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Happy Canuk
06-25-2009, 05:47 PM
Starting a new thread. Can't believe how many people look in on us, and never post!

Worked this morning, and am feeling rather achey today. Maybe rain IS on the way. Always affects me that way. I have a meeting to go to tonight, so this better settle down.

Meme - you will do more that your best, I am sure. I understand how fragile these older people are, but so are you. Luckily both sons help as well as your daughter. There must be others who lend a hand as well. I sure hope they improve and regain some of their health.

Mima - are you then gone camping?? You don't have far to go. Never did care for camping, although I do like going for walks and getting out in nature. Just never like camping. Even as a kid, I hated it.

Well, since I started a new thread, I can't remember what is happening to all :lol:

Kate - hope your shoulder is doing better today.

Tammy - You are a good motivator, just by being so motivated yourself.

Joanne - hope all is well with you.

Candice - hope you were able to catch some sleep.

Well that's it for me. Have a good afternoon and evening.

I will leave you with this little ditty:

They say you never miss a thing until after itís gone,
When things are going great in life you just go on and on.
You take each day for granted as if you have thousands more,
You really donít appreciate what each new day is for.
Your family and your closest friends all feel the way you do,
They think that they will live forever just the same as you.
Well maybe not forever but for many years to come,
And there is always time enough to visit everyone.
And anyway youíre busy and theyíre always busy too,
Your hours are all scheduled with so much you have to do.
But someday you will make the time to stop and retouch base,
As soon as everybody can reduce their hectic pace.
So life goes on and everybody runs and stays behind,
Because they have so much to do they almost lose their mind.
When we have time weíll get together everybody raves,
But as for now you wonít believe how busy are my days.
But then one day it happens and your world comes to a halt,
And many times is unexpected or is not your fault.
An accident thatís fatal or a doctorís sudden call,
Can make you feel as if your life has crashed into a wall.
A family member or a friend is in intensive care,
And nothing now is more important but that you are there.
A routine checkup at your doctor because you are sore,
But then the news, the test revealed, the problem is much more.
Why does it take catastrophe or facing life or death?
Or watching friends or loved ones as they take their final breath?
To interrupt the schedule of our busy hectic lives,
Why does it take an accident or when somebody dies?
Each day is very special and too soon the day is past,
For you or someone near to you it may just be the last.
Donít ever take for granted that you have that many more,
And all the ones you love also have many more in store.
Today is all you really have if you still have your health,
And only those you love and care for are considered wealth.
Earthly goals and scheduling may seem like precedence,
But knowing you may only have today makes much more sense.
You may have tomorrow to enjoy and celebrate,
But maybe for someone you love it just may be too late.
So never think thereís years ahead to do just what you may,
You or someone close to you may interrupt the day.
Take no thought of tomorrow I recall the words I read,
You have enough to deal with on this day is what HE said.
Tomorrow is not promised to a single soul on earth,
So live and love here in the moment for all it is worth.

James A. Kisner

Joanne D
06-25-2009, 08:22 PM
Hello Everybody..
I am as fine as a person my age.. Sometimes I feel younger , sometimes older.. Like today. My feet has arthritis and they hurt right now.. I am hoping it isn't something to do with the diabetes..
We had a short shower yesterday. Not enough rain to really help. I live a mile from the Gulf and the breezes push the rain inland or over to the East coast..
My son-in-law did well with his dental surgery. He isn't all that happy about not being able to eat what he wants. I told the daughter to not let him have anything but liquids and soft foods for awhile . He had grafting in his mouth and they don't want to mess that up..
Meme- I do know what you are going through . My mother and Mother-in-law had to have constant care.. We put the mil in a nursing home. As you would guess she was put on the floor where I was Charge Nurse. Not Fun.. My mother was harder to care for.. Thank God for my sister who helped me.. They both died with in a month of each other.I sometimes thought I was going to have a breakdown from all the stress.. At the same time my sister-in-law and brother-in-law had termimal cancer. So we were trying to do as much as we could for them . The bil went into a hospice home ,but, my sil was living just a few blocks from me with a worthless husband so I had a lot of her care too.They too died with in a month of each other..
When things seem to be getting too much for you,don't be brave. Tell someone you need more help.. Their medicare should kick in and get nursing help.
Kate I hope your shoulder is better. Some days mine doesn't hurt at all till I go to bed.. How long have you been in Fl? Some say it takes 5 years to get used to the weather and your blood to thin.
Mima- My daughter and her hubby go camping every chance they can.. Like Meme that is not for me.. I like to go to the beach but I want 4 walls and a roof.. Ofcourse the daughter and her hubby have a nice camper..
Candice - I can't believe that new house is still giving you problems..
Tammy- It is good to read that you are doing so well.. Good weight loss.. I have been working hard to stay on a good eating plan.. I gained a good bit of
weight over the weekend. I am sure it was fluid. I ate ham.. I have since got rid of that and am trying to get below 150..
Happy- Thanks for the new thread.. I tried once and made a mess of it. There is still a lot I don't know about the computer..

06-25-2009, 10:10 PM
Catching up on thread #185.

Meme, Glad to hear that your daughter helps out with the cooking. I didn't realize how much physical effort it was taking to take care of your MIL. Please take care of yourself. I know that is easier said than done. YOU will win the war!

Kate, let me know if you do give zumba a try. I smiled through the whole class again today. The music is so much fun.

Anne, glad to hear the headache is better after being to the chiropractor. I have had some moments lately where I have thought about just giving up on the exercise, but I know I would regret it. The wedding anniversary last week, and the anniversary of Bob's death on July 5 are getting to me more than I thought they would.

Candice, did you save any pie for us? did the window and carpet people call?

Mima, spaghetti would be really yummy with Candice's pie!

Anne, are you feeling any better tonight? I enjoyed reading the "little ditty". It is sooooooooo true.

Joanne, sometimes it's hard to eat healthy, isn't it? Now you mentioned ham, and I think that would go good with Mima's spaghetti and Candice's pie.

Had a massage today. Felt wonderful. It is a small world I found out. The instructor for my pilates and zumba classes is the daughter-in-law of the massage lady! One wore me out in the morning, and the other made me feel good this afternoon. last day of aerobics in the morning until September. We will also weigh in and measure on Monday.

06-26-2009, 06:57 AM
Put rest of the pie in the freezer since that is the only rhubarb we will have.

No have not heard back from people onthe windows and carpet yet.

Had to water tonight and didn't want to get the big heavy hose out so carried buckets of am hurting ,that pelvic pain again...comes around from my back. Got laundry in and 5lb chicken in the crockpot. I can't take this humidity..I was dripping wet when I came in and had to hit the shower.......

Down 3 lbs....7 to go:)

06-26-2009, 12:20 PM
Good morning to all you busy ladies!! Another hot and humid one here on the east coast of FL. Joanne, we also had some rain last evening. Of course, I was waaaa-y down to the park walking with her royal highness when it decided to come down....we both got a soaking and looked like drowned rats! Hubby had a few towels laid out for us when we got home....too funny! I had to strip down in the foyer!
We've lived here for 5 years this year and I'm not so sure I'll ever get used to the summer heat. I'm just an old New England girl at heart trying to learn the southern ways of hospitality ;)

Meme, like Joanne, I cared for my mom during the last few years of her life. She had to go into a rehab place because she had fallen so many times. The last time she fell she broke her hip and they could not do surgery due to her other medical of which was osteoporosis. I brought her home from the rehab place just before she passed away because she wanted to be "home to die". I was with her when she was a very emotional time but I have always felt it was the right thing for me to do and have never regretted it. I know how stressful caring for elderly parents can be. Thank God my hubby was there to help with running the business during all this. My sister was living in California at the time and couldn't get back too often to help out.You are fortunate to have a loving family that supports you. Good luck to you all and if I could be there to help, I would.

Anne, thanks for the new thread....and your poem of wisdom. It reminds us all to stop and smell the flowers, yes? I know I need to remind myself to do that more often.

Tammy, I've called the Zumba instructor and she gave me her schedule. I will try this next Thurs.....if I survive it you'll be the first to know! I'm actually looking forward to getting out in the mainstream again. This might be just the thing I need...
The shoulder is not much better. It hurts mostly at night when I go to bed....I think it's the laying down thing...seems to put pressure on it in an awkward position. The Voltaren gel isn't helping too much either. I fear an orthopedic doctor and MRI are in the near future for me. Hopefully it will turn out to be something I can do PT for rather than surgery.:crossed:

We're suppose to have some serious rain this weekend. Queenie is so "ratty" looking right now from being wet and rolling all morning. My next project is to get her brushed out and nails trimmed. I'm trying to hold off bathing her for another week. She usually looks decent after a good brushing but if it doesn't improve her looks, I will just give her a bath. Sometimes I just feel like it never stops....always something on the agenda for me to do. :dizzy:
Hope everyone enjoys the day....

06-26-2009, 08:30 PM
Candice, ouch to carrying those buckets! I haven't put a chicken in the crock pot for a while. I think I'll do that soon.

Kate, so sorry you were soaked! Isn't that the way it happens sometimes? I hope you like zumba as much as I do. I think we've convinced a couple more women from our aerobics class to give it a try. Being out and with people has done me a world of good. Keeping my fingers crossed about your shoulder too.

We had some pretty nasty storms that went through the area last night. Lots of lightning strikes, hail, high winds. We were fortunate where we are because we didn't have it as bad as others in the area.

My SIL called to say my brothers and their families had arrived in New Zealand. They'll be heading for Australia tomorrow. It was good to hear from them. I don't like it that they are gone at the same time and so far away.

Have a great weekend!

06-27-2009, 05:57 AM
kate....I juut trimmed Jaz's face and but and now he needs a both...I could just use a cented wipe and rub him down and dip his feet in a bucket....

Tammy...sounds like a fun trip for your brothers.....gald you like Zumba so much, another lady was saying what fu it was.

Had to water again, hope we get rain today like they said. Made cookies last night..ate too many but they are tiny..a cranberry oatmeal, supposed to put glaze on them but they a good without.

Mj is over shadowing FArah.....they should be treated equally......and yes he was talented but do not compare him to Elvis please....two diff era's two diff people!

shrinking me
06-27-2009, 12:47 PM
Hi every one I have not posted for a long time. I will catch up with all that is going on but wanted to say hi. My garden is starting to produce I have been eating my lettuce for a while now. I had my first squash and tiny eggplant yummy! The weather is really nice not to hot yet. Hope you all have a nice day Victoria

06-27-2009, 01:17 PM
Good morning everyone. Finally got Queenie brushed out yesterday and she looked great....until this morning! She did about 5 drop-and-rolls on our morning walk at the park. She came home all wet from the grass and has "stuff" sticking to her fur. I'll have to do a once-over when she dries. God, she can be such a pain!! But I sure do love her...
Tammy, those Zumba classes are mostly at 6 pm in the evening all week long....not a great time for me. They only have 2 morning classes and they are Thurs and Fri. at 10 am. Looks like I will have to do 1 morning and 1 evening so I can space them. I don't think I would survive back to back classes!! I'll let you know next week. I'm going to have to be careful of that left shoulder regardless of any exercise I guess. It does feel a bit better today but I still have some issues with it. I'll just take it easy with that arm when I go.
New, what an adventure. If they have pictures, can you post some if possible??
Hubby got called into work today. He wasn't too happy about it but he went in. They wanted him to work tomorrow too but he said no...not 7 days. He needs to de-stress at least one day. Driving on the roads all day in a big truck with all those idiot drivers makes him very tired....he's got to stay alert all day long. He's been working 12-14 hours a day lately. A big paycheck doesn't mean much if you have to kill yourself for it, right??
Has anyone heard of this liquid magnesium treatment for FM? It's a liquid supplement you apply to your arms and legs twice a day. (800 mg) It supposedly gets into your system faster than oral supplements of magnesium and helps with FM. It's called "DermaMag" and was on the "Everyday Health" website. I'm going to check it out further and see what it's all about.
Hi Victoria...looks like you are doing well on the weight loss! Wish I could say the same here...still eating too many "good" carbs and having trouble getting back to phase 1 of SB. I am hoping this Zumba class and getting out into the mainstream again will give me the incentive to do what I need to do to get the rest of this weight off.
We have had some decent rainfall the past couple afternoons/evenings so I haven't had to water anything. Candice, I used that Miracle Grow Moisture control soil and it really did help with that. My herbs look great on the patio in pots but my tomato plants are ready to get thrown out. There's a few stems of tomatoes left we are waitning for to ripen and then I will toss them. Not sure if I want to deal with all that again.
Having left overs tonight to clean out the fridge. Will shop for more fresh veggies Monday at the local roadside stand. Had seared halibut with lemon butter last night on a bed of fresh baby spinach sauteed with garlic and olive oil. I still love my North Atlantic cold water fish. I haven't developed a taste for the warm water fish here like tilapia, grouper, roughy. I still want my cod, haddock and halibut!! Hope everyone enjoys their day!

Happy Canuk
06-27-2009, 02:10 PM
Hello everybody.

Yesterday, I went and babysat a garage sale as my cousin had to go to a funeral. It was out on an acerage. Today, I am paying the price with a raging sinus headache. All that darn fluff in the air and I was sitting outside enjoying the day (lots of vitamin D). Sale was pretty good, a steady stream of people, so the 5.5 hours went by quickly.

Hi Victoria, nice to see you back.

Kate - glad that you are getting rain., We sure need it. The counties have called for disaster help from the government, as the crops are just laying there doing absolutley NOTHING. Seeds have never germinated. Now here is a site on ZUMBA. Looks like a lot of fun. I presume it is an African dance type thing

Be careful and have fun.

Well, must get ready to head out to Calgary for a birthdy celebration this evening. Hope you all have a good day.

06-27-2009, 03:40 PM
Candice, I also made "healthy" cookies. Oatmeal, raisins, almonds - pretty tasty. The cranberries would be good too. Might have to try that sometime. MJ is definitely overshadowing FF.

Victoria, great to hear from you! Looks like the weight loss is going well for you. Having your own garden will sure come in handy!

Kate, I did laugh out loud about Queenie! Sorry, but I could just picture it. I am like you, I just love my puppy so much. He is so much company. Too bad there aren't more morning classes to choose from. Talk to the instructor about your shoulder. She might have some advice for you for the class. I'm terrible about knowing how to post pictures, but if they send me some I'll try to figure out a way. My brother did take a picture of my nephews and send it on the phone last night. The boys looked worn out already, probably from the long flight.
Agree about your hubby taking it easy. My brother in law was a truck driver, and it was causing all kinds of health problems so he doesn't drive anymore. I've never heard of that stuff for Fibro. Let us know what you learn about it.

Anne, hope your headache is better for you to enjoy the birthday celebration. Have fun!

AFter the last 5 days, I decided that this weekend I am taking it easy. I've done nothing today, and I actually feel kind of guilty. I may end up doing something on the exercise ball to get rid of the guilty feeling. OR I might just take a nap! lol

06-29-2009, 08:33 AM
Don't feel bad for us camping-we have a 31 foot 5th wheel with a large slideout-heat, ac, stove, refrigerator, shower, toilet. Etc.It's not roughing it although we only get 2 channels on our tv with a converter. Could hook up to satellite next door.
We came home last night to set up our sound system and now the new projection tv is awesome. We have a huge picture. I watched Remember the Titans!!
The tenant's son broke a vertabrae on the stupid rope swing they put up which is now down. Never a dull moment.
Bob and Pam are coming for dupper at the campground on Thurs night.
Avon lady coming early-bye for now. Mima

06-29-2009, 10:21 AM
Good morning everyone. Cloudy and humid here past couple days. Heavy rain due this afternoon, if not sooner by the looks of it! My landscaper just pointed out a problem with my favorite "Foxtail" palm tree....might be some sort of fungus. Got a tree guy coming this afternoon to see what it is and will have to have it treated. Never a dull moment is right, Mima! It's always something. Hopefully it is a pest problem that can be easy to fixed. How old is this son of your tenant? He must be quite active to have broken a vertabrae from a rope swing. I hope he is okay....those kinds of injuries can follow you into adult life.
Having a problem with my stomach past two days. Not sure what is up with it but I'll bet it has something to do with my food choices lately. I need to get back to just protein and veggies again. I just can't stand the thought of eating eggs again for breakfast....they really, really are not appealing to me at all. It better not be some swine flu thing!! It looks like it's going to be a great day for napping!!!
Even Queenie has been cutting her morning walks short....very unusual for her. Perhaps she senses I am not truly up for a long haul....Great Pyrenees' are suppose to be adept at "reading" people and situations. I certainly think she is a smart dog!
I was going to try my first Zumba class tonight but may put it off untill tomorrow night instead. Not to make excuses but my tummy sure doesn't feel like bouncing around right now!
Mima, my friends come to Fla. every November and stay in their 5th wheel camper at a big campground just north of Sebastian Inlet near Melbourne. They love it. They are usually here until the beginning of March. They even have a gas fireplace in it and the sides "crank" out making the living area larger. It's quite the set-up.
Anne, I thought the Zumba exercise thing was latin in origin but I haven't read the entire article yet.
Hope everyone enjoys their day. I'm going to take it easy by the looks of things here....bye for now.

06-29-2009, 10:53 AM
Mima, your camping sounds like my friend's camping. Definitely not roughing it. That's my way to do it!

The Zumba is more Latin based. The video that Anne had says that class is 90 minutes long. Mine is 60, but I do it right after 45 minutes of pilates. I am really sweating by the time I'm done.

Meeting some other retired teachers for lunch. Looking forward to it. We are meeting at Panera Bread, so I know I can get something healthy.

Joanne D
06-29-2009, 08:02 PM
Hello Everybody.. Thought I should check in and let you know although I have been reading your posts daily. I don't seem to have anything interesting to say.. I am really boring right now.. Got another sore toe. These ingrowns are always the same big toe.. I tried to get it out but just made it sore.. I just might have to break down and go to a podiatrist.. The last time I went to one they did nothing.. If I can get it pulled out it will stop hurting..
Kate I hope you are feeling better.. The summer heat takes it out of us.. I walk Christie 4 times a day.. She is not a happy camper either.
Mima.. Our daughter has a large 5th wheel too. They love it and the camping..
Happy.. I like garage sales. The neighbor had one this weekend. I don't know why but I just didn't get down to see what they had.. I said I don't have any place for what I have now ..

06-29-2009, 10:50 PM
Joanne, good luck with your toe. I used to get those all the time when I was a kid, and I haven't had one in years. (knocking on wood) I like to go to garage sales too, but like you I don't have room for anything.

06-30-2009, 05:23 PM
HEY! Where is everyone? There are always messages here when I check in. Did you all type them in invisible ink (or invisible whatever)?

Pilates and zumba this morning. Today really got to me more than either day did last week. Totally worn out. Took a nice nap when I came home, but I'm still dragging.

Joanne D
06-30-2009, 08:01 PM
Right here Tammy,, I was here complaining two days ago. If it isn't IBS ,sore toes or my right arm hurting it is bound to be something else.. No one wants to hear about that.. I am prone to falls it seems. I tend to try and catch myself with my right arm.. Arthritis..
What are you planning for the 4th? Me ? It will just be another day.. I may broil us a steak.. Outside grill is just too much trouble.. I dread all the noise at night. Christie will not be a happy camper.They have fire works but, I won't go. I used to go when they had them down at the bayou. Now you have to go out to the pier/beach.. Too much traffic.
Kate .. What we eat sometimes upsets our stomach..I try to lose weight by eating more fiber etc. and it gives me IBS.. Can't win for losing..
We got lots of rain today.. I want it to let up this evening long enough for me to take out Christie.. Then it can rain all night..
Hello Everybody... Joanne

07-01-2009, 08:59 AM
Auntie and I were both taking Immodium yesterday. I had to take 3. Eithe too much watermelon or something over the weekend with hard kernels.
No cookout tomorrow night-RAIN!
Don't tell your gyno you saw blood. He aked my if I wanted an endometrial biopsy-those hurt! he said to take 4 advil a half hour before. I guess 3 would do it!
Bob is flying home and Suzanne is flying to Montana.
The boy upstairs is 16. He has too many friends although things are calming down. And it's rent day again.
Computer was running too slow so I took off the Magic Jack. Don't think I have enough speed for it. I have to increase the speed or get rid of it.
We are liking our projector tv.

07-01-2009, 10:55 AM
Good morning everyone. Busy past few days for me. We've had soooo much rain it's hard to get anything accomplished. Not complaining though as we've needed the water here.
Tammy, haven't done the Zumba yet. I went to check out both locations where they have the classes and the schedules were different than what they advertised. The prices were different too. I'm much more impressed with the gym closest to my house....very friendly, with a wide range of age groups. The other place is called "Anytime Fitness" which I think is a chain. They were very expensive and not so impressive looking....loud music and crowded with too many fitness machines, etc. So, this gym I like is having a "special"...$30 for 30 days...full use of the facility including all fitness classes. That's what I'm signing up for today. The dilemma is that the zumba classes are only offered Thurs.@10:15 am and Fri. @9:00 am and 5:15 pm. That's back to back...not what I am up for. However, they do have a kickboxing class (ouch!!) on Tues. morning and a salsa/dance class on Monday morning so it looks like I will have to try one of those to break it up. Not sure if the kickboxing would be good for me...seems way too difficult for my old body! I'll talk to the ladies at the desk today when I sign up to get more information.
In the meantime, I had issues with the lawn company I hired to do my monthly treatments. They never called about my sickly Foxtail palm so I had to wait around Monday afternoon for a new tree company. Finally got all that taken care of yesterday, fired the other company and took on the new company which will do a total treatment plan that includes my trees, shrubs, lawn and irrigation. This new company is customer service oriented which is what I prefer. And then yesterday afternoon, the rescue trucks, police and such were at one of the neighbors house. It appears outr neighbor George died and they were taking him out on a "board" while trying to recessitate him. Unfortunately, we learned last evening he didn't make it. The drama has been very high around here past couple of days! I definitely need a vacation.....
At least my tummy has calmed down. I ate more salad and veggies past couple of days and that seems to have brought me back to normal. I must have been eating too many carbs and not enough veggies. I'm still struggling with this shoulder though. It doesn't look like it's going to get better and I am sure I will have to do the orthopedic thing very soon. It just seems that everytime I make a major change in my life/routine, something interferes with it, like an injury or unexpected event.....what is up with that I wonder? Karma???
Making sugar-free banana nut muffins today. I freeze the bananas that get too ripe to eat in "vacuumn" ziplock bags and use them to bake with. I use whole wheat flour, splenda, buttermilk and canola oil. They're yummy and hubby likes to take them to work. Hope everyone enjoys the day...we're getting more rain this afternoon. Guess we aren't in a drought condition anymore!! Need a kayak to get the mail!!

