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07-13-2009, 06:36 PM
Lately I have been having chicken breast for dinner with some type of yummy spice to season it along with green beans. It always fills me up but I am starting to get bored with the chicken breast. I have some ideas in mind but they seem a little too starchy. Anyone have an idea how I could prepare my frozen chicken breasts?

07-13-2009, 06:38 PM
Put a bit of cream of mushroom soup in with it? Yummy and creamy! And you don't need too much!!!

07-13-2009, 06:40 PM
Switch to thighs, they taste so much better! (to me, at least).

I chop them up and saute with chopped mushrooms, zucchini and sage, then add a little milk with some cornstarch/water (1Tblsp each) and some capers. Serve over whole wheat pasta. Yum!

07-13-2009, 06:50 PM
Chop them up and throw them in stirfry. I like to put in soy sauce and grated ginger and garlic and a bunch of veggies.

07-13-2009, 06:52 PM
How about another meat? Some lean steak? Some white fish? I love chicken but I'd get bored to death that way!

How about shake and bake?

Or coating them in some bread crumbs and baking? I like to make an egg/milk mixture, dip the chicken in then coat with breadcrumbs and bake yum!

07-13-2009, 07:16 PM
This is a common problem - so common, in fact, that a thread was created called "101 (plus) things to do with chicken"

Check it out!

07-13-2009, 11:03 PM
I cook my chicken thighs in a pan with a ton of barbeque sauce. The flavor infuses, but the funny thing is the barbeque doesn't really stick to the chicken. and the chicken falls right of the bone. yumm. that is how I like it. I don't like chicken breasts very much. I never eat the skin either.

chicken thighs, barbeque sauce, casserole dish, 350 for 2 hours. yumm.