100 lb. Club - With the more weight you gained, did you let yourself go?

better health3
07-31-2009, 11:06 PM
I was just curious if your standard uniform outside of work was sweatpants, t-shirts, and tennis shoes?

The more weight I gained, the lazier I did get about my appearance. I can't wait to break free of the casual comfortable clothes and wear more stylish clothes without refiancing a home to pay for them, not speaking of haute couture either.

Did you find yourself taking better care of yourself with more weight that you lost? I do know the less I weigh the more I zip around and it is easier to do so many things. I thought it was fun giving myself pedis and manis plus all the other fun stuff...taking a bath, lingering in there was fun, shaving my legs was fun...at my heaviest, I was so tired all the time...I was anemic too.

What is your favorite outfit that you love to wear or feel beautiful in? This is more than about vanity; it is about celebrating and valuing yourself to do the work to really take care and honor yourself.:D

Any comments or thoughts on this?

07-31-2009, 11:10 PM
Absolutely! when i'm at my heaviest weight it's hard for me to even want to shower because I feel so lazy all the time! (of course I still shower though) but nothing fits me well so i only wear pants with elastic waistbands, my face just seems to absorb any makeup i wear, sneakers are the only shoes that done hurt my feet. it's awful!

my favorite outfit is a gorgeous long maxi dress (blue and white swirl pattern) it's a halter and ties behind my neck. it's such a flowy skirt that it hides most of my body!

Arctic Mama
07-31-2009, 11:36 PM
Well I took decent care of my body but my clothes were essentially nightshirts, because I never left the house (and was constantly breastfeeding/pregnant). But now that I am not nursing and losing weight I do tend to dress better at home, though the decision to be less frumpy wasn't because of weight loss.

My favorite outfit is honestly a nice top and jeans, but that's just my style.

Jo Kittibuck
07-31-2009, 11:45 PM
I was pretty much a fashion nightmare from birth, I think. Was the tattered pants, sweatshirt, and unbrushed hair kind of girl. Drove my social butterfly of a mother crazy. Getting obese wasn't much of a change; since I'd always dressed sloppy, it didn't matter what my clothes looked like, only that they fit.

But now that I'm getting thinner, I'm eyeing up nice clothes and, god forbid, dresses. And even shoes. I only own 4 pairs of shoes, and 3 of them are costume boots, so this is quite the shock. It's a case of wanting what you couldn't have, I suppose. It's driving me batty that I've stalled out for a month at slightly over size 18... so close to being able to buy from "normal" stores!

But the real clothing success story for me is my belov'ed coat. Long fake suede in beige with fake fur on the inside, oh so soft. I bought it when I was 18, and haven't been able to fit into it for a few years now. And now, it fits! Doesn't close, but who cares! I can put it on again! :carrot:

07-31-2009, 11:51 PM
At my biggest I definitely got frumpy with the clothes. Not that I stopped caring about fashion but I stoped feeling okay in form fitting clothes. So I wore everything too big and it just made me look worse. Now I'm back to fitted clothes. I'm a firm believer that tight and fitted are not the same thing and loose clothes don't make you look any skinnier!

Oh and I went waaay overboard with the dresses this summer. I love them! I bought about 8 new dresses.. and a couple skirts... and God knows what else. I have a little shopping problem which is going to explode when I can fit into normal stores. But damn I'm going to look good

08-01-2009, 12:09 AM
My style definitely has changed. I too am feelin' good in a cute top and jeans, but I also have enjoyed my first jean mini skirts ever. White, denim you name it. ~100 loss from my body really changed my confidence level and my will to "primp" longer in the mornings.

Vain? Maybe, but I am okay with that. :)

08-01-2009, 01:40 AM
I'd have to say no, maybe because I've always BEEN chunky, even as a teen? I always loved clothes and makeup and nice jewellery, so I was all over that! And I loved (and still love) yummy stuff for the bath, toe nails painted (it was harder to do at 320 lbs but i still did it), never left/leave the house without some lipgloss LOL I found that the heavier I got the more care I took with my clothes - I thought FAT is one thing, but FAT and SLOPPY is a disaster!!

08-01-2009, 01:44 AM
No, I actually started using nicer makeup and better hair products and refusing to allow the world to see me as a stereotype of the disheveled fat girl. I don't buy milk in Louboutins or anything, but for pretty much everything but the grocery store I try to look okay (for the grocery store all bets are off!). The more femininity I lost as my body got more out of control, the more I tried to compensate.

