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07-20-2009, 06:08 PM
I wonder whether anybody ever had this treatment? How did you find it if you have?

I have first heard about it through a television series where it was used to kick start detox/weight loss regimes. Although I have always thought this could help me I was always hesistant to book myself in for one (embarrassment!) but just stumbled over a stall again at a health fair this weekend and so booked an appointment for next Monday.

I`m somewhat excited now... :-)

07-28-2009, 04:40 AM
Yes! I've had one, a few years back. My boss found out I was interested in doing herbal detox's so he took me to his Homeopathic clinic and treated me to a colonic (yes, weird, I know...).

So basically you go into the room, and lie down on a padded bed-type thing. Those ones that are in the doctor's office. You have to take off your pants and such, and the "doctor" covers you with a gown. Now.. here is how it goes, because I am an adult, she was about to *insert* the adult sized tube into me, but I am not much into things going up my poop-shoot, so I asked if she had a smaller one, and she did. So she placed a small metal tube about 2 inches long onto a longer set of two tubes coming from the wall. I had to lie on my side, and she put the tube about an inch up my you know what.
Ok, so you just lie there for an hour, on your side, in like a fetal position. The warm spring water will travel up your colon, and back out again through the second tube attached to the metal piece. It's not painful, but a sometimes it feels like some gas, and you even fart a bit! In a metal tube! With a colon full of water! Anyways... too much info?

So.. the after effects. Well, I had to go write an exam right afterwards, and nothing happened ( she warned me that some water can come out afterwards).

But, I felt REALLY hydrated. I felt like I had been drinking nothing but pure water, and because of that, I felt a little more energetic and 'light'. Of course this doesn't last forever, and no weight was lost, but as someone who didn't use to drink alot of water (even though I lived in the desert at the time working horses all day), I felt great.

I liked it, and would do it again, but not rushing back to have someone stick a tube in my bumhole....

So, I thought it was a great start to feeling good, and hydrating your body, which is so important!


07-28-2009, 04:44 AM
BTW: if you want the smaller metal tube, ask if they have the "kids size" ones.....

07-28-2009, 02:35 PM
I`ve been yesterday!:-)

Weired to get my only reply the day after - thank you, though! :-)

The size of the tube was not a problem at all (she used a lubricant), apart from the psychological bit (I was very concerned that it may come out "dirty", but it still looked the same.). I was lying on my back, knees bent, and the therapist massaged my tummy while we chatted and the water ran. (The rest was as you said, e.g. the bit about passing wind - gosh!)

The therapist explained to me what she could see in the tube, and it was all very healthy apart from a few bubbles on the inside of the tube which indicates a slight imbalance of gut bacteria. I do not have candida and my tummy seems strong. I always worried about candida, so hearing this was lovely! :-) Although I have heard that some people initially need some 6 sessions spaced 2 weeks apart (), the therapist recommended that I need 3x a year at the most, for maintenance and MOT.

I`m glad I went - although I could not have afforded so many sessions it was lovely to hear that there is no need! We have a very strong family history of bowel problems (my uncle is dying from colon cancer:-() so it does matter to me! Also, I have heard that you do not absorb your nutrients as well if you have too much old matter in your colon!

Anyway - I did not feel the elating emptiness that so many report, but it was elating indeed to hear that there was no need to have the procedure!

I can recommend it and, really - there is no pain whatsoever, just some sensation that something is going on in your insides. (I chose it over a period any time, lol!)