are much higher in fat and cholesterol (I won't be eating any), so that will be the last time that I will be buying them too. Our other superdogs are healthier for us and we both like them too. So much for trying another kind.

Well, that's all the news for today; take good care ladies ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

08-06-2009, 03:05 PM
Hi ladies and good evening

Today has been a warm :sunny: humid day which at around 4pm start to have little rain :rain: showers on and off. It was that hot and humid it was a day we could not take our little pouch out as it would be so unfair to him not to mention a risk to his own life in the car when we went out briefly.

Only went out once today and that was a trip to the dentist which is about 8 minutes away from our home so not too far. Today was D-Day and my tooth was to be extracted. Firstly it took 3 lignocaine injections to numb the area. She told me if the last one did not work it was off to the hospital with me to have it extracted under sedation. Fortunately the last one worked so I was reprieved from going to the hospital. The tooth took some getting out firstly the crown on it broke. Then as it wouldn't come out she divided the tooth and extracted it in pieces. So all the pulling and tugging has done me no favours and left me in pain this evening. Not that I can blame the dentist in any way she tried her absolute best and let me know what she was going to do every step of the way. She let me know what to expect so I am pleased with her treatment of me. So please forgive me this evening if this entry is some what grammatically wrong and the spelling are definitely not the Queen's English ;) Glad though that it is all over and done with just need to wait for it to heal.

ROSEBUD Sounds like you are making head way on the lot with the work that your you and your DH are doing whilst the weather is clement. Does not matter how little you manage on the lot each step is another step closer to achieving your goal. Yes it is best to step away when you are getting tired else you start making the errors like you mentioned which are steps backwards. I bet it has been nice eating the picnics outside food some how tastes that wee bit nicer when eaten like this. Sometimes when it is nice we eat our lunch in the garden at the garden table and chairs. I just put up the umbrella to shade me from the sun. This is because I catch the sun easily and soon look like a lobster. I am fair skinned though both my parents and sister are not. Hmm maybe I am the milkman's daughter ;) Though seriously I do look like my Dad but certainly not in skin colour or hair. He in his younger days his hair was jet black. My skin/hair must be a throw back of genes.

In our Doctor's practice we have three doctors two full time which are the men and one part time which is the lady. The system in the UK we have for doctors is you have to register to a doctor (GP which stands for general practitioner) who deals with patients in your area. Though once you are registered to a doctor you may see any other doctor in the practice so that gives me a choice of three doctors to see one being the doctor I am registered to. For many years there was no female doctor in the practice but it is so nice to have that choice to see one especially if you have an problem which maybe gynaecological in nature. The system you describe that you have where you live seems very restrictive and not geared towards caring for the patients. It seems that I am very blessed. My parents have much better range of choice who they see at their doctors practice I think they have 8 or 10 doctors. They tend to see one doctor as they are very happy with the care and attention he gives them. It just happens to be the doctor whom they are registered to.

Mum and Dad's car is in the garage at the minute being diagnosed. ( not quite sure how else to put it :D) Hopefully they will know tomorrow more what is gone wrong and more importantly how much it will cost :?: Will let you know as I know more.

I hope the skitter did not get you and you managed to swat the blessed thing. So glad we do not have them around here to contend with cos you can guarantee they would make a meal of me :dizzy:

Was watching a programme last night on the BBC which is a series which the final prize for the contestants is to get a job filming wildlife. Each week they are broke up in to different groups of two or three people and have a task to film various things. I thought of you last night as the contestants had been sent to Lesotho to film 8 species of birds. This is why I thought of you with your love of taking photographs of birds. I bet you would have loved this assignment and the beautiful array of birds they have in that country. Each week one contestant is sent home who is failing to progress with the tuition given. I am loving seeing the very diverse wildlife the various countries have to offer often extremely rare species.

Time to go and make a drink my throat is dry plus no further news to give today. So before I go :wave: hello to MEOWEE and thinking of you and hope that you are starting to regain your health. Till next time take care ladies

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

08-06-2009, 07:53 PM
Hi, Ladies!

Purple-so sorry you're suffering from the tooth extraction today. Prayers that the pain goes and healing is quick. I, too, had a dentist appt. but only a filling to be had later on, not anything as severe as an extraction. Take care! Maybe ice chips would help the pain some? :dunno:

Rosebud-glad you got some more time in at your lot. Picnicking sounds really nice and relaxing. We often just make a small fire in our back yard and roast hot dogs and marshmallows and just sit around the fire for the evening. It's a nice, quiet way to spend some time.

We're going to be gone for the weekend for FIL's memorial. Now, I must go because the dinner buzzer just rang.....

Have a great weekend!:hug::hug::hug: for you all!

08-06-2009, 09:25 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ the day started out very dark and cloudy; but the :rain: didn't come til later, and when it did, it really did (around noon). It was like that on and off until late afternoon, and it cleared up nicely and we have glorious :sunny: now ... yeah!

DH went fishing today, but didn't catch anything. He also went to look at a truck, but it wasn't in very good shape, then he visited some friends on the way home. I just stayed home and did things around the house here. Also did some catch-up on emails, reading, and devotions this afternoon; I was way, way behind. That pretty well took all afternoon.

HI RONNI ~ that sounds nice too; having a fire in the back yard with the boys. That is one thing I do miss here; we have a very small back yard now. I managed to get DH to take out our drum at the lot, so next time we go we can burn some garbage, but that's not really a bonfire. Eventually, we will be able to have one in our own backyard at the lot. Right now, DH has his wood for his shed piled up in the backyard behind my apples trees; not much room left there right now. Oh well, pretty soon ...

HI PURPLE ~ Sorry, you are having some pain from your extraction. I have been very blessed in that the last three I had out, I had relatively little or no pain at all. I think it is partly becuz my teeth are very small (like a small child), and so that makes it easier for the dentists pulling them too; but, obviously, these men were also very skilled at doing this as well. ^Prayers^ that you feel better soon.

When I do have to go back to the doctor; they will likely explain the procedures to me. Thanks for the explanation about registering; maybe that's their way of keeping track of how many people are going to each clinic. One of my prescriptions will be out in a while, but I really don't want to have to keep taking them indefinitely, so I'll see what the new doc says when I go.

That show sounds fun and interesting too. DH says that the tree outside our kitchen window is full of birds tonight -- little yellow canary finches, and other kinds of finches, sparrows, starlings, and blackbirds; plus there were lots of babies here today too. He just put out some food for them and they came right back. The mourning doves still come by each day as well.

I had a toasted tomato sandwich on Bran W/G bread for lunch, cheese for some protein, and a pear. We had some very lean sausages (the long skinny ones) from a local butcher here with veggies, baby cukes, and new tators for dinner; yummy, quick, and filling. So stayed OP today; credit moi. I also did my toning exercises, and my stretchie band work today too; kudos to me. Just did walking around here today to give my back and legs a bit of a rest; my back was bothering me a bit when I got up this AM, so that's a sign to take it ez ...

:wave: HI MEOWEE, and VAL, TGIF ... hope you both are feeling well!

Well, that's all the news from here; just gonna have a quiet restful evening. Take good care, and have a fabulous FRIDAY, ladies ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

08-07-2009, 11:41 AM
Hi Ladies and good afternoon

This morning the weather was barely fit for ducks as it was raining cats and dogs :rain: Though after lunch it brightened up lovely and we have had glorious sun :sunny: ever since. So a mixed bag all in all today.

Thanks for all the prayers regarding my tooth extraction they have been answered as today I am not in too much pain. The pain seems to be localised to the injection sites more than anywhere else today. Today my instructions are to rinse out with either water/ salt water or mouth wash after every meal so I am following dentists orders like a good little girl :D

This morning I have been carrying out some chores in the house but nothing riveting ;) I have started to wash down storage shelves in the kitchen still have a few more to do but will pull them in over the weekend. I have cleaned the bathroom and mopped the bathroom floor. I have also commence food prepartion for the meal tomorrow. Nearly all vegetables are done now just the new potatoes to do. We are having leg of lamb tomorrow and I am making several meals and plating them up. If there is any meat left over then depending how much is left over it will either be portioned for another meal for another day and frozen until such time I need it. Or the other option if there is not a lot left is to make rissoles a type of burger with minced onion, bread and egg. Again I will freeze these until I need them in the future.

RONNI Thanks for the prays that was very kind of you and much appreciated. Not sure what ice chips are? but I did have a choc ice last night. A choc ice I think you may not know what it is as Ty Pennington was on a programme the other day and he though it was chocolate ice cream. It is actually a small individual block of vanilla icecream covered in either milk or dark chocolate for one person. I slowly sucked on that last night and gained some relief pain wise. I went shopping round and found a choc ice at 93 calories per choc ice so just fits the bill for a snack at under 100 calories. Not the most filling I must admit but nice to have for quashing those chocolate cravings you may have without going too heavily on the calorie intake.

ROSEBUD Many thanks for the prayers sent up regaring my tooth extraction that was thoughful of you and much appreciated.

Just had a break in typing this post in as a dear friend dropped by who we have not seen for a few months. He dropped by during his late lunch break at work. It was so lovely to see him and chat with him. We caught up on news of his family of young children.

Must admit your menu yesterday sounded rather nice. You just reminded me that I have some sausages in the freezer to try they are turkey ones so are leaner and thus less calories. Often the quick simple meals are the best rather than fancier meals that take lots of preparation. I have also prepared a nice fresh fruit salad for tea tonight and it is sitting in the fridge in a tupperware container. This is because the fruit salad is a big enough for several days portions.

No further news for today hope you all have a fantastic weekend ladies.

Till next time take care ladies.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

08-08-2009, 12:45 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ We had lovely :sunny: all day long today, with a nice breeze; nice temps too for most of the day (not too hot and not too cold). We packed up some stuff last night and got an early start today to go to the lot and DH did very well. He put in crossbraces until he ran out of wood and then we came home. He really pushed himself and was so exhausted that he has been sleeping since after dinner.

I got some walking in with NIKO in the AM (kudos to me); I walked about half of the block there, but I had to stop several times to rest. The important thing to me is that I made it around even if my feet are sore tonight. I am trying to push myself to do walking 3-4 days a week, and do other stuff in between; that is my new plan. I need the days in between to rest my feet and legs as they do swell.

I just got up from a rest; had my tea and a wee snack. Made a quick dinner of hamburglers which are DH's favorite, as he deserved it. They are fast and ez to make, perfect when you are very tired.

PURPLE ~ so glad that you are feeling much better today; yes, I remember having to do rinses when I had my teeth out. My last dentists got me to rinse with "antiseptic" mouth wash and my mouth healed very well. It was a while ago, so I can only remember a little about it now.

Your leg of lamb dinner sounds very nice too; and making up several leftover plates is a great idea as well. I do that a lot more now than in the past; and this is very handy. I have a couple of casseroles in the freezer that I will use up this month too.; great for giving myself a break from cooking once a week or two.

I also spent an hour or so in the afternoon doing some cleaning in my Dad's cottage for them. They were so rushed when they moved the last of their stuff in there when they were here in July. That is a good way to pass time and use up some energy as well.

Well that's all for tonight ladies -- take good care, and do have A WONDERFUL WEEKEND! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

08-08-2009, 06:03 AM
Hello everyone. So nice to be here again! I am so impressed with the weight loss considering challenges on this forum. There have been issues here also but my weight loss has been at a standstill and I have soooo much to lose. I am recovering (2 months in) from total knee replacement and having the numbness and nerve damage that goes with it. I hope it goes at some point. I am an age that does not seem to do well with weight loss but I won't give up! I've read all posts and hope to come back and comment another time as getting my login properties set again took time. :carrot:

08-08-2009, 10:36 AM
:wave: morning all! yay the weekend! FINALLY!!

I'm headed south tuesday evening will be in winnipeg for two nights and get a chance to stay overnights with my grandma who is currently battling cancer -- my dad is actually going to be in the city at the same time! I love it when life just seems to fall into place without effort -- I have to take a bus further south into Minnesota to see Renee (I took the cruise to mexico with her last year) BUT since my brother works for greyhound I can take the bus for free. And I'll meet up with Brent (guy I've been emailing for a month) I've told several friends about him and will stay in a public area

i'm down a couple more pounds this weekend... actually something like 1.5. and I'm still running - just wrapping up week four of the couch to 5k program.

Purple -- I personally, loved the newest harry potter movie. I havent read any of the books, but it's my favourite movie thus far. My neuro apt last month went very well, I have started taking vitmain d and will start full dose rebif next week. He also gave me a revelation -- the three months I spent with fatigue was most likely a flare up. I am on track for yearly flares then.. so that's disapointing, but it is also empowering to know that I let things get too bad and should have pressed my issues even more. It's hard to do when a person is that tired. how have you been doing symptom wise?

Rosebud :hug: I'm glad you took a rest day for your legs. thanks to you and purple for keeping our thread moving.

:wave: meowee and ronni. and liz! hope all is well

gone for a run!

08-08-2009, 10:38 AM
Hi Ladies

Today is a glorious sunny :sunny: day just as a summers day should be. So am taking the opportunity wash a throw-over that is used on the bed. Though it needs a good sunny day to dry it as it takes a bit of drying.

Managed to forge ahead with my housework yesterday. I am hoping that i am not speaking too soon but since the change in my medication regime of taking gabapentin 100mg in the morning, 200mg dinner and tea then 100mg at bedtime. Now all I take is 300mg morning and night. I know it is the same amount as before but my body seems to be likely the new regime I seem to have a lot more get up and go shall we say. Got lots of chores pulled in yesterday often ones you put off till another day so was well pleased by the end of the day with my achievements.

Well the leg of lamb is in the oven cooking away nice and slowly. We are having a cooked tea instead of dinner today for a change as it fits in better with our plans.

This morning we went out to a computer shop as my DH other PC has finally given up the ghost. We knew it was on the way out but last night it die on us. So the cheapest way to get it up and running again was build it from scratch. So he has bought the components he needs having the shop fit the bit he is unable to do which is put in the Motherboard. The rest my DH can do himself he wished he could do the Motherboard but has not been shown how to do that. So later on I will be off the INTERNET for a few hours whilst he puts this computer together again. Why am I off the INTERNET? Well this PC serves the INTERNET to me and DH other PC. So till it is up and running we are internetless (doubt that is a word really :D). I know I will miss the INTERNET when it is not available to me. So I though I best make my entry now on 3fc as things may not go smoothly in the installation. All DH has bought are the parts he needs to buy and the other parts he is taking from the old pc and making it up that way. So fingers crossed :crossed: it all goes smoothly and according to plan.

The other day whilst doing some research into the alternative medicine that he doctor had suggested for my bowels. I found this site which would send a couple of sachets free of the lepicol (the name of the medicine). So as from tomorrow I will be able to start hopefully then by Monday the order I placed will come ( I did order this from another site as was cheaper). I must admit though the free sample came with a great booklet which give helpful advice. One section I was reading was for someone like me already on a laxative and how to wean yourself off it and so your body becomes adjusted to the Lepicol. I think I will be following there advice as it will I am sure provide a useful tool in the adjustment to a new regime. I have not finished reading the book so I am not sure of the other tips in the book.

LIZABETH :welcome2: to 3fc and especially to this thread. I am glad that you have found this section to help support you through your weight loss journey. It is great that you have the attitude of not giving in and forging forward this will hold you in good stead. I know progress can be slow after joint replacements so chin up and one bit advice I will give which is so important to do all the exercises and instructions by the medical staff. Those patients whom do this have a much better outcome than those who do not. Many may not even need a walking aid afterwards. I hope that now you have had the procedure done you are no where like in the amount of pain that you where in. Any reduction in pain must be worth it in my opinion even if it is a long road to recovery.

Sorry I am forgetting myself and forgot to introduce myself. I am a 44 year old lady from the UK with MS who also has mobility issues like yourself. Prior to all this happening I was a psychiatric nurse for some 16 years.

You may have come to a standstill but look at it this way count yourself as maintaining as you are not gaining weight. At some point in your weight loss journey you will be maintaining so count this a good practice for then. You may not have to make big changes to your eating plan now but just little tweaks that you may not have though about trying and this will be the starting point of the weight loss again. I am not denying that if you have mobility issues weight loss is easy cos it isn't as you are finding out. Though there are ways and means of getting by. This does not include starving yourself couldn't do that as I love my food too much ;)

So welcome back to the fold lizabeth and look forward to getting to know your better over the next coming weeks and months.

ROSEBUD :cheer: well done :cheer: you for doing the walking with NIKO that is great news hey you might have had to stop a few times but the most important thing is you did it. Has long as you have rest days from the exercise so your body recovers I am sure you will find over a period of days that the walking will get easier for you. Feel proud of your achievements as you deserve too. I try to do this as before I started my journey I would do nothing like this so any walking I manage how ever small is something I would not have done before. Also now I am more aware now of what I am putting into my mouth now where as before I just did not care one iota.

Yes making up several plates of dinner sure does save hours spent in the kitchen. It frees me up no end and that is thanks to a friend who suggested it. Frequently now I will cook like two casseroles at once an one is for the freezer. Again that is labour saving as another day it is just a matter of reheating the casserole which makes the dinner so quick. Saves on gas or electric too depending what you cook with. Cooking two cost the same as cooking one electric or gas wise. Making a double batch of soup as well is another thing I do as again saves time. Mind you need big enough freezer to store all these boxes and tubs with soups and stews in.

See you have been burning more calories by cleaning your father cottage. I take it that the cottage is not too far from where you live? So more brownie points to you for more exercise. Housework can sure burn those calories with all that scrubing and mopping and so forth.

Right got to go as my DH is soon wanting to assemble PC. If I am MIA you will know it is because of technical issues with the PC in other words things haven't gone according to plan :cry: .

Take care ladies and catch up with you soon

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

08-08-2009, 11:15 AM
VAL We must have posted virtually at the same time. So hence another post straight after the previous one.

Glad to see that you are losing weight steadily :carrot: I am at a standstill at present and probably need a good :kickbutt: to get me on the right path again. Though on a positive note I am not gaining weight either so not all bad news.

Yes I think the latest film of Harry Potter is possibility my favourite too. Though of the books my favourite was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire though I had never read any of the books until I watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Hope the meeting with Brent goes well and look forward to hearing how the meeting got on. :high: good for you :high: in under taking the running programme wish you good luck and success in this.

Glad to hear that you got the full dose of Rebif that you wanted but not so happy to hear that you have been experiencing a flare for 3 months. I understand where you are coming from when you say that when you feel so tired that this is the least time that you feel like pressing an issue. I know when I was feeling so ill in the beginning and was in that place called limboland with no diagnosis. I went to my GP to see what was wrong with me and off I was sent to a dietitians. I was so upset if it was not for my DH persuading me to go and see the other GP in the practice I would have gone undiagnosed for much longer. Fortunately the other doctor did the basic neurologically test which showed something was amiss. When you are feeling so shattered the last thing you want to do is fight your corner.

