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07-08-2009, 07:05 AM
Good morning from soggy Delta on yet another rainy day. We really are in trouble around here as the farmers cannot get in their hay which is still sitting in soggy rows in the fields. There are glum faces :( down at the diner during early morning coffee. I guess I shouldn't crab about my rice paddy vegetable garden.

I got 20 bags of black earth when I made my dash to Brockville yesterday. :carrot: They are still in the car so this morning's task will be to unload them if I get a break in the weather. I'll drive the car out behind the barn rather than lug them all. As soon as I got home yesterday it started to rain again. :shrug:

Off to the dentist for 11 this morning, then Disney and I do pet therapy at the Clinic. :) Tonight I have a garden club meeting with a speaker talking about day lilies, one of my favourite plants. He is bringing plants to sell so I'll need to hold myself back. With construction happening in August, my gardens are on hold.

I hope your Wednesday isn't too full of humps. :cofdate:

07-08-2009, 07:06 AM
:carrot: The countdown to the weekend has begun! The first week back to work always seems so long.

Coffee is tasting especially good this morning. I want to get a Taco Bake started so I'll have something for my lunch, so I'll be back in a few to chat a bit.

07-08-2009, 07:08 AM
Make me some too, OK? It's time for me to start rebuilding my stash now that pies and other church dinner stuff is cleared out of the freezer.

07-08-2009, 07:24 AM
Wow, you two were busy while I was off reading the news :) Good morning :coffee2:

Ruth - same situation here with rain this year. I've about written off most of my garden. Our CSA guy was saying that it's going to start showing soon if things don't dry out. The early stuff came in alright but now plants are dying out in the fields and just not producing.

Cottage - I have to try the Taco Bake again. We had it once and just didn't love it but it's so popular here I must have missed something. Are you counting down to the next vacation yet?!

Today is my one full day this week and, sadly, it's an office day. I hope things are mellow today.

Several people asked about bubble feeding. Sometimes when whales go under water they exhale in a way that makes a large pool of green bubbles. Fish are attracted to the bubbles. Then the whales come back up with mouths wide open and scoop fish. They actually breach so you see their heads all the way out. The two whales were doing this just 20 feet off the edge of the boat. Here are some pics (DP's of course):

I hope your hump day is quick and the humps are small and easy to step over

07-08-2009, 08:08 AM
Taco Bake is in the oven, and there's plenty for all. :)
Cyndi, I didn't care much for the original recipe, so I jazzed mine up a little to suit my tastes. I always use black beans that I mash myself and spread over the bottom of the baking dish, and I make the filling with veggie crumbles, lots of garlic, onion and peppers, and a small jar of salsa, then layer it in the dish with raw spinach and shredded carrots, and top it off with shredded cheese. I like to eat it hot, over a salad. That was interesting to find out about the bubble feeding. Thanks for sharing those links.

That's really sad that the rain is ruining your gardens. We've had a lot of rain here, too, but the gardens seem to be doing well. The girls' garden is loaded with zucchini and cucumbers that will be ready for picking very soon, and it looks like we'll have plenty of tomatoes, too. My garden was planted a bit later, but everything is looking good, thank goodness. We planted all our tomatoes in those Topsy-Turvy Planters, and they are loaded. I shouldn't count my chickens before they're hatched, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything will continue to do well. :crossed:

It's a bit cooler today than it's been, and I've been promising the girls a day of bike riding and picniking in the park, so this looks like the day for it. They start Arts & Crafts Camp later this afternoon, and I'm hoping I can just drop them off and have Cindy get them later. That will make for an early day for me. ;)

07-08-2009, 08:22 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Hi Ruth, thanks for starting our thread. I love daylilies, too. I have a plant in Alaska that came from an oldtimer. I may have DH bring a bit of it back this year. Are you sure you can't purchase just a wee little one?

Hi Cottage, umm Taco Bake. Yours sounds great! We had a version the other night atop an ezekial tortilla. Have a great day with the girls and I hope it's an early one for you.

Cyndi, the photos are spectacular!!! Photography is such a gift!. I'm going to peruse later.

Sorry to hear the glum news regarding the crops. I even heard that here the other day and we haven't had nearly the rain all of you easterners have had.

Me, havin' a bit of stress here, but I made it through yesterday by coming up with a healthy plan, so I will do that again today. Rode my bike quite a lot because the car was in the shop. My legs were sore! Vigilant is my word of the day! I am not going to eat rampantly because of stress!

Hi to all yet to come.
Cat, no Loup Garou, but I know some new French...and I had the yogurt for breakfast.
Chelby, how was the boys "sugarfest?
Schmoodle, sorry to hear about your tomatoes.
Sophie, do you ever make any jam that is sugar free?
Barb, so great to have a personal trainer. Hope it's helping with your "childsickness".
KO, how was the cheesefest?
Jenski, putting on weight is easy because we're in the addiction, but taking it off is much more rewarding. The key is staying out of the addiction.
BK and Tina, keep up the good work!! And keep posting!
Kim, hope you get a break soon!

ETA- think I'll dive into the office today as a "stress buster". My kitchen floor looks fantastic
(even if you can't see under the stove)

07-08-2009, 08:26 AM
Ruth, that's terrible about the farmers! It must be scary having the weather control your fate! And here we are down here thrilled by finally seeing rain again. Farmer's here had the opposite problem. I'm wondering how this is going to affect the cost of food?

Cottage, taco bake sounds good! I haven't made it for a while and have some frozen ground turkey. Maybe this weekend!

Cyndi, those pictures are amazing. The word that comes to mind is majestic. You are so lucky to have seen them up close and personal!

Me...nothing special. Going to the gym around 7:30. I like that time. The work people have cleared out by then and classes don't start till around 9, so I almost have the gym to myself and get the steamroom/dressing room all to myself. What luxury!

Oh, yeah, I bought that superfoodsrx book yesterday and spent the afternoon reading it while watching the funeral. Good book. Sounds like he pretty much has the same philosophy as as SB, but the book broke down the whys and wherefores of superfoods. I KNEW there was a reason I ate so much spinach. Might be worth checking out at the library for an afternoon read in the rainy weather. Author is Stephen Pratt.

Don't have to worry about dinner today. I made a huge pot of smothered (cut up) turkey cutlets and seasoned veggies yesterday, so I think the leftovers will become a frittata today.

Found a new treat. I got my son some whey protein from GNC to make him smoothies when his tooth got knocked out. I checked the package before I bought it and it only had 3g. of sugar in it for 3 scoops and I only use one scoop in a shake. Last night I made myself one adding 1/2 a bannana and a handfull of frozen blueberries and talk about good! I put it in a big wine glass and it was so pretty. Nice evening treat and kept me away from more "grainy" snacks. They had smoothie blenders on sale too for under 20, so I picked one of those up and it makes a great smooth smoothie without the ice lumps my blender leaves in.

Hope everyone's day is just perfect today!

Hey Lex, we were posting at the same time! A Loup Garou is a kind of "wolfish" creature that lurks around in the swamps. I guess a kind of a cross between the wolfman and a sasquash. Can't say I've ever seen one...but kids used to be told that if they didn't behave, the loup garou would come get them. hmmmm, I guess he is the "anti Santa Claus!

Oh yeah...I bought that superfoodsrx book yesterday. Read it all afternoon while watching the funeral. Good book that focuses on the whys and wherefors of super foods...the chemistry behind them. Pretty much the same philosophy of SB. Worth a trip to the library if you have a rainy afternoon to kill. Author is Stephen Pratt.

07-08-2009, 08:35 AM
Good morning chicks!

I wasn't going to take the time to write this am, but after seeing Cyndi's pics...I had to! Those are beautiful!! We're thinking of taking a vacation to Maine next month....I'll have to ask for suggestions!

Trying to get things a little bit less chaotic in the new house. We're starting to work on plans for remodeling the kitchen (desperately needed!), so it'll become more chaotic before it becomes less chaotic!! Work as always today, but I also get to pick up my kiwanis blueberries!! Huge (shoe) box for $25. Last year I froze a bunch, and they were oh-so-good!! Any suggestions for recipes!!??

Have a great day ladies!

