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06-26-2009, 06:58 AM
If I were still into alliteration, this would be Friday Frets, Fusses & Frustrations! I'm sure things will look better after a coffee or two.

I am putting a small one room plus bath addition onto my house and am going through the usual front end stuff - building permits, septic tank evaluation, financing - but the killer is that I am going to lose my glorious front perennial bed. :( There is no other way they can get the excavating equipment into the building space. Lots of the plants can be moved to spaces behind the barn but.....I'm not looking forward to the work and am semi-hoping that the project gets delayed until later in July when the Church dinner and Fair work is over. The good news is that they will dig out the Annabelle hydrangeas that are completely out of control at the front and sides of the porch. I guess I'll survive.

Anyhow...on with it. The house is relatively cool this morning and the windows are all open. I'll close them and draw curtains when it gets hot and cut down on using the AC a bit. This morning I will be making salads in the United Church basement for the beef on a bun BBQ the Beautification Committee is doing at the campground on Saturday. It'll be good practice for the 9 heads of cabbage we have to do for the July 5 dinner. After that, smelling of vinegar, I'll pick up schoolwork from two more schools.

This sounds sort of whiny but really isn't. There's a lot going on but I'm in control and enjoying life. I am soooo looking forward to Sunday when Cottage arrives,:cheer: not that I expect her to "nanny" me. We will be doing vegetarian cooking when she's her - I even have tofu :yikes: on hand plus TVP to make chili or something else yummy!

I'm now taking my coffee out to the front porch and admiring my flowers while they are still there. :sad:

Come and chat a bit! :cofdate:

06-26-2009, 07:23 AM
:coffee: Good morning and Happy Friday! It's finally here! I swear, this has been one long week. ;)

Ruth, I'm so much looking forward to Sunday! :) I'll roll up my sleeves and we'll knock that slaw out in no time, then get those perrenials re-located. It looks like I'm coming in the knick of time! I'm looking forward to making you a tofu stir-fry to die for, and want to show off my skills with a few Italian specialities, too. :)

This morning the girls and I are all getting haircuts, then coming back here to my place for an afternoon of swimming. I'm hoping it will be an easy day and go by quickly. I hope Maggie is in a better mood, too. Her playdate didn't go quite so well yesterday, and there were a lot of tears. Her friend is a bit bossy and condescending, which made for a stressful afternoon. :(

06-26-2009, 07:34 AM
Good morning :coffee2:

Ruth - I wish I was closer, I would come help you with those plants. I hope you and Cottage won't be too busy to visit us for coffee :)

It's warm here but not intolerable. I have the usual 3 day To Do list - picking and drying strawberries, pressure cooking and freezing beans, shop, clean, garden. Tomorrow will be my fun day though we have no specific plan yet.

I've been really conservative about my eating because my exercise minutes are down right now. The good thing about warm weather is I'm not as hungry and there are lots of fresh veggies to eat, so easy to be good. Last night we had the very first summer squash in a frittata with a little feta and lots of fresh dill. DP got the fresh eggs from a co-worker so it was just perfect. I love this time of year! This morning I'm having fresh from the farm broccoli with beans and salsa. Am I the only person who like really spicy food when it's hot? I feel cooler after ;)

Hope your Friday is fast and your weekend arrives soon :)

ETA - :wave: Cottage. Hope today is calmer. DD had a friend with a personality as strong as hers and tears and spats were often part of the day. They got a long great when they weren't butting heads ;)

06-26-2009, 07:46 AM
Morning, Cyndi! If you hitch yourself over to the NY freeway, I'll pick you up on my way to Ruth's. ;) Your supper last night sounded divine! We have some large blossoms on our zucchini, but no fruit yet. One of our cantalope plants has flowers, too! I like my food spicy, but I'm usually pouring sweat afterwards, NOT feeling cooler. I could never understand that. Let us know how you like that new wine tonight!

Maggie declared she likes her friend just fine at school, but doesn't want her to come over to play anymore.

06-26-2009, 07:47 AM
Let's have a Beach Party at my place! I'll make the cole slaw as I'll be an expert by then. We can all do pies too! Both the contractor and the excavator have put in their orders - raspberry and apple. I just may go into the catering business!

06-26-2009, 08:01 AM
I'm Italian, so of course there is sweating, but after that I am cooler ;) DP pointed out that I can't be the only one because lots of spicy foods come from countries with hot climates like Mexico and India.

So I'll be standing by the side of the Northway with my garden gloves packed ;)
A Beach Party sounds perfect

06-26-2009, 08:06 AM
I have lots of wine as our LCBO (Liquor Control Board) threatened to go on strike and I stocked up. Maybe I'll open a bottle right now.

06-26-2009, 08:24 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

I'll keep it short today as I'm running a little behind and I need:coffee2:. I'm a little agitated. Our lawn isn't being mowed in a timely fashion in ISpgs. I already sent a email to K's DD saying how I felt. Hopefully, this takes care of it for good.

Cottage, have a safe trip up. Ruth, it sounds like you're staying busy until she arrives. Cyndi, I always like hot food. The hotter, the better... I too, am being very conservative with food. I haven't been to the pool all week and no bike since Tuesday. This is last day of VBS so I'll be back on the road soon.

Everyone, have a great Friday. I hope you are all looking forward to the weekend as much as I.....and for those of you who have to work, hang in there.

06-26-2009, 08:57 AM
Just had my exercise chasing Jazz who escaped the dog yard. This time it was because some idiot - about 70, fat and white hair - left one of the gates open last night when she was showing the guys where the septic tiles were. Must have had a brain fart.

06-26-2009, 10:14 AM
Ruth - If I was closer I'd help move plants too. Have fun with Cottage. Sorry about Jazz escaping. Rex wanted to run this morning when it was only 80 degrees. He doesn't even want to walk once it hits 100 (and he's napping on the cool tile now).

cottage - I hope Maggie has a better day today. We've got one boy who plays too rough and just isn't very nice to the other boys and they've asked me not to have him over. When I asked Brian for the list of boys to invite for his birthday pool party, he wasn't on the list. Only problem is that he is the son of my Camp program director. I hope she doesn't get upset.

Cyndi - I love spicy food when it's hot. Brian loves it even spicier so I make him add the extra cayenne or hot sauce to his portion. I find I drink a lot more water when I eat spicy food too which is good. I don't normally drink enough. Hmm. Maybe tonight will be ham jambalaya. Or black beans and salsa on a tortilla.

Lexxiss - I used to mow our lawn (up to a month or so ago) but I am so glad I now pay someone. It frees me up for other stuff.

Me - I have my refrigerator! Sort of. Don had to get to a job so he didn't have time to move the kitchen one to the garage and this to the kitchen and hook up the ice machine but I have the new one set up in the garage and I'm not able to freeze all the hot dog buns left from the party before they go stale. We'll move them later. This one is 25cu ft so I have more space now. I'm ready for the weekend.

06-26-2009, 10:36 AM
Good Morning!

Ruth and Cottage, I hope you both have the best time this weekend! Ruth, I can't wait to hear how you like the tofu stir fry.

Cyndi, There is a farmers market that has fresh eggs. But, there is always one egg with poop. Just can't do it! I'm with you on spicy food. It's the CoonAss in me. :)

Lexxiss, Has VBS made you realize you don't like other people's children? :D I worked at my son's Mother's Day Out for a while. It was HARD!

Me -- I am so excited it's the weekend! DH, DS and I are going on a date to Sam's Club tonight. I'm a cheap date. ;)

Next week is a 3 day work week for me. We're going to a family reunion in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I hear it's really hot there. Mom said the thermostat in her car read 109 outside. Yikes! Hooray for the pool!

Hope you all have a great day.

06-26-2009, 12:54 PM
good morning,

Ruth and Cottage - you will have such a good time, Cottage you might not want to go back home.

Cyndi - we are spicy people. Some friends of ours from India invited us to supper and served very spicy food. They were waiting for us to sweat but didn't although the host did.

Debbie - Enjoy your weekend, I am looking forward to it but when you are retired, every day is the weekend.

Barb - you are having some hot weather, stay cool and its nice to have an extra fridge.

Chelby - Sam's Club how exciting. Keep some of that excitement for next weekend.

me - still busy decluttering, the dumpster is coming next week and we are dumping everything in the garage. Boy do 40 years of married life accumulate lots of junk. I wish I was like a friend of mine, every year she goes thru her house and says, haven't used it for three years - out.
take care
lost some weight this week.

06-26-2009, 01:38 PM
THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY!! OMG!!!! What a crazy week.

Chelby- going on a date to Sams Club eh'? :) you're so cute!! too funny.. go around and munch on all the samples if they are SB friendly!! haha

Ruth- A pie sounds wonderful right now, I dont even think I remember the sensation of sweetness in my mouth... im actually drooling over the thought of an apple pie!! OMG!!

Cottage- are you getting a new hairstyle? Or, just a trim? So sad to see your baby fighting.. remember those days as a kid.. fighting with the playmate next door? Gee- bossy kids are really irritating.

Sofie- good luck with the re-organization. I so need to do the same. After its all done.. you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the NON CLUTTER!!

Me- just looking forward to the weekend! Planning on driving to Phoenix with the kids tomorrow to visit my brother. We will be swimming and BBQ-ing.. have to stay cool in this 110+ degree weather! Sunday, will be filled with going through my closet..(ugh) and packing up clothes that don't fit anymore to give to goodwill. I love getting rid of fat clothes, but now down to only 5 outfits that DO FIT! I need to go shopping!!!! Getting my hair done next week! So excited.. going to get a body wave for a bohemian look. :) hey,,, its summer!!!!
:carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot::c arrot:

06-26-2009, 02:45 PM
Mon -- I told my 5 year old we were going on a date to Sam's. He said, "It doesn't sound like a date!" When you're 41, it's a date! :D