Symptom wise I am struggling with the residual effects of a couple of flares I had last year. (again maybe I did not press the matter as much as I should) which I have since learnt that I should have been on steroids. Well the trouble is that now I lack of sensation which spells trouble for the bowels. So trying to find what works for me with the GP who is being very helpful and sympathetic to my plight. No amount of high fibre diet, water and exercise make a blind bit of difference. So I had to resort to drugs which is something desperately I tried to avoid. Also my mobility deteriorated from last year and have now resorted to a walking stick as I am very wobbly on my feet and look as drunk as a skunk but I am teetotal :D Otherwise fingers crossed :crossed: symptom wise I am not too bad. Know compare to yourself I have got off Scot free really considering I have had the condition 10 years it is only now it seems to be catching up with me a bit now.

08-09-2009, 12:49 AM
HI LADIES ~ we awoke to :sunny: skies this am, with good temps too; so we went up town to mail some bills and pick up a few things, as I needed some more salve for my leg. It was the last one on the shelf so I sure hope they buy some more soon. Anyways, we got that done and came home for lunch; then the clouds rolled in, but it didn't rain that I could see.

The landlord had to work on the sewer plumbing, and wouldn't you know it both DH and I were feeling under the weather and I had a terrible case of the fox trots today. I had to lay down in the afternoon, but after about 2 hours, I started to feel better.

We had chicken and veggies and salad with a small new potato for dinner. My plan says that I can have a medium new potato, but I have cut it to a small one and with the veggies, it seems like a lot to me now.

:welcome: BACK, LIZ ~ sorry to hear that you have had knee grief (can sure relate with that), but are now on the mend after surgery. It is much more difficult to lose when your mobility is limited, but right now is best to focus on healing, as PURPLE mentioned above; and later on, you will be able to do more. For now, you can focus on eating healthy and maintaining, which is very important too.

I dislocated my right knee years ago, with it getting so bad that it would just go numb and collapse on me; but my DH suggested I use a cane to give it a rest and take some weight off it, and it is now starting to heal. Yes, it has taken a long time, but the improvement is remarkable really. I have friends that have been praying for that knee and they are so glad it is getting better. I went from falling often, to now I just get the crunchies and pain only if I overdo it; so I do have to watch it, but what a difference -- it's awesome ... and I didn't have to have surgery after all!

I guess I should also introduce myself ~ I am from Canada, and I am 50 years young; just a chickadee really ... I was born with spina bifida, but I have done remarkably well all my life. Had lots of prayers around me, plus I had some corrective procedures as a child, which I honestly must admit were horrible, but I choose to focus on the positive and I am very, very grateful to GOD that I can walk (some doctors were amazed that I could walk too).

I'm a tough Irish lassie, and won't give up too easily. A friend of mine reminded me recently that pushing that wheelchair away, as far away into the future as possible is the wisest choice and I agree with her. Actually I am hoping that I never will have to have one; and I have a new resolve about that now. Yes, I am using a cane now, but it is just a tool; a helping tool to help my legs heal, it is not a crutch per se.

I had two bad falls that resulted in severe injuries -- the fall down the long stairs that led to the dislocated knee; and the fall in some gravel that fractured my left calf and caused a bad blood clot. This has taken a long time to heal, and it really isn't quite right yet, but I am still praying. I am doing light exercises by a doctor to improve the circulation in my legs, and it seems to be helping. Well, I am definitely a work in progress ...

Come back often and visit with us; we are glad that you joined us here once again ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

08-09-2009, 01:00 AM
THANKS PURPLE ~ yes, that walking was difficult and you know how that is; but I kept pressing on. All the way, kept looking up and saying ... please help me GOD; I know that if you help me, I can make it around this 1/2 block (which is my pretend track). And I did it ... yeah ... kudos to me!!!

OK, I was sore that night and the next day; but I still did it and today I did some walking (a little bit shorter though). Learned my lesson well: take it easy, and don't over do it or you'll pay with pain. :lol: Like you say, in time, it will get easier and easier. Like you, I had a set-back last year, and I am working my way back again, so I have to be patient with myself.

Hope your DH gets the PC's up and running again. He is learning more and more as he goes; and maybe someday someone will teach him the rest he wants to know too. It's a good thing that he is so handy with PC's so that you can have someone to keep your PC's going all the time.

I hope that all your new med regimes and trials work out well for you; thanks for all your encouragement too. YOu are doing well yourself to maintain all this time and not gaining back any of your weight you have worked so hard to lose; I really believe that is just as great a victory as losing in the first place. Lots of folks get where you are and then end up staying there becuz that is the weight their body settles on; a healthy weight for your height. Down the road, you may get a surprise and lose a bit more when the dust settles, so to speak.

My Dad's cottage is right next door to our lot, where we are putting our small cottage. We bought our lot first (actually almost bought both lots, but then my Dad bought the other one). DH helped him build his two summers ago or was it just last summer -- I can't remember now. These memory cells need some new ones too! :lol:

Have a great weekend ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

08-09-2009, 01:06 AM
HIYA VAL ~ glad to hear that you are doing better and that your meeting with your MS doctor was productive. HOpe you have a great trip next week to see your girlfriend and your new friend, Brent. Glad to hear that you are meeting him in public places; that is the safest way in the beginning, so you can get to know him a bit better. I hope that someday you will get to meet his family, like his parents and siblings, as they can verify things for you. OK I won't ruin the fun for you by being overly cautious, but in this day and age, you need to be somewhat careful too!

So glad that you dropped by for a visit with us; please do have a fabulous time on your trip and a great weekend too! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

08-09-2009, 01:20 AM
:wave: to MEOWEE ~ hope that you are feeling better, and those Canadian doctors figure out how to help you get back to perfect health, so you can come back here again!!!

HI to RONNIE ~ Prayers are with you and yours this weekend and may you have a blessed and peaceful and restful Sunday tomorrow! :hug:

HI to NUMPSTER and her DH ~ hope you two had or are still having a great holiday in your secluded cottage on the dock of the bay ... :lol:

Well, I just spent my evening on my PC catching up on my mail and posting here. DH went to bed a bit earlier as he wants to shake off this cold/flu or whatever it is that we picked up. I am feeling much better tonight though. I had a big cup of tea earlier, and that soothed my tummy well ... hmmm, maybe I'll have another one now!

Take good care of yourselves ladies, and please do have A SUPERBLY SERENE SUNDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

08-09-2009, 02:38 PM
Thanks so much for that nice welcome and I must tell you all that I am completely impressed by your 'get up and go' despite all challenges! I too, am of Irish descent. You are all young chics compared to me. I am 75 but feel about 50 until I go to get out of my chair. LOL! I fell some time ago and knee kept getting worse. Hope I NEVER have to go throught that again. I go to the pool(run by city) for exercise right now. The water helps a lot for physical therapy. Also have arthritis and had fibromyalgia and took prednisone for a year that added to weight. Right now I think that low carb is best for me.Hope I can stick to it. Diabetes in family. Anyway, glad I'm here. I'll be back.

08-09-2009, 07:15 PM
Hi Ladies

It has been a beautiful day here which has been sunny though enough breeze to make it pleasant. I took full advantage of the nice weather and did some laundry and no surprise it dried wonderfully. Nothing like the smell of laundry that has been dried outside. Later I tackled the ironing which by the end of it I was very hot and uncomfortable. So I stepped outside once I had finished to cool off and I felt heaps better then.

Had a brief visit to DH sister this morning then met a friend for lunch. It was a very nice time catching up on things. The time passed so swiftly which it always does when your having fun.

It is kind of late for me today to be dropping by but has been a full day. What with meeting up with friends and family. Going to the computer fayre and house chores so this has been my only free time today. I sure will not take any rocking tonight to sleep ;)

LIZABETH At the beginning of my weight loss journey I sure was not this positive (get and go) if it was not for people like Rosebud encouraging me along the way I think I would have given up and thrown in the towel long ago. Though as the time went on and the weight dropped off I had the new found confidence that I had never experienced before.

I have always been overweight since the age of 13 so became shy and introverted. I never wanted to stand out but melt into the background. Like many people whom have trouble with their weight I had been verbally bullied. Oh yes I tried to pretend it didn't matter but deep down it hurt.

Once the weight loss was noticeable I started getting positive comments on how good I looked. I had never had such compliments, yes my DH always told me I was beautiful but I never believed him as I was fat and to me it translated to ugly. These compliments started to come thick and fast. I then slowly started to believe that maybe I could crack this and lose the weight.

So I did not always have that get and go. It was given to me through encouragement until I eventually believed in myself. So I do try as much as possible to do the same to others on 3fc as I know it will eventually open those "magical doors" where you start believing that maybe you can do this.

I may have challenges to overcome but most people in life have some adversities to deal with. So I have not sat there thinking why me I know there could be far worse things to have. I am blessed in so many ways I have a wonderful DH whom helped me deal with this and I have beautiful family who help me in so many ways. Many people do not have that so I count myself so bless. :fr: I have seemed to be rattling on, you will get to know that I will type 100 words when 10 would have said it :o

Hey you maybe 75 but I think you must have a young at heart attitude to want to lose some weight. I know several people whom put me to shame one lady in particular she is 95 she swims every day 75 laps of the pool ! Well if that was not enough she plays bowls, she drives and walks without any aid. Though last year she took a tumble and broke her hip. Though she did as she was told plus she was determined to get back walking as before. I think this positive mental attitude helped her make a full recovery. I think she is a remarkable lady and you would never put her at 95.

I think half the battle is choosing a "diet" and I use this word loosely and prefer the term healthy eating something that you can stick to for life. Otherwise the minute you stop the weight will creep on. I spent a long time looking at what I could stick with. I have a low fat diet with plenty of fruit, vegetables, whole grain and more fluid. Along the way I have made tweaks to my eating plan as I did not quite get it right in the beginning. I am now on a plan that I can stick with for life so that is why I am maintaining. I like you have diabetes in the family (my father and his father)

ROSEBUD Well done again on doing another walk. Like you I tailor it to my needs so if I am a bit sore/tired I do a shorter walk. On the days I am feeling OK then I pull in my longer walks with the breaks of course for my legs to recover somewhat :D

DH PC is up and running though it was not plan sailing by any means. Firstly could not get windows xp installed though that was because he had not set up the bios quite right. It took him some while to figure his mistake all this time he was starting to get impatient :mad: So I had to try and brain storm to help him see the wood for the trees. Then he could not get on the INTERNET despite installing the disc. He even phoned technical support but as he was connected to the support he had decided while he was waiting to reboot the modem. Guess what it brought the INTERNET straight up so he felt a little embarrassed to say the least :o

Thanks Rosebud I think the reason I am maintaining is the fact I choose a healthy eating programme I could stick with for life so that was half the battle. Plus not thinking that I am on a diet this was a eating plan for life. Oh I am not saying that I am any angel I still have naughties along the way but in moderation rather than before it was every day. Not only that it was many of the naughties in one day. I shudder to think of all the rubbish I was putting into my mouth and yet expecting my body to function. I am hoping that when the dust settles so to speak I will start to lose a wee bit more but if that does not happen I am happy with that. I am so pleased about the weight loss and now I can shop where I want. I have so much more choice and I did not know what that was like

Time for me to start thinking of having my hot chocolate and making tracks to my bed. Thanks ladies for listen to me I have put in an essay tonight :D So take care everyone and catch up with you soon

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

08-09-2009, 11:07 PM
:D HI LADIES ~ well, this day started out with :rain: and it is ending with more :rain: but there were some breaks here and there throughout the day. It is terribly humid here tonight; and I am sweating buckets just sitting here typing, and I had to put the fan on behind me to cool things down a bit too. ;)

During one of those breaks, we went window shopping (or store browsing really); so I got in some more walking at a more leisurely pace and I had the carts to give me balance too (kudos 2 me). I may have overdid it just a touch going to two places, so I just rested my legs awhile before I came on here tonight. I did some reading of a book I just started; it's called "The Listener".

I ended up finding a few things that I wanted for some great prices. I picked up a retractable leash for NIKO for our walks together becuz I'd like to give him a bit of reign to discover, but then I can pull him back to me when I need to. I also picked up a rain poncho for our walks so that I won't get wet if it should happen to rain; or I can still go for a walk if it is but drizzling outside. Plus, I found a 3-quart crock pot today, just the right size for 1 or 2 people. I donated my big one to goodwill as it was way too huge for us. It was nice that I got it for a clearance price too.

We also picked up a few things we were out of ... coffee being the main thing; woke up and DH announced that there was no coffee :yikes:, but I said there is always my Tim Horton's coffee, so I made a pot and discovered that I was low on that too. So we stopped to pick some of that up as well, only there was new girl on and she gave DH the wrong kind -- one that can only be used in percolators and not filtered coffee makers, so DH had to go all the way back; but the manager gave him a big can at a tiny discount for his troubles.

THANKS PURPLE ~ for your kind words; I am so glad to hear that I was able to encourage you, and others here too. Of course, you also encourage me daily with your kind words of support and I really enjoy your long posts with so many interesting stories and topics in them.

I'm glad that your DH got the PC's up and running; and that those little glitches were solved so quickly. Here we don't have to use discs to boot our PC's anymore; or for our internet. Hmmm .... maybe you mean the "driver programs" needed to be "re-installed" into your computer, so that they could run Internet Explorer or whatever Internet program you are using on your PC. OH yes, I see he had to reboot the modem disc, which is probably what we call the 'driver' program that tells the modem to work: the internet comes into your PC through the modem, but there has to be a program inside your PC that tells the modem to work (called a driver). It is easy to forget something when you are doing such a big overhaul of a PC, becuz there are so many programs that need to be re-installed. It's great that he knows how to reset the bios, as that takes special skill to remember everything (kudos 2 him for that). :lol:

You did a great job in your weight-loss and now in your maintenance. Oh yes, how I wish that I could have figured all this out many years ago. You sure have been a busy bunny; I have to do some laundry this week as well. Maybe I'll do some tomorrow while DH goes and picks up the last of the wood he needs to finish the floor frame.

HI LIZBETH ~ I think it is so super to see so many women our age and up mastering the computer and the net. My sisters were way ahead of me as they used computers on their jobs too; and I did a bit in my 20's too in an office job (and learned how to use them in college as well). It was much easier than I had imagined it to be; I thought they might crash or blow up if I touched the wrong button, but my college prof assured me that I needn't worry as she put securities in place for her beginner students ... :lol: I didn't get on the net though until late 2006, but I am catching up slowly but surely. I'm not into the computer techie stuff like programming though; find it a bit dull and brain frazzling at the same time. ;)

Lots of folks say that Pred Meds contribute to weight gain; I am not familiar with that drug, but I am assuming it is a pain medicine. Too bad they couldn't find a suitable alternative for people. In time, once your leg is on it's way to recovery, you will be able to rebound back somewhat. Like PURPLE, I watch my carbs, eating whole grains, and trying to keep them in a lower range. I have managed to get my blood sugar levels back into the 5.0's, but always have to keep an eye on them.

We had a repeat dinner tonight; leftover chicken, veggies, salad, with small new potatoes; stayed OP (on plan), so credit moi! Well that's all the news for tonight ladies; time to go rest for a while again and put my legs up. Take good care and we hope that you all have A MARVELLOUS MONDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

08-10-2009, 12:19 AM
Hello everyone:
I am joining this link because I experience moderate to severe knee, hip, and upper spine pain. Each is unrelated to the other. It was my knee pain that actually motivated me since January to lose all my weight. I've been mostly pain free in my knees for about a month. I did skip a week of exercise because of a small dermatology "surgery" on my upper-middle back. That has caused huge pain isues with my hip. For both my hip and knee pain, I've basically exercised through the pain--with caution.

I've had to learn my body's cues--pain that says "hurt but keep going" and pain that says "ouch, stop". Moderation for a week's schedule of movement has had to be carefully thought out over these months.

If I keep up with my anti-inflammation meds (Aleve every 12 hours), I seem to be on the mend. I've actually had moments of no pain today.

As I reach goal--and a much anticipated vacation, I'm really looking forward to experiencing more pain free days. Losing almost 40 pounds has completely helped with my knees. I just need to keep it off and maintain my exercise.

Actually, my pain is helpful because I know where I came from and why it's so important to keep it off!

08-10-2009, 09:24 AM
I was so happy to read everyone's comments on this forum and am grateful for all assistance. Found a few funnies that put me in a good mood also. Hope I can remember what everyone wrote but please forgive me if I don't. Hope PURPLE'S tooth extraction went well.
Rosebud, and Purple thanks again for upliftifting comments.
I am not very technical either but do best I can and then call in the troops. (grandson) I am having trouble with one or more components of computer right now and hope to get him to fix before he goes back to school. Of our seven children all but one lives in area but as we all know, only some can be depended on to help. This term of life is really busy for young people.
I got on early today as I am going to pool. My friend that goes with me has told me I am doing too much in pool and that is why I hurt so much after for day or two so todayI will try to take it easy.
I put Fibro as reason I took prednisone but it was Polymyalgia(rheumatica) an autoimmune disease. :?: Hope that is all gone.
Docs are watching my hip problems and elbows, etc. Need to take more calcium. Does everyone here take calcium?
I have determined that if I knew when I was younger that I would live to be this age, I would have taken better care of myself. However, it isn't too late to start---eeeh? Take care, my good new friends! :hug:

08-10-2009, 11:53 AM
Hello fellow chicks and good afternoon

Managed to come on here today at a more sensible time as I am spending most of the day being lazy bunny ;) What I mean by that I am not pulling in many extra house hold chores. I am feeling that I am in desperate need of my oxygen therapy as I am quite tired today.

I think our summer has gone on holiday today :D It is a very grey and overcast day that looks like it could rain at any moment. Though to dated we have been spared the rain.

When I have finished posting in here I am off to make sandwiches for tomorrow to take to the MS centre. I earlier took some slices of ham out of the freezer I think they will be defrosted now. I think I will have some sliced tinned peaches and put them in a old yogurt pot then have a low fat yogurt with that. Will put over cling film ( I think it maybe known as plastic wrap over the pond) to keep the food fresh. I am glad I recycled a few old yogurt pots they sure do come in handy. I use them for making individual jellies ( jello), the concoction of just bananas, cocoa powder and vanilla essence blitzed in food processor then frozen. They are so useful at making portions for one person.

IARADAJNOS :welcome2: to 3fc and especially to this thread it is nice to have you on board.

Firstly I will start by giving a short introduction about myself. I was diagnosed with MS some 10 years ago which unfortunately made me retired on ill health grounds from being a psychiatric nurse. I had "limped on" for some 9 months before telling anyone as due to my training I had a good idea I knew what was wrong with me. I played a great ostrich by sticking my head in the sand and hoping it would go away. I went to great lengths so not to be found out. I would wait round the corner when starting work so that I would see a colleague. Then we would walk into the ward together. Why did I do that? Well my hand would not work properly so I could not undo our complex door which required the use of both hands at once. ( I was in a locked psychiatric ward) Eventually I realised that I could no longer do the job and started the ball rolling and went to the doctor.

I fully understand your balancing act trying to read your bodies pain as it is something I have to do also. Not that I always read it right but I do try. One thing like you I have found that the pain level did decrease a lot especially in my legs. I think realistically I would have soon been in a wheelchair had I not lost the weight. At the time I blamed my MS until I took a step back and was truthful to myself. I desperately wanted to keep my mobility as long as possible. If losing weight would achieve this then I would try it. Losing my mobility to MS is something out of my hands but due to my obesity it was in my own hands to turn my life around.

It is great to hear that your drug regime is giving you periods of no pain which is bliss and makes you see things much more positively. Getting a balance of drug regime and self help (weight loss) is a balancing act. :congrat: on losing 40lbs that is a wonderful achievement and one to be proud of. At the minute my own weight loss seems to be in the the stage of maintaining. Though I think that maybe due to the fact my body went through huge changes with the amount of weight I lost in about 18 months. It maybe settling down before it is prepared to let me lose any more. So whilst I am at this point I see it as maintenance which I am doing successfully at the moment. It is a good motivator that like you I recall how immobile I was becoming, not to mention the lack of choice in clothes and stares in the street due to the way I looked. There is no way I want to go back to the old me of 300lbs.

LIZABETH My tooth extraction went well under the circumstances though since it has triggered bouts of trigeminal neuralgia on my right side of my face. Normally the attacks tend to be located on the left of my face. So I have had to take more medication to control the pain as best as I can without knocking me off my feet. I am wobbly enough on my feet without too many sedating drugs, I look like I am drunk as a skunk at the best of times :D

Unbelievably I was not at all computer minded and my first contact with them is some 11 years ago. So my knowledge has been gained since then. Not that I am brilliant in that area my DH is much better than myself and his knowledge is far greater than mine. Like you I did not come from an era of where computers were used in schools so hence I was not good with them. Children now days have access to computers even in nurseries so from very young age they start to become familiar with them. We still rely on one of our nephews for help on the technical issues that baffle us. Though he is a busy young man and so it is hard for him to fit us in his schedule.

Taking steroids as you have found out can cause weight gain though sometimes are a must to regain your health. Not sure whether Polymyalgia is an autoimmune disease but I think the specialists think it could be connected to the immune system and some impairment. I hope also that Polymyalgia is a thing of the past for you health wise you have enough on your plate.

I personally do not take calcium though as I recall my grandma did when she was alive for osteoporosis. Not even sure if this form of treatment is now used to combat osteoporosis.

Like you said it is never to late to change your habits and take better care of yourself. I like yourself wish I had listened to those doctors about my weight as now I am more slender I certainly feel better both physically and mentally.

ROSEBUD I don't think I explained myself very well about the computer. When having a new PC like DH did you need to put an operating system on and in his case this happens to be windows xp. The disc I am referring to for the INTERNET is something given by our INTERNET provider you only ever have to install it once even if you reformat it. Though not all INTERNET providers here require a disc it just depends which company you decide to use to provide you with INTERNET service. I hope I worded it better this time. We no longer need what was once called boot disc's. Reboot to me and DH means to switch it off and on. It might not quite be the technical term but it is the one we have adopted :D

If DH is interested in a subject he is very good at picking up things that people teach him. Though if it is not something that interests him much it is very hard for him to pick up. Though I suppose that is the same with most of us anything we have an interest in seems much easier to learn.

The Tim Horton coffee I have never seen that here in the UK the only time I ever saw that name was in the local foyer of our local hospital in the coffee shop. Though it was not coffee but doughnuts of different varieties. The last time I went to this hospital this coffee shop had closed and something else been put in its place. It was a much nicer coffee shop that had replaced the other there were even some seating that was settee's and armchairs. Very comfortable I am sure especially if you want a break away from the ward when visiting someone whom is very ill and your spending many hours there. Sometimes these oasis of calm in a hospital can be precious. The staff were also very good with customers whom had disabilities and catering for there needs. I noticed there was a gentleman with visual impairment and they brought his drinks over to his table as soon as they were ready. Even taking the time to tell him where his drink was situated using the clock method of saying like it is at 5 0'clock.

Like you I wish I had done this earlier but I was very head strong and though I knew best. Really I think I was afraid of failure so never really tried and when on a "diet" I would cheat. If no one saw me eating that chocolate bar then it didn't count. Well of course they count and I wish I had embarked so much sooner. I would have saved myself a lot of heart ache. Though I am a believer that things happen for a reason even if at the time your not clear as to what they are.

Must go and crack on making sandwiches etc for pack up else at this rate I will be tackling it in the morning. So till next time take care ladies

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

08-10-2009, 09:26 PM
:welcome: IARADAJNOS ~ your user name almost sounds Russian to me. We are always happy to have more people join us here. You have done very well already and have only a few more lbs to lose to reach your goal; then comes the maintenance part, which takes just as much concentration as losing. Bon chance as you continue on your journey to good health ...

HI LIZABETH ~ hope your swim went well today; and that you took the advice of your friend and didn't overdo it. I'm afraid I did yesterday and paid a bit today, so I'm trying to rest a bit tonight.

HEY PURPLE ~ hope you have a great day at your oxygen therapy tomorrow. If the weather is good, DH wants to go to our lot, and get those last crossbraces done on the floor; he picked up the wood for them today.

We had :rain: on and off all day, but just before dinner, it cleared up and we have had nice :sunny: skies ever since. Lots of folks out walking off their dinners with this nice weather this evening. We had a meatless dinner tonight; had a Mushroom & Zucchini Casserole that was in the freezer -- just popped it in the oven and came in here to read while it baked.

We had good fortune today -- as DH went out for a bike run and came home with a nice trailer for a very good price. He has just a few modifications to do on it (some rails) and getting the plates, and it will be good for the road. Wowie ... we just saved a bundle, as we had planned on saving up and buying a new one next spring. We had considered buying a truck but after much thought, realized that a small, light utility trailer was much more practical for us, as there is no insurance, gas, or repairs needed for it like a vehicle requires; and we can use it with any size car that we may have in the future too. DH says he didn't see it when he went by the first time, but on the way back, it was there with "for sale" signs all over it. So ... we say thanks to GOD above for bountiful blessings!

Well, I did get some laundry and some hand mending done today too; plus a bit of house cleaning as well, but I really didn't overdo it. By the time I had a shower and did the other stuff, the morning was gone; then DH came home to tell me about the trailer, so I sent him right back to buy it.

Take good care ladies, and we hope that you all have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY TOMORROW!!!:hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

08-11-2009, 04:04 AM
It's 71 and 94 humidity. Can't sleep so got online. Got my swim in today and did just 45 minutes after taking aleve. That helped and took Tylenol before going to bed at 8 pm. Wish I could get up during the night and do housework but that isn't so. Eating is healthy. Exercise helping the mind.(noted for that)We had some bad storms here tonight and never saw such heavy rain! I would go out and sit on porch if it wasn't so dark. LOL Tomorrow I intend to clean freezer out with DH help. It is a bottom freezer and hard to get into. I need to find out just what we have to eat in there! I have a large freezer in basement and also need to get in there. (another week) What is it about getting older that makes us hoard food? Being poor when younger? We both were! The thing is you can't leave it sit for many months or it loses it's value, I believe. ;)ll, here's to healthy eating and good attitudes. :carrot:

08-11-2009, 10:25 PM
HI LADIES ~ well the morning was nice and cool with lots of :sunny:, so we packed up a quick picnic lunch (made mini-subs with whole wheat hot dog buns and they were yummy), and headed out to our lot. I bought a new retractable leash for NIKO and decided to try it out bright and early; but I decided to go in a different direction this time for a change of scenery. I have to say that I did pretty good; still had to stop about six times, but I made it back without collapsing on the ground. Didn't have to send out for rescue or anything like that! :lol: So ... Kudos 2 me!

DH did fantasically; really got into a groove today and finished off all the crossbraces. He said he was determined to get those done today, and pushed himself a bit longer, even though it was getting really hot out there (about 90F and probably higher with the humidity factor, but it didn't feel too bad; just really HOT!!!). ;)

HI LIZABETH ~ sorry you couldn't sleep last night, but hey ... why not pop in here for a visit; I have done that myself before. I tried to read a bit last night; but oh no ... I just promptly fell asleep and didn't wake up til 5:30 this morning. After that I just couldn't get back to sleep, so I just rested until 7:30. I have one freezer and I go through it about once a or twice month so I know what's in there; and what I may need to buy. Always nice to have something on hand, I say.

Well, both DH and I are very tired tonight; I got lots of reading in this afternoon while putting my legs up for a while, so hopefully they won't be so tired tomorrow. It's supposed to be really HOT for the rest of the week, so we may be hybernating near the air conditioner! :D We need a bit of a rest for a few days anyways; catch up on light housechores and such too.

Take good care of yourselves ladies and have WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

08-12-2009, 11:10 AM
First off. welcome Jaradajnos. this is a terrific board. I am new here myself, at least haven't been here in a long while. Hope your body parts release their pains and you find a way to help. Mine lately has been the pool, supporting the many lbs. I need to lose.
Humidity is down a bit and nice breeze coming in window. I don't know where the time goes when I get online.
Hello to Rosebud and Purple. Take it easy and like me, don't do too much in a day. I was really lazy past 3 days(except for freezer cleaning). Had a great 3 days eating wise though except Daughter invited us for dinner and I had her homeade brownies (1). Not so bad! Off to pool again today. Take care all.

08-12-2009, 10:59 PM
HI LADIES ~ it was hot and humid here today; just yucky weather all round, so I stayed home today and worked on some things here. DH went blueberry picking with his sister; and brought home a half a basket or 10 cups went I put them up in containers for the freezer. Nice to have those on cereal or in muffins: which DH really loves.

Our NIKO is seeing himself as a reflection in the front door and keeps growling and barking at it and scaring the heck out of me while I am trying to type, so I had to send him to his rug in the back porch. He went willingly becuz he's a good boy, but he just heard a big truck go by and is right back at the front door, so I may have to close it. I was leaving it open to let some cooler air come through here as it is really hot indoors, and cool outside. WE sat outside for an hour or so this evening to cool off.

We had a late dinner tonight becuz of the heat and tried something new that I picked up recently: chicken burgers and we loved them. We bought the Maple Lodge Chicken burgers and they are big; they don't shrink like beef burgers do, and there wasn't one bit of fat left in the skillet when we were done cooking them. So, we are converts; but we will have our beloved beef burgers now & then becuz we still love them too. We were surprised how good these are and I can see all kinds of possibilities for them; grill one up and have it with salad for lunch, for instance. They are half the calories, and very, very filling.

We are trying out new products and veggies and fruits to add to our menu for variety; my two latest additions are mini or baby cukes which I could eat every day and now, chicken burgers. I even saw some tuna and salmon burgers last week; hmmm ... I may try them yet. I'm on the look out for bison burgers and I think I saw them advertised in one local store.

HIYA LIZABETH ~ wow, you go swimming a lot; do you go every day? Glad you found something that helps and that you like. We are in the middle of a heat wave here again; hope it doesn't last too long.

DH wants to go get a few more berries tomorrow AM; and take a small cooler with ice and water and lite snacks. One more basket would probably last us for quite a while, I suspect. We may go really early in the AM, just to get out; hmmm ... maybe even go swimming if we find a spot.

:wave: HI to all our other ladies ... PURPLE hope you are well. VAL was off to Winnipeg to see her friends on Tuesday; hope she is having a blast! HI MEOWEE ~ hope you are feeling better these days. HI to IARADAJNOS ~ hope you drop by to see us again ...

Take good care and we hope that you all have A THOROUGHLY ENJOYABLE THURSDAY TOMORROW!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

08-13-2009, 01:48 PM
Hi Ladies

I am afraid I am a little bit under the weather the last few days plus had a few things on so I think until the weekend I will not have the proper time to answer your posts ladies. Though I have sure missed the dropping by and posting. Not to mention the ulterior motive which keeps me on the straight and narrow :D It is a constant reminder to eat healthy and not to stray to much from my eating plan.

My mouth seems rather sore over the past couple of days I just hope it is part of the healing process and not an infection. I know with having a compromised immune system with having an autoimmune illness I am a little prone to infections. So fingers crossed it has not gone down that avenue.

The weather over the past few days has been a mixed bag of lovely sunny days or rainy almost wintry looking days apart from the temperature was mild.

At the minute I am in the process of dying a skirt navy blue. This is as I had an accident with bleach and spilt a tiny amount on it. Before I realised my error the damage was done and the tell tale white spots had appeared. I am hoping that the dying covers the white marks. I am on the final process of where you wash the item as per normal with detergent. So I still do not know if I have been successful.

I have been plagued the last few days with my eczema flaring up. I have a sizable patch on my arm just above my elbow. The worse bit for me is the insentient itching that it gives. If I can get rid of that I find it much easier to cope with. I have had to resort to a steroidal cream to clear it up as the diprobase cream was not coping. Diprobase is more a moisturising cream which does not contain steroids. I only use the steroidal cream when the flare up gets bad. It has been a while since I have had a flare but I suspect the stress of the past weeks of my parents having operations did not help or me being a bit concerned how the tooth extraction would go with having trigeminal neuralgia. I know one of the trigger factors for eczema is stress so that is the only reason I can think for this flare.

Yikes this post is all about my ills and woes :lol: Maybe all I need is a good :kickbutt: So sorry about that I have focused on my ailments. I hope that all of you ladies are enjoying the summer.

I must run as I must get ready to go out and I am no where near ready :D So I need to get my act together and get going. So till next time take care ladies

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

08-13-2009, 11:44 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ it was another scorcher out there today; lots of :sunny: but the temps were over 104F today and stiflingly HOT!!! Well, folks were complaining about the late rains, so now they get this instead.

This AM, DH and I went blueberry picking; boy, that is sure hard on the old bod ... lol! We did well though for an old hen and rooster; picked another 4 liter basket full to the top. That's more than enuff for us for the freezer this year; along with the rhubarb, we are all set. We came back home just after lunch and stayed indoors. Sure gonna use that A/C tonight to sleep.

HEY PURPLE ~ sorry to hear that you have been under the weather; will put some prayers around that for you, esp that your mouth will heal and your strength will be restored. Hope that eczema clears up soon for you; and that your skirt-dying turns out well for you. I have dyed towels, face cloths, hand towels, and some clothes as well; and I find it kind of fun too.

My Aunt says that my Dad and SM are supposed to be coming back up here next week or the one after, if her info is right. Guess they are back from their trip out east and they must be feeling well to come back up here again so soon.

Did my toning exercises this AM, and got lots of walking in too (so kudos to me); may have overdone it a bit though. We had a lite dinner, and kept OP (credit moi); plus I froze some banana slices for something cool, and they taste pretty good. Well, not so much news for today, as searching for berries took up more than half the day; as well as our picnic lunch. Then put my sore legs up and did some more reading. It's time for me to go put my legs up again and maybe have some tea now.

Hope you all have A FABULOUS FRIDAY tomorrow!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

08-14-2009, 11:10 AM
Purple, I hope by today you are feeling a lot better. :^:The heat isn't miserable enough without pain and itching! Yes, stress can do a number on us! If the soreness in mouth continues, call doctor of course.
Rosebud, I can taste those blueberries.:dizzy: We are planning on going picking but we have farms with high bushes (simple to pick) and fast to pick but they do charge so much a lb. for them. It's fun anyway and I have a store of them for winter for pancakes, jam and pies if I get off my butt and get moving. Hubby has been working in basement (putting up insulation, painting and replacing some foundation) and he likes to work in morning. How did you ever pick in that heat?:devil:
I have to cut my pool exercises to 2 days a week.:carrot: Even though I love it, the workouts are wearing. I haven't even been to farmer's market yet this year. I find the prices a bit higher than in the stores and the farmer's DO bring there produce in from local farms. What is in the farmer's market is supposed to be picked that morning. It's fun to walk artound though. I have some good recipes I want to try.
Get well Purple. Have a good day all.:carrot:

08-14-2009, 06:39 PM
HI LIZABETH ~ actually, we picked berries only in the morning, so it wasn't quite that hot yet. It didn't reach over 100F until mid to late afternoon. I only picked for about an hour total, and DH went out for an extra half hour -- not bad getting over 4 liters of berries in that short amount of time, I think! :D

We then had our picnic lunch; then I gleamed and cleaned out the berries while DH went in for the last half hour. Then I said enuff is enuff, time to go home and get out of this heat, but it was even hotter when we got home. HA ... thank goodness we have that air conditioner in the bedroom or it would be horrible.

:wave: HI PURPLE ~ hope you are feeling a bit better today ... :hug:

I'll try and pop back in tonight when it is cooler! :)

08-15-2009, 08:09 AM
Hello and good morning ladies

:carrot:firstly a big thank you to ROSEBUD AND LIZABETH:carrot: for holding up the fort whilst I was AWOL :D

Today the weather looks very grey outside and looks as though it is going to rain buckets full. Yesterday though was beautiful with blue sunny skies which had a lovely breeze. I took full opportunity of this good weather and have exercised. I walked for England yesterday whilst out shopping though did need to stop for a coffee to catch my "second wind".

Went to my parents house yesterday and spent the day. We had a lovely time and caught up. Saw my sister briefly as she brought up my one of my nieces to play cards. This particular niece is waiting for her exam results which are due at the end of this month. I know last night she said to my DH she wish she had studied more now. So DH said well you are now going to college you have a second chance to do just that and knuckle down to study. She is going to study at college a course which will give you entry into the caring profession. Whether that is nursing, midwifery, social work and child care to name a few. My niece wants to become a midwife though we know what we were at that age you often change your mind. Hey I wanted to become a general nurse but did psychiatric nursing. The ironic thing is that during our training we had to do a short stint in the other. So I did a couple of months on a general medical ward. This is the ironic part I found out that general nursing was not for me. Not that I was squeamish or anything like it. I just found the work very repetitive. Where in psychiatry it is much more varied in my opinion.

So glad I have some time now to sit properly and answer posts. Plus I am feeling more bad to my normal self. So it just looked like a little blip. My mouth seems heaps better at well and has settled right down. Has not healed yet but it is only 10 days post extraction but it is well on it's way.

LIZABETH Thank for the well wishes to return to health. My mouth seems well on its way to getting better. Though my eczema has had another patch out break on my elbow last night whilst I was out. For me the most difficult part as I have said is the itching constantly. I don't even mind the stares so much (which I am not so keen on either by the way ;) )but it seems to be in peoples nature to stare at others who are different in some way. I have the stares as I have big patches on my arm. On cold days I can hide it with long sleeves but summer is another story. Though I count myself lucky my condition is mild compared to others whom are covered head to foot. I have only experienced that once but normally it is confined to small patches. So I am thankful in so many ways.

:carrot: well done on exercising twice a week in the pool :carrot: Swimming is virtually a total body workout. Don't be too hard on yourself twice a week is extremely good. If you feel you want to do something else maybe some gentle chair exercises. What I mean by that sitting in the chair and doing some movement. This as far as I know is not too hard on the body but will keep it in tone. Obviously stop doing any exercise which hurts too much. It is always prudent to have days off from exercise as it gives the body time to repair micro tears that take part when we exercise.

I had to go on line to research what weather temperatures you were experiencing. We no longer use Fahrenheit but centigrade. I can see that you experience much higher temperatures than us not to mention humidity. Today our temperature is 73f but no where near the humidity you are experiencing. I think personally it is the humidity that makes it so uncomfortable rather than the actual heat it's self. I am not sure if you have ever been over the pond to the UK but our temperatures are what they call temperate which means there is not a vast difference between winter and summer. We rarely see snow and I can not remember the last white Christmas in the UK very well as it happened in 1970 I think. In 1970 I would be six years old and more bothered about Santa Claus's visit :D

ROSEBUD Wow lots of berries for you to freeze/ or eat fresh. What berries are you picking? I noticed that the blackberries here have come into fruit so folk are picking them. Picnic lunch sounds very inviting to me nothing like the meal outside.

