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06-23-2009, 01:11 PM
Hi, I'm 41, trying to lose my last 10 lbs that I gained this year from STRESS. I've been doing 3 different hour long Jillian Michaels videos 5x a week for the past month and reduced my calories to about 1400 a day and I have not seen any weight loss!

I'm so discouraged!! I took pics today and compared them to 3 weeks ago and nothing! I've been sweating like crazy and seeing no difference.

I do FEEL much better and am happy that my back feels supported from all the balanced core training in her videos and I feel lighter on my feet from the all the stabilizer muscles the workouts build.

I'm curious if others are having to cut calories lower than that to lose weight?

I'm going to the doctor to get tested see if my thyroid levels are still normal to make sure I'm at the right dose of Leovthyroxine.

Anyone have any thoughts on the last 10 lbs with thyroid woes? Or are the last 10 lbs just impossible?! When I was younger this much exercise would peel the weight off....

forlorn in NYC

06-23-2009, 01:43 PM
I haven't hit the last 10 LB mark...yet! haha.

I also haven't experienced any problems thus far while exercising. My weight will stall for several days and then BAM, overnight it seems 2 lbs come off.

I zig zag my calories so I don't ever go below 1450 or so for an entire weekly average. The lowest *daily* cut I have made is 1200. I usually do 1200 for two days, bump back up to 17-1800 for a couple of days, go back down to 1200, bump up to 1500 and then back up to 1800 on the 7th day. Then I start all over.

I have heard some say on thyroid forums that sometimes they need to increase their meds after beginning exercise. But I haven't noticed this specifically with me. My thyroid levels seem to be good so far.

My first thought is to maybe try adding in a 1700 calorie day once or twice a week for 2 weeks straight and see if anything changes. And of course, get your levels checked.

06-23-2009, 01:51 PM
Oh, that's very interesting. I have heard about varying calories. I'm sure I do somewhat as is, but not by a few hundreds. I think I do have one day a week or so I climb over by a couple hundred.

I'll research around about increasing thyroid meds.
I don't usually drink caffeine but got started this summer--seduced cos i love it, but also cos it really does help with hunger pangs and weight loss. I'm curious if it can mess with thyroid meds.

Wow, you've lost a ton of weight! Congrats. I'm so impressed.

06-23-2009, 02:30 PM
I am a DIE-HARD coffee drinker and have been so for about 15 years. I did cut out the Dr. Peppers and every so often, maybe once every couple of weeks, I give in and have a diet Dr. Pepper. But I don't like artificial sweeteners so I try to keep it very infrequent.

I cannot remember if caffeine has any adverse affects at the cellular level w/thyroid hormones. I know it affects the adrenals, which in turn CAN sometimes affect thyroid function. Since I have weaned off a lot of the sugar and caffeine, I do feel loads better. But I just can't drop the coffee and tea, lol. You are right, it does help with hunger pangs. I still have to wait about an hour after morning coffee to actually eat breakfast b/c I am still not hungry.

You are at a very crucial mark in weight loss, so it is not impossible, but it is a tougher spot to be in, those last 10 lbs. But it is GREAT that is all you have! Most thyroid people have 30+ lbs to lose so I am glad to see your doctor didn't let it get out of control.

A lot of my loss came from simply switching my thyroid meds. But then the loss just stopped and I chalked it up to being all on me at that point.

There is no questioning whether or not you are getting an adequate workout. All you have to say is "Jillian" and everyone pretty much knows she's killing you, lol. If you are already increasing cals. a couple of days a week and it is not working, you may want to start tracking everything over the next week and get an exact figure of what you are taking in. You can then look at it to see if, in combo with the higher cal days, even lowering a day or two out of the week by just 100-150 cals (no less than 1200) would work. And then do the 1400 for the other 3 remaining days.