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07-13-2009, 04:17 PM
hi all
dont know if am posting on the right place, if not, please moderators move me to appropriate thread.
i just wanted to know if anyone has followed the slim fast diet and if they have, how long did they follow if for and how much weight did they lose?
i have been following the slim fast diet since monday the 6th of july 2009 and sow far i have lost about 3 lbs...on a typical day my diet plan is as follows:
i have a slim fast cereal bar for breakfast,
banana for mid morning snack,
lunch is a slim fast shake and some slim fast pretzels
and for my dinner/tea i cook my own healthy food from scrtach
and if hungry at night, then will probably have a peach/apple.
i drink about 2L of water a day and exercise is 30-40mins walk a day. cant do more than walk because of knee problems...

is there anything that i have to add in my diet plan, please help by giving me your advice.
many thanks

Shannon in ATL
07-13-2009, 05:24 PM
Hi there!
I tried the Slim Fast plan in my distant past, and I think I lost about five pounds which I gained back when I stopped the plan. I realize now that the processed bars and shakes didn't work well with me... I liked the flavor, and still eat the protein bars occassionally as a snack item, but couldn't keep doing them as full meal replacements. I do have a former coworker who did the full plan and she lost somewhere in the 15-20 pound range, which last I heard she hadn't gained back. She did do a mid-afternoon snack as I remember, which I don't see on your list.

I switched to calorie counting because it was easier for me, but you do what works for you! Good luck on the plan!