Seems that both you and Lizabeth are experiencing some hot temperatures which sap you of all energy and as you say air conditioning is a god send. I often stop and think what must it have been like for our ancestors with none of todays mod cons to make life easier. Now they must have had it really tough.

The dying of the skirt was a great success the actual pattern did not dye but the tell tale white bleach spots turned navy blue. Only if you take a very close inspection can you just about see it as it is a shade lighter. Though it is not noticeable on wearing it. So I am really pleased that it went well still to this day I do not know when or how I did the bleaching. I could have understood if it was the day I was tackling the shower because I used a fair amount that day. Though those clothes I was wearing not a drop did I get on me. I do try to be ultra careful when using this as I know what it can do to fabric.

I had to stop a moment a go whilst typing this as ~Rizzie had just vomited. I could hear him retching but I could not get to him in time. Though he was such a good boy he went to the lino which made it easy to clean up. DH is a bit squeamish in that department. He will do it if I am not around but otherwise it is me as it turns a paler shade of green I think :p He did not vomit much so do not know what that was about. So I am keeping an eye on him. He is now is curled up fast asleep besides me.

Talking of dogs I could not help think of a documentary I am watching of a welsh gentleman following the different waterways of the UK. He is doing his travels with his lovely chocolate colour Labrador whom he has named Cadbury. Here in the UK this is a brand name for chocolate so the name is very tongue in cheek I think :D Oh boy can this dog snore, he is having to sleep in tents , caves, hotel rooms with him and many a time cadbury has kept him awake with his snoring . The funniest incident for me was when the gentleman was taking part in a pagan ceremony which is a river blessing. Part of the ceremony a small quantity of milk was poured into the river as an offering. Cadbury did no more and lunge forward and lap up the milk. No amount of telling him no was going to wash with him. Cadbury had a one track mind at this point and to him that milk was fair game. It was so unlike his nature as he is so well behaved and obedient but this showed that he also had that mischievous streak that I think they all have.

Had to smile at the antic's of NIKO and his own reflection. I have seen other dogs have the same reaction. Rizzie has not done this yet I fully expected it when we put a full length mirror in our bedroom. He has had a look numerous times but it has not phased him yet.

Today we are having some pork with seasonal vegetables. Though I am cooking this for around 5pm as I was late up this morning. I think the walking yesterday made me tired. I will shortly have to go and make some sandwiches. Tomorrow though I have got some homemade soup I made. This is a vegetable soup only trouble is I put a couple of cloves of garlic in so it tells on your breath. Well at least we won't get bit by vampires now :lol:

Well must make an effort now and get cracking with the chores of this weekend. Till next time take care ladies

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

08-15-2009, 08:27 PM
HI PURPLE ~ well, I am starting my post all over again becuz of those ads on the right side of my screen; if your mouse even just touches the edge of the ad, it pops up and won't leave as it should: it keeps putting up more pop-ups. So it caused me to lose my post altogether ...

Anyways, I was asking you if you are taking any ANTIBIOTICS for your tooth extraction becuz that can cause what my doctor calls "YEAST-INDUCED ECZEMA". As you know that is what I had on my right palm and ankle and it is now all gone thanks to 2 things: #1 -- an anti-fungal salve and #2 -- pat drying my spots with paper towels, instead of cloth towels. If your immune system is taxed or compromised in any way, it makes it harder for your body to fight this off.

So glad that you are feeling better, and that you had a good visit with your family too. Nice to see you back here posting as well; we always miss your pleasant posts when you are not here. We were picking blueberries; which grow naturally here. We have lots of clay soil here, but also lots of sandy areas too where blueberries just love to grow.

That's a funny story about Cadbury going after the milk; I'm sure that he just thought he was helping them out with their spilt milk ... :lol: Yes, NIKO is a real character too, just like our funny girls were. I think furry canines not only give us much love but they also supply us with lots of fun and laughter too, which is why we love them so much, I'm sure!

We are having hot days again (100+F in the sun, but thank GOD some clouds have rolled in and the temps are cooling off for us to 80F in the shade now). My prayers have been heard and answered as we are having our summerfest here this week; and it was a big day today, so we don't want people dry-roasting out there. DH was busy helping them out today; doing his duty for GOD and his community ... :lol:

It's been too hot here to do much cooking; so we've been eating very late some nights. We've been having EZ things like stir-fries, hamburglers, hot dogs, and bangers (big lean sausages) ... whatever is quick and easy to make. The hot temps here are very unusual for this area; and we will be glad when it gets back to seasonal August temps (which is usually in the 70's F). The clouds have provided some relief; I hate to think what the temps would have been like today, without them. :dizzy:

Well, DH should be home soon for his dinner; I should get my legs up for a while, as I haven't put them up today. Was doing a lot of reading and such on the net today. Take good care ladies and hope you all have a SUPERBLY RESTFUL SUNDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

08-16-2009, 10:22 AM
Hello fellow chickadee's

Well the past 24 hours have been fruitful and I have managed to get my household chores done for this weekend. I have washed the towels, bed linen and clothes. So have been a busy bee. I did the last of the clothes laundry today which I pegged outside and prayed it stayed on the line rather than in next door :o with the wind being so strong. The wind is not a cold wind but lovely to help it not feel so hot with the sun. I had visions of going round and asking can I have my smalls back please :^:

ROSEBUD Until recent years we did not see blueberries in our shops but in the last few years they have taken off with people whom want to eat a healthier dinner. I noticed in the gardening magazine that my parents have delivered you can purchase a blueberry plant to grow. I am not sure that if any farmers plant this crop to be harvested and sold in supermarkets. Most of what I see is imported from USA.

I am not on antibiotics now though was quite a few weeks ago for the abscess I experienced. I did hear that certain drugs may induce flare ups of eczema. So it maybe another reason as to why I have a flare at the minute. I am on steroidal cream which is now getting things under control nicely. A few more days of that treatment then on to moisturising cream that I am prescribed until it is complete vanished. A flare up comes so quickly but takes so much longer to get back to normal. I know also from the drugs that are called antibiotics it may give you thrush either oral or genital. This is because it kills all bacteria and we do need a certain amount in our body to remain healthy.

Yes dogs can give you so much pleasure in so many ways with their own personalities and traits. Not to forget the mischievous antics that they get up too. I will be seeing tonight the further adventures of Cadbury the chocolate covered Labrador I want to see what other things he's doing that maybe he shouldn't. One thing comes to mind that when my parents had a dog many years ago one of the naughty things he did. They had a bowl full of unshelled nuts well until he was caught "red pawed" shall we say he had been helping himself to the nuts from under the coffee table :D, The crafty little blighter was going into the other room and going behind the sofa and eating his stolen wares there. It was not until the day that the sofa was pulled out to be hoovered did the misdemeanour come to light. Needless to say after that the nuts were put out of reach. Goodness knows why he had got a taste for them :dunno:

DH took me out for lunch today so that has made things easier for me. I had chicken for lunch with vegetables so a reasonably healthy dinner. I don't envy the poor girls that cook the dinner it must be very hot in the kitchen as I know this place does not have air conditioning. It is a new business so luxury items like air conditioning come down the the list of priorities. She is building up the business successfully and has a solid client base of mainly the elderly. The food is something they would cook at home plus at a very reasonable price for senior citizens of £3.00 or with a desert I think it is either £3.50 or £4.00. So at least they get one good home cooked meal down them a day. If they do not eat so much else through out the day they would still remain healthy.

Hello :wave: to LIZABETH, NUMPSTER, VAL, MEOWEE, RONNIE & IARADAJNOS I hope you are all enjoying your weekend off whatever you maybe doing. I hope the weather is not too hot and humid where every in the world you maybe. A special mention to MEOWEE to say I am thinking of you. I hope that you have made a little progress on that road to recovery :hug:

Must shoot so till next time take care ladies and I will drop by soon

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

08-17-2009, 02:06 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had another scorcher today, and it took longer to cool down; we have all the screens open on windows and doors. Relief is finally here. They say it is supposed to be cooler tomorrow ... sure hope they are right, as we need a break from these unbelievable hot temps!

HI PURPLE ~ glad you got things done that you wanted to today; and even went out to lunch today. That new little restaurant sounds great; love the idea of home cooked meals for a decent price. Seems your energy levels are improving for you and that's great.

YES, you can buy BLUEBERRIES plants, but my books say that you need 2 different kinds of plants to cross pollinate them; kinda like apples, for instance. Most places that sell them should know that and sell the right two types. Like we had to buy 2 different kinds of apples trees; one is a pollinator -- the crab apple, and the other is the regular apple tree. They also like acidic soil: meaning sandy soil. They now sell high-bush blueberry plants and these are much easier to pick too, than the low-lying ones we have here.

Well, we had chicken with new potatoes, salad, and veggies for dinner tonight; and had a mini-sub for lunch (made with a whole wheat hot dog bun) and a cup-a-soup. I just took it easy today and did some reading and other small stuff today, including my usual daily stuff. Didn't feel like doing much in this heat; you just want to go to sleep.

Well, it's late, so time to go to bed now that it is cooler too. We have a few errands to do this week; our toaster broke so we need to look for another one. Take good care ladies and please do have a MARVELLOUS MONDAY tomorrow!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

08-17-2009, 01:09 PM
Hello and afternoon

Well today the weather can not decide what it wants to do one minute it is black clouds in the sky threatening rain and then the next it is brilliant sunshine. The sun seems to have won for today as we have had no rain :carrot:

Today we have had steamed vegetables with some lamb I had already cooked in the freezer so I just defrosted that to have with it. For dessert I did a sugar free protein pudding that I had once bought off the INTERNET. They do seem very filling so the high protein content does help keep hunger at bay.

I have already made the pack up for tomorrow to take to the MS centre and made a yogurt sugar free jelly to take also. I have already prepared the sandwiches we are having for tea whilst I was doing the pack up. So I am well on my way to having tea sorted.

ROSEBUD Aha that goes a long way into explaining why my friends had two plants it must have been for the pollination purposes. Though theses plants were low to the ground rather than the higher blueberry crop you have described.

Well my energy levels plummeted last night so I went to bed early and did not get up that early either. I haven't done anything today that was not the bare essentials. I suspect this is linked to the fact I require oxygen therapy to top them up again.

Friend just dropped around whilst I was in the middle of posting this so a break in the proceeding and I finishing making tea as it was getting on for that time. It was nice to see him briefly for a cuppa :coffee: and a catch up on events. He also has a dog but he is very elderly now at 14 years old with a few health issues. At night apparently he paces up and down for no reason it is made worse for they has they have a wooden floor and you can hear the tapping of his nails as they make contact with the floor. At night noise seems that much louder especially when you are trying to get some shut eye.

I hope you have another method of cooking toast bar your toaster. Here in the UK most of our cookers have a griller or broiler I think it maybe known to you. Years ago they used to be above the areas where you boil water etc about eye level. Then in there infinite wisdom they decided to put them at waist level beneath the area were you boil water but above the oven itself. I understand that not everybody is tall like me but it would be nice to have that choice as it means now I can no longer see how toast is fairing. The amount of toast I have burnt is unbelievable so I tend to stick to the toaster as much as possible. I use the very little as I have a George foreman grill for my meat/vegetables that need to be cooked in this manner. My toaster though at times can be a be lethal, not dangerous lethal I may add. What I mean that once in a blue moon it decides to launch you toast into space. It then ricochets into either Rizzie's water bowl or his food bowl on numerous occasions. It doesn't do it frequently enough to buy a new one so we stick with our faithful space launching toaster :D

Nothing else left to rabbit on about for now so I will go and tackle a few pots in the kitchen left from tea. Tell next time ladies take care and hope you have had a fabulous MONDAY

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

08-17-2009, 11:56 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ the weather was much, much nicer today; cooler with a nice breeze all day. It was so heavy at some point that it broke off one of my church chime rods, so DH has to fix it for me. Guess I'll have to nail him about it tomorrow as he told me that he would fix it tonight and didn't; did something else instead, then was off to bed early ... hmmm ... I think he forgot!

HI PURPLE ~ hope your therapy and picnic all turn out well for you and your DH tomorrow. We went up town and found a new toaster without all those electronic buttons that stop working after a while. It didn't cost much but we figure if it even lasts a year, it is worth it for the low price. We bought three new ones at much higher prices and they all conked out on us: the most expensive one, the electronics got all screwed up and we couldn't get it to work anymore. The second one caught fire. The third one just died and did nothing ... DH was so peeved by that point that he tossed it out the door, and I mean literally out into the back yard! After he calmed down a bit, I insisted that he retrieve it and just throw it in the trash! :lol:

We have had many adventures with toasters ourselves; so far, this new one is working pretty good. I really like the fact that the slots are extra wide to accommodate English Muffins and Bagels, becuz I found some bagels here for only 220 C's for the whole bagel; and I love having them for breakfast: so quick and easy. I think WW has one for only 150 calories but they cost quite a bit more here.

Your friend's dog may be unsettled or uncomfortable if he is pacing a lot at night (unless he has always done this). It may have something to do with his health issues; are they serious ones? Could he be too hot? I know NIKO gets up and moves around a lot when he is too hot, and we've had hot and humid weather here lately. Ya, 14 years is getting up there for a dog; our girls were 14 and 15.5 years old when they passed.

I got quite a bit of walking in today (kudos 2 me); but I did eat a bit more than usual ... OH WELL, tomorrow's another day. I have days like that now and then; but I think that it may all even out in the end though. Had a small lunch and dinner (credit moi); but the faux pas came in the snacking area, so I can learn something through this experience for the future. "Eat good food; but not too much! :lol:

My feet are a bit sore; always pay a bit when I over do it. Time to put them up and do a bit more reading in my books; got two on the go now. Take good care ladies, and I hope that you all have A TERRIFIC TUESDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

08-18-2009, 10:47 AM
Hello and good afternoon fellow chicks

I have just returned from my oxygen therapy today so thought whilst I have this cuppa I will take the opportunity to make a short post. The weather cloudy but not cold in any way.

Last night took a stroll with DH for my daily exercise with the heat of the day gone it was a lovely walk I must say and we both enjoyed the experience.

ROSEBUD Took my pack up with us today but my picnic is an indoor variety ;) so nothing as glamorous as you. Unfortunately one of our volunteers was not here this morning to help DH with the tanks this was due to the fact her father had past away. I would not imagine he was that old as she is only in her early twenties. Not a nice area to eat outside as it is an industrial estate and no such spare space available.

So helped DH as much as possible with the operation of the tank after I had completed mine. I have never operated one so was reliant on DH instructions. At least we did not have to cancel and everyone got their oxygen therapy treatment who had booked which is the main thing.

My friends dog's health issues goes with anyone getting old, your hearing going and your sight not what it used to be. Due to the eye sight failing she bumps into things occasionally. Though in the dog world 14 is a ripe old age.

There was a documentary on the other day and it was called 100 years and the girl guide movement. It is now the centenary of their forming. It showed how they helped in both the first and second world war. Also there ethos that no one was to be excluded not matter what race, colour , creed, religion or disability. One of these values connected with disability children shamefully were classed as ineducable if they were disabled so children born or acquired disability had little or no formal education. The guide movement addressed this issue and set up a school called trefoil (after the three leaved clover badge synonymous with the guides) to give education to these forgotten children. The school closed in 1975 I think when by this time children were being integrated into schools as they should have been in the first place. The programme brought back memories for me as I was once a brownie then went on to be a guide. I went camping on several occasions to various campsites near by. I even went to a camp were there was guides from other countries that was so good getting to know those girls but learning something from their culture.

Nothing further to report today plus I am rather tired after treatment. So I am going to have a little rest to recharge those batteries. Till next time bye bye and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

08-19-2009, 03:06 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, the weather here today was really nice; a little warmer than they expected, but with an terrific breeze all day that made it so very lovely. I had hoped to go out to the lot today or tomorrow, but other things got in the way of that plan.

DH was having a few problems with the car; albeit minor, but they have to be dealt with. He had to take a load of stuff to the dump and that's when he noticed it; he managed to change one part himself and has to take the car in tomorrow AM for the other minor thing (a sweaky bearing or something like that); hey, it could be a lot worse. He is trying to get the car in tiptop shape for the winter; don't blame him on that really, plus, we may have to buy a couple of new tires this year too.

So, all I did was minor house stuff around here today; tomorrow will be doing some laundry while the car gets fixed up. We hope to get away on Thursday or Friday, so we'll see; the weather reports sound encouraging.

PURPLE ~ I am so glad that your therapy went well for you; and that you and your DH were able to figure things out so that all the others were able to get theirs in too; that was so nice of the both of you too. Kudos 2 you both for getting that walk in.

We don't do a really fancy picnic but we do have a picnic lunch each time we go away. I just buy us stuff that we really like and why not? We all need to take good care of ourselves I think. I really like to make mini-subs or sandwiches; or if I have chicken on hand, we take that (as you know, I love chicken). I take my container of cut-up veggies and dip (just lite ranch dressing) plus lots of fruit and pudding cups (mine are sugar-free); boiled eggs or cold beans; just anything that is healthy and/or filling really.

We took our BBQ up to the lot BUT we have never used it up there yet. So, we plan on bringing it home again soon since we are quite happy with the varied lunches that we take from home, which are much easier for us anyways and less hassle really.

I picked up a professional stainless steel thermos the other day to take coffee or tea. The one we had is great for iced drinks but not for hot ones; this one is supposed to keep it HOT for a long time, so we'll see when I try it out next time we go. We often eat our picnic indoors, but it depends where we are, of course. Sometimes we go to a picnic place or by a lake or sometimes to the cottage or wherever. We ate in our car when we went blueberry picking to avoid those huge horse flies; I don't know what they are called elsewhere, but they are the 747 of flies and they pack a horrible bite. I got one bite on my face that left a bump bigger than a quarter in size. :yikes:

Anyways, I just had a shower and it's getting really late; I fell asleep on the sofa, but woke up around midnight. Will have to get some more sleep as soon as I'm done on here; I just didn't want to miss posting if at all possible. Hope all you ladies are doing well this week and we hope that you have A WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY tomorrow!!!

TAke good care of yourselves ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

08-19-2009, 09:53 AM
Hello ladies

Just returned from the weekly grocery shop which is kind of murder at the minute with the kids been off school. So many people down the aisle that it make shopping difficult oh for when they go back to school :D Sound right grumpy but you can really tell that children are off school by the numbers in the day it is normally relatively quiet. Though of course parents take time off in the school holidays to care for the children so then they take the opportunity to go in the day time which is a luxury to them with normally being at work.

Today if very hot and humid though made easier by a breeze but I sure does sap your energy with have this heat. I do not know how you all cope with the really high temperatures of summer day after day. Plus carry on with your normal daily routine of house work it is beyond me. Let alone hold down full time jobs which you may have done at one part of your life.

