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07-03-2009, 10:10 AM
I am doing fast 5. I do believe in this plan, I lost a bunch of weight using ADF in 2001, and I kept it off for 2 years almost 3. This was the only plan I succeeded in losing weight on--out of lots of plans and healthy eating. I eat lots of fruits and veggies naturally. Once I get to my goal. I plan on using WW to figure out my points needed to maintain and then to eat a balanced proportioned diet complete with EFAs lots of whole food, and protein and complex carbs at every meal--and to cut my sugar intake. I got addicted to sugar--used it for comfort in a huge crisis and that was what blew my weight loss last time.

...the scale was down 2.4 lbs from yesterday! I'm not sure what I did different. I broke my fast with an egg quiche made with lots of veggies. I also nibbled on some prunes w p/b. a glass of almond milk. Green tea. Then I had a few pcs. of watermelon. Dinner was high fiber spaghetti w/ meat sauce. (lots of olive oil)And stewed squash.
I also had a couple of bites of my frozen Sonic Coconut Cream Pie milkshake. I drank a glass of almond milk right at 10pm along with my supplements. (fish, flax, borage oil; acai; grapeseed extract; multivitamin; melatonin;digestive enzymes, Ester-C; CLA )

For exercise I did some strength training a little b4 I broke the fast, but that was really hard due to depleted glycogen stores. then right after I broke my fast, I did some weight training, and a couple of situps. I ate dinner shortly after the heavier weight training.

I think that TOM creeped up on me despite the progesterone (200 mg for endometriosis)--but I didn't gain prementstrually. I am really excited. So close to the 170s.

I think they call that a whoosh?:carrot:

it will probably go up a little tomorrow but that is ok...I just know I am so close!