LA Weight Loss - thinking of buying a bodybugg due to recent plateau... it helps?

07-10-2009, 02:25 AM
Hi there!

I'm a member of 24 fitness and they of course sell BodyBuggs... I went to their site and they're on sale I think for about 200 bucks (at the moment).

I'm debating about getting one since I may have gotten out of my recent plateau, but I've been frustrated as of late trying to figure out exactly how many calories I'm burning a day vs. caloric intake.

Can anyone explain/take me through the process of how a bodybugg works? (*From the time you purchase to arrival in the mail to wearing it on a daily basis, etc etc.)

Is it a good idea to also purchase the bodybugg digital display or how are you able to tell via the bodybugg on a daily basis without the bodybugg digital display for referral?

FYI: I'm hard-of-hearing so I can't understand the videos on the bodybugg site explaining this :(

thanks!! :)

~ tea

07-10-2009, 02:34 AM
Sorry I have no advice about this body bugg you speak of, but I had no idea you were hard-of-hearing! Both of my parents and my brother are hard-of-hearing. ASL is my first language. Do you use ASL? My mom didn't learn until college, I imagine it must've been hard for her.

Sorry to change the subject, just wanted to say how much I always look forward to your great posts and say Hi!

07-10-2009, 04:25 AM

Dunno if BB will help you (although there isn't any reason why more data/info *wouldn't help*) but I have one and love it!

-open box
-read the inf
-create account at Apex/bodybugg
-charge it
-create a Program (how much you want to lose/week etc no worries as you can create a new one anytime/as often as you like but the data takes a couple of weeks to show the long term view)

-wear it as much as you want (mist take off for something like an hr/day for the skin to breathe, but I do not usually wear it at night so often)

-enter food that you eat on their site (a little annoying at first, but easier once more of the particular things you eat have been entered

-look at yr data and see what you have *really* been doing as far as cals in vs out is concerned.

I LOVE the digital display, but it is not essential if you can upload it often enough for your taste (as far as how often you want the data), I had a v2 since Nov and upgraded to the v3 in Feb and my brother and his wife got the Display for me in April -I was ok w/out it but love it -esp for when I am working out although the display shows less than the real BB but it is pretty close (takes awhile to reach the actual intensity at which I am working out but helps me to see it and push myself)

-I also love the Wireless Communicator (came with my old v2 but works with the v3) -again not a necessity but handy/useful (at least to me)

I STRONGLY recommend purchasing an extra strap as it comes with 2 but one is M and one is L but it is v. nice to have 2 of the size you use so that one can be drying from being hand washed and you still have one to wear, 24h has them but likely online (unless you 24 is different)


Hope this helps -at least a little...

There is a BB thread under "General Diet Plans and Questions" too...


I have lost about 50 of my 90 with BB, btw.

07-10-2009, 04:34 AM

Tea congrats on how far you have come with your wl, you rock!