LA Weight Loss - Work out on an empty stomach..why?

06-28-2009, 06:08 PM
This has to be the key. I posted about it b4 in the fast-5 post.where I posted how fasting resensitizes your body to insulin and the scientific study to back it up....but here it is again.

The researchers conducting the study suggest that fasting before exercise may be particularly beneficial to obese people, who are already insulin resistant. The increase glycogen breakdown that occurs in the absence of a preworkout meal will stimulate increased muscle glycogen synthesis, since there's a feedback mechanism in muscle that relays low glycogen messages and also turns on the muscle enzyme that controls glycogen synthesis. The study confirms a practice that some bodybuilders favor: training in the morning before eating. Bodybuilders do this to maximize fat burning, since liver glycogen stores are relatively low at that time and the body will tap into fat stores faster than if you eat.

so that really must be the brainchild of fast-5 and why fat is used instead of glucose for energy.

My little experiment: I am mostly concerned about my bioimpedence scales Fat Percentage readout. This morning it read 184.6 lbs 37.5% fat. So I did fast 5 again. I also did a light cardio on my stationary bike for 30 min. After that my scale read 184.6 lbs 37.0. Of course I have to keep taking measurements, but I think I really did burn .92 lbs fat today. So that means 69.225 lbs of me was fat. And I lost .92. So now 68.305 lbs of me is fat.