ROSEBUD I hope you got some sleep after waking up on the sofa in the early hours of the morning. The trouble is for me sometimes if I take a nap in the day I can have trouble going to sleep at night or wake up rather early in the day. Then by the afternoon I am flagging and needing sleep so thus becomes a vicious circle.

I also have a flask though not the profession stainless steel variety. The one I own keeps things hot for 8 hours. Though I would say it would be 6 hours kind of piping hot then after that it does start to cool down rather but it still is warm at 8 hours and just about drinkable. I always take our flasks when we are out for a trip on the road it sure does cut down on the costs of coffees or teas in service station which are costly. We even take our flasks on holiday so our day trip out we have a coffee whilst out. I have also bought 4 drinks bottles that inside the middle section can go in the freezer and this becomes frozen. Then when you make your drink or water this middle section goes in keeping water cooler for longer period of time. We saw these bottles on offer when on a grocery trip buy one get one free or known here at BOGOF. We have used these on road trips also and have proved successful.

:fr: those horse flies sound vicious little blighter's, I have just had a look on the INTERNET to see what they were. I think nearly all varieties of horse fly are in North America lets hope they don't want to take a holiday across the pond to the UK :D

I hope those minor tweaks with the car have been sorted today so that the car is in prime condition for the forth coming winter months. Do you have to put chains on your tires in winter to give grip on the snow? I have seen this method used once on television but I do not know if you have to take this precaution.

Well today on our shopping trip DH went through the normal rigmarole of looking for a cheap brand of drinking chocolate that is low calorie. Well I have tried all that is on offer and to be honest they are horrid :barf: Nothing comes close to the Cadbury drink chocolate 40 calories per mug and you just add water. Well today I ended up calling him Scrooge (he his anything but normally so generous) but he has this bee in his bonnet about the cost of the drinking chocolate. Yes I know it is costly but you get what you pay for. I am very good with the house keeping money and can make meals reasonable prices per day so my one little luxury (not to mention chocolate fix per day ;)) Would you believe it the word Scrooge did the trick he relented and put the chocolate in the shopping trolley himself. When I did the shopping myself and did not need help he only ever saw the grand total so to speak so never questioned it. Though going shopping weekly has opened his eyes to the prices I think it was a rude awakening at first :D

Must make a start on writing to Auntie in Cyprus as it is my turn to write but just have not seemed to get round to. So I want to make a concerted effort over the next few days to write it and post it. I gave a card to my mum for my niece's birthday this Thursday I am sure she will be thirteen as she is three years younger than the eldest of 16. The two younger nieces are only 16 months apart. So for my sister when they were little it was a tough time but it is OK now they are older as they are close in age. Ranging from 10 to 16. After this summer there while be only one child at primary school gosh it doesn't seem that long since they were starting school. Now two will be at secondary school and one starting college in September.

Well time to go and write some of this letter so till next time ladies look after yourselves and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

08-19-2009, 12:39 PM
Hello all! My computer was acting up and trying to fix, I deleted cookies and then had to find out how to get back here. Anyway, I hope your eczema is better by now, P O. I get it on my elbows and they tell me it's cause is my hypothyroid but I cannot see why.:dizzy: We never did get to pick blueberries and the season is almost over. A call to the farm tells us they are still open but it takes longer to get the same amount.
The heat is 84 today and it wouldn't be bad if it wasn't so humid. I am trying to clean out some cupboards and get rid of stuff not used including dishes. I don't have large amounts of people at one time anymore and don't need a lot. :^: I have this forgetful mind and even though I read all the posts, I forget main themes. Forgive me. I will have to write things down as I read. It seems as though I can't reply until all posts are read.
I hope to get to farmer's market today. Worked so hard in house yesterday that I just feel like being home and watching my favorite 'soap'. LOL
Have a good one, all.:carrot:

08-19-2009, 08:54 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ the day started out with lots of clouds so we thought it would rain for sure; but if it did, it was so light that we missed it. :lol: In the late morning, we had a humongous cloud over the town; really awesome to see as someone took a picture of it and I saw it on the net. DH booted it home, but it moved away and nothing came down on our part of town at least. :) The gardeners would have liked to have some rain today and some of them pulled out their hoses when it passed us by.

We had a very blessed day today. DH was out and about on his bike, and was talking to a friend who mentioned that he had a camping trailer for sale, so DH went to see it. I bought it for our lot, so we can have a place of our own to stay out of the elements. It is an older one and needs a few repairs, but nothing that DH can't handle. They are going to deliver it to us later in the week. GOD has blessed us so much this month; and we are so very grateful and thankful to Him for this blessing ...

HI PURPLE ~ I often say to DH, how did we stand to work in the summer years ago? Firstly, I think the temps are much hotter now than before and we were younger then, and if there is less humidity, it isn't as bad. Also we usually worked indoors, so it wasn't so bad. However, I do remember one factory that was horrifically hot to work in; we would just be poaring with sweat, so the owners had some big turbo fans brought in for the workers, then along with the huge doors wide open, that helped us a lot.

Our kids are getting ready to go back to school right now, so there's lots of sales on for clothes and school supplies right now. Those freezer containers sound really nifty; I bet we have something like that here somewhere. We will be trying out our new thermos tomorrow if the weather co-operates with us. Most of the time, I can rest in the afternoon, but I can't sleep; so I just put my legs up; read something and rest. If I go to sleep too early, it seems that I wake up in the middle of the night like I did last night; and that's not helpful either ... ;)

You know, NUMPSTER wonders why in the heck we live up here with all the bugs that bite us here. Thank goodness, that there are so many other things that are nice here; like the clean air and natural beauty; the slower and quieter pace of life; plus the awesome lakes, rivers, and streams; oh yah, and don't forget the snow. Just as many people come here for the summer and winter.

The bugs are only out for one short season (summer), so the rest of the time they aren't an issue. It is almost manitory here to have a screened in room or porch to sit in and relax in the evening. That's why we are putting one in our cottage right from the start; and we'll use the finest screen that we can get and afford.

HI LIZABETH ~ don't forget that when you are posting, that you can use your mouse to scroll down the page and read what each of us said that day. This makes it much easier to answer us -- I read a bit and then scroll back up and type; and repeat the process until I am done all my posts. Hope this is helpful info for you.

Hope you had fun at your farmer's market today. Kudos for you for doing lots of housechores (that's exercise too); and all that walking today at the FM all counts too (credit you)!!! We just pick enuff blueberries to give us some for cereal, crisps, or muffins (which are DH's favorite: banana-blueberry muffins). Sometimes, when they are on sale; I grab a bunch and put them in the freezer: it's easier than picking them. DH's sister just happened to show us a place that was easy to get to this year; and that was nice of her. She didn't want to go alone; and she shouldn't since we have black bears here, and it's not wise to take a chance like that.

I'm sure PURPLE is really freaked out by now ... she's probably thinking, I don't think I'll be travelling to Canada any time soon ... there's too many bugs and bears; and extreme weather: hot temps and sub-zero winters with mountains of snow!!! :lol:

Actually we are born here and so we love it; we are used to it. I guess you have to be hardy people, but sometimes, we just like to talk about all the extremes we have here. It's a favorite CANADIAN past-time to talk about the weather. ;)

Well, kept on plan good today; made up for the other day too (credit moi); just took it easy today and rested my over-exerted legs. Made a quick dinner and DH wants some frozen yogurt for dessert later, so that will be nice too.

:wave: HI to MEOWEE (hope you are feeling somewhat better); and VAL (hope you had a great trip: anything to report to us yet); and RONNIE (hope you and yours are well); and to NUMPSTER and her DH: long time no here; and to BEVERLYJOY: see you posting in another forum now and then; so glad you are doing so well these days!

Take care folks and please do have A THOROUGHLY, ENTHRALLING THURSDAY!!! :lol: :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

08-20-2009, 08:04 AM
Tons of rain here yesterday almost 3 inches in an hour! Our hummingbirds and other birds must know it's coming. They were at feeders quite frequently. I think our old earth must have tilted because we are getting weather that the Northwest U S usually gets and they are getting heat.
So I didn't get for blue berries and have decide that the freezer bags of them at Wal Mart are jsut as good especially the small ones.
Rosebud, thanks for good advice on scrolling to re read. It works. We have tons of bugs here also especially the mosquitoes with the wet summer. They bite me but not my hubby. I use skin so soft on arms and legs to discourage them.
Purple, we have not been on a picnic since last summer. How I miss them. However, our family reunion (on my mother;s side) is this weekend and I hope to see and have long conversations and lots of good eating at a favorite picnic place near here. Many of family are coming from all up the East coast of US.
I had a lovely breakfsdt. Eggs, vegies (lots) and toast/ Lost 2 lbs. past week.

08-20-2009, 06:05 PM
Hello fellow chicks and good evening

When I say evening it is fast fading day light and the skies are turning to night. In another hour the day light will have all disappeared. Today the weather turning out grey and dreary first thing. Evening getting a short sharp rain burst but as soon as that was over and done with the weather vastly improved. This afternoon we had lovely sunshine with a great breeze so it was soon dry on the pathways and you would never know there was any rain.

Today for lunch we had a simple lunch of salad, jacket potato and salad. For a change I really enjoyed this meal though DH is not so keen on jacket potatoes but will eat them once in a while. Left up to me I would eat far more of them as I am very fond of them.

This afternoon popped out for a short while to the local shop as I forgot to put coffee on the shopping list so stocked up on that. I had a lazy day really today after last night when the weather turned extremely humid to the point it effected me. For the first time during this type of weather it took a toll on my walking. I looked like an old woman of 90 hobbling along and as stiff as a board. Though during the night the weather got fresher and less humid and magically my legs where back to normal very rapidly. I did make today our sugar free banana and chocolate deserts that you freeze as I had a few bananas that were very ripe and just great for this job. It made three which is great as I have one left in the freezer from a previous batch of an odd number.

LIZABETH Glad your pc is sorted and your back on this site. That is the trouble if you do not save your favourite sites. Fortunately I have the know how now to do this but prior to this I would have to write them in an email post them to DH and then have him resend this email back to me. Then the long task of putting them back in again. Over the years you sure do collect a fair amount of sites you use for reference. It was such a palaver to do this to save my favourites I am so glad I know how to do it. Besides I am fortunate I have a big enough hard drive for it to be partitioned into different sections and if the pc is wiped clean it is only the one certain drive and I may save information on other sections of my pc. The only hope is that my hard drive does not break down which it has done on one occasion in the past.

Gosh what a lot of rain in such a short period of time. It is a wonder the drains and earth was able to take that deluge of rain. I am sure that if that had happened here there maybe some areas that would have experienced flooding. I am lucky as I am on higher ground and well away from waterways such as rivers and canals. Someone I knew last year had there bungalow flooded so everything virtually had to be replaced. Not only that there was the upheaval of waiting for the property to dry out before re-plastering could take place and redecoration of every room. It was a stressful time for them both especially when they are both pensioners themselves.

I am envious of you and the visiting of hummingbirds to your garden like Rosebud has. I have nothing so exotic or so pretty for that matter. I mainly get crows and pigeons to our back garden. If I am lucky I may see a robin, chaffinch and blue tit but they are very few and far between.

:carrot: Well done on losing 2lb this week excellent work, Keep up the good work :carrot:

Hope the family reunion goes well this weekend. Our family reunion of my DH side of the family was about a month ago when his Auntie and Uncle came over from Cyprus for a months long holiday. It was sure nice to see everybody and catch up. It is so infrequent that we do these get together gathering of the clan.

I am not sure why hyperthyroidism would cause eczema :dunno: but there again I was not a psychiatric nurse. The physical side of health that I have picked up along the way or have just taken an interest in so read in more depth to increase my knowledge.

ROSEBUD This morning on drawing back the curtains in the kitchen he saw a funny sight of a row of pigeons just gorging on the grass sides put down the newly formed embankment between us and the new school. They must have though it was a right good feast of easy pickings why an earth they did not cover the seeds with a light covering of earth is beyond me :dunno:

Our school children do not go back to school until September so that is not that many weeks to go now. So I am sure many parents are busily getting new uniforms and pens/pencils etc required for that particular school. Each school can vary in what is needed. My sister has had to buy a school uniform for one of my nieces starting secondary school. She has one sister at the school but they are very different sizes. This girl in question is a little bigger as she is disabled so unable to move about so readily as other girls. She is the one with the problems with her hip with a condition called Perths disease. Every 6 months she has to have an xray and see the specialist to see how she is fairing. Some grow out of the condition but the severe cases of this condition may need a hip replacement at some point to alleviate the pain and suffering of this horrid condition. She is on a cocktail of pain killing medication to help bring the pain level to some sort of control.

I'm sure PURPLE is really freaked out by now ... she's probably thinking, I don't think I'll be travelling to Canada any time soon ... there's too many bugs and bears; and extreme weather: hot temps and sub-zero winters with mountains of snow!!! ;)

This brought a smile to my face when I saw that. I know every country has it bad points and good points. I would choose to go when it was possibly spring just as the snows had melted then the temperatures would not be too hot for me to enjoy what the country has to offer. You say Canadian favourite pastime is to talk about weather well us British are not far behind you on that one. We are moaning it is either too hot or too cold or not enough rain, I think we are never happy :dizzy:

Well I think I have rattled on long enough it has taken me over an hour to write this :?: I must be losing my typing speed over the years as I lose some of the feeling in my fingers well that is my excuse and I am sticking to it ;) So till next time ladies I bid you good night :faint:

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

08-21-2009, 07:13 AM
Hi Ladies and good morning

I have made it on here today at a much earlier time than yesterday. Not sure what the weather is suppose to be today. At the moment it is partially clouded with short bursts of sunshine poking through.

DH is taking me out to lunch no where fancy but to the café up the road that does nice meals for a reasonable price. All home cooked typed meals and ones we all grew up with. Best thing for me is that there is plenty of vegetables on the plate so that I may fill up on that not pushing my calories way over what I should be eating. Though I am mindful now rather than before eating everything on my plate as I had been conditioned to. I will now eat what I should which was a hard habit to break. Like many of my age will remember the phrase that was repeated constantly " There are children in Africa starving who would be glad of that". So no food was wasted and it was make do and mend era. So undoing years of conditioning has been hard. I do not waste food at home but there I put on my plate the correct portions for each adult male or female accordingly.

There is a programme on at the moment on the BBC following the work of two London brothers who are in the business of pest control. Though where they can they use the old traditional method of using the jack Russel terrier. The dog is so quick at killing rats or occasionally mice it is done humanely. It is more humane in a way than using poison or traps. Not that the lads kill everything they have caught and released pigeons, fox cubs and when every possible relocating bees nests to a safe location. One of the most bizarre infestations was that of the Indian moth (well I think it was called that) in this couples house a moth must have laid its eggs into some food namely dried food in this case then the lava had hatched to then eventually become fully fledged moths. The process was then obviously repeated with the new born moths and by this time there was hundreds in this kitchen no bigger than your little finger nail. This place to get rid of that infestation it had to be fumigated with an industrial pesticide and the property vacated for 8 hours after that so that it was then safe for humans. For the first time I have seen what bed bugs look like for some reason I though they were much bigger critters than that. Sorry now folks I better I made your skin all itchy and I have given you the creeps about vermin etc.

Rizzie had his traditional sulk after I ended up washing his smelly front paws from his poor aim he has. The vet said he was not the only dog to urinate like a female dog. She has had other customers asking her how to make it do it like a male. She told them that you can't simple as that. It took him ages to stop sulking this time. Mind you took some persuading to get into the shower in the first place. Considering I was only washing his feet I got wetter that normal. Good job I was going to shower after I had seen to him as my hair looked like a bedraggled rat. Poor Rizzie did his Oscar nomination piece before hand of sitting there shaking and looking rather sorry for himself. I wish he did not think it was so bad in water he has been like this since we got him. I do it as quickly as possible with nice warm water, I get none on his face and I never force him in. I give him a big fuss afterwards with a treat but still as bad as ever for him.

This afternoon I will prepare the vegetables for tomorrow meal so that I am ahead of the game then I will store than back in the fridge. I am trying to be good at the minute and use what meats I have in the freezer. So that then over the weeks once I have cleared the meat I can gradually replace it again with some different joints of varying meats. Hopefully having more chicken and turkey. Unfortunately I do not have that much in at the moment so we are getting through the red meat at the minute. Though yesterday was a vegetarian day which I like to have now and again. I have some lovely different sorts of vegetable burgers by a company called Grassingtons. Off the top of my head they do cauliflower cheese burger, spice bean quarter pounder and vegetable quarter pounder. They are not too high in calories and can be incorporated into calorie counted meal.

Well I must go and finish getting ready for lunch as I have only got dressed. No hair done so look like a scarecrow ;) Nor no make up. Not that I where a great deal. I put face cream on (mainly due to keeping eczema at bay) I then have eye liner and lipstick. Some time I put mascara on but I normally have such a bad aim and get some on my nose. Goodness knows how I get it there but there more on there than on my eye lashes :D Till next time ladies take care and keep up the good work.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

08-21-2009, 07:12 PM
Good evening ladies or should I say nigh on morning ;)

Just a test ladies, having trouble with internet explorer version 8. Will not let me type in browser text box it just shuts internet explore down. I have tried in vain to uninstall it but it is not letting me. Was just testing to see if it lets me type in this forum. In the future will have to swop to firefox to allow me to type in the browser box.

Test over and out :D Looks positive on allowing me to do this bit of typing at least providing it lets me post. Hoping nothing else decides to have gremlins in the works ;) as I have only just reformatted my pc a few weeks back.

Goodnight sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite ;)

08-22-2009, 02:17 AM
HI LADIES ~ I'm finally back ... we have had two really busy days and tomorrow our camping trailer is being delivered so we have to go back out again to be there so the guy puts it in the right place. DH spent the afternoon trying to get things moved out of the aread that we want to put it in; he's almost done with a few blocks to move in the AM.

THANKS PURPLE ~ for holding down the fort for us here; I have been so busy and then very tired at night that I dropped to sleep and didn't wake back up til the AM. Then had to make a quick lunch and out the door again ... :lol:

Hope you got your PC issues solved by now; shame that it would be interfering with coming on here, since you like to come here so much. That's the problem with some new programs; you hope they will make things easier but sometimes, they have some glitches in them that slow them down too.

LIZABETH ~ congrats on releasing 2 lbs forever!!! Glad that scrolling tip helped you as well. Lots of rain there too I see; we had some light sprinkles on and off today, but heavy rains late tonight which I think have stopped now. Glad that you found us again too.

Well, I am very tired tonight; I am actually nodding while typing, so I will come in tomorrow when we get home to fill you in all the details our the last few days. So take good care ladies ... :hug:ROSEBUD

08-22-2009, 08:37 AM
good morning ladies! lots to report!

my trip to Minnesota was amazing. it was so good to take a week off. Thompson actually went through it's first boil water advisory the day I left, which was lifted the day I returned -- basically my boss was happy to have me back and realized how important my position is. it was very nice!

I stayed with my best friend Renee near minneapolis -- and the second day I was there, her brother totalled her car and had to be removed with the jaws of life so we spent the day in a trauma ward (american hospitals are so pretty!) and fortunatly her brother was discharged the next day with no issues.