08-01-2009, 01:46 AM
Yup. Definitely frump girl. Mostly jeans, a t-shirt, and a zip up hoodie. The baggier the better. I still need layers and long sleeves to feel remotely comfortable in public, which makes summers nearly unbearable. And if the harpy at the grocery checkout counter asks me one more time, "Aren't you hot in that?!" I'm going to rip her head off. My discomfort is my business!

I desperately want to wear pretty clothes like dresses and skirts (i.e. dress like a girl rather than a unisex blob) and not torture myself with multiple layers in the heat. But I am so uncomfortable in my own skin that I just can't yet. Skirts and dresses hang on me funny because of my body shape. They just accentuate my worst traits.

When I had lost all my weight about 8 years ago, I did wear pretty clothes. I felt better about my body. Now, not so much. But hopefully, one day again. I do put on some makeup and keep up on my hair, but aside from that, I'm pretty low-maintenance these days.

08-01-2009, 01:55 AM
When I was at my heaviest about 4 years ago I worked in an animal hospital so I wore scrubs all day at work and I found I also wore them around the house too because they were so comfortable, I didn't care if they got dirty and they pretty much hid my figure. I still took care of myself otherwise but the fashion definitely left a little to be desired!

Now, 50 lbs. lighter I care a lot more about my clothing choices, I love shopping for new clothes that are cute and stylish. I'm still a casual girl at heart though and my favorite outfit includes my best pair of jeans, a cute top and sandals! The great thing about it though is that it can be as casual or as dressy as I want depending on whether or not I choose my dark jeans with strappy heels and a dressy top or if I put on flipflops and a t-shirt instead.

08-01-2009, 02:45 AM
I've always been heavy! As I grew up and especially when I went to college( I went to an all-girls high school) I got better at straightening/de-frizzing my hair, putting on makeup, etc. I've been pretty lucky in that I have clear skin though. Definitely frumpy all throughout middle and elementary school.

08-01-2009, 02:28 PM
In short, yes, now that I'm losing weight, I'm paying more attention to how I look.

I'd have to put myself in something of the lame fashionista category. I don't have much of an inner sense of pulling outfits together. Now that shopping for clothes is much less painful, I'm enjoying buying cuter things, and wearing nicer jewelry, I recently started doing my nails (I painted my nails all the time when I was a teenager and in my 20s, then stopped). It's funny, I've noticed that people treat me differently when I dress nicer, they're friendlier and more social with me. Maybe I have more confidence too.

I've worn my hair the same way for years, I'm working up the courage to try a local salon and get a new do.

I'd like to get some snazzier shoes. I'd say most of the time it's sneakers for me, ha.

I bought a pink vest sweater this spring, and a white blouse and black slacks with flared legs that I like how I look in, one of my favorite outfits. I have a yellow blouse that I think is flattering too (funny aside, I saw the same blouse on a victim/body in an episode of that show Castle with Nathan Fillion! ha)

08-01-2009, 02:40 PM

08-01-2009, 02:44 PM
Hmmmm. THere were times I wore baggy clothes, but I have always been kind of on the stylist side. I always thought it was important to dress like you thought you looked like a million bucks. I used to have just awful self esteem, but dressing well, and 'faking it' made it all very real for me and now I have awesome self esteem weight issues or not.

But we all have the dreaded 'fat day' ...or for most of us here...'fatTER day...' :P

08-01-2009, 03:05 PM
When I was young I was not overweight, just average weight with curves (thanks mom!) and I was the kind of girl who often wore dresses to school because I loved to look good. All my friends thought I was a little off but I didn't care. I never left the house without full make-up. Get the idea?

I went through different stages of what was fashionable age each major age change but I only let myself go after I had kids. 3 in 3 years--yep, planned --each and every one of them!

At the birth of my last child child I was pretty much were I am now. It wasn't that I felt too fat to look nice I just figured there was no point in dressing nicely because I had children who were just going to poop, pee or puke on me so why bother? That's when the sweat pants phase occurred. I had them in every color, matching tops and bottoms, cute tennis shoes. But no make-up and very short unstyled hair--sort of a man's cut.

One day, in kindness my husband asked me to dress better when I left the house. He was so sweet about it I wasn't even offended. It did take me awhile to figure out what worked for me and what stores to go to but I would say that my sense of style just gets better and better.

So, having given that lengthy diatribe...no, I did not let myself go because I weighed more. I regained that girly-girly and I have made an effort to get my hair done on a regular basis, trying to stay trendy with a cut that works for me and my unruly hair. I love to get pedis and mani's. I shop at inexpensive places like Ross (dress for less!) TJMaxx and Marshall's. I find great clothes there as well as shoes (when I find shoes in wide width I stock up!). I am blessed to live near a large city where I have many options so dressing nicely doesn't cost me an arm and a leg.

Today is my 23rd wedding anniversary. I am wearing a black cocktail dress that was on clearance at Ross for 6.99--no that is not a typo. I will be wearing some sparkly kitten heel shoes that I got on clearance for $7.99. I am going to look HOT for my hubby tonight for around $15.00. He's already seen me in the dress when I tried it on for him when I first got it. His eyes lit up!

I'm having FUN tonight!

I leave you with this thought. Dress the best you can for where you are Now (I think I got that from Stacey and Clinton from the TLC show WHAT NOT TO WEAR). You don't need alot and you don't need to spend alot. Get that hair colored and or cut. Treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure. We are NOT second class citizens. We deserve to look and feel our best!


08-01-2009, 03:09 PM
anewcreation, RIGHT ON. TOTALLY agree with you 100%.

happy anniv! And have a great time!

08-01-2009, 03:12 PM
My weight gain was combined with depression, so I had a lot of trouble, not just with looking good, but with basic hygiene. I was never a clothes horse, nor did I like to shop, so I doubt that will change as I get within a normal weight range. But I have noticed that just by changing my eating habits and laying off the junk I take much better care of myself. I shower regularly, put on make up almost every day, brush my teeth 2x a day and wash my face at night. I doubt I'll ever be a fashion plate, but I feel much better about myself even though i haven't lost much weight yet.

08-01-2009, 05:04 PM
My weight gain was combined with depression, so I had a lot of trouble, not just with looking good, but with basic hygiene.

This was me 90lbs ago, didn't even want to leave the house, only did leave for work or to re-stock the kitchen, a big reason for my misery. {the other was my, depression, which goes way back to when I was only 11, it's only lately that I'm really aware of just how much my childhood affected me, and my love/hate with food} Back at my highest, my weekends were spent in my PJ's, did not shower or even brush my hair, those days. Which only added to my misery :?: So happy to say those days are long gone, never to return :D

I can now happily say, I love to shower, do my hair, love to pamper myself, and the only time I wear elastic now is to exercise :carrot:

Yes, I've gone from someone who hated to shop for clothes, to someone who now looks forward to trying on a new top or buying some new undies :o

08-01-2009, 05:10 PM
I always kept my hair and nails done. wore perfume and makeup but wore sweats or elastic waist pants , not because I was a slob, but because that was about the only thing I could find that would fit. Now I have a closet of attractive, well fitting clothes.

08-01-2009, 05:15 PM
Oh and I went waaay overboard with the dresses this summer. I love them! I bought about 8 new dresses.. and a couple skirts... and God knows what else. I have a little shopping problem which is going to explode when I can fit into normal stores. But damn I'm going to look good

:lol: that's right! hahaha I love this!!!

08-03-2009, 02:10 PM
I've always dressed for comfort, I like cotton pants and t-shirts. I think the only thing over the years is that I liked to wear shirts that covered my bat wings, these only developed in the last few years and they are a big disappointment to me, so I cover it up. I've always showered everyday and though big have always been active in some way and moving around. Depression kicked in after the kids I think, being home and busy all the time.

I've liked shoes always but after kids my feet got wider and with high arches it's always been a problem, shoes just arent' my thing right now and I miss that. I'm not a big makeup wearer and never have been, I could never stand to have cover up and stuff on my face and lipstick was just never my thing. I do dress up my eyes once in awhile but don't really own make up anymore. I've always like my hair and keep it long and nice and stopped coloring years ago and now I have grey coming in and it doesn't bother me.

I am more accepting of myself these days and dress for what makes me comfy. For work I do have nice dress clothes and wear it a few times a week when I'm feel like it.

08-03-2009, 02:44 PM
I really let myself go. Probably not so much due to the weight itself. Rather, there were underlying problems causing both the weight gain and letting myself go. Now, it's better, but perhaps ironically, I care more about comfort (but not sloppiness) now than I used to.

08-03-2009, 02:47 PM
Yes. I stopped putting on make-up, stopped caring for my skin with lotion, didn't care so much about the clothing I wear, didn't shave my legs/pits as often, etc.

Now that I'm back on track I'm trying to get back to caring for all of me and working on my entire appearance.

08-03-2009, 03:37 PM
I've never been big on makeup or jewelry, even when I was thinner, but at my heaviest, I did get to a point where I'd come home from work, put on sweatpants and a t-shirt and veg out in front of the TV. That was also my wardrobe on weekends. One time, I was going to go to Wal-Mart dressed like that and my DH asked if I wanted to change my clothes. I explained that it was only Wal-Mart, and he said I really should put on jeans, rather than grungy sweatpants. My favorite outfit is jeans, any shirt and sneakers. I'm all about comfort (as I was before I got heavy). The shirts I wear are loose to (hopefully) hide my muffin top. I haven't worn a dress in years. I just don't like them. I still keep up with personal hygiene and hair cuts/color.

The one piece of jewelry I'm looking forward to wearing again is my wedding ring. My finger got too big for it. Hopefully, I'll be able to wear it soon.

08-03-2009, 03:43 PM
i'm at the start of my journey and i think fall somewhere in the middle. i wear jeans and a smart top every day if i leave the house, but my hair is never done nicely, i dont wear make up and i rarely shave etc.
after reading all your posts i cant understand why tho! you are all so right, i deserve to look good now, not when i lose weight! i keep thinking that when i am a size 14 i will look great, but i would look great now if i bothered!

08-03-2009, 03:46 PM
Fatgirl, right on.


I accidently typo'd "right now" which is actually, now that i think about it, just as appropriate. Get on it, right now! :)

08-10-2009, 10:07 PM
Yes. In fact, I'm astonished at how little I actually care right now. I've stopped wearing jewelry, and usually don't bother with makeup any more, except for church, but I figure-why bother?

I haven't had a haircut in over a year. I just slap it up in a ponytail. Half the time now, it's even too much effort to color it. Once again, why bother?

I can't find jeans that fit right now, so I continue to wear my old worn-through-in-the-thighs-and-patched ones. They're a sight.

As far as tops, in fall and winter it's a sweatshirt. In spring and summer, it's whatever t-shirt will fit.

I'm at about my highest weight right now, feel hopeless about ever being able to lose, and just figure--what's the use? I'm too exhausted to care. :(

08-10-2009, 10:27 PM
I TOTALLY feel a difference now that I've lost some of the weight. I'd been what I considered "big" before, pretty even in my teens... but that was 196 to 200. And to me, clothes looked horrible on me, etc., and I totally hated even wearing anything girly. Now that I've been at 250ish and I know the HORROR of that (muffin tops, no jeans, goucho pants for like TWO YEARS, just t-shirts, etc).... being at 210-215 is like a MIRACLE for me. I have a blast going through my closet every day finding stuff that I had bought a while back that I thought was amazingly cute and part of my personality... but when I really went to try and wear it, it just looked off because of my size and body shape. And now they're all starting to look the way that I want them to! It's so.freakin.GREAT!!

Even JEWELRY looks better on me now!


08-10-2009, 10:37 PM
when I was younger, (and areound 210-220) I remember not wearing nice or girly or attractive clothes because I thought that I would stand out more, to thin people, they would think, "Oh look, she thinks she can look like US just by dressing nice!" (that whole, you can polish a pos...but it's still a pos" mentality)

instead I wore spiiked colars and dyed myhair crazy colors and wore blue lipstick. (oh god, the horror) lol

My mom always said I was rebeling and that I just "liked the attention"

she was wrong.

Yeah, getting called "freak" everywhere you go and getting second...and third glances because you look funny is NOT ideal. especially when your fat. but it was like no one noticed how fat I was, they justt hought I had ronald mcdonald hair and wore 'dog collars'

I think in a way, I was hiding, in plain sight.

08-10-2009, 10:42 PM
I gained over 100 lbs in six months in late 2003. I went from fashionista to disasta in one fell swoop.

I wore ratty nasty sweatpants, ratty nasty tshirts, and tennis shoes, EVERY DAY 2004 - 2007. In 2007 I got a different job that required me to dress at least business casual, so I had 2 pair pants and about 4 shirts, and tennis shoes - they don't make decent comfortable affordable dress shoes in 13 extra wide you know. I was size 32, why try. Everything looked horrid.

I started this lifestyle change almost one year ago...by the first six weeks, my britches were falling down, and I had to start finding smaller clothes to wear. I just wore old crap still for about the first 3 months, wasn't willing to spend money considering I was still larger than a 24.

About the time I hit size 22 I had to start shopping...and I haven't stopped since, LOL. I have reclaimed my former diva status! If it doesn't fit GREAT and look GREAT I don't buy it, or wear it! I have tons of expensive clothes in my basement, but some of them are either out of style or don't show off my figure (I have a very small waist) so I don't wear them! I also don't go anywhere except maybe the grocery store or gym without putting my face on. I worked too hard on this not to live it up, LOL!

So, yes, yes, yes! I used to be depressed, from gaining weight, and from not losing...and now I'm not. And it makes all the difference in the world, appearance-wise.

08-11-2009, 12:09 AM
Absolutely. My favorite attire at my heaviest was sweat pants, tee shirts, and tennis shoes. If I didn't have on sweats I had my favorite, comfy fitting jeans on.

When I lost weight and felt good about myself I would dress to the nines, put on make up and made sure every strand of hair was in place.

08-11-2009, 05:27 AM
when I was younger, (and areound 210-220) I remember not wearing nice or girly or attractive clothes because I thought that I would stand out more, to thin people, they would think, "Oh look, she thinks she can look like US just by dressing nice!" (that whole, you can polish a pos...but it's still a pos" mentality)

instead I wore spiiked colars and dyed myhair crazy colors and wore blue lipstick. (oh god, the horror) lol

My mom always said I was rebeling and that I just "liked the attention"

she was wrong.

Yeah, getting called "freak" everywhere you go and getting second...and third glances because you look funny is NOT ideal. especially when your fat. but it was like no one noticed how fat I was, they justt hought I had ronald mcdonald hair and wore 'dog collars'

I think in a way, I was hiding, in plain sight.

Lottie... I did the EXACT same thing.... minus the dog collars. But I went my own way and wore my rocker girl stuff and basically dressed the exact opposite of my fellow Abercrombie-esque classmates. I didn't want to be the fat chick squeezing into a pair of Hollister pants... I at least wanted to be known for being me. However, now I know that if I had looked harder I probably could have expanded my style and closet like I have today to be a mixture of both pretty AND rocker-esque.

Then again... I kinda think fashion has become a little bit more open minded these days than it was mid-90's. Either you were grunge or prep. No in betweens... at least not at my high school. Now I can wear plaid with lipstick and look kewl... hehe

08-11-2009, 11:48 AM
I know that I have let myself go. Of course it isn't just because of my weight...I have a child and I focus on her more than myself.

Right at this moment I have horrible roots (with a couple of gray hairs showing !!!), my makeup isn't "glamorous" like I use to wear it, my clothes are rather frumpy and I am pretty sure I haven't shaved my legs in at least 2-3 days. Why I don't know. I guess I look at myself as a lost cause. Like no matter what I do I will not be able to hide my weight. I am slowly coming out of this mentality but it is going to be a long road. I haven't felt pretty in sometime so I am sure others don't see it as well. Every pound I lose I feel more like my old self is coming back.

08-11-2009, 12:59 PM
ohell yes.

I'm lucky, in that my job has a uniform, and I made sure that was in good order; and I made sure that on days when I was on show for work, my hair was done and my make up on.

The other days, it was one stretchy pair of trousers, one big jumper (still have that, intend to burn it at goal). I suppose I washed most days. My house fell apart, and still does when I'm overeating. One decent room for visitors, the rest a heap.

So I guess in my house and in my person, when I've been my heaviest and even now if I lapse, I have one face for the world and one helluva messy reality behind the scenes.

08-11-2009, 01:24 PM
At my heaviest which was at almost 290 lbs a few years ago, I know that I NEVER wore jeans. I was in lounge clothes all the time. If we had to go out for dinner, I would wear a stretchy skirt. I was able to go down to about 210 in 2007 and then I was wearing jeans and cuter clothes. Well now I'm back up to about 250, but I'm better about just going out and buying things that fit. I find that when I like what I'm wearing, I feel good and that in turn gets me more motivated to lose weight and start wearing smaller sizes.

08-11-2009, 02:31 PM
Oh yes....yes yes yes. Im totally sick of letting myself go, so I have decided to change that.

One style of clothes, plain cotton shirt, elastic only pants, mostly black. Wouldnt shower very often. Quit brushing teeth. Absolutely no makeup. Dont ave legs or arm pits. Never ever styling my hair....a slicked back ponytail is now my signature look--yuck. Even my skin has suffered, with pores filling up all over my face.
Why bother, Id ask? Its only going to make me look more "hog headed" if I wear my hair down. Things like that.

I have made some changes:

im gonna start tanning
im gonna get my hair cut soon & have started using better shampoos for better hair quality.
Im looking forward to buying more clothes soon
I wash my face alot more now
I shave my legs & arm pits more often now
ive been practicing with makeup (its been 17 yrs since Ive worn it and styles have changed)

And I cant wait to be able to wear stylish clothes and SHOES to work. I WILL GET THERE!

08-11-2009, 02:53 PM
The more weight I gained the lazier and lazier I got. I just quit caring. I could barely zip up my size 24 jeans and most days I was in pajamas. I can't believe I ever let it get that bad.

08-11-2009, 03:07 PM
Just before I decided to take control of my eating, I realised I was down to about 3 outfits (frumpy skirts with elastic waistbands) and the most ill fitting bras imaginable. I have got rid of them as soon as they were too big and bought a couple of decent outfits and new underwear, all of which makes me feel a lot better.

08-11-2009, 03:43 PM
I grew up obese but I have to say I've never worn tshirts or sweat pants outside of the house.

I don't think habits have really changed with weight loss, it is more how I feel at certain times. Like at my highest weight, I wore shorts but then didn't buy shorts for 5 years until a couple months ago. I wore skirts at one point in my weight loss but got out of the habit mostly because I just didn't find any when I bought replacement clothes.

For me, weight doesn't determine how I dress.

08-11-2009, 08:55 PM
The more weight I gained the lazier and lazier I got. I just quit caring. I could barely zip up my size 24 jeans and most days I was in pajamas. I can't believe I ever let it get that bad.

This sounds like me. I literally just quit caring about me or how I looked.

08-11-2009, 09:06 PM
I;m completely the opposite!! The more weight I gained , the more effort I made to try and look good to avoid people being like "oh she's so fat and ugly".. I'd get people commenting on the dresses I'd wear daily and my general style. I'd wear heels certain days just to try and even out my weight gain and make me look a little bit taller but I guess you can't hide much :P the truth always comes out!!

But I guess part of the reason I want to lose weight, is to have more freedom with my clothes and be able to wear whatever and still look good! I haven't worn velours or sweat bottoms or trainers/tennis shoes in about two years!!!
It feels good to dress well but it makes it harder for me to pick an outfit in the morning when I know it's all about making sure I look "good" and "presentable". I'd like to just wake up and put on a pair of jeans and a cute tshirt and look good!!!

08-12-2009, 12:17 AM
I agree!!!

I didn't let myself go as such because it became a matter of pride. Like it was my one thing, I may be fat but I'll look sharp. I've never really been someone who wore sweatpants or athletic gym shoes out of the house even to run errands. I layered (and still obsessively do it now) like it was my job even in the highest summer heat, think 100+ degrees wearing a jacket or cardigan and a scarf to look slimmer. I'm that person who wears jeans and a cardigan over a tank top at the beach. I did however at my heaviest (275lbs) wear a lot of "punishment" undergarments to suck in the fat and was not into giving/receiving hugs, so that the fat rolls could not be easily felt.

I don't think this is any better than giving up. It used to take me maybe like 1+ hr to get dressed to my satisfaction of not looking "that" fat. To me that's ridiculous and is to the other extreme of giving up. It's fighting everything but the elephant in the room. I'm still wearing the same clothes (because generally I can fit into the same clothes from about 240 till at least 275) but I don't feel like I need to do the 50-minute guerilla-style body prep in order to look right into my clothes.