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07-28-2009, 12:29 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's going to be another cool sunny day in my corner of the world. I was up and dressed early because the dw repairman came early I think he was here maybe 20 minutes to put the new part in. I hope it works! I had an eye appt. and that place was busy with kids trying to glasses before school starts. I could hear mothers and children discussing frames; one little girl looked like maybe she was in 2nd/3rd grade and she was holding out for contacts. I'm meeting a couple of teachers for lunch later, so I really should accomplish something around here first. That's why I stopped in here! :)

Maggie -- It was nice of you to go to your friend's mother's funeral. That is not my favorite thing to do, but know that it means a lot to the family to have the support. I can just picture the kittens playing on your keyboard! :D

Susan -- I'm so glad you are able to go back to Curves! I know how much you enjoyed it before. :yes: Have a fun weekend with your friends!

"Gma" -- We could use some of your rain! Congrats on losing another 2#s that are gone forever! :cheer: Enjoy your day after you are done cleaning.

I do need to get busy! Have a great day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-28-2009, 01:08 PM
Good morning, ladies! Nice today and in the low 80s so far.

It was good to go back to Curves but every muscle in my body is complaining today. Pass the Aleve!

Faye, I see rain on and off all week in our forecast and when I checked PA it was the same. Guess I better take an umbrella. I do have trouble in humid or wet weather.

Jean, I hope the exorcism on your dishwasher was just what it needed and you can stop doing dishes by hand again. I didn't think they let kids that young have contacts!

Nothing happening today but sometimes it is nice to have a normal day. Have a good one.

07-29-2009, 06:50 AM
Good morning gals! I am going to try and squeeze in a swim if I can before the showers come down again today. I don't know if I can get over there and swim before the next round arrives in town but I am going to try. I need the exercise.

Jean: An optometrist shouldn't allow children that age to have contact lenses. Their eyes are mature enough for them unless they have a medical condition that requires it. I imagine at least a couple of them probably went home with them. Will be interesting when they try to put them in though. I can't see kids sticking their fingers up to their eyes can you? I am going to have to go in a couple months and I want to get bifocal contacts. I get tired of hunting for my reading glasses. I am not sure how I will take to them, but I do want to try. I know they are quite a bit more expensive though. Right now I wear Accuvue Advance which are more expensive than the regular Accuvue 2.

Susan: There are waves of thunderstorms rolling across the country and according to our weather won't move out until next Tuesday! I know we need rain, but I hate it day after day it is so depressing.

We are going to have chili and corn bread tonight so that will be a treat even though it is low in pts. Jack likes his chili with no beans, but I load mine up with beans and gives me a lot of nice fiber. I use ground sirloin and only put in 1/2 lb for a whole batch so 2 c is only 6 pts, which isn't bad.

Everyone have a nice day! Hope at least some of you are getting some sun!

07-29-2009, 11:54 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It was 52 degrees when I got up this morning! It feels more like Sept. than July! We are supposed to get some much needed rain later today. I'm home for the day and need to look through my stash of cards for August birthdays. I try to buy ahead and then forget who I bought for! :twirly:

Susan -- Your muscles will adjust to Curves once again. :) I hope you weren't too sore. I've been watching a neighbor lady dig a border and carry cement blocks from the driveway, down an incline to the backyard this morning. I'm thinking she won't be running any races tomorrow. :lol: So far my dw lights have stayed off. I should be able to try a load tonight. :crossed: Have a fun weekend!

"Gma" -- I doubt that the kids went away with contacts since they were all looking at frames. The mothers looked intelligent enough not to be talked into something age inappropriate. :yes: I tried bifocal contacts several years ago. Since I wear hard contacts they would "spin" and never be where I needed the bifocal at the time which was reading music. I'm sure they have improved a lot since then. Soft lenses stay put on the eye, don't they? Chili sounds good. :T I'm hungry for potato soup -- I mentioned that the other night and Bob thought I was nuts for sure. :lol: I hope you get your swim in before the rain comes.

I need to get busy. Have a great day and remember to :D!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-29-2009, 01:37 PM
It stopped raining long enough for the grass to be cut and all the edging to be done. Will is out there now still at it. Ragg Mopp is out there supervising. He got his bath yesterday and Will asked the groomer to look at his ear which he has been scratching a lot lately. She said it looked very red. So after the bath Will went by the vet to make an appointment and got right in. Drops in each ear twice daily. The vet said that long eared dogs get a bit of an infection here with the humidity and dampness. Air doesn't get down in there to dry it out. One dose of the drops and he quit scratching. We will keep up the treatment till the bottle is emptied as per instructions. The vet here charges 1/3 of what we paid in CA. :o I have 3 houses cut out yesterday and this day I will be grinding off rough spots then do some wrapping. So far the babies have not gotten into my glass works. They do take long naps. One of their favorite play stations is under the dining room table. Climbing on the chair rungs like a jungle gym and the under workings of the big oak table. Life is good.

JEAN I do hope your dishwasher works good now. I don't want a funeral and burial (I will donate my body to science) just want a bunch of Christians to give me a sing off. They can get together and sing all my favorite hymns and have a good meal afterwards and rejoice. Your neighbor is getting in some good exercise.

SUSAN Ouch with the sore muscles. Give them a chance to rebuild for they are screaming for a bit of a rest. You go girl with the exercise. I do hope you have a good time.

DONNA Contacts. I used to have bi focal contacts. Close in one eye and far in the other. As a result it brought on migrains because my eyes kept trying to adjust to seeing with one eye at a time. Now I have reading glasses in each room in the house and leave a pair at the church and in the car glove box. I do have a pair of perscription clear glasses that I rarely ever wear because I always use my perscription shades when I go out. They both have gradient lenses in them. I see fine in the house and to watch TV without glasses so my clear ones stay in their case. Next time I get my eyes checked and get new glasses they will just be a new pair of perscription shades. For me contacts would be a waste because I would have to use reading glasses anyway. Mox nix.

Got to go figure what I will fix for lunch. Type at y'all later. :wave:

07-29-2009, 08:54 PM
Good evening, ladies - More rain and horrible humidity when it isn't.

I went to Curves tonight. Got weighed and measured - sad to say. Oh well, it is what it is and now to change them. Going to start the diet on Monday (only because I'm going to PA for the weekend).

Maggie, They have bifocal contacts these days, not the ones where you have one presciption for distance in one eye and one close up. They come in both hard and soft lenses. I wish I could wear them. Poor RM with a sore ear!

Jean, I love soup all year long - the house has AC so the temperature feels the same all year. Potato is my favorite. I love the recipe from WW.

Faye, You made me hungry for chili. I have some in the freezer so I'll be having that tomorrow night. Did you get your swim in?

Well, I'm going to watch a little tv and have an early night with a good book.

07-30-2009, 11:09 AM
Good morning ladies. Icky and rainy here today. I have a few errands to run first thing this morning than I am in for the day. Jack is home with a pulled muscle in his back again. He says he thinks he did it last night taking the vacuum upstairs for me. He tooks some meds and put on one of thos heat wraps so he should feel better later on today.

Susan: I did get a swim in though I about froze to death. Kelly has a girlfriend coming into town with her two kids so I won't be going over there for awhile. I don't want to bother them when they have company. Hope you are getting good workouts at Curves. I am going to do walking around Walmart today for awhile since I have errands to run.

Jean: I make potato soup using fat free milk and fat free evap milk and ff chicken broth. You can't tell the difference and it is so yummy. Jack loves potato soup and I may have to make some soon as we haven't had it in quite awhile.

Maggie: They now have total bifocal soft contacts and that is what I plan on looking into. I think what I will do is try a pair before I buy them. I still have at least 2 months worth of contacts here at home before I have to go in and have my eyes examed.

Well gals, lots to do today and I need to get upstairs and get showered. Have a good one all!

07-30-2009, 11:50 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! We got some much needed rain last night and the clouds still look a little iffy. It's a cool 60 degrees in my corner of the world. Bob just left to mow at the cabin; he is leaving Sat., for Canada, to fish for a couple days. I need to pick up, vacuum, and make a grocery run sometime today.

Maggie -- I hope Ragg Mop's ear is on the mend. Ernie digs in his every once in awhile and the vet has cleaned "gunk" out of it. He was surprised because Ernie doesn't go outside at all. I'm trying to talk Bob into trimming his claws and using a Q-tip in his ear -- so far, no luck. :( I haven't had a chance to run the dishwasher yet, but the lights have stayed off so that is a good sign. :yes:

Susan -- I'm sure you will get your weight and measurements back to where you want them once you are back in the swing of things at Curves. :) What diet are you going to follow? Potato soup is my favorite also. In fact, I'm going to make some while Bob is gone. :T I need to go to the library and get a library card again. So far I've been reading books from the school library and ones that the teachers exchange; I will need to take those back to the lounge before school starts.

"Gma" -- I hope Jack's back is feeling better soon! Did your pool ever get a regular schedule set or even open this summer? It's too bad you can't just get a key and swim there. :yes: We needed our rain badly. The forecast is for cooler days and some rain showers for the next week. I wonder what our winter will be like since it has been such a cool summer? :eek:

"Hi" to everyone else. Have a great day and do something nice for someone else! :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-30-2009, 02:48 PM
It is a nice day in the mid 70's with a breeze and the sun shining in the heartland. Rained during the night as it does most of the time. I am telling you that these kittens are a hoot. The little gray one is a hoot. Runs so fast and jumps so high. His brother, the black one, is slower and totally different personality. Ragg Mopp is good about keeping them off the plants now that he knows we don't want them on them. At first we just gave them a bit of a water squirt then Ragg would go over there and investigate. Now he sees them near the plants and takes care of the situation. I have removed my crochet tablecloth from the dining room table because the kittens kept it pulled off anyway. I'll just use it when we eat out there. I use it as a cover to protect the table when folks are over to eat or play games. Life is good.

DONNA FAYE Poor Jack. His muscle hasn't yet gotten back to exact and so it got hurt again. Hope he is better by the time you read this. Ever thought about getting an upstairs vacuum? Years ago when my sis and her husband were on one of those game shows they won a house full of furniture and appliances. They got a total of 3 vacuums in that deal. They did have a huge 5 bedroom double story house at the time and lots of boys. Such a deal, fridgs and freezers and you name it they got the whole deal. Had to pay the taxes and it was theirs.

JEAN Our rain comes in the night mostly and then the sun comes out in the day and makes it humid. Hope your hubby brings back some yummy fish which you can then get out the lemons and tartar sauce and have a fish fry. What kind does he bring from the north? Walleye is good. My favorite is red snapper which is an ocean fish. Ragg Mopps ear isn't bothering him after the first drops were inserted. The directions are to do the drops twice daily for 5 days and he cooperates at med time.:o

SUSAN Hope your muscles have calmed down now from your exercise. Sounds like you have gotten a grip now and onward down you go. Hard, isn't it. when your meds interfere with your desire to lose weight. That is a real bummer. I have faith that you will not lose your focus and will bash on regardles. Hang in there.

Everyone have a lovely afternoon. Type at y'all later:wave: I am off to grind glass.

07-31-2009, 12:33 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining brightly and it is 73 degrees -- warming up! My uncle, who fell in the manure spreader, died yesterday. I'm waiting for the final word on where and when the memorial service will be. He donated his body to Mayo so he won't be there. I'm hoping it won't be Monday since Bob and Jason will be on their way home from Canada. It's a 3 hour drive so will see if Beth will ride along with me if it is Monday. Not much planned for today except more cleaning, sorting, and another Good Will box.

The guy next door is putting in a new driveway and the machines make a lot of noise. Ernie has been busy going from window to window watching.

Maggie -- The kittens will keep Ragg Mop on his toes for sure. :lol: Bob picked some flowers and put them in a vase yesterday. Ernie keeps going to them like he is going to chew on them. As soon as we say his name he takes off. I think his "terrible twos" ae lasting too long! He doesn't bother any of my plants so that is good. I think the guys catch mostly northerns and walleyes, but I'm not sure. My favorite is sunfish and perch caught off the dock where my parents had their cabin years ago. We'd fix them the same day -- hmm, hmm good! :T

"Gma" -- Did you sleep in today? ;) I hope Jack's back is better.

Susan -- I know you are off on your long weekend. Have fun! :yes:

I need to find a box for some golf balls and markers that Bob is giving as a prize for a golf tournament next week. MIL painted teeny tiny pictures on them and the tournament is being sponsored by the retirement home where she lived.

Have a nice day and remember to :D !

Jean -- :wave: and :D in Iowa!

07-31-2009, 01:32 PM
Morning ladies! I am a little late posting today. It has been a little nuts here this morning and I a bit behind. Jack is still home with his back and sound asleep as he has now moved on to Flexaril and it makes you dead sleepy.

Jean: I am sorry about the uncle that passed. It is an awful way to die that is for sure. One of these days you are going to run out of boxes for the Good Will.

Maggie: I would trade all that for winning new flooring, cabinets and countertops! :) Hope your day is going well.

Susan: Have you gotten our bad thunderstorms today? We had tornado warnings big time again last night but at least we didn't lose power though the satellite came in and went out.

Here is the sofa throw I made for my son's best friend and his fiance for their wedding. I am sure glad it is done!

I am going to go and fix myself some lunch so you all have a good day!

08-01-2009, 07:53 AM
Good morning ladies! Looks like the rain moved through for at least the moment anyway. It was sunny yesterday and somewhat warmer.

Jack is still having muscle pain with his back. I keep encouraging him to wear those heat wraps but he says they tend to not stay on very well after awhile. I guess it is just going to have to work itself out.

Today is shampoo the dining room day. I am going to have to do it as I don't want Jack doing it. It isn't hard, but Jack is going to have to show me how to use this one as I haven't ever used it and you put the water and soap in differently.

Nothing much else going on. I am working on some gift knitting and that's about it.

You all have a great Saturday!

08-01-2009, 08:27 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! I have been up and down most of the night. :mad: I ate way too much salt last night and paid for it running to the bathroom. Bob wanted to get up at 5 to leave for Canada so he was tossing 'n turning too. I plan on sleeping good tonight!

This morning is my morning to work in the hospital gift shop which will be a waste of time since there isn't much merchandise left to sell. I may cut my time short if I don't have any lookers/buyers.

The memorial service is Monday and Beth is going with me. She will be here tomorrow night so my plan is to clean out the spare bedroom so she can get in. I have got to turn in my "pile-it" license! :yes:

"Gma" -- The sofa throw turned out beautiful just as your projects always do! :D I'm sorry that Jack is still having back pain. That is not fun -- been there and done that! I don't know how to run our carpet shampooer; it's heavy and Bob has always volunteered. We need to do it again! We just have big area rugs but the one under the table seems to show the dirt the quickest.

To everyone else (Maggie!?) who is probably still in bed . . . hope you all have a GREAT day and enjoy the weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-02-2009, 08:13 AM
Good morning to you all. One rug downstairs done, one to go. I will tackle the living room rug this morning. It's all nice and fresh again in the dining room.

Jean: We bought a new cleaner a few months ago and though it is the same brand and close model, it seems to me to be much much lighter to drag around. Of course, not with the water and stuff in it! :D Hope Bob and Jason have fun fishing. What do they fish for, bass?

It has been so dreary off and on here with so much rain. I hope it moves on through soon. I am pretty tired of the gray skies. Makes you depressed and here you can guarantee it will be sticky!

Well, something is up with the neighbors on our right side. The whole group up and disappeared about 3 weeks ago now and we haven't seen hide no hair of anyone over there. I went out to get the mail one day and a car with Mississippi plates drove up to their mail box and dug out the mail and drove away and that has been it. I do know that around a month ago, I went out front to see if the pool gate was opened or not and saw a criminal summons for court tacked to their front door so they may be running from the law. It is always something around here that's for sure.

Have a great Lord's Day and stay cool!

08-02-2009, 11:21 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's another cool sunny morning in my neighborhood-- 52 degrees when I got downstairs. I have another load of laundry ready for the dryer, need to finish vacuuming, and clean the bathrooms before my chores are done. Not my usual Sunday routine by any means. :no: Beth has to work today so probably won't get here until later this evening. My plan is to be out of here by 7 in the morning, and it's about a 3 hour drive.

"Gma" -- I love the smell of just shampooed carpet! It would be nice if we didn't have to walk on it. :lol: I did ask Bob (I think Maggie also asked) and they fish for walleyes mostly. Once in awhile they catch something else. Their guide fixes their shore lunch so if they don't catch fish, they just eat potatoes and beans! :spin: They are only allowed to bring two fish across the border so they eat most of what they catch. I didn't realize they couldn't see land and that makes me a bit nervous. They do have a GPS if something were to happen to the guide, and they do sometimes see other fishing boats. I'm guessing your neighbors moved out during the night! You could write a book, I'm sure. I have way too much stuff to ever make a "fast" getaway. :lol3:

I need to get started on my chores. Have a nice day and enjoy!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-03-2009, 06:55 AM
Good morning gals! I now have clean carpets downstairs and dragged the shampooer upstairs so weekend after next I can do them. I have commissary shopping this next weekend so there is no time.

Jean: Yes, I can just see you whispering to Bob, "No, we can't leave yet, I have 4 boxes in the spare room that need to go to Good Will!" :rofl: I don't think I have ever eaten walleye. I have had perch, which is what my dad used to catch when he would fish. I am not a big fish eater though. You and Beth be safe traveling today.

I have to finish cleaning the downstairs today. Jack was downstairs a good part of the day and I get nothing done when he is wandering around down here.

I lost just half a lb this week, but we did have an eat out session so that is to be expected.

You all have a great week and see you tomorrow!

08-03-2009, 02:18 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! A nice day in the 80s here.

I had a great time with my friends on our trip. We found lots of great fabric at excellent prices. I haven't counted up exactly how much, but over 30 yards. The quilt show was beautiful. This is the only show that makes me feel like an amateur because the quilts are exquisitely done. The other shows I go to, I have entered things and not felt intimidated. They had a ton of vendors there so I ended up spending $80 on threads and notions. In the evening the quilt shops close at 5 so we went to the outlet malls. One of my friends bought a pair of shoes but the rest of us just had fun looking. And I didn't do bad on the eating front because the scale was down 1.5 pounds since Thursday so all the walking saved me. It was hot and humid there and there were storms, but we didn't let it stop us.

Jean, I'm sorry to hear about your uncle. My condolences. I put 5 boxes and 2 plastic bags out on the curb this morning for the thrift store pick up. They come through our development once a month which is good. When I tell you my dh was a pack rat, I mean it. And there is still more to go through.

Faye, the throw is beautiful. You always have such perfect pieces when you are through. I have 2 rooms to clean carpet in upstairs then the hallway and stairs and I'll be done for awhile with that. I hate doing the stairs and have thought often about taking the carpet up and having someone come in and put wood flooring on the stairs. I think I could probably do it myself, actually.

Maggie, what are the kittens up to? Is Ragg Mopp's ear all better now?

Well, lunch time is over so I need to get back to work. Have a good day!

08-04-2009, 12:02 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! It's been a long day and I am heading off to bed shortly. The drive to and from the memorial service was about 3 hours each way. Afterwards Beth wanted to go on to my hometown and visit my parents' graves and to also see my dad's name on the veterans' memorial by the court house. The memorial service was nice. They had an old horse drawn wagon decorated with flowers outside the church and a display of pictures with my uncle's cowboy boots and a horse collar (?) thing inside. My cousin from CA made a quick trip home so it was nice to see her again. Beth left for her home earlier this evening after we ate supper. I kept falling asleep in front of the TV so it's off to bed I go!

"Gma" -- Congrats on another 1/2 # that is gone forever! That is 2 sticks of butter! :D

Susan -- It sounds like you had a fun time at the quilt show. I'm sure your quilts are just as beautiful as the ones that were on display! :yes:

Have a terrific Tuesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-04-2009, 06:23 AM
Good morning to you all! I came down to let Fortune out and was going to just go back to sleep in the chair, but the bottom of my right foot started itching and drove me nuts so I scooted Fortune off my lap and got up for a few minutes with the intention of putting some lotion on it. It now, of course, seems to have stopped itching, probably until I get back in the chair again. :)

I am taking Jack's car to the glass shop today to get the windshield replaced. They aren't open on Saturdays so it is me or Jack after work so I told him I would take it then go take his car and get it washed and vacuumed out. That should be a job as it hasn't been cleaned in months and I am sure there is guck in it. Ahh well, a promise is a promise.

I need to contact Kelly and find out when her company is going home and I can use the pool again. It is very hot and steamy here again and I really could use the workout. Unless I go out around 6, which Jack really doesn't like me to do, it gets too hot to walk now. I can always go to the mall and walk.

Jean: Sounds like they had a lovely service for your uncle. We haven't been to Jack's parents' graves for years. He went probably 13 years ago now when he worked for a company in Chicago and they sent him to El Paso and he drove over to Las Cruces. My mom's grave is about an hour from South Bend and way out in the country in this little church cemetary and dad is in town in Mishawaka. I guess I just don't go because I have an odd way of looking at it. I always felt the soul is no longer in that body so basically a grave is a recepticle for what's left and it isn't your loved one. Jack is often horrified when I tell him to row me out into the Mississipi and dump me, but that's the way I feel. When my soul is gone, the body doesn't matter any longer and I think it is awful that family members have to spend thousands to get rid of the body. I acede to Jack's wishes about stuff only because it upsets him to do otherwise. I think going to the grave for me causes me grief at what I have lost so I don't visit them. It may be twisted, but it is how I feel.

Susan: Sounds like you got some yummy stuff! I love to yarn shop, but I know I need a project to get yarn not just willy nilly buy stuff. :lol::lol: Perfect pieces, uh huh! You don't see the finished projects close up! I discovered one small booboo on the throw, but I was not about to rip the thing halfway back when it was finished. I somehow got one row a stitch off, so the open weave is over one stitch in one row and that's it. I still don't know how I did that and the rest of the row come out ok because it should have thrown the rest of the row off one stitch too! Who knows? I kind of feel that though you strive for perfection, we aren't perfect so there you go.

Hello to Maggie, Gloria and Gail!
Have a good Tuesday all.

08-04-2009, 12:46 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! I have no "get up and go" this morning! I do need to finish laundry and should work on the ironing. Then Bob would see the evidence that I did do something today. Hah! He will be home tonight; he called last night and it was so cold up there that they had the heat on as well as fishing in the :rain: during the day. They did catch their limit of fish so everyone was happy about that.

"Gma" -- No one will ever spot the knitting "booboo" except for you! I have a hard time finding a missed stitch and then can never get it back on the needle the right way so end up pulling out a whole row. :( I don't know why but it is comforting to me to visit the cemetery where my parents are. It is an old, old cemetery but there are a lot of urns with geraniums in them and it is a beautiful sight to see. The green house plants them every spring and the cemetery keeps them watered and pruned all summer. I appreciate the fact that I don't have to worry about placing flowers on the their grave. My stepmom does a Christmas wreath and a little flag for my dad's birthday.

I'm going to give blood this afternoon, I hope. I was supposed to when Ernie bit me so knew they wouldn't take it with the infection.

Have a great day and remember to :D!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!