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06-26-2009, 11:35 AM
Okay, I have an overweight lab that we rescued from an animal shelter in Memphis. I got it to help me get up in the AM to walk...... and boy does he. The only day I can sneak past him without a walk is on Sundays. Anyway, we walk very early in the AM past this little hole in the wall-- southern home cooking diner. Every AM he would pass it and put his nose in the air to smell the bacon cooking. It would break my heart... so two weeks ago I instituted "biscuit Friday's" where they would wait for him at the door with a fresh biscuit. Well, both Fridays he has gotten a fresh out of the oven biscuit.... of which I have to feed to him.

This AM when I was blowing off the biscuit for him to cool it down, I had an ah ha moment...... it smelled great, but I did not even want it. Now, that is an achievement for a "fat girl". It was like me feeding him one of his Milkbones.... I had not craving for it at all. It was that moment that I realized I can and AM controlling what I put in my mouth and my body. I am not saying I will never eat another biscuit, but I can control when I do and how much! That means a lot to me!