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07-16-2009, 04:40 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a "ho-hum" kind of day here. I didn't sleep very well last night; I had a big salad for supper and it didn't sit very well. I will be so glad to be done with this antibiotic as I think it affects my digestive system -- one day left! We got up to dark clouds and more rain. It was 65 degrees at noon! The sun finally came out and it is warming up a bit. I've been working on the kitchen cupboards; got a pull-out drawer out and couldn't get the rails back in so had to wait for my hero to come home for lunch to finish that one.

"Gma" -- Kolby is 4. I talked to Beth this morning and no one got much sleep last night. He was running a temperature which the nurse told them could happen. When they talked to the doctor he said it looked like there was an underlying bacterial infection in one tonsil that never cleared up. He is afraid to eat anything but says he is hungry. I suggested small ice chips that would just slide down and they hadn't tried that yet. I'm glad Thomas and family arrived safely. What is the time difference? I feel bad for Marty. Poor pooch!

Susan -- Kolby started out eating popsicles that were mushy so he could eat them with a spoon. He got sick during the night so had refused to eat anything when I talked to Beth this morning. I'm hoping the day will go better as it wears on. Thanks for the tip on the J. Rowlings program. I will look for it.

I need to get back to work! Hope you all enjoy your day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-17-2009, 11:04 AM
Good morning gals! Interesting morning for me. I just spent 2 1/2 hours in the emergency room. I woke up feeling like my tongue was swollen and lymph glands and badly though I had no pain. I went into the bathroom and under my neck it looked like I had a huge goiter. I was nauseous and developed a headache. Jack was fixing his breakfast and I gagged like I was going to throw up and my throat was so closed I choked a bit so it scared me and we got dress and went to the hospital. It was an allergic reaction to my ace inhibitor bp meds. Do you remember when Jack would swell up and we would go to the hospital, same thing? By the time the doctor saw me, which was about an hour after I got there, it was receding and I could talk so it didn't sound like mush. It is now much better just a feeling like I have phlegm in my throat so I am able to eat some breakfast. I was worried I was going to miss the movie tonight! lol He gave me a steroid prescription but I am not going to take it unless it flares up again and I doubt it will. He told me that ace inhibitors are notorious for doing this some reason. Jack and I never connected his episodes with mine this morning, but Susan, I know the panic feeling for sure when you can't breathe and your throat is closed.

Jean: Hope Kolby feels better. Jay ran a fever for a couple days too. Poor little guy. Kelly and her family are 14 hours behind us. It is going to be awful for them when they get home as they don't get home until Sunday the
26th then they both have to go to work on Monday. Marty seems to be doing much better settling in now. He now feels comfortable enough to bark at us around 8 for his nightly snack! lol

Well gals, lots to do this morning and I am behind. Jack had to take a day off to take me this morning so he ends up with a long weekend. I scared the poor man pretty badly. I wasn't too keen seeing the inside of that hospital again either though!

Have a great weekend all!

07-17-2009, 11:18 AM
Happy Friday, Flowers! It was a very cool 51 degrees at 6 AM this morning! There is a breeze so it is definitely a jacket kind of morning. This weather is so weird! I'm still working on sorting through "stuff." Bob unloaded my cupboards and now they are kind of like a puzzle and I can't everything to go back in place. I know some of this stuff I haven't seen for a very long time. I am embarrassed! Another Good Will box will be on its way by noon. :cp:

"Gma" -- What a scary thing to have happen! I'm thankful you are better; will they change your meds or hope that it doesn't happen again? I'm so glad Marty is settling in. I always think an animal is happier with their family and friends when their own family is gone. ;) I'm going to call Beth a little later this morning. I meant to call last night and it got to be 9:00 so I didn't thinking maybe everyone was down for the night since they didn't get much sleep the night before. I hope Kolby is feeling better too.

:wave: to everyone else! I hope to see you today.

Have a great day and be kind!

Jean -- :D in Iowa!

07-17-2009, 02:18 PM
AH we had another fantastic boom and light show with torents of rain in the night. It is still spitting some this day. Looks like the lawn for the church and this house aren't getting mowed this day. It will still be there when the sun shines and dries things up.

DONNA FAYE What a scare! I hope that doesn't happen again. But if it does you will know from whince it came and it won't frighten you as much. Little Marty is getting aclimated to you folks and probable will be real setteled in when his people come home and gather him up.

JEAN Pot luck is this Sunday and I am taking that yummy dissert you posted. I know it will be a hit for I have a similar recipe that folks absolutely rave about that uses pretzels instead of the crackers. I certainly hope little Kolby is feeling better. That must make him miserable, poor dear.

SUSAN Hope all is well with you this day.

Have a wonderful weekend which is only a wake up away. :wave: Type at y'all later.

07-17-2009, 06:22 PM
Good evening, ladies. Just had about 2 hours of thunder, lightening and rain so the yard man won't be doing the yard today.

They repaved my street today so I was glad to get out of the house for the doctor and the chiropractor. I had lunch in between and when I got back, the were done. The smell of the hot tar was really getting to me. Anyhow, I feel better about my heart after talking to Dr. Amy. She showed me the results of my tests and the comments the pulmonist sent her. My heart is only a little enlarged and treating the COPD is the only thing to help that. I do have Pulmonary hypertension which is like saying high blood pressure in my lungs. My blood pressure today was 106/60 and my pulse was 58, a bit low so she told me to eat a little salt. I had cut it all out again.

Faye, I know you were scared! The feeling of not being able to breath is awful. I have to tell myself to calm down and concentrate on breathing and it will be okay (after a few puffs of Proventil). Enjoy the movie tonight. There was announcement it is going to be in Imax starting July 29 so I'm going to go. It'll be awesome in 3-D! The special on J. K. Rawlings was very interesting. I did not realize it has taken her 17 years to write the 7 books. I think there will be another on the next generation.

Jean, I had to get something from the cabinet over the refrigerator this morning. I need to put almost everything in there into the thrift store boxes.

Maggie, your church must have as many eating occasions as mine. How are the glass houses going?

I just had a call before I started this from a lawyer in PA that is settling the last of the estate for my husband's grandparents. Everything was in a family trust and four of the sons were in charge of it. Two of them died. The aunt who stayed home, never married, and took care of everyone until they died lived in the house until she died two years ago. There were 18 children in that family, but they had all signed off because they were asked to contribute to the upkeep of the house. To shorten the story, he told me he has sold the fame and gotten everything settle so he will be sending me Stan's share, after expenses of course so I don't think it will be much but it is still unexpected money. Good always provides when I need something - new windows before winter.

Life is good. Have a good evening!

07-17-2009, 11:16 PM
Good morning gals! We got home from the movie around 2:30 am. Marty had knocked over the trash can and strewn garbage all over the kitchen then decided the house was his own person toilet so we had that to clean up. I was hoping to sleep in but the dogs wanted to go out so I just gave up and came downstair. I have to get Alicia's birthday present to the post office so she will get it by Tuesday anyway so I am just up.

The movie was great and followed the book closely. We got there 45 minutes early assuming we would have to stand in line to even get into the theater, but she said it was all cleaned out and we could go right in. There ended up being a baby and two boys about 8 and the rest were adults. The theater ended up being only about halfway full and two men in different parts of the theater fell asleep and snored through half the movie. We had a nut case sitting in front of us talking to himself through the whole thing or talking to someone on the screen.

Well, I finished the hat and scarf. I thought Alicia would like the cloche sort of 60's look of the hat. I put it on to show Jack and he hated it. He said it looked like something from the 20's. Yahoo, that means it looks like it is supposed to.

Susan: Yeah for you! Spend the money, however much it is and have a good time with it whatever you do. Hope things can improve with your pulmonary/heart situation. I see you got our nasty storm from yesterday. We had a whopper.

Jean: The GoodWill must love you. You always seem to have a box to go to them. The doctor in the ER said to be sure and tell my regular dr about the attack so she can make a decision about my meds. Unfortunately, I am not sure they can do much and I really need the meds for now until my weight is way down.

Maggie: We got a big storm yesterday morning and it was a real hum dinger. The power blinked off, but came right back on again. Enjoy your pot luck. Nothing like a bunch of church ladies cooking.

You all have a wonderful Saturday!

07-18-2009, 12:09 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a chilly 66 degrees, up from 52 at 6 AM, in my corner of the world. We were up early because Bob left on a tractor ride this morning. I'm not sure how long it is, but I won't see him until late afternoon or early evening.

Maggie -- Let me know how the dessert turns out. I am not good at looking at recipes and deciding if they might need more or less of something, another ingredient added for taste, etc. I usually get my recipes where I have tried the food somewhere else. :o Are you taking anything else to the pot luck?

Susan -- I'm glad you feel better after the talk with Dr. Amy. :yes: It's good to know that you can do something to help yourself. Have you tried Morton's Lite Salt? I don't use salt very often but do like it. What a nice surprise to receive some unexpected money! Do you have to replace all of your windows?

"Gma" -- It is so aggravating to have distracting people sit near you in the theater. First of all I don't think babies, toddlers, etc. should be allowed in . . . . period. If kids are too young to understand the plot line the management should be able to keep them out too. I noticed a number of cell phones when we went the last time. I was afraid they might be a problem but think everyone, that I could see, put their phone away when the movie started. The hat turned out cute! Will Alicia's package arrive on time? I sent one to AZ June 23rd, and it still hasn't arrived. :( My big mistake was not insuring it so it could be traced.

I have laundry going and am going to do another Good Will box this morning.

Have a great day and remember to :D !

Jean -- :wave: and :D in Iowa!

07-18-2009, 03:25 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! A very pleasant day in the low 80s.

I did my grocery shopping this morning and now I'm tired. In order to get in a little exercise, I walk every aisle in every store and I went to Kmart, Farm Fresh and Kroger this morning. Pulmonary Hypertension causes fatigue.

Jean, I'll look for the lite salt when I go to the store next week. Thanks for the suggestion. I never send packages by mail anymore. I'd rather pay a little more and send it UPS so I have delivery confirmation and it gets there in a reasonable time and they will come to my house and pick it up.
Not to sound too dumb, but what is a tractor ride?

Faye, the hat and scarf and beautiful! Include my address and tell her if she doesn't like it to send it on and I'll send her a gift card of her choosing. I knew you would like the movie. I can hardly stand it to wait for the next 2. I sure hope I don't die before they get them made. It seems to take a very long time or more likely its to get every penny out of the previous movie. The first 3 of the movies I have are on tape so I think I'll buy DVDs since you can't find tape players anymore. I guess Marty was letting you know he wasn't happy to have you go away when he wanted to go to bed! Cupid knows bedtime is 10 pm and he goes then if I do or not, or if I go earlier, he comes at 10.

Well, I'm off to do some quilting this afternoon.

07-19-2009, 08:37 AM
Good morning to you all! I have house cleaning today, ugh! I dread manuevering around the dogs. One is bad enough but two drives me nuts. They were both up and down and up and down all over us last evening. It drove both Jack and I crazy.

Jean: Alicia's package will arrive either tomorrow or Tuesday and Tuesday is her birthday. It is ok if it doesn't as I already had something shipped to her directly that got there last Thursday just in case I couldn't get the hat finished. I just had to use some good ole ingenuity and fix the pattern myself. Looking over it, it looks like what she wanted to do would work, but the way she wrote out the pattern made it come out completely wrong. You had to do math before you could knit the rows as you had to figure out how stitches to knit before you did the decrease pattern. Ahh well, it all came out right in the end. Hope Kolby is feeling better today.

Susan: Like I have said before, I rarely see things being used that I make for them. I haven't heard a word from Kelly as to whether or not she liked the blanket and pillow I made. She hasn't even acknowledged that she got it, though I emailed her and told her where Thomas had put it. I have only seen Thomas wear one sweater I made him and that was years ago. Jay says the scarf I made him stretched out when washed, but he shrunk the hat more so he wears it all the time. I don't know because I have never seen him put it on. Ahh well, whatever. It isn't going to stop me from knitting. I enjoy it too much. I guess when I get to goal, I will enjoy making myself sweaters since they won't be so big and take so long. I have learned a lesson about buying cheap yarn for sweaters though. I am dying for the last two to come out too. They are saying Nov 2010 and July 2011. I just hope they can squeeze everything into both movies to wrap them up. There so much that has to be told from the last book.

I went ahead and weighed myself a day early and I am down 5 lbs for the week! :carrot: I am going to change my ticker when I get through here. Hopefully, I won't have to go through another dry spell for awhile anyway.

I need to hop up and get started so you gals have a great day today. Faye

07-19-2009, 11:34 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! We just got home from the lake and I'm thinking bed is looking pretty good. :yawn: We did go to church; it was the first Sunday for our new associate pastor to be in charge; she is 28 and looks pretty young! She read the sermon which didn't surprise me. Bob wanted to make a trip to the lake because MIL has a bunch of golfing trophies that we are going to donate to a lady who somehow takes the name plate off and redoes them for special needs kids. We stopped at Menard's to buy a new toilet seat for the cabin and also bought a new light for under the kitchen counter at home. When we got to the cabin Jason and family were just getting ready for a boat ride so we spent a couple hours out on the lake with them. It was a beautiful cool day to be out. We all ate supper at the Pizza Ranch and headed for home.

Tomorrow I am calling about my new contact lens that doesn't fit right. Should also call the doctor's office since my Ernie wound has healed but I have a big bump there now. I had my mammogram Friday; was in and out in less than 10 minutes so hope the gal knew what she was doing. I've never had one that fast.

Susan -- This tractor ride was part of the county fair and sponsored in part by Bob's county board. There is a registration fee (for lunch I guess) and the tractors all line up around the race track and then leave on the ride from there. This time there were 56 tractors and they drove over 50 miles through the countryside, over hill 'n dale, through the woods, etc. They stop and have a catered lunch in a park, visit, and look at each others' tractors. Some are farmers who collect tractors, some are like Bob and just like tractors but don't farm. There are clubs for the different brands of tractors and some of the more serious collectors will put their tractors on trailers and haul them all over to go on rides. Bob doesn't have a trailer so this is about as far away as he can go. I took my package to Mailboxes and she told me if I wanted it to go in a box it would have to go priority mail which was $7.00+. :( I should have found a box myself and sent it. Our UPS stuff is so grubby and dirty I hate to send anything that way.

"Gma" -- I called to check on Kolby tonight and he talked to me on the phone. Beth had taken him to Target to get his backpack for preschool. He did say he was tired but is feeling better, eating, and drinking. Congrats on losing another 5#s! You are doing so good! :cheer:

I am going to bed! :yawn: Hope you all have a marvelous Monday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-20-2009, 06:18 AM
Good morning ladies! I woke up kind of stiff with boy dogs cuddled around me so I decided to give it up and come downstairs.

I did get the downstairs cleaned yesterday so will tackle the bathrooms this morning then take Marty over to Kelly's and while I go for a swim he can run around. He needs to burn off some steam. He isn't used to being housebound most of the time then just having a little square to run around in on our deck.

Thought you might like to see this. Kelly just sent me an email from China with this picture of them at the Great Wall. You can see it in the distance behind them. She said they were having a great time except it is very hot as you can see they look pretty wet around the head. I noticed Thomas has a tshirt on with something in Chinese on it.

Jean: Sounds like a nice way to spend the day out on the lake with the kids and grandkids. It is good to hear that Kolby is coming along now and feeling better. I actually do all my mailing set up from home, though I have boxes. I keep the smaller ones that I get stuff shipped to me in, then I have boxes to ship to the kids and such. I make my USPS label on the computer and then all I have to do is drop it off at the post office. Saves time as our post offices have drop boxes inside for packages that already have the postage on them.

I bought two more outfits for vacation next year. One is a peony pink tshirt with matching cargo capris that have a drawstring ankle. They should be here in a couple days then I bought a seersucker mint colored capri and cotton tshirt with little watering cans on the shirt. They are both stretchy except for the seersucker capris. Seersucker is my favorite fabric. I have pair of long pants in seersucker and wear them all the time in the summer. They are a light blue and white and are starting to get pretty baggy, but I am just going to have to wear clothes until they fall off before I start buying new. I have a lot of summer clothes that will fit for a long time, but the winter ones are a little more sparse.

I guess I will sit and knit for awhile. When Jack gets up and going I will feed Marty then go up and tackle the bathrooms and make the bed and shower.

Have a good start to the week.

07-20-2009, 12:21 PM
Good morning, ladies! Overcast today but only a 40% chance of showers. At least the temperatures are down in the low 80s.

I went to church yesterday but that was the only interesting thing I did. The rest of the day was laundry and housework. My nice next door neighbor is home from Saudi Arabia and she brought me homemade chicken soup and a huge salad with broccoli, pecans, chicken, and cranberries so I didn't even have to cook.

Faye, nice picture from China. Marty will probably go wild when he gets home and then you bring him back to your house. I bought clothes at consignment and thrift shops while I was losing weight. You certainly are going to have a nice wardrobe for your cruise.

Jean, thanks for the description of a tractor ride. I never would have guessed that was what it was. Glad you enjoyed your day at the lake.

Nothing going on today or this evening, but I need to get back to work now.

07-20-2009, 12:36 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's another cool sunny day in my neighborhood. I keep thinking the 90 degree days will happen yet this summer. We had a couple in May before school was out, but it's been cool ever since. I've got laundry going and I'm dressed so they are my accomplishments for the morning so far.

"Gma" -- What a neat picture of Thomas and his family! Thank you for sharing it with us. The new outfits sound cute. :D We will expect pictures, you know. Enjoy your swim this morning!

Susan -- What a nice neighbor you have! The salad sounds especially yummy! :T Sometimes it's nice to have a day without any scheduled events. I'm good at just putzing here 'n there.

This is a funny story that I don't think I shared. MIL loved the lake so very much; when we were all there over the 4th Will was going to read after dark and the lamp kept flickering. Beth told him it was Grandma's spirit telling him he should go to bed! It happened both nights. Yesterday Amanda and I were talking and she mentioned that she could feel MIL's presence in the cabin -- glad that we were enjoying it this summer, etc.. I asked if anyone turned the lamp on the previous night and she said no, but that they had turned on another lamp and it flickered. She and Jason looked at each other and burst out laughing. Ian and Zowie couldn't see anything funny at all.

I have to get busy -- have fresh green beans to clean for lunch. Have a great day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-20-2009, 03:56 PM
We picked up a couple of kittens Saturday. One is black and the other is gray. Black is called BB short for Black Bart and gray is called Two and his name is Turntwo. They answer to their names now and Ragg Mopp has settled down and quit scaring them to make them hiss and spit. They came human loved for they were born in the house and didn't go outside. Both male and will be fixed and front paws de-clawed when they are old enough. They are napping now so it gave me a chance to get on my computer. They are into everything and love to walk on my computer keys. We got them a huge butt hut and they go into it together. The lights are on in both of them with Two the most agressive and will probably be the easiest to teach to play "fetch." That's what is new around here.

DONNA FAYE Thanks for the picture ~ looks like all three are having a good time. What a view! I am that way about my glass things. I do tell folks if they don't like them or want them to please return them to me for someone will like them that I know. ;) Congratulations on your weight loss. You are doing it.

JEAN Those tractor shows are fun. I remember going when we were out there. When we were in another state we were in time for the Corvette ralley which was fun. I took a taco type casserole along with "your dish" to the potluck. Both containers came home empty. Will gave that dissert a 5 star (the most that we give here) and a definite do again. I was asked for the recipe so you know now you need to make it.;)

SUSAN It has been raining each night here for quite some time. The grass did dry enough Saturday afternoon so Will could get it mowed though.

Everyone take good care of yourself. Type at y'all later :wave:

07-21-2009, 07:51 AM
Good morning gals! I hope your day is starting out well. I talked to my dil yesterday and she loved the stuff I got for her from Swiss Colony but the packaged with her knitted stuff hadn't gotten there yet. I saw this morning it came while she was at work. Poor thing is having to work with a cast. I guess a couple weeks ago she tore the ligaments between her ankle and foot taking Jackson to day care.

Alicia said Jackson is talking more in sentences now. I guess over the weekend he was out playing around his swimming pool and a bee had flown into the pool. Being a boy who loves bugs, he tried to pick it up and got stung. He told him mom and dad, "It's a bad bug, bad, bad bug!"

Maggie: I am sure you will love your new kitties. Watch them close as they will scratch up all that pretty new furniture you have. Sounds like you had a good potluck. I know I have told the story about the lady who always brought 2-3 dishes to the church potlucks and they were always so gross. I do NOT know what she did to her food, but the stuff tasted awful no matter what she made. I always felt sorry for her because her dishes always remained pristine when people went down the line. So, I would take a huge helping of each of her dishes and she would just beam. I just couldn't bring myself to eat the stuff, but I would dispose of it when I would see her engaged in conversation with someone else. She was a widow and I always wickedly wondered if she poisoned her husband....:o

Jean: It is cooler than usual here too. The pool was like an ice bath yesterday. When I would swim with Thomas it was around 86-88 and it was 78 yesterday, but I swam as long as I could take it. I can imagine how puzzled the kids were at their parents hooting about something that made no sense to them. At least your Mil would be a friendly "ghost." I think mine would come back holding a glass of instant iced tea in one hand and a cigarette in the other. :)

Susan: Nice neighbor. At least the stinky food cooker has moved on to smell up someone elses house here. The food sounds delicious. I just love all the summer food, but I sure have to be careful with corn and I do love it so.

I have to get the blanket finished now so I can move on to another project. I think I am going to make Kelly a hat and scarf for her birthday like Alicia's only in this color. It is called apricot dream and I thought it would look good with her coloring. Alicia is half hispanic so very dark haired and such so the bright colors will look great on her. Kelly is so fair and pale that she will look good with a more muted color without it being totally pastel, which doesn't look good on her.

You gals have a great Tuesday. Jack has an electrical seminar at the other plant today so he get to sleep in an extra hour. He should be up and going in a few minutes so I need to get off the computer.

07-21-2009, 11:09 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! We got up to blinking lights on the dishwasher again! GRRRRR! This time I am not doing a thing and have called the repairman. He'll either squeeze me in today or tomorrow for sure. It's cool and sort of hazy here today. I was supposed to meet my "favorite" student for lunch today, but she sent a text saying she got called into work. So the day is mine!

Maggie -- I think you are wise to get two kittens! :) They will keep each other entertained for sure. They are so cute and full of energy when they are little. I thought maybe Ragg Mop might be a little jealous. I'm glad the dessert was good. I just don't make anything like that unless I know we are having company or going somewhere that it will get eaten. Ian was teasing for a snack at the lake Sunday. They were packing to go home and Amanda told him he could have a pbj sandwich or little fish crackers. He cocked his head to one side and asked her if she could please make some brownies! :lol: I told him that the next time he knows he is coming to the lake to call and let me know; I would bake brownies for him!

"Gma" -- It's hard to believe that Jackson is 2. I hope he didn't have any adverse reacation to the bee sting. The yarn is very pretty, and I think it will make up nicely. It will be interesting to see if the lights continue to flicker. Since MIL called the cabin her summer home for many years, I'm sure her spirit must live there. ;)

I'm off to do my dishes by hand! Have a great day and remember to :D!

Jean -- :wave: and :D in Iowa!

07-22-2009, 06:36 AM
Good morning gals! Today is trash day and euwwww, I went out to get the can out and there were maggots all over it so I had to wash it off before I could take it out. I know there was some raw chicken in the trash tied in a bag as it was the neck and such that I couldn't put down the disposal when I made chicken and noodles on Monday so I am sure that is what it was. It rained here all yesterday and last night which probably helped it along some.

Jean: Oooh, brownies! I haven't had brownies in months and months. I have found my only real yearning is for donuts/pastries. It has probably been 4-5 months since I had a donut in my mouth and they call to me a lot but so far I have resisted. In fact, it is kind of comical, but a couple days ago I had to go to the store and pick up some bread and in our Krogers the bread is right across from the bakery. I got the bread and walked right past all the decorated cakes and pies and cookies with nary a glance, but there they were, a showcase of lovely multicolored donuts. I actually stood there for probably a minute debating. I kept seeing the sign that said "2 for a $1." My brain kept telling me what a bargain that was! :lol: I actually said out loud, "No, you know you cannot buy donuts!" I walked away and checked out. :stress: That was a close one though!

Well everything I bought is going back this morning. The perfume set stinks, the earrings are the size of a mayonaise jar lid, the shoes are too narrow at the toe and the outfit is ridiculous looking. I put the pants up to my waist and though they were supposed to be capris fell to my ankles and the pocket that was on the side and supposed to be close to the knee was at the ankle also. I told Jack about the only thing I could carry in a pocket that low was my knife....:D So, back it all goes. The seersucker outfit should be here next week sometime I think.

I made a new dr appt but can't be seen now until Aug 25th
so I am hoping everything has settled down and if not, I am going to go anyway and talk to her about it. I can't get a pap smear with things as they are, but I can get the rest of the physical and have her schedule me for a mammogram at least.

The kids come home this weekend so I am sure Thomas will have bazillions of photos to show me and I am looking forward to seeing them. He starts school again about 2 weeks after they get home and I am sure whomever is working the clinic will call for me to start working again.

Have a good hump day everyone!

07-22-2009, 10:27 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It looks to be another cool sunny day in my neighborhood. I could get used to this weather! I'm waiting for the dishwasher repairman . . . again. Bob walked by the dishwasher Sunday night and the lights were blinking again. The door wasn't locked so they shouldn't have been doing anything. Periodically the lights switch off and on . . . weird. Maybe MIL is here in spirit too. Hah!

I got a call last night -- one of our bell choir members' daughter, who is a year younger than Beth, had a massive stroke. She is on life support so assume they are donating organs. They don't live around here so haven't heard any more details. She has the cutest 18 month old daughter with red hair and a husband. The Grandmother is an IA at the high school and they go to our church so we've know them for years.

"Gma" -- Our more expensive super market has an in house bakery. The last time I looked cookies, boxed and ready to go, were $4.49 for a dozen. I just can't bring myself to pay that much when I know I could get off my duff and bake them. One of the teachers bakes cookies for her family and said she keeps them in the basement freezer so she has to plan ahead if she wants one. I'm sorry the things you ordered didn't turn out to be what you were hoping for. I'm short so some of my capris look like I've got high water pants on. :lol: I have a couple I could shorten if the mood ever strikes. I finally got smart and don't buy anything with any fancy design on the hemline. I'll bet Marty will be glad to see his family again. On the other hand he probably enjoys the attention he gets at your house. ;)

Susan -- Hope you have a good day at work today! :D

Maggie -- Are you busy constructing glass buildings or kitten watching? :twirly:

Well, I'm not getting anything done here so best get a move on. I made Bob wait until I was dressed before he left for work. The repair guy will probably show up late this afternoon with my luck.

Have a GREAT day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-22-2009, 11:35 AM
Good morning, ladies! Up in the 80s today and humid.

