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07-21-2009, 10:54 AM
Hello & :wel3fc: to the Back In Kindergarten thread!

"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

You are welcome to join us in our chatter about life and our weight loss journey!
So please grab your coffee/water/diet coke etc. and pull up a chair and join us!

:yay: :coffee2: :goodscale: :cofdate: :broc: :cheers: :cheer3: :coffee: :hat:

07-21-2009, 11:03 AM
I figured that I would go ahead and start a new thread while I was on here....I have to head over to the laundry room to switch the loads here in a second. This place is getting rediculous! but that is another story!

we have 14 washers and 14 dryers in the laundry room.....well, I was able to get three dryers yesterday but I needed 5 to dry every thing. Well, there are 4 dryers that are broke and they haven't/won't fix them. So, I told the office manager that I am going to go into the office and ask the higher up what is going to be done about it, since they haven't done a darn thing about it yet! well, she caught me on the way over to the laundry room and told me not to say anything because it won't do any good. I am sorry, BUT when we got back from going out last night.....our clothes were pulled out of the dryer and put into a basket. granted they were dry, but what if they weren't? other tennants don't have a right to touch some one elses clothes like that! I wasn't going to say anything, but I haven't stirred up anything around here since our friend left last I think I should go and do my part!

we will hopefully be out of this place here soon anyways!

Kathy~ Thanks for the good luck! Tommy called the number last night and the lady is in Florida until August 1st, and then she is going to call us and we can go look at it. It is in a good area, we would just have to check and see what school district that is. we really want to stay in the same school district that we are in if that is out of the district then we will more than likely continue to look. This place is just getting completely rediculous around here lately! The house is actually maybe 10 or 15 minutes at the most away from where we are now.

07-22-2009, 01:05 AM
well, I am enjoying my yummy macaroni and cheese! our friend made us lo mein for dinner, which I ate, but I was absolutely starving and wanted macaroni and cheese! we went and showed her the houses that we think are the one for rent. but we stumbled across another option for us that is right around the corner, literally, from the one that we are going to look at around the 1st! this one is for sale, but Tommy asked if she would be open to rent it. It has a HUGE yard and has three bedrooms, but they look like they would be small form the outside.

then we went out and walked on the boardwalk for a little bit, then we came home!

I did however get another call from Dustin, who is the higher up than Jeff! Another friend of ours typed up a letter and had some of the tenants sign it if we agreed with it. (it was just like my letter, but this one was more generalized than mine) so, he called me to see what I had to say about it......and needless to say things will be done a lot quicker and there will be a lot of flack when the bank goes into the meeting with them in the morning!!!

07-22-2009, 03:38 PM
Hi all..quickee for me--I have a minute while a report is printing.

My mom's surgery in Baltimore is tomorrow--I will spend the night at her house tonight and my brother, mom and I will drive down in the morning. It's a 6 hour surgery to remove the remaining tumors--my Dad has now also been diagnosed with cancer--he has a gold ball size tumor in his lung. He has a consultation in Baltimore on Friday morning. Since Bob and I are spending the night Thursday, Dad will pick me up at Mom's hospital and we will drive the 4.6 miles to his cosultation and I will find out when his surgery will be.

i am so stressed today!!

07-22-2009, 05:04 PM
Hi everyone.

Just a quickie for me here to say hello to everyone.

Jules :hug: :hug::hug: my dear friend. I am thinking of you, and your family. I am praying for both your parents and you. I am glad that your brother will be with you. :hug: :hug: :hug:

07-22-2009, 08:26 PM
just thought I would stop by quickly.......

Jules~ I will be thinking about you and your family over the next couple of days.

07-22-2009, 10:50 PM
Jules..Add my voice to those praying for you and your family. Take care of YOU during this trying time.

07-22-2009, 11:10 PM
Jules -- A BIG BIG :hug: for you!!!!!!! Will keep you in and your loved ones in my thoughts and prayers. (

07-23-2009, 10:48 AM
just figured I would stop in to see how every one is doing.....

I have to run to the dumpster here in a second, and then get the dishes into the dishwasher when I get back. I also think I hear the boys up I will get them up in a second.

ETA: I forgot to put in here that we have been in contact with a realtor about some foreclosures in the area. we have found a couple that we really hopefully we can go that route!!!

07-23-2009, 02:20 PM
Three to everyone, two...lots of hugs and prayers to you and your family Jules, thinking of you all today! :hug: :hug: And three...Kathy, sorry I forgot to get the dvd's sent yesterday. I did get them in the mail today though, and she said 5-10 days.

Take care all :hug:

07-23-2009, 07:22 PM
(((jules)))) hope surgery went well..both your parents are in my prayers.

07-24-2009, 12:02 AM
just thought I would pop in before heading off to bed.......

jules~ I will continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

07-25-2009, 11:22 AM
Update...Moms' surgery seems to have gone well--LOTS of staples..she goes back to Dr Califono a wek from next Tuesday to have all the staples and the two remaining drain tubes removed. The doctor was very optimistic but can't guarantee the cancer won't return. If it does there is really nothing much left to do. Here's hoping that he took care of it all.

Dad will have the upper lobe of his left lung completely removed. He will be i a Baltimore Hospital for 4 days. SO it will be another Thursday surgery trip for me.

07-25-2009, 04:07 PM
Jules- Glad your mom is doing okay. I am sure your dad's surgery will go well too. I am thinking about you...

Mindee- Hope your house hunt goes well. Sounds like you really need to be out of that apt. complex.

Sassy- Hello and hope you and DH are well. Don't know if I said...but really liked the new car pic. Are you still enjoying the house?

Cristina- You do so well keeping up with the exercise. I see the shower is the 8th...will be here before you know it. Remind me, do they know the sex?? And the baby is due when?

Susan- Put me on the list of people coming to look for you if you don't check in. I hope everything is going well.

Kathy-I can't imagine having more than one farm on FT. It is so time consuming. I enjoy all Facebook has to offer as far as games. I do not have a FB for my online friends. Just a family site where we exchange pics. and such. (and join games) sometimes the only way I can talk to my kids and grands...they respond to me there. LOL..

Katy- I know you are having a busy summer. Hope all is well and that the garden is going great guns for you.

Francie..where have you been?? And everyone else I have overlooked...Check in with BIK please.

I am doing a little better than the past few weeks. Just lots going on and stresses galore. I had to snap myself out of my funk. Our trip is next Wed. and I refuse to go to LV while down in the dumps.
Yesterday my friend called to tell me they cut down a tree in their yard and she was moving her whole landscaping that was under and around the tree. I went over and came back with 5 bags of plant starts. Got those in the ground right before it started raining. They should have a good start as it rained off and on all night and morning. Got groundcover, two types with no names of either. Got chameleon plant and miniature hollyhock. Also Christmas lights plants. Now if it will all grow for me. Don't know if I mentioned earlier this month...the 55 bulbs I had planted have yielded 49 I consider that a success.

Food wise I am doing well and have started BACK on the bicycle. Rode 3 miles yesterday and have plans to do that until Wed. when we leave. Weigh-in has bounced from 171 to 173 and not into the 160's yet...but I am still confident I can get there if I keep riding. DH keeps telling me I am not eating enough..but I feel like I am, so don't know why the pounds won't shift. Oh well....

Grandson joined the National Guard last week..well he signed up, but has to pass the physical Tues. before he is actually sworn in. I hope it is good for him. He quit school 3 credits shy of graduating, so they will help him finish that (or GED..I can't remember) He is the one became a daddy in May and after losing his job he got discouraged. I am excited and stressed about his choice..we will see.

Mom is better than she has been in a long time. She had a wonderful trip to spend time with her 4 sisters. Have great pics of all 5 of them. (from 74 to 88 years young..)

Okay..gotta go finish some kitchen work. I will try to keep in touch until Wed....then gone for a week.

07-25-2009, 04:34 PM
Hello ladies...

SUE...completely forgot you guys are headed to Vegas. Maybe that's why I had Vegas on the brain lately though, lol. Yeah, have two weeks from today for the baby shower...I am really excited too! The baby is a far the name they have is Lillian to be called Lily. Middle name they were thinking Paige but going back and forth with it so who knows. Charlotte is having a sonigram Tues and I am going...we will see for sure, hopefully, if it is a girl. I told her I keep thinking it's a boy and that has her worried. But getting is due Sept 23. Will seem weird to have a Sept many Jan, Feb, April, Oct, and Nov with one in May, June & July anyway...glad to hear your mom is doing well. Sounds like you scored with the plants and yes 49 out of 55 is GREAT! Not one of mine bloomed this year which is weird. Oh well, try and enjoy Vegas.

JULES...glad your mom's surgery went well. Continued hugs and prayers for you all. :hug:

I better get going. Josh and the fam are coming over for a BBQ later...wouldn't ya know of all the days it decided to rain today. Well, it was earlier. But it is really cloudy so who knows what it will do by 5'ish. V is putting the grill on the deck though so we may not be able to spend time in the yard but we can still be out on the deck and/or at least grill out there. Anyway...better get going have lots of stuff to do before they get here.

Hoping everyone is doing fine. Take care and lots of hugs :hug:

07-25-2009, 05:58 PM
well, I did some more driving last night.....around the complex, but it still counts! I have been studying my book as I got my foot in the door!

our friend is going to watch the kids tonight and we are going to probably go and look at some of the houses that we got in the email. I have to write down the addresses and such so that we can get to them, but other than that nothing else really going on.

trying to figure out what to make for dinner for us.......not sure about it though!

07-26-2009, 03:40 PM
Just dropping by to say HI

07-26-2009, 05:53 PM
Hi everyone.

Stopping in to say a quick hello to everyone. Things have been a little hectic around here. My brother had to have an emergency appendectomy on Tuesday, so I have had three of the boys here for a few days, plus we were babysitting my niece also. My friends Mom, Sister and BIL were killed Tuesday night also, they were hit by a drunk driver. So sad.

Jules, I am so glad that it went well for your Mom. I am wishing her a speedy recovery. Hugs to you, I hope you get a little snuggle time with little Dominic before Thursday. Take care of you.

Cristina - How many people are you expecting for your babyshower? That is great that you get to go with Charlotte and see a picture of y our granddaughter. We are all excited to see pictures when little jelly bean finally arrives. Have a fun night with the family.

Sue - Have fun in Las Vegas. Glad that your mom is feeling great. Has your hubby been busy in his shop building some nice stuff while you are busy in your garden making your yard look so nice?

Mindee - Have you set up any sort of time frame for when you want to get your license? Have fun practicing. Good luck on the house hunting.

Sassy - Hows everything with you? Have you had any time to do any sort of landscaping at your new place? How did your visit with your inlaws go?

Hello to everyone else. I guess I had better run and go break up some fighting children, and get some laundry done. Punkin is going on vacation with her other Grandma and Grandpa this week, so I should get her clothes ready to be packed.

Check back later.

07-26-2009, 10:23 PM
Happy Sunday Ya'All! :wave:

Aaaaahhh yes another fun filled week at work! At least this is my short week!! :celebrate:

Only thing I got accomplished on my days off was stripping the bed, we flipped the mattress, washed all the sheets, comforter, bedskirt, etc. Nothing like a nice fresh bed...........;)

That was about it. Didn't have energy really to do anything else. :yawn: So I figure this week on my nights off I will try to get more accomplished. I am trying to think on how to rearrange our bedroom. Its small and we have a queen sized bed, so not too many options but its driving me crazy. :crazy: I am one of those that is not happy unless I can rearrange every few months. lol. Which our living room is the same way, no way to rearrange it due to where the tv has to be......ARGH! lol.

Mindee -- GL on the house hunt and have fun practicing driving!

Cristina -- hope your bbq didn't get rained out!

Jules -- I am glad that your mom's surgery went well! I hope your dads goes well!!!!! BIG :hug:

Sue -- Hi and thanks. Yes we are still enjoying the house. I need to get out in the yard and weed, only problem is I don't have enough of a "green" thumb to know which are flowers and which are weeds!!!!! :lol: So I need to have my mil come over, grab a lawn chair and tell me what to pull and what to keep! HA! Sorry your down in the dumps, hope you feel better so you can enjoy LV! :D WTG on the biking! I need to get on the ball. I haven't walked since I got sick a few weeks ago. :( Just can't get motivated!!! Hope all goes well for your GS!

Kathy -- Wow so sorry to hear about your friends family and hope your brother is recovering well. Everything going pretty well, haven't gotten to do any landscaping. Inlaws visit went fine? Kinda hard to think of the visit your talking about, as we go over there a lot. lol. They still have to come over our place. MIL wants to come and visit with our new kitty, Bella. Inlaws neighbor found her and they had her at their house so we could go and pick her up so shes interested in her progress. ;)

I hope you all are doing well!!!


07-27-2009, 07:05 PM
Hello all...

SASSY...enjoy your days off! The time off always seems to fly by so fast! Glad you are enjoying your new home and your new car! sorry to hear the news about your friends family, that is just too sad. Hoping your brother is feeling fine after emergency surgery. and I hope you get some 'you' time...sounds like you need it lady. Try to relax...I know it's easier said than done. Who knows about the babyshower....Charlotte gave me a list of about 40 people...I have heard from 2, 1 told her she was coming and 1 told her she will be out of the state so I have no clue. Don't even know how many people to try and feed or if I will have enough favors and such. Honestly, I figured 10 would show and have kept that number in my head the whole time, but added 3 because it seems that 12 and 13 have been the majic number for buying some things. I asked everyone to please RSVP by the 30th so I guess there is more time but we don't think anyone is going to...if they come they will just show up, so we will see...less than 2 weeks and I have tons to do! Take care of yourself missy, hugs :hug:

JULES...hoping your momma is okay, and feeling better. And the same for you...don't forget to take care of you too. I know it's hard with so much going on that we tend to forget about ourselves. Lots of hugs to you :hug:

SUSAN...guess we are just gonna have to try and find you missy...miss you lots! And hearing about your job and the girls. :hug:

MINDEE...anymore driving for you?

Not a lot going on with me...having my own little pity party here. I get so sick of this eating on plan, exercising etc and having a hard time keeping things under control. Today is a new day and I am back on track but so sick of it. Of course no one said it would be/is easy...nothing worth having is ever easy is it? I'm trying though even if it is hard. Just so mad at myself for allowing myself to pig out and gain any of the weight back. :kickbutt: Anyway...back on track for sure.

BBQ was a nice time had by all! And it didn't rain...well, there were a few drops but that was it. We left the grill on the deck anyway and we all ate too much!

A big HI to everyone else :wave: Hoping all is well with everyone. Take care :hug:

07-27-2009, 08:15 PM
Cristina- I noticed your ticker going down. WIsh I could say the same. I find more excuses for not exercising. Eating has not been real snacking and just cutting down on portions.Don't get are doing great.

07-27-2009, 09:50 PM
Hey all.

Just tired :yawn: and bummed out today. :kickcan:

Cristina -- glad your bbq didn't get rained out!

Hi Sue! :wave:

:hug: to all.

Adding on since nobody has posted after me........

Tuesday, July 28th @ 4:21 AM EDT:

I went to my "lunch" and on my way to Wal-Mart to buy a book, I ran over a dead skunk!!!! I tried to dodge it, but didn't and ran over it. It was one of those that you couldn't even tell it was a skunk, but boy howdy I knew it right after I ran over it!!!!!!!!! :barf: So now, our brand spanking new car STINKS!!!!!!!! :mad: I am sooooooo infuriated!!!! I know its nobody's fault but my own for not paying attention or dodging it completely. But still irritates me!!!!!! I have searched online for a "cure" and this is what kept popping up:

Make up the following mixture and spray it on your car where the smell seems to be. . If you get the mixture on all the skunk smell it reacts chemically to kill the smell. ( Works great on dogs and other animals that may have been sprayed.)

1 quart of 3 percent Peroxide
1/4 cup Baking Soda
1 tsp of liquid Soap

So I am going to try that when I get home. We have all of that at home. I am gonna leave an hour early this morning to get this cleaned and just not take a lunch tomorrow. I seriously just wanted to go straight home, but my coworker talked me into just staying until 7:30, by then day shift will be here, so no big deal. Then my coworker said, "you do smell like a skunk" Well um I asked her, "Think you can stand me until 7:30 am?" :lol3: She said she could. lol.

Anyways. that is the latest!!!!!!!!!


07-28-2009, 10:37 AM
just thought I would stop in to see how every one is doing......

we have been busy house hunting......we have a couple of things to clean up first and then we will be able to get the ball rolling fully.

I think Kathy asked, but I don't have a set time frame on when I want to get my license. I have been reading the book and when I feel comfortable enough with what I have read, then I can go into the Secretary of State and take the test.

07-28-2009, 01:12 PM
Good morning :wave:

SUE...thanks! Yeah, I've not changed the ticker, am actually back up to 193, ugh! Too freaking hard and I just want to quit...not sure why I have been pigging out like I have but I am back on track and hopefully this time I won't slip for a while...of course today is ds birthday, lol. But I have everything planned, sort of. Supposed to take him to lunch but we have no idea where yet, lol. Anywho...thank you. :hug: Hoping all is well with you and your family.

SASSY...YUCK! *holding nose* Lol...hoping you get the smell off. I ran over a dead one one morning going to pick up the little tyke. I didn't see it squashed in the middle of the street until it was too late...and it must have just been ran over because the smell stayed with my vehicle for a few days, man the garage stunk, lol. Hope you are feeling less tired today and not bummed out. :hug:

Hiya MINDEE :wave: and everyone else.

Nothing much going on with me today. Was up early for my walk...was gonna say bright and early but there was nothing 'bright' about it, lol. Hoping the rain doesn't hit until much later...was thinking about mowing the front yard, we'll see. If not I will do a dvd. Food hasn't been the greatest...had a bowl of cereal but should have had oatmeal. Waiting for ds to get ready to go out for lunch-who knows where. It's his BD so he gets to pick. Other than that, nothing going on.

Take care all, and have a good day! :hug: :wave:

07-28-2009, 01:16 PM
Thank you Sue for reminding me to change my ticker...I went and tried to change the ticker and the info on the side and for some reason it's not working...tried several times, will try next time I sign in if I remember, lol. Have a good day!

07-28-2009, 01:18 PM
Popping in to say Bye-bye to you all for a week...

Have fun and stay out of trouble. (can you do both at one time???)

07-28-2009, 02:48 PM
popping back in while I can.....Marissa and Logan are laying down and Brandon is watching Calliou on tv.

I am putzing around online and looking for some new tattoo ideas. I might be on hold for getting my next tattoo until next year possibly. Tommy is still going to get a tattoo at the tattoo party, as long as we can get a sitter.

07-28-2009, 10:21 PM
Howdy All. :wave:

Well good news! :D The skunk smell is gone and ya wanna know why it was so stinky? Because there was a HUNK of dead skunk in my wheel well! :fr: DH went out this morning after I had gotten home and was gonna rinse the car off and found it and removed it and that has seemed to do the trick! :cp:

I am in a lot better mood than yesterday. For one, having a good hair day. :D and ya wanna know why????? Cuz I took my shower when I got home this morning instead of taking it when I got up tonight. Thats it. Thats all. Didn't do nothing else but brush it and vola! I am like, are you serious? lol. Plus got my legs shaved and got to wear my capri's tonight. ;) I think taking a shower in the morning is a totally worth it!!!!!!! Plus don't have to run around like my head is cut off when I wake up! Who would have thought?!

Also a question to anybody out there who may know or just wanna voice an opinion. Ok both of my parents have naturally wavy hair. I never got it but here lately it seems like my hair is starting to get its own wave, ie, my good hair day today? Now my question, can your hair change as you get older? My mom said that I had naturally wavy hair when I was a baby, she said it came in that way and everybody thought she had it done. But that was it after that my hair was poker straight until now? Any thoughts? If it is happening, all I have to say is, "ITS ABOUT TIME!!!!!!" lol.

Well that is all I have to say. lol.

Have a Great one!


07-29-2009, 01:56 AM
Hi everyone.

Just popping in to say goodnight to everyone. I will be back in the morning to chat.


07-30-2009, 03:45 AM
Hi everyone

Cristina how did it go today?

Jules big big hugs to you. I am hoping that you are ok.

Hi to everyone else, We went to Edmonton today to drop off Punkin with her other Nana and Grandma...:rofl: yes she calls her Grandpa...Grandma and there is no changing her mind that his name is Grandpa. While we were there Cody ended up buying a new truck. I will try and post a picture of it.


07-30-2009, 02:01 PM
popping in while I can......

our friend offered to take Brandon to the pool today if he behaved for far he when she calls and says that she is heading over to the pool, then I will get him ready and meet her over there with him!

Tommy has to call the lady today about the house.....then we are more than likely going to pay the rent for August, give our 30 days in September and then be out of here by October! we have to figure things out with the boys' schooling also.....then hopefully they will be going back to the school that Brandon started out in!

we had some chili cheese sausages last night! they are so gooooooooood!!!!

07-31-2009, 10:44 AM
Quickkee--I am trying to hit all the spots I need to before making breakfast and going to the store...

Mom had some complications with her drainage tubes, but all seems to be fine now, we take her back to see the doctor on Tuesday (and have the MANY, MANY staples removed...

Dad's surgery went well, had some scary moments once he got into his room with his blood pressure dropping dangerously low--they got him under control though..he had an awesome Intensive Care nurse

finished a book during all the waiting--it was really good--The Weight of Silence--it's a debut of a new author--hoping for great books to keep coming--it is very sad, but very suspenseful and hard to put down once you start..

07-31-2009, 02:26 PM
well, I have FINALLY come to an agreement on what I want for my next tattoo, but I might have to wait until next time to get it done.

I will try and figure out if I can post a picture of mine and what Tommy is going to get here in a second.

ok....for some reason it isn't letting me share them, but I put them up on my facebook so you can check them out there!

07-31-2009, 03:06 PM
Hello all...

SUE...aaahh, I missed saying bye to ya, hope you guys have a wonderful time in Vegas! Wishing I was there with ya! :wave: hair has changed somewhat. I have some curls thought I was crazy until I let it dry natural and dd saw the curls. Reason for my change, one word...menopause. I didn't really think about it until I talked with my cousin...she went thru the change early and her hair changed. But there could be other reasons for you because I know you are younger than this old bat, lol! A friend told me her straight as a board hair turned curly when her mother cut it when she was younger...honestly I swear she always got a perm, lol. Anyway...glad you guys found the culprit of the stench, yuck!

