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Optical Goddess
07-10-2009, 07:41 PM
Otherwise known as:
"Oh, I wouldn't eat that."
"You're gonna eat that?"
Raised eyebrows, tongue clucking, tsk-ing
"You shouldn't eat bananas or apples, they have sugar."
"Pasta? Carb city!"
" Carrots are starchy!"
If I gave up carbs, bananas, corn,apples,carrots and anything else that was 'bad' for me or 'bad' for weight loss, damn right I'd lose weight because I wouldn't have any food left to eat! The foods I love would be removed, along with the joy of food!

I'm in a mood. I'm having trouble sticking to my dietary guns and am very close to a binge. I can't recall a time when I wasn't worried about my weight. I don't care if it's 5 or 30 lbs, it's still there, still on my mind. I've done weight watchers for about 10 years, losing and gaining the same 15 lbs... the program does work for me, when I work at it.... I'm just tired of dieting...

I'm tired of feeling like I have to settle for food I 'should' eat rather than what I want to eat. I really want this, but I should have that, even though 'that' isn't appetizing.

Over the 4th of July I ate poorly, drank too much... and now I'm trying to get back on the wagon. It's harder than I expected this time around, because Iv'e just been freakin' ravenous lately...

I know, I know, it's a lifestyle change, and that there will be hills and valleys. I get it, but you know what I mean.. I can't just go about my business with out giving thought to food, calories, points, content.

Walking the tight rope between being consienceous of my diet, eating well, and being obsessed with it or the alternative, not giving a crap at all...

It's hard enough, then with everyone having thier own sage piece of diet advice.. they may be trying to motivate me, to help, but it's having the opposite effect. It makes me feel closer to giving up since I get so much conflicting info from the 'net, books, magazines, tv...


I've even thought about trying to accept myself as a 160 lb woman, but I just can't, because I feel like I'm settling if I suddenly decide that this is my goal weight--I'm at it now, woo-hoo. But I'd be lying to myself, and I know it.

I've read about intuitive eating, even tried it. gained 10 lbs easily in a month, and certainly didn't feel any better about weight and food.

I'm just going to keep on keepin' on. I do ww at home, meetings are alright but never were a make or break point with me... I'm just in a slump, and just needed to get it out of there. Now I'm going to have one measured cup of cereal ( points: 3 ), because my stomach is growling. I am really, officially hungry.

07-10-2009, 08:01 PM
Sounds like other people are putting their issues on you. :hug:

Can you visit a nutritionist to get a plan in place that will work for you? And so you can say "oh, this is the plan my nutritionist and I have determined is best for me. But since we're on inappropriate topics how's your marriage?"

Don't listen to anyone else, just figure out what works for you. And yoyoing up and down isn't working. Nor is "dieting." You need something that doesn't feel like you are depriving yourself and something that will not make you be starving all the time.

I use Sparkpeople to track my calories, but I ignore their advice about the ratio of carbs/fat/protein because I know my body need more fat and protein to be satisfied and I've been losing a pound a week doing that, so I know it works. And I'm not hungry.

If you keep doing what you've been doing and expecting different results, well, that's not really the path to success.

But really, snide comments about what other people are eating are just plain rude, and you may just need to say "please don't comment on what I'm eating. thanks."

07-10-2009, 09:23 PM
lol...I know how you feel. I just ate a very healthy fresh fruit crepe with whipped cream and tbsp of icecream...and nobody is SAYING THAT TO ME, but I can still hear them from the PAST! Fruit=sugar. Carbs=bad.

Agggh! It's fruit! Go away!

07-10-2009, 09:42 PM
You have lost 60 pounds ! You must be doing something right .

07-10-2009, 09:55 PM
You poor thing. I swear, sometimes listening to one's fellow dieters is like following strife between religious factions in certain parts of the world.

Never mind carrots, bananas, corn or, God forbid, bread. You can horrify true believers through the simple act of ripping open a packet of Splenda for your coffee, or getting a Diet Pepsi from a vending machine.

Others in this post are right. You have to discover what **you** believe. If you don't make peace with this, the other half of you will rebel against the dictates of your stricter half by engaging in the binge you've been trying to avert.

07-10-2009, 10:16 PM
I know what you mean - my skinny friends at work get food out all the time, and they stuff themselves on burritos and Chinese food and ice cream. And I get so jealous - like, why do they get to eat all this great food while I'm doing my best to enjoy my salad? I try to keep reminding myself that it's not just about losing weight - I physically feel better when I eat well and even if they're skinny, it doesn't mean that they're healthy. But still!

Late to the game
07-10-2009, 10:40 PM
Ditto bargoo. Ignore the remarks. You are doing great!

07-10-2009, 10:55 PM
Hey, if you have a plan and it is working, stick with it. The heck with everyone else.

My answer in the situation is to say "I KNOW!!! Isn't it CRAZY!!!" and then I just carry on with my plan. Like this:

friend: OMG, are you going to EAT that BANANA? Do you know how many CARBS are in it? I gave up bananas a month ago. You should give up bananas. The weight will JUST fall OFF!

me: Yeah!!! I KNOW!!! Isn't it CRAZY about the carbs in it?!!" (munch munch munch.) MAN that was good. And only 2 points! Because it WAS a big banana. You sure you don't wan't one? So, you wanna go to the movies?


friend: Should you REALLY be eating that Subway sandwich?

Me: Yeah! I KNOW!!! It's CRAZY, isn't it!!! I'm so GLAD I have room for it in my WW points for today...mmmm...

It really, really works. I don't have to argue, and I just do my plan like I NEED to.

The other phrase I use is "Yeah, you're probably right." as in

friend: My AUNTIE lost tons of weight by just drinking more water. You know, you should just drink more water if you want to get more weight off.

me: Yeah! You're probably right. So, what do you have lined up for this afternoon?

Trust me, we ALL get the same stuff pushed our way. Finding a plan to deal with the unwanted advice and making sure you are true to your path will mean that you WILL succeed...


Optical Goddess
07-10-2009, 10:56 PM
Lol.... love the 'how's your marriage?' line..

I"m back from karate and feel much better over all. I just needed to vent, get it out of my system.

I don't drink soda a lot, but when I do, I reach for a diet coke, which, for some reason goes unnoticed, or atleast uncommented on...

the splenda in the coffee thing? I'm surprised I'm not being shunned for it.
Thanks so much for the light hearted replies. It really is rediculous when you look at it 'from the outside'...just like I'm reading a story someone else wrote.

07-11-2009, 12:31 AM
Well OPTICAL after reading your post I have come to the conclusion that you are...I hate to say it...

normal ;)

You know where you want your destination to end on this journey...you are driving the machine to get there...you will find the route that works best for YOU!

:hug: ~ Gary

07-11-2009, 01:53 AM
When I hear people being sanctimonious diet jerks I flip a switch in my brain that makes everything they say sound like LALALALALALALALALALALALALALA. If I didn't have that switch I would be imprisoned for murder, so it's a good thing I found it.

07-11-2009, 02:15 AM
I think a simple "my body, my choice", repeated as often as needed, would also do the trick.

"A banana? Do you know how starchy that is!?"

"My body, my choice."

"But it will be convert to fat the second it gets in you stomach!"

"My body, my choice."

"But you'll never, ever lose a bit of weight if you eat that, and you'll gain over three hundred pounds by tomorrow as well!"

"My body, my choice."

Sooner or later you'll get a "Fine, then, be that way!", leaving you in peace to be whatever way you chose.

07-11-2009, 09:12 AM
I too hate input, so this time around I didn't involve anyone in my weightloss. And when people say "have you lost weight". I just say "nope". I plan to keep that up for another 50lbs :)
Anyway, maybe you can hint to family and friends that you've reached your goal and just go about doing WW in private.

I am also getting that you are just bored with your food. I am going to recommend two cookbooks that I love love love, that have really inspired some great dishes that are staples in my house.
Raw food real world (you don't have to be a strict raw foodist to be inspired by their creativity)
Mediterranean hot and spicy.

You can adapt any recipe to fit your plan.

Also, personally, cereal makes me ravenous and just unstable eatingwise throughout the day. -just a thought.

07-11-2009, 12:44 PM
I cannot believe what a wonderful response "I know, it's CRAZY, isn't it?" is for a HUGE variety of situations.

I don't know what I'd say to someone who commented on my food choices like that. Probably because they know I'd be able to out-talk them about food, nutrition, and current biological research. :D