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06-25-2009, 10:10 AM
I am very excited this morning. My friend the scale said 232.8.

234.6 was 1/3 of my way to goal. The scale said 234.8 yesterday and I was sad cause I missed my 1/3 goal by .2 and I so wanted to hit that mini goal of one third the way done.

Today it flew down to 232.8 and I am thrilled! All this walking, even in the heat, is working!

Thanks to everyone here, casue I would have given up many a time had it not been for those who encouraged me on my bad days!

Onward to my next goal of 216 and out of severly obese and just plain obese.

06-25-2009, 10:29 AM
Way to go!! Don't you feel awesome?

06-25-2009, 10:37 AM
That is really FANTASTIC!!! You're doing it! Way to go!!

06-25-2009, 10:52 AM
Way to go!!!

*high five*

06-25-2009, 11:05 AM
Good job!!

06-25-2009, 11:14 AM
Well Done! :cheer3:

06-25-2009, 11:20 AM
:carrot: :carrot: :carrot: :carrot:
Way to go!!!!!!!

06-25-2009, 11:53 AM
Woo hoo! That's incredible! Good for you.

06-25-2009, 01:45 PM
WOW, 2BeHealthy, you have made marvelous progress!

All your hard work is really paying off at the scale --- and I bet it is paying off in how you feel, too: more energy, able to leap small stairways in a single bound, clothes fitting differently, yes? And things are changing inside, too --- you are already a lot more healthy than you were when you started.

So, HOORAY for you! What a great goal to have met and you DESERVE IT!

:broc: :broc: :broc: :broc: :broc:

06-25-2009, 01:56 PM

06-25-2009, 01:58 PM
Congratulations! And all down to your hard work!

06-25-2009, 02:31 PM
Yay!! :cheer: Congratulations!

Arctic Mama
06-25-2009, 06:06 PM
Wow, that's so great! I'm wishing you a speedy journey down to your next milestone :)

06-25-2009, 06:31 PM
:broc::broc::broc:Congratulations!:carrot::carrot: :carrot:

Wow! A third of the way! You'll be half way before you know it! You're REALLY doing it!

06-25-2009, 06:35 PM
That's quite an accomplishment!
You should be very proud of yourself :)

06-25-2009, 06:49 PM
Virtual high five! Congratulations!

06-26-2009, 10:28 AM
Thanks everybody! I am feeling pretty good about pushing on now. I got stalled out at 250 for several weeks and now I can hardly believe I am gonna be in the 220's soon! I'm off to my 3 mile walk that I have already done 3 times this week. :-)

06-26-2009, 02:58 PM
Good for you!

06-26-2009, 04:43 PM
You are rocking it girl! That's dedication and determination. The other 2/3's are NOTHING compared to the first. Great job!

Alana in Canada
06-26-2009, 05:00 PM

Good for you.