07-01-2009, 09:58 PM
Joanne, Tim's fiance and her mother will be here this weekend, so I'm not sure what all is planned. Her mom has never been here, so I know they plan to show her around the area. (that should take a few minutes! lol) Will the fireworks be at the beach where you, Eleni, and I drove when I was there? I know Maurice wouldn't like the noise either. He was scared today of a motorcycle. He's getting used to the trains though since they go near here several times a day/night. It rained during the night here last night, and I didn't even get up to shut windows. Too tired to crawl out of bed!

Mima, glad you are liking the tv! Having a 16 year old living upstairs would make things interesting that's for sure.

Kate, I've heard of Anytime Fitness. In our aerobics class, the instructor did different things with us, and kickboxing was one of the things we tried. It was ok, but it really wasn't for me. I'm too old for that! The dance class might be like zumba, so that would be good doing them a few days apart. Sorry to hear about your neighbor! I think a vacation would be a good thing for you. Want to come to Ohio? lol I need to make some muffins. Tim and I were talking about that because I used to make healthy ones alot. Need to do that!

I am going to make sure that I take a granola bar to eat between classes tomorrow. Tuesday we didn't have a break at all, and I really felt bad afterwards. I drove through McDonalds and got one of the fruit and yogurt parfaits and sat and ate it. Felt better after a while.

07-02-2009, 10:15 AM
Good morning all...just a quickie this morning as I am off to my first Zumba class. This ought to be interesting. I've got the entire gym at my disposal for 30 days with this promotional thing. They even schedule you for a free personal trainer to show you which machines to use and how they operate. I'd just like to get through this damce class first!! I'm not sure I am willing or able to devote more than a couple of days a week to this class stuff. I've still got my elliptical sitting in the corner collecting dust if I feel I need more.
Weather still hot and humid here. No rain yesterday but more due this afternoon and all weekend. No plans for hubby and I...he's got Friday off for a long weekend but we are not planning anything. Hope everyone enjoys the day. I'm going to go sweat my butt off!!

07-02-2009, 04:20 PM
Kate, I'm excited that you are giving zumba a try! Hope you like it as much as I do. I just smile the whole time or maybe I'm laughing at how uncoordinated I am. That is great about getting someone to show you how to use everything. I need to do that at the Y. I knew how to use the machines many years ago when I had the membership, but I have forgotten how to do some of them.

07-03-2009, 08:16 AM
Good morning-it takes me so long to get on the website-or any one for that matter. I also think I had a virus because I kept getting closed down but I downloaded Stinger from McAfee and I seem to be ok. But I also installed IE 8-I think it has too much stuff.
Jim surprised Suzanne by scheduling a week at a ranch in Montana. They have pics riding horses-oh my butt!! She was very happy-she also had her luggage lost but has it now.
I lost it with the teenager-the house was shaking and there were 3 kids up there-his mom said 2-I thought she said 0.
The grandfather is coming next week so it will be quieter. Would be at the camp but it is always raining.
Making fruit kabobs for tonight and tomorrow. Gotts get some grapes -I have fresh pineapple, watermelon and cantelope/ I put them on skewers.
I cooked beets yesterday and saved the juice for Sunday school-we are going to dye some white cloth like Lydia did in the Bible. Got to make sure kids stay clean!!!
Cookout at Bobby's and I heard there was going to be sun,
Everyone have a good weekend-Mima

07-03-2009, 11:00 AM
Mima, that's cool about Jim surprising Suzanne! I agree about the horses. Ouch! Fruit kabobs are yummy. The beets sound good too.

Finishing up getting the house ready for company this weekend. It looks better than it did, but there are still a few things to take care of.

Hope everyone has a good Friday and a great weekend!

07-03-2009, 11:00 AM
Good morning all. Another cloudy day in Florida! Rain due most of the weekend too. Oh well, will keep those sparks from the fireworks from setting fires I hope.
Zumba class was fun yesterday. I didn't do too badly considering I haven't had any structured exercise for a long time. The instructor is Hispanic so it was very hard to understand her...she did a lot of pointing to get you to go in the right directions! I didn't realize a body held that much water!!!(sweat!!!) I was going to do the "Muscleworks" class this morning but decided I better not push my luck...the shoulder botherd me last night during the night. They do have a "Stretch and Strengthen" class Mon-Wed-Fri morning I might try....maybe 2 of those and 1 Zumba. Had a good workout though.
Got up this morning to find a baby bird next to the garage door. Called the Humane Society here and they had me put it in a box, tied to a tree out front. According to them, the mother bird will find a way to get it back to the nest?? Not so sure about that...although I can hear the baby bird chirping from inside my office and hubby said the mother bird was in the tree with it. Breaks my heart to deal with these kinds of things. I have always been an animal lover...even at an early age I had something going on with animals. My mom said I even used to have little funerals for dead grasshoppers and such. Personally, I think I was a strange little kid! I just hope I don't have to deal with a dead baby bird! All I can hear is this poor thing chirping so I may have to leave the office in a minute....:cry:
Hubby has been very grumpy last few days. He does have the next three days off but if he doesn't get with the program and "lighten-up"....he'll soon be wishing he was at work! :club:
There just seems to be too much going on around here lately and I am going to need some de-stressing soon. Maybe a trip to a Montana ranch? Sounds great to me!
Went to trim Queenie's nails yesterday and cut one of her nail quicks. Blood everywhere! I was on my hands and knees scubbing the spots out of the carpet,washing the mattress pad and mopping the tile floors. Wow, do those things bleed alot! Last time I will do that....will pay to have it done from now on. So, as you can see...very busy/stressful past couple of days around here! Maybe I should go stay at Mima's instead....I could help straighten out those teenage tenants! Great way to de-stress, huh?
Going to try to disappear somewhere in the house...avoid the telephone and confrontations. Hubby wants me to cut his hair...tee hee...yeah, I'll cut it alright....tee hee...:devil:

07-03-2009, 06:25 PM
Hmmm ... my whole life is between a zumba and a fumba (or maybe a dumba) :p Those kabobs sound good, but don't like beets. I DO know what you're saying about your mom, though. My mom had 2 strokes plus rehab and had to move in with me for awhile before she died. She had to have help to bathe and couldn't even cut up her food. Still, we kept her out of a nursing home. She died in the hospital. We do what we can until we can't do.

Things are still the same here. Still going over and 'doing what we can.' Hubby is over there now. I'm holding together ... got good glue. (About to crack.) Had Jenna 3 days this week. DIL & son bought 2 puppies for kids ... then decided to go to her sisters next weekend in FL (they have an apt.) Guess who they are leaving the puppies with. My fault ... I said I would keep them. They are the cutest little things. ****zu, 7 weeks, 1lb each. Adorable. More work. Stupid. :?: Yell at me! FOUR DOGS!!! Oh well, you live & you learn then you die and you forget it all. I told someone the other day life is mind over matter, if you don't mind, it doesn't matter. ;) I guess I should just be glad I have a life, there's a lot of lonely people sitting at home with no one to talk to and no where to go. I have family and friends running out my ears and more 'life' than I have time to live.

Hope y'all with the stomach aches are better and everyone has a bang-up of a 4th! Don't forget about the peppermint capsules. Those, pepcid and Imodium works well for me. Love you gals!


07-04-2009, 09:14 AM
Good morning-go figure, my computer is fast today. I do think i had a virus because it's not shutting down all the time.
They are going to a rodeo and a 4th of July party in montana.
How to live like a cowboy!!
went to Bible study and we had asked him to start and end earlier, which we did. I woke up at 5 but I went back to bed and slept some more. Got to make a cake and fruit kabobs later. I brought some last night and they were much appreciated.
Going to see my great grandson today-Went to walmart and bought him some things-from Jessica's money.
Hope you enjoy your company, Tammy.
Go slow, Kate. Be aware of your shoulder when you exercise.
And nice to hear from you. Meme/ someday you will remember back at how hard it was but it will be over. My sil is very happy with the nursing home her dad is in. He has dementia so he is not totally aware of things.
Happy Fourth-isn't it a holiday in Canada too? Mima

07-04-2009, 12:03 PM
Happy 4th of July everyone!! Cloudy here today so far....and very quiet too. That is amazing for a July fireworks last night. They will probably make up for it tonight. We need some Americana type icons here....
Another bit of drama here. Had some of the porcelain chip off one of my old crowns. Fortunately the metal is effectively covering the tooth but I will need to have the old crown "grinded/ground" ?? off and a new one put on. They are charging me as much for just a new cover as they did for the original crown job! I suppose they have to take into consideration the work of getting the old one off. Just another day in paradise! Actually, I don't mind the expense as much as the thought of sitting in that dental chair for over an hour while they do the work! That will be the I have severe bruxism and my jaws can't keep my mouth comfortably open for that long. Oh well, need to get it done so I'll just put on my "big girl panties" and deal with it!!! Hubby goes for his first of two "scale" cleanings Monday afternoon. This will be a fast $1200 for our dentist between the two of us!!:fr:
Meme, hang in there. I'm sure you are doing all you can and it is appreciated by everyone you are helping. How brave you are to take on kids AND puppies!
Mima, I use Microsoft's "Windows One Live Care" as my antivirus,firewall, spyware agent. It is constantly running in the background when I turn on my computer. I pay a yearly subscription to keep it up-to-date with online services and it doesn't use a lot of space on my hard drive. Some of the antivirus software uses up a lot of rams which can slow your computer down.
Hope everyone enjoys their 4th of to the store to pick up a few things and then out to the pool for some R&R....

Joanne D
07-04-2009, 12:06 PM
Meme- Yes I will yell at you.. Four dogs!! One is all I can take care of.. Don't they have places there to board pets? Hope they are house trained.. You will have a star in heaven for all the things you do for your family.
Tammy- It is good that you have company this weekend. I hope you do have a great weekend. Your exercise classes sound like you are really having fun. I could never do them.
Kate- Baby birds fall out of the nest all the time around here.. Mama bird usually takes care of them. There was a family of cardinals eating at my feeders.. A bluejay decided to get his share. I watched as the papa bird stood above the baby with his wings spread out and in a attack mode..Very interesting .. Oh yes. You haven't really lived till the hubby retires.. Mine never had any hobbies so he was under foot constantly. Still is.. I hope for your sake he will want to travel and get involved..
Mima- I hope your 4th will be nice. We are just going to stay home and take things as if it is just another day.. Christie will not be too happy when the fireworks starts in the areas around us. The city is not doing them this year.. But the neighbors will make up the difference as always. One year the people across the street were shooting them up right over our house.. I was not a happy camper..
Hello Happy

07-04-2009, 05:56 PM
By the way...started to rain heavily last evening and I was so distraught over that poor baby bird in the box tied to the tree....I went out to bring it into the screen enclosure and it was gone!!! Out of the box and where on the ground or nearby. Can mommma birds really do that?? I am truly amazed at God's/Nature's abilities!!!

shrinking me
07-04-2009, 06:09 PM
My WW leader goes to Zumba she is getting a lot of the girls to go I am just not ready to go at it for 60-90 min my legs are doing better and I am working up to about 4 to 6 min of exercising a few times a day I am recording all the shinny classes from fit tv. They are fun and easy for me to follow. I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday weekend any one doing something new with food? I am looking at the blood type diet I will stick to tracking and going to weight watchers it is working for me but want to pick it up a bit. Take care Victoria

07-05-2009, 12:37 AM
Ummmm ... they are 7 weeks now so no, not completely house trained. Working on that. Trying to paper and outdoor train. They will be a lot of work, I'm sure. I'll have to take them out a lot. They will go outside and on the paper now ... just have to take them often. They are so tiny ... only one pound.

Hubby went to the fairgrounds with friends to see the fireworks tonight and got rained out. I stayed home, was feeling poorly. :p Don't like being out in the rain, either.

07-05-2009, 08:44 AM
Good morning-we had a nice time at Bobby's-my great grandson was there and I chased him around for a long time. My choice but oh does my back hurt from lifting his 23 pounds. He is so.... cute. Caleb Manuel Rodriguez! He is very light-not dark like his father. And he loves to dance.
We will go back to the camp after church-it's going to be nice, They had fireworks and a bonfire but we didn't go because it was too late and we had been out late the night before-I will plan on it next year.
Going to dye cloths in beet juice today. Lydia in the bible dyed purple cloth for a living. I probably already told you that.
Suzanne and Jim went to a rodeo yesterday and last night to a rodeo dance. Boy-they will remember this vacation.
Too bad about your crown-I bet it would cost much more at a dentist in MA.
Bye for now-Mima

07-06-2009, 10:15 AM
Good morning everyone. Very hot, humid and sunny early today....with t-storms and more rain this afternoon. Guess we are no longer having a drought issue!! And these mosquitos....Good Lord... are they ever a nuisance! I hate using that "Deet" spray on my skin but it is impossible to walk the dog without it right now.
I have a long list to do today. I had to start writing things down because I need to see it on paper to get it all done! The new lawn guys come today to straighten out my irrigation spray heads and fertilize the lawn. My "foxtail" palm tree has a fungus-type thing that will go away as soon as it sheds it's fronds. It was getting too much water. Hopefully all will be straightened out within the next month.
Had a peaceful/quiet weekend. Hubby went back to work this am but has his first intensive cleaning at the dentist this afternoon. I'm going to get him a "Waterpik" and new power toothbrush for when he is all done. If he maintains this, it will be easier on him with his 6 month visits. Hubby has never been one to go to the dentist was considered a "luxury" in his family. He's paying for it now!
Off to get my list done. Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend.

Joanne D
07-06-2009, 12:18 PM
Kate - Get some skin so soft from avon.. It keeps the bugs away and is better for your skin. I don't like putting those other bug killers on me..
Mima- Glad you had a nice forth.. We just stayed home and watched it on TV.. Nice program on channel 3.. From Washing . Barry Manilow and Areatha Franklin.. They were good but he looked like has had too much surgery on his face.. Why do they do that so it looks like a mask ?
Hello Everybody.. Joanne

07-07-2009, 12:13 AM
Kate, I have really enjoyed my Zumba classes. Hope you continue to enjoy yours. Part of the porcelain chipped off of my crown years ago. It doesn't show, so I never had anything done to it. I make lists all the time. I always feel so good getting things crossed off of it.

Meme, oh my to having the puppies! That was funny that they took out s h i t from sh it zu.

Mima, seeing your great grandson had to be so much fun!

Joanne, how were the fireworks in your neighborhood. We didn't have too much of a problem this year. Agree with you about the Avon stuff for mosquitoes! It definitely works.

Victoria, I had been doing other classes before I started zumba, and it is still quite a workout. I do pilates right before it, so that makes it tougher too.

The weekend was very nice with Tim's fiance and her mother here. We stayed pretty busy. They left Sunday afternoon, Tim worked at Arby's, and I went to Red Lobster with several women from the aerobics class to celebrate one's birthday. We had such a good time. Lots of laughter.

I had trouble getting up this morning. Just totally worn out. I managed to get out of bed at 8:45 and get to the chiropractor by 9:30. Home about 11, and I took a 3 hour nap! Got up, munched on some food, went back to sleep for 4 hours. I don't understand how I can go for so long and have great days where I have all kinds of energy, and then BOOM. I didn't have pain this time though, so I guess that is a super blessing.

A friend and I are going away tomorrow and Wednesday. Not sure what all we are doing, hitting some shops, hitting a casino for a bit, just enjoying ourselves. I'll be back sometime Wed. night.

07-07-2009, 04:01 AM
Kate, I have to have those lists to REMEMBER what to do. LOL I have even been known to make out a grocery list and still come home without something - and I promise you I stop before I get to the register and read that list, too. I don't know how I do that. My brain fog is getting worse by the day now. VBS is coming up in 2 weeks and I have 10 songs to memorize (and they all have motions). I'm dead! I really panicked Sunday. We started out for the radio station at 8:20 ... the radio program starts at 8:30 and it is a 10-12 minute drive. Got a mile from the house and I realized I had left all the words to my songs I was going to sing at home. I had picked out songs that I had not sang in a very long time so I didn't know all the words. Hubby pulled over and was like ... should I go back or should I go on. I'm like ... I don't know ... if you go back we'll be too late, we may as well not go. Then I remembered I had my ipod in my purse and it had the words in it. We went on and I just prayed my ipod would not go off or go black or that I wouldn't hit it too hard and cause it to go to menu while I was singing. I was totally stressed out by the time that program went off air. They were on the air & the minister had already started talking when I got there and just rolled his eyes when I walked in late because I usualy start the program. Guess they're going to have to realize they are dealing with a senior citizen who has fibro. :p

Tammy, it's so great that you get along well with Tim's fiance and mother. That doesn't happen a lot of times. I never have understood the 'good, bad and ugly' about our disease, either. Doesn't really make a lot of sense how we can feel good (or at least ok) one day and then have to go to bed the next.

Joanne ... I stayed home the 4th, too. Hubby went out to eat with friends. Then they went to see the fireworks at the fairgrounds but got rained out. I'm so glad I stayed here and watched my movie. The older I get the more of a homebody I'm becoming. I think it has a lot to do the the level of pain. It's just not worth the effort it takes a lot of the time.

Hmm - Mima's... dying clothes in beet juice. So ... they'll be ... red?
Hi Anne, Candice, Victoria and anyone I missed.

07-07-2009, 10:25 AM
Good morning everyone. A bit cooler this morning but it won't be long before we hit 97 degrees again today!! The standing water here from all the rain is breeding these darn mosquitos and the city isn't too swift at getting out to spray for them. Believe it or not, Avon's SkinSoSoft just doesn't work for me. Neither does the deet spray sometimes! I've actually been bitten after putting it on....I guess they just love my blood! It's the evening walk that is the worst. But my Queenie has to get out so that's that.
I go Thursday morning for my crown repair. I just hate to spend the money on it but I don't want to compromise that tooth in any way. My doctor gave me some "Flexeril" to take just before I go to help relax the muscles in my jaw. Hopefully that will help with the procedure. Hubby has one more appointment and he will be all set for at least 6 months. Now if I can get him to maintain his teeth....
I'm going to try and get my hairdresser to cut my hair's driving me nuts in this heat! I'm going to just go with short layers...forget growing it out now....too hot here for that! Besides, I have straight, fine hair that needs a bit of a boost from layering. Hope everyone enjoys their day. Off to create my daily list so I can remember what to do!

Happy Canuk
07-07-2009, 10:45 AM
Good morning.

Mima - glad you are enjoying the camping and that it is so close to home.

Meme - must have been just a bit unerving to not have the words, but thankfully, you did have the IPOD. I take it, it all worked out ok. Can't rush us now! Happy dog sitting.

Kate - glad you like the Zumba. Don't even know if they have classes for that here. Hope the crown mends well. So expensive are those darn dentists.

Tammy - glad you enjoyed your visit with future DIL and her Mom. It is odd how one day you can be full of energy and the next, dead tired. Can't figure out FM, but I was watching TV a couple of months ago, and they had a medical report on OA. That condition is one of the BIGGEST causes of extreme fatigue!!

Joanne and Candice and Victoria - Hello.

Not much new here. Just been really busy. It's holiday time at work, so as a casual, I am working more. Yesterday, I worked in the morning, stopped and got a few groceries, came home and had a bout of Atrial Fibrillation. My heart was racing so darn fast, that it makes it hard to breath. Quited down around 4:00 p.m. when I fell asleep. Today, I am exhausted, even after sleeping well all night long. Feel like I ran a marathon. It has now gone from very, very dry, to very, very wet, so pain levels are a LOT higher as well. We do need the rain however. No crops for the farmers this year. Never germinated because we had NO rain at all. Too late now.

I hope you all have a good day. As for lists, I write down things as I run out of them, then leave the darn list at home. Thankfully, once I have written them down, I remember them. Don't use lists otherwise.

07-08-2009, 05:20 AM
It's going to get very hot here, too. Hate that. Into the upper 90's & we are going to Chattanooga Fri. & Sat. I just made online reservations for a Mystery Theater Dinner & Play for Fri. night and a Lunch Cruise on a river boat (The Southern Belle) down the TN river on Sat. Our Anniversary is next Thursday so we decided to celebrate early since we will have the puppies then. I'm not only going to be 'puppy' sitting. I'll also be 'kid' sitting the rest of the summer ... at least until school starts. Daughter has been leaving Ross at home alone and taking his sister to work with her (she's secretary at her church) and today he decided to go over to the neighbor's and play outside without permission. Actually, he was told he could NOT. Since they can't trust him, he and sister will be taking day about staying with me from now on. So ... next week I will have kids, puppies, customers and in-laws ... then the next week is VBS. At least I can't say my life is boring!

You know how you put you knee up against something and use it to 'help push'? I was pushing like that on a chair last night and my knee cap slid ... it just almost slid right out of place. Scared me to death, I really thought it was gone. My knees used to go out all the time when I was younger, that's what led to my two knee surgeries (on both knees). That one had not gone out in years, since hubby and I was dating. I have OA big time in both ... Drs say NO cartiledge left in either. I dare say if one goes out again it will mean another surgery. My hand was right beside my knee and I caught it just in time and pushed it back. So scary. I read about OA and Fatigue, just one more thing to make me tired ... like I really need another! :p

07-08-2009, 09:20 AM
I guess we understand fatigue and pain.
Well-it sure turned out to be an exciting weekend. Bobby and Pam got engaged on Sunday. It was so funny that my sil told him Sat would be a good day to announce his engagement, not knowing he had already bought the ring!!!! As for in laws-i have known her parents for a while and they are so nice. They have a place in FL about 2 hours from us. They are going to have a small wediing and a big party at their home. they might get married in FL. The ring is gorgeous-one large diamond with 2 smaller ones -one on each side, They picked it out together. That's how you get what you want.
PTL-Evan is going to bible school/
Brad has gone to the rr convention in Hartford. He took Brett because I didn't want to go. Hope they have a good time.
I am going to do wash!!!
It was so much fun yesterday-the toilet in the camper wasn't working and I had ibs. Drove up to the bdg where the bathrooms were.
Also wnt to lunch with my aunt, cousin and her daughter.
Be careful about taking the muscle relaxer and driving Kate. Doc told me to take 4 advil before my endometrial biopsy-I will only take 3.
It's only in the 60's today and tomorrow. Man-over 200 for 3 light bills-the price of 3 places/ We have to use the electric heat at camp!!
I wish I were at your VBS Meme. They are awesome.
Bye all-Mima

07-08-2009, 10:12 AM
Good morning all. I guess we're in this heat thing for the rest of the summer! I just wish the city would hurry up and spray for these darn mosquitos!
Trying to get caught up on housework today. Need to get lots done as I have been letting things slide to do other stuff. Making my neighbor and her hubby a shepherd's pie casserole for dinner...she bought all the ingredients but doesn't like to cook...guess I better start that daily list.
I've been feeling extremely fatigued lately too...not sure why. I am having trouble getting motivated even to walk the dog. Maybe it is the heat index down here right now. You are constantly sweating and after awhile, it gets to you. I hope I can shake it off and get stuff done today!! At least I have a nice short, layered hair cut to help keep me cool!
Shoulder has been waking me up past few nights. I was hoping it would just "go away" but I guess not. I'll see the orthopedic on the 16th. Time to get going...hope everyone enjoys the rest of the day...especially you, Meme! You have so much going on that I feel guilty complaining about a dog walk!
Mima, I don't have any reactions at all to Advil....does it make you loopy? I've taken Flexeril before, many years ago for muscle spasms and it makes me very tired. But I need something to let my jaw relax so the dentist can get the job done. Hope everyone is feeling well and enjoying life!!

07-08-2009, 07:27 PM
Flexeril knocks me completely out. I can't function at all, let alone drive.

07-09-2009, 09:07 AM
Good morning-I am rather nervous about today-will be glad when it's over. If they can't do it I will have to have a d and c.
Brad and Brett went to the train show but all the displays aren't til this weekend. Thay had a good time but it was oh so expensive.
I did clean out my recyclable closet!!!
Suzanne called and I was taking a nap. Now she is in a cell free zone.
It's not going to rain for 3 days. I am not staying at the camp til the toilet is fixed.But there is a supper tonight.
Bye for now-Mima who hopes Kate gets through her dentist appt.

07-09-2009, 12:01 PM
Good morning ladies! Yes, I got through the dentist thing...a bit dopey from the flexeril though. That stuff sure does take the wind out of your sails, huh? Whew...I could sure go for a snooze right now! The novacaine is starting to wear off but everything went as planned. My new crown will be in place in two weeks. I just hope the "temporary" will stay glued in there for the duration.
Mima, I wish you didn't have to go through this "biopsy" thing. Why can't they use a mild form of anesthesia like the "twighlight" stuff to do these procedures? They are neanderthal in their thinking about gynecology in general as far as I am concerned. I'd like to see a man get up there with his feet in the stirrups and get poked and prodded internally.....
Good luck to you Mima...I'm sure all will be okay.
Managed to get all my housework and ironing done yesterday. Cooked a great "Greek" chicken dish en papillote last night. Tomatoes, onions, black olives, fresh oregano, thyme, garlic, white wine, a drizzle of olive oil and a bit of feta cheese. It was delicious! Baked it wrapped in parchment for 40 minutes. Tonight is a stirfry. Need to get some fresh broccoli. Hope everyone enjoys their day!

07-10-2009, 07:53 AM
Man, you are a good cook Kate. Glad the dentist went well.
My doc could not do the procedure but he did manage to get something caught so there was some pain and he kept apologizing. So now I have to have a d and c. Appt Monday with the anathesiologist. Then it will happen the week after. At least I will be out!!
The supper at the campground was great and I had apple crisp. She is a good cook.
Got a letter from the place in FL to take care of our weeds. The guy next door used to do it but he is dying.
Going to lunch with campground ladies -at the country club just down the street.
Brad has to finish fixing the toilet or we can't stay.
At least things are ok here. Mima

Joanne D
07-11-2009, 11:26 AM
Hello Everybody.. Things on this end of the world are going as well as can be expected.. Most of the Dr. appointments are finished at least for me.. The hubby has a couple more.. As well as some tests for his heart..
It is hot here again.. No rain in our part of Fl. for a few days.. It is dry here on the coast.
My son cut our grass this week and while he was trimming sliced off my passion vine. I don't think he even realized it.. So as the root is still there maybe it will come back. I took some cuttings and will try to root them.. Kind of sad as I have been watching it so close.. Oh well that's life..I won't tell him..
Mima I think I missed something.. Hope the Dand C is negative.. I had one years ago and then they decided to get rid of the problem..
Kate -My hubby is greek so I now and then cook greek food.. Too many calories in them so I don't do it that often.. Just when we are having something special. We both have to watch our weight and colesterol.. He needs to lose a little..
Meme- Happy Anniversary.. I hope you had a good trip.. Mine is the day after Christmas so now that we have been married 55 years we don't do much.. Too tired from Christmas and usually lots of company around or just leaving.. We are homebodies anyhow.. He likes his Fox news and I like my books or handwork.
I have been wanting a quilted bag for somethine. I made one and finished it yesterday. I do quilting by hand. I have made several quilts ,bed size,and have another one in mind.
Well the laundry is waitng on me and Christie is in line for a both.. I may make a couple pies today.. Hubby likes sweets for breakfast. That is most likely why he needs to lose a few pounds..

07-11-2009, 11:46 AM
Good morning all. Hubby has a Saturday off for a change...not sure it is a good thing as he is already driving me crazy! Hope he finds something useful to do and soon. :jig:
Mima, I just cringed reading your last post.... and I hope the D&C goes more smoothly. I would have gotten my foot "caught" off side his head if it were me! The code of ordinances here in Florida can be very strict about lawn and yard care. Our county will send a registered letter, have the lawn done by a contractor and then put a lien on your property until the bill is paid. We have one neighbor here we call the "yahoo" who has had code enforcement at his property at least 20 times for the numerous violations. He's a real piece of work...bought this brand new house a couple of years ago and now it looks like a junk yard. Oh well, it seems there's always one or two in every neighborhood.
Having a terrible time with my shoulder now. It is definitely limiting the use of my left arm in general. Can't even change the linens without pain. I still have another week to go before I see the orthopedic. I just don't feel ready for another surgery at this point. I'm really not a happy camper having to deal with these kinds of issues!
Joanne, I love mediterranean food in general...especially a feta cheese I found at Walmart made with sheep's milk. It is outstanding. Much better than any supermarket brand.
I used to cook professionally but now I love to just whip things up in my kitchen here at home. Off to see what I can get accomplished...with one arm that is! Hope everyone has a great day. Bye for now....

07-11-2009, 12:38 PM
Hello, Ladies.

I am relatively new on 3FC. I was diagnosed by my MD (after I had self-diagnosed & brought it to her attention) with fibromyalgia last October. I am interested in learning how weight loss has affected your symptoms, if at all. I have been overweight since childhood and am wondering if with dropping weight if you feel you have the same increase in energy as others and if general fatigue changes at all. Any other information you could provide about your journey in this respect would be appreciated.


07-11-2009, 04:13 PM
Hello! Sorry I haven't been here for several days. I went away with a friend for a couple of days, came home and received a call that one of my uncles passed away, and things have just been crazy. My brothers are both in Australia on vacation, so I just felt overwhelmed or something. I will be glad when they are home.

Meme, I've always wanted to go to a Mystery Theater. Hope you enjoy it. Happy Anniversary! How many years? Ouch to that knee cap!

Kate, when I take flexeril I try to take it at night, but there have been a couple of times I've taken it during the day and I just can't stay awake. I'm sure the new haircut feels good. I need one. Wonder if Joanne has ever made that Greek dish for her hubby? She and Eleni took me to a Greek restaurant when I was down there, and it was yummy! Sorry to hear about the Yahoo in your neighborhood. We are lucky where we live since it's an association that takes care of things. One neighbor starting putting on a cover over their patio, and the assoc. stopped them. Everything has to be approved before things can be done.

Anne, OA is one of the biggest causes of fatigue, huh? Boo hiss on that one. Must be part of my problem then. I laughed about you leaving a list at home because I have done that so many times.

Mima, congrats to Bobby and Pam on their engagement! Glad to hear that Evan is going to Bible school.

Joanne, I'm sure your son didn't realize he cut the plant. I'm with you on not telling him about it. Hope it will grow back for you! That's neat that you made yourself a quilted bag! Are you going into business like Vera Bradley? You could make millions! I'll be the first to buy one from you.

Welcome to FutureFitChick!! There are many things that have helped my symptoms since I was diagnosed in 2004. I was teaching full time then, and there were days when I could barely get out of bed and missed several days of school because of that. My last year of teaching I only worked part-time which helped the pain level. Then after I retired, I saw a huge difference. No more stress from administrators, and my pain level went down so much. I have also been doing exercises the past few years. I started out by doing water aerobics classes at the YMCA. That helped, and then I would get into the whirlpool after class which made me feel better.

A little over a year ago I started taking aerobics classes. I had to modify almost everything, and there were days that I couldn't go to class, but just starting to move helped with the pain. My weight went up and down for about 9 months while I was exercising. During that time my husband passed away, and I think the exercise helped me with the stress levels that I experienced (still experience alot!).

In January, 2009, I started a Bible based weight loss program called First Place 4 Health. I also continued to take aerobics classes at the Y. I wasn't having to modify things as much, so I knew I was making progress even though I wasn't seeing a huge weight loss. Since Jan, I have lost 19 pounds (I bounce between 18 & 20). This summer I am taking different classes since the aerobics class I like isn't offered during the summer. I take pilates and right after it I am doing Zumba. I am modifying some with these, but they are so much fun!

I do feel like the weight loss and the exercise has made a difference in my pain level. On days that I've really been "out of it", it is not so much the pain but the fatigue that gets me down. I love your list!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

07-12-2009, 11:28 AM
Good morning all. Not having much luck with exercise and this shoulder problem. Haven't been able to get back to the gym for Zumba yet. The motions of lifting my arm to the side or out to the front is excruciating right now. Queenie gave me a pull on the arm the other night during our walk and it has made it worse. I sure hope this orthopedic can do something for it. Hopefully it is NOT a torn rotator cuff and something that perhaps a cortizone shot might help. I can only hope here, right?
Joanne, I have a passion vine next to my pool patio that climbs up a trellis my hubby pout up to give us some privacy. My understanding is that you can cut these things way back and they still grow up like a weed. You should be seeing new growth already?
Tammy, sounds like you had fun on your mini vacation. I sure have been feeling a bit overwhelmed myself lately and could use some R&R but I just don't see that happening anytime soon. Queenie needs her daily care/walks and I'm it...unless I end up paying for someone to do it which may be in the near future if I need surgery!
Welcome Futurefitchick. I have lost 44 pounds in the past 9 months and have not noticed any changes in my FM. I also thought that weight loss would be the key but have discovered that is not the least for me anyhow. I still have a significant way to go for weight loss but so far I'm still having issues with fatigue, muscle tenderness and general aches all over most mornings. Once I get going, it loosens up a bit but I still take my ibuprofen and tramadol regularly to keep it in check. But that is just me and it may be different for you....keep us posted?
Off to run a few errands. We were suppose to go to a gun show in Melbourne this morning but I didn't feel like wandering around up there in this heat. I think today might be a good day for a nap!! Hope everyone is feeling okay and is enjoying their day.

07-12-2009, 07:00 PM
Kate, I hate to hear that the shoulder problems are causing you so much pain. Do you know of any good kennels around Vero Beach? I'm thinking of coming to the Disney place sometime, and I'd probably have Maurice with me and he can't stay with me.

Joanne D
07-12-2009, 08:04 PM
TAMMY- Check with Disney.. I heard they have a kennel. If not I bet they can guide you to a good one.. Those guilted bags are sold down at the docks here in Tarpon.. They cost much over 50$.. Mine cost me less than $10 and some time..
kate I hope the passion vine will come back. It is one that have large purple flowers. I took some cuttings and will try to root them.. ..These plants are not to be for me. My step G/son mowed one down ,it came back and then my son-in-law mowed it down again.. I got it at home depot. They told me it was a passion vine. It has small pink floweres .. I paid $15 for it.. I think I got gyped..I bought the last one from a garden book.. I got 2 . No flowers on it yet..
Hello All..Joanne

07-13-2009, 08:09 AM
I bet your bag is beautiful, Joanne. I have 4 Vera Bradley bags-all given to me-I love them .
Weight loss has not helped me although I was never big-only 20 lbs. It's the motion and good sleeping. Acyually, the fibro isn't that bad but the spinal stenosis is-going to tery to get chiro appt after the appt for d and c.
That's only the initial appt-the d and c is next week.
Had 2 nice days at camp. The toilet got fixed. Going to work 3 days. Then a week off-a weekend away, and 5 days of work.
Tammy-your weight loss is awesome. Evan got best disciple award. I sure wish they would go to that church instead of the one they go to,
Hope you had a rest, Meme. And oh your shoulder, Kate. Give it a rest!!!!!!
What pain.
Bye for now Mima

07-13-2009, 10:51 AM
Good morning all. Where to begin? Such a weekend! Got caught in the pouring rain again last evening while walking Queenie. Boy, this was the worst yet! Even my walking shoes were filled with water and Queenie is still damp this morning from it! We were definitely a sight to behold trekking down the street....
The shoulder seems to have calmed down a bit this morning. It will be fine until I change the bed linens later. My appointment with the orthopedic is Thursday. I'll let you all know what he says. I know they are going to take 3 x-rays when I get there but not sure if an MRI will be ordered. It's a wait-and-see now.
Mima, you are right about the spinal stenosis. I have it severely in my lumbar and cervical spine and I believe that most of my pain and muscle problems are a result of that more so than FM. I still have not found a chiro who can deal with that issue effectively and who is also in my insurance network. I just can't afford numerous adjustments without my insurance right now.
Tammy, there are a lot of kennels in Vero Beach. I'm not sure if Disney offers a pet haven for their guests but I am sure it will be expensive if they do. Here are some alternative places to try if you want to:

1) Pawprints of Vero Beach: 7900 12th St, ph: 772-567-2121
2) Pet Friends & Co. of Vero Beach: 1924 44th Ave, ph: 772-569-1141
3) Vero Beach Canine Country Club: 6750 73rd St, ph: 772-978-9817
4) Dog Kidz Country Daycare & Boarding: 7050 77th St, ph: 772-388-2200

I just checked the map for Disney Resort. It's only 2 1/2 miles south of CR 510 on A1A. That's really close to where I live in the Highlands. Based on that, the kennels closest to Disney would be the ones in the "country" area of Vero....#3 & 4. The others are closer to downtown Vero. There is boarding place right on U.S.1 just around the corner from CR 510 and it is Kirby Veterinary Clinic, 5740 US 1, ph: 772-567-4324. That would be probably less than 5 miles from the resort, over the 510 Causeway on Rt. 1. Let me know how you make out or if you need further info.
Joanne, passion vines are like weeds here....they just keep growing and growing. I have a deep red one on the side of my patio and it is getting it's little "fingers" in my screening. I may have to cut the sucker down to protect my screen enclosure!
Need to go get stuff done...not sure what besides bed change and vaccumning but it was a tiring weekend and I feel a little burned out. Hope everyone has a great day!!

07-13-2009, 08:16 PM
Joanne, I know there are kennels at Disney World for daytime, but I was talking about the resort at Vero Beach. I've seen some pretty expensive quilted bags. I would love that plant with the purple flowers. That's my favorite color.

Mima, glad to hear the toilet is working! Hooray!! Congrats to Evan on the disciple award!

Kate, I can just imagine you and Queenie getting drenched. Thanks for the info on the kennels! I need to make a decision on when I want to come down, give the resort a call about reservations, and then contact a "hotel" for Maurice. Hopefully if I come down, we can meet!

My uncle's funeral was on Saturday, so I spent some time with some of my cousins that I rarely see. On Sunday, I went to a birthday party for Bob's aunt. She will be 100 on Wednesday! There were so many people there, and I really only remembered a few of them. Some I had never met even though Bob and I were married 27 years, but many of them live in other parts of the country. It was so nice getting to visit with his aunt though. Such a sweetie!

Hello to everyone!

07-14-2009, 08:19 AM
Good morning-glad the shoulder has calmed down, Kate. I would skip the sheets!
Took me 2 hours at the hospital for pretesting-and an hour drive each way but I did get to go to chiro. Need to go more often.
Getting a shot this morning and then to Wally World. Walmart!!
It has been so much quiter since Debbie's father came.
I do remember we left the dog in the kennel at Disney for the day.
Gotta wash my hair-Mima

07-14-2009, 10:56 AM
Good morning all. Yes, me too to Wally World! So funny you also call it that! My hubby's favorite saying! I'm going to take the rest of the morning for myself and go to Pet Smart, Wally World and Pier 1 Imports. I buy my candles there. I am just feeling so burnt out lately. Got bitten 3 times in 10 minutes by those da** mosquitos walking Queeine this morning! I waltzed her butt right back to the house after she did her business. Not a great start to the day, huh? I'll go spend some money...that will make me feel better!! I'll check back later!

07-14-2009, 07:56 PM
Mima, I always feel better after the chiropractor. Feel even better than that after a massage though.

Kate, I'm sure spending money helped you feel much better, right?

Classes went well this morning. Part way through pilates, I was thinking that it should be getting easier for me. I think it's just as tough now as when I started a few weeks ago.

07-15-2009, 07:24 AM
They make those electronic repellents-they have them at WALMART! Might be worth the 9$.
Off to work. I am putting myself back on Armour thyroid. My dil is almost done with the weeds. She took 3 showers yesterday but I sent her $50. Even though she didn't want any money.
Bye for now-mima

Happy Canuk
07-15-2009, 10:11 PM
Hi everybody.

Mima - hope your working day went well. Glad you got the toilet fixed in your trailor and also glad that "grandpa" has arrived and is able to control the 16 yr. old.

Kate - sorry your shoulder is still giving you grief. Perhaps the Ortho will send you for physio before doing another surgery. Pain is just tiresome to live with, day in and day out.

Tammy - Don't wear yourself out doing those exercises. Only do what you can.

Hi Joanne, Meme and Candace and whoever else comes along.

Been working lots this month - biggest holiday month of the year, I think. Anyway, it's been keeping ME busy. Also, beautiful weather here, so nothing to complain about. It's almost perfect.

I hope you all have a great evening.

07-16-2009, 07:57 PM
Anne, today the classes went well. Maybe I wasn't in the right frame of mind on Tuesday. Glad to hear you are keeping busy and that the weather is so nice for you right now.

Hello everyone!

07-17-2009, 09:45 AM
Prayers needed for my friend Jeannie who owns the place where we take the puppy for daycare/boarding. She has just been diagnosed with an aggressive uterine cancer. She is having surgery next Tuesday.

07-17-2009, 10:18 AM
Good morning everyone. Tammy, sorry to hear of your friend's predicament. Hope all goes well with the surgery.
The ortho appointment went well. I really like this doctor...which is new for me for a change! (Usually the new doctor's visits irritate me). I have a severe "impingement' in my shoulder joint along with a large bone spur on my collarbone....oh joy! :( That was the x-ray so now I am scheduled for an MRI to see if there is a tear in the rotator cuff. Options are: If there is a tear, I will need to have surgery to repair and shave the joint area for more space, removing the tip of the collarbone that has the bone spur. If there is NO tear, I can do physical therapy to strengthen the shoulder muscles and receive a cortizone shot with hopes that there is no reoccurrance. I'll know more after the MRI. The good news about possible surgery....this doctor can do the entire procedure arthroscopically, without any incision and it is not my predominent hand/arm. :halffull:

I have been cooking like a fiend lately and trying to get some dishes prepared for the weekend so I can have some time to myself. Queenie hasn't been too enthusiastic about her morning walks past few days...I think it is because it is so hot in the mornings. we are definitely in a heat wave here....80 degress at 7 am!! The highs will be in the mid-upper 90's this weekend....:hot:
Again, thank God for A/C!! Definitely could not live here without it.
Off to get some things done...need to iron and fold laundry today and try to get the slider windows washed...if my shoulder lets me!! Hope everyone enjoys their day!!

07-18-2009, 11:28 AM
Home again-catching up which includes Brad's bd cake which really came out well.
Love to hear that it would be arthroscopic surgery, Kate/ And glad you like your doc.
If you have ibs. you should never eat lots of pb and ric crackers. Too much pb.
Jill and Evan are coming up in August-going to have a party at her dad's.
Bobby only has to be in VA til the end of this month and Brett got his job back.
And i bought 3 shirts, a nightgown and a white sweatshirt from Old Navy. Love hadley-lots of stores!!!
I don't know how I will make it through 5 days of work next time. And my 2 friends won't be there. Maybe I will have Brad come up.
Oh so sorry about the lady with the uterine cancer, Tammy. That's what my doc is checking for on Tues but he said I would only have to have my uteris out if the report was not good. But I know my bleeding is caused from my thin skin. I go for my tests every year.
Brad is waiting for it to stop raining so he can put the railing in upstairs-so i sent him to the grocery store after he goes to Home Depot.
Brett and angela are coming to the campground tomorrow pm for cake and hot dogs/ And ice cream/
Bye for now-Mima

07-19-2009, 04:21 AM
Everybody's been busy, as usual. Tammy, you are losing weight fast. WTG!
Sorry to hear about your shoulder Kate. Hope you don't have to have surgery.

It has been a little cooler here the last few , too. Enjoying it! It was so hot last week.

VBS is next week. I'm kind of dreading it as I have no energy at all and have been having so much pain. I'm leading the kids in singing and that takes so much enthusiasm ... not sure I can fake that. I have to sing on the praise team in the worship service tomorrow plus sing a special ... just takes a lot out of you and that's bad when you don't have much in you to start with. :p Oh well, if God's in it, I'll be fine!

Have a good Sunday!

07-19-2009, 12:51 PM
Good morning everyone. Just finished a red velvet cake for hubby's b-day.... he doesn't need it but it is a treat! ;) He's taking most of it to work tomorrow to pass around...that's a good thing. Shoulder is being a "pain" today...literally! Going for a bone density test, MRI and Vitamin D blood test this coming week. This will definitely be a busy and interesting week, huh? I do like this new orthopedic doctor though...he's very thorough and straight forward. I like that.
Mima, those electronic bug repellers are more for leisurely sitting around outside not for activities. They don't work while walking or moving around....and the deet and picardin repellents are only effective on me for about 30 minutes. I did call the county mosquito control office and they put my neighborhood on the schedule for this coming week. They claim they just sprayed my area on the 7th...and that because of all the rain we've had, the mosquito hatchings are difficult to keep up with. For what I pay in taxes, they better try a little harder!
Trying to get some quiet time for myself today...never seems to work out that way though. Maybe hubby will settle for chinese take out tonight?? I can eat all the veggie dishes with chicken and I cook brown rice for my side dish instead of using the stuff they send along. Hope he goes for that tonight! He has a doctors appointment (check-up) tomorrow and I'm sure the salt will raise his blood pressure...he'll just have to remember to tell them.
Hope everyone is having a healthful, quiet day. Will check back later....

07-19-2009, 01:21 PM
Kate, that is awesome that you like the new doctor! that is always a relief. It is also awesome that the surgery can be done the "good" way!! Let us know how everything goes this week. I vote for chinese!

Mima, yum to cake! Keep us posted on how things go at your doctor.

Meme, the weight is actually coming off pretty slowly. That's since the beginning of January. Others in my class have lost up to 40 pounds in that time. Hope things went well at church this morning with the songs, and hope VBS goes well for you.

I just did my laps for Relay for Life at 3:00 AM on Saturday. Our team had a goal of raising $2,500. We raised over $6,000! Unbelievable!

Tim's fiance came over yesterday afternoon, and the 2 of them left for Mackinaw City, Michigan this early this morning. They are meeting with a wedding advisor or something like that tomorrow about possibly getting married on Mackinac Island next May. that's what they had originally wanted to do, then things got changed to a bigger wedding in her hometown. They both just want something small (immediate family), so this could be the answer. He just texted me that they are almost there.

Busy week here. Meeting with retired crew, classes, First Place, birthday parties for friends, AND I am doing a 5K on Saturday! I know I won't be running all the time, but I'm going to give it my best shot. A friend (a runner) said she would do it with me, and when I walk, she will too. It's a run for breast cancer.

Hello to everyone else!

07-20-2009, 03:26 PM
Wow for you . tammy!!!You will have a fun year planning for the wedding although the groom's mother is supposed to wear beige and keep her mouth shut. I can never do that.
Bobby only has 2 weeks left in VA. And Brett is going back to work today.
What a great time we had at the campground-everyone came over after 4-Brad's sister, aunt, husband, brett , Angela, debbie Keith and Rebekah.
I only served hot dogs and potato salad but the cake was deliscious. We walked down to the water. And oh how we enjoyed Keith, who is 3.
Used all the new chairs. Tired today-have to be at hospital at 8 in the morning for the d and c.
We are going to Olive garden tonight.
I love Bible school, Meme. There is so much energy there.
SIL asked me if I wanted to continue teaching in Sept but I don't think so-would like some free weekends.
Going to the Mission conference this weekend and work next week.
I will have to pack on Thursday.
Brad wanted the day off but they keep calling. Even Sat his aunt called.
Bye for now Mima

07-20-2009, 11:38 PM
Well, it looks like it's back to other plan for the wedding. Too expensive even for something small. I told him that with the money they save, they could save for a down payment on a house. LOL to wearing beige and keeping my mouth shut. One of my good friends told me not to do that.

Olive Garden sounds yummy.

07-21-2009, 01:52 PM
I didn't wear beige at my son's wedding! I wore pink. And ... let's see ... what d'ya think about me keeping my mouth shut? Hmmmm ... that shouldn't be too much of a mystery! :p We did the rehearsal dinner, etc. but, actually we didn't have a lot to do with the wedding. DIL and mother were pretty set on what they wanted and that was fine by me. I did help out some with the music but was glad to do what ever they needed me to.

Daughter, however was a whole 'nother ballgame. SIL's family was disinterested and that's putting it mildly. They did the rehearsal dinner and, although we tried to get his mother involved, she wasn't having any. So, like Chicken Little, we did it ourselves! I like them and we 'get along' ok but they are a little 'odd'. (Probably think the same about us). ;)

VBS went good last night. I SURVIVED! Got DOWN LOW AND UP HIGH without pulling any muscles. I'm telling you what, that's hard on an old lady with arthritis and fibro. One of these years they're gonna have to get a younger chick to do that stuff. One song goes: Everybody get down low, I dare you to go much ... lower. I told a friend if I'd got much lower somebody would've been getting me UP! :p Then another one goes: I get down - He lifts me up. I get down - He lifts me up etc. about 4 times then: I get down 4 times and you just keep going down ... I CAN'T GO DOWN PEOPLE!!! I got a couple of the kids up there to go down for me. It was pitiful!!! :( :dizzy: And when we had to go "Around" It was soooo funny ... you just had to be there. I was always the last one facing forward! Oh man, it sucks to be old! :rolleyes: Pray for me I have FOUR more nights of this and then a whole hour program Sun. morning and I have to try to remember all these songs (10 of them) and the motions to them on Sun. for the program. Some days its hard to remember my name! And, too, I'm not sure I'll have the energy to do all this plus morning is not the best time for me either! Seems like I've been whining an awful lot lately - sorry - lots of stress I guess.

07-22-2009, 07:54 AM
Take 2 of your brightest and have them stand beside you and do the motions-they will love that and so will your body.
I survived the d and c but was surprised at how much it took out of me yesterday-still tired today but I got up at 4:30. The best news was that Doc told Brad things looked good-took a sample but it looked good to the eye-they will put it under a microscope.
Mike's wedding was done without my help but I did have a shower for Jill. And then there's Brett's wedding. Just tried to help -we spent some money on that. Some of it backfired because I have different tastes.
Pam's been married before-I told Brad we had to give them as much as we spent on brett-about 2000. But her parents are great-known them for a few years. I know they are VERY HAPPY about the engagement-they love Bobby like a son.
Suzanne is home-hubby comes home next week-they had quite a trip. He's at his brother's in VA now. With Meranda.
I sure agree with you Tammy about putting the money on the house.
Bye for now , Mima

Joanne D
07-22-2009, 11:33 AM
Hello Everybody-
Tammy-Weddings do not have to be expensive.. Down here some are large and some just go to a beach ,park or as I say one while passing by at a bayou dock.. A couple are just as married no matter the type. Ofcourse some brides and their mothers want something big.. I think that is such a waste of money and nerves.. I made my daughters gown and,veil and all the bridesmaids dresses. I also made mine and the grooms mother her dress. We cooked all the food and rented a small hall for the reception.I ended up in the hospital after it was over. My back went out . For my sons first wedding It was the same. The brides mother had no interest in helping anyone but herself.. His second wedding(sons) I stayed out of. They did it all. It was small and very nice,just family and close friends.
Mima- It was nice to read that things were fine with the d and c. You must be enjoying the weather up there and your camper.. It is hot here and humid.. I don't walk as much as I used to. The ac is just too inviting..
Meme-I wish I had your get up and go.. I was thinking the other day about Birthdays in the family. My daughters is coming up. And my G/daughters and my sons. My G/son will be 30 this weekend.. Then I looked at mine. I will be 77!!! next march.. Nothing like getting younger..I almost didn't see 76 so I guess I should be glad about that..
Kate - Like you my shoulder hurts at night. I almost think about sleeping in a chair.. I hope you don't need surgery. My sister-in-law had that done and she seems satisfied with it.
Hello Happy..
Now I want to ask a question. What do you all think about the Presidents health care plan?
I don't like it. I think he and his group are pushing too hard and fast I think this subject should be thought out more. . I want to make my own decisions about my health..

07-22-2009, 01:53 PM
Good morning everyone. That is great news, Mima about the D&C! I am so glad things went okay and you are feeling more like yourself. :cp:
Like Joanne, we did all our own wedding things and rented the local hall. My mom made our cakes, cooked our buffet foods, made my dress, my bridesmaid dresses(2) and my maid of honor's.....all this and ran her pie shop business during the summer season on Cape Cod. She was quite a lady, my mom. I am sorry to say she left us way too soon. My dad died when I was 3 y.o. and she never remarried...just raised her 3 kids on her own. In those days, that was no easy task. I'm sure I did not appreciate it all at the time but I certainly made sure she knew how much I respected her before she passed away. I didn't have I've been spared that aggrevation of dealing with wedding planning and inlaws!;)
Going for my bone density test tomorrow. Had a blood test to check for Vitamin D this morning. Hopefully, the orthopedic will have the MRI authorization from my insurance and I can get that scheduled soon. I need to get this shoulder thing done and over with so I can back to doing stuff.
Meme, just go through modified motions of the "up/down" thing. Let your voice be the impact as you "sort-of go low" and "sort-of go high". I can just visualize you "punching" those notes instead of your knees!
Had to run some errands this morning after the doctors check-up. Now I am behind on everything else...or so it feels anyways. Maybe I will just relax and not pressure myself. Hubby got switched to nights this week so between him not being here and my shoulder, I'm not sleeping well at all. Maybe a nap?? We'll see....hope everyone enjoys the rest of the day. We have rain due next few they say! Sure doesn't look like it to me!:sunny:

07-22-2009, 10:51 PM
Here's one for you ladies!! I've had this feeling all day that I needed to call my health insurance company regarding my bone density test scheduled for tomorrow...just to check on co-pay and such. Because the orthopedic doctor recommended a hospital rather than an independent diagnostic facility, my co-pay would be $150. If I have the bone density test at the independent facility, the co-pay would be $50. And to really frost my a** over all this, once my orthopedic gets an authorization for the MRI, they can schedule it for the same day, same time at the independent place and the co-pay would be $125 for both instead of $275 at the hospital. I'm thinking the doctor must get a kick back for wanting me to go to the hospital instead of the other facility...even though both are in my network. I hate these back-door politics!! I just saved myself $125 by making that phone call!! First thing tomorrow morning I will be cancelling that DEXA test and calling my orthopedic's office to schedule both for the independent facility....not going to play that game....nope!

Joanne D
07-23-2009, 10:53 AM
Kate- Dr.'s get kick backs from the Pharmacys, drug companys. hospitals and most everything they prescribe.. Nothing new.. Hope your tests go well.
I went out this morning and the heat is already up there.. Being a pug Christy got down to business quick and headed back to the house. She was pulling me back.
Hello Everybody

Happy Canuk
07-23-2009, 01:48 PM
Good morning.

Not much new here, other than been working a bit more than normal, and the HOT weather. It will be around for another 7 days, according to the long range forcast. Gives me something to complain about, and I get to use the AC. Don't always need that - only for about a week or so every summer, when it climbs into the 90's. I just set my thermostat at 72 and the AC does the rest and keeps the temp right there. No cold air blowing on me. Hate those kind of AC's.

Good luck with your bone density test. Have no idea how much they cost because I have never paid for one. When we go for the mammogram we get the bone density test. I find it funny that Obama is trying to "Canadianize" your health care system, when our Alberta Govt. is trying to "Americanize" ours, so they don't need to pay for all the services we have enjoyed. Lot's of "Private" clinics popping up all over the place.

I can have surgery on my toe, through health care (probably take a couple of years, because I am sure they would do the hips and knees first) or I can PAY $2200.00 and have it done next week. I am going to try the healthcare system first. Perhaps they will take pity on me, because it interferes with everything, from walking, to my hip hurting and as you know the hip bones connected to the knee bone and on and on.

My gf that had to have the radiation treatment on her brain, had to go to Boston for the treatment, as it is only done there, for the type of tumor that she has. She has had 3 brain surgeries, but the tumor keep growing. Hopefully this has worked. The Alberta Govt. paid the cost of Dr., hospital and treatment to the tune of $575,000.00 She would NEVER have been able to afford this if she had to pay it herself. She did have to pay for the lodging and meals and that was around $13,000.00. She won't know if the treatment worked or not until Novemember when they do an MRI to see if it is now dormant.

Healthcare is so important and EVERYBODY should be able to have it when needed regardless of whether or not they can pay for it. Just my Canadian opinion. We are spoiled here as we never know the actual cost of anything. We just don't pay for Drs., Hospitals, x-rays, bloodwork etc. They talke about the "horrors" of our waits, but it is the same almost everywhere. There are NOT enough Drs., and many of ours go to the USA, but come home after a few years, because they can't afford the insurance to protect themselves from law suits. It is a real merrygoround at times.

Hope you all have a good day.

07-23-2009, 05:32 PM
I agree with all the above!!! Hope your friend is ok. Hubby just took out dental on me yesterday. Pays half. But, Now I have to wait until Aug. 1st. to get my tooth fixed. Don't know what's wrong with it. Started out to the dentist yesterday but didn't go after-all. Talking about moms leaving way too early ... I almost did that yesterday. The dentist hubby goes to and I went to once is in Smithville which is about 30 minutes from here along a long snaky road going down to and back up from Center Hill Lake. It was raining and my van hydroplaned and spun around in the road 3 times as it was also traveling down the road. There was a very deep drop off on one side, I was so close to the guard rail at one point I thought I was gone ... if I had gone over or through it no one would have ever found me! There were no other cars anywhere, either. I finally landed up in a driveway and the motor died. The VBS tape was playing the song We Can Trust Him. I don't know what possessed those people to build a house on that little piece of a hill but I'm sure thankful for that driveway! It took me about 10 minutes to collect myself before I could drive again. I drove about 40 mph on to Smithville and was late. When they called me up I had had time to think. I told them what happened and that I didn't think I wanted to drive all the way over there to the dentist & I would just find one closer to home so I'm back to square one with my tooth ache. If I take Aleve every 4-5 hrs. I can tolerate it ok but I don't know if that's going to last until Aug. 1st. I fear it is abscessed.

I also agree that big, fancy weddings are mostly a waste of money. Better to use that money on house and furnishings, or to pay off loans or schooling. Weddings are over and gone so fast and life hits you hard after. You can have a really pretty wedding with a little imagination and creativity and a dress does not have to cost $2000. I'm sorry people, I just don't see it. There are too many starving people in the world for me to ever even think about paying that much for one dress. If nothing else, I don't want to be one of them someday! :p

We are having a good VBS. I do have several kids up singing with me & "helping". But they don't know the motions to the songs either. We have a DVD playing with kids singing and acting them out on the screen but it is behind me, unfortunately ... if I'm doing it wrong, everyone can see! :p Maybe I'll have them all by Sun. mornings program. It will be imbarrassing if not! :o

Happy Canuk
07-23-2009, 06:16 PM
Meme - my goodness. Thank the heavens, you are ok. I would have still been shaking after that. It scares me just to think about it.

Weddings - when my daughter got married, she rented her wedding dress, the bridesmaids dresses and the flowergilr dress. She also rented a wedding cake, because she hates them. She had laura Secord chocolates put into individual boxes and served those, along with a traditional Danish Wedding Cake (marzipan and sooooo good). A friend of ours is a photographer and took all the pictures. That was her wedding present from her.

We didn't break the bank, had a great wedding and have the best of memories. They Celebrated their 20 anniversary on the 21 July.

Again, Meme, am so glad you came out of that spin ok.

Joanne D
07-23-2009, 08:10 PM
Meme- There was a Angel sitting on your shoulder..God was watching out for you.
Surely there is a dental clinic close by you.. I know well the pain of the teeth. I used to have it so bad ,when we were having hard times, that one time I even went to the E R Then I found a dentist that grew up with my hubby. He said don't worry about the money..
God has a way of helping us.. I really believe that. I would not be here today if he was not there in February for me.. The Dr. did not think I was going to live.. One night I seem to be awake but maybe I was sleeping. I said "God ,You are the only one that can help me now. Please let me get well."I remember that when I can't seem to remember anything else about those almost two weeks in CCU.
I totally agree about weddings. It is so foolish to spend so much money on a wedding. Give the money to the bride and groom and that will help them more. A dress you wear once.. The bridesmaids never wear the dresses again.
Mima- I see on the weather report that you should be getting rain about now.. It is very dry here again.
Kate - My Passion flower is sprouting again. I took some cuttings from the one my son cut and put them in water for about a week. They were growing in the kitchen window so I planted them tonight.. No roots but I am hoping..
Happy-I have to laugh about the healthcare thing.. You are right.. I like the plan I have now. We hope it won't change. But, The hubby is in a group plan for retired teachers.
Hello Tammy- I wore yellow for my daughters wedding,Red for my sons first and Aqua for his second. If you are on facebook you will see the dress I wore. There is a picture of my hubby and I there. I still have trouble finding my own site. I am not very good at this. My daughter talked me into it..
Tomorrow I have to give Christie her bath.. Sat we are meeting our son and his wife and taking one of my sisters for lunch..

07-24-2009, 03:38 PM
Hi-my old computer crashed yesterday-I was ready to throw it out the window anyway. So I drove out to the camp and got my laptop which works great. Amir from Verizon helped me set up* the connection. I have lost my beige capris and a pair of jeans-must be at the camp but I am not going back.\I am still bleeding from tues and don't feel wonderful. we are going to a mission conference at 5 but will come home to sleep. And I have to work all next week. Suzanne is waiting for a blood test-she tested herself for pregnancy and it was positive. That would be March or April children when ALL my grandchildren are born-well, Alison is May 9.
Bye for now. Mima

07-25-2009, 02:18 AM
I am on facebook ... look me up and add me. I'd like to see that picture!

07-26-2009, 09:30 AM
Good morning all. A cloudy but warm and humid day here in Florida. They have predicted rain again but the weatherman hasn't been right yet! That is nothing new...
I may have to change my opinion of that orthopedic....the coordinator in his office has not received my "chart" from him yet to schedule the MRI and Density! It's been almost 10 days now....looks like a phone call first thing tomorrow is coming up! I'm really tired of having to rattle these cages all the time!
So Mima, is it a good thing about Suzanne? I am going to assume everyone is excited about the possible pregnancy....I wish her the best! It's amazing how fast computers become obsolete now a days. I've had mine almost two years and I am sure there are several upgrades out there already. It's hard to keep up with technology at my age....I do well to learn stuff on these contraptions every day!
I am also on do you utilize the info from in here on facebook so we can find each other? Don't we need to have each others e-mail addresses in the contacts? I've put 3 fat chicks in my profile but not sure how to go about the rest. I don't go to facebook very often...
Cooking a roast from the freezer today. Trying to use up all my stuff in the freezer in case we get a hurricane problem coming through. I like to keep my freezer contents down during the "season" to avoid any hassles. We do have a generator that runs a lot of stuff but it doesn't do the central A/C unit. We have to have a window unit for that. We like to keep all the refridgerator/freezer stuff in one spot in case we have to hook it up. (Most people living in Florida have an "overflow" fridge in the garage)
Hope everyone enjoys the day...I'm going to try and get this stressed-out feeling off my shoulders today. I've been feeling a bit cranky the past few days and I need to stop feeling so pressured..."take a chill pill" as the younger generation would say! Bye for now.

07-26-2009, 06:57 PM
My friend is home from the hospital. The tumor and some lymph nodes were removed, and those are being tested. She is very sore, but we are all praying things are ok. thanks for the prayers!

Joanne, wow to making all of the dresses for your daughter's wedding! Amazing. I can't sew at all. My insurance through retired teachers is pretty good too.

Kate, the insurance issue about the bone density stinks! I will be in Vero Beach at the Disney Resort from Dec. 27-Dec. 31. Not real long, but I would love to get together and meet! I have been in contact with a couple of the places for the puppy, and I just need to make a decision about that.

Anne, let us know about the surgery.

Mima, glad to hear you came through the d&c ok!

Meme, I probably won't wear pink, but I don't plan to wear something I don't like. I won't keep my mouth shut either. Scary about your trip to the dentist!

I'm on Facebook too!! We need to find each other!!

Here's what I know about Tim's wedding. The rehearsal dinner is the night before, and we are having it in a little restaurant in Lauren's hometown. There won't be many people because they are each having 1 person stand up with them. Those will be able to bring a date. Her mom, me, her brother and his wife and daughter, his sister, my stepson and wife and sons. That's about it.

The wedding will be at her home church with the reception at a historical center across town. Guest list might be 75, but probably smaller. Reception - meat and cheese trays, fruit and vegie trays, cakes. Nothing fancy, no dance or big meal or anything. The kids are planning to go to Michigan for a few days for their honeymoon.

She has her dress, and so does the bridemaid, and I know they didn't cost $2000! That is crazy when people pay money like that! Her mom and I are both looking for dresses. We found some pretty wild ones at the bridal shop and told Lauren we were getting them!

This past week, I didn't feel the best. Missed classes on Tuesday, went on Thurs. but I ended up going home just 10 minutes into pilates. BUT I did the Breast Cancer Awareness 5K Run/Walk yesterday! 3.2 miles, I didn't run, but I did finish in 51 minutes. I was so happy when I crossed the finish line. Some of my friends had come out to meet me, and I was in tears. It felt great!

07-27-2009, 07:20 AM
Good doc report about my biopsy but I am still bleeding-didn't expect that. Bob's wedding is getting bigger-hate to see them spend all that mon

07-27-2009, 07:24 AM
ey-it posted before I was through. The pregnancy is good news . Jim just brought home 2 puppies-now they have 3 dogs!!!* I need to stay out of their business and the weddimg plans but I do see $ signs. God will provide.Gotta drive to work-supposed to be 5 days but I am hoping for 4. What a greta weekend!! Mima

07-27-2009, 11:08 AM
I will start a new thread...and request a "sticky" for it.