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07-17-2009, 06:18 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Ahh...the song is playing in my head already. I'm back to my old self again rising before the crack of dawn. I'm going to make a big pot of coffee and get some chores done while I await and anticipate the arrival of my easterly friends.....I may just put that cd on, too..skippin' down the cobblestone..

Today I'm back in the old routine bikin' and swimmin' and eatin ' healthy. I'm going to learn to make a WW pie crust...Ruth, any suggestions?

What's groovy in your world today? Cheers!:coffee2:

07-17-2009, 06:24 AM
good morning!!

well...super muggy out here in the rhine valley. ick ick. debbie -sounds like your morning is shaping up great-share any of that coffee???
gonna begin my stretching regiment in a sec followed by 30 day shred *whew* and then go sbd-friendly grocery shopping.
i've got a tip for ww pie crust---i found using whole grain spelt gives you an almost perfect crust-the whole wheat seems to be too rough. also adding a pinch of baking powder keeps crust flaky

have a fantastic friday and thanks so much for welcoming me back!!!!!


07-17-2009, 07:11 AM
Good morning - "Friday Flutterings" is a great title, Debbie. I have never managed a good ww pie crust. I must try your spelt flour idea, Janet. (I actually ended up making a blueberry crisp rather than pie yesterday as the time got away from me.)

Dinner last night went well with Ian - he brought along a bottle of his homemade wine rather than spend $$ at the booze store. He also offered me the use of the island cottage when he goes away for a week. Too bad I'll have an extra dog and Delta Fair to contend with Saturday to Friday! No, he did not notice my painted toenails. (Had to ask, didn't you?!?)

This morning I go to town for a haircut and will pick up some odds and ends while I'm there. I'll try very hard to avoid the Chinese Buffet but it's right beside Staples where I want to pick up a filing cabinet or printer stand. This afternoon I need to see my lawyer to sign some papers about the house and that'll kind of fill the day. I might get some gardening done.

Bailey and the Hyper Pypers arrive tomorrow. Although they have a rental cottage for the week, I'm sure they'll be here a lot so I must thaw out a huge hunk of meat for supper. I'm quite looking forward to Bailey - it'll be nice to have a Portuguese Water Dog in the house again. :)

Have a Friday with only FUN flutterings and lots of feelin' groovies! :lol:

07-17-2009, 07:31 AM
Good morning :coffee2: I'm back to Red eye Express and have a pot ready to pour. Pull up a cup :)

Debbie - I gotta ask - what time do you go to bed? :carrot: congratulations on getting back to routine. I love seeing your determination and stick-to-itness :)
Thanks for the earworm - I kinda like this one (don't get Lisa started though!).

Janda - It's so nice seeing your name in the mornings again :) I have to admit I just don't have the dedication to do the 30 day shred. I really want to and I can see that it would be effective but I just hate it. I'm more of an endurance rather than intensity exerciser I guess. Thanks for the pie crust tip. I'm going picking this morning so might have to try it out. What do you use for shortening?

Ruth - I can't believe he didn't notice your toenails! He is not worthy ;)
Reasons to avoid any kind of buffet - they use cheap ingredients and boost the flavor with lots of msg, fat, salt & sugar. After a few post pig out headaches I learned to avoid all you can eat buffets, especially Chinese. If you really want something it's better to spend money on one good entree and really enjoy it.
Have fun in doggy land :)

I've got my usual list of day off chores to do. I'm dehydrating some greens, picking and freezing berries, walking with my friend and doing some gardening. It's going to be hot and humid so I won't overdo any of those. Tomorrow will be chores too because it's supposed to rain so Sunday should be a play day.

Tonight I'm off to the local Pub for dinner and music. DP has a gig and a few of my friends will be there. Should be a fun night out though I'll have to watch the wine. This place has really nice wine.

Hope your day has a little fun tossed in :)

ETA - I really need to update that picture!

07-17-2009, 08:40 AM
Good Morning, Friends!

Debbie, I am so glad you are feeling better! :)

Jandaman, I have not done the 30 day shred. Is it dancing? Strength? Tell me about it.

Ruth, I'm with Cyndi about the Chinese buffet. We have one in our little town. Everything tastes the same -- sugary. Yuck!

Cyndi, What do you do with dehydrated greens?

Me: It's going to be a beautiful weekend, and I'm very excited. Cool and sunny. I'm going to talk Jeff into getting the old Jeep out -- let the wind blow through my hair. :)

Work should be easy. The grants are done. Where's that Dancing Carrot? :D I may go get my hair cut.

I hope you all have a great day, too!

07-17-2009, 08:47 AM
Hi Chelby - nice to see you over here :) Usually the greens go in stews and soups, I love the combination of greens and beans in things. They do rehydrate pretty well but tend to crumble and can get a bit concentrated as a side dish. I think I'm going to freeze some for just eating and use the dried in stews.

Hmm, I wonder if Cottage is having computer problems this morning. Or maybe she got a better offer....

07-17-2009, 08:54 AM
That's why Ian left so early! :rofl:

07-17-2009, 09:00 AM
Good Morning from soggy S. Louisiana. Woke up to a storm this morning, but happy we have the rain. My gardens are yelling "yummy!" I also discovered about 20 little baby squash plants sprouted up in my herb garden (I just put down compost and the seeds must not have died!)

Debbie, if you get that pie crust recipe right, please post it! Maybe a combination of nuts, wg flour and smart balance might work?

Janda, yeah, that 30 day shred is a killer...huff, puff!!

Ruth, that trip to the beauty parlor sounds like fun. I haven't been to get my hair cut at one in so long. I was thinking the other day that I may treat myself to one before school starts. My hair is so wild and big you can't tell the difference if I cut it myself or if they do it. I just like being pampered!

Cyndi, have fun tonight. So...dark grapes are a superfood, so the wine will be a "health elixer" right? You just can't get too much health!!

Me...we are going to New Orleans tonight to meet family in from Houston. Going to eat at an oyster house. My MIL is coming in with my BIL and SIL and we are meeting other BIL and SIL who have moved home again. Bringing our youngest son so he can spend some time with family before he heads out to priesthood. It will be a long time before he sees them again.

This is kinda funny. My husband and I are now getting used to the idea that we won't have any kids living here in our house anymore. My oldest son (25) called last night and I reminded him that his brother is leaving on Wednesday and we all need to get together before then. He has been negotiating over a house a few blocks from me. I asked him how it was going and he said "I decided not to buy it". I told him I saw another house around the corner and he said. "I decided not to buy anything for now. I'm going to move into Beau's (youngest son's) room. I think I'm just going to "leech" off of you for about a year...I mean if that's OK?" I laughed and said of course it's ok. So much for Terry and I being alone, huh? When I told Terry about Graham's plans, he just rolled his eyes and shook his head. The boy is handy though...he can fix anything. He does work long hours, so we actually won't see him very much. The funny thing is that he makes a lot more salary in his field (degree in construction management) than I do teaching and he is going to "leech" from us. He's a trip. Actually it is a good plan. He can save more $ for a down payment and I'm happy I can help. When I called my daughter in L.A. and told her about her brother's plans, she just laughed hysterically.

Hey Chelby, we were posting at the same time! That jeep ride sounds like fun. I would love to have a jeep for my next car!!

07-17-2009, 09:26 AM
I'm wondering about Cottage, too. I'm sure we'll have a TGIF update soon.

Cyndi, I am blessed to not have a hectic schedule at this time in my life so I go to bed whenever I feel like it-usually between 8 and 9. I ran a sawmill in Alaska for 10 years. As soon as I got out of bed I was sharpening sawblades in my living room...working all day in less than ideal conditions..then on the phone all evening talking to contractors. We are in Colo to be close to my Mom. She's 88 and still going strong, but has her moments. I came to run the family business, but Mom is still enjoying the I keep the books and I enjoy my freedom. Regretfully, at some point things will change for my Mom but she's doing what she likes to do right now. In addition, my DH has a TBI(traumatic brain injury) so I have extra responsibilities there. Morning is MY time and gets more special the healthier I get. That was the long answer to the short question.:D

Cat, I enjoyed reading all your goings on. My stepdaughter has a room in our home. We enjoy it because we get to spend time with her. Mmm...squash..I love all the compost recruits!

Chelby,:carrot::carrot: I love old jeeps!

Janet, thanks for the hint on the pie crust. I'm thinkin' rhubarb pie for the neighbors. And :congrat:on a good job planning for SB success! I've found that posting here is much more satisfying then eating bad stuff.

Ruth, maybe he noticed your toenails and that's why he left early. I'm imagining the suave line, "hey babe, nice toenails" :rofl: Cyndi is right, Chinese Buffet is :nono: I've never mentioned, but many of my dog friends here have PWD's-all related, of course.

Well, I have less than 30 minutes to down some vitamins and my super dooper smoothie and hit the road :bike2:

Does anyone else listen to Public Radio? I like Friday Story Corp.

07-17-2009, 09:30 AM
Good Morning fabulous ladies.....

Debbie, if you get that pie crust recipe right, please post it! Maybe a combination of nuts, wg flour and smart balance might work?

Janda, I love the 30 day shred, haven't done it recently, it annoys me downstairs neighbors to have me jumping around. lol

Ruth, thanks for reminding me to make an appointment to get my hair cut! Enjoy the serenity.

Cyndi, enjoy yourself tonight. Time and time again studies show the long term health benefits of vino.. can't deny yourself good health!?

Femme, you sound like a great mom. I hope your kids appreciate you.

Day 5 of phase 1 and I'm sad to report that I feel worse with each passing day. I've upped my intake of dairy and legumes but it doesn't seem to help. I'm overwhelmed with a desire to sleep, actually had to take half a day of work yesterday. And killer headaches. I'm giving it through the weekend, but if this keeps up I may have to be a SBD drop out =(

On the up side DH will be home tonight after his week away. Looking forward to collapsing with him tonight.

07-17-2009, 09:59 AM
Mrs B
You're detoxing!! That is good, but it stinks not feeling well. I'm sure the more experienced Beachers will get with you with a feel better strategy. Whenever I've detoxed, the worse I felt the more I needed it. You are almost over the hump. Hang in there! I do believe you are on your way to having more energy than you'll know what to do with. Check in with us later.

07-17-2009, 10:04 AM
I have the girls busy doing assignments in their workbooks, so I can check in here and say "Hi!" Still no internet at home, I'll have to make the dreaded call to tech support as soon as I have the time to deal with them.

So you painted your toes for nothing, eh, Ruth? :rofl: I hope he appreciated the Blueberry Crisp!

Enjoy your company, Debbie, and let us know how the pie crust turned out. The only ww pie crusts I've had have been store-bought, and I haven't been too happy with them. I usually make a simple crust with crushed Fiber One, Smart Balance, and Splenda.

The girls keep interrupting me, so I won't have time for personals, but I hope you all have a super Friday. :)

07-17-2009, 10:32 AM
Mrs. B.,
PLEASE don't give up!!! Please, please!

I remember that detox phase and it was killer. Then one morning I woke up and thought "Man, I feel GREAT!" And still feel great after 2 years. Withdrawal from any "drug" is not fun, but worth it, right? Our drug of choice just happens to be sugar and white stuff like flour...Just eat a LOT of good stuff. Don't even think about the scale or weight and keep your tummy on an "even keel" of every hour if you have to. Sliced turkey, boiled eggs are great...get lots of protein in. Try a HUGE salad of spinach with chicken and veggies. The iron in the spinach is a wonder. A protein shake is great in the evening too. (I use one with no sugar from GNC for an evening treat..add some yogurt to it and maybe some cocoa powder...yum)

A few days of feeling yucky is not much compared to a life time of feeling wonderful. I promise it will all be worth it. It's almost like being reborn. And, think how great you'll look too...the energy you will have on the inside will reflect on the outside. it will, it will!!!

07-17-2009, 11:46 AM
Hey, everyone! Just a quick check-in. I woke up late this morning, but did make it to work on time and I've been busy since getting in. I hope everyone is well and I look forward to catching up this weekend!!

07-17-2009, 12:35 PM
Morning, ladies! I'm WFH today but it looks like my manager wants me in the office more so I'll start going in more next week. I was there yesterday and it is just so boring when I don't work with anyone there. Plus we don't have a parking garage and I had forgotten how hot the car can get sitting outside all day. Oh, well, at least while Brian is gone I can go in.

I'm a little tired this morning. Don called around midnight to see if I had the keys to his truck. He hasn't come on IM yet today for me to find out if he found them.

I've got the trainer at 5 and need to make sure I don't stay up late tonight. I'm one of the 4 staff running the Cubmobile races tomorrow and we're supposed to have around 100 cars show up to race. I need to meet to carpool around 6:15AM so I need to be up early. I love the rain we have had but if we get too much tonight we'll have to cancel which I don't want to see happen.

07-17-2009, 01:13 PM
Cat, Are you going to ACME Oyster House? There is nothing in the world like their grilled oysters. mmmmmm

Lexxiss, We have an Army Green 1980 Jeep CJ5. It doesn't even have shoulder harness seatbelts. But, it's WAY fun.

MrsB, You are almost through week 1. Hang in there! You can do it! :)

Cottage, When Auston was a baby, I changed 99% of the diapers because Jeff said things like, "You are just so good at it!" So now, any time we have a technical/computer issue, I tell him he has to fix it because 'he's just so good at it!' My technical incompetence is going to last WAY longer than diapers did. :D

Hi Kim and Barb!

It is so quiet today! I predict I'll be watching TV by the end of the day. Sometimes, that's a good thing. :)

07-17-2009, 01:59 PM
aloha just answerin questions here

pie crust: whole grain spelt and i use olive oil heart smart margarine (i donno if you can get it in north america)instead of shortening. also-to shorten prep time i mix in a wee bit baking powder w/spelt cut in margarine and add 3 tblsp hot water. works like a charm :)

30 day shred: jillian michaels high intensity workout- mix of cardio, strength and abs. and yes, it is a KILLER!!! you literally feel like (pardon!) hurling ur guts out. is actually good thing, tho. :)

detoxing does indeed suck to high still in p1 honeymoon stage..stick with it mrs. b!! right there with ya!!

07-17-2009, 02:42 PM
Chelby...yep, going to ACME ( ( porn!) and you KNOW I'm going to have some grilled. I'll just pretend there is no butter on them. (the joys of maintaining!) I also plan on some raw. To be followed by a big old seafood salad. (oink!)

I heard earlier on the news this week that oysters can help prevent breast cancer ( that case, Honey, I've got it covered! My ta-tas are safe...I'm an oyster lovin' fool!

07-17-2009, 03:23 PM
Cat, You're KILLIN' me! :) I've waited in line for over an hour to have ACME grilled oysters...

07-17-2009, 04:00 PM
Good afternoon chickies sorry I have been MIA but it has been crazy at work and this week I have been oncall as well. So at home have not been wanting to get on the internet even to say hello.

Hope everyone has a great day, it is beautiful here low 70's and no humid.

07-17-2009, 05:35 PM
Pearlrose & Kim:wave: Nice to hear from you both.

Cottage, hope you get your connection fixed so you can receive all the smiles we send you.


Ok, Cat & Chelby, I'm goin' with you two someday only I'll stay on plan. Boiled seafood, beans and a taste of cole slaw. I may just have to have a green salad before I go!

Cat, Cottage, Janet & Mrs B, thanks for the pie crust ideas. I'm not sure if I'll try it today or tomorrow.

Mrs. B, you are probably thinking, what is a diet where I eat all these foods and don't think about weight, but trust Cat, it is really true. You will feel so much better! Plan ahead since your DH is coming home . Every once in a while my Mom takes me to the all you can eat seafood buffet, because I can eat seafood, vegies and salad and just skip bread and dessert...and still lose weight.

I got involved in a major kitchen clean up since it was so hot out. I don't want to run out of steam in the middle of a baking project.

07-17-2009, 06:43 PM
Good afternoon all! Happy Friday!! :)

I so love the title of this thread! I do feel pretty groovy today! ;)

I had an assignment this morning and wasn't able to log-on. I went to Mc Donalds this morning because I ran out of time. I enjoyed the coffee but the Sausage Mc Muffin (no English Muffin) was disgusting!! :barf: It was salty and gross. It's so weird because I used to eat those things a few times a week. Now that I'm back to cooking at home, their disgusting flavor was very apparent!

I was able to make it home for lunch. I made a salad with 2 turkey burger patties I grilled, cherry tomatoes and bleu cheese. Yummmmmm-O! :spin:

The Vegetarian Tofu Chili I made last night was a hit! The corn bread muffins were baked to perfection. I didn't eat any but they were so pretty. :lol: I'm glad I didn't have a temptation to have any.

I have no plans for the weekend other than the usual home stuff.