KATHY...too cute calling grandpa grandma, I love it! Kids say and do the darnest things, and I love seeing things thru a childs eyes. Yay to Cody on his new truck, bet he is loving it! Can't wait to see a picture.

JULES...glad all went well with your mom, hoping the stitches come out with no pain, ouch. Sounds painful. Glad your dad is okay after all that, I can only imagine how scary it was for everyone :hug: The book looks good, something I definitely will have to read. Hoping all is going well with you.

MINDEE...did Brandon get to go to the pool afer all? I've been wanting to go but it's been a little cool here. It's nice, but to cool to go to the pool. Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys in the hopes you get the house. :crossed:

HIYA TAMMY, SUSAN, FRANCIE, KATY and anyone else I may have missed...I am sure I missed someone, or it seems I always do. Miss you all!

Not a lot going on with me...yesterday I spent most of the day shopping. Grocery shopping and looking for the last little things for the baby shower. I needed some stuff for the diaper cake I am making. Hoping it turns out decent looking. Anyway...I am ready for it. A little sad that only 8 people RSVP'ed but it's better than none so...Charlotte thinks some will just show up like they did at Cambrie's BD party. She said no one RSVP'ed...well, I hope not a lot do because I may not have enough food, lol. Just going with the number that RSVP'ed and doubling that so if there's not enough oh well.

Weight wise and food is okay, working on it and the weight, well I'll know tomorrow. I will WI tomorrow since it's the first day of a new month and I am starting a couple of challenges. I have made a goal of 20 pounds Aug 1-Oct 12 and if I can't do that then I may as well quit! I also challenged myself to a 30 day no eating out goal and last but not least a walking goal...I picked a destination and am aiming to be there by Jan 1, 2010! So we will see how this all goes!

Hoping all is well in your little corner of the soon. Take care :hug:

P.S. I will change my ticker(s) tomorrow when I WI and will add a walking one to keep track of it here as well.

07-31-2009, 03:09 PM
Jules. Thanks for the update, I have been worried about you and your family. How far is Baltimore from where you live? How long will your dad have to be in the hospital for? Glad your mom is better. How come they used staples instead of dissolvable stitches?

Mindee that is exciting that you will be out of that place in a few months. How many tattoos do you have now? Did Brandon have fun at the pool?

Sassy how have you been? On your days off do you still stick to your same schedule and stay up all night? Just wondering if I get nights how would be the best way to work it.

Sue - I hope that you are having a good time in Vegas.

Cristina- Have you got all your baby shower plans all ready? I have two to go to in the next few days. Is little princess getting excited about the baby? How has the mowing of the yard been going? You must have a very nice yard.

Katy - How are you? Hope things have been going well for you.

Francie - Hi to you and hope that you are well.

This weekend is the Big Valley Jamboree, the big country music festival here in town. Our normal population is 16000, but for the weekend, our population is about 40000. I have to run to town and get everything we will need for the next few days because I don't want to have to go out at all for the next few days.

Ok I will be back later. Have a super day everyone.

07-31-2009, 03:19 PM
Cristina you snuck in there while I was posting.
Aaww a diaper cake will be so cute. Thats too bad that only 8 people RSVP'd, but that is wise to double the food. Just in case. Can I join you in your 20 lb challenge? I do need something. I have actually my eating way down as it has been so hot here, but I have not lost a pound. Can't really figure it out, but I had better try.

Ok now I must run...and SusieQ...I feel bad, as I forgot to say hello to you. I know that you mentioned that your exs helped you move, and he expected payment....Is that where you are???

08-01-2009, 04:23 PM
Hoping that everyone is having a great Saturday.

08-02-2009, 12:29 AM
I thought I would stop in here while I have the energy to do so. We ended up finishing our laundry today and then we took the kids and went to watch some boat racing on Lake St. Clair. It was a lot of fun.....I took about 140 pictures (they are going up on both myspace and facebook as I type this). And we ended up meeting up with a friend of ours (the one that used to work here), so we walked around with him and his family for a little bit, and then we split so we could get some dinner.

while we were out, the lady about the house called us and told us that we could go and look at it tomorrow if we wanted to! so Tommy is going to call her in the morning and see what we can do! then we might go back out to St. Clair for more boat racing!

Cristina~ Yeah, they all ended up going to the pool! I ended up giving in and taking them. Our friend has been calling me a vampire lately because she says that I don't come out of the house anymore since our friend doesn't work here anymore. So, I called her on the way over to the pool and asked her if she was going to join the vampire at the pool. We really want the house.....but we are not sure about it now! we have been thinking about just switching to a six month lease and riding things out until the spring, and then doing another three month lease to take us into June......and then getting a house then. we will figure it all out here cross your fingers for us on that one!

Kathy~ Right now, I have four tattoos.....two on each leg under the calf. The next one I am going to get is going to go on my lower back.

08-02-2009, 01:48 PM
Happy Sunday Ya'll! :wave:

Just sitting here avoiding things I NEED to be doing!

MINDEE...yeah, you guys will get it all figured out. Vampire eh? Made me think of Ms Francie, lol. Hope you guys had fun at the pool and the boat races, sound fun. I've been sticking around the house and not doing much of anything, so bored and boring for sure!

KATHY...I don't blame ya there. You know I miss out on a lot of things because I avoid crowds...parking is terrible anytime there is an event. But I'm getting a little better at sucking it up and just doing it. Baby shower planning is coming along, sort of. Such a pain for sure. Not sure why no one feels the need to RSVP these days or if it is just Charlottes people, just rude though. Not sure how they think someone is supposed to plan something if no one calls! Did get a count from Char yesterday though and as it stands we are up to 20...she called just about everyone who hasn't responded. So tomorrow when she knows more I guess I will have to go buy some more stuff...not too much though because I still have a feeling these girls that are saying yes may not show up after all...we'll see. I defintely won't do another one!

Hoping everyone is having a good Sunday/weekend!

I got my walk in this morning, I was lazy yesterday. And yes Kathy, you may join the 20 pound challenge. I haven't been able to change the ticker for some reason...going to try again here in a few minutes.

Take care ladies :hug:

08-02-2009, 11:07 PM
Hi Peeps. :wave:

Well we got our house cleaned, spic and span. :D Now its back to "FUN" world........and don't you just love coming into work and having a lovely paper left on your desk or a lovely email? :mad: Drives me nuts. I guess its easy to point fingers at people you do not see. (Nights) I swear if I did not need this crappy job I would have just walked right back out the door! I am just really tired of it. I know there is crap everywhere you go, but I am just so tired of certain people get to do whatever they want and others who bust their butt gets "nice" little notes left on their desk or emails. Anyways. I guess I should be lucky I have a job to complain about...........but still irks me!

Cristina -- Yeah it may be due to my PCOS, which can "mimmick" menopause due to all of our hormones. :crazy: Could just be that my hair just now decided to act right! HA! We're glad too we found the stench! Hope the baby shower goes well.

Kathy -- We've been fine. We went and saw the new Harry Potter movie on Thursday, that was an excellent night to go and we went at 10 pm, there was grand total of 7 of us in there!!!!!!! It was the IMAX (3D) so it was pretty cool, not my favorite Harry Potter movie, but not terrible.......Yes we do keep our schedule on our "nights" off. It is a lot easier for us than switching back and forth, which some people do. We find that it is much easier on your body to stay on your schedule, if you can. I know some people can't, due to kids, etc. If we need to do something during the daytime, we either, stay up later (in the daytime) or get up earlier (in the afternoon or evening). So no big deal. Probably a lot more info than u wanted, right? lol. I used to hate when the town we used to live in had festivals for everything, then the town would be PACKED so I feel ya on that one!

Jules -- Glad your moms procedure and dads surgery went ok. I can imagine it must have been scary! :hug:

Big :hug: to all!

08-03-2009, 02:04 AM
well, we had a great fun filled Sunday!!!

we took the kids back out to the boat races, and we actually got to see some racing today! yesterday was all the qualifying and today was a lot of fun!

I am uploading almost 300 pictures to both myspace and facebook, so take a look and let me know what you think on them!

08-03-2009, 02:01 PM
Hello everyone.

Just popping in really quickly as I have lots of stuff to get done before I start my new tomorrow.

Cristina I went to a babyshower yesterday, and I made DD come with me, as it was for a girl that I haven't seen since she was 3. Her mom and I used to be best friends from the time we were 3 until we were 11 when we moved, Saw her some years later, then found each other on facebook. Glad we went because alot of her family that said they would come didn't show up. Thought that was quite rude. There was a game they played there, they made 8 little paper towel diapers, then put melted chocolate bars in them and you had to guess what the chocolate bar was. Don't think anyone will be eating chocolate for a few days. Was funny though.

Sassy thank you. That was exactly what I needed to know. I was a little dissapointed in the HP movie, as they seemed to leave out a little more in this movie...but I will still buy it when it co mes out. I just hope they take their time doing the last movie. Glad you and hubby got a date night. Hugs for your work stress.

Mindee - You two will come up with the best plan about the house. The boat races look like fun. When do the kids start back to school?

Hey Francie did you go to your Twilight Convention yet?

Hi to everyone else.

The country music festival ended early due to a big accident. We had a freak storm that rolled in with no warning it was a mix between a hurricane and a tornado and the huge stage that takes a week to put up due to all the metal collapsed. Billy Currington was on stage and Kevin Costnar (didn't know he was a singer also) was about to go on. They had to cancel Sundays show. DD was so upset as she really wanted to see Tim Mcgraw. Wasn't really a Kevin Costnar fan, but he was out there helping the injured in the crowd, and he also visited them in the hospital. That is a real classy star.

I'll check back later. Have a great day.

08-03-2009, 04:01 PM
just finished folding the laundry.....put the boys stuff away, also folded mine and Tommy's clothes....will put that away later.

we are supposed to go and look at the house tonight, but I don't think we are going to. there is no way that we are going to be able to afford to come up with rent for here for this month, and then an additional $1500 to hand over to the lady on the house. so, we are more than likely going to pass on the house for now and just stay here until early summer next year.

Kathy~ My goodness! I remember reading about that when you posted I think Saturday night.....YIKES! That is a real stand up thing to do of Kevin Costnar. The kids start school on I think September 9th.

08-03-2009, 10:51 PM
Happy :yawn: Monday.......

Sooooooo tired. :tired: I dunno why. I went to bed at the same time as always, I did sleep, actually slept better than yesterday, so I dunno what the deal is...................UGH.

Kathy -- YW. Yeah I too was disappointed, but like you I still will buy it when it comes out, but yeah I def. hope they take their time on the last one, esp since they are splitting it into two parts. Wow that is scary about the weather! That is nice that Kevin Costner (like in the actor dude? Didn't know he sang either?) did that! Very nice. I did find the article about it.,3034,GAC_26063_5945083_,00.html And I looked it up and YES it is THE Kevin Costner (!!!!!! Who knew?? lol. That blows my mind!!!! Hee Hee Hee. Doesn't take much for me!! lol

Mindee -- Well since your done with your laundry, you can mosey on over to my house and fold mine! HA! lol. I don't mind folding, but I absolutely hate putting away stuff. lol. Sorry about the house, we had to wait a while before we got into our house, but I'm glad we waited. You'll find the perfect house for you and your family when the time is right and it will be so worth it! I know that is easier said than done, but it is true. I used to get soooooooo impatient waiting to get out of that apt. we lived in, but it all worked out. :) So I wish you luck and now you have another year to take your time and look at houses if you want. Anyways, big :hug:

:hug: to all.

