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07-30-2009, 10:00 AM
Okay - where did July go?? :o Bye-bye maternity leave, hello daycare kids! I managed to re-fill both of my spots, so I will be a busy little bee starting next week!

Yesterday was a great day! I stuck to my calorie restriction and got a 2 mile walk down the trail pushing the double stroller. Took the kids to the museum and they all behaved very well. :love:

Today we need to stay in and hit the books. Looks like the weather is going to be rainy, so it's a good day for it. :book2:

I posted this in another forum, but maybe you guys have some experience on this - I am nursing our son and he is eating a LOT. :bb: He will be 3 months old next week. I am HUNGRY all the time! I am consuming 1800 calories/day and am losing about 1 - 1.5 pounds per week, which I think is okay. Help! I feel I'm being burned for fuel!! :flame:

Hope you all have a great Thursday!

07-30-2009, 10:49 AM
When nursing I found that it didn't really matter how high my calories were, I kept shedding weight. My problem was not cutting my calories after I was done nursing. I gained back all the pounds I'd shed.

07-30-2009, 12:22 PM
mortonpixie - I know everyone is different and so it's hard to suggest calories for someone else, but 1800 seems pretty low while nursing. Maybe add a little more protein to try to fill up? Everyone is so different and I don't even know myself that well to make a good suggestion. :)

I just got back from spending 5 days with my parents. It was a nice visit and they live in a beautiful part of CA so the weather was awesome and I got to run in the mornings for as long as I wanted. We went to the beach and did some school clothes shopping. It was pretty fun. I tried really hard to design activities that didn't revolve around food because my mom loves to have snacks (chips, pie...) for the kids and me. She did a good job too not offering up unhealthy stuff. It was a good time.

When I got home I had an email from a co-worker who wanted to discuss next year's curriculum (I'm a teacher) and it sent me into shock. I am getting used to being a stay at home mom and really enjoying not working. I'm not ready for school to start. I also have some anxiety about my 5 year old going to Kindergarten so there may be some denial. :eek:

07-30-2009, 01:49 PM
I didn't breast feed so I can't help :(

Hey Wifey.. how's your beagle? Mine is still a stinker! I had to have the hubby build a gate to keep him off the porch. He decided he was going to "mark" my chairs and swing everytime he got close to them. The cats appreciate that he can't get on the porch any more. And the dogs don't really seem to mind.

Today I went ahead and got back on track. After the follow up dr. appt for my daughter and we found out we can't go to the beach or do white water rafting that we had planned. I thought if I am going to be home I might as well get back on the wagon. I also got my new dvd's today that I ordered so I am ready. I got 3 from Jillian Michaels and one from the Biggest Loser. I plan to do the 30 DS and then rotate as I bore easily with dvd's. Plus I got DDR for the Wii.

Here's a little inspiration for the day, of all places it came from a fortune cookie!

Struggle as hard as you can for whatever you believe in.

Yep.. I that's what I need to do.

07-30-2009, 04:11 PM
mortonpixie-I think I read somewhere when I was breastfeeding that you are supposed to add 500 calories to whatever you are shooting for when you are breastfeeding. But at the same time I think it depends on the individual. If your little one is at a healthy weight and seems satisfies after eating I would say it's probably fine, but then again if you are ravenous it is probably a sign you aren't getting enough...dunno...he also may just be going through a growth spurt.

rileyozzy-:hug: for going back to work and for your apprehension with your new kindergardener, I think I am going to be a nervous wreck when that time comes for me. What do you teach?

squeak351 - I have been doing the Kathy Smith workout videos, they are kind of a strength/cardio/pilates combo that I really like, it isn't high impact which saves my knees.

I was OP all day yesterday and my weight went down for the first time in a while :carrot: I am heading to a retirement BBQ and am going to keep my will power strong and stay away from the unhealthy foods!:carrot::carrot: