South Beach Diet - History, Mathematics, Chemistry and SB

07-20-2009, 11:40 AM
I've been thinking....
In 1990 I lost 35 pounds on Nutrisystem. I was at a normal weight and on cloud nine. Was it easy? It depends-I was always ravishingly hungry but stuck it out because it was only 35 pounds. Did I have a new WOL? No. I maintained for a few years and then the scale started creeping back up. By 1994 I no longer liked the way I looked in a photograph.

I haven't had a photograph I liked for 780 weeks now. Thats how many weeks it has been since I looked at that photo and saw myself getting fat again.
-For 416 weeks after that photo I gained weight.
-For the last 364 weeks I have been losing weight very slowly-and I mean s-l-o-w-l-y . It took 6 years to lose 15% of my body weight. In 11 weeks here I have lost another 10%
-I have been following SB religiously for 11 weeks now.
9/780=1.1% of my non-photographic phase of life has been crave free. Why divide into 9 instead of 11? Its because my 2 weeks of P1 were not crave-free. Many days were actually miserable.

I realized during P1 just HOW MANY times I unconsiously grabbed for food. I always took my hand back out of the chip dish for one reason CHEMISTRY. I WANT THIS TO WORK. (I am crying right now) I WANT THIS TO WORK. When I put something in my mouth that isn't OP I change the physical chemistry which is happening in my body that is allowing me to stay OP without and I mean without craving and constantly feeling hungry. I spent 769 weeks WISHING I weighed less and living with the constant desire to eat something which lead me away from my goal.

What are my reasons to not dip into a off plan food for even a bite
1. History-learning from maintainers
2. Mathematics-I want to add my % of crave free weeks and subtract weight
3. Chemistry-I know its chemical FOR ME because I don't crave and am actually beginning to develop a rational part of my psyche is able to rationalize a bite before I eat it and put it back down and be ok.

Am I preaching? I don't think so. Do I have all the answers? Definitely not. I'm just trying to share my experience 12 weeks down the road and maybe give someone who is P1 or crossing over to P2 a perspective on why it MIGHT(and only My opinion) just might be better not to start "dipping" into off plan foods.

Do I think SB is the only way to lose weight? Absolutely not! But today it's my choice. I like the "healthy" aspect of the WOL

Could I do this on my own? Maybe, but highly doubtful. I appreciate all the support I receive here.

Am I never going to have cherry pie or nachos again? No, but I think I will wait just a little bit longer. I really want a photo!....and...for me today its about the chemistry.

And...I guess I'll throw some ECONOMICS in. I notice on the daily thread there is a little fun thrown around. Today it was the DQ cake. I love the daily thread and havin' a wee bit of fun, but I can't AFFORD to not be dead serious right now when it comes to staying OP. Every time I cheat -I activate the Law of Diminishing Returns.:rofl:

Have a great day everyone!

07-20-2009, 12:10 PM
GREAT post, Debbie! :grouphug: Very motivating and very, very true for me, too!

As for this:

Am I never going to have cherry pie or nachos again? No, but I think I will wait just a little bit longer. I really want a photo!....and...for me today its about the chemistry.

I've found that instead of saying, "I can't have this or that" it works much better for me to think, "I'm choosing not to have that right now because I don't like how it'll make me feel." It's true, but thinking of it that way isn't what always pops into my head. When I force myself to think that way, I feel much more calm and am free from that feeling of being deprived. :D Plus, I always know that if I want, I can make an SBD version of that thing (unless it's creme brulee...) and enjoy it even MORE since it won't change my chemistry. I'm actually planning to make my first cherry pie ever today, using fresh sour cherries, a whole spelt crust and a WW pastry lattice top and, of course, lots of splenda/stevia/erythritol, etc. for the fruit filling. :D Should be a lot of fun!

Thanks again for all the math--it's certainly beyond me to try to figure out any of that stuff! I'm math-illiterate! :lol3:

07-20-2009, 12:48 PM
Excellent post Debbie! :) It truly makes one put things in a different perspective. After so many times of being on and off SB, I finally get it this time around! It's up to me to make this work and that my actions determine my outcome. It's either play with the yo-yo or cut the damn string! :yes:

07-20-2009, 12:50 PM
Excellent post for dealing with those little moments. :)

07-20-2009, 05:40 PM
Debbie!!! You hit home with me today :hug: thanks!

07-20-2009, 09:03 PM
Great post, Debbie. Your math calculations made me laugh. I love doing those kind of calculations. It seems rather nerdy but I think the way you do. Keep coming with them!

07-20-2009, 09:11 PM
Ha Ha Anne. Yes, 780 weeks =more days than I wish to calculate!