Renee and I got to go canoeing on the lake by her home, and I was able to run regularly. Brent and I also got a chance to meet up on my way down south through winnipeg -- we fit three dates in total and are doing the long distance relationship right now. He's pretty cool :)

I'm going into work today to get some things finished -- Rosebud I hope your exzema has cleared up. A coworker of mine has exzema and she recently noticed that when she gets a common cold, flu or virus --- it dies down. I've been trying to convince this friend to consider her health more holistically, because I truely believe the emotional stress in her life is making her more sick!

I have tolerated two full doses of Rebif, twice the amount I had previously taken. I've had to take more advil and still woken up with chills and nausea six hours later -- but nothing worse :) Purple my hair always looks like a scarecrow -- fortunatly Brent shaves his head so it doesnt take much to impress the guy. ha ha.

:wave: meowee, liz, ronni and everyone else! happy weekend :D

take care,

08-22-2009, 04:52 PM
Hello ladies

Well just a swift drop by, been busy through the day what with cooking and supervising the gardening ;) On going onto my PC things have not got any better can't retrieve emails now and search causes unexplained crashes. So I have taken the decision regrettably to reformat my PC. So will not be on maybe for the next 24 hours or so until things are sorted. PC's are wonderful but they can be a pain in the you know what :D

After a day in the garden the fresh air has made me tired so I do not think I will be too late to bed to be honest. I will answer personal posts as soon as I am able I am too tired now to do my usual chatty posts that I enjoy to do.

So I will bid you all good evening and hope your having a fabulous start to the weekend. Till next time take care and look after yourselves

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

08-23-2009, 01:10 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we have had another long, tiring and busy day today as well; but we got lots accomplished. We slept in just a bit as we were so tired. Then we had to hook our utility trailer up to go pick up our garden shed which came in; and oh boy, was that thing heavy -- they had such a time putting it on the trailer.

Then we brought the trailer home and unhooked that so we could get out to the lot for when the camper was being delivered to our place. DH moved the dozen or so blocks and then the camper was moved in place. The only glitch was that the guy had some difficulty getting a sharp enuff turn and it is very close to my apple trees.

We may have to look for some other solution down the road for that; it will be OK for now. DH says he may hire someone to move it a bit further back at a later date when we get some other things done that we want done this year. Someone suggested moving the trees, but I really don't want to do that as I could lose them, so we'll see.

We already lost many trees this spring, but one strong one came back with the rains. DH is going to hire a young lad we know to help him get all the grass cut and trimmed right up to the ditch as it isn't a small task to do that there. He needs the work badly and DH needs the help too. So I'll have to call and arrange for that.

I managed to get an appointment for the doctors; tried to register but they had a glitch if some kind too, so I'll have to keep trying next week. I'm going to get him to look at the scrape on my leg and see if there is anything that he can think of to help it heal up once and for all.

We will take the garden shed up at a later date and start on that; maybe the young lad could help DH with that too. We would like to get that done as soon as possible. We won't be doing much more this year on the cottage; starting fresh in the early spring instead.

Well, that's all the news for now; didn't eat perfectly today but I did get two days in a row of walking in and some casual walking in today; so kudos to me for that at least. I will try harder to eat better tomorrow to make up for today; one day a week shouldn't matter too much overall (I hope). :^:

HI VAL ~ glad your vacation with your friend went so well; and sounds like it wasn't a disaster for your meeting with Brent. You are still talking and relating; so it wasn't a total loss. It is always best to take some time to really get to know a person these days. My ezcema is all gone now -- PURPLE is having some trouble getting rid of hers. I have to see my new doctor at the end of the month about that scrape on my right shin; sure is taking it's time to go away, but I have been blessed in that it hasn't gotten infected and we're so hoping that it will go away soon.

HEY PURPLE ~ sorry to see that you have been having so much problems with your PC again; too bad you have to re-format and re-install all your programs again. Man, that does take some time to get all that done. Like I mentioned in my last post, some new programs or versions don't always work as they say they will; often it takes some time for them to get all the glitches out of them.

Hope you all have a WONDERFULLY, RELAXING WEEKEND!!! Tomorrow, we are doing nothing but resting and resting some more -- :lol: Take good care, ladies ... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

08-23-2009, 10:23 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ hope you all are having a super Sunday! We spent the day just resting ... I sat on the porch with NIKO for a while in the lovely :sunny: this afternoon. Did some reading and also put my legs up for a nap for at least 2 hours too.

Made a tantalizing roast beef dinner with roasted veggies -- it turned out so nice. Ate much better today (credit moi), but just did toning exercises and walking around here (but hey, that something!). Our lawnmower has been acting up, but DH thinks he found out what it was; he had to bring it back home as he couldn't get it to start. He thinks he found it and just needs a few small parts up town tomorrow.

Our weather has cooled off nicely; it is kinda like early fall weather only we had nice sunshine today too (kind of like a fall-spring as they used to call it). I was talking to NUMPSTERthe other night and they are trying to buy a business; step one has passed (offer accepted); now they are waiting on the financing (step 2); and then when that goes through, they will then try to sell their condo and get the best price they can for it. I think the whole thing is awesome!!!

My Dad & SM are up again this week and will be staying long enuff for my Dad to build himself a shed for his non-household stuff. We got a fab deal on a garden shed: first I got $100.00 off for selecting it over the net; then when we picked it up, we got another bonus discount of $50.00 too! We have been very blessed this month, I'll say.

Well, it's that time to have my tea, put my legs up again, and just plain old rest; think I'll do some more reading while I'm at it. Take good care ladies -- hope you all have A MARVELLOUS MONDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

08-25-2009, 11:04 AM
Hi Ladies

Well I have just about sorted out now pc wise though our modem seems to be playing up one minute we are connected to the internet the next were not so a bit like the hokey cokey. So the isp are coming Thursday to take a look and possibly change the modem as there is no actually problems with the cable itself.

Weather today is just turning to dirty black rain clouds and just as I typed this the heavens have opened. Not that it is cold just warm and now wet. Though over the weekend it was glorious weather for drying clothes outside. I dried three loads on Sunday and got it all dry.

Yesterday did my version of the nutcracker suite or was it swan lake :D I lost my balance falling backwards giving my left elbow a good whack as I went. I fell back onto the corner of the wall and partially the fall was broken by DH. I thought it would be my elbow that would be sore today but no it is my back no doubt I jarred it as I did my ballerina act.

Tomorrow DH and I are going to pick up some bean bags from a customer and then a week later we are delivering them back again. There is some problem with the screen print as far as I am aware. So tomorrow that will keep me out of mischief.

The last few nights we have taken a late stroll and I mean late :o as neither of us was able to sleep. These walks have been lovely and even seen a fox or two on our travels. The gardens are looking pretty what with tubs, hang baskets and borders. Talking of gardens I was watching a programme on that the other day of a lady who had bought a cottage and was bring it back to its former glory. It was a very traditional cottage with the picture postcard look of roses around the door.

VAL Nice to hear from you and what you have been doing lately to your trip to Minnesota. Sorry to hear that your friends brother spent a night in hospital after having to be cut from his vehicle. The main thing is he is OK and cars are materialistic things that can be replaced.

Glad you are tolerating the new dose of rebif with minimal side effects. Just been trying to rack my brains to think what the drug is actually called in the UK Here in the UK I think it is know as beta interferon. Though there is a strict criteria surrounding this drug in this country. I do not qualify for this as I am not having relapses frequently enough to get it you must have at least three relapses in a year.

ROSEBUD Thanks for holding the fort whilst my pc was nigh on the front lawn :D Glad it is now up and running but I still haven't put on all my games etc but the lions share of the work is definitely done now. DH started the reformat off for me whilst I was in bed then when I woke up in the morning I took off from where he left off.

Looks like your parents got a cracking deal on that shed. It will be nice for you to catch up with them and have a relaxing weekend with them. Lets hope the bugs have packed their bags ;) so it is more pleasant outside.

I hope the visit to the doctor proves fruitful in the management of the wound on your leg. You must have been suffering with it months now and enough is enough. I am sure there is something that can be suggested. A friend of ours have just been on holiday to the East coast of England to a sea side town of Mablethorpe. They took their two granddaughters for a weeks holiday. Though unfortunately they were bitten by insects but his then became infected so was then on antibiotics to clear this up plus anti histamines to stop him itching. I know he is wary as he has had cellulitis twice in his leg both times requiring a stop in hospital to clear the infection.

Keep up the good work of getting your different forms of exercise in your doing fantastic.

Well I think that is me about caught up with everybody's posts just a reminder that if I am missing in action again this maybe due to the internet provider as they work on the line. Time to rest and put my feet up as I have just had my oxygen therapy. Take care till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

08-25-2009, 12:38 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ just a quick note; seems I forgot to post last night. DH and I went for a drive in the evening as it was much cooler outside than inside our place. I felt much better after that. They are predicting thunderstorms here for this afternoon, so I have to shut down my PC soon.

The :rain: just started to come down and the wild winds are picking up. DH just went out and wrapped up my church bell chimes, as one already broke during the last windy night we had. DH keeps forgetting to fix it and we've been so busy lately that I keep forgetting to remind him. :dizzy:

DH also wanted to go to our lot to cut the grass as he managed to get our lawnmower fixed yesterday (took over half the day), and he tried it out first to make sure it was working well. The are predicting nicer weather for the new couple of days, so we'll take advantage of that for sure.

PURPLE ~ sorry to hear that you had a fall and hurt your back; sure hope that you are feeling better real soon. We seem to have all kinds of small accidents: I keep seeing bruises and lumps and bumps here and there but can't for the life of me, figure out how and when and where I got them.

I know that I probably confused you by mentioning in one post that WE bought a Garden Shed (for a great deal); and that my Dad is building a small "tool" shed on the back of his cottage. Right now, we have no place for storage for our stuff, so were using an old van on my Dad's place for our small tools, but we need a much bigger shed for our gardening stuff and many other things.

The garden shed that WE bought is 10' x 10' which should hold quite a bit; later on, DH wants to build a larger wooden storage shed/garage for all his stuff, which he really needs, but we must do one thing at a time for now. :lol:

Yes, unfortunately, I have somehow got a small scrape on my LEFT leg shin as well, and I didn't even notice it until yesterday -- I don't know how this is happening. My leg seems swollen to me (I hope it is just water and not another infection); that's another reason why I made the doctor's appointment. I am going to ask him to put me on antibiotics just in case; this is all so scary and upsetting for me. I don't know why it won't heal up, but maybe I need some meds like you say (I have been thinking the same thing as you).

I have been putting a salve called OZONOL on both legs the last couple of days, to see if that helps at all. My appointment is on Friday, and it cannot come soon enuff for me. I am hoping this new doctor might have some fresh ideas for me too, becuz this has been causing me some concern, which turns into an added stressor, which I don't really need at this time.

My eating wasn't spot-on yesterday (meals were OK; but the snacking was off a bit), but I think it's just a bit of stress on my part ... so, I am trying to eat healthier today -- so far, so good (credit moi). I have been doing my toning exercises each day quite faithfully: I do these in the early AM, and find that helps me a lot -- that way they get done when I have the most energy.

We are trying to keep busy each day and do some walking, even if it is only short walks here and there. I think it all adds up and helps in the end -- this is my new exercise strategy ~ SMALLER AMOUNTS, BUT MORE OFTEN, plus mixed in with some longer walks about 3-4 times a week ...

So much for my quick note, eh? I get typing and before I know it, I have written a novel. :lol: DH is watching the clouds (and weather) diligently for me. He says that the :rain: stopped for a while, but has started again. The only problem with this kind of weather is that you can't get much done outdoors -- so yesterday, I did get some laundry catch-up done. I also did a bit of hand mending; and I have a few more things that I could do today too to pass time.

Time to go put some soup on for lunch. Hope you all have A TERRIFIC TUESDAY!!! Take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

08-26-2009, 05:03 PM
Hi and good evening ladies

The weather today has been one for our webbed feathered friends and not to leave home without the trusty umbrella :rain: during our travels we did see moments of sunshine :sunny: but they were very few and far between.

Has I said yesterday we were going on a trip to a place down South to pick up some faulty screen printing on bean bags. Well we arrived at the place where the sat nav took us. We found ourselves in this lorry trailer park of all places. It certainly did not look like where we should be. So we phoned the number but on the invoice to find that they had since left the business. They gave us another number of a mobile but they must have been out to lunch and on answer phone. :fr: what to do? DH then phoned his sister who works for the same company as DH brother ( very much a family business ) She sorted out the issue for us gave us another number and we found out where we should be. We were at the right place but in the back of beyond of this trailer park and would have never have found it in a month of Sundays with out instructions.

Whilst waiting for this matter to be sorted out either there was a shooting party out or the plot next door which was being demolished for development was detonating small charges. So hence these bangs were going off every now and again. Well poor Rizzie he did not know what to do to get away from this horrid noise. He was trying desperately to get under DH legs on the drivers side. Then when prevented tried his luck on my side which there is very little room either as I have the freezer bag with food and the other bag with flask/lead and wipes. Good job in one sense we were parked up waiting for instruction so DH could assist me in trying to calm him down. Good job as well DH had just taken him for a little stroll to let him see to the call of nature before these bangs started. Otherwise there would be no way you would have got him out of that van. I know he is is not the heaviest breed with being a medium sized dog but he weighs in at 20 kg which is about roughly 44lbs. I don't know about most of you but 44lbs is out of my limits now for lifting. The trouble with Staffordshire bull terriers they are very muscular dogs which means very strong for their size.

Apart from the glitch in the middle of the trip finding the place everything went smoothly. I will take no rocking tonight in bed as I was up early this morning and could have quite easily gone back to bed to sleep. I have to be up again reasonably early tomorrow as the shopping has to be done and dusted before midday as we have the workman coming from the isp company to look at our fault. Would you believe it since we have telephoned the fault in it has not done it since. Though for weeks it has been going on and off the internet regularly throughout the day.

ROSEBUD I don't know if you ever had those forecast thunderstorms. The only blessing from those is often it brings much fresher weather after a period of very humid one leading up to the storm.

Yes knocks, bumps, lumps and bruise seem to come with the territory of becoming unsteady on our feet. We take it in our stride and pass off most of the bumps into furnitures or my favourite the door handle or frame. By the time the bruise or bump has come up I have forgot that I did that stumble a couple of days ago then wonder :?: where did that bruise come from :dizzy: Knock wood my back seems a lot better today and I have not had so many nasty twinges up my spine on moving in a certain way after my rendition of swan lake ;)

Yes I can understand how stressful and worrying your leg wounds are especially when they won't heal for months on end. Like me stress is always a trigger for me to reach for the bad foods in the past and mindless grazing. It is a hard habit to break the crutch that food was or is for me. I used food for every emotion going and it was not until I embarked seriously on the weight loss journey did I realise it or be willing to admit this. So I bet you have the same issues to around food when stressed. Plus for me it can trigger my eczema to go rampant which I make worse no doubt itching it with my long finger nails :o Good news for my last bout of eczema that was triggered by the worry of my parents operations in the same week is now back in check thank goodness after a weeks course of steroidal cream and moisturiser cream in the showers. I am sure the trip to the doctor will alleviate some of your worries and fears.

Well tomorrow it is grocery day it sure does come round quick again. Tonight no doubt will be a sleepless night for my niece as she has her exam results tomorrow. I know what it is like waiting for exam results the nerves kick in convincing yourself that you have failed. I really hope she gets the results she wants that will allow entry into her college course.

Well I must start to make a little light supper just a few crackers so that I can have my night medication. Don't knock your entry Rosebud I love reading what you have been up to as I find it interesting. In many ways we are similar but others different as we have been brought up in different parts of the world. So those differences make us unique people and interesting in our own special ways.

Night all and hope to catch you again tomorrow providing I am on the internet :crossed: till next time take care and enjoy your Wednesday. Yeah middle of the week soon be bank holiday weekend and 3 days off work (well it is in the UK so sorry if it is not else where)

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

08-26-2009, 11:50 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we never did get the lightening and thunderstorms that were predicted yesterday, but we did get some rain on and off until about noon; then we had these fierce winds that did not let up all evening and night. There were times that it was so windy that I thought the building was going to fly away, but of course, it didn't! :lol:

HI PURPLE ~ yes, we kept watching the skies and I did my post here and in the CE thread; but then it stopped raining and the sun kept peaking out now and then. As I mentioned above though, in the early evening, things started to get really scary -- winds were howling and banging things around; good thing DH went out and made sure everything was put away or tied down. The only thing that blew away was one of our garbage cans from behind our place, but some good soul rescued it and put it on our front porch (probably in the AM).

Glad you got that mix up sorted out and your pick up finally done; sure would have been a shame to go all that way for nothing and then have to go back again later on. Your Rizzie looks smaller than our NIKO, but he is only 35 lbs as he is a slimmer kind of dog like a lab is; he is only 19" at the shoulder, so I guess that would make him a medium-small dog. He seems bigger to us, becuz our girls were only 12" and smaller, lighter dogs and very easy to handle. Although, he is getting better as he gets older ...

We haven't done any shopping yet this week; we have been trying to use up what we have here for now. We will likely have to pick up some eggs and bread before the week is out though. I made a shepherd's pie yesterday from leftovers from the roast beef and veggies; and I still have some beef left that I think I will make a pot of soup tomorrow. Sure have made that last a good while this week.

We went up to our lot so that I could wash up the inside of the camper; I'm afraid that I exhausted myself a bit overdoing it a bit. DH did some grass cutting around the trailer and some of my trees to help them out, so he was pretty tired out too. It was lovely and sunny all day; the temps were cooler, but I thought it was a pleasant day anyways -- kind of like a sunny fall day really. Not usually this cool in August though; but some warmer days may still come in September.

Well, it's time to go and get some much needed rest. Hope all you ladies have a really pleasant day tomorrow -- take good care ... :hug:Rosebud:hug:

08-27-2009, 03:42 PM
Hi Ladies

Weather is much better today no need for the dreaded umbrella :rain:. So have took the opportunity to wash a few clothes plus then another load with the covers that protect the chairs from our hound who sneaks on them more times than he should. So that's why we put covers on to protect the chairs and sofa. Not ideal but the best solution to how crafty Rizzie who knows every trick in the book :yes:

The workman hasn't been yet to see to the isp but there is still plenty of time for him to arrive. We are going shopping later as I was so tired this morning and needed that bit more sleep probably after the trip yesterday that's why I suppose. Not that I do anything as such on the trip apart from sit there and be the passenger. Now we have the sat nav no more navigating for me now. Now that was a nightmare as I had to plan the route and then navigate my DH to the destination. How we ever got there is beyond me but we did. Though I found it stressful having to be so mindful all the time looking out for the next turn or next junction on the motorway. So for one I am grateful for the sat nav as it took all the stress out of the journey for me and all the pre-planning of the route.

On a stretch of the motorway yesterday there were lots of police cars pulling people over in the cars. Initially we thought it maybe for speeding though as we got closer we saw the van with the 3 cameras covering the 3 lanes of the motorway. These were checking to see whether you had a valid tax disc. All vechicles need a displayed tax disc that you replace either every 6 months (cheaper payment but dearer overall as you have to pay for another 6 month one or a year one) or every year. It is a complex system that is based on co2 emission from your car and you pay more if you have a high output. I am lucky as I am exempt from payment due to being disabled though I do have a disc in my car which looks like any other unless you look closely then it says in small writing that i am disabled. Not exactly how I would like it to be displaying for everyone but I am very grateful I do not have to pay. This is the web site to the payments needed to be made and you can see how complex it system is I also am fortunate I do not have to no longer apply for one every year as mind comes in the post about 2 weeks before it is due to expire. This is because my car is part of the motability scheme for those people whom have mobility issues.