I don't know where my brain was yesterday, I didn't remember to post or even read your posts. Had a lot to do yesterday at work to get a project done and I was tired when I got home so sat and read, a mystery, then it was getting close to being solved so I read some more until it was finished. Nothing going on this week.

Faye, I like the yarn. I love bright colors myself and fortunately they look good on me. When I have stuff to put in the trash like the chicken your did, I put it in two plastic grocery bags and put it in the freezer until trash day. The I put a piece of yellow twine around the trash can handle to remind me to put it in. If I don't, I don't get maggots, I get raccoons trying to get into the trash and drag it all over the yard. My Kroger carries the No Pudge Brownie Mix. You add yogurt to the mix and bake them. There are also directions for a single serving you can microwave. Anyway to make a long story short, they are 100 calories and have fiber so 2 points for a decent size. I've stood and looked at those donuts, too. The other bakeries are more expensive and I'm not tempted by them. It seems like yesterday you were waiting for the call for Jackson to be born! How quickly they grow!

Jean, I'll bet your MIL is trying to help you by doing the dishes and that's why the lights keep coming on the dishwasher. I hate waiting for repairmen.

Maggie, I know you are enjoying your kittens. I love them, they are so funny. When Sidney was a kitten, if I didn't pay enough attention to him or was engrossed in doing something, he'd climb up my pant leg and shirt and then sit on my shoulder to supervise.

Well, time for work so have a good day!

07-22-2009, 01:07 PM
Another lovely day in the Heartlad. Life is good. The kittens have quit hissing at Ragg Mopp and let him come around real close now. We leave the door open to my shop now and they come and go. Their favorite place right now to wander to is our bedroom and frolic on the bed. They are quite the pair. My knees have scratches on them from being used as a climbing post. Two jumps up on my lap but BB likes to climb up. They are so different. Right now I am so glad they are in the other room and I can be on my computer. ;)

DONNA FAYE Chicken and noodles ~ yum. I need to make up a batch. BAD, BAD donuts, calling your name like that. AH but you won the conversation and turned them down. GOOD GOING. I am so glad that Will does the shopping. I have not been in a grocery store in years. I write good lists and leave donuts off. Out of sight, out of mind and he won't bring the enemy into the house. The summer has gone by so fast. School is starting just around the corner and you go back to work. I would like to be a mouse in the corner when Thomas tells you all about their trip.

JEAN We need a new garbage disposal and I know just the person that can install it. Your dishwasher does sound like it is posessed. Maybe an exorcism can be performed on it. I am able to get some glass works done. The boys haven't bothered my work area ~ SO FAR. They are more interested on what I have on my computer desk and the shelf above it on the wall. I have stuffed stuff up there and one of them has real long legs that hang down. I have a necklace with the chain twisted around the foot of it and they love to bat it around. It hangs behind my laptop screen and they mostly stay off my keys when they are up here.;) They have not been bothering me at all this morning, oops they just came in here but headed for their butt hutt. They will both be over here in a flash.

SUSAN These little guys like to perch on my shoulder also. They certainly are entertaining. Two at a time is the way to go for they amuse themselves with rough and tumbeling. They are so cute when they wrestle. Those brownies are good. I should add that to my shopping list.

Have a great day folks. :wave: Type at y'all later.

07-22-2009, 01:58 PM
About trash ~ just thought I would add a bit about trash collection in this town. All the folks are to leave their trash cans (plastic) outside by their fence (if there is one) on the alley (that is the rule). The trash truck goes down the alleys and picks it up on his route. If any get dumped in the meantime they are not in anyones yard ~ just down the alley but that is only when the wind is very hard blowing. Our back fence is chain link and Will is tall enough to reach over the fence and open the lid and deposit the trash. Works for us. There are two trash pick up companies here and so they have different colored cans and they both pick up in the alleys. We have never seen the alley strewn with trash. All nice and neat. And that is what I came back to say. :)

Type at y'all later :wave: