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07-02-2009, 02:13 PM
Today in Boston it is raining and it is "fake Friday" for us since the office is closed tomorrow (and work is slow). Therefore, I've been pretty introspective about where my life is now verses what it was in 2007. I never want to forget how things were and how my life is so much better and healthier now.

- I don't have to worry about whether I'll fit in a booth or if it the chair has "sides" that I can't fit into when going to a restaurant with friends.
- I can walk up the hill close to my apartment without stopping to catch my breath.
- I can buy some of my clothes in actual stores and not the catalog.
- I don't feel like a circus freak being gawked at.
- I can tie my shoes without getting dizzy and feeling strained.
- I look forward to walking and being outside.
- I don't avoid the camera like the plague, but actually like getting my picture taken.
- I don't have a panic attack when flying (not over actually flying, but the embarassment of asking for a seat belt extender and/or "encroaching" on the person next to me).
- I don't take up two seats on the train and people can actually sit next to me.

So how is your life different now? What can you do now that other people take for granted that you couldn't do/ was embarassed to do, before?

07-02-2009, 03:05 PM
Hi Matt!!!

I don't have to tie my shoes on the outsides of my feet -- you know, when you can't bend down to tie them, you shift to the right or left and tie them where you have access.

I actually move FORWARDS instead of swaying side to side when I walk.

Airplane seats are getting BIGGER, not smaller :D

I don't bang into nearly as many things now as I did before -- you know, the old hip-brush when you walk through narrow doorways and all -- and I have far fewer bruises!

I need fewer pillows to sleep.

I can sit on the floor, and then stand up without staggering around and putting one hand on the leg and the other on my knee to haul myself up.

I can get up from a couch without jamming my stomach forward, putting my hand behind me and flinging the rest forward for momentum.

I can cross my legs. On both sides.



I don't have nearly as many clothing crises -- I don't have to try on multiple clothes to see what isn't too tight, so I have more choices.

07-02-2009, 03:19 PM
Well lets see...

I am much further away from my steering wheel in my car..plenty of room now.

I can sit with my legs crossed, comfortably again...

I can mow my lawn without getting winded...

I can do other, more intimate activities without getting winded ;)

I do not fear social engagements or pictures...

I wear my confidence proudly these days...

I can enjoy a HOT summer day fishing, without feeling like I'm gonna pass out...

I can wrap my normal towels around me...

My kids can HUG me now and completely put their arms around me.

Among, many, many other things. :)

07-02-2009, 03:36 PM
OK I'm still working on getting up from the floor without grabbing onto something but I don't fear booths at restaurants and leg crossing is so easy if you don't have to use your hands to place your leg in position

Stairs don't loom like Mt. Everest

Trying on clothes is actually fun--who knew?

I'm always very careful to tie my shoes right in the middle---because I CAN.

07-02-2009, 03:39 PM
I haven't lost that much weight yet, but I've been doing a lot in terms of eating healthier and exercising more. The one thing I'm the most geeked about right now is that I don't get that 2:30 pm slump anymore. I used to always feel so sleepy around that time, but now I'm full of energy :)

Arctic Mama
07-02-2009, 03:44 PM
Well I haven't lost a ton yet, but I am already seeing differences:

I have much better stamina for activities.

I am tired less often, and sleep better at night.

My jeans are not tourniquets.

I feel so much better with less crap in my diet.

My self esteem and confidence are slowly, but surely, recovering after too many years of hating how I looked.

The double chin is reducing, yay!

My mood has improved.

Most important of all - I am being a better wife, mother, and child of God due to being more active and taking care of myself. I have more energy and time for those who mean the most to me, now that I am not wallowing in self pity and disgust!

Lori Bell
07-02-2009, 04:05 PM
Interesting how you choose the year 2007. That was the worst year of my life, the year I hit rock bottom. Here are a couple pictures that describe how my life is different. No words can truly describe the difference in my life from July 4th, 2007 (1st picture) to now (2nd picture)...there is no comparison.

07-02-2009, 04:13 PM
For me the most dramatic change is that I actually live now, instead of just trying to be invisible....

As for the "little" things...

1) Going to the bathroom is not a dreadful task anymore (Cleaning was a challenge)
2) Im not afraid of going out anymore - Ive heard some harsh comments, and sometimes in front of my loved ones, it used to kill me
3) I dont have high blood pressure anymore... I was 22 and on High BP drugs !!
4) I can confortably fly, drive, walk and even jog now !!:)
5) Now when a man stares at me, I can conceive to the fact that he might be attracted to me, instead of shocked by my size

There are sooo many things... I feel like a completely different person now...

07-02-2009, 04:19 PM
Oh, Lori

I was going to write my list, scrolled down and saw your pictures. I would not have known that they were the same woman. I know that I say "What an inspiration" a lot but words escape me.

You are living proof that it can be done. When I first started on this journey I did not really believe that I could lose the huge amount of weight that I needed to lose. I just had to tackle 5 or 10 pounds. I still have doubts that I can get down to a "healthy" weight. But you did it. Seeing this (and other's pictures) makes me believe that I can do it too. There is something about pictures that drive the point home.

*Dry my eyes* Back to the original post. I still have a long way to go but this lists helps me realize how much I have already gained... and I don't mean weight!

I feel much better physical, mentally, and emotionally.
My knees don't hurt as much.
I can walk so much better. My life does not revolve around avoiding walking.
I am sleeping better.
I have more energy.
I am more comfortable.
I can get on the floor to play with my grandchildren.
I am not embarrassed to go out in public.
I am more comfortable in the seats at the movies.
I can bend over and pick up anything that I drop.
I can find clothes to wear.
I can wear 18 inch necklaces.
I can go up and down the stairs in my house.
I can work in my yard for 3 hours without taking a break.

07-02-2009, 04:24 PM
Well lets see...

I can do other, more intimate activities without getting winded ;)

If you're not getting winded... you're not doin' it right :devil:

I'm just getting started towards my weight loss goal, but already... I have walked out in public in shorts and a shirt that wasn't oversized to hide the belly. And trying not to hide under huge clothing is a huge step for me. But even with the small amount I've lost. I've just started feeling so much better, and have a better outlook on life since I've started eating healthy and exercising.

Just in time for summer too. Yay!

07-02-2009, 04:47 PM
Oooh, great posts everyone!

I can cross my legs.

I can sit down without having to steady myself on the arm of the chair for fear my knees would give out.

Amen to the tying the shoes in the middle!

I can say 'thankyou' when someone says 'you look nice'.

The doctors can't find what the problem with my leg veins was last year because it's not there anymore.

I can walk up stairs without getting out of breath.

When I answer the phone people don't say any more 'have you been running?' when all I've done is stand up out of chair.

I can genuflect in church without pain.

I'm hot this heatwave but not dying and I don't look any redder in the face than anyone else.

Even on budget flights, the lap tray doesn't squish me any more.

I am enjoying buying clothes. (mostly from ebay but still)

I can say, to a few, very selected people, 'I feel X now I've lost some weight' like losing weight is normal and not what freaks do.

I wear my shirts a bit more open-necked than before because now I feel like I've got boobies, not just oceans of fat.

On that subject, I can go and get fitted for a bra in a department store and not mind when the lady is shoving the girls here and there.

The city is 20 minutes' walk away and I do it now as a matter of course and sometimes as a matter of pleasure.

The one struggle is now that the cork-in-the-bottle of obesity is greatly reduced, I find I'm having time to experience all sorts of emotional issues that I haven't dealt with before. Sure it's good for me really.

And Lori, I could have cried too. What a transformation!

07-02-2009, 04:49 PM
Wow, Lori Bell. You are incredible. I had admired your new avatar when I saw it another thread, but seeing the comparison took my breathe away. Congratulations.

2007-2008 was rock bottom for me. Especially summer 08, I guess. Things are so different already. I only recently have felt (or realized I felt) like a 'normal' looking person in public.

A note on clothing: Last night I was making a messy dinner and in absence of my usual apron, threw on a shirt over my clothing -- a shirt that dressed me like a loose smock/apron last night and yet was my favorite fitted shirt up until December 08 or so!

My husband also recently wrapped his arms around me and told me, somewhat incredulously, that I was "downright tiny." This is a surprising exclamation from him because he is determined not to have me think that he thinks I was fat before or whatever (I tell him I freaking know how fat I've been, and want to be thin, etc, but, you know).

07-02-2009, 06:15 PM
hmmm maybe i was in denial in my former life lol, but i can't say much has changed??? I was always confident, and always had lots of energy. I guess I have a bit more now, I can definitely walk a lot farther which is good. Clothes fit better. I can wear a lot more shoes :D different styles and not so Fred Flintstone, that's a plus. But I was always 12 outta 10 HAPPY and that's never gonna change fat skinny or in between :D

07-02-2009, 06:32 PM
Oh wow....there are so many things I can do now with little effort on my part! It is such night and day :)

The biggest thing? I can run and play with all 3 of my kids (I have 2 boys that are 8 & 5 plus a 2 year old girl). They will be worn out before I am! That was my main reason for losing the weight....I didn't want to be the mom on the sidelines. My husband travels so much & can't play with them as much as he would like so I'm now the one getting out there playing football, baseball, tag, swimming and jumping on the trampoline ;)

It's the most awesome feeling in the world to be able to admit that to y'all

07-02-2009, 08:54 PM
Lori, get those pics up in the goal section. Yes, I know you'd like to lose a few more lbs, who wouldn't. But you've got to share these photos. I can't imagine the inspiration they would provide for so many. You just don't know who's life you can drastically change by sharing them.

I was going to write a whole long thing-y here to answer Matt's question, but I was struck speechless (I know hard to believe) by Lori's pics. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, well that's two pics there - so the two of them put together speaks volumes - just volumes. Way more then 2000 words. There's nothing I can add after that. Those pics say it all.

07-02-2009, 08:59 PM
Speaking of pictures - Robin, do you have pictures posted?

07-02-2009, 09:08 PM
Speaking of pictures - Robin, do you have pictures posted?

Thanks for asking. I did awhile back. Some folks who have been around then may remember them. But I had to take them down for personal reasons.

I don't think it would be a surprise to hear there is a MAJOR difference between before and after - they are dramatic, but nothing, nothing like Lori's.

I still can't get over it. Lori, you need to send them to Oprah. She'd pounce all over those pics in two seconds flat. :smug:

07-02-2009, 09:43 PM
Lori, OMG. You know you were a perfectly beautiful woman at 333, regardless how you felt on the inside...but now...I have no words. Like Robin said, our lives are so different now but Lori's pics just say it all.

Lori Bell
07-02-2009, 11:53 PM
Thank you guys for the wonderful compliments. It really means a lot to me. Robin, I do plan on writing up a little something and posting some pictures on the goal section in a while...I'm really hoping to actually hit my goal weight at tomorrow's weigh in...keeping my fingers crossed. I don't think I'll be sending any pics to Oprah though...I really am kind of bashful.

Thanks again guys.

07-03-2009, 02:46 AM
Oh Lori. You are beautiful my friend :)

What can I do NOW that I couldn't do 129 lbs heavier...

cross my legs
sit tailor style
RUN with my kids
sit in a booth without worry
get up off of the floor easily
tie my shoes
paint my toe nails
get out of the bathtub easier
go down a waterslide
climb stairs without dying
walk for hours without making my legs sore
have sex in many many different positions
jump on my husband without killing him
be picked UP by said hubby without him killing himself ;)

you know what? waaaaaaay too many to even write them all down... but these are the biggies :)

07-03-2009, 10:42 AM
I love everyone's list. :) I will also add to what other's have said about Robin's pictures, so amazing!!!!

Today I'm going for a 10 mile walk and I could have NEVER come close to that at 446 pounds. In fact, walking just 5 minutes sometimes tired me out.

07-03-2009, 10:51 AM
If you're not getting winded... you're not doin' it right :devil:

:lol: I probably should have added, without getting winded within the first 30 seconds. :lol:

Oh and Lori, wow what a difference. What a success you are darling. :bravo:

07-03-2009, 12:56 PM
Several people have already posted the things I'm thinking of, but here are a couple:

A bathtowel now wraps completely around
I can cross my legs more comfortably (still not totally there yet)
I can briskly walk (3.5 miles!!) in the evening and not be wiped out
I am now firmly in the misses' section of clothing--no more "W" for me
The double chins are gone

And the biggest so far......

I allowed myself to be in many photographs that were taken at my class reuinion this past weekend.

07-03-2009, 01:41 PM
Wow, it's hard to name all the things I can do now that I couldn't before I started losing weight. Add my name to all the ones already listed!
One silly one that I noticed the other day is that I can wear these adidas sandals with the massaging nubs now
I bought them at my high weight because my feet always hurt. I thought they would make them feel better, but they were like torture sandals! I thought people were nuts for wearing them. I put them on the other day thinking that I would only have them on for a few minutes so it wouldn't matter. I wore them all day, even at work where I'm on my feet constantly. It never donned on me it was all the excess weight that was causing such a problem with them. Duh:idea: So, long story short... my feet are so very thankful for the weight loss. I can wear heels, even shopping, and I'm fine.

07-03-2009, 02:14 PM
wow wow wow, Lori Bell! thanks for posting. I agree re a thousand words.

I'm so grateful to be able to walk without pain, and to have lots more stamina
(one of my biggest).

I'm not a slave to food anymore, I can eat until I feel full, and wait to eat if I'm hungry, I don't HAVE TO HAVE ice cream or chips or other high calorie junky stuff. I enjoy eating healthfully and mindfully and yummily.

I love going to the gym (though sometimes I don't feel like it, ha).

Robes in hotels fit me easily now.

I don't worry about whether I'll fit into a booth or chair, or desk.

I feel less socially awkward.

I can buy cuter clothes now, and I feel like I look better in them.

wow, how am I going to feel 50 lbs lower, kind of mind boggling.

07-03-2009, 02:43 PM
wow, how am I going to feel 50 lbs lower, kind of mind boggling.

Yeah, that's what I'm wondering, too. I have at least 30 to go (possibly more) and if I'm feeling this sassy now, what will I feel like at goal? What will I LOOK like at goal? Last time I was there, I was in my 20's. It should be interesting!