In this country we are fortunate that we have a system of benefits that support people whom are in need. Whether you be elderly, disabled, sick from work or be on maternity leave to name a few there are monetary benefits you may claim if you fit the right criteria. Though with money on offer to support those in most need it is open to abuse by unscrupulous people who will think up ways to claim money for money they are not entitled too. There is fraud agencies who deal pacifically with this type of fraudulent claim and there is a hot line which people can anonymously phone in to report those who are being dishonest. There are penalties for this type of crime for the most severe of cases that will result in a spell at her majesties pleasure aka a prison sentence.

Though on the other flip of the coin there is a high percentage of people do not claim what they are entitled too either through not knowing they are entitled to this to being to proud to ask for help or even feeling that it is stigma to be on benefits. Though many of these people have worked hard all their life and paid into this coffer of the government's for such benefits. So now it is their turn to draw money from the coffer so to speak as they have paid to into for such an occasion. Many of the forms are daunting I must admit though now there are people who will fill them in for you for free and they keep the information you have given them confidential. I know my father to this day regrets not filling out the form for the benefit I received now as he was daunted by the form. If he had done he would have been entitled to a car if he had wished from the age of around 55. This is when his heart troubles started but they had been going on a while before but he put it down to indigestion. Look at the money that he has missed out on that I am sure would have come in useful. I have just been reading about another benefit that I have just been made aware of that he might be entitled too. I may ask mum to phone on his behalf and if he is allow to apply get someone to help them fill it all in. There is a programme on the BBC showing such scroungers as they are called in the programme those who claim benefits and shouldn't be. There is also the work of what in the programme are referred to as saints who get people the correct benefits often making a huge difference in someone's life.

ROSEBUD yes I think our Rizzie is smaller in size than NIKO but they do say muscle weighs heavier so that must be the reason as he is not an over weight dog in any way as I watch what he eats and he gets regular exercise so he is fit as a fiddle. I often say where are the batteries as he is none stop a lot of the time so I am sure he must run off them :D

Took a look in my freezer and did a rough tally of the meals I have in there and there is about 5 or 6 weeks worth at least. So no meat is needed yet which is nice. I did not realise how much stuff I had ferreted away in there much have been a squirrel in a former life ;) I also have on top of that meals that I have made for times when I am not so clever so that we can still keep on track with our healthy eating. Your home made shepherds pie sounds lovely I really like that type of meal. Plus you can cut down on the amount of potatoes by doing lay or layers of things like mashed squash, carrots or swede to name a few. They have less calories and I do not put butter in when I mash them just season them lightly.

Hope you did not suffer too much from your overdoing it at the lot. I sometimes do that and then when it is too late find out that it was a step too far.

My niece got her exam results she got the passes required for the college course but did not do as well as she might in her own words. She did not study hard enough as like her mum she hated school. Though looking forward to school as she will be studying something she likes and can see the point of. She told me she found it difficult being at an academic school where the pressure was always on to get good grades all the time if you started to have trouble in a subject then you were deemed stupid or not trying. I hope the atmosphere of college which is more relaxed and easy going where you are treated like adults is more to her liking. I struggled school for and hated being treated like a child when I was mature enough to be treated as an adult. When at home I was treated as an adult with those responsibilities. I loved college for the different ethos and atmosphere and did so much better there and was listened too. Whilst at school you were forced into things like for example taking exams which I felt were a step too much. In my time you could take O level ( ordinary level) or take the lower which was CSE (certificate of school education I think long time ago :D) though if in your CSE you achieved the top grade it was classed as an O level C grade or above. I wanted to take CSE in three subjects but they said no I was capable of doing them. The result was I failed in those three subjects yet if I had taken the lower exam I would have done much better as the questions would have been less ambiguous.

***** PART TWO*****

Why part two well stopped my entry as we went shopping as the repair man came to see to the ISP of ours. Well as we thought they just changed the modem to see if that does the trick. We were warned that in the next two weeks work is going to be done in our area so we will get intermittent close down of service whilst this work is going on. Well at least we have been warned of the maintenance work to be carried out.

Good job we checked our shopping bill over a cup of coffee as we had been charged wrongly. Two items which was on offer we had been charged the full price. I wonder how many other customers have taken these items and not bothered to check their bill at the end of it. I know we will be inspecting out bill closely from now on. As we were over charged by $.350 CAD which is a great over charge. Like you we take up on these offers and this saves money in the long run as while the offer is on we buy a little extra of the good if they are non perishable ones and have a good expiry date on them. This way it makes the money set aside for the groceries go that little bit further.

one thing I have been trying to do is drink less soft drinks such as squash as I know this is a little naughty but I have to drink a high amount of fluids due to the troubles I have with the damage to my nervous system that operates my water works etc. I have been trying to swop some of these drinks for water. It has not been easy as I am not a water drinker but I have found that chilled water I will drink more readily. So I am hoping over time I will gradually change my habits. I know I am not going to do it over night so I think the softly softly approach might work like it did in changing my diet that was very poor at the time. It might not be perfect now but it is vastly improved from a couple of years ago.

Going to see mum and dad tomorrow looking forward to seeing them as it has been a week since I have seen them. I have spoken to them on the phone regularly but it is not the same as seeing them in person especially when we are a close family considering the few miles their is between us. My sister sees my parents more than I do but she lives in the same town as them.

Well I best finish my epic essay that I seem to be compiling here before it becomes a university dissertation (thesis). One more day to go till the weekend ladies so happy Thursday and have a brilliant day Friday. Will try and pop by tomorrow morning before I go out. So till next time ladies take care.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

08-27-2009, 11:38 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ the temps dropped down to 0C last night (32F) and there was frost on everything when we woke up. We had 40F for a few nights before that too. Seems like fall weather is here early, but we may have some nice days in September and October yet ...

Made a nice beef HOT POT today; it was so fab smelling that delicious soup-stew all day long. Even NIKO couldn't wait to have some; we put a bit on bread for him; he's our furry baby and we love to spoil him rotten.

We went up town for our weekly grocery shopping; just picked up some veggies (baby carrots and cukes; tomatoes) and some strawberries besides the essentials. I picked up some non-salted nuts to put into my homemade snack mix; this is a nice treat. I made a point of walking all around the outside of the store to get my walking in for today (kudos 2 me). My eating was very good today too (credit moi).

As I mention before, we spent yesterday up at our lot -- me doing cleaning of our camper and DH cutting a bit of grass. I made a list of things that we need to do (the minor repairs and changes); we will just take our time and enjoy the journey. We have a lovely view; from the kitchen window, I can see the neigbours gorgeous garden and from the east side, I can look straight at our cottage and watch the progress there too.

I tried to take a picture as we were leaving but it was just starting to get dark there and so the pic wasn't too good. Next time we go up, I will take a picture in the daytime so you can see it too. It actually looks pretty nice on our lot; it makes a great mini-caban, as the French call it.

My Dad and SM (Grace) are both looking and feeling much better. We had lots of time to visit this time as we were up at the lot three days in a row preparing for the camper arriving. They will be going home soon, as the temps are starting to get much colder at night here much sooner than normal it seems ...

HI PURPLE ~ that's OK; I read all your epic drama. :lol: A lot of the same things go on here as there, but I don't think there really is as much cheating as some people think; the rules here are so strict that it seems harder to get help really. I have seen people not get help for many years just becuz they didn't know how to access it or how to fill the form out correctly. The process is daunting and sometimes very stressful too.

I hope we don't have to get those disc things for pollution control or pay a tax on that; we already pay too many taxes now. The licenses cost us a lot each year, plus gas and repairs is difficult for some people. Our mechanic told us to wait on the bearing; to use it until it starts to squeak constantly, then bring it in to change it; that will cost us about $213.00. I now know how much it will be, so I am going to try and put the money away as soon as I can to pay for it. It seems that most times, I just can't get ahead with my car fund; the repairs come up too often to get ahead for even a few months.

Anyways, I am just now have my evening tea; time to go put my legs up for awhile and do some reading. I have a doctor's appointment in the morning, so will have a shower just before going. Hope we can find out what we can do to get the skin on my leg to heal; it is taking such a long time.

Take good care ladies, and hope that you all have A FABULOUS FRIDAY and weekend .... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

08-28-2009, 07:49 AM
Hi Ladies

I have a little time before going to mum and dad's so I thought I would drop by and say hello :wave:. The weather was nice for me on getting up now it looks rainy but none has developed now. I hope it holds off as DH as gone for a walk to put my prescription in and then we can pick it up on the way out to mum and dad's Today is what we describe as dog walking weather because so many times when we go to mum and dad's it decides to throw it down with rain :rain: and so we get drenched for our troubles. Not to mention a Rizzie who has the hump because he has got wet also.

Just too a joint of pork out of the freezer and popped it into the fridge to defrost. ~This is what I am cooking tomorrow it is the leanest joint being the loin of pork. It was a big joint originally but we cut it in half and froze both halves. The portion now is more realistic for the two of us and a few tit bits for our Rizzie of course.

ROSEBUD Oh I can taste your beef hot pot from here. I love stews and soups plus one big bonus they have very little washing up afterwards. The worst part is chopping up all the vegetables to go in there but now I also put either bean or lentils in for more vegetable based proteins. Like you we spoil our Rizzie and sometime I cook a dinner for him :o Though I do not put any seasoning like salt in for him or any onions. Mainly mashed steamed vegetables , gravy and meat of course. He loves those meals I must admit especially any roast meats. My parent often cook him one as well as my Dad spoils our Rizzie rotten more than we do I think :D That's why my DH nicknamed my dad Mr Softie :lol: and me at time Mrs Softie. DH does not like to admit it but he is just as bad as the rest of us really.

Yes some of our forms for certain benefits are really daunting like I think it is the one that is called disability living allowance or DLA for short has something like 40 pages to fill out. Now I can understand peoples reluctance to fill that out because a lot of the questions seem irrelevant to you. Though I was more fortunate than most I had filled several of these forms out for patients of mine on their behalf or assisting them on filling them out. But even so when it came my turn to do one for myself as my health circumstances changed I was some what overwhelmed so goodness knows how others feel. The blessing is that now there is more help to assist you in filling the forms out I think that was not so readily available 10 years ago when I had to do it.

We also have many taxes in the UK as you know we even have a licence for our television which is over $160 CAD per year. You can take your chances and not have a licence but it is not worth it as there are detector vans whom who catch the offenders who do not pay and they get a fine or persistent offenders I think can get a prison sentence. So I never even think of trying such a scam. Not that many years ago either you even had to have a licence for a dog!!! Though that was abolished in 1987 for some reason. You still have to have a licence to fish in this country also. I tell you the government has every angle covered to get more money from its people.

Good Luck for today and the doctors visit I am sure that there is some treatment out there that will get it healed. It maybe a long process but I am sure they will crack it. I know it is more difficult to heal if you are diabetic as Dad can have the same trouble.

Well must be making tracks now to close this post as we are going in the next 20 minutes so want to pack the car with a change of clothes and a few bits and bobs So till next time take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

08-28-2009, 11:03 PM
TGIF ~ Hope all you ladies are having a fantastic Friday night!!! We woke up to lovely :sunny: weather today; it stayed til about noon then some clouds rolled in but we never got the rain they predicted for tonight (well, at least not yet).

Got up really early to have a shower and get ready for my docs appointment; turns out the schedule was behind. I met my new doctor and he seems very nice and caring; and he is much more aggressive when it comes to finding solutions for your issues. He put me on antibiotics to make sure if there is an infection to get rid of that and pills to help get rid of the excess water in my legs (the swelling) which he thinks is contributing to the slow healing of my leg ulcers (that's what they are called).

He was very informative and explained to me in detail what they are and what causes them and how we can try to get rid of them. I also had to order some special gauze pads with meds as our pharmacy was out of them. We will try these for a month and see with the meds how they heal.

We also discussed my weight of course; like I said he was very progressive in his approach and I really like that. I also have to have some tests done next week as well. Since I am new to him, he is being very thorough to check things out first. He is also making an appointment for me to see a specialist about my weight. So DH and I have some big decisions coming up that we have to make concerning my health. I will fill you in as I know more myself; it will take some time for us to digest everything and we'll take our time making the impending decisions ...

Other than that, we had a great day; took a long while to get our meds as it was very busy today being Friday, so we went out for a small lunch which was fun for a change (we should do that more often). We had a light dinner but did treat ourselves tonight a bit; so hopefully that will be OK over the week. Back to the plan for tomorrow. I was talking to a nice lady while at my appointment; she had lots of health issues that she said our new doctor has helped her clear right up, so that gave me hope too, and she was right.

HI PURPLE ~ that's a good idea to cut some pieces of meat in half before freezing it; sometimes I do that with beef roasts or hams too. That works better for the crock pot as well (smaller pieces of meat, I mean). We actually feel sorry for you that you have to pay so much for telly, but we have to pay for cable and satellite here too. Right now, you can use an antenna for free, but we don't have one here.

I am likely just going to upgrade to high-speed internet so we can watch on there instead; have to call and inquire about that. I have lots to do next week -- have to go to the hospital for blood tests; plus make appointments for the eye doctors for both of us; plus make a few other phone calls as well (another doctor's appt for 2 weeks which we forgot by the time we got home). Better make a list or I am going to forget something, I just know it. :lol:

We still have to have a dog licence here; but we got a lifetime one for NIKO which cost $40.00 for a lifetime tag. That was better than paying for each year. We also have to have fishing licences too; I have a pass becuz of my disabled pass, but DH had to buy one and was none too pleased that it cost him $25.00 for only half a year. Oh well, pretty soon he will be exempt when he turns 65; I wish it was exempt at 60 though for the seniors, as most people consider a senior citizen as someone who is 60+ -- not 65 (which is really our general retirement age).

Time to put my legs up for awhile and rest some for the night; take good care ladies and please do have A WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

08-29-2009, 04:43 PM
Hi and good evening

Well the heavens did open yesterday just as we were getting in the car to go to Mum and Dad's it still continued really pouring with rain as DH got out of the car to pick up my prescription from the chemist. So he got more than a little wet for his troubles of a good deed for me. Later at my parents house we had a brief thunderstorm that even brought a few hailstones with it. The temperature yesterday was much cooler by about 5 degrees than in previous days. I hate to say it but I can feel autumn is just around the corner with these more chillier days. I even had to put my electric blanket on last night to warm up the bed as my legs and hands were like blocks of ice. I got to thinking and though yikes :fr: what would I be like in the much colder climates that many of you have. I would be dressed in hat, scarf, coat, thermal long john's and that was just for bed :lol: Today weather wise it is much nicer with long periods of sunshine with short bursts of cloud cover.

Today I have cooked a joint of pork but instead of roasting it I did it for a change by putting the joint in whole but then putting the normal vegetables and pulses that you would put in a casserole. Then about 20 minutes prior to serving lunch I take out the joint to rest ready to carve it. Has it was pork I added a cooking apple in big chunks though by the end of cooking time it had melted into the gravy. I put in bay leaves and thyme as my seasoning herbs. It was extremely nice I must say so tasty and with the leanest cut of pork being the loin of pork.

ROSEBUD I am so glad that your visit to the doctors went well and that he was progressive in his treatment. Sounds like he is tackling the ulcer from all sides with dressings, antibiotics and diuretics (medical term for the tablet most people just call "water tablets"). So you will find that when you take these you will be wanting more potty breaks than normal but that is what they do to get rid of the excess water in your legs. You are right to take your time in making decisions about your weight and possible treatments. That way you do not rush into them and regret afterwards that you wished you had taken more time about making a decision. He sounds a rather good and through doctor who has your best interests at heart.

Sounds like you have enough to keep you out of mischief for the next two weeks what with blood tests and appointments at various places. My next two weeks are really making the preparations to my holiday as we go a fortnight today. It does not seem that long ago since we booked it but that was way back at the end of December. We are going to just outside the historic Yorkshire town of York. Though it is set in the countryside with lakes for fishing there. It is a log cabin of course that we are going in and a 3 bedroomed cabin. That is so that there is a bedroom for my parents and one for us. Then one for putting coats, suitcases and other bits and piece we buy on holiday. This way we do not fall over anything well namely Dad and I who can trip over our own feet never mind any obstacles. The cost of another rooms is not much difference to a 2 bedroomed cabin and worth it for our safety.

Not sure here if there is an exemptions for fishing licences for anyone over 60 or disabled here. Though we do get a bus pass for free both over 60 and disabled. Here in Nottingham we have a good network of buses and trams which run on a regular basis. Though the trams do not reach as far as where I live though they do go out as far but in another direction. The travel is free for disabled and elderly with this pass in off peak hours. If you wish to travel in rush hour times then it will cost half. Gosh our dog licence was never that expensive so I am thankful that it has been abolished now in the UK.

The retirement age is 65 here also it has just been raised from 60 my mum just snook in at 60 before it became into enforcement. Though there is talk of it being raised even further. At this rate the younger generation will not get any years of retirement as they are predicting for the first time that the next generation will not life longer than the previous one. This has been put down to the poor diet of fast food with very little to no vegetables and fruit. Very little exercise and obesity which will lead to mortality rates being younger.

I am going to close my post for this evening as I am very tired now just about an hour ago I had to lay on the sofa as the fatigue really got to me. Though some of it was due to the heat from the kitchen and cooking. So opened the back door and let the cool air waft and it gradually did the trick of cooling me down and the result was a much better feeling me. So good evening for now ladies I hope your enjoying your weekend.

Bye for now and take care ladies

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

08-29-2009, 10:38 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, the day was quite cloudy and overcast until just before sunset; but we didn't get the rain they had predicted for this weekend at all. Maybe we won't get it at all and it will all go south and down to the southern part of N/A for the areas that need the rain really bad (California and the lower southern states).

After doing some laundry (including our bed linens), it was time to put the warm comforter back on the bed, as it is getting a bit cooler at night now. DH has been finding it a bit chilly at night; but I'm sure that tonight that he will say that he is roasting. :lol:

We decided to go out for drive this afternoon to do a pick-up for DH (that is, materials for his hobbies). We had a nice visit today with a couple who are retro-fitting an old large building; they sure have accomplished a lot in just two months but the cold weather is fast arriving and they need to get their heating system up and running very soon. We suggested they use econo electric heaters (confection) but in the dead of winter, they will likely still be very, very cold. Maybe he should install a wood furnace or stove like he originally planned.

If it's nice tomorrow afternoon, we may go for a drive out to the lot and see if my Dad and SM are still at their cottage or not. He does have a new portable phone, but I am surprised that they haven't called us with it yet. At first, they said they were going to build a small shed, but then he changed his mind again, and they said they would be returning home as they were finding the night temps a bit too cool for them.

We've had to put our furnace on twice so far, but only for a short while. The days have had nice temps in around 70F which is quite nice actually; the best temps we have had this summer actually. It's pretty warm in here tonight; all you have to do is a bit of cooking and that warms the place up.

HI PURPLE ~ your loin of pork sounds quite yummy. We had some homemade soup for lunch today and a fun dinner of a hamburgler and fries. Don't blame you for pulling out your electric blanket; that sounds like something that would be nice to have for the winter, just to warm the bed up a bit before we jump in. Hmmm ... that has me thinkin' ... :chin:

Yes, I am glad that this doctor is more aggressive as far a finding solutions for my health issues, but apparently he isn't the only one right now. I was talking to a lady that said she doesn't have a regular doctor yet, but she was assigned one at our day clinic that has been pestering her to quit smoking and to lose weight constantly. She says that she won't go back to her anymore becuz of that; she says she doesn't mind them suggesting things once, but not harping on her every time she goes. Some doctors tell their patients they want them to lose weight but don't have any practical solutions to offer them.

It's nice to see the doctors care, but I could see how that could become very annoying after awhile. Like you suggested, we are going to take our time thinking about his suggestions which some feel are too radical. I just don't know what to think right now; sometimes it feels like we are between a rock and a hard place. We want to lose weight, but I am having trouble losing and keeping it off, but their only solution for someone like me is to have major surgery.

He says that most doctors today don't believe diets work for most people and that right now surgery has a higher success rate in the stats; but again, I still feel that it is so drastic. Yes, it is true; I have seen the research that says only 3-5 % of people that diet to lose weight, will keep it off; those stats are also very dismal. I have a book here by a doctor who was also a Weight-Loss Specialist (I will try to find her real medical name) who said that in her practice, only people with about 30 lbs to lose, on average, were able to keep the weight off for a long time. She said all her patients that had 50 lbs or more to lose, were not successful long term.

Honestly, I really don't know what to do right now -- and I was very discouraged after I went to my appointment. I could tell that he really cares, but it was also scary at the same time. I need some time to think things over, becuz I don't want to do something just becuz I feel pressured, frightened, and/or desperate.

I did a little stress munching becuz of this too; but I am hoping by tomorrow that I will be back on track again. I must keep going on my journey towards good health, despite what anyone says.

Well, it's time to go put my tired feet and legs up and do some reading for a while; maybe a puzzle if I feel up to it. Hope all you ladies have a Superbly Serene Sunday!!! Take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

08-30-2009, 04:48 PM
Hello fellow chicks

Well Mr sunshine didn't make an appearance today but on the plus side we did not have any rain just heavy cloud. There still remains today that definite nip in the air that suggests autumn is coming faster than maybe we would like. Though for our holidays days that are not too sunny are ideal with having Rizzie as it means we can leave him in the car for short periods whilst site seeing etc. Then when we return to the log cabin park give him his dose of fun or stop off at a park that maybe near by. Last year we went into the grounds of a castle that was about a mile an half away every day morning and evening. He absolutely adored it sniffing every blade of grass not to mention watering anything that didn't move ;) The holiday is as much for him as it is for us so it is right that he has his bit of fun and excitement.

Today we went out for lunch and I had a chicken dinner with vegetables. It is bank holiday weekend here in the UK so the cafe we dine in was less busier than normal I suspect people are either having visitors or have gone a visiting. Normally the cafe is very busy and often you have to double up with either another couple or a widow or widower. This way we have got to know lots of customers over the time we have gone there. Today also was the computer fayre though we did not go this time as we didn't want anything or neither did my parents/sister. My family normally need inks for their printers as they have an epson printer (different models) and we can pick up inks so much cheaper there. Plus they do deals on sets which makes them even more cost effective. My sister will soon start rapidly going through ink as she now has one daughter starting at college, and two at secondary school. So as the time goes on homework will need to be printed off to take to college/school.

ROSEBUD yes it is important that your friends seriously need to get some heating sorted as soon as possible with your winter climate. Most homes here tend to have gas central heating so that means radiators in every room (unless your this bungalow :lol: though there is talk of putting one that is missing which is the lounge one) and passage ways such as halls. Then most have what are called gas fires which give instant heat to a room. Though the gas fires are normally only in the lounge and dinning room. We only have a lounge so hence we only have one gas fire. With having this form of heating it is advisable that you have a regular service to maintain them. You must also have adequate ventilation which comes in the form of a small vent. If you are safety concious then you can buy an alarm than detects the build up of carbon monoxide which if high enough doses can kill you. They are inexpensive to buy so are a good investment.

The electric blanket was a great investment though one thing I wish I had done was bought one with separate controls for right and left side of the bed. This way if one person likes the temperature cooler then it can be adjusted to their taste. Also I bought the one that can be left on all night if the switch is clicked over and it just keeps it on at a low temperature just keeping the bed a little warm very nice if you suffer from cold extremities. I can not use this feature as my DH can't control his temperature like ourselves due to his burns. He gets hot very quickly and he seldom needs coats or jumpers. If I put the blanket on then prior to going to bed I just flick back the covers on his side of the bed leaving mine nice and covered. I have bought one that can also go into a washing machine to launder which amazes me with being electrical.

I hate doctors whom are so pestering whether that is about giving up cigarettes or losing weight. For starters no amount of badging is going to make someone do it they must want to do it for themselves. Also like you say they do the badgering but do not have practical solutions in helping you achieve these goals. I had a doctor who was like that once who pestered the living daylights out of me, every ailment I had was put down to my weight. I was fortunate enough that my weight did not effect my health but I know that it was only a matter of time before that happened. He even sent me to a dietitian when I went with symptoms that indicated something neurological this was the start of the MS.

That for me was the last straw I was so deeply upset by this my DH had the devil of a job getting me to see the other doctor but I am glad he persuaded me now. I saw the other doctor in the practice who was different again. Never was my weight mentioned or the fact I smoked at that time. When I went for this consultation with the first symptoms of MS. Though when I say first symptoms I would be telling a fib there I had problems for at least 9 months non stop but I had a good inkling what it might be. If I didn't go to the doctors then it couldn't be true. In essence I did not want to come to terms with it so kept it secret even from DH which is something I never do we share everything. This doctor on the first consultation did the basic neurological test such as walk only an imaginary line like a tight rope. Then close my eyes and touch my nose with either finger etc. A few years ago I actually saw the letter from this doctor to the neurological department and even he way back then had though the same as myself that it could be MS.

I can understand your worries about being pushed into radical surgery. I would on your next visit voice your opinions I maybe the doctor will reassure you that he will not push you down any route that your not happy with. He will give you the time decide what is right for you.

I know that research shows that people whom lose a certain amount of weight do not keep it off. Though this is only the finding of there study. There are so many here on 3fc who are living proof that they can keep it off long term but they have maybe done this by joining no weight watching club but choose a path of healthier eating and more exercise. I have kept my weight off for a year all by I tend though to vary between just a few pounds and I weight myself regularly which then tells me how I am doing. If I am creeping towards the cut of point I have given myself. Then I just shave down the calories for a few days until we are back where I should be. I am not saying maintenance is easy but nothing is life is easy. It is hard being over weight, it is hard losing weight and it hard maintaining. Just pick which hard your want to do. That came from a quote of one user on here and I have thought that ethos was so true and I think regularly of it.

I know it is hard not to be stressed by such events in our life. Though one thing I will say to you look how far you have come and how much weight you have lost. Not only that you have continued to keep the weight off. I am sure your diet I say this loosely by this I mean the type of foods you eat in general are good wholesome foods much better than maybe a few years back. If anything like me they were fat laden or sky high in sugar. I never cared what amount of calories something had in it if I wanted it I just munched my way through it then went back for seconds :o I am by no means perfect in my diet at present but it is all about finding a balance that I can live with. I wished I could have a truly wholesome diet but it just isn't going to happen any time soon so this is the happy medium for me.

Time for me to wash the tea pots up we had a late tea with going out for dinner and didn't feel hungry till later. I think when it comes to supper I will just have a banana so that I may take my tablets without feeling sick.

Bye for now and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

08-31-2009, 10:49 AM
Hello fellow chicks

Happy Summer bank holiday Monday for those who it is a holiday. Typical bank holiday weather not a sign of the sun :sunny: and it still remains very overcast but not too cold though. I spoke to soon about not having any rain yesterday just about as I finished posting the down pour came quickly producing puddles in its wake. This morning on getting up all the puddles have gone and it looks as there has not been a spot of rain. As overcast as it maybe it appears to be good drying weather as several of the neighbours have got their washing out and it is blowing a treat in the garden on the washing line.

I woke up this morning with the larks well it is very early for me at just a shade past 7am and was wide awake. Maybe it was due to the nap I had taken in the afternoon for about 1½ hours on the sofa due to being so tired. I have had to take an extra tablet about half way through the morning as I started to have a trigeminal attack. I was fortunate though that the tablet worked swiftly unlike sometimes when I have to take numerous pain killers which only just takes the edge of the pain but doesn't take it away :( So I am hoping that the pain killer does not catch up with me and the early start making me want another nap else I will be in the revolving door syndrome as I like to call it. Where you wake up early then need a sleep in the afternoon and to top it off you're not tired till quite late into the evening. Then the next day it all starts again and it is a hard habit to break if you do not watch out.

I have been a good bunny this morning and done 12 minutes on my wobbly machine. So if I don't feel like a stroll later on it is not quite so bad. Though you can guarantee every time I use it despite having a potty break prior to using it all the shaking and wobbling it does makes me want to go again :?: There is a machine the same as the one I have at home at the ms therapy centre and many of the users of this machine say the same as me.

Good news for the therapy centre we were left a 6/8ths share in a bungalow. The bungalow has now been sold and that has raised £88.000 which converts to $153,000 CAD. The other 2 x ⅛ths have gone to the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association and the Royal National Institute of the blind. I must admit this is a very generous and kind offer from a gentleman who was a user of the centre in the 1980's.

Apparently the centre is looking for other premises now and are look at sharing it with the Nottingham branch I think of the MS Society. For years the MS Society did not want to associate with us and the treatments we offered. Though now I think whom ever is running that branch has realise that maybe we are not so way out and we both really do aim to support those with MS and their carers. Carers must not be forgotten as it is has hard for them as for the person whom has MS I think. It is often harder in my opinion as you feel helpless at times and there you slowly go from "lover" (sorry can't think of a better word to term this) to maybe having to care for their every need. This is a hard role to juggle no matter how much you love your partner, husband, wife. I think they are now in the very early stages of negotiations on how this may work and the responsibilities of each. I think it would be good to share the costs in this day and age of economic climate and the reduction of donations from businesses during recessions. We are a charity and run partly on money donated plus money we give for our treatments. I pay £10.00 for my oxygen therapy which is about $18.00 CAD which compared to a lot of such centres is cheap apparently.

I have been given a whole bag of apples they are mostly cookers but there are one or two eaters in there. So I did the cookers and put a tad bit of sweetener in as my DH tried it and well I could tell it was sour to him by the faces he pulled :twirly:. I do not mind things a bit tarter but he likes them sweet. Though since embarking on this healthy eating he has now stopping having sugar or sweetener on my fresh fruit salads I make. So he has make some progress in that area. I must admit I enjoyed the stewed apples with cinnamon plus a bit of natural yoghurt.

I have been well prepared as I have already made sandwiches for tea and they are plated and sitting in the fridge with cling film (maybe called plastic wrap to many of you) over to stop them going dry. Plus made pack up for tomorrow at the centre. I have made 4 individual sugar free strawberry jelly (jello) with a few fresh strawberries in. That will be taken with us tomorrow and the other portion will be eaten on Wednesday. We have a fresh fruit salad for tea as well so it is all in hand. Though at dinner time whilst I was cooking I ended up needing help from DH has I just couldn't keep my eye on gravy pan, stewing apples :stir: and the meat in the oven. Not to mention the pack up and this afternoon's tea on the go. So I got myself very disorganised at that time I really should have waited to do the sandwiches etc but I got side track by the thought I had to make them that I did not think when I commenced the job the juggling it would involved.

Hello :wave: to NUMPSTER, VAL, RONNI, ROSEBUD, LIZABETH & MEOWEE. I wanted to take the time to say hello though if I have forgotten someone I am sorry :sorry:. MEOWEE I hope you still continue to make baby steps towards recovery and letting you know I am thinking of you. Not to mention missing your lovely post often telling us of your antics of your many cats you have.

Time to go and have that cup :coffee: I have made before it is stone cold :barf: Hope to drop by sometime tomorrow providing I have the time but I really hope I do as I miss my daily stopping by. Till next time take care and look after yourselves.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

08-31-2009, 05:47 PM
Hello, Friends! Just seems like I can't keep up with everything right now and it's keeping me from visiting on here as much as I'd like:(. DS2 back in school, but we haven't started with the homeschool lessons for either him or DS3 yet-putting that off till after Labor Day. Going to have a yard sale at mom's this weekend to hopefully get rid of the many way-too-big clothes I still have on hand. And, lots of other stuff that's just been accumulating around the house-trying to pare things down.

My dad still has not started any treatment for the throat cancer. They found other possible tumors and are still testing-there's suspicion that he also has Hodgkin's Lymphoma, so waiting for results.

Been feeling very tired the last couple weeks, but don't know if it's just due to the circumstances we've been in lately or if it's another stage of the MS. The tummy issues seem to be slowly fading, so that's a good thing:).

Val-when you were in the Twin Cities, you were only about 2 hours from me. We enjoy going up there to visit friends and sometimes just go up to the Mall of America for shopping and seeing how the big city folk live:lol:

Purple-hope you've enjoyed your holiday!

Rosebud-thinking and praying for you and your DH. Hope to hear some news soon.

Liz & iaradajnos -welcome! Looking forward to getting to know you better.

Well, must go and start thinking about dinner. Take care, everyone!

08-31-2009, 11:46 PM
THANKS RONNI ~ really appreciate your prayers and concern for DH; he is feeling much better today. They put him on Aspirin Therapy starting today which I think is a good idea becuz of his age and history of migraines and such. They will be doing more tests as they think STRESS was likely a big factor; and he has to just take it a bit easy for the next while, which I will see to ... ;) Prayers going up for you and yours too! :hug:

HI PURPLE ~ thanks to you and Ronni for holding down the fort for me over the last couple of days. Glad that you got that trig attack under control quickly. Thanks for your encouraging words; we have been doing a lot of praying and contemplating over the last week. I probably will see the doctor, but that doesn't mean that I am going to do a surgery; and he said as much to me. I don't want anything that cuts up my stomach or that is utra risky or where I will be sick all the time. He only mentioned one procedure that he says doesn't have those issues; I think it is called the Ruyen Y or bi-pass or something like that (they now just use a small incision so I am told). Lots to investigate and think about and the process takes a very long time anyways.

I was a bit upset at the time and did munch out a bit for a couple of days, but I think I'm back on track today. I just did toning exercises, hand-weights, and walking around home today (kudos 2 me). Will get in some more walking tomorrow when we go up town to pay bills and pick up my medi=pads for my leg ulcers; they should be in tomorrow, so they said. Have to pick up some vitamins at the same time too.

:wave: Yes, HI to MEOWEE ... we sure do hope that you are starting to feel better at least a little bit; sure miss your presence around 3FC's.

And to VAL -- hope you had a great weekend last; take good care of yourself; nice to see your drop by this week too!

PURPLE ~ Hope you have a great day at your MS therapy tomorrow; take good care, ladies and hope you have A TERRIFIC TUESDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-01-2009, 01:12 PM
Hi Ladies

Good afternoon the morning started off partially sunny and cloudy. Though now there is no sun in sight and dark clouds lurking over head which has resulted in one short sharp down pour at around 3pm. I have been and come back from treatment at the centre so now I am feeling a bit worn out. DH has gone down to brother's works unit to pick up the van as we are going to deliver back the bean bags that had some faulty screen printing on. We have to be there by lunch time so we will be setting off no later than 9.30am I would think. We knew this trip was in the offing but thought it would be Thursday to be honest.

Watched a documentary in Gaelic last night not that I speak a work of the language it was also subtitled for English speaking people. This was about the last person alive that use to live on the Island of St Kilda of the West coast of Scotland. It is a very remote land whom seemed to have a live that revolved around sea-birds the St Kildian's would kill them for food and sell their eggs etc. Though as people gradually left the Island and there was never a big community of people as there were only something like 10 houses. They were no longer able to sustain themselves as before so they asked the Scottish Government to relocate them in 1930. It was very interesting learning of a way of life that no longer exist. It is good to know that today people are now voluntarily restoring the houses and stone stores today's equivalent of a shed I suppose.,_Scotland I have added some web sites to show you the island and more about it.

RONNI Life can sometimes be like you describe hectic and it seems to get in the way of things you would like to do. Good idea having a yard sale to sell things when paring down and your "larger clothes". This will give you some extra cash for some more clothes in your new size. Or the cash I am sure will always come in handy when you have a growing family.

I think it is the chicken and the egg scenario when it comes to whether your tiredness is due to events in your life or is it just a symptom of your MS. I know when my father was ill I was not sure about my symptoms I was experiencing was due to the stress or was it an attack. I had not had an attack for 9 years so thought I would be scot free by then but I found out that it was attack I was shocked to say the least. That taught me not to be so complacent. I know you have a lot on your plate at the moment with the worries of you Dad's health so I will send prayers up for your family and will be thinking of you during this time.

It is nice to hear from you and what is going on in your part of the world. I have not yet taken my holiday I go on the 12 September so all the children have gone back to school. We do this for financial reasons because holiday homes, hotels, caravan and cabins all put their prices up during the school holiday which I think is so wrong. The kids go back in early September the date varies depending which school.

ROSEBUD I did not realise that your DH had been unwell sorry to hear that and hope he is soon on the mend. I will be thinking about him and yourself of course during this time and say a little pray for you both. In the UK aspirin therapy is often used in a low dose especially with anybody who has had heart conditions with in their families. It can be a good treatment as it thins the blood slightly which can be good the older you get and the more likely your blood vessels are to be furred up. Stress is a big factor in any illness and often makes them worse as I know to my cost with my eczema.

Like you say I think you have nothing to lose to go and see the specialist regarding surgery. This way you can hear what they suggest and it gives you an opportunity to ask questions you may have. They are not going to operate there and then so you will have time to think what is right for you and your DH. If you decide it is not for you at the end of the day after to listening to the experts and what they have to say. You have made an informed decision having all the information to hand with all the pro's and con's. I am not sure that if the procedure is the same here but they do some psychological work with a specialist before hand just to make sure that you are not just hearing what you want to hear. Some people who are really desperate to lose weight only hear the words lose weight. They are then surprised and find it hard to come to terms with the new eating regime. Though I can see that you are going into this with your "eyes open" and are treating the appointment with the doctor to just find out more about the procedures on offer.

It is only normal that you would go off track with the stress you have been having. Though I think 2 days off track is not bad some people do it for weeks. So kudos to you for getting back on the wagon and doing your exercise.

Must go as it is tea time here and my DH is saying he is starving now he has come back. So I will catch you soon. Not sure if I will feel like it tomorrow but I will as ever try and pop on. So bye for now and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

09-01-2009, 05:52 PM

Note the thread for September at the moment is has not been made a sticky so is below with other post regarding dieting with obstacles.