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07-30-2009, 02:01 PM
Well Ladies, I am starting up a new thread for us. I will try and figure out how to attach a link to it.

This group started January 2008. We have been together ever since. We support each other on this journey of weight loss. It is a good group and we are always open to newcomers. Join us through the ups and downs, the good and the bad.

07-30-2009, 02:23 PM
Just as I suspected. I went up today, 183.4. A whole pound. Could it be the chicken parmesan from yesterday's lunch??? Today I am going to eat better, no going out, and move my arse more. Maybe that will help.

Susie- I hope you got good news at your weigh-in. I know how discouraging it gets when we see little progress. My weigh-in is tomorrow. I am hoping for some loss, but certainly not holding my breath.

Kelly- Tell us how you're doing.

Ward- Come back to us. you are such an inspiration to us all.

07-31-2009, 09:34 AM
I will be back later today, I promise. I am hitting the gym right now!

07-31-2009, 11:17 PM
Ward- Yay!! You found us. I hope Kelly and Susie do too. Hope things are going good for you.

Went to lunch with Kelly today. I splurged and got nachos. It got a half order and that was huge. I ate about half of it. The scale seems to be down a bit tonight, so hopefully tomorrow will be a good day. Today I was 182.8. My total weight loss for July was 5.2 pounds. That is huge for me. I must say I was quite excited about that. Now if I could get a good 3 or 4 pounds in August, I would be delighted.

Kelly and Susie- Hope you are both doing well. I also hope you find the new thread. See ya soon.

08-01-2009, 01:26 PM
Hi everyone. I have been eating well and exercising every day, but still maintaining the same weight. Sucks, but I guess I just need to get used to it.

Mindy--I am so excited for your loss! I think being away from the stress of work has helped. You work so hard, you deserve this loss so much! As I logged on to this page, I noticed many of your posts include, "Kelly and I went out to lunch today." We should probably stop doing that twice a week if we ever want to lose more, huh? Or, we should choose to have Subway one of the days or something. Just a thought.

Susie--Hope you find us ok. How did your weigh in go?

Ward--Looking forward to your post.

See you all soon.

08-01-2009, 04:19 PM
Hi y'all! I have been all over the place with my eating lately and it shows. In fact, I made my husband take my daughter to the pool today so I wouldn't have to put on my swimsuit. ick! So, as of today I am recommitting myself to a healthy lifestyle. Eating has been on plan so far (it's 3:15)! Exercise has been good. Today I walked to and from the gym (1.4 mi) and while I was there I did an hour on the elliptical and Group Ride.

Mindy, I am glad to see your numbers still going down! When do you and Kelly start back to school? My kids start on August 10 - doesn't that seem super early?

Kelly, you are getting pretty close to your goal, so maybe that's why you seem to be stuck.

Susie, I know your workouts have been good. How is the food journal on the blackberry going? How was your weigh-in?

Hope everyone is having a good week-end, and I'll see you here tomorrow. :)

08-01-2009, 10:26 PM
Kelly- A subway day would probably be a good idea. I don't want to give up my 2 days, since it is the only thing I do all summer. You are getting really close to your goal. Maybe you just need to do something totally different to get things moving.

Ward- I think summer is especially tough to stay on track. Glad to see you are re-committing. Our children don't come back until Sept 8. I will need to be in my classroom 2 weeks earlier, to move (again) and get set up. The following week is filled with meetings. Aug. 10 seems really early. YUCK!!!

Susie- Hope you find us. Can't wait to hear about weigh-in.

Today I was down to 181.8, almost my lowest. I have about a week before TOM so there is no telling what will happen this week.

08-02-2009, 10:59 AM
Hi Ladies: I found you!

It looks like everyone is getting into an "amped" up mindset. Me included. I don't have my Blackberry set up yet...I plan on doing that today. I"ve been busy with catching up at work and filling out new job posting applications where I work. There are two new jobs that have popped up that I am very interested in. weigh-in on Thursday. I lost 1 lb..the one I gained last week so I'm even again on my weight tracker. In my head that is a good place to "amp up!".

The best news was at my weighin and final measurments for the YMCA 12 Biggest Challenge that I was in. I showed a 7 lb loss for the 12 weeks and a total of 19 inches lost overall! I lost 2.5 inches of my arms, 4 inches off my chest, 7.5 inches off my waist, 4 inches of my hips1.5 inches off my thighs. I was REALLY pleased with that. The other 2 ladies that I was on a team with, and I have agreed that we will continue measurements at 6 weeks intervals. This was so encourging to me to see the difference that exercise is making on my body

Ward: I'm so glad that you came back! I hope to see you posting every day. I think that will really help you with your new committment to a healthy lifestyle. We are here for you.

Kelly: You are so close to your goal..that is why your weight is leveling out. Hang in there and I agree that you and Mindy should do Subway one time on your "eating together days". I know that you guys exercise together too. Maybe you could find a exercise class that you could visit and try instead of spending your money on food...and maybe afterwards get a protein shake or something? Just a thought.

Mindy: Your body is showing you that it can get to those lower numbers that I know you are working so hard for

Ok. I need to get a move on so I'm not late for church. I'll see you all tomorrow.

08-02-2009, 04:28 PM
Hi everyone!

I am still sitting here on my plateau. I looked into some calorie cycling info today and I think I will start trying that tomorrow. One interesting thing I read is that our bodies will naturally adjust the amount of calories we burn based on the amount of calories we eat, so if my body gets used to me eating 1200 calories a day, it will only start burning 1200 calories a day, no matter how much I work out. So, doing the calorie cycling is supposed to keep the body guessing forcing the metabolism to work properly. I guess we'll see! The claim is you'll lose 5-8 pounds in about 11 days.

Mindy--I am not willing to give up our days either. They are what keep me sane! Of course, this week, Pat is joining us on Wednesday, and my kids won't eat Subway, so this might be a bad week to have a Subway day. I am very glad you have seen the 181 mark again. How was it today?

Susie--Wow! That is awesome on the measurements! All that hard work is certainly worth it. Excellent job on the 1 pound loss this week, too.

Ward--Glad you are back. August 10 does seem to be really early for school to start, but you guys get out sometime in May, right? By Michigan law, public schools have to start after Labor Day now. They think it will boost tourism dollars, I think.

Keep up the good work ladies!

08-02-2009, 07:36 PM
Hey, the gangs all here. Glad everyone found the new thread. I am also happy to see that we are all on fire again. I was back to 183.4 today, but I'm sure it is because I had pizza last night. Planning a nice long walk/jog for this eveening. I also worked my tail off outside today. that always helps.

Kelly- Good luck with the calorie cycling. I have been naturally cycling. I have days I "forget" to eat (low days) and then my more normal days. I hope it works for you. It all makes sense.

Susie- Great jog with losing those inches. That is so exciting. Even when the scale doesn't move much, the body is changing. Keep up the good work.

Ward- Keep working hard girl.

08-02-2009, 08:19 PM
Kelly, I have been calorie cycling for a while and it seems to work for me. When I stick to it, it helps keep the bingeing at bay because if I know I have a high calorie day coming up I can plan to have something that wouldn't normally fit into my plan. Good luck with it!

Mindy, enjoy your walk/jog! Has it been raining a lot there lately? I had to take my run inside to the treadmill this morning because at 7:30 it was 73 and 96% humidity. bleh!

Susie, those are some pretty impressive measurements! It just goes to show you that the scale does not tell the whole story. SEVEN inches off your waist? That is amazing!

So today is day 2 on plan for me. I had a good workout - walked to and from the gym and while there ran 9.1mi in 87 min. My gym is only 0.7 miles from my house, and they just finished putting in a sidewalk that goes most of the way over there. When the kids aren't with me I will be walking back and forth. Anyway, did a total of 10.5 miles, 1:53.

08-03-2009, 10:41 PM
My walk turned out to be 5.4 miles, a little longer than I thought. Today I worked on the flower bed from H*** and did Jillian's cardio DVD for 35 min. Take that you big, mean ,old scale. Actually I'll be happy to maintain until TOM arrives Sat. Then I WANT A WHOOSH!!!!

Hope everyone is doing great. Keep up the good work.

08-03-2009, 11:16 PM
I am so tired! I'm just working to hard and not sure what to do about it. It has to be this way for now. I'm trying to balance as much as I can but I missed my lunch time workout and I'm mad at myself for not making it up.

I did write in my feeling journal today. I"ve yet to put my food in the BB on fitday...I'm "learning" to use the BB. I'm getting better at it everyday. So I plan on having this fitday stuff down by the end of the week.

I"m going to bed so I can be sure I have enough sleep. I'll do personals tomorrow.

It's so good to see everyone here!

08-04-2009, 08:20 AM
I hope you got a good night's sleep, Susie. Don't beat yourself up about missing a workout. Sometimes it just doesn't work out, and that's ok!

Mindy, I want a WHOOSH!

I weighed myself today and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Still up, though. I was on plan yesterday and did Group Ride, and then Group Power. My legs are very sore today but I am planning to do Group Ride again. Maybe they'll loosen up when I start riding. ;)

See you tomorrow.

08-04-2009, 06:50 PM
Oh - today's workout was 36 min on the elliptical, Group Ride, and then 16 min running (1.6 mi). Then we had a playdate at the pool and now I am exhausted. I might miss both of my classes tomorrow; I have a house painter guy coming at 8:30, so Ride is out, but I hope to make Power at 9:30. Eating is on plan.

08-04-2009, 10:57 PM
I think it's never going to stop raining in Ohio. All the rain is making me very tired...especially when you add it to all the hours I've been putting in at work.

Food was good today..exercise was not. I just couldn't get motivated and so I skipped again. This will NOT happen tomorrow. I have Zumba and I love Zumba..hopefully it will get me going again. I usually like to exercise.

Ward: How did the legs feel today?

Mindy & Kelly: Looking forward to your posts.

08-04-2009, 11:18 PM
Today has not been a very good day here. We have a 13 yr. old Australian Sheperd that has been declining lately. He would'nt eat yesterday and he cannot stand up anymore. We have to pck him up and help him get his balance before he can move. Then he can take a few steps and falls. I am having a hard time dealing with the reality of what we probably have to face. He is eating today, but really can't get around. I wish this were easier.

I didn't work out today, except for the tear ducts.

Susie- You're not the only one who didn't workout, see?? It's alright.

Ward- Working your butt off as usual I see

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

08-05-2009, 01:15 PM
I am so sorry about your dog, Mindy. It's hard to see them suffer, and a difficult decision to make. :hug:

Are you at Zumba, Susie? It's lunch time!

Did you guys hear about that gym shooting in PA? I was thinking of that when I was working out this morning. ugh!

So I had to wait for the house painter this morning so I wasn't sure if I would make my class or not. I went for an early run just in case, 4.2 mi in about 48 min. Then I went to Group Power and afterwards did 30 min on the elliptical and 20 min on the bike. And now my legs are really and truly dead. Eating is on plan so far, but we have a birthday party tonight. I am planning to skip the food, drinks and cake completely. I'll let you know tomorrow how I did.

08-06-2009, 12:54 PM
Hello? There seems to be an echo in here. LOL! I should talk, right?

Today's workout was 50 min on the elliptical and Group Ride. Eating is on plan. We're going over to the school after lunch to meet the new teachers. My son says he is excited about kindergarten but he's been acting out a lot. I think he might be a bit nervous. I feel so unprepared for Monday!

08-06-2009, 01:42 PM
Hi Ladies,

I did Zumba yesterday and took at 30 min walk and did my 1 hr yoga class and boy do I feel better!

Weigh-in tonight. :shrug: I don't know what the scales will say..but I'm hoping for good things.

Ward: I'm so happy to see your posts again. I'm thinking that in honor of your return I will work out on the eliptical today.
I'm sure things will go find for your little boy on Monday. I'm sure he is excited and nervous--it's a BIG day.

Mindy: :hug: Pets are just like family and I know this is a very difficult situation for you to have to deal with.

Kelly: Where are you and how are you doing?

I'll see you all tomorrow.

08-06-2009, 03:35 PM
Hi Ladies. Things got a little busy for me. Out to lunch, putting hay in the barn, dog, kids etc. TOM is approaching this weekend so my weight is up, and irritating me. I really want to see those 170's and I'm afraid I won't this month. I am taking the dog to the vet in a bit. We have kind of decided that if they don't feel he is pain, we are willing to keep gong for a while yet. Once you get him up, he can walk a little and he is just happy to be with us right now.

Susie- Good luck with the weigh-in. Hope you see a decent loss.

Ward- Getting those workouts in I see. Have fun at the party. I'm sure you will avoid the "bad" stuff.

08-07-2009, 12:10 PM
Hey guys. Happy Friday! For some reason, I am extremely grumpy today. Oh well - hope it passes. I ran 2.1 mi early (22 min), then did Group Power, 36 min on the elliptical, and 10 min on the bike. Eating is on plan but I feel like I am hanging on by my fingernails right now. I need to have a good lunch and then get the kids to the pool. No bingeing.

Hope your weigh-in was a good one, Susie.

How did it go with the vet, Mindy?

Kelly, are you calorie cycling? Working out hard?

08-07-2009, 05:18 PM
Hi Ladies--well..I went to the meeting to weigh-in and our leader had an emergency and left a note on the door that we would not be having a meeting. I was very disappointed but I'm trying to think about it like this..I'll just have a BIG loss next week!

Ward: I'm a bit grumpy today as well. Maybe you are tired and thinking about your little boys school next week? Hang tough..or as tough as you can....we are here for you.

Mindy: I hope all goes well at the vet. You know that you will get those
170's keep pushing!

I'll see you all tomorrow.

08-07-2009, 11:05 PM
Hi girls! I am calorie cycling, but I am wondering if the site I used to figure out how many calories I should use is telling me too many. It seems like too many to me. My low day is 1300, my medium is 1500, and my high is 1700. I am thinking of changing it next week to 1100, 1300, and 1500. I don't know, maybe I need to give it more of a chance. I am just too impatient! After the first couple days I was down to my lowest, 168. Then I went to 169, 170, 171. Today I'm back down to 170, but TOM also hit, so I wonder if this is a bad time to see the results of my calorie cycling. I will stick with it, though, and I'm still working out strong.

Susie and Ward--Sorry you are having a grumpy day. Keep up your hard work, and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

Mindy--Hope things are ok. We need a report from the vet. I'm hoping it is good news, since I haven't heard from you to say otherwise.

See you all later!

08-08-2009, 10:51 AM
We decided that since he isn't in any pain we would take him home and just enjoy some quality time with him. When it is time, we will know and move on. We did no more tests, no more meds, just feeding him and loving him. That darn dog started walking better yesterday and even got up on his own a few times. Go figure. We are wondering if the meds may have been causing a bad reaction. We'll see how it goes.

TOM just needs to get here and finish so I might be able to get away from the 182-184 range. I am tired of it.

Susie- Good attitude. Just keep working hard and it will pay off big for you.

Ward- Hold on to that thread. TIGHT!!

Kelly- As you always tell me......Give it some time.

08-09-2009, 10:26 PM
Hi Ladies,

I am preparing for yet another busy week. The good news is that I got things set up on Fitday to track my calories and I bought a little notebook to write it down in for when I can't just put it in my blackberry. By having those two tools, the BB and the notebook at my fingertips I am prepared to keep up-to-date with the food tracking. That's my biggest obsticale. When I don't get it put in each day I feel overwhelmed and then give up tracking.

My workouts right now are mainly walking and Zumba and yoga. I need to get back to the strenght training.

Kelly: I was told that we should NEVER go under 1200 calories. Is that still the guideline? I'm not sure--I'm sure you could look it up.

Mindy: That's good news about the dog. I hope TOM comes and goes quickly for you so you can move forward.

Ward: Did the grumpies leave? I got some rest and spent some time with my extended family. It helped.

I'll see you all tomorrow.

08-09-2009, 10:35 PM
Hey!! TOM has struck with a vengence. I am truly hoping it moves through and takes several pounds with it. I am tired of these low 180's. Come on 170's, come on!!!!!

Susie- Great to hear that you are all geared up and ready to face the world. Good luck with your record keeping. I was with my mom today and I had a granola bar. She asked me how many calories and of course it knew without looking. It gets easier.

See ya all tomorrow.

08-11-2009, 01:59 PM
Hey y'all. Well, I haven't been here, so I guess you know where I have been - that's right - bingeland. Workouts have been good:

Sat. - Group Ride + 60 min elliptical
Sun. - 9.4 mi run (1:42)
Mon. - Group Ride, Group Power, walk to and from the gym (1.4 mi)
Tues. - Group Ride, 60 min elliptical, walk to and from the gym (1.4 mi)

Still, until I get the eating under control, I can't make any progress. Today is day 1 back on plan.

The kids started school yesterday and my son did great - no tears (except for me, AFTER they left). It's awfully quiet around here but I have plenty of projects to keep me busy. Right now I am off to the library and then maybe over to Goodwill to see what kind of bargains I can find.

How's everyone else?

08-11-2009, 09:52 PM
Kelly adn I hung out at a park today with her girls. We are both sick and tired of being stuck where we are. As for me, TOM is finishing and there is no D*** excuse for not losing some weight. What gives??? I wall/jogged 50 min. las night and 30 min. of Cardio Max tonight. Seriously?????

Ward- Did you gain a bunch on your binge?? I can't imagine that you did. You know how to get back on track. You do a good job with that. I think this is just life. Congrats on the kids in school. I'm sure it was an emotional day.

Susie- Hope things are going well for you.

08-11-2009, 10:12 PM
Hi-I was in binge land with Ward---yesterday and today. Not as big as my binges used to be but still a binge. When I eat for reason's other than hunger I count it as a binge. I'm really in the middle of a stressful time with my job--there are a lot of rumors that they are going to sell a brand that I work on--I work for a huge company and I'm trying to find a job I like before we get sold and I have to take something that I don't like or is a further commute. I already drive 40 min each way everyday. However I want to stay with this company so I'll do what it takes.

Still, why do I think that overeating and not working out will help the situation? Will I ever learn? I've got Zumba to look forward to tomorrow and get I did record the binge in fitday--it wasn't pretty. So, I'm not hopeless.

Ward: I think that you and I are the same...when we feel out of control in areas of our lives or overwhelmed we binge on food. It's our booze to an alcholoic or drugs to a druggie...we will figure this out and stop and hopefully we won't do it again or it won't be as bad or long before we get back on track

Mindy & Kelly: How nice you could go to the part together. Did you come up with a plan to get the weight moving again?

I'll see you all tomorrow.

08-12-2009, 03:40 PM
Susie, I hope things work out ok with your job. That's one more thing I don't miss about being in the corporate world - constant reorganization, lay-offs, stress! You're right about the bingeing - we need to learn that it doesn't solve whatever the problem is, and it only makes us feel worse in the long run.

Mindy, how was the scale for you today? Coming down yet?

I am up (another) 4 pounds from the binge. I can't seem to string more than a few on plan days together. Today will be on plan, though. Workout was walk to and from the gym (took a short cut because I was running late, only 1 mile today), and then Group Ride and Group Power. I also mowed the lawn. :)

See you tomorrow!

08-12-2009, 05:53 PM
I'm always sharing stressful news with you guys..BUT today I have some happy news. My brother and his partner of 11 years adopted a baby! She was born today at 8:30 a.m. and she weighed 6 lbs, 13 oz and she's perfect!

They named her Eilanna and I will get to meet her in about 2 weeks. They have to stay in LA with her (that is where she was born) for 2 weeks and then they can take her across state lines.

I have also done my Zumba workout today and my food is good. I thought I wanted some M&M's about 3:00 but I talked myself out of them and had 3 Altoids instead! :D

I have yoga tonight and I can't wait for it. It always makes me feel great.

The food is good for today--still have the evening to get through but with the yoga workout I should be doing ok.

Ward: keep stringing those good days together one at a time!

08-12-2009, 06:10 PM
Congratulations, Aunt Susie! She is precious! ♥

08-12-2009, 07:43 PM
AW!! A new baby. How exciting. Bet you can hardly wait until you can see her. Good way to get back on track today.

Ward- That's right. One day at a time. You know you can do this.

I am down a little today, 183.2. I am hoping to go down some more tomorrow. Going for a long walk/jog tonight. Alternating between long moderate workouts and shorter more intense ones. We'll see if it does any good.

08-12-2009, 10:29 PM
Congrats Susie! New babies are so exciting!!!

Ward--I hear ya on the having trouble stringing together more than a few days binge free. Just when I feel like I am doing great, something comes up and I eat way too much, sabotaging all the hard work I just did. I have got to get that under control, too.

Mindy--You, however, don't have that problem. Curse you...:DJust kidding. You are going to see those 170's before the students see you on Sept 8th. I know it. As I was working out tonight, I was thinking it might be fun a little later in the school year to start an exercise club or something at my "new" building. We'll have to see where I end up.

Yes, I still don't know where I will be teaching in 2 weeks. I know I have a job, I just don't know where or what it is yet. It is very stressful for me, because I am a pretty anal "planner" by nature. I am finding myself tearful, anxiety filled, and standing in front of the pantry far too much trying to "distract" myself. In the 11 years I have been doing this job, this is the first time I have had to deal with something like this, and I am just terrified. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me!

08-13-2009, 05:18 PM
Hi Ladies- thank you for all the congratulations.

I don't have TOPS weigh-in tonight. A member's husband passed away and most are going to the funeral visitation.

I'm going to watch tennis tonight. I hope to see the Williams sisters. I don't think they will be playing but I hope they are there. I would give anything to have Serina's body!

I just talked to my workout partner here at work and we have our workout planned for tomorrow....I have not been working out on Fridays but I'm hoping by doing so I have a good mindset for the weekend.

Kelly: I am a planner too and not knowing what is going on would put me in the same state of mind. I'm going through something similar at my work. As we both know the answer is not in the pantry or the let's get out from in front of both!
I just looked at your tracker and you have 18 more lbs to goal!! are so doing this!!

Ward: How was your day today?

Mindy: I hope you are down today. to run..see you tomorrow.

08-13-2009, 07:01 PM
Kelly, I hope your job situation works out in your favor. I am a planner, too and not knowing would drive me crazy!

Susie, I really like what you said about not finding answers in the pantry or fridge. I think I am going to post signs on the doors - "It's not in here!" That's cool about going to the tennis - I hope you get to see a good match.

Mindy, did you go down some more?

Today I walked to and from the gym (1.4 mi) and did Group Ride + 60 min on the elliptical. For some reason I woke up super sore all across my shoulders and back, and now my legs are toast, too. Eating is on plan today. :carrot:

See y'all tomorrow!

08-13-2009, 09:26 PM
Screw the pantry AND the fridge. I have no interest in them and I am not cheating or be tempted, so.... WHAT GIVES!!!!!!!! 183 today, not 182 something. :?: :devil: :mad: Do ya ll get my point??

Kelly- You know what you have to do. So, JUST DO IT!!!!! ;) :cool:

Susie- Sorry about the funeral thing. That is never any fun. Have fun with the tennis though. Just think what that scale is going to look like when you finally get there.

Ward- Walking to the gym everyday?? and then your workouts. Good for you.

08-14-2009, 08:21 PM
Good for you, Mindy for not cheating or being tempted! You will be rewarded on the scale.

Today I walked to/from (1.4) and did 45 min on the elliptical, Group Power and 15 min on the bike. Eating is on plan.

See you tomorrow.

08-15-2009, 07:22 PM
Today's workout was Group Ride + 50 min on the elliptical. I had the kids with me, so no walking to the gym today. Eating is on plan.

And I forgot to say that we were invited to a birthday party tomorrow, for the daughter of one of the trainers at the gym. ACK! I have a wear a swimsuit in front of one of the trainers!

08-16-2009, 04:35 PM
Ward- Don't worry about that swmsuit. I'm sure you will look awesome.

Back from my trip. It was tons of fun. The beach and Lake Michigan were great. Let me tell you what. The lake is COLD!!! Ward- I was wearing a swimsuit, in public. First time since dinosaurs roamed the earth. I felt pretty good about it too. Thank God for boobs. Takes the focus away from the cellulite ridden thighs.

I am hoping that the scale will be favorable tomorrow. I worked out one night while gone and ate pretty good. So, keeping my fingers crossed.

08-16-2009, 08:13 PM
The dinosaurs, LOL! Glad you had fun.

I got up at the crack of dawn (before, actually) and ran 9.4mi (1:42) - same route as last week. The party was ok but there were some hard bodies around the pool. I skipped the hot dogs, burgers, chips, cupcakes and ice cream. Eating is on plan.

See you tomorrow!

08-16-2009, 10:49 PM
Hey Ladies, it's been a few rough days. At the last 11th hour the birth mother of my brothers baby decided that she could not place the baby for adoption. I can't even begin to explain how sad and heartbroken we are. I am dealing with my own emotions about my loss of a niece and it brings up all the old feelings that I went though dealing with my own infertility also, I hurt so much for my brother.

I did manage to get a workout in at lunch time on Friday. I just felt that I needed to move. The exercise is good right now but not the food. I've got to get that back in focus.

I'm so tired of struggle to even have a couple days on plan! But I will not give up. No guys haven't and you have made so much progress; I know that is available to me but I have to do it.

Mindy: A bathing suit in very PROUD I am of you.

Ward: Good for you for skipping the hot dogs and things.

Kelly: How are you?

08-17-2009, 08:22 PM
Susie- That really stinks about the baby. I'm so sorry to hear it. I know it's tough, but things always seem to work out for the best.

Ward- That is quite the run. Good job skipping all that party food.

I really thought the scale would be kind today, like 180 or 170, but NOOOO!!! I was 181.8 again, back to my lowest. What gives??? I just don't know why it has been so difficult this past month. GGRRR!!!

08-17-2009, 09:58 PM
Susie, that is truly heartbreaking. :hug:

Mindy, you'll get a new low tomorrow.

Today I did the walk, Group Ride and Group Power. Eating is on plan.

See you tomorrow!

08-18-2009, 11:53 AM
Hello--I'm on my 3rd day in a row of being on plan. But man am I hungry! I'm eating grapes when I can't stand it.

I went for a walk last night in the felt good to get out and move and then came home and did some ab work and some yoga for my hip flexors. They get really tight on me.

Mindy: I can just feel that those scales are about to slip under that 180's soon.

Ward: Did you put up the "the answer is not in here" signs..I did. My DH thinks I'm crazy!

Kelly: I'm missing you!!

I have Body pump tonight after work...I'm looking forward to it.

08-18-2009, 08:25 PM
Susie, I didn't put up the signs. I probably should, though. How was Pump?

How was the scale today, Mindy?

Today I did Group Ride, 60 min elliptical, and walked to & from. Eating is on plan, but I must say, I was tempted today.

See you tomorrow!

08-19-2009, 09:05 AM
Still hanging out in the low 180's. DANG!!! This is getting on my nerves.

Going to an amusement/water park today with my son and his GF. I am looking forward to floating down the lazy river. I'm not into the rides, but it will still be fun.

Ward and Susie- Good for you both staying on plan. You are tough cookies and can do this. :carrot:

08-19-2009, 09:49 PM
Mindy, we went to a water park a couple of weeks ago. Fun!

Today was Group Ride/Group Power and walked back and forth. Eating is on plan, day 9 today. Sore, tired, weight not budging. What's a girl got to do?

08-20-2009, 10:59 AM
Ward & Mindy: Going to a water park is one of my goals. I plan on being able to do this next summer when I'm not embarrassed to be in a bathing suit in front of people.

Ward: I hear you on being sore, & tired. This is my first week back with really hitting the exercise and my body is saying "what the heck??" but I feel so much better mentally for it.

Tonight is my TOPS weigh-in--it's been 3 weeks since I have weighed in. I'm not sure what the number will be but I will take what it is and know that I'm moving on and that I'm motivated again.

08-20-2009, 08:26 PM
The park was a ton of fun. I thotoughly enjoyed myself AND felt comfortable in my bathing suit. Who thought they'd hear me say that one. I realized while there, that there are a lot of BIG women wearing suits and don't seem too self consious. I am pretty average actually. I even spotted a few men checking out my ......well, boobs. Anyhow, that is the good news.

Here is the crummy news. I cannot seem to lose a friggin ounce. I didn't even get a post TOM whoosh. I am mad, frustrated, sad, disappointed, you name the emotion. I don't even know what to do or think. I am back in my classroom Monday and all I can do is hope that getting back into a work routine will help jump start the loss.

I so do not want to be 180 or even 170 something for the rest of my life. I just feel overwhelmed right now and don't know what to do. So, as soon as my food digests, I will go out for a longer walk/jog session. Not that I expect to it to do much good. I'm done ranting now.

Susie- Good attitude about weigh-in. You always seem to remain so positive. That is so refreshing to hear. Especially since I'm such a whiner. I wish you all the best for weigh- in tonight. Take it in stride and move forward. Good plan.

Ward- If I could figure out what a girl's gotta do, I would certainly tell you. Good job being on plan for 9 days though. Now it's on to day 10, 11, 12.....

08-21-2009, 10:06 AM
Hi girls. I am sorry I have not posted in so long. I have been reading every day, I just haven't posted. I have been very stressed about my job because I am supposed to go back to work on Monday, and I still haven't been assigned a new position. I have been spending a lot of time on the phone with friends ranting about the frustration of it all. It is about the only thing that seems to make time go by faster. I am happy to report I am down a little on my weight. This morning I was at 167. That is a new low for me. My goal was to be at 165 by the time school starts in two weeks, so I am hopeful I will make that goal.

Mindy--You have nothing to worry about with that bathing suit. It looks really nice on you...just ask the men who were checking you out! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that getting back in the routine of work will jump start your body.

Susie--I am looking forward to your update on your TOPS weigh in.

Ward--You are still rocking the gym.

See you all later.

08-21-2009, 08:33 PM
Thank God for nice boobs. It seems to be my only good quality right now. I am annoyed with all the other body parts. Need I say more???

Kelly- You look awesome. Just thought I would let the other girls know that. See looks great guys. We were talking today about taking new pictures soon. I'll make sure she posts them.

Susie and Ward- waiting to hear about your days.

08-22-2009, 10:39 PM
Hi Ladies,

I had a 4 lb loss! Yeah for me!

Kelly: I understand the frustration and the stress you are experiencing with your job. I'm enduring something very similar with my position; it's scary, frustrating and feels like I'm waiting for something bad to happen. This is not a good thing for an emotional eater like me. I hope that when school starts next week you get some closure.

Mindy: I think the routine of school and being busy will help you continue to drop those numbers.

Ward: Where are you ?

08-23-2009, 08:14 PM
Susie- YAY for you. That is a good loss. You keep it up girl. You are doing awesome.

Tomorrow I go move my crap to a new classroom. Sounds like fun, huh?? Kelly is going to come in and help me. Isn't she a great friend??? Then when she knows where she is moving to, I will go help her. It will make things a little more fun.

