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06-29-2009, 12:13 PM
I want to say that Im really happy I found you guys...I will tell you a little about me. :carrot:
Im 43 yrs old, i was married for 13 yrs, I have 4 kids, last 2 were twins, they will be 14 the 4th of July. My older kids are 28 and 24, Ihave 6 grandkids. OMG
My husband passed away to Cancer 2 yrs ago so it has been kind of hard for me and the kids.
My husband was always stayed fit, never gained 1 pound, don't you hate that? LOL
After the twins I gained so much weight, well i reached 330lbs..WOW!!!! Well yeah I hated myself, and my husband was no help, he would say :I love you the way you are, you don't need to look good for no one but me: No gym, no working out, nothing. After he passed away I got real deppresed so I lost weight, I started going to the gym and kept on doing what I had to. Finally last yr I had lost 100 skin was sagging so i wanted to get rid of big mistake ladies,,you should wait till you lose it all. I had a tummy tuck, breash reduction and lift and a abdominalplasty. So yeah did not do my arms or legs so its not the greatest thing but I can tell you my life improved 80%. I look so much better, I use to use a size 26 in pants,now I use a 16, maybe now I think I can fit in a smaller size, not sure because my clothes are somewhat baggy. I have met a very special person in my life. The fairy tale type thing you know? Im sure some of you know what I mean..he is great...BUT he is a body builder!!!!!!!! He wasn't always like this, he was overweight before he got like this..he got confy and just let go. He lost his father and his brother to obesity and we have been together for a yr now, but he wants me to lose the weight, He says he refuses to lose anyone else to this.He is such a good person, he has taught me to love myself first before anything else....He even cooks for me so I can eat...le lives next door and he literally comes over to get me so I can go eat...awwwBut my problem is that when I get depressed I get bumbed out and I stop everything..My biggest problem is I don't eat!! And that is something that is affecting me and my relationshp with him...Im forcing myself to eat but its hard...he has me trying to eat 5 small meals a day..can you believe that???? Its hard for me to eat just 1...but thats why I haven't been able to lose what I need to lose...Im stuck, my body is storing all the fat...I wish I was an astrouanut and i could take my dinners in If there is anyone out there that has this problm please tell me how you are dealing with it.
Thank you girls..I love this forum I hope we can be friends and if there is anything I can do to help just let me know. I will post before and after ok? C ya

Ok I dont know how to include pics. Can anyone help?

06-29-2009, 01:02 PM
Your body will store every calorie if you don't eat enough and you won't lose weight. Are you on meds for depression? Have you talked to your doctor, maybe a change in meds would help. Exercise is great to reduce depression, too. My husband passed away last year and the depression got worse but my doctor sent me to a grief counselor and I got so much better.

06-29-2009, 01:46 PM

I'm going to move this to the support boards, I think you'll get more responses there :)

Good luck !!!