Weight Loss Support - I WILL shift these stubborn pounds!!

07-08-2009, 07:12 AM
I have totally stalled in my weight loss. I have a good friend who is a personal trainer and he has agreed to help me out...so, starting in a few days I will have 2 cardio sessions and 2 weight training sessions with him, on top of which I have joined a badminton club and will play once a week and then I run on my own once a week for about an hour. If that don't shift them pounds, I don't know what will!!! :dizzy:

07-08-2009, 07:32 AM
Good idea. Switching your routine moves the pounds. Your body will get used to a routine and then won't "shift" the pounds like you think or would like. Good luck!!

07-08-2009, 08:01 AM
Good idea and good luck :hug:

07-08-2009, 08:06 AM
You're going to run for an hour? Wow... That's a lot if you haven't been running up til now. Maybe you could start off with a shorter expectation and work up. Running for ten minutes to start would be plenty! And walk on each end of the run.

Also, the exercise change will certainly help--but mostly in weight loss it's the food! Be sure that you are eating enough to support your new exercise.


07-08-2009, 08:48 AM
you could also calorie shift for a while..eat maintenance then drop back down. I hate plateaus.

07-08-2009, 09:30 AM
You go girl!!! I'm stuck too.. 1/2lb. in 2 weeks... Ick! So I'm going to make myself a new routine today and see if I can shake things up too!!

Hope the weight starts coming off for you!! I'm betting it will!!! :carrot:

07-08-2009, 09:35 AM
Sounds like you're good and determined to bust that plateau you're on. Good for you - it doesn't stand a chance!

You mentioned your exercise - how's your eating been through this plateau? Do you think there's any room for improvement there? I know for me, all the exercise in the world won't help much if my eating is not spot on. The closer I got to goal, the less I needed to lose, therefore - the more tight, consistent and spot on my eating needed to be.

07-08-2009, 11:49 AM
Sounds like a plan.

One comment: I trained for 2 months and could barely run 55 minutes. Running for an hour is a really, really long time. You may want to choose some other SS cardio (steady state) like the elliptical for one hour, making sure your heart rate stays up and you are sweating throughout... no reading Us Magazine on the elliptical!

07-08-2009, 05:19 PM
Thanx everyone for the support and suggestions. I do need to be better with my diet as I haven't been as strict as normal, but still staying in the correct calorie range, if that makes sense (for example, yesterday I had two cupcakes instead of dinner - same amount of calories, but obviously I did not get the nutrients I needed from a balanced dinner). I will work on that! As far as running goes, I have been running once a week for an hour (some walking breaks - I'm no super-woman) for about six months, so that's nothing new. I'm really hoping to get toned more than anything and weight loss on top of that would be a great bonus. Thanks again for the help, you guys :)