30-Somethings - 30 Something's Daily Chat: Tuesday, 6/23

06-23-2009, 09:31 AM
Mornin' All! :coffee2:

Rebound, It said Friday when I saw it, but I was cracking up because you had Monday in caps in your post! :lol: To change the title, you need to click on Thread Tools/Edit Thread, then you can change the title. :) I'm not sure if that's just a Mod option. Let me know if you can't do that. I'm guessing you'd only be able to do it if you started the thread too.

Riley, Sorry the little one didn't like the gym daycare. :( Maybe if she gets used to it?

Morton, Oh no, the icecream didn't win, did it? Do you know what caused the hives??

I can't believe there's only 2 days of school left! I've got Peter enrolled in the town summer camp program which is 1/2 a day, for 6 wks. So by the second week of August, I'll need to come up with something else! :eek:

Have a great day all!

06-23-2009, 10:03 AM
Sorry ladies...I've been a bit M.I.A. lately! I'm sure I've missed a tonne of news! ;)

I have my french final tonight...SO nervous but at the same time...I just want to get the damn thing over with! :eek:

I haven't lost any weight...I think I've gained a bit :( but that's expected when you're not watching what you're eating and you're having to eat on the go!

I will definitely be gettting back on plan tomorrow!!!

Wish me luck girls! :wave:

06-23-2009, 10:12 AM
Good luck Wifey!

I'm still moving forward as slowly as possible. I'm supposed to go on vacation on Thursday- Sunday so I may not be around. My Mom and 2 of my sisters and I are 'crashing' my cousin's baby shower. She's an only child and, at 39, expecting her first baby. Since cousins are the closest thing she has to sisters, we're driving 12 hours to be at her baby shower. Some of the other female cousins are coming too so there should be a good 7 of us 'sisters' who show up and surprise her. Should be fun! Heck, just making the trip with my own sisters and Mom will be fun.

06-23-2009, 10:41 AM
Yesterday I went to a yoga class that was 35 minutes long and it kicked my butt. I woke up in pain this morning and couldn't make it out the door for a morning run. I am just amazed at how sore my body is for such a short time frame. At the time, it didn't feel like much of a workout. :wink: I know better now.

I am off to visit a friend who just had a baby. It will be nice to see her and help out. My MIL is coming to help out with my kids and it's good for them to have some grandma time. She stresses me out though so it's even better that I won't be around. :)

06-23-2009, 11:54 AM
Thanks, Lauren. I was trying to be so careful, too! Oh well :)

I went for an extra long walk this morning because I'm not going to try and walk at lunch. We are going to be under a heat advisory from noon to seven! I walked yesterday and it was a terrible idea. I came back all sweaty and disgusting. Yesterday I also ended up stopping out at the barn to bring in 7 horses so that THEY wouldn't get too hot and cranky. THEN I played sand volleyball for an hour in the sweltering disgustingness. Today I think I'll stick to the early morning walk and then maybe a little elliptical in the nice cool basement...

I also made split pea soup and two meatloafs, one for the fridge and one for the freezer.

Wifey -- good luck on your test! And don't stress out too much about going OffP for a few days. As long as days don't stretch into weeks and then into months you can't do too much damage!

bee -- that sounds great! Good luck with your choices while you are on your trip!

rileyozzy -- I've always wanted to try yoga... Your class sounds intense! I'm not really in a position to join a gym right now that would have classes. Do you think there are DVDs that would do yoga justice? Or is it best to learn from an actual human being?

06-23-2009, 12:19 PM
Hi there!

I've been on 3fatchicks on and off for a while, but I've never posted here. I think I would enjoy posting with you guys daily. You seem like a great bunch. :)

I will probably go through everyon'e bios when I'm done with this post. As you can see from my signature, I'm doing the Carbohydrate Addict's plan. It doesn't seem like it could work but, thankfully for me, it does. It's easy and I love it. I don't even get hungry.

Sorry this is so short, but I've been dragging all morning. I am tired and took sinus meds, so everything is taking forever. I only went as far back as Friday, so I don't know if you all make a habit of posting daily menus and /or exercise. I will probably post my exercise, because it will keep me accountable. And honest with myself. :D

Have a great day!

Two mile walk

06-23-2009, 12:56 PM
Mornin'/Afternoon, all!!

I've been out of pocket for a few days, and unfortunately my diet was sort of cruddy yesterday and Sunday.....which is part of why I only lost 1 pound this past week.....but at least I didn't gain, so I'm gonna count it in the positives list!! :)

Wifey... Good Luck on your French Final! I took French in College and about all I can remember is: Je m'apelle, Kimiko (dunno if that's even correct!)

Bindersbee....Have a safe trip/vacation!!

Rebound...I know what you mean with the HEAT!! It's been over 100 the past few days here, I think I get a mini-workout just walking out to the mailbox!!

Amany....Welcome! Hope to see more posts from you!! Is the Carb Addict's Diet kind of like South Beach/Atkins?

Well everyone....have a Happy Tuesday! Just 3 more days until the weekend!! Woo!! :beach:

06-23-2009, 01:29 PM
Hi Kimiko!

Mostly Carb Addict's is about insulin response. Because insulin stores fat and and sparks hunger, the plan controls it. In a nutshell, you have 2 complementary meals (similar to Atkins induction meals) and a reward meal.

During the reward meal, you can eat whatever you'd like. You cannot binge though. You also have to complete it in one hour. The science behind it is that, because your other meals were low in carbs, and you release insulin based on your last meal, not as much insulin is released when you're having your reward meal (usually lunch or dinner). It has to be completed within an hour, because about 75 minutes after you first start eating, you release a second wave of insulin. If you're still eating, then you release more. Especially if you're eating something rich in carbs.

Eventually what happens is that your cravings subside. Also, because you're allowed a reward meal, you're less likely to binge. Or have a hard time getting back on plan.

There is an updated version of the diet with a few changes:
Your reward meal must start with a small salad. Then 1/3 protein, 1/3 non-starch veggies and 1/3 whatever carb-rich food you want. The balance is supposed to help you control your appetite even more. Truthfully, I rarely follow that.
Also, gum is discouraged because the chewing causes and immediate insulin response and hunger (I find that's true in my case.).
Diet soft drinks are discouraged unless you're have your rm, because the sugary taste can cause an insulin release and hunger. I don't think that's the case with me though. I seem to do just fine having one or two outside my rm.

After two weeks on the initial plan, you can tweak based on your hunger and weight loss. You could stay on 2 complementary meals and a reward meal, one cm and an rm or 2 cms, and rm and a complemary snack. A complementary snack is a cm cut in half.

I don't really buy into the notion that I'm a carb addict. I like ALL food too much, but the diet works for me, so I don't care what it's called.

06-23-2009, 02:35 PM
Amany, :welcome: Hey, whatever works, right?! (As long as it's healthy, of course!)

K, melting away the pounds, huh? :yikes: I'm just thankful that overall it's been not too hot here, because I don't have C/A!

Wifey, Good luck on the final!

B, Sounds like great fun! Enjoy!

06-23-2009, 04:31 PM
Well, I did end up having a bit of ice cream yesterday night to ease my pain from the hives. :( I did not eat it all so that's a plus. I had some extra calories left for a treat anyway - but not THAT big of a treat!

Today is my husbands day off, so Tuesdays end up sort of being my day off too - at least I can go out if I'd like. I took our 7 year old to a Plus Sized Consignment Shop I heard about here in town. I haven't had any new clothes that weren't maternity in a long time.

I found a lot of nice stuff. I was even a size under what I hauled into the dressing room to begin with (((nice!))). I came home and peeled of the too tight shirt I was wearing and put on one that fits and makes me feel that I look nice.

It's about 104 here in Nebraska today with a heat index of 115. I do need to do some walking, but since DH is home I might be able to do it without the baby strapped to me and my 7 year old "mock running" on the floor next to me. I'm going through some "Mommy Madness" here lately and need time alone a little more often. This too shall pass!