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07-16-2009, 10:47 PM
Hello. I am new to 3fatchicks.com. I am currently 36 years old and have had to fight with my weight since I was about 19.
A few years ago I found a healthy way to lose weight and keep it off (eating a 200 calorie meal about once every 2 hours). I lost 56 pounds and kept it off for about 3 years. Then, I moved (I am active duty Air Force) to a new base. I went from loving my job to hating my new job; working a straight-day schedule to working 12-hour rotation shifts (rotating between day and night shifts constantly); liking the squadron I was in to absolutely hating my squadron and how it treated its people. So, with all that, I gained all the weight back and a bit more.
I have moved again, and although I am not thrilled with my job, it's better than the one I just left and I am back on a straight-day schedule. I got to my current base in November. Since January I have really been trying to get back to my 200-calorie/2 hour eating habit, but it has been really hard. I am not sure what is making it so difficult this time. So, I searched the web and wanted to try a website with a support group and one where I can post my daily food diary. I am really hoping this helps as my career depends on whether or not I can lose weight and get in shape and my self esteem could really use a boost. My weight gain has affected a lot of my life and I really want to change that. I want to lose about 70 pounds.

07-16-2009, 11:49 PM
There's a great website that might help you. I subscribe to in2nutrition dot com. Their meal plans (and by plan I mean recipes- you make your own food, no fake food in the mail). Their plan is based around roughly 300 calories every 3 hours. They are also balanced for protein/fats/carbs so you don't have to worry about having balanced meals.

Some 'meals' are simple things like almonds, an apple and string cheese. Others are more complex like Mediterranian chicken pizza or Linguini with Clam Sauce. On the more time consuming things I just make a double or triple batch and have the item for dinner at night then a lunch meal the next day. You can make anything at anytime- the recipes are all balanced as stand-alone meals so they are fully interchangeable.

It costs like $40 per year but I think you can get a 2 week trial if you type in 'free' when you sign up. It really takes the guess work out of what to eat.

Sounds like you have a lot of experience losing though (congrats on the 56 lbs.) so if you just need a tracking site I'd recommend The Daily Plate.