08-04-2009, 01:25 AM
well, we managed to get out again tonight without the kids! our friend offered to make us dinner and then she offered to watch the kids we took her up on her offer!

Shell~ I agree with you! We didn't want to have to feel like we were rushing into anything, so we decided that it would be best for us to cleaning up our credit while staying in the apartment, that way it would give us plenty of time to clean it all up and get the house that we want, and not have to settle for what is available to us.

08-04-2009, 03:45 PM

KATHY...I saw that on your DDs wall when she posted it on FB, or her friends, can't remember which. That is too sad it ended as it did, but great that Kevin Costner stepped in like he did. I too didn't know he sang! About the baby shower game...I like that would but...I found a bunch and was trying to decide between them, very hard...that was one and the baby price is right is another I wanted to do and would have gone with one or the other but I found some I thought would be fun, two anyway, and then Charlotte requested the baby food game so. Wanted to keep it down to 2 or 3. One is passing a gift around and there's a little poem that goes with it that is quite cute/funny, or so I think. But it's over whoever is left holding it wins. Then the baby tray game with a one will expect it I don't think :dunno: I am so pooped over this thing and the hard one has yet to begin! I got the main part of the diaper cake made yesterday and I like it. Couldn't find my glue gun to finish it so had to go buy one today. Anyway...good luck on your job! Hoping you love it!

MINDEE...sounds like a good, solid plan. Always better having good credit when trying to buy a house and yes...get the one you want, don't settle! Speaking of school...Cambrie is starting kindergarten next week! :yikes: I thought that was really early.

SASSY...glad you and the hubby were able to go out. My hubby was switched to nights, well, second shift and it sucks! Couldn't imagine how you guys work a third shift! are you holding up? Hoping all is well with you and your momma. Lots of hugs and prayers for her and your dad. :hug:

SUSAN...COME BACK! MISSING YOU! LOTS! Yeah I am yelling in the hopes you hear me, lol! Hoping all is well with you and the girls! And work! you are getting excited about your star night out! Have fun!

KATY...hoping all is well with you and the fam too!

SUE...hoping you and the fam are enjoying Vegas! Would love to be there, I think. If it's cooler than it is here, for sure! Anywhere would be better than is a HOT one! 101 today, ick!

Okay, who did I miss? I hope no one but if I did...sorry!

Was gonna say "Not a lot going on with me" but there is, lol. Definitely a busy week this week. Hubby waited until the week of the baby shower to stretch the carpet...for some reason it came loose and we have lived with 2 humps in the living room for a while now. I don't move the furniture around so not sure how it would come loose :dunno: And borrowed Charlotte's shampooer and cleaned them since he had to take the furniture out. I just feel so drained and pooped! Oh, and I am watching the little one this week and two days next week. Can't believe she starts kindergarten next Wed...seems early to me. Anyway...tons to get done before Sat, well, and Sat...was excited but now I can't wait until it's over!

Did get my walk in this morning and other than that, not sure if any more will get done, just too pooped!

Take care all, and have a wonderful day!

08-04-2009, 11:16 PM
just hanging out here at home....Tommy had an officers meeting at it was me and the kids for dinner. they are all hopefully sleeping now.....I know the boys are!

Cristina~ Next week? The kids around here don't start until after Labor we still have some time. In fact, the other day when I told Brandon that school starts next month, he grabbed my arm and said "but mom, we need back packs!" I told him that we would make sure that they have back packs before school starts!

08-05-2009, 12:17 AM
Hi All,

Happy VERY RAINY :rain: Tuesday!!!!!!! (At least here) It stormed here this morning right when DH was getting off of work and he had the motorcycle. So he had to ride through the pouring rain and hail. He made it home safely, TG, but tonight he drove the car. He loves riding, but its when it is crappy weather like this that sucks and his work isn't as close as mine is. Mine is only like 7 minutes or so away. ;) I am also having another good hair day and what did I do? I just took my shower in the morning instead of at night when I get up. So for some reason going to bed with my hair wet, and then waking up for work, my hair decides to "behave"...........:shrug: lol.

Mindee -- Yeah its definitely worth waiting for the right one. We are very very happy in our house. Even if we are only renting it, our landlord is way cool and lets us make it "ours" and who knows maybe he'll let us rent-to-own eventually. We love the neighborhood for sure! Anyways, Good Luck on your hunt and remember -- "Never settle for less than the Best!" I just thought of that, even though I am sure someone else probably has said it before! lol.

Cristina -- I actually love nights. I have worked all shifts, 1st, 2nd and 3rds. I prefer 2nd and 3rds. #1 very little or no management around, I can sleep in, little or no traffic, I love it. But some people aren't cut out to working nights and oh yeah also like working nights for the extra money (shift differential) Amazing how cleaning can poop you out! They should make a work out video titled, "Work out and Clean your house at the same time!" lol. Wow starting kindergarten already? Times flies, eh? ;)

Well I hope you all are doing well!


08-05-2009, 04:14 PM
just hanging around the house for now....we have to go grocery shopping tonight....and our neighbor is going to go with us because she needs to do her shopping as well and she doesn't have a car right now.

other than that....nothing else going on.....

Shell~ I couldn't agree more! we figured that it would be best for all of us if we waited until this time next year before getting a house....that way it gives us plenty of time to get things cleared up!

08-05-2009, 11:57 PM
Just time for a quick hello.

Cristina, got the videos today....Thank you very much. I am now going to put them on and hopefully this will start a new routine for me. :hug:

K I'll talk to you all later.

08-06-2009, 11:55 AM
Hello..We are home and well. Mom did great at my aunt's house. Lots of catching up to do. Stress and vacation eating have really way-laid me, but hopefully I can see the light at the end of the tunnel by next week.

Thanks for all your good wishes..we did have a nice trip. It was way too hot for me and I refuse to go out there in July or Aug. again. We are no longer interested in having a second home there.....

I will get caught up and be back ASAP...

08-06-2009, 03:43 PM
Hello all...

Just a sort of quickie for me...taking a break while I try to get the little one to sleep. For some reason my feet are hurting so bad...I feel like I have been walking for days, lol...I've actually not walked, other than all the running around and cleaning/decorating stuff...just being on the old dogs. Anyway...slowly coming together. I know by the time Sat rolls around I will be ready for about a 2 day nap, lol! Come Monday morning though I am definitely getting back on track with the walks! Will never get to Vegas at this rate, lol.

KATHY...I was wondering if you had received them or not...been so busy lately I forgot to ask! I hope you enjoy them, ha! Who the heck enjoys exercise, lol? How's work going? Do you like it?

SUE...glad you guys made it home safely! And that you enjoyed Vegas, other than the heat that is.

SASSY...yeah, I hear that a lot from people who work the 2nd & 3rd shift. Hubby has once and didn't mind it but this time around he's not liking it so much. But yeah...would be great to do all your shopping in the wee hours of the morn while everyone else is sleeping!

MINDEE...yeah they are starting early...Cambrie is all happy too, she got a new princess backpack, lol.

Hiya to everyone else :wave:

Have a few other places to visit online and then it's back to work for me...playing catch-up with the laundry...missed a day, or so I thought it was just a day (losing all track of time) but for some reason I have about 4 loads to do...#2 is almost done washing so, gonna be a long day, actually a long next 3 days!

Have a GREAT Thursday :wave:

08-07-2009, 03:24 PM
Quickee for me....everybody is home--tired but not in a lot of pain--it was so nice to sleep in my own bed Wednesday night and not have to get up before 5 AM to drive to Baltimore....Mom has an appt on the 18th and Dad has to set up his appt to get his staples out..

I am not doing ANYTHING this weekend except playing with Dominic

08-08-2009, 02:46 AM
Hola All!! :wave:

I have just been doing the usual, workin' then last night DH took me down to Childrens Hospital (Where he works) we brought his coworker a baby gift and I got to meet everybody there. They are really nice. Then we went to an awesome place to eat that they all order from all the time. It was really good.

Today we had our friend over and cooked out, had steaks and baked potatoes and cucumber salad. :drool: I have pretty much fell off the "diet" wagon. I eat what I want, just in much smaller portions. It works better for me. I just gotta get back to excercising. Since I got sick last month, I stopped walking on my lunch at work. My coworker has been walking though, she is doing really well, lost weight. But she is 11 years younger than me and not as heavy as me. I know not a great excuse, but it makes a difference.

Anywho, right now our friend and DH are trying to fix our home computer. (I am on DH's work laptop). So lets hope they fix it! I was rockin' before to Def Leppard! YEEEEEAHHHH BABBBBBYYY!! lol. They are like one my favorite bands ever! I got to see them in concert when I was a Senior in HS! So that was like forever ago!

Mindee -- that sounds like a good plan!

Cristina -- Yeah nights def isn't for everybody! Hope u get some rest!

Hi Kathy! :wave:[COLOR="Magenta"]

Sue -- Hey Chickie, glad u all had a great time!

Jules -- Glad your all home, its always nice to be in your own bed! I can never sleep anywhere else unless I am drugged! lol. Except for DH's Aunt & Uncle's House in Tennessee, I always can conk right out there for some reason!!! Must be because my body knows its where I would love to live!!! I hope all goes well with your mom and dad! :hug:

Thats about it. Sassy out...........:cool:

08-09-2009, 01:17 PM
Happy Sunday everyone.

Jules - how is your play weekend going? Hope that you are enjoying yourself.

Sassy - sounds like you had a good time. What does your hubby do? Have you ever heard of Paul Mcenna? ( l spelled that wrong) he says eat whatever you want whenever you want, but just eat slowly, and only until you are satisfied, not stuffed. Def Leppard is actually out on tour right now. I was going to get tickets for DH and DS, but they were way too much.

Cristina - How did the babyshower go? Did you have enough food for everyone? I hope that baby Lily got a lot of presents. Was little Princess there? As for my job, I just finished 4 days of orientation, and I am wondering if I will be able to handle this job. I am worried about changing the bladder control issue products on the residents, and keeping their skin mosturized so it doesn't tear. I start my first day with this tomorrow, so my fingers are crossed.

Sue - glad that you had a good time. Sorry that it was so hot. Glad to hear that your mom had a good time also. When we were there in April it was hot, can't imagine it now.

Mindee, did you go to your tattoo party? Did you and Tommy enjoy your time alone without the kids. Good to have a friend like you have.

Ok I must run, and get some laundry going so everyone has some clothes for the morning. Also, going to try and find SusieQ's phone number on the internet....I am launching a search and rescue mission as I know we are all suffering from Susan withdrawal.....

08-09-2009, 10:56 PM
Happy Sunday everyone.

Sassy - sounds like you had a good time. What does your hubby do? Have you ever heard of Paul Mcenna? ( l spelled that wrong) he says eat whatever you want whenever you want, but just eat slowly, and only until you are satisfied, not stuffed. Def Leppard is actually out on tour right now. I was going to get tickets for DH and DS, but they were way too much.

Ok I must run, and get some laundry going so everyone has some clothes for the morning. Also, going to try and find SusieQ's phone number on the internet....I am launching a search and rescue mission as I know we are all suffering from Susan withdrawal.....

Hey There Fellow 3FCers! :wave:

Well yay another brand new week at work for me! At least this is my "short" week! YAY! :celebrate: No it doesn't take much for me!! lol.

Kathy -- My husband works on the network for the hospital, makes sure all the monitors, mri, cat scan, all the stuff in the hospital that "talks" to the network he makes sure is "talking" to the network. He loves his job because it combines both of his loves of computers and medical (he used to be a firefighter/paramedic) plus he loves Children and he works for the Children's Hospital. :) Yes I have heard of Paul McKenna. I did his plan for a while, I just could never get to the exercise part, even though he makes it easy, just says to keep "adding extra steps". Guess I could try that again. I still eat the way he says too, so that part I already have down. Yeah I know I wanted to see Def Leppard too, but my dh never follows through. :( I always ask him if he wants to go and he says yes then I say do you want me to order the tickets and he is like, "lets just wait and see". PFFFFFT! Next time I think I'm just gonna order them and go whether he goes or not! :p lol. I got all my laundry done, that is washed, dryed, folded and put away! YAY! :woohoo: GL on the SQ mission! ;)

Big :hug: to all!

08-10-2009, 04:55 PM
I had it set up to send me an email when there were responses in here, and I haven't gotten them lately!

we did end up getting to go out on Saturday with just me and Tommy. we had three parties to go to and managed to make it to only two of them. (we had a birthday party, a graduation party, and then another birthday/tattoo party) we made it to both birthday parties, but not the graduation party.

we both ended up getting some new ink while we were at the tattoo party. I had to sit in the chair for a little bit longer because the cops went by and were looking at the house. (apparently in the city we were in, you are not allowed to tattoo in houses for money, but you can for donations) luckily the cops never stopped at the house they just kept going. I have the pictures of the new ink on both myspace and facebook, so take a look at them.

on another side note: Brandon is fully potty trained during the day! he now wears underwear all day and only a pull up at night time! he is so excited to start school in a couple of weeks! we even got them their back packs last week, so now they are really excited about school starting!!! when school starts, Logan will be in pull ups!!!

08-10-2009, 05:53 PM
As always there is drama in my life..just something to keep up the stress level and stir the pot. DD in California is having issues with her "ex" again and taking him back to court. They have joint custody as per most of CA...and she is going for permanent and complete custody. He is a nut-job. She is a basket case and out there with little family...just tough. I could go for a week or two, but who knows when court will be or how long this will take....just not feasible., everything is back to normal. Mom was sick all week-end and I had been sick before we didn't accomplish much around the house. :)

Yesterday I ironed all afternoon and today did the washing of bedclothes and towels. Cleaned bathrooms and now have on a pot of ham and beans for dinner.

Grandson brought Mason over for a visit over the week-end and the little stinker cried most of the time here. He was really sleepy and would not give up and nap. I guess he slept in the car on the way home and was happy as a clam after that. LOL

Cristina- How did the shower go? or did I miss that somewhere? Hope all is well.

Mindee- Great job for Brandon. What tattoo did you get?

Sassy- Let's drink to your "short" week. Cheers! I am glad you enjoyed going to DH's work. And double glad that he likes his job so much.

Kathy- Hope the job works out ok. I am not sure I could do those things either... Hope you find Miss Susie Q. I am concerned about her and Francie...

Jules- Glad things have slowed at your place. Bet you enjoyed the little guy. Hope things continue to look up for both your Mom and Dad.

And where are our other missing BIKers??

08-10-2009, 10:25 PM
Hola all.

Tonight is a night that makes u just wanna sleep. :yawn: Its all rainy and dreary out. Definitely did not feel like coming into work, but after tonight, only one more night left for me! YAY!

Mindee -- WTG Brandon! :cheer3: Glad u had fun at your tattoo party!

Sue -- Sorry to hear your mom was sick. I hope all goes well for your DD. Isn't it amazing how when u are young u fight to not take a nap, but when u get older, u fight to take one! lol.


08-11-2009, 12:56 AM
just thought I would check back in here to see how every one is doing!

Sue~ I hope things settle down for you all soon! I got the first part of a three part tattoo on my lower back. this first part, and center of the tattoo, is four trinity symbols put together. they are pink, blue and green.

Shell~ That sounds like a nice night for sleep! we had storms last night, so it was a nice night to sleep last night!

08-11-2009, 03:19 AM
Mindee -- Yeah I believe it stormed all day so I slept great yesterday! But man it is hot! :hot: Definitely feeling like August! I want a Celtic cross tattoo ( on my calf eventually.

08-11-2009, 12:19 PM
Good morning..It is here. I hate not being able to mess around in the yard. A friend has some plants for me and I guess I will plant them late this evening.

I am watching Mason right now, but he is asleep. He was in a great mood so DH held and played with him..then when he got tired and fussy guess who got to put him to sleep? And I almost fell asleep with him. Darn big old rocking chair. LOL Just going to have him for two hours or so...and he will probably sleep most of it. :) Love his grins....

Nothing else to tell goes on and I feel older every day. Gotta get some pep and energy.

Talk later....

08-12-2009, 09:24 PM
another quickee for me--just wanted to say hi--I REALLY need to stop stress eating and get back on track....

The computers been acting up so it's hit or miss when I try to get on...

Miss you guys...

08-14-2009, 10:41 AM
Good morning. Looks like most people are busy with real life.
Not a thing going on here...just normal day to day "stuff." I am currently suffering with a sore throat and earache.
I did get all the plants in the if they decide to honor me with their presence next Spring I will be pleased. Have a card party Sat. night then Sunday I will be prepping for Mondays colonoscopy/ The prep is worse than the procedure.Any week-end plans?

08-15-2009, 03:28 PM
Well..gonna bump this up anyway.
Went to the Farmer's Market and got a wonderfully yummy melon. I didn't need anything else, thanks to gardening friends.
Was actually looking for mums. My friend got some there last week....but not there this time.

Nothing going on here except our card party tonight..I made a taco dip to take.

I am sure I will be online tomorrow due to the I will be gabbing. :)

08-15-2009, 09:25 PM
Hi SUe--I stopped and got some fresh stuff from a local farmers market and they were just starting to put out the mum--so pretty...

Dad is all cleared--they feel they got it all--they are going to have him do around 3 weeks of radiation as a precaution. He was already back to acting like an arrogant arse on the car ride home....knew it wasn't going to last...

Mom's pathology report is Tuesday. I am so nervous--hoping she is cancer free too!! She has had a real battle with this.

Hopefully I can get back on track--I have gained back like 8 pounds.....

08-16-2009, 12:57 AM
Hi Girls. :wave:

Sue -- mmmmmmmm taco dip, that sounds good, mind if I ask you the recipe?

Jules -- CONGRATS to your dad for being cleared! :celebrate: I hope your mom will be too!

I got most of the stuff done that I wanted too. Now just finishing up some laundry -- yay -- so fun!


08-16-2009, 12:38 PM
Hello all...long time no see!

Sorry for being mia...everyone seems to be busy so just been kinda reading the posts once or twice a week. Going to try and do better at the posting.

Sassy, I like that cross, very pretty.

Sue, I need to make myself go to the farmers market...I think they do it every other Sat, may be every Saturday not sure....that is probably why I don't go, lol...too lazy to see when it is. I used to get Friday's paper to see what's up on the weekends but the paper went up and the content went down so don't even waste the money except for a Sunday paper. Sorry for the drama...always something isn't it. Hoping all works out for you daughter...the last thing her and the kids need in their lives (or anyone) is drama to add to what is already going on. Hugs to her, and you! Oh, let me know how the colonoscopy goes and what you think. I have been putting it off for a few weeks now. Was supposed to schedule it but never did...doc didn't say I needed one right now but 50 is when they start and I thought I would do it and get it over with but now not so sure, lol.

Mindee, WTG to Brandon! :bravo: Bet the kids are excited to start school. I keep forgetting to go see your pictures of your tattoo...thinking I saw it with the different colors but not sure. So do the different colors signify something or did you just want different colors?

Jules, I am so happy to hear the news for your dad, and I am praying for good news for your mom. Hugs to you all! :hug: And you will get back on's hard to stay on track and think of eating right and exercising with so much stress, just too hard. We are here for ya to help you along the way missy! :hug:

MsSusan, I am worried about you missy. Hoping all is well with you and the girls. I know you are busy with work and all but we miss you!!! We need our Susan!

Kathy, hoping all is well with you. Hoping the job is fine and you like it.

Big hello to everyone else :wave:

The baby shower went well...I have pictures up on myspace and facebook. Took me a while to start putting pix on myspace after someone hacked into my account, just leery I guess. And did I tell you not long after you guys were talking about someone stealing and using the credit card someone stole the hubby's info and tried to go crazy with his credit card. OMG, I'm assuming it was a lady because twice she tried to charge $400 and something in shoes at Payless, there were two dating services, ummm, can't remember what else but the credit card company put a stop on all charges after the first two or three thank goodness. If she had actually gotten away with the charges she would have taken us for about $2500, yikes. What is wrong with people? I just don't understand what a person is thinking when they think they are entitled to someone else's stuff, kills me.

Weight loss is going slow but is coming off. If I don't make my 20 pound goal, which by the way I moved it up to November 1-need to make the change in my ticker to reflect that....but I am not going to be hard on myself. The way I see it is whatever I lose is a plus for me because I know I tried and that's all that counts. I've been a slacker in the exercise department though, or was...getting back on track. And I am doing a 5k for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Sept...hopefully Charlotte has the baby on time or if she is going to be late after the race, lol. It's 3 days after her due date.

Anyway...guess that's about it...need to not stay away so long, lol.

Hoping everyone is enjoying the weekend, take care :hug:

08-16-2009, 05:03 PM
Cristina..I have had the colonoscopy before. Family history and I am older than I have to do it every 5 years. They actually sedate you so you are in lala land and it is easy peasy. I even had and endioscope with mine last time and never knew a thing. So, okay, I won't lie...the prep of laxitives is not fun...but I figure a good clean out every 5 years won't hurt me. I just never plan anything for the day before the test or day of. You can not eat for 24 hours prior except clear that is what I am doing today. Then the day of I am back home by 10 or so and just nap due to the sedatives..and EAT..finally. LOL. They make you bring a driver with you and ask that you have someone with you for the day...but I have never had any trouble. I am just always really I sleep. Have never been sore or anything afterwards.
I was very nervous the first time, but believe me when I say the prep is worse than the test...and it is not horrible.
Hope this helps...

Jules- Wonderful about your dad and I am keeping your mom in my thoughts and prayers.

Sassy- The dip was wonderful. I just spread refried beans on a plate or small cooky sheet. Top with a mixture of 16 oz. sour cream and dry taco seasoning (stir 'em up) then top with shredded cheese. I sprinkle tomatoes, onions, black olives...anything I have on hand ..on top. Chill and dip.. I do heat the beans first and then let them cool in the pan before I spread them, but I know some people do not have an adversion to eating things straight from the can. (my DH does have qualms about I heat..)

Right now I am drinking liquids and trying to NOT think about food. Hard to do because being the wonderful wife and daughter that I am, I put a roast and veggies in the crock pot for my family's dinner. LOL... So that is smelling pretty darn good right now. DH asked me why I did that..he said they could have found something to eat. I just told him I am the one having the test no need for them to suffer. (oh, I also used the "being the wonderful wife that I am....." line on him. He laughed...)

Played cards last night and I won a texas hold 'em tournament (family game) I just love to beat out the

Doing nothing today except Farkleing and farming. I have been trying to stay busy.

Bought lots of fruits and veggies to eat after this test...thought if I am starting from an empty stomach I am going to TRY to eat right and get back on track. Even got out my trampoline so I can use it starting Tues.

Okay...all for now..hope you are having a great day and relaxing as you should on Sunday.

08-17-2009, 09:17 AM
Good morning!

SUE...thanks, that does help! Now I will make the appt and get it over with, lol. I could use a good cleansing! And you are a great wife and mother...I don't think I would cook for everyone if I couldn't eat it, lol.

Hello to everyone else! :wave:

Was up early for my walk but didn't actually go until about 6:15' was lightning so...didn't want to get started and get soaked. But it is to do a couple of dvds by the end of the day...thinking one in about an hour and then one about 2. Other than that not a lot going on today.

Have a great day!

08-17-2009, 08:09 PM
quickee--hubby wants on the computer.....

Mom's pathology report is tomorrow morning--I am sooo nervous!!

08-17-2009, 10:02 PM
:hug::hug:Jules, Thinking of you. :hug::hug:

08-18-2009, 11:53 AM
Feeling more rested today...the test was early in the a.m. yesterday and I had to be there an hour early, so I just felt tired. Then after the sedative I was tired all day. Oh well, have that done for another 3 years....ugh, they want me to do it in 3 instead of 5. I must add that my dad had colon cancer and 2 uncles died from colon cancer, so I am high on the list of Family history being the reason for return visits. Doesn't help that they had to send something off for a now I will be tested more often.
Fingers crossed for another biopsy result....

Today we are going to meet DD for lunch then I am watching Mason from 2-5. My day will be full...and I am also doing mounds of laundry since I took yesterday off.

Hope you are all having a great week and I will talk to you later.

08-18-2009, 04:27 PM
Mom's pathology came back no cancer!!! Now, if she can just recover from the after effects of the chemo, radiation and MAJOR surgery...

I am going to take a nap before I go pick hubby up from work...

HUGS Sue!! The procedure sounds yucky!!!

08-19-2009, 08:21 PM
no stress eating-- lost 2 pounds....I will take it!!

08-20-2009, 04:41 PM

JULES...glad to hear the news! :carrot: And WTG on the 2 lbs! :carrot:

SUE...hope you are feeling better. Hope you get the results soon too..nothing like waiting.

Hiya to everyone else :wave:

Nothing much going on with me...same old, same old. Trying to get my eating in sync with my exercise...doesn't seem to be working, not like I would like anyway. But I am still pluggin' along...I will never quit but I sure do tire of trying to stay on track all the time!!! Such a pain...but then no one ever said it was or would be easy.

Today, ran some errands but did get my walk in. Going to do mow the back later...haven't been able to because of the rain and I know it is still wet but it is looking like a jungle back there.

Went to the scrapbook store to get a copy of the guest list for the baby shower...Charlotte wanted a copy of it for the baby book...she wanted the original but I said "I don't think so!" Lol...going to another baby shower for her Sat so going to give it to her then. Also, got an album going to make a scrapbook for baby Lillian. Going to start with some of the pictures from the baby shower(s).

Hoping all is well with everyone MIA and not, take care! Hugs

08-21-2009, 06:19 PM
So quiet around here...

...not really in a talkative mood but thought I would stop by and say HI, and wish everyone a great weekend. Mine's not started out so great but hope yours is better and you enjoy. Check back later :wave:

08-21-2009, 07:43 PM
Cristina--sorry your weekend isn't going well, hope it gets better.

Kind of worried about teri, I haven't heard from her all day--she usually calls me especially when I have Dominnic. I gues my worry/stress indicators are still on high from Mom and Dad--probably nothing...

having fun with Dominic got a couple books from the library...not much going on...

08-22-2009, 04:19 PM
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

It's a rainy lazy day here....

08-25-2009, 08:10 PM
Sorry for being MIA...guess I don't check in as often as I had been since hardly anyone ever posts.

For those of you not on facebook we lost our Ernie dog last Friday. He was with us for 14 years and they were all healthy years except this last year when he got cancer in Jan...well it was back and with a vengence...we had to put him down and that is the worst thing ever. But I know he's not suffering, not in pain anymore so that helps. I said I would never get another dog if and when we lost him but I am so lost without that little weird after 14 years coming home and him not being here to greet us when we come home or start going crazy when it's puppy food time...don't know how he knew it was 5:00 every day but he did, lol. goes on as they say.

Trying to stay focused on eating healthy and my exercise but I swear, the more I try/do the worse it gets. I refuse to give up though. Thinking I will go have my jaw wired! I'm kidding of course, I think...does sound like a good idea though. Anyway...

Hoping all is well with you all...miss you all, and hope to see you soon Ms Susan! Thank you for the card, I promise to get a letter in the mail to you soon.

Have a good day :hug:

08-25-2009, 08:20 PM
Cristina--so sorry about Ernie dog....are you considering getting another dog???? After Samson died, we ended up with TWO--the ones we have now and I didn't want any more ever!!

Hope everyone is well!!

08-25-2009, 10:19 PM
I also have been tardy....sorry. Well more absent than tardy I guess.
Cristina I am so sorry to hear about Ernie. I knew he had been sick, and didn't know it got worse. Hugs to you and your family.
Jules-Hope you are doing well and that your parents continue to do well.

I don't know where everyone else is...but I do hope things are good with everyone.

Life has been up and down here...many stresses, but we are conquering them all. I got my biopsy report today and all was normal, thank goodness. We are all healthy for now.
Two Bs-I-L have had hospitalizations in the past two weeks. Both are home and improving, but it sure makes one pause. DH's family are mostly our age or older, with several in their mid 70's.

I have walked and/or ridden the bike lately and just finally started keeping track again. Food has not been the step forward, two steps back. But I am not giving up. Hang in there Cristina, I feel your pain.....

Take care chickies and hopefully the board will pick up now that summer is passing.

08-27-2009, 01:17 AM
Hi everyone.

Cristina :hug: I am so sorry about Ernie Dog. They sure do become part of the family. Glad that you have a little granddaughter that will soon make an appearance to help keep your mind busy. I sure am getting excited for you.

Jules. I am so pleased that your mom's report came back clean. Now she just needs a little time with you and that sweet little grandbaby to just relax (you will be busy chasing sweetheart) and she will be good as new. :hug: to you both. Did Teri ever call you to let you know she is ok?

Sue I am pleased that your report came back clean. We can breath a sigh of relief. Good to hear that you are back to biking and walking. Have you gotten some cuddle time in with Mason lately? We need to see some updated pictures.

Mindee. You sure have had a busy summer. You must be looking foreward to school starting so that you can relax. School here starts on Monday. When do yours start?

Sassy How are things going with you? How are the kitties getting along? We are in the process of trying to find a kitty for Cole.

Well I am adjusting to my new job. I am finding it difficult. It is very physically exhausting trying to move the residents to get them dressed, and out of bed, or into bed. I literally drip sweat. But I haven't lost one blasted pound. I also find it hard that some of them can't talk, but are trying to tell me something and I can't figure out what they want. It is getting a little easier every day.

Anyway, I must run and get to bed, I will try and get back tomorrow. I have had to give up some farms as it was starting to take over my spare moments. Just have 2 now. :rofl:

08-27-2009, 03:43 PM
Hello ladies...

SUE...glad for the good news. Sorry to hear about the BIL's...hoping they improve each and every day. Yeah, I am plugging along with hard for sure.

KATHY...I am getting very excited for a little one soon...getting closer! Oh man, sorry you had to give up some farms, lol. I think it was bound to least you still have two! I am spending way too much time on them myself...but then I don't have a job or a life. Hoping your job gets easier.

JULES...not sure if we will get another dog yet. I'm thinking we will eventually because it is so weird not having Ernie that I can't imagine not ever having another dog around. Just want to give myself time to grieve before jumping in and getting another. Hoping Teri has a great time in Vegas!

Hello to everyone else :wave: Hoping all is well with everyone.

Will get caught up with my tickers come Sat...I know there's some miles I haven't added. Haven't come to 3fc much since it's been so quiet around here. But thinking I need to come back regularly...sure helps me stay on track. Still walking of course, get lazy some days but I do it. Speaking of which...have a dvd to do now and then grab some lunch...have a chicken salad planned for lunch...gonna be a late one but I don't feel hungry for some reason.

Thinking of you all, always...take care chickies :hug:

08-27-2009, 10:31 PM
Evening chickies. Hope everyone is making great plans for the week-end. We have a family BD party on Sat. and lazy Sunday.

Cristina- I know...I need to get back here regularly too. It does keep me at least "trying" to be good. Both BsIL are home from the hospitals and doing nicely. We are actually attending a surprise 70th BD party for one Sat.

Jules- Teri going to LV? It was so HOT when we went last month. Hope she enjoys it.

Kathy- I actually watched and cuddles Mason yesterday. I will probably have him for a couple hours Sunday. His mommy is trying to go to school and work, so she needs help at times. Right now she is looking for a baby-sitter, but we are taking up the slack. DGS is not doing his part...but that is yet another stressful story. Anyway, Mason is a joy and I am going to care for him as much and as long as I can. Glad your job is going well right will get even easier.

I don't know where everyone else is hiding, but do you all, or anyone, know if the rest of the classroom chickies are doing OK?

I have been on the bike 6 miles and walked 3 miles the last 4 days. Not a lot, but I am getting back at it. It has been very hot too, so I do it late. Have not snacked since Sunday...well, bad snacks anyway. I did have fruit a couple days. I am not eating after 8 again...worked for me last time, getting more ridgid with the schedule. DH went to the Dr. today and had gained weight this past year. Now he says no more snack cakes or high calorie sodas...yay! I don't even like cakes much, but if they are here and I get the munchies they are fair game. SO not having them is a plus. I don't drink more than 2 Cokes a week, so that is not a worry. For now I am not missing the snacks and I am eating much better. Of course, it takes me foreeeeever to lose a pound. So I am not too anxious.

Have been cleaning out closets and drawers, getting rid of un-used items. How have I accumulated so much in 3 years? I got rid of so much before we moved in here....funny. Mom cleaned out her linen closet and gave the kids a huge amount of towels. She had enough for a very large And since she washes often I imagine she uses the same 2-3 bath towels each week. I know DH and I do cause I wash so often.

Well, enough of my to me girls.

08-28-2009, 09:33 AM
Hi All!! I htink my parents are on the road to recovery,,,fingers crossed....Dad got a petscan which he grumbled about having to get before radiation can start but there is no cancer in his body--the radiation is just a precaution. Mom is looking better to me and my brother though when others see her they think she looks rough. She's still got a long way to go but it finally seems we are moving in the right direction.

I've been bad about posting here was just too much for a while, but I do like posting here since it seems more personal and I miss you all. Don't know how much it actually helps in the weight loss but I am here...

Sue--yes Teri is in Vegas for JR's 30th birthday--they are going to a few shows....she said it is so HOT she may melt!!!! They miss Dominic already...Hubby took off work yesterday and I will miss Monday to stay with the boy, we got him Wed evening and Teri will get him sometime Monday evening/night. How are all the family members doing--you all have been going through a rough time. I added you on facebook!!

Cristina--when is the grandbaby's due date--I can't remember--I know it's coming up quick. Hugs again about Ernie dog--pets become family members--the whole time Ry was out west he always asked about his cat.

Kathy--we took Dominic down to see mom last Sunday--she loved it,. All that sweating must be doing something!! Building muscles probably!! Teri called at each stop--they were both totally exhausted by the time they got to their hotel.

well it's off to the store and other errands....

08-29-2009, 10:51 AM
Good news Jules about your parents. (do you think we have somehow becomes the parents and our parents are the children?) Maybe your parents are not old enough to be at that stage yet...but I feel it once in awhile here.

We are off and running this morning. Mom and I hit some garage sales...looking for baby furniture and exersaucers/jumperoos. Found nothing but strollers...which we didn't need.

Now getting ready to leave for the rest of the day to BI'sL surprise party. I hope I can control my eating. I have done well with not snacking, but I fear today will be one lonnnnggg snack. My darn weight was down mid-week than today back who knows? That with eating ok and riding the I can't win. Will just keep plugging away.....

HAve a wonderful week-end chickies and I will check in later.

08-29-2009, 12:04 PM
BIG HUGS :hug: Cristina. I know pets certainly are a part of the family, esp when they have been around a long time, its like they are a part of you........At least thats how I have always felt. :hug:

Sorry I've been MIA. I just felt like a hypocrite coming here since I've been doing terribly with eating and all. I do want to get back on track, but just quite not ready yet.....dunno why..........

But wanna wish you all well!

Big :hug: to all!!

08-30-2009, 05:05 PM
Sassy--just come and visit

Sue--I think I am going to be there sometime in the future--Dad seems to have recovered rather quickly, I am not sure how the radiation treatments will effect him, Mom seems to finally be getting better too, she is enjoying physical therapy and she was even going to take a walk this evening since the temps have cooled off. Ryan and Teri have both been doing well so I may be coming up on a calm period finally...

Teri and Jr come back from Vegas over night..they land at Dullus at 5AM--they are going to go sleep and then Teri needs to go to class--hope the jet lag doesn't get them too bad. They saw Chris ANgel on Friday night--they had front row seats--they said it was amazing--I think they were going to see Drew Carrey last night--I haven't heard from them yet today..JR took $200 down to gamble and came back with $800 one night...don't know about the rest..

Ry has been doing good...the new girlfriend is really sweet and down to earth and good for him. The old girlfriend is calling again--her and her new live in boyfriend want to have an open relationship and date other people too...she's chasing after Ry but he's not interested at this point. It's crazy!!!

My boys are taking a nap so I am trying to catch up on here...Hope everyone is having a good day!!

08-31-2009, 11:20 AM
Hi All!! Hubby was suppossed to go to work today and give me a Dominic day, but he stayed home.....

08-31-2009, 03:43 PM
Busy day here. laundry, errands then lunch at Applebee's. Now I am pooped. I still have a load of clothes to dry and fold.

Hope everyone is doing okay and has a good week. Susan, Francie, Mindee..where are you gals??

Sassy, good to see you here...I think we are all back sliding and not too "in" to posting weight related things. But it is nice to know you are OK.

Cristina- You are probably the only one actually keeping up well with exercise. I am a slug.... I manage about 4 days a week of riding or walking. I know I feel better if I DO it...but it gets so discouraging when the weight doesn't come off.

More stress and tension here...but it has a way of working out, so I am NOT going to let it get me this time. At least we are all healthy!!

09-01-2009, 07:09 AM
Hey All. :wave:

Guess we are all busy bees. lol. I've been sick :barf: so much

Can't believe it is September already! :fr:

I hope you all are doing well!

Big :hug:

09-01-2009, 09:14 PM
Sassy--hope you get feeling better soon--how's the new house--are you still loving it??? How do the kittys like it...

Sue-it's been getting less stressful here now that the parents are doing better...

I am gonna be a grandma again--Ry and Tonya are having an April baby!!! I am so excited!!! Ry's been talking about moving a trailer on the property and I guess it will happen when his lease is up....I am so super excited I am bouncing off the walls!!!

09-01-2009, 09:56 PM
Hey all. :wave:

Jules -- Thanks. I still feel yucky. :p I can't hardly eat nothing, which is good, but not good because I can hardly eat enough to keep my metabolism from falling down to the ground............but oh well. I just can't eat. :shrug: Only weird part is the only time I can eat is in the mornings, after work. Then I can eat, but before and during work, I can't. Congrats! :bb:

Anywho, hope everybody is doing well.


09-01-2009, 10:09 PM
my goodness it has been a while since I have been on here!!!!!

we have been so busy around here. Tommy got laid off on the 20th of last month, but thankfully he was able to start working with his cousin the very next day! he has been working with him since then, and they have had a couple of rain days, but for the most part he has been getting some constant work!

the boys start school next Tuesday. well, that day is an orientation day, and then they will start riding the bus on Wednesday....they are extremely excited and so am I!!!!!!! it will make for a lot of quiet time once both Brandon and Logan are in school!!!! It will give me and Marissa a lot of time to spend together!

Speaking of Miss Marissa, she has just started to climb out of her crib now! She has done it at least once for the past couple of days, but I have found that if I wait until she shows me signs that she is getting tired, and then lay her down, she doesn't get out of bed.

09-02-2009, 03:15 AM
Hi Mindee. :wave: Sorry to hear about Tommy getting laid off, but glad to hear he is working with his cousin. :)
Awwwww that will be cute seeing the boys off to the bus. But I bet you'll be a bit teary eyed too, eh? lol. Miss Marissa is a big girl now! hee hee. My mil told me that my husband was an "escape artist" from his crib too. lol.

We had a "food night" tonight for just the after hours folks because lets face it, we are the ones that always get left out of everything. So it was quite nice to have a food night just for us. We went with Mexican Food. We even invited the cleaning crew here, because you know they always get left out of things, they were very touched, it was sweet. I was good and did not even finish what I ate on my 1st plate. But then again since I was sick I can't eat like before, which is good I guess.

Anywho, I hope you all are well!


09-02-2009, 10:50 AM
just thought I would pop in before I get the kids up.....I can hear them all I can't hide behind the laptop anymore!

Shell~ It will be so nice to see them off to school! I am sure that I will get teary eyed seeing them get onto the bus, but I will have the camera handy to take pictures! Logan is the one that I am kind of leary about but he has been trying to get onto Brandon's bus since school started last now that he will be able to get onto the bus and travel with him will be another story! Miss Marissa is the biggest escape artist out there! she can even get out of her pajamas if we don't safety pin them the right way!

09-02-2009, 06:37 PM
I finally have a sec to pop in and say hello!
I took Gaby to Portland this morning to spend a few days w/ her sisters. I love her tons but I need some quite time.
Hope you ladies are doing well. I will have to catch up over time,but hugs to all that need one.
Reading The Nanny Diaries and have been reading a book a week this summer. I have gained back up to 150, yikes. So, I am headed for the store to get some salad fixings and start back on the road to redemption. lol
I feel like a slug.
anyway, are we ready for Fall?? I am. It is my favorite season and I enjoyed the hint of red,yellow and oranges coming through the woods today as the leaves change colors.

anyway, I will try and chat more later!


09-02-2009, 07:43 PM
I figured that I would stop in to see how every one is doing.......

I am trying to come up with some dinner ideas, and get some grocery lists together for shopping purposes!

SuzieQ~ It is so good to see you/hear from you!!!! I am so ready for fall!!!! I am ready for the, football and every thing!!!!

09-03-2009, 02:32 PM
Good Morning -
It is so nice to wake up when YOU want to and not when a 7 year old says you have to! It is also nice to only have to get YOURSELF ready for the day and not go *in search* of socks or undies for a wee one.
Course I miss Gaby, but I am liking mommylesshood.

Mindee- Why thanks, I am surprised to be missed but I am here!! So, what did you decide on dinner? And what grades are Logan and Brandon in? Brandon in K and Logan in preschool??

Jules - Congrats to Ryan, I guess this means he isn't moving back to the northwest? Darn.

Sue - Hugs to you. I hate stress and tension. I hope it gets better for you. And you are having a little baby in your family?

Cristina - Very sorry about Ernie. How is Char and her pregnancy? Is she almost due?

Sassy - You feeling better?

Kathy - You are like a C.N.A (certified nurses assistant)?

Yikes, out of time! HI's to Katy & Francie!

I made a salad this morning. MAJOR accomplishment because I got out of the habit once school was out. It takes forever for Gaby and I to get ready for the day so it seemed easier to grab a bowl of soup at work. But I am determined to get back to eating salads and getting back down below 145. Gaby woke up at 5am this morning with her Daddy Doug. Whatever...she is really going to need a nap! He took her yesterday to feed horses and the stall lady invited them in the barn so they go get a better look.....I guess the will go back today.

anyway, chat more later!!

09-03-2009, 04:22 PM
Hello all...

I go and talk about getting back to posting daily and haven't been back since, lol. Okay, so it really wasn't intentional. I guess 'cause everyone is over on facebook, almost everyone I wasn't sure anyone was posting excuse I know, sorry. :(

SUSAN...of course you were/are missed lady! Always! No offense to everyone but it's not the same without you. Gaby is definitely a sweetheart, and growing up too fast! I hear ya about getting back on track..still working on this 8 1/2 pounds I gained back, ugh...if only it were easy. :hug: Glad you are back.

JULES...glad to hear the news about your parents and that you are gonna be a grandma again! Maybe this one will be a girl and you can go shopping for all the cute things out there....not saying there's not any cute things for boys because there is...a lot more than when my kids were little. the kids are VERY excited about school! Sorry about Tommy's job but so glad he has work.

SASSY...that's why we are here missy, in good times and bad. I think we all are struggling some right now.

SUE...hope your hubby had a wonderful birthday and Applebees was good!'s the new job going lady? Are you liking it? I know it is keeping you busy.

HIYA FRANCIE, KATY, it's been a while I can't even remember who all posted, sorry.

For you ladies who asked about Charlotte...the baby is due Sept 23 but not sure whe will make it that far. She was in the hospital last Saturday night with contractions. Started at 9:40 and Josh told me about 10:40 and I was expecting a call but they never did..didn't want to call until they found out something. So they spent about 4 hours at the hospital and they observed her and the baby and then sent her home...they gave her benedryl to stop the contractions which I thought odd but it worked...learn something new every day I guess. Needless to say, I am very excited for little Lillian's arrival...can't wait. Can't stay away from the baby stuff either. But I am just looking now because she really doesn't need anymore stuff so...

Eating and exercise wise, I am doing better. Walking and/or exercising 5-6 days a week now. Not back to where I was but it's something and something is definitely better than nothing for me so. Now to get the eating part down, and I don't mean that literally, lol.

Hoping everyone is having a great day! Later gators :wave: :hug:

09-03-2009, 04:41 PM
thought I would pop in here while I have some time to myself! our friend took the boys to the pool and Marissa is I am eating some leftovers from the other day and will be looking at some more houses again! (even though we are not buying until this time next year, I want to see what is out there and keep an eye on them to see what happens with them)

I drank an energy drink a little bit ago, and it doesn't seem to be helping any....well, I take that back, my energy has picked up a little bit.....BUT I am still exhausted and I am ready to go back to bed!

SuzieQ~ Let's see....last night we had steaks, homemade potato salad, and baked beans for dinner. The boys are actually both going to be in the program that Brandon was in last year. We decided to keep Brandon back again because he was not ready for the stuff that they are supposed to know to get into kindergarten.

Cristina~ I am the same way.....I saw that almost every one was on Facebook, and thought that nobody was posting on here. I guess that is what I get for thinking, huh? they are extremely excited to be going to school! they keep asking me if today is the day that they start, and I have to keep telling them "nope, not for x more days."

09-04-2009, 11:20 AM
Mindee--I like Facebook and mysapace but our group here is much more personal--glad Tommy got a job right away--being laid off is no good

Cristina--there is a whole bigger selection for girls--thats for sure...I am glad about mom and dad too. So exciting about baby Lily!!

SuzyQ--we've missed you!! Ry and Tonya were actually talking about going back out to the PNW but now that the baby is coming--probably not. Alll the grazing and stress eating put me right back up the scales--not quite back to my highest but I have to definitely get back under control. Fall is definitely my fave--love all the color changes and the drop in humidity

Sassy--hugs--that's nice you invited the cleaning crew to your mexican meal--the staff that works after the rest of us leave are close with the cleaning crew at our place

Sue, Kathy & Katy--hugs to you

I am taking some Excel classes this fall and now work wants to send me for QuickBooks..I am excited

hubbys calling--got to go

I have missed you all!!!

09-04-2009, 12:04 PM
Dropping by to say Hey! and Happy Friday!

Haven't walked or anything yet. Was getting ready to and then the clouds opened up so now I am waiting for the streets to dry a little...excuses, excuses, lol. Don't like the water coming up and hitting me on the heel's so not really an excuse. Plan on getting 2 dvds done as well so I will get it done before the day is over.

Have a good one!

09-04-2009, 02:29 PM
I don't like water hitting me at all....... let alone my heels Cristina! I so do not like being wet.

hmm, ya. Good Morning.

Now I miss Gaby.

This mornings conversation w/ her was "*mumble,mumble*.....I am *mumble* eating a pb & j sandwish.....*mumble,mumble.....can't twalk....." and I also get through the grapevine she doesn't want to come home. Traitor.
I did find out who her teacher will be,Ms.O........ suppose to be an excellent "much sought after teacher"....yada,yada.

Mindee- Gaby only rode the bus once when she was in Headstart for pre school. Otherwise I have babied all the girls and sheltered them from the cruelty of riding on the *gasp*...public school bus. haha....anyway, get lots of pictures!
What kind of energy drink? There is a co worker that makes her own....some tea concoction that keeps her in the bathroom all night and stressed out that her area isn't getting done!!!!!! I want to slap her.

Jules- I know excel some, but no experience w/ Quickbook, I am sure it will be fun to learn. I like Fall because it seems it gives you a fresh start, so we can get the weight under control together!!! yay.

Cristina - Lillian is a very pretty name, is she being names after family? Lily would be a cute nickname. Gaby is a pill. I need to cut all the swim damage from her hair, 2 inches on the bottom is dead....dead...dead. I need to put a cap on her when she goes in the pool. haha.

Sassy - You feeling better???

I better go. I stayed up reading and I was blaming Gaby all this time for the slow morning start but......omg.....I think it is me who is old and slow...:stress:..when did THAT happen?? I have til next Wednesday to get my act together when I have to get her to school by 8am! Ugh.

Hello to everyone!

09-04-2009, 03:13 PM
Happy Friday to you too Cristina--rain hitting you while you are riding a motorcycle is the worst....feels like needles....I don't mind walking in a misty rain...used to enjoy walking in the pouring down stuff when I was a teenager...must have been the drugs...j/k....

SuzyQ--I bought a really cheap mp3 player to download the C25k program and music to walk/someday run by, but I can't get it to work....Teri and JR are going to take it and download everything for me and teach me to use it...I do a little Excel, but it's the things people have shown me and I have picked up here and there...I would like to be able to do more and my New Years Resolution (one of them any way) was to take a class so here goes. Work is going to pay for a 6 week evening class for Quick Books, but it's due to the fact they are giving me a HUGE project to go with it. Are you still enjoying your cute little house with the amazing view???

Well girls, a bought a potty chair and some big boy underwear...Teri has started introducing the potty chair at her house so we want to keep it going...I told her to not get her hopes up, he is only 20 months old, but then it's Teri we are talking about...both the kids were potty trained around 2 and only wore diapers at night and when we left the house. Should be an interesting weekend...I got lots of cleaning supplies....

09-04-2009, 10:30 PM
Hi everyone! I see you over on Facebook, but I don't feel comfortable talking weight and poundage over there, so I'm so glad you are all still here (even though I have been so lame this summer)

In my world...
- Scale said 165.5 this morning ( squee!) I'm hoping it wasn't a glitch.

- Finished Couch to 5k, am up to running 35 minutes 3 times a week. I just signed up for Race for the Cure and I plan to run it , baby :)

- We got Walter ( not the farting dog)...those of you on FB, have seen the pics ..he's such a cutie and we just lovelovelove him!

I hope to do a better job of keeping up here; at least I want to do a Monday weigh in. Even tho' I "see" you all on Facebook, I still miss this group, so I will try to do better.

ETA - Susan! Good to see you ...missed hearing about your life this summer...hope you and the girls are well

09-04-2009, 11:15 PM
Good evening ladies. Glad to see ya'll here. Like some of the others it is fun to see each other on Facebook, but this is more comfortable to gab about our weight...and in my case, my failures. :)

Susan..good to know you are alive and kicking. Enjoy your quiet time. Yes, there is still a level of stress concerning some family members, but nothing I can change. I need to quit trying to make everyone do the right thing.....just don't know how to quit worrying, ya know? The newest member of the family is Mason James, my great-grandson. I will add a new picture.

Katy- I am sure you will do wonderful at the race...I am so impressed at what you have done so far..and 165.5...wowser!

Jules- Good luck on the potty training. You know, I don't even remember much about training my kids....I guess they must have taken to it pretty easily. I do remember that with Joe, the "baby" I had lots of help because the girls were 11 and 15...he thought he had 3 mothers.

Cristina- Don't blame you for not walking in the rain. I rode the bike this morning since we were going to be gone in the evening....I am glad I did cause I felt so lazy the rest of the afternoon. I am having trouble getting back to eating right...but have been "moving" more.

Mindee- Glad for you that school starts soon. I know the boys will have a ball and Marisa will enjoy Mommy time. Maybe you can get back into walking with her. Good for both of you. Lucky that Tommy got to go right to work after being laid off.

Sassy- Join the club...the club of falling OFF the wagon. LOL. I am struggling to get back on the straight and narrow. Of course, I lose so slowly it will take forever anyway. But, let's don't give up..okay? Feel better chickie.

Kathy- Hope the job is going okay. I admire you and those who do your work...I just don't know if I could do it. I used to say I wanted to be a nurse, but doubt I could.

Francie, where are you? We have other missing BIK chicks too. Hope you all find your way back soon.

Going to help my daughter set up for a garage sale at 6 a.m. and help her run it till noon or so. Then at 4 I am sitting for Mason for the evening. Should be fun, although I will be dragging by bedtime. :)
Sunday is our family reunion, so sometime tomorrow I also have to squeeze in a bit of cooking for a couple dishes to take. Fun, but I can do it. :)

You gotta see this picture taken tonight while he was awaiting his cute.


09-05-2009, 10:58 AM
Good Morning -

I only have a second! Stupid *%$#@ computer.

Katy - Impressed w/ 5k! How did you do that? I guess you just build up?? duh. It is nice to see you too! How are the kids, getting ready for school and all??

Sue - CUTE little great grandson! You are so lucky. Have fun w/ the garage sale. And we don't have failures we have challenges!! :carrot:

Jules- You will ace Quick Book..... :) Enjoy Dominic this weekend.

yikes.....I have to go.

chat later.......and why didn't I get a memo on Facebook???:D Argh.

09-05-2009, 12:37 PM

Jules - On potty training, good luck! I didn't get the R's potty trained til they were 4. lol I was so lazy. It only took a day when I did buckle down and *just did it*.

Kathy - How is Cole liking school?

Cristina - Did you get your walk in yesterday?

Sue - Family reunions would be stressful to me! lol I am sure you will have fun though, what dishes did you decide to make?

Mindee _ what are you doing this weekend?

Katy - What is the breed of Walter? How is the village?? I bet pretty w/ the colors starting to change. The ex has been taking G to Alpenrose to see the horses.

Sassy - Hi :wave:

did I miss someone?? probably did...

I am on my 3rd day of salads, making it with black beans this time.....manage to get the scale to 149 this morning. I really need to exercise though and work on my, feel like a child.
anyway, back to work I go!

09-05-2009, 03:35 PM
Just sort of a quik Hi...

Susan...I did get my walk in yesterday...on the treadmill, lol. By the time the streets were dry, the sun came out and it was too hot to walk so didn't bother. I did get off my lazy arse and do it this morning. Trying to improve on my time for the Race for the Cure walk coming up the 26th...can't wait for that. The son talked me and daughter into doing it with him, well, he asked if I wanted to and I said yeah, I can do that, will be here before ya know it. Bet Gaby can't wait for school to start...they started here early...think Josh's step-kids started August 19th or something like that, it was early.

Sue...have fun at the reunion!

Hello to everyone else...

Gotta go and do a load of laundry, make the bed, grab some lunch and take a few things out of the freezer for tomorrow's dinner/bbq.

Have a good weekend!

09-05-2009, 05:54 PM
Jules- I forgot to answer...........I am still enjoying my view of the bay when I get a chance to stay home and relax. It has been kind of hard to do that this summer. Always something to do it seems. Gab counted 7 boats out on the water the other day, it is very peaceful with the coastal range in sight and I love the water.

Cristina - I would use a treadmill, I wish I had one. I am really a lazy person. lol And I kind of think my iron is low again because my energy level is low at times.
Gab hasn't mentioned school much. We did go shopping last weekend and I still have some more items to pick up after the next payday. I am sure she will get excited once she see's who her teacher is going to be and the other kids in the classroom. At least we can hope....haha....or she will be a 7 year old drop out.

Speaking of which.....Rachel. Can't get her to take the last test for her GED, it is the math one. She is dragging her heels on that one. She is 18 now! Can't believe that.

anyway, hello to everyone :wave:

09-06-2009, 01:57 AM
hello ladies!

we went up to the campground on Saturday to hang out for a was fun. we are planning on going up to see my parents on Sunday, so I need to get some sleep. we have to come back early because our friend's daughter is going to come over while she is at work.

09-06-2009, 02:14 AM
Hello ladies. I keep getting PMs, so I thought I'd stop by and say hello!!!!

09-06-2009, 11:08 AM
Hi Everybody.

Glad to see the MIA ladies. :wave:

Well physically I feel better, but emotionally, huh. I think I took a nosedive there. Dunno why maybe my upcoming birthday this month? I dunno. We are supposed to go out with our friends to celebrate mine and my coworkers significant others bdays on the 25th, but I don't think I wanna now. I know if I bring this up to my coworker she will be like, "Why?" "Why?" until I totally crack and telling her, "Just cuz I don't wanna" will not do it. She is like a female version of my husband, won't be satisfied until she has answers.

So maybe I can make something up. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Have to think on that. I just wish I could just stay home and not go anywhere, at least for this month. Weird, huh?

Well hope you ladies are doing well at least! lol.

Big :hug:

09-06-2009, 12:35 PM
Please STOP