General chatter - I live on stress! Ugh! Encouragement please.

07-22-2009, 02:43 PM
So I am having major issues with this program that is supposed to help me with my training finances for nursing.

Due to having trouble keeping a non-medical job and being laid off--I decided to go back to school for Medical. Nursing specifically.

They have pretty tough requirements because it is so in demand. First off I needed my CNA license. I did not ask for any help with this training because I was told repeatedly that if I got help with my CNA license that they would not help with NURSING. So I did that on my own.

So now I am in the program and need help with the NURSING training and I went to the office 3 weeks ago. They gave me the runaround requested my transcript and all kinds of BS.

What really upset me is that I went promptly to the office after my Orientation Session to get the process started ASAP. And I overheard one of the other girls in the nursing program talking to a case worker--she was discussing MY MAJOR ISSUE--insurance will not cover shots and the physical needed for the program (I am looking at over 300 dollars in medical expenses JUST TO GET MY SHOTS). The worker reassured her they would handle everything and just give them the necessary information and paperwork.

my turn--runaround, request for transcript...etc. Told supervisor would have to look at my case because I have an Associate's Degree or there might not be 2 years to my program.

Told I wold receive a call. 3 weeks later. I CALL THEM.

Then they told me that because I have a CNA license they will not assist me with training for nursing???? What? Everyone has to have a CNA license to be in the Nursing Program???? Why tell everyone that they will help with Nursing Training if they won't???

I called the supervisor to file my complaint of being treated discriminatorily. She is looking at my case right now.

I was so mad, upset about this FOR WEEKS. I can't believe it. I am really struggling right now to pay my bills--I most likely will have to pay my medical expenses on my credit card.

BUT I AM MOST UPSET, because clearly they are TREATING ME DIFFERENTLY than a fellow nursing student.

Sorry I just needed to vent. Nobody seems to understand. I feel so defeated and I haven't even started! Yet, I am the student at the top of the class. Aces all the exams, tutors fellow classmates. Someone to be looked up to. And I feel like a piece of $hit. And like I will never make it--I grew up poor, and no matter how smart I am--I feel like I will just NEVER get anywhere in life!

somebody slap me!

07-22-2009, 03:04 PM
I won't slap you, but I will hug you! :hug:

07-22-2009, 03:09 PM
Thank you. I needed that. I hate feeling emotional. And this past month has been nothing but an emotional rollercoaster. I can't thank God enough for 3 fat chicks. I would NEVER be able to be so stressed and lose weight without this forum.

the losing weight is making me feel like a winner despite the circumstances!

07-22-2009, 03:11 PM
*ponder ponder*

I've never heard of being required to be a cert CNA to enter a nursing program. That's bogus! I mean, a CNA basically just does all the grunt work for the nurses so its like being halfway trained as being a nurse anyway, so why would be required to know half of the stuff you're going to be training to do to be able to enter the program? Dumb!

But I do have a suggestion! Your local health department should be able to give you your Hep B, MMR, TB skin test... all that stuff and they are normally a lot cheaper than a regular doctor's office.

You might want to also see if you can work as a lab technician while you are in nursing school. It varies from state to state, but most allow you to work as a phlebotomist without being board certified and they normally make a descent amount of money :) Alot of my friends that are nurses did that. They said it gave them a huge boost over other students because they already knew how to deal with needles/syringes/veins/blood.

Anyway! Take a breath! You will figure it out!

07-22-2009, 03:12 PM
Good attitude about the weight loss :) Sometimes bad things happen in our lives that we can't control, but life must go on! I'm glad you realize that. And I couldn't agree more, regarding 3FC. If it wasn't for this website I wouldn't be where I am today! Keep your head up. It will work out, things always do.

07-22-2009, 03:13 PM
Something is strange. Maybe NC is different. But I do NOT think a CNA license is required for nursing school.

07-22-2009, 03:30 PM
Don't give up on this, you are so going to make it past this roadblock and be a great nurse.

07-22-2009, 04:17 PM
If you don't mind me asking what type of school are you dealing with? If it's a community college/university it's their job to help you. Are you in the nursing program yet or are you on a waiting list? I wish I could give you some suggestions but the school seems to have major problems. Hang in there keep us posted on what's happening.

07-22-2009, 04:26 PM
If it's at a community college, go back and talk to someone else. I returned to school as an adult and was the same as you--top of my class, but had no money. I went to try to get help and was told "no", because supposedly I earned too much (I was a single mom who was barely getting by). I finally had a meltdown in the office, started bawling uncontrollably and said, "Maybe I should quit my job and go on foodstamps; could I get help then!??" A lady came out of her office, gave me a tissue, and took me into her office. It turns out she was the director of financial aid. She made a phone call and found a $1000 scholarship that was just sittign there, unclaimed. So it became mine.

Talk to someone else. Don't just take the word of the kid at the front desk in Financial Aid. Keep talking until they HEAR you.

07-22-2009, 10:36 PM
omg, I have no idea where this got moved to , but thank you so much for the advice. windchime, I am that single mom who is not currently working and is on assistance.

I had so much trouble finding a job I just went back to school full time for Nursing. I am IN the nursing program now.

The health dept is still pretty expensive. I am determined I am not going to let this stop me. Even if they don't help me, I'll find a way to pay for stuff so I can get through this and FINALLY have a good career and income! Katie, I would love to work as a lab technician while in school--I don't know how possible that is though--in our small town they are not in very demand.

07-22-2009, 10:44 PM
Usually the health department will have a sliding fee scale. There are some clinics that do immunizations as well. Does your community or hosiptal have a "health line"? If so, check with them - they will know all available options for getting your shots and tests.

07-22-2009, 11:49 PM
Prayers for your situation kiddo...don't give up your fight....stand up for what is patient....allowing time for good things to happen.

07-23-2009, 03:04 AM
Jennifer I now have a better understanding of your problem. I hope you get some answers soon. I also struggled with finances big time through nursing school and eventually had to take out student loans. I don't regret that as my loan payment is small compared to what I bring home. Since you are doing great in the grades dept. you might need to consider it if finances are the only major problem. Keep us posted on your progress.

07-23-2009, 03:12 AM
I've never heard of being required to be a CNA to enter a nursing program, i live in virginia and it is NOT a requirement here.

07-23-2009, 03:58 AM
Stuff like this happens to all of us, and you know what, you're going to make it through because you're such a smart motivated individual. It's road blocks like these that help us prove to ourselves as well as those putting them before us that we deserve what we're working for. Just think of how relieved you will be when it is all over and don't let it derail you from your goals here as well. We know you'll do what needs to be done! Even though it's hard when it seems like everything is working against you, try to think positively :) :hug: