Weight Loss Support - Balanced Oxidizer/A.M Workout/Feelings

06-24-2009, 12:52 PM
So I took the oxidizer test yesterday and found that I am a balanced oxidizer. Now I guess the question is what is the best breakfast I can eat that will energize and satisfy me, and something that I can take on the go?

I absolutely love Pilates. I tell myself that I’m going to work out when I get home, or after college (I have class from 5:30-9:30). Let’s get real!!! Like I’m gonna work a 10hr day, go to school for another 4 hours, then come home and work out!! So the brilliant plan would be to work out in the morning … right? Well I’ve set my alarm 30mins early for the past 2 weeks and have yet to workout. No joke. How in the world am I supposed to get my lazy but outta bed? I mean 6 is already early … and man do I love sleep … but 5:30 just seems too early!! I mean I’m usually late everyday because I hit the snooze until the last possible min … I know your thinking “what a lazy bum!” I think that way of myself most of the time. :moo:

But it’s not just getting outta bed … it’s that I’m tired all the time. I’m sure it’s my diet and not drinking enough water, but it’s so hard to stick to a diet. :tape:I just feel so overwhelmed ... like I can't take control of this weight problem!! Motivation is so hard to keep.

Mrs Snark
06-24-2009, 01:21 PM
What is a "balanced oxidizer"?

06-24-2009, 01:36 PM
Balanced Oxidizes require foods that have equal quantities of protein, fat, and carbs in order to optimally process, produce and use the energy from their foods. Foods that are ideal for you (Protein) salmon, shellfish, eggs, etc.; (Carbs) tomatoes, celery, citrus fruits, etc.; (Fats) butter, walnuts, sesame oil, etc.

06-24-2009, 02:43 PM
One more reason you could be tired is lack of exercise. I know it sounds awfully weird, but I am no longer a "lazy bum" because of it. No kidding, I couldn't roll out of bed before 8:30AM some mornings. Then I would find myself not going to bed until after midnight. Now, I am ready to turn in around 10:30. EVERY now and then, I stay up a little late, but that is maybe once a week. And I am ready to get up around 6-6:30.

5:30 is still even a bit early for me to jump up and exercise, so you may just need to do it at night. You gotta make a choice...morning or night. Those are your only options right now. Or if you could break it up between work and school, even 10 minutes here and there (like short bursts) are good for you. Anything is better than nothing. Once you begin doing it and start seeing changes, you will stick with it. I think it is the first 3 weeks or so that are the hardest. That is the make it or break it point for a lot of people.