07-08-2009, 08:37 AM
Good morning, ladies. I had a struggle yesterday. I was sooooo hungry all day no matter what I ate. TOM today so I am sure it's hormonol but I was hungry. Not just in my head, either. I ate beans withe every meal and had my healthy fats and protein and dairy and still sooooo hungry. I managed to stay OP but I'm sure I ate too much over all. Good stuff but a lot of it. So, here's to today being more even. UGH!!! If only the sun would stay out here for more than 2 days in a row, we could have a summer.

07-08-2009, 09:06 AM
Hi Twynn and Kristin:sunny:

Twynn, glad you decided to post. I enjoy hearing of your goings' on AND of progress on the house. I have a blueberry gingerbread cake that is outrageous and would SB easy. Let me know.

Kristin, good job on making it through. Early on I had some intensly hungry times. Afternoons were hardest. I munched on sliced vegies and I don't remember what else. Several times, I just went to bed early. The reward is that every day you get through OP, the closer you are to being pretty crave-free.

07-08-2009, 09:26 AM
Lots of early chicks checking in this morning. Today is gorgeous so far, cool, sunny, perfect day for a walk. Which I intend to do as soon as I get myself out of 3fc.
I dropped my kitty at the vet for her dental work already this morning, started a load of laundry, and I've got a crock pot dinner going - very non-Beachy, corned beef and cabbage, potatoes too, but I did a terrible job of shopping for the week and I'm trying to use up things from the freezer so I don't have to go back to the store before Friday. I set a budget for groceries this month, and I'm already almost halfway there, so some cheap eats are in the plan. I will just eat some cabbage and scrounge for the rest of my dinner.
I've got to run to the DMV at lunch to renew car registration, definitely not looking forward to that!

Kristen, I get those intense hungries sometimes before TOM. They stink. Lots of protein helps some.
Twynn, glad to hear you are settling into the new place.
Cat, I always wondered why they can't make a blender that can make smoothies with no lumps.
Have a great day Lexxiss!
cottage, that's what I love about taco bake, it's so adaptable. I'll bet our taco bakes all look very different! I'm partial to refried black beans, soy chorizo, lots of green pepper, and a layer of spinach - sounds similar to yours.
Cyndi, Julie's pics are spectacular. You really got a show!
Ruth, I feel for the poor farmers.

Okay, off for a little walk, then to work. Have a great day, everyone.

07-08-2009, 10:39 AM
Good morning chickies

Ruth - Wasn't last year the same? Farms aren't doing too well in this area of Ontario too.

Cottage - Maybe it will be taco bake for us too. Sounds like I have all the ingredients. Hang in there the week will be finished soon.

Cyndi - those pictures are spectacular. DP is a wonderful photographer.
I have been thinking about that spiral gadget, what other veggies can you do on it besides zucchinni.

Tywnn - remodelling a kitchen takes a lot of planning so it says functional during that time (at least if you do it yourself and its been 5 years) but whose counting.

Femme - I made a list of all the superfoods and keep it on the fridge and find if I have only the superfoods my energy level is so high. I can almost taste your smoothie.

Debbie - Congratulations on handling your stress. You are a roll model too. The only sugar free jam I have made is with cranberries and it was with splenda so I didn't like it too much.

Kristen - hang in there you will succeed.

Schmoodles - I like to plan my menus for the week too and when I don't I am all over the place and always running to the store.

me - When I went strawberry picking I got so mosquito bitten that I haven't slept all night. I just read on the internet that rubbing salt on the bits will stop the itch immediately, I am off to do that.
take care

07-08-2009, 10:49 AM
Good Morning Everyone!

Just a quick check in. Auston's sugar fest yesterday ended in an evening of throwing up, diarrhea and what I think was hives. It was awful! He's feeling better this morning. He ate his breakfast and went to school. Hopefully he'll make it though the day. If not, we'll both go home.

I'm in day three of ph 1 and doing well. Teaching a Jazzercise class last night was TOUGH!!! Thursday night, I'm having an apple before class!

My desk is covered up. Hope your day is great!

07-08-2009, 10:53 AM
Ruth - Sorry to hear about all the rain. We've been more wet than normal but where people have not been watering there are cracks in the ground. I've been having to use the soaker hoses around the foundation.

cottage - I haven't made Taco Bake in awhile. I do like it but I put less meat and more beans so it is usually just as easy for me to just make a taco with refried black beans, salsa and a little cheese.

Cyndi - The pictures are amazing.

Lexxiss - Sorry you are stressed. Yes, exercising and keeping busy is helping me with from missing Brian too much. I'm hoping the personal trainer will help keep me accountable so I start working out regularly and push myself enough.

Cat - That smoothy sounds good. I know it would be better for me than the margarita was. I wish I could get to the gym when it is less busy but at least LA Fitness seems to have more machines than Bally's so I don't think it will be too bad. And I can actually fit in water aerobics which would be fun.

Twynn - Good luck with your kitchen. I really want new kitchen counters but the bathroom has to come first. When I finally get done this house should look so different.

Kristin - Good job staying OP. I tend to get hungrier too during TOM. I've been realizing lately that a lot of what I thought was hunger was actually thirst so I've been trying to drink more.

schmoodle - I've got cabbage I need to fix for dinner myself. I think I'm going to oven fry some chicken and stir fry some cabbage and onion and top it with a little balsamic vinaigrette. Quick and easy.

Me - I've got a loaner car while the leather gets put in my new one. Yesterday was a pretty relaxing day. I joined Don and his coworker for drinks and an off plan snack and then Don and I came back and relaxed in the pool for a few hours. I've told them I want to get started remodeling my bathroom now that Brian is gone but it will depend on their other work. I think they both have jobs they are working on today. I've got an appt with the trainer this afternoon so at least I know I'll be getting some exercise in.

07-08-2009, 11:52 AM
wild wednesday weigh in day for me... and whoop whoop.. I dropped 5 lbs!
hopefully the rest of the day will go as nicely!

07-08-2009, 02:00 PM
Ruth- Arizona would love to have your sogginess!! :( We need some rain over here!!

Phins- CONGRATS!!!!

Cottage- Whats your Taco Bake recipe?

Cyndi- LOVE the pics!

Tywnn- ohhhh how i love blueberries!! And what a good deal on the $$...

Feeling a little down for like the past month and a half... I really wish I could pull myself out of this depression. UGH!!! I just keep praying that I will wake up the next day and feel happy again. BAH! :( Other than that... just working ... and working... and working.

07-08-2009, 02:17 PM
Hey Tina, where have you been hiding? BTW I am spending a week in Huntsville next month!

07-08-2009, 02:22 PM
Schmoodle! I'm back and hitting the beach harder than ever! LOL
We definitely need to meet up and hang out one day while your in Huntsville!
message me on Facebook or on here or something!

07-08-2009, 03:22 PM
Happy Wednesday everyone! :)

Well, I'm officially on Day 2 of my Phase 1 re-start, again!!! :dizzy: However, I'm sick of being stuck on the yo-yo string so I'm sticking to it this time. I'm flying to Philadelphia the last week of the month and I'd like to be able to fit comfortably in my seat. The last time I flew was in January and I was able to put on my seat belt for the 1st time in a long time!! I want to be able to do that again.

I weighed-in yesterday and noticed I lost 3 of the pounds I gained last week. Today, pretty much the same. I was happy to see that.

I made a quick egg sandwich for my daughter before I took her to summer school, weighed-in when I got home, made my breakfast (Mushroom & Asparagus Omelet), cleaned up (that never ends), did laundry (again, never ending) and made my lunch (Tofu, Chickpea & Sun-Dried Tomato Salad), which I will eat when I get back from picking her up. Tonight we're having Rosemary Grilled Tilapia, with leftover asparagus from breakfast and a tossed salad.

07-08-2009, 03:31 PM
Hey I'm here sorta! Will post definitely tomorrow WFH!!

07-08-2009, 03:48 PM
Hey everyone, I just wanted to say hi. Today is my first day and it's horrible! I am looking foward to pulling through this and getting into phase 2 though!

07-08-2009, 04:37 PM
YAHOO, the dumpster is gone and DH and I celebrated by having a glass of wine on the deck.

Tomorrow we are planning to go to Buffalo, Steve wants to go the the Original Pancake House, lots of willpower needed here.

Hang in there Abby it gets easier and just look at the success some of the SBeachers have had.
take care
p.s. the next time the dumpster comes we either downsize or the kids get one after we are gone to our reward.