I was still 182 even today. Let's see what happens now that my daily routine is changing. I have worked outside a lot today also, so maybe that will help???? HA!!!

08-24-2009, 08:33 PM
Kelly and I banged out the moving today. Just about everything is moved and in place in my new room. See, TEAMWORK!!!! Tomorrow she is helping me again by putting up posters on the walls and bulletin boards. I think I'm in good shape. Ready to help her when it's her turn to move.

I jumped from 182 to 183.8 today. What do you suppose that means??? Mid-cycle gain time???? Gosh I hate that.

Well I'll check in tomorrow and see what you girls have had to say.

08-24-2009, 11:25 PM
Hi Ladies--I found out today that I will no longer be working for my company but I will be working for a new company, a very large consumer company, sold it's pharmaceutical business to a New Jersery company.

It was very surprising that the new company wanted to take the Admin's in the sale, but they did. So, I guess I still am employeed but who know what it looks like.

It's going to be some very rough days ahead. I want to cry but I feel like if I start I won't stop.

Mindy and Kelly: I wish you both a great school year!

08-25-2009, 12:45 PM
I am sorry, Susie. I hope it works out for you. When will you know more? Great job on the loss last week, by the way.

Mindy & Kelly, good job getting that moving done. Any more details on your job, Kelly? I am still waiting for those photos, girls. ;)

My eating has gone back to the crapper. I can't remember when I updated, but I ran 11.2 miles on Sunday - took me 2 hours. Yesterday I had to skip the workout because of a completely crazy day involving having my car at the dealership (where it still sits), meeting with the financial planners, painters all over the house, t-ball, etc. Today I did the walk to and from (no car!), Group Ride, 50 min on the elliptical, 10 min on the stair mill. I have a healthy lunch planned but I am also feeling binge-y. Plus I feel puffy and squishy. :tantrum:

See you guys tomorrow.

08-25-2009, 06:59 PM
Hi everyone. I have no news on the job front. I was supposed to attend a meeting last Friday to choose a position from a list of available positions, and then they canceled it because they did not have any positions available. The meeting has now been rescheduled for tomorrow morning, so hopefully I will have news for you tomorrow. I have been helping Mindy the last couple days. She is such a great friend. I am very thankful she is willing to help me when I need it! I appreciate you, MINDY!!! Weight is staying steady at 167.

Susie--That is so scary about your job. You won't have to relocate will you? Also, congrats on your 4 pound loss at TOPS! You keep up the great work!

Ward--Don't worry about the binge in the past. Just move forward and get back on track. You know you can do this!

Mindy--Just wait. That mid-cycle gain will be over before you know it. Moving lots of heavy boxes tomorrow should help, too!

See you girls tomorrow after a long day of moving stuff!

08-25-2009, 09:39 PM
Hi Ladies,

I found out a bit more today. At this time we don't have to relocate and we are guaranteed that we will have jobs for two years.

I am trying to not eat for comfort reasons.

Kelly: I hope that you find out good things about your job. Keep that weight staying steady during this unsure time.

Mindy: I think you are dealing with mid-cycle will pass. Hang tough

Ward: You have a lot going on and for bingers that is a trigger. Keep the workouts going and try not to give in to a big binge. If you need something off plan, have it small.

08-26-2009, 06:31 PM
Hey, I got really busy yesterday and didn't get here. Shame on me. I am also a newbie on facebook and that is taking up some time. Aren't some of you on facebook?? It's fun for now. I was 182.2 today, so not bad. Still not my lowest and certainly not under 180. Boo Hoo!!! I'll just have to keep working it.

Susie and Kelly- I am so sorry for both of you being in job turmoil. It could have easily been me too. I know the stress this puts you under. Wish there was something I could do or say to help. Just know that this too shall pass. Try to not let this added stress upset your weight loss efforts. You have both been doing so good.

Ward- Chin up, move on. You're a strong one.

08-26-2009, 09:39 PM
Hey everyone--still no news to report on my job. I went to my meeting today and there were still no positions for me to take. Now we will have to bump less senior teachers to have a job. There won't be any choice in the matter, they will just put me in a position, and if I don't like it, then I can quit.

My weight was down .5 today to 166.5. I guess that's what stress will do for ya.

Susie--I am glad you are guaranteed a position for at least 2 years. That must take some of the load off. Stay away from the M&M's while you go through this!!

Mindy--Thanks for being my shoulder to cry on. I am so glad I can count on you.

Ward--Move away from the fridge! Chew some gum and drink some water. Take a deep breath and remind yourself of your strength.

Hope to report more tomorrow!

08-26-2009, 09:48 PM
I am sorry about the job stress, you guys! Hang in there!

Mindy, I'll PM you my e-mail address so you can find me on fb. Susie's on there, too. :)

Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday - she's turning 7. Boy was I having some fun at this time 7 years ago! LOL

Today I walked to and from and did Group Ride and Group Power. Eating was on plan today! :woohoo: See you guys tomorrow.

08-27-2009, 03:16 PM
Hi Ladies-I tried to get here yesterday--well late last night and I couldn't get on. Did anyone else have problems?

Tonight is TOPS weigh-in. I think I'll show a loss.

Kelly: It's such an awful feeling to have no control over what is happening in relation to the job situations isn't it? So, we can only focus on what we can control and that is what we put in our mouths and the time we exercise and isn't that just as important. I wrote that in my journal today..I hope that thought process helps you some.
You made me laugh at the M&M's comment. It's so funny there are people who have been in my life forever that have no idea that M&M's are my comfort food..but you ladies..who I've never met personally know my darkest food secrets!

Mindy: I'm on FB too and it is addicting. Ward said she would PM your on her with her email address. I'm one of her friends on FB so when you find her and she makes you a friend you can find me and request me to be your friend too! I will accept.

Ward: Don't the babies grow up fast? Glad to see that food and exericse are on plan.

08-27-2009, 09:44 PM
Good luck with the weigh-in, Susie.

Kelly, don't you want to join facebook, too? ;)

I walked to and from, did 46min elliptical, Group Ride, and 14min stair mill. Eating was on plan today. Erin had a great birthday; she was so excited I thought she might explode. :lol:

See you tomorrow.

08-28-2009, 04:21 PM
Waiting to hear form SUSIE about that wiegh-in.

Drunroll PLEASE!!! I saw 180.8 today. That is a new number for me. Hopefully those 170's are close behind.

I still need to go find Susie on FB. I'll do that in a minute. Going to Kelly's tonight to celebrate her birthday. (It is tomorrow everyone).

:bday2you: Happy Birthday Kelly.

08-28-2009, 04:30 PM
Kelly - :celebrate: Happy Birthday!

Mindy - great job! Get ready to say "bye bye" to the 180s for good!

Susie - c'mon, don't keep us in suspense.

It was raining cats and dogs this morning so I drove to the gym. Did 25 min elliptical, 25 min bike, Group Power and 25 min stair mill. Eating is on plan. Tomorrow is Erin's party. sigh. We're going out of town on Thursday and I can feel myself drifting into "vacation mode" already. Trying to hold on.

See you tomorrow!

08-29-2009, 04:42 PM
Thanks for the birthday wishes girls! I am now a 1st grade teacher at a new school. I'm not super excited about it, but I am trying to make the best of the situation. Weight was down yesterday to 165.5, but back up today to 167. We had a get together last night for my b-day, and I am sure the junk I ate contributed to the gain today. I guess I will just get back to work and get it back off.

Talk to you all soon.

08-29-2009, 07:50 PM
Kelly- Unlike you, I went down a little today...180.4. I guess I didn't eat as much junk. ;) The new school will be fine.You'll see.

Got home from Kelly's last night to find my dog in really bad shape. There is no vet I can take him to on Sat. or Sunday and I am feeling so bad that I can't help him find peace. The last thing I wanted was for him to suffer. I am having a real hard time with this and I feel so guilty we didn't act sooner. I am praying that he goes soon and stops suffering. Keep us in your thoughts. This is tough.

08-30-2009, 10:47 AM
Hi Ladies,

Sorry for keeping you all waiting.....I had a 2.25 lb loss on Thursday night. I was in shock. With all the stress last week I didn't expect that big of a loss

Kelly: I am sorry that I missed your birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day. So, you are now on a new route in life...a birthday has come and you start in a new school...think of it all as new beginnings. That is what I'm trying to do. We will help each other through these new times and in a year we will be thinner and have enjoyed new experiences.

Mindy: I'm glad that you saw new numbers! I am sorry about your dog and I hope that things are better today. I will say a prayer.

Ward: You are doing so well...don't let vacation mess you up. As a fellow binger who is trying to quit, I know that when my routine is messed up I get out of my focus. Do you do that? If so, what is the one routine thing that you can focus on and take with you during vacation?

It's beautiful here in Ohio this weekend. I plan on getting outside some more today. A walk in the neighborhood sounds like a nice plan.

I'm going to have to hit the work gym this weekend as my local gym is closed this week for cleaning and maintanence. They asked for volunteers to help and I volunteered 2 hrs of my time on Tuesday and Wed night. I'm going to be cleaning out and wiping down lockers.

I'll see you all tomorrow.

08-30-2009, 08:08 PM
Yesterday was an extremely difficult day. All I could do was try and comfort my dog as he was dying. He found peace around 8:30. I still have my own guilt and greif to deal with. This has been tough. I hope it stops hurting soon. Thank you for your thoughts.

Susie- So you did LOSE??? Your post said both loss and gain. So if it's a loss....great!!!

The good news of the weekend is I saw that elusive number today....179.6. Not sure how long it will stay, with TOM coming, but I was over the moon today.

08-31-2009, 09:31 PM
Still missing my dog. Tears pop up at some unexpected times. I know it will ease up....eventually.

I went up a bit today, 180.6. I didn't track my food at all yesterday though. I did a 3 mile walk/jog tonight, so maybe that will help.

Helped Kelly move to her new room today. What a mess it was. Looks much better now. We are in meetings the rest of the week. I don't know how she will get it all done. Good luck Kelly!!!

08-31-2009, 10:33 PM
Hello- I'm not feeling to well today. I think it's the change in the weather. It got so cold so fast. I have fibro and it doesn't bother me to often unless I'm not getting enough sleep or the weather changes drastically.

Mindy: To clarify I did have a loss. I just went back and read my post and I made the change so it read correctly.

I am so sorry to hear about your dog. You were a great owner and he knew it and felt loved.

Kelly: I'm glad Mindy could help you with the move to your new room.

Ward: Where are you? We miss you when you are not here.

09-01-2009, 10:29 PM
I'm doing ok with my food this week. I should get more exericse in but I just don't have it in me to push it. My YMCA is closed this week and at work I have been using my lunch hour to network with people I work with that I will have to leave when I go with the new company. I plan on going back to my current company (if positions are available) when my 2 year limitation with the other company is up. In order to get rehired one most have the internal networks in place so I'm setting up quarterly meetings with folks, getting contact info and letters of reference.

How's everyone else doing?

09-01-2009, 11:14 PM
Today I was 180.6 again. I would be happy to just stay there until after TOM on the 9th or so. So about a week of unknown. I lost a total of 2.4 pounds in Aug. Not very much. Hopefully I can do better in Sept.

Susie- I am glad it was a loss. Keep it up. Better make sure you get some workouts in though girl.

09-02-2009, 09:37 PM
Looks like I was the last one here, so I'll just saythis. being back to work is tiring and I don't quite have my routine down yet. I was 181.8 today, but there are signs of TOM coming early. Hope that's the cause.

09-02-2009, 10:31 PM
Mindy-I'm sure that is the cause.

I agree that it's hard to get a routine down. I know mine is going to change a lot in the next month or so, so maybe I'll just plan my routine until the end of September and then look at it again. Or maybe I'll set expectations that I know I can meet and if I exceed them then that will be good.

I think I can meet a 30 min workout daily for 4 days out of the week and that I can journal my food daily and that I can post at least 5 days a week.

I don't know what to expect on the scales tomorrow so I'll just take what it says and move on.

See you all tomorrow.

09-03-2009, 10:27 PM
Susie- Good luck in your battle with the big, bad scale. take it all one day at a time.

I was told by 2 people today that I lost my butt over the summer. I can live with that. I haven't eaten terrible today, but I feel like a blimp. I was still 181.6 today but feel like 190. TOM, bring me relief.

09-04-2009, 03:46 PM
Hi-I am happy to report a small loss, I was down 1 lb. I thought that was pretty good since I did not exercise this past week. I will start back on Sunday.

Mindy: Doesn't it feel good to get compliments? I would say that you literally ran your butt of this summer! :D

Kelly and Ward: We miss you!

I'll be around this weekend.

09-04-2009, 08:00 PM
Susie- YAY another loss. Look at you go. I am also hoping for things to settle back into a nice routine. I really need to get some stuff done this weekend. I didn't even workout last night, so i MUST tonight.

Still waiting on TOM and hopefully some relief.

See ya tomorrow.

Ward and Kelly- Stop in and tell how it goes.

09-05-2009, 08:46 PM
Hi, I got my house cleaned from top to bottom today and I'm very tired. I had hoped to get my car cleaned up. I'll do that Monday.

Tomorrow morning I am getting up before church and getting my walk in. If I don't do it in the morning then I won't be able to do it tomorrow due to church and then hanging out with friends in Cincinnati for the WEBN fireworks.

This is such a fun event for those in the Cincinnati area. Google WEBN fireworks and you will see what I'm talking about.

Mindy: Did you get a workout in?

09-07-2009, 12:09 PM
Hi--it sure is quiet here. I hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday. Even though it will be warm for a while I always feel like this is the end of summer.

I must admit that I didn't get my walk in yesterday morning. I just couldn't/wouldn't get my butt out of bed.

My food has been good but I need to get that exercise in. Usually for me it's the other way around.

Looking forward to seeing everyone back here soon.

09-07-2009, 05:58 PM
I am home from our little mini vacation. I was quite active there, but also ate a ton. I am looking forward to getting back into my routine. Oh, and I won't be weighing myself for a while. ;)

I hope you are all having a good holiday!

09-07-2009, 07:56 PM
I have been trying to get stuff done outside this weekend. I have made a little progress, just not nearly as much as I'd hoped. I have been walking and sometimes jogging these past several days. I am supposed to do a 5k this weekend. I seem to have slightly pulled a muscle in the back of my thigh. It doesn't bother me when I walk, but if I jog a lot, it will start to hurt. tyring to take it easy and work through it.

Tomorrow is day one with children. Wish me luck. First thing in the morning I need to address the fact that I have 11 spec. ed students on my list. that just can't happen. This should be fun.

Hope everyone gets back on their horse and makes some good progress this week. TOM started today and I was 181.2. Not under 180 like I wanted for the first day of school, but I suppose it is possible?????

09-08-2009, 11:13 PM
Survived the first day of school. Have been busy as a mug ever since school got out. I hope to settle into a routine here quickly. I was 180 even on the scale today, so I'm gunning for those 170's again.

09-10-2009, 09:59 AM
Hi--I've been preoccupied this week with issues around my current position and also looking for a new company to work for. It takes a lot of time and energy.

Saying that I have not been putting much energy or time into my weight-loss effort but I feel that when I face the scales tonight that is going to change.

I need to get my head and heart back in this game. I'm trying to figure out a way to do that--I'm such a routine person and my routine is so messed up right now and will be. Any suggestions on how to move on with this part of my life I would appreciate it.

Mindy: I'm glad to hear you survived the 1st day and that the number on the scales was positive.

Ward: Welcome back from your vacation. It's ok to avoid the scales for a bit.

Mindy: How are things going with you?

09-10-2009, 09:38 PM
TOM has passed and I was 181 today. I BETTER start to lose something here ssssosooonnnnn. If I don't I will be pissed. Just finished my 3 mile walk/jog, so hope that helps. I'm starting to get frustrated. GGRR!!!

Susie- I know all about routine. Mine has been pretty solid still. Hang in there. Hope your weigh-in goes well.

09-10-2009, 09:53 PM
I am not quite back into my routine yet. A couple more crazy days and then things should start to calm down. :crossed: I need to get another part replaced on my car tomorrow (fell off on the way to Hilton Head) and then I have to take both kids to the dentist on Monday. I took my daughter for a check-up with the doctor today.

Workouts have been good - Friday we did a weights workout and aqua jogging, Saturday we ran almost 10 miles and then went to the beach, Sunday we rode our bikes almost 18 miles and then walked around Harbor Town. Monday was a travel day, no workout. Tues. I did spin and 60 min of cardio, Wed. was spin and power, and today I did spin and 60 min. of cardio.

My eating was pretty bad on vacation, but it's been worse. Today was the second day back on plan. I might be totally setting myself up for failure, but I am trying to do really well until Thanksgiving, when we'll go see the family (if we can afford the plane fare). That's 77 days away and I'd like to be fitting comfortably in my jeans by then.

Susie, I hope you have a good weigh-in today.

Mindy, you are soooooo close! I hope you have the woosh soon!

Kelly, how's it going at the new school?

09-11-2009, 09:46 AM
Hi--The weighin was not pretty! You all know how much I used to work out and for the past 3 weeks I have not been working out except Zumba on Wed and yoga. It all caught up with me yesterday.

The good news is that it served as a reawaking for me. I have been pulled so far down with this buyout and worrying about my job and benefits and such. It's time to get up and moving again in all areas of my life.

Today is a new beginning.

Ward: So good to see you. Your workouts are amazing--I can't wait to be like you! I think your Thanksgiving goal is a great one. I think I'll make that a timeline for me as well. We have some friends who will be here then--I haven't seen them since June, so if I get busy and work hard, eat healthy, maybe when they get here they will see the small change.

Mindy: Ok..lady....TOM is over get to moving and look at your food and see where you need to make those changes to get in the 170's.

Kelly: Are you ok? Do you need a hand up to get back on the wagon? It's right here!

09-11-2009, 07:35 PM
This really does take focus and hard work doesn't it??? My whoosh had better be on it's way. I'm starting to feel stuck at the 181ish area. I don't know what to do differently with food. Workouts are still steady. I do a long day, a short day.

Susie- Gotta get back on that exercise train. I know that is really the only thing that helps me.

Ward- You always amaze me. You ARE the workout queen. I'm sure your jeans will fit just fine at Thanksgiving.

Kelly- Week one under our belts. It's time girl!!! You know you gotta start working out with me. Some people are running the halls after school these days. It should be us. Well, maybe nor running. I know you hate it. But something D*** it!!!

09-12-2009, 08:53 PM
Did my 5k today. I wanted to beat my best time of 38:10. I did it in 36 flat. I'm pretty happy about that. I shaved 10 min. off last years first run. Now if I could only lose some more weight. 181 is my worst enemy right now and the 170's are taunting me.

09-13-2009, 10:31 AM
Mindy: Way to go girl! 10 minutes of last years time--that is HUGE and it's the reason that you are not as huge. :D

I had the best intentions of getting up this morning and going for a walk but I couldn't get myself out of bed. I know that I won't have time to get in a formal exercise today--I have to many things to do but starting tomorrow there will be no more execuses! I will go at lunch time tomorrow and get on that treadmill. Today's exercise will have to be cleaning out the car and hand washing it. At least I'll be moving.

Ward: Hang those jeans up so you can see your goal and continue to work as you have been. You will get there.

Kelly: Come on and get back on the exercise wagon with me.

09-13-2009, 03:05 PM
Hi everyone! I am finding it difficult to get here most days. Starting this new job is kicking my butt. I am driving all over the city once I get out of work, and by the time I get home and make dinner it is time to get the kids ready for bed, then I am falling asleep on my feet. Hopefully I can fall into a routine sometime soon so I can start finding time for workouts again. I would love to go work out with Mindy again, but I am not sure that is going to happen anytime soon. The good news is that I am pretty much staying the same with my weight. I kind of fluctuate in the same three pound span, so for me, that is maintaining. Today I am only up a half pound from my lowest weight, so I am happy with that.

Mindy--I am so proud of your 5K time! You are amazing! Let's hope those elusive 170's are on their way soon. Maybe it is time to shake things up a bit?

Susie--You are in the right mindset. Get your butt back on that treadmill and back to the gym at lunch. You can do it!!!

Ward--You will be wearing those jeans comfortably by your goal date. Routines will settle in soon.

Talk to you all later.

09-13-2009, 08:50 PM
Still hovering around 181 today. Did a 3 mile walk today. Of course eating is not a problem, unless i didn't eat enough. Don't know how to shake things up Kelly. Any suggestions??

09-13-2009, 09:47 PM
Mindy, congratulations on the 5k! What an awesome improvement!

Kelly, good job maintaining through the chaos. Sometimes that's all we can do.

Susie, how does your car look? Have a great workout tomorrow!

I can't believe the week-end is over already. Yesterday I did Ride + 50 min on the elliptical and today I ran 10.4 miles (1:46). Eating has been on plan. yay!

Tomorrow I am 1> hitting the gym! 2>taking the kids to the dentist. 3> going to kindergarten curriculum night. 4> staying on plan even if it means a Zone perfect bar for dinner!

Tuesday is curriculum night for second grade (Zone perfect, again?) and after that I hope there will be no more appointments, etc. for a while. Although my daughter has been complaining that her ear hurts so I hope it's not an infection. She says it's better now but we'll see.

74 days until Thanksgiving. 10 weeks @1.5 pounds a week is doable, right? Hey - do you think all four of us could lose 15 pounds by then? Hmmm ...

09-14-2009, 09:09 PM
Ward- At the rate I'm losing currently, I don't think I could lose 15 pounds in the next year. Yep, NOTHING happening at all. What gives??? you go for it. I hope it works for you.

09-14-2009, 09:27 PM
Ooh...interesting...15 pounds and I will be at my first goal weight. Maybe I should try harder amidst the chaos....

09-14-2009, 10:34 PM
Hi--I am happy to report that I got on that treadmill at lunch time. I was really busy and I thought about just staying at my desk but I thought about having to tell all of you that I didn't make it and I just couldn't let you or myself down so I went and did it and felt much better for it.

Kelly: It's good to see you and that you choose to take Ward's challenge. I know it's hard to stay on track when your routine has been changed. I know I'm going to face that soon. When I'm having issues like that I write out my schedule and put the exercise in there.

Mindy: I know you want those scales to move faster and I'm just not sure what to tell you to do. It seems that you are doing everything right and getting results...slowly. Don't get to upset over are seeing results.

Ward: I hope you daughter doesn't get an ear infection. My car looks great and it was nice driving to work in it. I drive 75 miles round trip every day so it was nice to have it all cleaned up and it felt great to know I did it myself.

I'm contemplating that 15 lb challenge. I'm not sure I can do 15...I tend to loose slowly but I might go for 10.

Biggest Loser starts tomorrow (Tuesday)...who is going to watch it? I know I am!

09-15-2009, 08:41 PM
Quick stop tonight. BL starts in 20 min. I have no good news to report on the weight loss front. I'm just plain ole stuck. YUCK!!!

09-15-2009, 08:55 PM
I don't think I'll actually lose 15 pounds before T-day but right now it's giving me the motivation I need to stay on track. I know that I need to be consistent (for more than a few days at a time) and having the deadline is helping.

15 pounds to goal, huh, Kelly? You are so close!

I am sorry you're stuck, Mindy. Are you eating enough to fuel your body? I am also very eager for TBL, but I probably won't get to see it until tomorrow. DH and I are in the middle of a movie that we started watching last night. Brad Pitt, can't complain!

Good job getting your workout in, Susie! I know you feel better.

Yesterday I did Ride and Power, and today I did Ride + 50 min on the elliptical and a 10-min mile run. I was going to walk to the gym but it was a little rainy. Eating is on plan.

09-16-2009, 09:31 AM
Hi-Wasn't The Biggest Loser interesting last night?

Today I have Zumba at lunch, then meeting a friend at 6:30 p.m. to walk and then yoga at 7:30 p.m.

Lunch is packed, dinner is planned. I struggle every day to stay on track. Did not do that well yesterday...homemade chocolate chip cookies were in the office and I couldn't stay away from them so today I'm detoxing from the extra sugar.

Have a good day everyone!

09-16-2009, 08:47 PM
Ward- I am still getting around 1300-1400 calories a day. Pretty normal. Workouts are 30-40 min. a day. Run/walk one night, some DVD the next night. I don't know what else i could do. Just sitting here hoping the losing will start up again soon.

09-18-2009, 03:08 PM
Ladies: Small victory at the scales last night; I have a .50 lb loss. Better than a gain.

I'm having a very emotional day at work today due to all the changes and the uneasy feeling that I'm going to end up with nothing. I actually started crying...I don't cry and I NEVER do it at work.

Mindy: you are doing all you can. Don't let it get you down.

Ward: Saw on FB that you wanted your workout to come in a pill...I HEAR you on that one but you know what Cher said.....:D

Kelly: How are you doing with your 15 lb goal?

09-18-2009, 05:35 PM
Susie, congratulations on the loss. Every little bit counts. I hope you are feeling better about the changes you're facing.

Mindy, keep on going - it's all we can do. You'll see that loss soon.

Kelly, how's it going?

I have been sticking to my plan and working out every day. I am also hoping to see a whoosh soon, or I might dive into a bag of M&Ms or something. A pound bag.

09-18-2009, 06:10 PM
Ward- Better save some of those M&M's for me. I may need some myself.

Susie- Good job on losing that .5 pound. Every little bit helps.

I was back to 179.6 today. I've been here once, but no lower. Now if I can only get lower, that would be great. It's like pulling teeth to get this weight to come off. Guess I just have to stick with it for the rest of my friggin life and by the time I die I might be where I want to be. Sounds pretty droll, huh?? I need to just kick back and do something wild and crazy this weekend. I could use some good stress relief.

09-19-2009, 10:50 AM
Hi Ladies: I stayed on track yesterday even though I had some more major stress about my job. In fact it got to me so much I couldn't hold the tears back. I do not cry and I DON"T cry at work but I sure did yesterday.

I'm going to try and get some straight answers this week concerning my own personal situation. The issue is that my two top managers who I support are not going to the new company so I'm really wondering if I have a job when this is all through.

I have housecleaning to do and then my hubby and me are going shopping. I have two trips coming up in October and I"ve been saving all summer so I could buy some new carreer clothes for the fall.

Ward and Mindy: I might want some of the M&M's but let's stay away from them for now ok?!

Keep up the hard work ladies--it will pay off...we know it will.

I've got to get moving...see you all tomorrow.

09-19-2009, 08:35 PM
Susie- I sure hope things turn out for you. It can be very stressful not knowing what is going on with your job. You stay strong and hopefully you will get some answers soon. We probably should try and avoid those M&M's. Although I bought some chocolate stars today. I like to dunk them in PB. It's my deep dark indulgence.

I was 179.6 again today. 2 days in a row. I really want to head towards the 178 mark now. I really need to see some progress. I just did a 4 mile walk/run. I'm tired. I don't know how Ward does those long runs. I bow down before you.

09-21-2009, 09:54 PM
Where is everybody??? I feel all alone. Was not happy with the scale today, but it is mid-cycle time. Hopefully it will go away fast and leave me at a lower number.

Hope you are all doing good. Hope to hear from you soon.

09-22-2009, 01:04 PM
Hi-I finally made it! I kept thinking about getting here on Monday (and Sunday for that matter). It just seem that right now my computer time is searching for jobs. I still have mine but I don't feel secure with the buyout so I want to be looking now.

I have Body Pump tonight after work. It's going to feel good to work my body.

I don't think I reported my weigh-in on Thursday. I had a .50 lb loss. A loss is a loss right?

Mindy: I'm trying to not think about how good those chocolate starts in peanut butter sound! How did the scales look today?

Ward & Kelly: Hope to see you here again soon.

Tonight's the biggest loser--that always helps to motivate me!

09-22-2009, 08:59 PM
I am just stuck here in the same darn old place. Can't seem to do much except go up and down within a few pounds range. Can you say aggravating???

Susie- Congrats on the loss. As we say, any loss is a good loss.

09-22-2009, 09:22 PM
Hey guys. I have had a couple of off days. The kids school was cancelled yesterday and today because of the flooding, and we had no power most of the day yesterday. I missed the gym so how did I react? Eating. Yep, everything in sight. Today I managed a workout but still ate poorly. Same old pattern. Tomorrow will be better and I am going to go get some Biggest Loser motivation right now.

I'll check in tomorrow.

09-23-2009, 09:41 PM
Just finished 3 mile WATP DVD. I am hoping mid-cycle gain is coming off. I also hope to see a NEW low here soon. I think I deserve it.

09-24-2009, 10:07 AM
Hi-Eating has been good the past couple of days and I plan on a good food day today as well. My lunch is packed and it's healthy: boiled egg, Progesso Light Veg & noodle soup, 1 roll, 1 bananna. There is a whole file cabinet of food behind me and I'm ingoring it!

My exercise has not been good. I got in a great workout on Tuesday and I planned the same last night but had some car trouble at the gas station and decided to just stay home to avoid getting stuck somewhere. My car was fine this morning but I took it to the dealer. It is only 3 years old but I have 84,000 on it. I drive 80 miles a day round trip to work.

Mindy: How new is the WATP cd? I'm thinking of getting some new ones of those, they really help when I can't get to the gym. BTW-I think you deserve that new sure do work hard enough!

Ward: Don't you wish that someone could take that emotional eating part out of our brains. I think you and I are a lot alike that if our routine is changed it sets us off. I know I'm a bit of a control freak and I think that plays into it. I hope you are back on track today--you've done a good job getting back on track.

Kelly: Please come back!

09-24-2009, 10:08 PM
Susie- My WATP DVD is older, but it is still really good. It is still in the stores. I got mine at Walmart with the walk band included. I still go back to it frequently.

Ward- You just keep plugging along. You are awesome.

First I hung around at 181ish forever. Now I'm hanging at 180ish. At this rate it will take me years to get off the last 35 pounds. Tonight I did kickboxing with Jillian. How I wish I could have her for a month. Tomorrow is my weigh-in and unfortunately I don't have high hopes. Sept. is not looking like a good losing month. :(

09-25-2009, 06:25 PM
Hi! I am happy to report a 2.25 lb loss last night at TOPS. It felt so good to see that. The past two weeks I've really been back on track with the food and also relaxing a bit about this, just making sure I log the food, exercise moderately. I just don't have it in me to hit it hard like I was doing at the 1st of the year and lost that 15 lbs in about 9 weeks, this is slow but it's working and I can manage it all.

Mindy: You would be a very brave woman to let Jillian get hold of you for a month! How did the scales looks last night?

09-25-2009, 06:40 PM
Susie - :woohoo:

Mindy - how was your weigh-in?

I am not going to discuss mine. Three days of bad eating = atrocious weight gain. I am back on plan now and still hitting the workouts hard. This week-end will be a challenge (aren't they all).

09-25-2009, 08:37 PM
I was 180.2 today. Down from 180.6 yesterday, but up from 179.6 last week. I know I have about a week till TOM and I am hoping that if I work really hard, maybe I can see 178?????

Susie- Good loss. Must feel good. I am happy to lose that in a month.

Ward- Just like you to mess up a bit, but get right back on track. That is certainly what it takes.

09-27-2009, 05:37 PM
Ward- i noticed on FB that you did 10 miles today. WOW!!! I tried to catch up to ya but I only did 5. I walk/jogged min. Took 1 hr. 6 min.

Even though I have not lost any weight recently, I tried on a pair of size 10 jeans today, just to see how bad it would be. Well, they fit. Snuggly, but they fit. Of course I bought them.

09-27-2009, 08:36 PM
Hey girls. Just poppin in real quick. I am a trainwreck on the eating. Somehow I am managing to maintain my weight at 166 even though the eating has been atrocious. I have not been working out, but hopefully that is changing tomorrow. I have a date with Mindy to do some walking. Hopefully she won't leave me in the dust, just take pity on me. I have an appointment tomorrow with a cardiologist because I have had an irregular heartbeat for a few years now, and I am hoping someone can finally figure out what the problem is. I have been dizzy and lightheaded a lot lately along with the funky heartbeat, so I hope something more is not wrong. Have a great week girls!

09-27-2009, 10:04 PM
I have been dealing with a headache that won't quit. I have fibromalgia and sometimes when the weather changes I deal with a lot of pain in my shoulders and across my clavical and that brings on headaches. I also have trouble with it when I don't exercise and we all know I haven't been. I will start out walking again...and work my way back up to the workouts that I am used to do.

I'm pretty tired just from life. I'm trying to figure out how I can par it down when so much is going on and I have to be on top of things. Any ideas, suggestions?

Mindy: A size 10? Did you ever think you would be able to get them on? Look at you!
I must make a plea for Kelly and ask you to challenge her with the exercise but don't kill her!

Ward: 10 miles--that should help at the scales.

Kelly: Good to hear from you.

09-28-2009, 08:34 PM
Hey, look who posted. So gald you did. Unfortunately Kelly didn't get to come work out with me today. Her DD got sick. I will be gentle Kelly, don't worry.

Susie- Sounds like things can be rough at times. Hope you are feeling better.

My scale is going to go in the trash soon. Even though I sqeezed into those size 10's, the scale is not moving. I just don't know what else to do. A five mile walk/jog yesterday seemed to have no effect. :?:

09-30-2009, 08:28 PM
Well girsl, Sept. was pretty much a bust. I only lost 1 pound for the month. That was only because I went down a little today. Who knows, I'll probably just be back up tomorrow. I really don't know what to do. So I'll just keep doing what I've been doing.

Hope to hear from someone soon. I am feeling a little lonely here.

09-30-2009, 09:06 PM
Aw, Mindy. I am sorry you are feeling lonely. Losing one pound in a month must be frustrating, but it's better than gaining.

I am not sure when I checked in last, but I am having a pretty good week. Workouts are on track and eating is on plan. I definitely don't think I'll lose 15 by Thanksgiving but I'll be ok with that as long as I don't take another dive off the wagon.

What did you guys think about TBL last night? dramah!

09-30-2009, 09:59 PM
I'm here..I'm here! I've been thinking about you all. I've been working until amost 6:00 p.m. every night and just wiped out when I get home.

Tomorrow is my last day at work before my Orlando trip. I'm looking forward to it. I will try and post some of the time.

I had a great walk last night. I walked for 60 min with a friend. I think that is the right thing for me to do for my body right now.

Ward: Glad to hear that you are getting in some great workouts.

Mindy: Throw that scale out! I think you would benefit more from a tape measure to measure your progress.

Kelly: I'm sorry to hear that your daughter was sick.

I won't have a weigh-in again until October 15 but I will not let it be a food feast. I'm going to go in there on Oct 15 and rock those scales!

I'll be here as much as I can for the next 12 days.

10-01-2009, 10:30 PM
Susie- The tape measure is not very pretty either. I am just plain ole stuck.

Ward- Glad you are ON the wagon.

I am trying to eat a minimum of 1500 calories a day. I will keep workouts pretty much the same and I am making sure I get strength in there a little mor frequently. Going to give it a try and see if helps. Tomorrow is weigh-in. Would like to see a lower number. I have been 179.6 for 2 days now.

10-02-2009, 11:43 AM
Hi Ladies--I won't be checking my weight again until Oct 16. I missed TOPS last night and will be in FL next week.

I'm trying to get the house clean, bills paid, resumes sent out and pack all before tomorrow!

Mindy: I know you are a bit frustrated..but what you are doing is working, it's just working slowly but think about it wouldn't you rather be where you are then where you were?

Ward: You were right about that drama on BL...why would they play those games? I know why....they still don't have it in their heads what it takes to loose the weight and keep it off...I find myself playing those games sometimes too and now I see how crazy that is!

I'll be around off and on during my trip. I can't drop out of sight or there will be a lot more of me when I come back and that is not going to happen!

10-02-2009, 07:24 PM
Well ladies I finally saw a new low today. It wasn't by much, but still. I have seen 179.6 several times. Today I saw 179.2. Do I dare hope for 178???

Susie- Keep checking in when you can. Have fun in FL.

10-03-2009, 09:26 PM
Just stopped in to say YAY!!!! 178.4 BABY!!! TOM is coming so I am hoping to limit any gain. I am insisting on getting those 1500 calories each day and keeping workouts steady. Hope it works.

10-05-2009, 08:12 AM
:woohoo: Mindy! Keep up the good work!

Susie, have a great time on your trip!

I had an on plan week-end with great workouts. 52 days until Thanksgiving. ;)

10-05-2009, 05:04 PM
I had some stress today; our garage door broke as I was leaving for the gym. I went anyway and had a good workout, and I also stayed on plan. The door is fixed now and I was not derailed by the unexpected. :whew:

10-06-2009, 08:01 AM
Hello Ladies! I am having a wonderful conference and in two days my DH is joining me at this wonderful place.

I am really proud to say that my eating has been good. I'm eating well and I mean on alot of wonderful veggies and whole grain items. I have been getting a lot of walking in.

My conference is going well and I find it very uplifting--and I need that--we all do but I really needed it with the upcoming change in my employment.

Mindy: You look so GOOD with that new number!!! Keep fighting are winning.

Ward: Good job for staying on track and I'm glad the door got fixed quickly. I hate dealing with things like that. We had a problem with our water heater not heating and my hubby had to deal with that after I left but it's fixed now and it wasn't too costly. to hit the shower and get ready for another round of sessions today.

I will miss BL tonight so be sure to watch and tell me what happened.

10-06-2009, 08:41 PM
Susie- trying to finish up here so I'll be ready for BL. I'll let ya know. Glad yo hear you are having a good time. Where are you at??

Ward- You keep going like the energizer bunny.

Went from178.4 to 179.8 in 2 days, but TOM has arrived so it all makes sense.Now I am just hoping to come through this with a little bit of weight loss.

10-07-2009, 08:08 AM
Hello--I haven't watched the Biggest Loser so someone fill me in!

Mindy: I am in Orlando florida at the Administrative Professionals Conference. It's so awesome!

Ward: How's it going? What's the workout plan today?

Kelly: Do we need to send out a search party for you? We miss you!!!

So, last night was our gala..and it was "Let's rock and Roll" people were dressed in all decades of rock and roll. The food was great! The alchohol was a full bar and FREE and the DJ was one HOT, HOT, HOT man.

Not to mention they had these guys dressed like KISS.....I danced and danced and danced and drank and danced and at and danced and danced and danced. And when it was over at 10 we went to a club and danced some more!

I got on the scales in the gym this morning and I've lost 3 lbs snce last week! I think being in a hotel where I'm catered to and the night life agrees with me!

My hubby flies down today and we will be here until Sunday doing the Disney things. The conference is over at 4:00 p.m. I hope I last that was a late night and a early morning.

10-07-2009, 09:19 PM
Susie- Sounds like fun. And losing weight to boot. Now that's awesome. Enjoy it girl. Real life will be back too soon.

I was 178.8 today, on day 2 of TOM. It is the day to kick my butt too. Killer cramps and all. YIKES!!! Well let's see what the rest of the week holds.

10-08-2009, 06:39 PM
Hello-It sure is hot in Orlando! Today is my 21st wedding anniversary. We are going to Emeril's for our anniversary dinner.

We spent the day shopping at Downtown Disney and Pleasure Island

Tomorrow we are going to Kennedy Space center and Saturday to Magic Kingdom.

How's everyone doing?

10-09-2009, 08:00 PM
TOM has moved through leaving me at 179. I am hoping to lose a few pounds in Oct. I am looking forward to seeing 175.

10-11-2009, 12:06 AM
Hi Ladies: Tonight is my last night here in Orlando. We spent the day at Magic Kingdom. Watching the fireworks tonight over the castel was truly an amazing site.

I'm off work Monday--need to get the laundry caught up and my house clean. I also have an interview at 3:00 p.m! I hope it's everything I'm hoping it to be.

When I get up in the morning I'm back to buckling down and working hard to get this weight off. That means back to writing down my food and my feelings. I've got a lot going on and I think it's important do these two things. Also, my workouts will be just like stating over. I'm going to give myself 6 weeks to get my routines going again at the level that I was about 3 months ago.

Mindy: I think you can make it to 175 lb by the end of October.

Where is Kelly and Ward?

10-11-2009, 01:45 PM
Susie- Sorry you trip has come to an end and it is back to the grindstone. It sounds like you had a great time though. Time to get serious again. I know you can do it. If I can do it, anybody can.

I don't know if I will reach 175 by month end but I am giving it one H*** of a shot. I was 177.8 today. Yep, you heard right. I hope I am firmly plante in the 170's and will never see 180 again.

Got dressed yesterday in my new, SNUG, size 10's. Well, they are not too snug anymore. Had one of those moments looking in the mirror wondering who the heck that person was. It is surreal.

10-14-2009, 01:56 PM
Mindy: Mirror, Mirror on the wall...who is that thin girl that I see this fall?
She's the girl who has worked out everyday and pushed when she felt like giving in and look how GREAT she looks in that size 10!

Ward & Kelly: Are Mindy and I going to have to hunt you all down? We will!

I'm crazy with trying to catch up with work. I leave again next week on Wed for Vegas and will be back on that Sat.

I have a job interview with a GREAT company this Friday and I want it so badly! The big hurdle is I have to take a math test. NOT my strong suit at all. They sent me a practice test and I'm calling in all my resources to help me figure out how I figure out the word problems. I have trouble with the concept. If someone goes over the problem with me and shows me the steps they took to solve the problem (the way/path to work the numbers) then I can do them. I've got sessions set up with my brother and a friend of mine as well.

I'm walking when I can for exercise and I'm not binginng or eating between meals--for now it will have to do. After my traveling is over I will get back on track.

Did anyone watch BL last night?

10-14-2009, 08:21 PM
Susie- It does pay off.....eventually. I know I get crabby and disappointed at times, but it does finally come off. Can't believe I'm so close to saying I've lost 75 pounds. WOW!!!
Have fun on your next trip. Is this one for work??? Good luck with the interview and the math. I know it sucks. I hate math. I'll just come right out and say it.

I am just working, working out and holding steady at the moment. That's ok. I've lost a few recently. You know me. The tortoise and the hare.

10-14-2009, 08:34 PM
Hi guys! I am still plugging along. On plan for a while, then way off. Exercise is good.

Mindy, keep up the good work!

Susie, have fun in Vegas! And best of luck with your interview. I am kind of a math geek, myself. ;)

10-16-2009, 08:49 AM
Hi, I didn't make it to my weigh-in last night. So I have no idea where my number on the scales stands.

I hope I have just one more week of this totally out of control work schedule and then I can really focus again.

Next week is the trip to Vegas (yes Mindy it is for work) and then the next week the sale of my part of P&G; P&G Pharmaceuticals will be finished and the transition to the new company will start. There is a lot of work around getting things ready for the transfer of programs and such. There will still be some of that going on afterwards but I think it will be not as crazy because we will know what is going on. Right now we aren't being told a lot of things because until the deal is signed a lot can not be told. It's very frustrating to work this way.

I'm about to go work on some math problems in the hopes that I will be able to get some of them right during this test today.

I'll check in this weekend. I know that when I get here everyday it really helps me to stay on track. Anyone want to take that challenge with me to check in daily?

10-16-2009, 09:16 PM
I can check in daily. I feel like a broken record, so if I start repeating myself too much, just let me know, ok? I was on plan with eating today and my workout was good. I am making this for dinner tomorrow. Yum. My husband is leaving town on Sunday and won't be back until late Friday night. I am more than a little worried about sitting around at night by myself for those six nights. I tend to binge more when I am alone. Y'all will help me stay strong, right?

10-16-2009, 10:43 PM
Ward: We will help you--but you have to come here EVERY day...don't worry about sounding like a broken record..that is the sound of success!

10-17-2009, 03:57 PM
OK, I'm here! Chicken fajitas are in the crockpot. My daughter has already proclaimed that she will not eat any, so I should have plenty of leftovers for dinners this week. Workout is done, Group Ride + 20 min stair mill + 40 min elliptical + walk to and from the gym. When I came out it had gotten colder and was raining slightly. Picked a great day to walk! FAIL. Anyway, then we went and got our flu shots. I bribed the kids with lunch at McDonald's if they didn't scream and cry. So all went well; I had coffee while everyone else ate burgers and fries. DH leaves tomorrow afternoon so I am going to have to be really strong.

What are you guys up to this week-end? How was the math test, Susie? I know I said I was good at math, but I have to share that my daughter's 2nd grade homework stumped me a couple of weeks ago. The question was to count the number of faces, edges and vertices on the pictured objects. I had to google vertices. LOL - One of the objects was a sphere, so it was obviously a trick question anyway.

Mindy - who cares what the scale says when you can wear a size 10?!? Rock on, girl!

Kelly - miss you!

10-17-2009, 05:42 PM
Hi Gals: How's your Saturday going? I was up early for a eye appoitment for me and DH. My eyes are fine. I had lasik about 5 years ago, DH needs reading glasses and sometimes needs helps with distance as well, so he ended up with progessive lenses. When it was all said and done I was $500 poorer...oh's just money right?

As you know I'm a binge eater and after that math test yesterday when I came home and had 2 hours to myself here it was "Katie bar the door". So today I am going through sugar withdraw...and detoxing....lots and lots of water. I had not binged like that in a long time. It is all just getting to me but you know, overeating doesn't change it. WHY do I choose to comfort myself like that? It's really strange when you think about it.

We are going out to dinner with some friends. I will make wise choices.

I got most of my house clean today but still need to mop the kitchen and bathroom tomorrow.

Ward: It's good to see you here. I'm proud of you for making it. I know that when DH goes out of town you can get off track so come here...we are hear to help and I think that coming every day and knowing we are waiting to see you will help you.

Mindy: How's your day going? What workout did you do today?

10-17-2009, 07:46 PM
Well first off let me say I am in a pissy mood. Some plans I had fell through, so I've been kind of bored. The scale was all the way back up to 181.2 today. It has been slowly climbing over the last several days. Why?? Who the H*** knows? All in all, not a good day here.

I did go out and buy a new DVD, put out by shape. It targets hips, butt and thighs. I am gonna give it a whirl here in a bit. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

10-18-2009, 11:26 PM
Hi--it's late but I made it here! I am frustrated..I just spent the last 45 min filling out an online application and when I went to attach my resume and cover letter it cleared the online applicaiton...I did this twice and said forget it. I"m calling the company tomorrow to see if there is a email I can just email everything too.

I did very well with my food today. I haven't worked out in forever. This is my last week of traveling...after that it's back to the gym. I won't have my work gym after October 31, but I can pay $5.00 a class to take Zumba so I will still do that on Wed.

Mindy: The old Mindy would not buy a workout DVD to deal with that bad mood....I'm so proud of you. Not sure why the scales are going up on you. Hang tough.

Ward: I know you are home alone..without hubby...where are you and what are you doing?

Kelly: Are you every coming back?

Ok.I'm off to bed..see you all tomorrow.

10-19-2009, 09:45 PM
Ladies--I am so tired and stressed out--it's work and dealing with all the upcoming changes and how busy we are and trying to look for jobs. I know something has to give and soon or I'm going to be in bed for a week!

So, tell me, how am I going to rest in Vegas?

How are you guys doing?

10-19-2009, 09:56 PM
I'm sorry, Susie. I hope all of the turmoil ends soon.

I have made it through business trip day 1, and night 2. Still on plan, four nights to go. I am going to bed early tonight; I am beat.

10-20-2009, 10:56 PM
Boy did I get busy her for the past few days. Tonight I went to an event my sister organizes. FOOD FEST. I ate dinner before I went, and had a small slice of cake and a cookie when I go to the event. Had a few bites of other peoples samplings. I really tried hard. I haven't even worked out in 2 days. Tomorrow I am back at it. It is a walk/jog day. This is mid-cycle, so we will see what happens. I am going to work hard to minimize it.

10-21-2009, 10:08 PM
Does anyone know how many calories one burns in a day standing because for the next 2 days I will be on my feet from 9:30-5:00 working the trade booth in Vegas at the AARP convention.

When I get back from this business trip, the serious food and exercise makeover begin. Right now I'm just focusing on holding steady.

Ward: Be sure when you are tired like that you go to bed or rest. Sometimes I find myself eating when I"m tired and really I should listen to my body and give it the rest it is asking for.

Mindy: Some times a small break can do you good.

Ok..ladies got to go shower and meet the ad agency for dinner.

See you all tomorrow

10-22-2009, 05:49 PM
Have fun in Vegas, Susie!

Mindy, did you work out today?

I am holding steady - workouts are good and I am on plan. My DH will be back late tomorrow night, so I only have to get through the next two nights without bingeing. And tonight I have to take the kids to t-ball (again) so I will be home later and dead tired again.

Saturday I am meeting some friends for breakfast (and missing spin class in the process) and Sunday we have a neighborhood festival, so week-end challenges are in place.

See y'all tomorrow.

10-22-2009, 07:33 PM
I am dressed and ready for my workout. I am letting food digest for a bit first. Last night was walk/jog, so tonight will be some type of strength DVD. Not sure what yet.

I popped back over 180 today, hopefully just for a minute. Youa ll know this is mid-cycle time for me, so I excpect it. Hopefully it will start coming back down soon.

Keep working hard girls. It really does pay off.

p.s. Kelly was told yesterday that she shouldn't lose any more weight, by a co-worker.

10-23-2009, 09:01 PM
Hi Ladies: It looks like you have all been doing well this week--keep it up so those scales stay down.

Ward: You can make it through without have done very well this week. It sounds like a busy weekend for you. Keep on track..come here everyday and let us know how you are doing.

Mindy: I'm sure you popped over 180 for just today. Enjoy your workout!

Kelly: What's this I hear that you shouldn't loose any more weight? It's wonderful that your co-workers have noticed your weight-loss.

This is my last night in Vegas. I have enjoyed it and seen some of the city but I'm ready to come home.

10-24-2009, 02:39 PM
New start for me today. I'm headed home and I'm going back to walking 5-6 days a week, logging my food, coming to this website everyday for accountability and I will also start some light weight training 2 days a week.

I also have one more week left in my current position and then moving to the new company. I have a tendendacy to take on to much at work. I know that I will have new things to do and I will work on those but I'm not going to take on to much--I'm still planning on looking into finding another job; I just don't have good feelings about this buyout. Therefore I do not want to be working late all the time; I want time at home to workout and search for jobs.

It's about me know---my goal is 15 lbs off by New Years.

How are you guys doing?

10-24-2009, 07:29 PM
I think I'm over the mid-cycle crap. The scale was back to 179.2 today. I've got a good few weeks until TOM. Hopefully I can make some good progress. I just did Jillian's kickboxing DVD and boy did it kick my butt.

Susie- You make sure you get back on track girl. I am going to hold you accountable.

10-24-2009, 09:39 PM
Go, Susie! You can do it!

I can feel a whoosh coming, Mindy!

Made it through today on plan. Tomorrow will also be full of temptations but I can't cave a month before Thanksgiving. Jeans were comfortable today and they need to stay that way!

10-26-2009, 07:50 PM
Ward- Funny how you said your jeans were comfortable today. Mine were tight all day long. I feel fat as H***. No whoosh for me yet. I am feeling like I'm making no progress.

10-27-2009, 09:52 AM
Finally I'm here! I hate when I miss posting....I know it's important to my success to be here every day.

So, I had a major victory yesterday. When I came into work my cube was surrounded by department decided to have a "Food Fest" in honor of Halloween. But I resisted the food. I just kept telling myself how all that sugar would make me tired and cranky (because it really does that!). I did allow myself a piece of homemade pumpkin pie at lunch but that was it.

Tonight I am going to the Y after work for a 30 min walk and a 30 min upper body weight workout. I'm starting back slowly here gals.

Mindy and Ward: Jeans a better gage of what is going on with our bodies more so than the scales.

I hope a big woosh has arrived for Mindy and Ward I know you can hold it together to reach that Thanksgiving goal.

So, I've got to tell you that when I was in Vegas I couldn't believe how many thinner people there are in this world. I felt HUGE there and I didn't like that feeling. I kept thinking here I am in a fun place and I feel so self-conscious; it kept me from really enjoying the trip--that is the last time I let my extra self get in the way--I'm kicking my "extra-self" to the curb. It's holding me back and I can't let it!

10-28-2009, 09:43 PM
Susie, I am so sorry that you felt that way. :hug: Good job resisting the temptation at work. Keep making good choices and you will get there.

Mindy, if you want to feel like you are making progress, just check out your ticker. You have come a long way!

I was getting a little bored with my workout routine so I checked out a book I have read about here - The New Rules of Lifting for Women. I started Monday and I am committed to giving it one month. After that I will see how I look and feel and decide whether to continue the program (it takes about six months to go through the whole thing) or go back to my old ways.

Eating has been on plan. I am trying hard to keep it together because I know the week of Nov. 7 - 14 will be one long binge. Yes, my ILs are coming. I am trying not to think about it too much.

See you guys tomorrow.

10-29-2009, 11:21 AM
Hi :wave:

More food in the office today. These people are feeding their sorrow. Tomorrow it is official and we will no longer be P&G employemees but rather Warner Chilcot. Sometimes I feel very sad, and panicky and other times I'm just ready to move on (and hope that I really do have a job with this new company). I'm still sending out resumes and looking for jobs online.

I expect next week will be a very stressful week..everything will be new but yet we will still be in our P&G building.

So, I'm ingoring the food behind me.

I don't have TOPS tonight because it's trick or treat night in my hometown. The good thing about it is that the candy that is in my house will all be given away and since I don't have kids, none will be coming in!

Ward: Be sure to keep us informed about the book and the new routine.
I'm curious as to why you binge when the in-laws are around. Do they stress you out or is it that you eat out a lot or prepare bigger meals?

Mindy: Where are you girl?

Kelly: We miss you too!

10-30-2009, 08:31 PM
I'm here. I am just frustrated right now. I am up to 181ish. For October it looks like I will show a gain. A gain??WTH??? Probably just a pound, but still. I went back and researched July, where I lost 5 pounds. What was different. Well, I was doing a lot of 45 min. workouts and I was eating lunch out with Kelly once, sometimes twice a week. I am going to try that for a while and see what happens.

Susie- Hang in there. Change is never fun, but I'm sure you will breeze through. I have big changes on Monday also. I am getting 7 new children, putting me at 30, 1 over our limit. I am also getting some behavior problems because they feel I can handle them. Really??? Maybe I should be a "bad" teacher. They seem to hhave it easier in ways.

Enjoy the weekend girls. Happy Halloween!!!

10-31-2009, 11:24 PM
Hi Ladies: How is the weekend going for you? I got my hair done today and then I came home and cleaned the bathroom and kitchen like a crazy woman. I threw stuff out and organized and it felt so good when I was done. I plan on doing the some to my home office tomorrow.

Having things in place makes me feel in control and when I feel that way I do much better at losing weight.

Mindy: I was told that to burn fat you must do cardio for 45 min. So maybe there is sometihng to it, also are you sure that you are eating enough calories.

I think that 30 kids in a classroom would be caotic. I hope it turns out well for you. Stay on plan!

Ward: When are the in-laws coming.

I did very well with my food today; I think I've gotten the sugar craving out of my body. It was a few rough days going through sugarn withdrawl but I feel much better now.

Also, I had my 3 month blood draw to check my thyroid and felt out it was low again so my meds were increased. It was really low, like double the number it should be!

11-01-2009, 07:26 PM
Hi. Did everyone have an extra hour of sleep today? I like that when I wake up it gets light earlier but I hate that it is pitch dark at 6:00 p.m.

I have done well on my food today but I didn't make it to the Y. I just had to many things that I wanted to get done this weekend. I feel a bit disappointed in myself that I didn't make it a priority. I've got to/want to get back to where it is something that I would not consider missing. I"ll get there.

I am happy that I am conquiring the sugar cravings and not giving into the extra binge calories.

What did everyone else do today?

11-01-2009, 07:28 PM
Susie- I'll let ya know how this "new" plan works. Seems I am always trying something. If someone would just tell me what to, that works, I would follow plan with no problem. Tyring to figure this out on my own is the hard part. i am eating right around 1500/day, so I don't think that is the problem. Then again, who knows???

See ya all on Tues. probably. We have conferences tomorrow until 8:30. Yuck!! Not my idea. Plus I get those new kids tomorrow. What a fun day I have to look forward to.

11-03-2009, 11:02 PM
Hi--is it only Tuesday? Let me tell you this transisiton to the new company is scary--they have let go 30 people so far. I feel like if I make it to the end of the week I will be safe for awhile. That is all I'm asking for--I'm using that time to send out resumes. I've had a few hits and am hoping things work out well.

If you would please say a prayer for my employment safety I would appreciate it.

Mindy: How did it go with the new kids?

I didn't work out tonight as planned---i needed to go vote and then I had a couple of online applications to fill out. I will be sure to make it tomorrow.

I just finished watching the Biggest Loser did anyone else watch it?

11-05-2009, 09:28 PM
Hey guys! I watched TBL and I thought Tracey looked fabulous! What a homecoming she had, too. What was that all about?

Susie, have you heard anything else about your job?

Mindy, do those new kids have you tied up in a broom closet somewhere?

I have made it the past 24 days on plan. The pants-o-meter is happy. woot! Yesterday my stress level was through the roof because my son was sick, but I did not binge. That's partly because we were at the doctor's office for three hours, so there simply wasn't time. Anyway, he is much better today. I am not holding out much hope for next week though, because my ILs are due to arrive on Sat. At least I'll be getting a ton of exercise on Sat. It's time for the three hour spin-a-thon again!

11-06-2009, 01:29 PM
Hi--TGIF! I'm almost to the weekend. More scary stuff at work. 40 more people were let go and our Director quit! I'm really careful what I say on the web where everyone can read it but now that I'm really "looking" at what all is out there. I know eventually the end is coming and I'm preparing for it as much as I can. I'm working like the end is never coming and preparing that it could be tomorrow.

So, I made it to TOPS last night but I didn't make it for weigh-in..there were accidents on the way home that really tied up traffic. I was 20 min late to the meeting but I thought it was important to get there and I'm glad I did that. I always get my "food for thought" that helps me stay on track for the week.

Besides I had a feeling the scales were not going to look that great so I got a reprieve. Now begins the quest to make sure that next week those scales show a REALLY good loss.

What is everyone doing this weekend?

Ward: I thought Tracey looked good too...but I tell you, she really gets on my nerves quickly!
I hope you check in with us when your in-laws are here..we will keep you on track!

Mindy: Where are you girl?

11-06-2009, 11:00 PM
Girls, sometimes life throws you a curve ball. You either duck, or get hit in the head. My head is killing me. I'll share when I can. Right now I am not working out or eating, just stressing. And no. Nobody is in the broom closet.

11-07-2009, 10:36 PM
Mindy: I saw you posted that same thought on FB. Whatever it is just know that we are here where you need us.

Ward: Are the in-laws there and what are you doing?

I spent more time today purging items from my house. I just feel so overwhelmed with things. I am not a pack rat but for some reason I have a lot of paper in my life right now and I can't stand old mixed with new so I'm organizng and tossing.

When I do this sort of thing it helps me in my weigth loss efforts--if I feel overwhelmed I over eat. I also worked out a revised budget so that I am saving back more money than I was. I'm hoping that until I find another job I can continue with the new company and make my current salary. It is guaranteed for 2 years as long as they keep us. What I decided to do was to go back to the budget that I had when I started this job 2 years ago and live like I am making what I made two years ago so that I can save the difference. It will take discipline but I feel that is a good thing.

Next on my to do list is tomorrow I start logging the calories again--I've been journaling my food for the past 3 weeks and that is going well so it's time to start counting what I'm eating AND I am getting to the gym this week for sure for more than just yoga.

11-08-2009, 07:56 AM
Hey Susie! Good luck with the organizing. I really need to do that, too.

Yes, the ILs are here. So far so good, one night down. I did the spin-a-thon yesterday and it was fun. Beautiful weather, and they brought the bikes outside. I burned over 1100 calories! :carrot:

Bad news is that my washer decided to break. I have houseguests and mountains of laundry and no washer. Also something is wrong with my car. There will be no binge eating to deal with the stress. NO BINGE EATING!

Mindy, I hope you are ok, and whatever the curve ball was it's a good thing. Hey, Susie, maybe she's pregnant! (That ought to bring her out of the woodwork.) ;)

11-08-2009, 07:08 PM
Oh ****. that is a scary thought. But in a way it would be easier to deal with. Sorry to say that the curve ball is not an easy one. I am still realing and not ready to talk openly about it. It involves my daughter. It is causing a lot of pain and confusion right now.

I am trying to eat and workout, but I am so upset, that food is really the last thing on my mind. I made a BIG step in dealing with the situation today. There is so far to go that I can't even see that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Not yet anyway. I'm trying.

11-08-2009, 08:18 PM
I'm sorry, Mindy. I hope you get it all worked out. :hug:

11-09-2009, 11:29 PM
Hi Guys--so I had a little binge...maybe it was maybe is wasn't..tell me what you think.

All day I had to deal with hearing about more people being let go and my new Section Head asked me to give her a list of what I do--I can feel the scary monster breathing down my back! She was asking everyone to do this but know they want that for one reason.

So my first thought was I need chocolate. I told myself to wait until I finished the document and then I could see how I was feeling. When I finished, I still felt like it, so I took a walk to the mailroom, came back and still wanted it, so I went and got a pack of peanut M&M's. I did stop with that pack.

I also need to vent just a bit. I worked, came home, brought in the porch furiture while DH grilled out dinner. After dinner I cleaned up the kitchen then spent 2 hours applying for jobs on line. My laptop isn't hooked up to my printer so I went into the office to print of a couple of letters I'm mailing. DH wanted to look at something on computer. I told him to use the's faster. He did but complained--he's not used to the laptop. Then I wanted to get back on to check in here and he is complaining.

I mean I SWEAR! It is no fun to work all day and then deal with looking for a job for 2 hours in the evening. I am worn out..I can't believe he had the nerver to complain. When he was looking for a job I was the one typing his letters and sending things out and it's not like he was on the computer helping me. I wanted to scream and tell him off but I just didn't have the energy. But I am MAD!:mad:

Ward: I'm sorry to hear of so many mechanial failures to deal with always seems to happen that way. Your exercise looks great! Keep it up...even with the IL there.

Mindy: I was wondering if you couldn't be pregnant! and Ward was right it brought you out of the woodwork. I hope that whatever you are dealing with you find your answers and your peace. You know we are here when you want to tell us and even if you don't. Whatever it is, know that you aren't the only one who has delt with it...if so you wouldn't be able find things to read about. Huggggssss to you!

11-10-2009, 07:57 PM
Well I am down to 177 today. That is my new low. Not a good way to do it, but, oh well. Let me just say my DD has thrown me for a REAL loop. I am having a tough time dealing. It will be a long road.

Susie- Hang in there. I know it is tough right now. Hey, wanna join me on the trauma diet???

11-11-2009, 02:04 PM
Hi-Ok...I went and did my Body pump last night and I did Zumba today at lunch. Feeling much better about myself now. I will do a 30 min walk tonight before yoga. I bet the fat cells in my body are askig WTF?!

Mindy: I am glad to see that number for you but I wish you didn't have to get there the way it happened. But use it to your advantage.

How's Kelly these days? If you talk to her tell her she is missed!

Ward: How's it going on over there with the In-law's? I hope you are getting to your workouts--I know that will keep you grounded.

All is quiet with my work and I'm still sending out applications. I found out that one application I sent out for a goverment job at an airbase I qualified for...let's hope they like my cover letter and want to meet me, if I can interview I just might get it. (I actually like to interview) and I'm told I do it very well. Also a friend of mine works in that area so she is going to see what she can do to help me get an interview. That would be so awesome! I've been told that it can take a few months to actually get hired.

11-14-2009, 05:57 PM
Nobody Home?? I know Ward has the in-laws there. Hope all is going well with them.

Susie- Keep working hard. DOn't stress out too much. Good luck with the job and the job search.

Kelly is good. She is just hanging in there. I think she is kind of happy where she's at and not going to worry about anything too much. Life happens.

Me- Well I still have my issues. I am dealing the best way I know how. I am eating again. I am hanging around the 177-178 mark. That is pretty good. I am not killing myself with workouts. I do something almost everyday, but if I don't, I don't. Maybe I was just pushing myself too hard. I don't know.

Hope to hear from you all (including Kelly) soon.

11-15-2009, 10:27 AM
Hi--I have already got my walk in for the day and also did some yoga (about 20 min). My new approach to exercise is to do some cardio everyday and some stretching--I will get some strength in the somewhere-but for now I'm giving myself until the 1st of the year to get my new approach intergrated into my daily life.

I have also been keeping my food journal and looking up the calories so that I can attempt to stay in my range which is 1700-1800.

The scales on Thursday night showed my lack of paying attention to my food and my lack of was ugly girls....a 7 lb gain! That was over 4 weeks but still....

Mindy: I'm glad to know that you are eating again and that you are doing some sort of exercise everyday--it's ok to scale back sometimes--and right now this is what you can do and handle and it's so much better than just quitting.

Ward: When do the in-laws leave?

I'll see you all tomorrow.

11-15-2009, 02:13 PM
Well I cut loose a bit last night. Went out with sister and her friends. Ate nachos (good, but so bad) and drank. It felt good to relax but of course I paid for it today. Back up to 179 today. Well, I will be good this week and plan on some kickboxing today. Hopefully it will go back down.

I have found new support in my mom. We can help each other. We will make it.

11-15-2009, 10:41 PM
Mindy: I know you will make it. Hang in there!

11-16-2009, 07:14 PM
Back to 178 today and it is mid-cycle time. I just don't want to go back up over 180. that would be very depressing. I need to keep getting lower into the 170's, somehow.

Hope you are all doing well today.

11-17-2009, 09:00 PM
I had a whole conversation with Mindy today about how I read all your posts every day, but never feel like I have anything to say. I think it is just avoidance because I am doing absolutely nothing with my weight loss right now. I realize it sounds like an excuse, but with my husband and I having new jobs this school year, I feel like I spend all my free time driving around the city picking kids up and dropping them off at other places. By the time I get home, make dinner, do baths, and get kids in bed, I seriously just don't have the energy to worry about myself right now. The good news is that I am within 3 pounds of my lowest weight, so I am still maintaining pretty well, but I can tell I have next to no muscle tone left. That leaves me feeling pretty fat a lot of the time. I know I have 15-20 pounds left to lose. I am hoping things will slow down in January and I can spend more time after school working out with Mindy. If it doesn't get done then, it doesn't get done at all. I did buy P90X the other day, so I would like to give that a try. We'll see.

Mindy--For some reason, your body (weight loss-wise) responds well to stress. I really think your body was so used to not eating (back in the day..) that to lose weight at the rate you want to lose, you are going to really have to do some extreme calorie cycling. I know nobody should go below 1200 calories, but you have lost weight when you eat less than 1000. Not every day, mind you, but maybe a couple days a week. Try it out, see what happens. It will be like those days when you would "forget" to eat.

Susie--I am sorry to hear about your job and that darn gain last week on the scale. Is there a correlation between stress at work and the gain? Just say no to the dessert!;) You can do this!

Ward--You are going to get close to that 15 pound goal by Thanksgiving, aren't you? You've been missing for a while....hope that doesn't mean you are living in binge-ville.

I am thinking about you all girls. Think good thoughts for me!

11-17-2009, 09:34 PM
Hi Ladies--fast driveby. I am getting ready to watch BL.

I have been dealing with some sort of stomach bug. I just feel "ick"when it comes to eating anything but crackers and water so that is what I am doing. I think it is a 24 hr thing...I'm feeling better as time is going by.

Kelly: It is good to see you back. We do miss you. It is ok if you are just practicing maintenance right now....just don't stay away so long.

Mindy: I think Kelly might be right when it comes to the calorie cycling. I know you can stay under 180.

Ward: Did they leave yet?

11-18-2009, 09:42 PM
It is still mid-cycle and I was 179.8 today. Pushing right up to that line I don't want to cross. Maybe tomorrow I will eat very lightly. I didn't work out last night because I went out with co-workers. Tonight I did 30 min. of walk/jog. I'm at 1200 calories for the day. Maybe I'll keep it aroung 1,000 tom.

Kelly- So happy you came to speak for yourself. Susie is right. Just post every once in a while even if you have nothing to report.

Suie- My stomach is ick too, but it is due to some constipation issues. This seems to be a regular, or irregular, problem. Hope you fell better today.

11-20-2009, 08:59 PM
Well today was weigh-in. I was 179.4, up from last weeks 177.8. I am happy not to be over 180 though. Hopefully I will start to go down some now.

Just did 45 min. WATP. Hope it helps.

11-21-2009, 09:03 PM
Hi- I sure am glad that it is the weekend. I am happy to report a 1.75 lb loss at TOPS on Thursday night.

I'm spending the weekend cleaning my house and watching movies and catching up on emails.

I had an interview on Thursday and I think it went well. Iwill know in a couple of weeks if I get a second interview. They asked me if I would be able to travel to Louisville, KY for it and and training and I told them it was not an issue at all. I thought maybe it was a good sign that they were asking that.

Mindy: I'm glad those scales stayed under 180! Also, good job for doing the WTAP workout.

Ward & Kelly: We miss you!

11-23-2009, 07:33 PM
Doing okay. Got to work out with Kelly today. And we plan on tomorrow also. We just walked today, tomorrow we're doing a DVD. It's nice having a partner again.

I was 178.6 today. Mid-cycle moving through??? I hope so.

Susie- Congrats on the loss. Good luck with the interview stuff.

11-25-2009, 10:43 AM
Hi! Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving?:thanks1: Ours will be low-key. We are getting together with another couple that we hang out with. They are having it at their house; I am to bring deviled eggs, a pie and rolls. We will eat at 1:00 and then watch movies and then have dinner again around 6:30 pm.

Is anyone hitting the early sales on Friday? I'm not but I will be out in the stores in the afternoon. My budget is a lot lower this year but I'm still looking forward to buying gifts--and getting them!

So, I'm going to Zumba. I worked out last night. It's a good thing because I'm eating too much! I'm not binging, or eating between meals, but I'm having seconds and things like that...also, soda has made it's way back into my life--about one a day. I've got to stop that. It's bad for my IC and my waist line.

Did anyone watch the Biggest Loser last night? They were talking about how to stay focused at home. I wish they would have expanded on that bit more because that is where I get in trouble...when life gets of plan for me. I'm such a "plan" person and when it changes I get easily distracted.

What are your thoughts....ways to deal....with this?

I'll be around off and on this weekend....I miss you guys when I don't get here.

11-25-2009, 11:18 AM
Thanksgiving for us will be at my sister's house. We are a small family and will all be there. I never overdo it at Thanksgiving, it is just another meal. Worked out with Kelly again last night. 2 days in a row. She also plans to workout with me 4 nights next week. YEAH!!!! We walked about 30 min. and I jogged for about 15.
There were some boys who stayed after school and they started jogging with me. Next thing I knew we were racing each other down the hall. I beat them the first time. The second time I beat 2 out of 3. the third time I could only beat 1. Hey, I'm old.

Check in again later. Have a great holiday!!!

11-26-2009, 10:15 PM
Hi--I am happy to report that I have done well with my food today. I felt satisfied after I ate...not stuffed. Satisfied is a much better feeling.

I am debating if I'm going to hit a early sale or not tomorrow. Our TV is 21 years old and there is a good deal on flat screen's at Walmart...but I wonder if I can withstand crawling out of bed at 3:30-4 to be there at 5? If I do it, I"m getting that and coming back home and going to bed.

Mindy: It's so good to hear that you are working out with Kelly! and did you hear me cheering, GO MINDY! when you were racing those boys. I bet they were surprised when you beat them the first time!

I think I'm going to have to go flush Ward out. She needs to be here with us!

See you all sometime tomorrow or Saturday.

11-27-2009, 01:27 PM
Okay, seriously. What is wrong with my body? I have been spotting everyday for almost 2 weeks. It seems to be getting a bit worse, and of course I'm about 4 dasy away from expected TOM. Then yesterday I ate normally, I ate a small meal at Thanksgiving and thought I did really well. Today I was up 3 pounds. How does that happen???? It can't be food induced, must be driven by TOM. But really???? WOW!!!

I did go out this morning for a few hours. Wewnt in to Target and it was unreal. The checkout lines were almost to the back of the store. There wasn't anything that important for me to buy and I thought about leaving. But, I stayed. What the heck..

I'll check in with you all later.

11-29-2009, 09:28 PM
Hi! I can't believe that tomorow is Monday already! Those days off go fast!
Guess what I did today? I went to the Y to workout! Do you know how long it has been since I have been there on a Sunday?

I feel so good about myself for going. I want to show a loss on those scales on Thursday.

Mindy: I don't know what is going on with you and the spotting. It could be a lot of things. Have you had your yearly checkup? I would say that your weight-gain is indeed hormone related.

I'll see you tomorrow.

11-30-2009, 07:59 PM
Okay. It is time to get serious here. I am so stuck at this weight. I just go from 178ish to 181 ish, up and down. I haven't lost a thing in months. I eat about 1300-1400 calories a day and workout 30-45 min. a day. I miss occassionally, but not often.

So, what gives???? What do you all suggest??? All I can think of is putting in more time. Maybe I should do 45-60 min. workouts everyday. Should I eat less, more??? I am truly baffled at this point. Ideas?? Suggestions??

12-01-2009, 09:41 PM
Hi, I had a great cardio an stength workout tonight and my eating has been on track and guess mind, body and spirit are all feeling better---who knew! lol :smug:

I also have some encourging news on the job front. I have a second interview on Thursday with the company I interviewed with two weeks ago. I have to go to KY to interview--it's about a 2 1/2 hour drive so they are putting me up in a hotel the night before--I think they must be looking at me hard to do that. So I'm taking it as a good sign. I already checked and the hotel has a fitness my workout clothes are going with me.

Mindy: I have no idea why you are stuck. I have heard that our bodies can hit a set point. Not that you can't get over it, but we just need to figure out how. Have you done any research on how to break a plateu? I will try to do some on it as well and let's figure it out. In the meantime....keep doing what your are doing and let's just take it as practice for when you are at goal and you need to maintain...think about it as you are learning now how to do it.

:hug:to you....i know you are trying very, very hard!

12-02-2009, 08:20 AM
Good luck with the interview, Susie!

Hang in there, Mindy. Keep on doing what you're doing and the weight will come off. Maybe your body is adjusting to its new size.

12-02-2009, 02:42 PM
Ward!!!! So very good to see you! How are you?

12-02-2009, 07:49 PM
Hey girls. Good to see you both here. I was feeling a little lonely. Mon, tues, Wed, worked out with Kelly. Bad news is I pulled my quadricep last night doing lunges. It really hurt bad. I worked through it....somewhat, and i live to walk today. The more I walked and used it last night, the better it felt. today it feels like someone pounded on my leg for a few hours. Needless to say I am taking it easy. That does not mean I didn't work out, just did WATP a bit less exertion than usual.

I have no idea what to try next. My only answer is joining a gym in Jan. I have bumped up workouts to a minimum of 45 min/day. Let me know if you have any good ideas.

Susie- Good luck with that interview. Have fun while you're there. Good job working out and getting your mind in order.

Ward- Glad you're back. Hope the in-law visit didn't cause you too much trouble.

12-05-2009, 02:05 PM
Hi-I'm headed out with my hubby to do some Christmas shopping. What is everyone else doing today?

I think my interview went well...but you never know. I met with HR and then they asked me to stay for a company lunch and then had me meet with the President of the company for a chat. Talk about nervous! But I think I did well and at one point in my chat with the President of the company, he asked me what my strenghts were and I shared them them with him. At the end of the interview he asked me if I wanted to know what he thought my strenghts were and I said "Of course, please share them with me". He said that I had excellent communication skills and he liked that I looked people in the eye when I talked to them; it said to him that I was trustworthy.

I thought that was very positive. So, now we wait and see.

At the scales on Thursday night I stayed the same. I was a little put off because I have been working out a lot more and expected a loss. At least I'm feeling better.

Mindy: Tell Kelly we miss her! I'm sorry to hear that about your quad but very PROUD of you for finding other ways to get your workouts in.

Ward: What's going on with you?

12-07-2009, 10:12 PM
Susie- thanks for your vote of confidence. I still have to take it easy, because I have strained it a few more time this week. I'm kind of mad that I can't go full tilt, but something is better than nothing.

So i went all the way up to 183.6 or something during TOM. WTH??? Really!!!!! I have been going down daily a little bit. Today I was 181.4, but still nowhere near my low of 177. What happened to those days?? I really don't know what is going on. I think some new workouts are in order. Kelly bought P90X, hope to try that. I also asked for the new BL DVD's for Xmas. Hopefully I'll get those and that will change things up some. If all else fails, there is still the possibility of joining a gym. We'll see.

Susie- COngrats and good luck with the job.

12-09-2009, 12:05 PM
So what did everyone think of the Biggest Loser last night? I was inspired once again.

But I have to be truthful, until the new year starts I just don't know that I have the time/energy to take it up to the notch that I need to, to really show some big losses. So, I will be in that January bunch who is hitting it hard to loose weight..BUT what will be different is that mine will still be going in June and I plan to be down 30+ pounds by then.

So, my plan for the rest of this year is to continue to come here and be inspired and support you gals--are you both planning on posting to this thread through the end of the year? I will get in my walks at least 3 times a week and I will begin journaling my food and calories again. I've been doing the food intake but not counting it up.

I will also begin setting up a plan for myself next year with goal markers.

What about next year--are you gals interested in keeping our thread going? Should we start a new one?

12-09-2009, 09:23 PM
I am in a total "why bother?" frame of mind right now. But I absolutely will be back here hitting it hard on January 1.

12-09-2009, 09:30 PM
Hey!! I can't lose ya now. Of course I'll still be here. Yeah it is tough right now, but we really need each other till the end of the year. If all we do is maintain, that would be good. We might not be hitting it hard, but we still need each other to make ourselves a bit accountable, right??? Let's just all be sensible over the holidays and swing into action after the new year.

My big gain (like 4 pounds) over TOM, is just about gone. I am back to the 179ish range. I can't seem to get any lower than 178 or 177, but I'm happy to be back under that ugly 180 mark. I have had a workout partner Tues and Wed and i will tomorrow also. It is nice to be working out with someone again. Maybe that is the inspiration I need. We are doing some P90X tomorrow. Kicking some butt.

12-10-2009, 09:39 AM
Hi! It's snowy and cold here in Ohio today. Part of me wants to put on sweats and curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and a book--but of course I'm at work so there goes that! :coolsnow:

Tonight is my TOPS weigh-in. I stayed the same last week and I think that is what will show tonight. I'm ok with that--until the 1st of the year and then I'm right back here with you gals hitting it hard. I'm so glad to know that you all will be here too...then and now.

I agree that we need to help each other maintain until the 1st of the year. We don't want extra weight to take off, just the remaining wait to take off. So, I'll be here doing just that.

Mindy: Glad to see that you are under 180....some numbers can just freak us out to much! That's great you have a new workout partner! I hope you both inspire each other and you bring that inspiration here.

Ward: What is going on in your profile picture?! That is very funny. I sort of felt like "why bother" as well..that is why I gave myself permission to let down a bit and just maintain until the 1st of the year.

Have a great day ladies...see you tomorrow!

12-13-2009, 06:56 PM
Hi. How has everyone's weekend gone? I can't believe it's almost over with. Mine was pretty busy with home things. DH and I baked cookies yesterday-they are for our office gifts and I"m proud to say that I only ate 2 last night and that has been that.

I wrapped gifts. I only have his left to wrap. I have to do that when he isn't home. So it will be one night this week if he works OT.

I just don't know how I'm going to get a workout in this week. Every night it's something to go to. I will try to get in 30 min walk 3 times this week and my yoga class. Yoga helps me in so many ways...especially with my IC--which is stirred up with all the work uncertainity. I haven't heard from the job I went to KY to interview. Last Thursday was a week so I think I"ll here something soon. In the meantime I'm thankful for the job I have--but last week they got rid of our Marketing director. The signs are not good.

Looking forward to seeing your posts.

12-14-2009, 08:07 PM
Susie- good job with the cookies. I am avoiding it like the plague. I skipped the cookie exchange at work and don't want to make any for home. I'm sure that won't work. I will get too many complaints. A tradition in our house is peanut butter balls. I know I can't skip it, but I also can't eat them, or resist them. What to do???

I did good at our work party Sat. Didn't eat much at all. Still went up on the scale though. Why?? Just because I didn't work out that day?? Who knows. I was 179.2 today. My body really likes that number. I must get past it though.

Workouts at school have been interesting. A different mix of people show up each day. Today all four of us were there. Tomorrow, just me and Kelly. Wed. probably just me.

12-16-2009, 04:15 PM
Hi--The work world is beginning to slow down. It has been crazy in our offices but today is much quieter.

I have not heard anything from the interview in Ky. It is making me nervous. I usually eat when I'm nervous but I haven't been. I've actually been pretty good. I'm not working out much so I need to be sure to be really good with the food.

I'm ready to get back to regular workouts and schedules but I am looking forward to the time off after Christmas. Most of my office will be out next week and I won't mind coming in. I can get a lot of personal files cleaned out and it's just very relaxed.

Mindy: I have no idea why your body gets stuck at these numbers. If you go back in the threads you will see the same thing happend when you were going from 200-199.

As for the peanut butter balls (YUMMY!) I couldn't have them around. Can you make them and then take them somewhere? Maybe to a store you go to often and know the cashiers or something like that?

Ward: Are you around?

12-21-2009, 09:51 AM
Hey girls! What's happened around here. It seems we all fell off the face of the planet. I guess it's just that time of year and everybody is busy. Still trying to finish Christmas shopping. I think today will do it. Just a few things left to get. Then I need to clean, wrap and do a "little" baking.

My goal for Dec. is to maintain, but secretly I would like to lose a pound. I am working at it very hard. I have done a good job avoiding those "bad" foods. Working out everyday. I sure hope I get some new DVD's for xmas. I am so bored with what I've got.

A friend on another thread suggested that I bump up my calories to 1800/day. Now that seems crazy high. Don't think I'd even dare try that. I am holding at around 1300/day. Maybe I'll try a few higher days and see what happens.

Hope to hear from you all soon. Enjoy the holidays.

12-21-2009, 02:09 PM
Hi---my weekend was very busy. We had a funeral to attend and a Christmas about extreme emotions.

I'm working this week until Wednesay. It is very quiet here...I sort of like it.
A friend of mine, who moved to another floor in the building, and I have decided that we are going to take a break at least once a day and meet for a walk in the building. If we walk to the mail room, it is a 1/4 of a mile. So doing that walk would be a 1/2 mile. If we have time we are going to do it twice but we will most certainly do it once. I think it's a great idea to get in some extra steps.

I'm still working on my "plan" for the new's coming together and I'll be able to share it with you soon.

Mindy: Let us know what happens with the higher calorie days. I would encourge you to get those calories from protein and not fat and sugar.
Have fun with the baking and don't forget to give it away!

12-22-2009, 10:04 AM
Hi, Is everyone hanging in there? I really binged on sugar last night to calm a fear and frustration and I'm so upset with myself. I desperately need to break that cycle. I know that it has to be something I reprogram in my head.

I wish I could afford therpy for this but I can't so I'm going to have to solve it myself. Does anyone have any self-help book recommendations?

12-23-2009, 10:19 AM
Hello?? I'm sure everyone is busy with the holiday. The only reason I have time to post is that I'm working and NO one is here so I'm taking it easy, doing some work, then some personal computer time and then some work....

So, as you know I'm plotting a plan for next year. I have decided that I am getting this weight off next year or I am just going to forget about it. I'm really tired of this as my hobby. I want to loose the weight and then have a new hobby of keeping it off.

So, I want to loose 100 lbs. I's a lot...but it can be done...I might not get it all off in a year but I will count success as losing 75% of that number.

I did some searching on the internet about how to loose 100 pounds in a year. I have some pretty interesting information and it all seems very truthful and doable.

One thing I leanred is that I need to not only drop my caloric intake but I need to get 30% of my calories from protein, 50% from carbs and 20% from fats. They also say that I need to split my 3 main meals into 6 during the day so that I am properly nourishing my body and stop it from thinking that I am starving. Also, I must exercise for 30 minutes twice a day for six days a week. This means that some days will have cardio morning and night and some days iwll have one cardio workout and one weight workout.

So, I think I have a good base there, now the task of how I can do all those things. I have some ideas in mind and I'll be sharing those later.

I hope everyone is having a good day!

12-23-2009, 05:30 PM
Susie- It all makes sense. The tough part would be getting in 2 workouts a day. I hope you figure it all out. Let me know what else you learn.

I am so close to a new low. I have been 177 and 177.2 for a few days. If only a half pound would disappear, i could dip down to 176. PLEASE???

12-26-2009, 09:24 PM
Hi-I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. We sure did. We had time to spend with family and friends and that makes it really nice for me.

Today marks the end of all the holiday dinners--and I'm glad. It's always good food but so much of it! I have about all the straggling "treats" pitched out of the house. I have made a decision that starting tomorrow with the food I'm getting back on track and on Monday with the exercise.

I told my husband we are going to the Y to walk every night next week. We won't be able to go on Friday because they will be closed but we have a friend who is turning 40 that day and that night he is having a party complete with a DJ, so I'm DANCING! That has to count as exercise.

Mindy: I sure hope you get that number you would be a Christmas miracle for you! ;)

You are right that getting in 2 workouts a day would could be tough but I think it is doable since I'm committed to meeting a co-worker friend every day to takes us about 30 min to walk the building so that would count as one and then I would have my after-work workout.

I also have something in place to ensure that I get to the Y. The hardest nights for me to get there are Monday and Tuesday. We both (DH and I) get stuck at work and then we have to fix dinner, go to workout and since we both don't get off work until 5 and drive 30 min to work it makes it hard..the hard part is getting dinner. So, I have a friend who is going to cooking school. I am going to pay her $20.00 a week to fix us dinner on Monday and Tuesday.

I had been keeping track of how many times we went out to dinner or did fast food on Monday and Tuesday and it was about 3 times a month. That easily adds up to $20 and it's not good I think I found a solution.

I'm looking forward to hearing from everyone.

12-28-2009, 09:28 AM
Hi! Just checking in. I'm working from home today. NOTHING is going on at all. I'm cleaning out electronic files and I will also be cleaning my house. I'll do some work, check email, do some work, check email. I have to do this tomorrow too.

Are you thinking about your New Years Resolutions?

12-28-2009, 10:18 AM
Well Susie. It looks like we are going to have to go hunt down our other comrades. They have been missing for a while.

Sounds like you have a great plan in place. I'm sure you will get those 2 workouts in each day. Having someone make your dinner sounds great. Wish I knew someone i could pay to cook for me. I'm sure it will all be low-cal, healthy food too. Good luck to ya.

My Goal for Dec. has been to maintain, but secretly I want to lose a little. Even if it's just a pound. I have been hanging around in the 177 area for a while now. TOM should be any day now so I am considering myself in VERY good shape right now. Last month I gained 6 pounds before and during TOM. Hopefully that is not going to happen this time.

I want to end the year at a new lowest weight. It could be 176.8, but even that would make me happy. I started the progesterone cream again, so maybe that will help. We'll see.

I am having lunch this week with the girls from work. It will be my one good cheat meal of the week. I haven't been very strict with calories and think I am actually eating a bit more. Maybe that is the trick.

12-29-2009, 09:21 AM
Hi. Not to much going on here. I'm working from home today, then I'm off work until Jan.4th.

This working from home isn't to bad--I work a little--mostly just check email..but not to much is going on in that area. I cleaned out my electronic files yesterday. I also got the tree put away and the other other Christmas decorations put away as well.

I cleaned my home office and today I'm going to clean my house. I might go to lunch with a friend.

Mindy: How did lunch go? BTW, I went looking for Ward on FB and sent her a message that we miss her here.

How are things looking for that 176.8?

12-29-2009, 10:39 AM
Susie- I also contacted Ward by PM. Hopefully she will stop in and say hi.

TOM is starting today. I am up a few pounds- 179.6. But hey, I'm not over 180 and still feel like I'm in good shape. Hoping for that 176 after TOM.

Lunch was fun and we are doing it again today with our "extended" group of friends. Christmas break is kind of weird. I don't have much to do. I am going to do some scrapbooking as soon as I get some pictures printed.

Enjoy your time.

12-30-2009, 09:10 AM
Good morning. I have a lot to do today. I'm getting ready to clean the bathroom and after that my whole house is cleaned. We will have people over tomorrow night and I wanted to have the house cleaned before tomorrow so that tomorrow I can truly relax.

I have an interview today. I have never heard anything from that one company that I went to KY to interview with but they told me I would hear something eithier way and so I'm being positive about it--I haven't been told no yet. I did call yesterday and they were out of the office last week and this week so I left a message that I was checking the status.

So, since I don't know what that status is I am still applying for jobs and today I have an interview. After that interview I'm stopping by Barns and Noble and picking out my journal for 2010.

Mindy: How are the numbers looking now that TOM is here?

I hope we see Ward soon. How's she coming back to us?

12-30-2009, 10:08 AM
Susie- Good positive attitude. I know I would hate to be job hunting right now. You keep working at it though. I'm sure you will end up where you will be happy.

TOM never really got rolling yesterday like I thought it would. I went up again today. Darn it all. I was 181.2. I was hoping to not go over 180, but what can I do. I know what it's from and know it will go away soon. I just want it to leave me lower than before.

Kelly got me the new BL DVD's for Christmas. I did last chance workout last night. It was good. It is one minute cardio, one minute strength move. HIIT training. I'm sure it will make it's way to my favorites list. It really worked the arms. They are a little sore this morning.

Hopefully Kelly will come back and post soon. I know she is here reading.

12-30-2009, 10:40 PM
Ironically, I got on here to post tonight, because I really need to get back on track, and Susie and Mindy, you are both asking about me. Thank you for supporting me even though I have seemingly dropped off the face of the earth. I am working hard to get back on track. I got the new BL DVD's for Xmas and even though I haven't tried them yet, I am looking forward to it. Tonight my hubby and I went to Kohl's and I got a new workout shirt and pants. I am happy to say when we got home I put them on and we did WATP 30 min walk. I feel good about it and I will continue. Through the fall and holidays I have put on about 4-5 pounds, and I do not like it. I feel like all my muscle tone is gone and it has been replaced with fat. It sucks. And I will change it.

Susie--I hope the job hunt goes well. Looking for a job is no picnic, and can be depressing. Hopefully you can keep your spirits up through the interviews, because you WILL get the job you desire! Keep up the good work on creating your plan for 2010. This is the year you will make it happen.

Mindy--How is the picture printing going? I am so sorry to hear you went up today. I was rooting for that 176 for you. You will get there. Hopefully adding Last Chance Workout and P90X to your stack of DVD's will help! I really am glad to hear your arms are sore today!

Have a great New Years Eve girls, and keep the alcohol calories to a minimum!!

12-31-2009, 03:38 PM's almost here...the brand new start to a new year...I feel excitment.

Thank you to all 3 of you, Mindy, Ward and Kelly for supporting me even though I did not make progress in 2009 with my weight-loss. 2010 is going to be different...I have plans in place and they are plans I have thought out and I know will work for me. Work is the key word...because I've got that to do with them...but it is work that it natural to me.

As for the job is tough...I'm trying to look now before I have to...I have a job, it just doesn't feel that secure. I know the right thing will come along, but just like my weight-loss I have to be the one who is working for it.

Mindy: No matter what that number on the scales says today, you have accomplished so much and I know that in 2010 you will again reach your goals.

Kelly: You have had a lot of changes to deal with and if you have only gained 5 lbs I'd say you have done very well. It looks like you have things ready to kick off in 2010...we will be there for you.

Ward: I hope you are out there reading...because we miss you and we need you. I saw on FB that you are thinking about a triathlon? You know where to find your support team!

I hope everyone has a great new years eve. We are going to dinner with 8 friends and then we will be back home with everyone.

One glass of wine...ok...maybe 2 are on the menu for me tonight but that's it!

See you all tomorrow. Is someone going to start a new thread? I've never done it but if I need to I can try...just let me know.

12-31-2009, 04:32 PM
I am reading, but with the kids home the last two weeks I haven't had time to reply. So sorry!

I will be ready for a new thread tomorrow. I'll start it if no one else wants to ...

Happy New Year, y'all! :hat:

01-01-2010, 09:27 AM
New thread is up! :carrot: