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06-23-2009, 09:19 AM
Hello & :wel3fc: to the Back In Kindergarten thread!

"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

You are welcome to join us in our chatter about life and our weight loss journey!
So please grab your coffee/water/diet coke etc. and pull up a chair and join us!

:yay: :coffee2: :goodscale :cofdate: :broc: :cheers: :cheer3: :coffee: :hat:

06-23-2009, 09:28 AM
Good morning, ladies!

Day 1 of WW and I was going to say "So far, so good" but I have yet to start, lol. But I have breakfast planned and will stick to it so. I weighed this morning just to see what I am at and I am actually down a pound-cool! Feeling good about joining WW and getting on track with my eating. The problem, it's the food! I am addicted to food and have been quite the little pig lately. Still kicking myself for the gain but's water under the bridge and I am doing something about it so...

Got my walk in and man, ICK! I hate sweating! The temp was about 76 I think but the humidity is just horrible! Supposed to be 100 today, yuck. Definitely staying inside, well I have to run to the store a little later but then I will be in for the day. I am going to attempt to do the High Calorie Melt-Mitch Gaylord...he's a killer so I am hoping I can make it thru the whole 60 minutes...we'll see.

SUSAN...swimming sounds so nice! The pool down the street has been so busy the last few days in the evenings. No one goes during the day, lol...I don't want to go during the day either...too hot! But it sounds good. Little Miss Gab is going to be quite the little swimmer isn't she? Your book sounds good.

Take care ladies, and have a terrific day!

06-23-2009, 07:57 PM
Hi Cristina!!

Going to the garden to weed...dranks ALOT of water today and looks like I will get my 10,000 steps in today....have to watch my mindless stress eating...hubby keeps asking what I am eating now...should stop me, but just pisses me off....

Teri called--Dominic LOVES the Ocean--JR taught him to bury mommy's feet in the sand....she's taking lots of pics...

Ry is still with the nice girl....the ex is still calling but he isn't playing the game any more...she's really a nice girl..I still love her to death and wish her happiness.....she just needs to stop using him as an ego boosting fall back plan....

Mom's consultatin at John Hopkins is next Tuesday...I am just wanting her to get them out and the cancer to be gone completely...

well I really gotta get going on the garden tonight--I have to mow again tomorrow night...

06-23-2009, 11:31 PM
Hi ladies..Had a couple lazy days here. DH and I didn't feel too well, so we just really didn't do a thing. Ate soup and crackers and took naps. :)

Mom went on a road trip with her sis to see her other three sisters. She is feeling very well right now. I am just glad she was able to go and pray she continues to feel okay.

Made our trip plans for Vegas end of July. Hopefully DS will be able to join us as he will be finished with the big bar exam then.

DD and DGS will be here July 2nd...can't wait.

Jules- Hope you got the garden weeded. I hear you about the mindless eating. I am like you if DH calls attention to it..just makes me mad..and I might just eat more. Grrrr.

Cristina- I missed why you are not babysitting and going to games...or was that when someone was acting like a Princess? I do remember that. :)

You know I am too lazy to go back to the other I will fake it. Susan- Hope you had a nice day off. Mindee- Hope the kiddos are enjoying summer and not giving you too much grief. Sassy- How's work? Dumb question, huh? Katy- Busy, busy are brave in all you are attempting. Kathy- Hope all is well up north. Francie- Are you doing okay? Miss hearing from you.

Okay....will scoot and try to do better next time.

06-24-2009, 10:16 AM
Good morning!

SUE...yeah, same old stuff with the DIL, they use the kids which is so stupid and not right at all. I said No to something for once and they are mad or were, IDK, I've not talke dto them for almost 3 weeks now and didn't plan to but the dil sent an invite to Cambries BD sat...not sure that I am going. Tired of the BS, drama,mind games, competition and them getting mad every other freaking day and I don't put up with it.

Sorry you and the hubby were feeling bad, hope today is better for ya. Did you guys ever get a condo in Vegas, can't remember? One of these days I am going to get down there. Hoping your son is able to make it. Glad your mom is having a great time with the sisters, and glad is feeling well.

JULES...who doesn't like the beach?! Bet the pictures of Dominick at the beach are GREAT! Just know he loved it. I too am the same way...I know I shouldn't eat some of the things I eat and it makes me angry when someone points it out...just want to eat it even more! Or throw it at him, lol. Good job on the steps! Be careful out there mowing. I am needing to do that but it has been so freaking hot here. Going to give it a go tomorrow...hoping I don't piss the neighbors off doing it at 7:30 in the morning...too hot to do it any later.

Hiya to everyone else :wave:

I was up early, as usual, for my walk...starts off good and feels cool but then halfway thru is when I feel the humidity, ick! Supposed to be 100 today and then 102 tomorrow! Anyway, also did my sculpt and burn and then later on will do my slim and thin. So far the food is going well...stayed within my points and feeling GREAT! Very energetic for some reason.

Nothing planned for the day toda either...same old stuff. Exercise, read, clean and computer.

Have a great day whatever you do!

06-24-2009, 02:02 PM
Good Morning -

It's a day off from work!

Cristina - Ya, Gaby will be another Ester Williams soon enough. ha I hate sweating and I hate humidity. ;0)

Sue - Glad your mother is feeling better.

Jules - Hugs to your mom, and wishing her nothing but good news in her health.

:wave: to everyone else.

I applied for a rehab position position at work, HR kept wanting me to do a resume to go with it and it is like "whatever, you have my application from when I applied before.....granted it doesn't have my background when I did caregiving but still. It is basically cleaning, stocking and helping with the patients. How hard is that?? I just rubbed my nose the wrong way. She says "you need to sell yourself" Bah hum bug,,,,I ain't selling myself, my work there the last 9 months speaks for it's self. I just don't like the lady.

Think I have a bad attitude??? Ya, probably. I feel like I have lowered myself enough, and I don't mind but I feel sometimes people look down at me because I "just clean".....I mean if you are going to have an opinion of me at least get the full story and I bet I earned more w/ my $18 property managment job thn HR lady does now. I feel like low life.*waaaaa

I do. I was feeling good too before she gave me attitude.


06-24-2009, 04:27 PM
Back again for a few minutes...just making my rounds before signing off the computer for good for the day. Guess I will go read some until Jeopardy comes all my exercise done and the hubby is getting ready to head to work at 3 so...feeling a little sleepy but I will make it until 11 tonight and then go to bed. I was thinking this morning about how heavy I sleep sometimes. Hubby came in at a little after midnight and he normally stays until until 1:30 or 2 but I never hear him...kind of scary to think I can't/don't hear him coming in taking a shower and all and nothing...I am dead to the world. Guess I've watched one too many 48 Hour shows, lol. Anyway...

SUSAN....hugs to you missy. :hug: And shame on that lady for making you feel bad. I know when I volunteered at the hospital there were certain docs and nurses that ALWAYS tried to make us feel like we were no one. Ummm, how many people work for free?!!! And put up with their arses! Funny though, one of the nurses that always had an attitude got a little nicer over time for some reason. But don't let anyone get to are doing a job and one they would never do so they should appreciate you! And has it been 9 months already? Wow, time does fly doesn't it? Anyway, try and have a good day missy.

Where is everyone else? Are you ladies out there? Taking a break from things or just busy, busy, busy?! Stop by and say HI when you get a chance!

Okay, I am outta here...have a good day everyone :wave:

06-24-2009, 04:54 PM
I am trying to adjust my attitude Cristina, my mom says so. lol

I just was/am surprised HR lady wants a resume when I am already an employee. Why doesn't the Rehab manager just call my supervisor and see what kind of employee I am?? The job description is mostly cleaning as it is, which I am doing. And HR goes "just because you apply doesn't mean you will get an interview"....will, in the union handbook it says employee's have preference over outside applications and with the pay scale so close I doubt many from within are going to apply for a less paid position.

anyway, mom says give her what she wants......hmm, I will think about it. lol I would actually only make $200 more a month anyway, since I work evening and get the shift difference. So, whatever.

I think I will go to the store and buy something really sinful, like some ding dongs or some fried chicken and a bottle of wine, that'll pep me up. lol

*sigh,,,,and the sun isn't out just in a icky mood. I think I am just tired.

anyway - thanks for the hugs Cristina!

06-24-2009, 05:43 PM
well, it has been a full vast of experiences one after another since I last posted!

last Saturday we went to my mom and dad's house for my sister Robyn's graduation party. we were coming home and decided to stop by our friends house to see if he was home.....he wasn't so we started heading back home. we ended up stopping not far from his house because there was a house that was shooting off fireworks. we sat and watched for a little bit since Marissa was asleep, but the boys were awake. they were saying that they were hungry so we were going to pick them up something to eat, as well as something for us too.

we pulled down the street to come back home, and we ended up getting hit by a lady who was drunk as a skunk! we have been having insurance issues again, so at that point in time we didn't have any on the van. so, we basically made a deal with her and her husband that we wouldn't call the police, if her husband helped Tommy change the tire and give us $500 for the damages. she agreed to it right away, and they went to putting the spare tire on. come to find out, the spare tired wasn't holding any air either so he had to go across the street to the gas station to put some air in the tire.

the guy gave Tommy $20 that night and said that he would have the full $500 on Sunday. Tommy said, not a problem just let me know when I can meet you to get it. we ended up having to call our friend that lives in that area to see if he could come help out, but he was drunk himself, so we ended up calling Tommy's little brother and he came and helped.

Tommy called the people on Father's Day and left her a message that since she wasn't returning his call, then she either had to give him a call back in regards to his money OR he was going to the police and making a police report. (we had ALL of her information!) she instantly called him back and said that they weren't ignoring his calls, they were just having issues with their water heater....which Tommy said that it wasn't his problem because she was the one that hit us!

Tommy met the husband and got $200 from him, and the guy had his sign some paper. And they basically played us for fouls!!! As soon as the husband left the parking lot, the wife (the lady that hit us) got on the phone and called Tommy and said that she had called the police and told her that they didn't owe us the full amount because the way we handled it was the way we handled it.

I told Tommy that if he really wanted to he could call the police station and tell them that he witnessed a hit and run accident in which the lady hit a vehicle and then fled. And that he was standing in the line at the liquoer store behind her (where she bought more alcohol, and reeked of alcohol) and then he saw her get into her vehicle and drive off. they would end up issuing either a ticket and sending it to her and a bench warrant for her arrest.

so needless to say, we just said to heck with it and chalked it up as a lesson learned. I got whiplash really bad from it, Tommy got some whiplash as well. The kids are all doing okay. Brandon's car seat was almost completely sideways and his top chest buckle was undone when the lady hit us.

Tommy ended up calling into work on Monday and took the day off. we went to the pool to see if that would help us out any. It did......but I replaced the whiplash with sun burn! And it, hasn't gotten any better! I have been at the pool every day since Monday.....but I have been shielding my back so that it doesn't get burnt any more.

so that pretty much sums up every thing on our end in a nutshell. oh yeah, I just uploaded the pictures from Monday onto myspace. I am going to attempt to upload them onto facebook right now.

06-24-2009, 08:25 PM
Mindee--wow, glad everyone is ok. I really doubt they actually called the police.

SuzyQ--I say put on your "happy" face and hand her the resume--the witchy lady doesn't need to know about your attitude, go get that extra $200.00 a month missy!!

Sue--I know he's only trying to help me do what I really want but pointing out the fact that I am eating what I shouldn't isn't what I want to hear--I got half the garden done...I am going to finish up Friday morning before it gets too hot and humid.

Hi all--where is everyone....
Cristina--the grass is waiting for tomorrow night...I got over 11,000 steps in today and drank all my water!! It's suppossed to be hotter tomorow but it's not even time for Jeopardy (10 minutes to the 7:30 pm start time) -- I just haven't been sleeping good. I usually sleep like the dead I am feeling like the walking eyelids even feel heavy...

06-24-2009, 09:51 PM
I know Jules but it is only $200 a month. I am not sure if I want to kiss someones butt for that. I mean. I can pay bills now and have $$ in my wallet and I like my 3 days off in a row and ....I will think about it.
The county I live in has a 11% higher unemployment rate then the state of Oregon so I am grateful to even have a job.
And HR lady is small town fry, I am not impressed. And I am really too lazy to do a resume. I am. I was unemployed for over a year refusing to do a resume. It is a mental block kind of thing. I must be mental. lol

Mindee-, I couldn't even keep up with all that! Glad the kids are ok.

k- off I go to read.

06-25-2009, 12:32 AM
Hola all.

Well I have been sick all week. :barf: This is my first night back to work......:p

So I haven't read up on all the posts, sorry. I will begin from here.........

I hope you all are well.


06-25-2009, 08:48 AM
Good morning!

Just a quickie for now...I will be back to do indies a little later, getting ready to head out and buy groceries.

Got my walk in...was up at about 5:15 and thought I would just go ahead an get up. For some reason for once, I was wide awake and ready to go. Actually didn't feel as humid either. But it is supposed to be another hot one today, ick!

Weighed this morning and I was at 191.2 so I am pleased with that. Not going to weigh again until Monday...official WI day, I want to be surprised, I think. Anyway...

I'll be back later, have a good one!

06-25-2009, 01:55 PM
Good Morning!

My attitude took a turn and I feel human today:D I will get my resume completed and handed in by tomorrow, when the listing closes. I told HR lady that and she said that would be perfect.
WI was 142.8 so happy w/ that.

Hawaii Man's mother had triple bypass Tuesday, so say a prayer for her. She is doing well and one tough cookie. She still needs cosmetic surgery for her face when she had cancer treatments 2 years ago. And HM finally will make it back to work after 10 months off himself fro m recovering his own heart surgery.

Cristina - yay :carrot: to 191.2!! Good for you.

Sassy - :hug: sorry you were sick, glad to hear your back at work!

Jules - yay to 11,000 steps! how many miles is that?? sounds great :)

better go get my gabster from swim lesson and onto day care and yay.....I get to go to work! I really need a routine. lol

toodles. :wave:

06-25-2009, 03:26 PM
Hello chickies :wave:

MINDEE...good grief! I think I would have just called the police from the beginning, she shouldn't be driving around drunk and most likely she will do it again. Glad no one was hurt :hug:

SUSAN...good for you missy! Sounds like the hrh lady was just giving you a hard time about a resume...but glad you are doing it...sounds like it made her happy! And just think...that will be more money in your pocket each month! Wow, that is a high unemployment rate! Hoping you get the job :crossed:

SASSY...hugs to you, feel better soon! :hug:

JULES...good job on the 11,000 steps! I need to start wearing a pedometer again. I think it makes you do more. It's hot herer too! So tired of it already but I am afraid it is just the beginning, ugh! I might take a break tomorrow and go to the pool...wanting to be in the water for some reason.

SUE, KATHY, KATY, FRANCIE and anyone I missed...hoping all is well with you.

Didn't get to my dvd's yet...glad I got the walk in. May only do one, dunno...feeling lazy now. Hey, a hour is better than nothing and definitely nothing to balk at so...we'll see.

Have a great day everyone, and try to stay cool!

06-25-2009, 06:17 PM
yay, I am done w/ the resume!! Took me 3 iffing hours and I am claiming earned leave today because census was low , so I took off from work to do it. It isn't perfect but I think it is nice enough. At least I put an effort into it.

Cristina - an hour is great! I don't even do that :)

k- off to print this thing on nicer paper and go hand it in.

later :wave:

06-25-2009, 07:41 PM
I am so jealous of Teri at the beach....I am not even going to get a whole week staycation this year. All my time is going to Mom and I wouldn't have it any other way...I may take a day to at the the extra day on July 4th holiday--I really want to get my bathroom's hard to do with Dominic here on the weekends. Jerry is taking the whole rest of the week during the holiday.

SuzyQ--hugs to HM and his mama..good for you doing the resume...hope it helps...

Cristina--I am thinking next Friday we take the boy to the lake or a pool....I want to get in water too!!

well, off to mow grass--weeding the rest of the garden will be in the morning...

PS--sad about Farrah....shocked about Michael Jackson....

06-25-2009, 07:53 PM
Jules- I know, so shocking about Michael Jackson. I am sad for his children and his family. And Farrah, that is more sad to me but I am glad her suffering is over with.

And you don't want to paint with a little one in the house. lol

I better go get Gaby from day care and get these contacts out, they are hurting my eyes today.

anyway, adios!

06-25-2009, 09:16 PM
Dominic would want to help me...I can see all the little handprints on walls I don't want contacts sem to bother me more some days...

06-26-2009, 10:31 AM
Hey all.........Wow can u believe it about Michael Jackson??? :fr: So so sad and Farah Faucet as well..............R.I.P :angel:

We have a new addition to our inlaws neighbor found a cat, she is all black except for a little white on her belly. She is about 5 months old. DH named her Bella.............(What?? Was there really any other choice??) lol. No but the meaning of Bella is "Beautiful" or Isabella is "consecrated to God". So the 1st definition is why he chose that name, or so he "says" lol. But she is true to her name, if you go from the movie Twilight......She is ummmmmm not so graceful. lol.

Anywho, thanks for the well wishes. My back is killing me now with all these storms we've been having. OUCHIE! lol.

Also probably since because I was sick I have not been walking, so that is probably another reason. DH and I need to get to walking at home, not just at work. (we both walk at work)

Awwww I just looked over and Bella is cuddling with my stuffed lion on the futon.........(yes of course I took a pic!) I am uploading it to both Myspace and Photobucket, so either way you all can see them. If you want to see them on Photobucket, just PM me and I will give the link + the password to view them. ;)

Have a Great Day!!!


Ok I was gonna try to make an Avatar to use for me to use here, but it says the "it is too large" so here ya go:

06-26-2009, 01:19 PM
Happy Friday ya'll :D

I am pooped! This darn heat is killing me...of course I am in the air conditioned house now but was out earlier and I still haven't cooled off. Woke up late for my walk but did get it done. Mowed the yard at about 7:30'ish...hate disturbing the neighbors too early but most, if not all are just about out the door by that time so...wanted to get it done early. Of course there is not shade what-so-ever in the front in the morning. But I can't do it in the evening because it's even hotter. Didn't want to take a shower either until after I did my dvd because I'll just sweat again, not as bad but still...but I had to! UGH! Stinking sports bra was stuck to me and it was soaked! Okay, probably too much info, I am dragging some. May go take a short nap here in a few minutes. :dunno:

JULES...had planned on the pool this morning after mowing, just sounded soooo good! But then I colored my hair and didn't want to get it wet, all thes chemicals in the pool water and all. So...maybe next week. Ahh, but wouldn't that be cute...little toddler handprints all on the wall?! :lol: I would spend my extra time with my mom too :hug:

SUSAN...*slapping forehead* forgot to send some cyber hugs for HM and his mother. Will keep them in my prayers. :hug: :hug: Good job on the resume, I am sure it is fine.

SASSY...glad you are feeling better, and your new kitty is too cute! Okay, so if you have a black cat does that mean you have bad luck all the time, lol? You cat crossing in front of you and all? :lol: Okay, sad attempt at being funny :lol:

Hello to everyone else :wave:

Not much planned for the day...thinking I will take that nap, then have laundry to do, change the sheets on the bed, and read. Wanting to get Belong to Me done by tonight...don't think it will happen but I am going to try, get as far as I can anyway. Then start Bitter is the New Black...I like Jen Lancasters sense of humor.

Have a wonderful day! :hug:

06-26-2009, 03:59 PM
Crisitna--didn't end up mowing last night or weeding the garden this morning--didn't feel good so I went to bed and slept in this morning...

Sassy--I like Isabella (even before Twilight) If Dominic was a girl he would have been Isabella Skye

Hi Everyone's a hot and humid day--one of the ones you feel wet...yuck...we really need a pool....

06-26-2009, 05:50 PM
well, we have, well I have, been at the pool a lot with the kids lately. although we are going to be taking it a lot easier on the pool time AND we will be getting some stronger sun screen for them. poor little Logie Bear has some water blisters on both shoulders from being in the sun. I have one right smack dab in between my boobs. plus, my back is feeling better but it feels like snake's skin. so maybe I will shed my skin here soon! LOL

we have really been working with Brandon and his potty business. He ran outside before I did earlier and I caught him bare butt peeing on the pine tree out in front of our house! I was trying not to laugh, but it was funny!

we are planning on going to some fireworks tonight......we went to see some last night but they cancelled them because it was raining. those ones are postponed until tonight, but we are going to some other fireworks tonight!

I am going to be looking into the schooling online so that I can get all my information and such sent in so that I can get into the online schooling!

06-27-2009, 08:45 AM
It's Saturday! Not that it means anything :lol: Still up at the crack of dawn to walk so...unless I can sleep in pffft! Anyway...just sitting here wasting time until 8 a.m. rolls around...going to mow the backyard, or at least half of it...let V mow the rest...too hot still and mowing the back has been a killer on me for some reason. So...about the time I finish it will be time to jump in the shower, gotta get ready for Cambrie's BD party, or should I say carnival. Yep, popcorn maching, cotton candy (ICK!) machine, clown and games too!Josh called me last night, lol...was wondering if he would. Asked if we were going, of course I am going. Ended up getting her a cd player with a bag to carry it in, along with her cd's batteries and outfit, lipgloss, and the locket...not please with the locket but it's a kids one and I didn't want to spend too much money figuring she would lose it. Anyway...I am sitting here waiting, tryig to be curtious of my neighbors and the lady is out mowing her front yard, yikes! So I guess I am out to mow the back.

Have a GREAT day chickies! :hug:

06-27-2009, 10:26 AM
Mindee--good luck with the online classes...and finding fireworks!!

Cristina--I knew Josh & Cambrie would call...they want you there...

well, the boy is awfully whiney today...hope it gets better...

06-27-2009, 03:52 PM
just thought I would stop by before heading off to the Truck Warz with the kids. we are taking our neighbor's daughter with us since she has to work! so we will be doing that doesn't start until 6pm so we have some time before we have to head to that.

06-27-2009, 06:41 PM
Good grief I really should look over my posts before hitting post, lol...really do know how to spell...curtious, lmao! Oh well...I was in a hurry sort of so...

JULES...hope the little guy is feeling better :hug: He is getting so big! I didn't know if Josh would call or not but I was going anyway, so.

MINDEE...good luck with the online classes, and have fun tonight!

Well. I am pooped! That heat is a killer and the party sort of fizzled out before the cake was served...I wanted cake! :lol: Oh well, I didn't need it anyway. Had a decent time and so did the birthday girl...she wasn't much into the carnival theme.

Glad I got my walk in this morning and then went ahead and mowed the whole backyard. The wind started blowing and it didn't feel so bad so...was going to do a dvd but since I mowed the whole yard I am calling it done. Like I said the heat drained me and now I am feeling sleepy. Can't go nap though because now have to ready the house for the open house tomorrow, ugh. If no one shows up, or just one person shows up this time I will not do this again. I have 3 loads of laundry to get done, ugh...busy, busy.

Hoping everyone is having a great weekend, take care :hug:

06-28-2009, 08:50 AM
"morning all...

Just doing my daily check-in...nothing to report though. This is a no exercise day. Cracks me up that I woke up at 5:30 without the alarm...during the week I have a hard time getting up with the alarm and here I hope to sleep in and my body just said it's not happening lady. Rather than just lay there tossing and turning I got up. Oh well, I'll get an early start on the final clean-up for the open house later.

Have a good day!

06-28-2009, 12:57 PM
today is laundry day! we have a lot of laundry to do, so we will be spending a lot of the day in there. we need to get the kids some more swimmers and then they can go back into the pool. we also need to get some stronger sun screen for them.

I feel like a snake, I am peeling so bad on my back!

06-28-2009, 03:13 PM
My Dad is in the hospital, had a kidney stone which turned into a bladder inferction. While running some tests they found a nodule near his armpit that they want to biopsy. I am not sure what I am feeling right now. Guilt big time since I made the comment about why the cancer couldn't have hit my Dad instead of my Mom, still angry at our last conversation where all he's concerned about is how much money my brother and I will get if she dies (this coming from the man that left when I was 3 with a well paying job who NEVER paid child support while we struggled) and I have always loved him no matter how dysfunctional the relationship or how big of an arse he can be and feel loved by him...that somehow he will love me as much a he does my stepsisters...

06-28-2009, 05:22 PM
just popping in shortly before heading over to finish up the laundry....

Jules~ I am sorry to hear about your dad. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.

06-29-2009, 01:44 PM
Hello all...

JULES...lots of hugs to you :hug: :hug: Sorry to hear about your dad...thinking of you, him and your mom today.

HIYA to everyone else :wave:

Nothing going on today...well, the rest of the day except reading, exercise and laundry. Had a doctors appt this morning...nothing like being probed, lol.

Have a good one...gonna go do an exercise dvd and some weights.

06-29-2009, 02:37 PM
Good Monday afternoon......Okay Cristina, you inspired me. I won't get up at 5:30, but I did get up at 7 to ride before coffee. Got in 2 miles and feel pretty good. Cleaned bathrooms and I have laundry almost finished (bed changing day) and went out for brunch. I had Canadian bacon instead of crispy greasy bacon. AND I am wearing the pedometer mom got me. It talks and tells you every 50 calories burned.

Soooo, here I go again. This time I pray it We've all been there, the beginning for the umpteenth time. My goal this week is to ride morning and evening. Or replace one ride with a walk.

Nothing else going on here. I re-planted some plants in the back yard. Chipmunks had eaten my I moved in some of the lilies and ajuga. See how that looks. It is beautiful and breezy here today. Perfect weather for yard work and I have no more to do. I never have to pull I kind of miss that. (nahhh, don't miss it)

I am just going to clean the laundry room and then read or play computer games.

Jules- You know my prayers are with your family. Keep us posted.

Mindee- Ouch on the sunburns..hate the peeling blistery stage. Itches!

Sassy- Cute new kitty. How has your other cat accepted (or not) so far?

Susan- Hope you get the new position...200 bucks is a lot of salad missy.

Everyone else...hope you are doing well.

Speaking of salad..I tried to copy one I had in a restaurant and it didn't taste like theirs, but was very good. I used dark mixed greens, onions,mushrooms and strawberries. Oh, pecans...and drizzled with balsamic vinagerette dressing..lite. Oh my was it good. Had a few crackers and a wedge of cheese and called it dinner Sat. night. Yummy.

Gotta scoot...DH needs me in the shop. He must have one of those jobs that takes 3 hands. :)

06-30-2009, 02:59 AM
we are still doing good.....our sun burns are started to finish healing, which is nice! the weather is so wishy washy, so I will be having to come up with games to play in the house over the next couple of days because it is supposed to be rainy!

as for my status on FB, well, I wrote a letter to the higher up here at the complex. He read my letter, then read it to the head maintenance guy and then threw the letter out! He did call me to "discuss" the issues that I brought up in the letter. He ended up giving us $50 off July's rent, which is nice, but c'mon on now! the police are in here more lately than they have been in the almost 4 years that we have lived here! so my letter that I am sending out next, is going to the corporate office! we are so fed up with this place, that we are even thinking about trying to transfer our lease to another one of the properties that they own!

not to mention, our friend that works here, they are transferring him to another property because they claim that it is closer to his house. which is pure bull crap! they are transferring him because he doesn't get along with the head maintenance guy and the higher up! (which are somehow related we found out)

so, that is about it in a nut shell! I will let you all know how the letter writing process goes and what kind of results we get! I will also try to get on here at least once a day.

I need to get back into riding my bike.....I have only been on it once and that was the day that Tommy filled the tires with air!

06-30-2009, 10:15 AM
Just dropping by to say HI...forgot to post my weight yesterday.

Have a good day

06-30-2009, 11:52 AM
Cristina- Great weigh in. You are probably finished with your walk today and out mowing or something. How did the open house go Sunday? Good I hope.

Mindee- Doesn't sound too promising if they just throw the letter away. Hope the next letter does more to help.

I rode the bike 4 miles yesterday and did my "indoor" walking for 35 minutes. Food was so-so, but I am getting a handle on things. Haven't started actually counting calories..just cutting out junk.
This morning I rode the bike 2 miles. I ate a small banana and a small apple (very small) with an English muffin for brunch. I don't like to eat before I ride or for quite awhile after the ride, so I am having brunch instead of breakfast. Never did like an early breakfast. I will have a snack in the afternoon of rice cakes. The Quaker ones now have Sour cream and Onion so they satisfy my urge for chips...kinda. LOL

I didn't weigh yesterday...but today I was 173. Hate it since I was 165 last Fall. BUT...that is down from the 178 I was..soooo, I will take it. I vowed I would never get back to 180, and I came mighty darn close to getting back up there. Just hard to even worry about weight when you hurt all the time. Thank goodness I feel better and can get this under control AGAIN.

Hi to everyone,,,hope you day is as sunny and pleasant as mine.

06-30-2009, 01:57 PM
Back again for a few...

Had to take the vehicle in and getting ready to head out the door again and then by the time we get back it will be time to go yet again, ugh! I like having things to do but not so many in one day. The next two days will be about the same as well, yuck. Anyway...

HIYA house was fine, I guess...some people actually looked at the house so that is offer would be better! :crossed: You are doing well with your biking, and yes, we have all been there before. I know I have started over several times...but each time I lose some, gain some back but not all so all those start-overs add up to a lose at some point, lol. Enjoy your day!

MINDEE...hoping the letter gets some results.

JULES...thinking of you and your mom today. How did things go with your dad yesterday? Lots of hugs to you :hug: :hug:

And a big HELLO to everyone else too! :wave: Miss you all :hug:

I did get in my walk and as soon as I post here I will be doing the Biggest Loser sculpt dvd, is a killer. And then later on when I return from second outing I will do the LS slim and thin and call it good. Going out to dinner tonight with the hubby's dad, and his SIL, sis and bil. We took his dad out for fathers day and he wanted to get together tonight with V's sis & BIL since they couldn't do FD. Well, that in turn turned into his dad saying "Hey, it's June's (his SIL) BD so maybe I will ask her to come" After a LOT of scheduling and figuring out where to meet it finally happened and it has now turned into June's BD dinner, lol...I don't even know the lady. I have met her twice I believe, maybe 3 times but she helps V's dad out a lot since their wife/sis passed in Jan so. Of course it's at a place I have never eaten before(recently opened), nor would I want to ever I will make it I guess...can't ruin a salad, or can they? Anyway...gotta go exercise before I sit here and fall asleep. Some days these 5:30 mornings kill me!

Have a good day everyone

06-30-2009, 08:19 PM
just a quick update...I really can't think to post tonight...

Mom's surgery is the 23rd of July at John Hopkins, you can visually see the tumors are growing back....Dad has a tumor the size of a golf ball on his lung....

07-01-2009, 12:27 AM
Jules- Lots of love and prayers to you and your family.

After my 2 mile ride this morning..ate under calories today due to just not feeling hungry. Had the rice cake snack and later shaved turkey on small wheat bun.

I got to watch the great grandson for 5 hours....what fun. He is so sweet and really smiling a lot now. He tries so hard to coo then when he does it startles him. So cute. But...he is the reason I didn't get another bike ride tonight. I did however get a 30 minute "indoor" walk. SO...I am doing okay.

Tired though and ready to hit the sack. ....see you all tomorrow.

07-01-2009, 12:36 AM
We were on the front porch and DH was holding Mason. I got a couple grins...but you know they are biggest right BEFORE or AFTER the flash. :)


07-01-2009, 01:30 AM
Hi Ladies.

I am sorry that I haven't been around. I wanted to give everyone a big :grouphug: I will try and get on here tomorrow and catch up.

if you go to the website daybreak creations (a photography website out of Camrose) click on the learning together graduation link on the homepage and look at picture #15 and 16 that is my baby all grown up.

Be back tomorrow

07-01-2009, 03:09 PM
Hello all...

JULES...lots of hugs and prayers :hug: :hug:

KATHY...your daughter is so pretty, just like her momma. Love her hair and dress, and the horse! Thanks for sharing with us.

SUE...such a pretty baby Mason is. Hey a bike ride and video is good! :carrot: But I can understand not riding again because of baby Mason...that would get me out of exercise too! my walk in, did my BL and have a dvd to get done before 4 which will be no problemo. Got my groceries bought this morning also.

Decided to surprise Josh and Charlotte and I plan to buy them something every week. Figure when I give her the baby shower they will be in for one BIG surprise with lots and lots of goodies! Actually looking forward to it.

Tomorrow have to go to the hospital to have a sonigram, ugh! Not so bad having it just a pain of having to go. Anyway, that's about all I have...hoping all is wellwith everyone. Take care, lots of hugs.

07-02-2009, 10:19 AM

TY all for your comments on the cat. She is doing fine. Our other cat is adapting to her quite well. He hardly hisses at her and plays with her on "his" terms, but she is still trying really hard to become better friends with him!!!

As for WL, well I kinda have gotten off track...........with me being sick last week and all that, I haven't gotten back on yet. Plus DH is now riding his motorcycle to work now so I have the car and that is I think I will start parking at the opposite end of the parking lot that way I have to walk into work, out to the car for lunch, then back in from lunch, then out for the day, so that way I should get some walking in!

Sue -- Mason is really cute! :D

:hug: to all!

07-03-2009, 12:20 AM
not really a whole lot going on around here....Tommy is off work tomorrow for the holiday, so I am not sure what we are doing! we have to be here between noon and 3 because Comcast is coming out to hook us back up! Then tomorrow night we will go to the race track that Tommy used to work at and watch their fire works.

Saturday we might go up to the campground for the day and then to Algonac's fireworks on Saturday night. Sunday, not really sure about that day! we have to do some grocery shopping at one point or another!

I am looking for ideas for my new tattoo that I want to get! our friends are having another tattoo party on the 8th of August. I mentioned it to our friend that works here and I am not sure if he is going to go or not. I am looking at getting something on my lower back....and something that goes along with being a Leo, Irish/Celtic, and German. So, I am going to try and get my ideas into a folder somewhere that I can keep track of them look on facebook and myspace for them!

I shipped out my letter to the corporate office today in the mail! so, they should get it early next week! our friend told me that his last day is the 15th of this month.....I am hoping that my letter (all 7 or 8 pages) gets something done about the way this place is run! and maybe even getting rid of the two people that are running this place into the ground!

07-03-2009, 09:49 AM
Walk is done and getting ready to do a dvd. Nothing planned for the day/weekend.

Have a good day, and a Happy 4th whatever you do!

07-03-2009, 09:54 AM
Mindee--good luck with your letter and your tattoo..

Sassy--I park farther away everywhere and have been trying to walk on both my morning and afternoon break. The pedometer really helps

Crisitna--I did that with Teri when she was pregnant, bought at least one thing every week some weeks it was a pack a diapers or baby bath & lotion others it was something more fun...she had the clothes working at Childrens Place.

Kathy--I am going to try the link again..couldn't get it to open

Sue--what a cutie!!

Thanks for all the hugs and prayers, it will be 10-14 days from last Monday before we hear anything about Dad. He brought me my grandmothers ring..brought tears to my eyes. He's really thinking about things. Mom is keeping her spirits up. We are taking Dominic to the park near her house for fireworks tonight.

WL--meh...not so good, I need to bukle down and stop the mindless grazing that takes over when my stress level gets too high...

Hope everyone else is well!!

07-03-2009, 10:57 AM
Hola All.

Jules I need to do that. I've been so lazy lately!!!!!!! Its terrible!!!!!!!! Also my eating :corn: :hun: :eating2: is out of control!!!!!!!!!!

Big :hug:

I hope you all have a Very Happy and Safe 4th of July!!!!! (

07-03-2009, 01:15 PM

Tommy is making pancakes right now while we wait for the Comcast guy to show up. Then who knows what we are going to do.

Jules~ I will be saying some prayers and keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

07-03-2009, 04:53 PM
Jules...I need to control myself! Lol...every time I go to the store I wanna buy something for the baby, getting very excited! Daughter said I am having too much fun, I am. Glad your dad is thinking, but sorry it took something like that to make him think. Hugs to you all :hug: :hug: Bet the baby boy is gonna love the fireworks...none of my kids liked them at his age, so I hope he does.

Sassy...been there, done that...several times. And here I am again starting over. Hugs to you, you'll get back on track! :hug:

Mindee...I LOVE pancakes!

Hello to everyone else :wave:

I was going to say today has been a lazy day but really, it hasn't, sort of. I have been sitting on my arse for most of the day but...I did get my walk in this morning and then the hubby wanted to put some summer guard on the lawn and asked if he should wait until I mow or what. So, that was an invitation to mow, lol. Mowed both the fron and back which was a 90 minute I still feel it in my legs too! Anyway...hoping everyone have a very HAPPY and SAFE 4th of JULY! (

07-04-2009, 01:57 PM
Ok I hate laptops. This one sucks. I lost my long post.

So now I will try again later when I am not so grouchy.

Jules - hugs and what is your moms name? I think I emailed you the link. (I hope it was your right email address)



07-04-2009, 03:56 PM
Kathy...I hate when that happens. I've never had an experience with a laptop...son has one and I tried it once but didn't like it...not a finger person, lol. But he loves it so...come back when you get a chance...a little quiet around here lately...guess everyone has a life but me, lmao!

Didn't get my walk in because of rain, which is nice, sort of. I felt icky for sleeping in...guess my body was telling me something. Anyway...going to do some dvds and a walk on the treadmill I think, dunno. We'll see...nothing going on today...dreading all the fireworks/noise tonight, will be glad when it's over! But will probably watch some from the driveway or the deck...lots of neighbors do lots of the big fireworks. Tomorrow I am off to do some shopping and window shopping at baby stuff with Josh & Charlotte. I need to find some baby shower invitations somewhere too and we will most likely do lunch. That's about all I have.

Off to get some reading done and grill some burgers and dogs when the hubby gets home. Have a good one!

07-04-2009, 10:26 PM
Hi everyone

Cristina I really have no life either. Just haven't had much of a chance to get on as I have had my niece and 1 nephew here for the last couple of weeks. Everytime I turn around someone is on the computer.

Well we have been declared an Agriculture disaster, a drought area. So I don't know what we will do about the horses, as there is no hay.

Cristina - have fun shopping with the kids. The dollar store here always has cute invitations for any sort of party. Does Charlotte still have most of Cambrie's baby furniture? When is the baby due again? I know you have told me 3 times, but I still forgot. I promise I will only forget 1 more time after you tell me again.

Mindee - How do you get Tommy to cook? It would be nice if my hubby would cook once in awhile. Is he still liking his job? Did you come up with an idea for your new tattoo? Cody wants to get one. He was booked in to get one on Wednesday, but the guy decided to take the day off, and now Cody can't get in to see him. I told him he will have to go to another place.

Sassy - You and I are in the same boat. Must have been on the ground beneath the wagon that we fell of of. :lol: I have been eating uncontrolably. Probably due to boredom. I need to find a job. Glad the kitties are getting along. Pretty soon they will be inseperable. Has your hubby been taking you for rides on his bike? That would be fun.

Jules - I have been sending you mental hugs. I am so sorry that you are going through this. I was pleased to see that your dad brought you your Grandma's ring. Too bad it takes something like this to make someone think about things. Is Dominic staying with you for the weekend? I hope that he has fun at the fireworks. Punkin slept through the fireworks when we were at Disneyland.

Sue - what a cute little jelly bean you have. I can't believe how fast he is growing. That is very nice of you to share with your hubby and let him hold him to. I tend to hog little ones. How has the bike riding going? My dad has been riding his bike. So far since the middle of June he has peddled 900 km.

SuzyQ - How are you liking the new house? How is Gaby liking Daycare? Has your pool man been laid off yet? Have the girls been down to visit you? When does Gaby go back to school? I changed schools for Cole for Sept. I was tired of hearing about his crayons on the floor, when there was much more serious issues with other kids going on. It got to the point that Cole wouldn't pay attention, and his teacher would ask him if he needed to go sit in the hall, and he would say yes and happily spend the day sitting in the hall doing his work.

Hello to everyone else. Hope all is good with everyone.

Went to see the movie Ice Age 3. Very funny.

Well little Punkin is going with her other Grandparents to New Brunswick to see the relatives on that side of the family...her Great Gramma and some Aunts. She gets to go at the end of July, so Kristi is trying to get her potty trained by the end of the month. We are both making lots of trips to the potty.

Kay I must run and go pick up Cole, who finally spent the night at my brothers place last night. I will not stay away for so long this time.

07-05-2009, 12:35 PM
I guess I never submitted my last's not here...must have exited out to fast or something...

Kathy--My Nanny's ring means lot to me...I have been wearing it ever since...Jerry never got me and engagement ring and that's the finger it fits so it's there. Dominic was exactly 18 months on the 4ht, we are beginning to potty train him..he actually started trying before we did...he runs to the potty. I got him some big boy pants. I told Teri not to think this was going to be a a day process. Don't stay away so long!! Mom's name is Leah.

Cristina--nothing wrong with getting excited over a little one--this is the first one that you actually get to start from the beginning with!!

Mindee--hope you had fun!!

Sassy--love the flip flops!!

once again huppy bellowing...can't believe he's jealous of a computer...ridiculus...


07-05-2009, 04:34 PM
I am back!

we ended up getting my sister to come down and babysit the kids for us, and we went out last night! we spent the 4th of July with Halestorm, Chevelle, Shinedown and Staind! We got to see some fireworks.......but it was all a blast! We got ticket vouchers from my BIL and SIL, and got seated on the hill while Chevelle was playing. Then a lady comes by and asked us if we wanted to upgrade to the pavilion for FREE!!! Heck yeah we do.....and off we went to the pavilion! They were amazing seats and we had an amazing time!!!!

We waited and waited for the comcast guy to show up on Friday and he NEVER showed up! Long story short on that one, they thought that Tommy said that he was going to call back and reschedule, which he never said he was going to do, and so they scheduled it for today! we are now back up and running and not looking back!

Kathy~ To answer your question.....Tommy loves to cook so it doesn't take much for him to want to cook! in fact, he complains that I don't cook I try to get in there when I can. he is still liking his job a lot! Nope, I haven't come up with anything. I sent an email to our tattoo guy and asked him about some options and such, I am still waiting to hear back from him.

07-06-2009, 01:05 AM
Hey Ya'All. :wave:

Mindee -- DH and I had pancakes not too long ago, they were tasty. ;) Awesome, glad you got to go out and glad you all are back up and running! :)

Cristina -- Thanks. So far not back on track. :rolleyes: I was totally gonna park far away when I came in tonight, but I was running late so I couldn't spare the time..........(I know what a BAD excuse, eh?) But I am going to try like heck to make myself WALK to night even if its for a little ways.........

Kathy -- Hey Girl! Yeah I am totally off the wagon and its done run over me a few times! HA! I dunno what is wrong with me!!! I think just getting out of the habit did it. So I have to force myself to get back into the habit!!! lol So here is to both of us getting back on track!!! :cheers: Speaking of drinking, I found an awesome Diet Pop I like! Diet Sunkist! It totally rocks!!!! :carrot: Ok doesn't take much for me! lol.

Jules -- Hey there! Yeah I thought they were appropriate for this time of year! ;) Hope your 4th was a good one!!! How is everything going??

Hi to everybody else out there!!! :wave:

I hope you all had a great 4th -- those who celebrated. I did absolutely nothing. DH worked, and there was fireworks right outside my door, but they were blocked by our trees so I was like forget it. lol.

So it was just me and my cats. lol. The new cat keeps trying to "play" with our older cat, and he just doesn't want too. lol. But she does not give up. I told DH, "See Women always rule the household." lol. And I believe she will too. lol. Cuz our older cat is just like, "leave me the heck alone!!" lol.

I actually got bored. It was my short week at work so I had 4 nights off, well DH took off Wed and Thurs night instead of his usual Thurs and Friday night, so we didn't do much. We did go and see Public Enemies w/ Johnny Depp, but that was about it. It was good, not GREAT or anything, but good......

But the house was all clean, I was doing laundry (FUNNN) and there was abosultely NOTHING on tv and I did not wanna watch a movie.........and our computer isn't working at the moment, so I found my old diaries from HS and read those! HA! HILARIOUS! :rofl: I have kept them because I thought maybe someday I would write a book loosely based on them......but they were truly funny. Amazing how fickle teenagers are! lol.

Anywho that is about it. Its "back to the ole grind" tonight.......yay. Oh well nothing else to do, right? lol...........may as well be here, at least I am getting paid! HA!


07-06-2009, 09:47 AM
Morning all...

I am sooo sleepy, and even went to bed early. Started on my walk this morning but didn't finish. So getting ready to do a dvd and hit the treadmill. It's only supposed to get up to 87 today so I may just go for my walk later and finish it!

Have WW today and then need to take Cambrie's dvd player back and exchange it...just quit working. We had planned on doing that yesterday but registering took longer than anticpated...but it was fun! Sooo much baby stuff at Babies R Us! not a lot of baby stores around here...may have to make a trip to KC. Anyway...

Kathy...Charlotte didn't save anything! I don't think she ever thought she would ever meet anyone and have more kids. They bought a crib not too long ago, some diapers and a couple of outfits and that was about it. But only because I told her not to, lol. I told her to wait until after the baby shower to see what they get...don't need a lot of stuff to start out with so...the baby is due Sept 23...will be here before ya know it! Sorry about the drought, thats crazy. Especially with all the snow you guys had. Hope you guys dont' lose the horses.

Jules...I'm glad you got your Nanny's ring. How was your weekend?'ll get back on track soon enough...know how ya feel though, it's hard.

Mindee...glad you guys had a nice time. What did the kids do? Did they get to see any firworks?

Susan...hope you aren't working too hard, miss ya.

Well, we did nothing, actually, I shouldn't say nothing because we did grill some dogs and burgers. Then waited for darkness, lol. I am gonna tell ya...there wasn't a direction that you couldn't look at from our house and not see any was awesome! We went on the front porch instead of the deck. V's old boss (he took a new position at work) lives down the street and every year that we have lived here (our 3rd 4th of July) him and his neighbor have put on a great firework show...they spend thousands on fireworks, I kid you not. We sat out there for a little over a hour and a half and went in...they were still going all around us till about 1 am. Anyway...

Hi to everyone else, Katy, Sue, Francie, Tammy, and, and...damn, I know I am forgetting someone, sorry. :wave:

Have a great day all!

07-06-2009, 10:39 AM
OK...let's see how long I can make it before hubby hollers.....

Dominic liked the fireworks...until he fell asleep.....Mom enjoyed him being there. She's in good spirits.

Dad is not telling my step-mother about the tumor until he knows more. She's in a nursing home and he doesn't want to stress her out.

Ry is coming over to spend the day with us since this is our work day off holiday..and he's off.

I need to post pics....

07-06-2009, 10:32 PM
Hola all.

UMPH just sooo tired :yawn: tonight for some reason, do not wanna be at work. :p lol.

Cristina -- Yeah I know I will just is really hard to get back on........UGH. lol. Glad you had fun on the 4th! :D

Jules -- Glad Dominic liked the fireworks and I'm glad that your mom enjoyed herself. ;)


07-07-2009, 11:38 AM
Wow! I can not wait until school starts again! then I know I will have some time to breath, let alone some time to myself!

as I type this, it is 10:35 am and the kids are all still sleeping! we spent a lot of time at the pool yesterday and then we had a late dinner and such with our friend and her daughter. so, them sleeping in is a good thing! although it is going to be killer when school starts!

It is looking like another day at the pool again today.....but hopefully not so long this time! then our friend is going to watch the kids tonight for us and we are going to go out. I have to look and see what time the cooking store is open til tonight! I want to go and look around and pick up a checkerboard cake kit.

07-07-2009, 08:32 PM
Quick check in...I am sooo tired...always am the first day of work after Dominic leaves...that boy wears me out..Dad finds out about his tumor on the 20th, don't know why it's taking so darn long...Mom is good spirits...they both are doing better than me...I am a wreck!!!

07-08-2009, 12:40 AM
Quick pop in here..all is well. DD and grandson visiting from CA so I am busy. Lots of other family things going I will be here when I can.
Mom came back from a 2 week trip feeling good and looking good, just tired. We made all of her Fall Dr. appts. today and got all her meds. lined out. That is a chore. Ha..
Eating is going okay..riding the bike when I have time and generally running around...
Be good and I will see ya'll later.

07-08-2009, 11:36 AM
just thought that I would slide in here since the kids are still sleeping!

we had a date night last night. we went to abuela's for dinner. that place is nice since it was the first time that we have been there. then we went and walked around the outdoor mall for a little bit and got our friend and babysitter some cupcakes from the cupcake kitchen. then we head off to walmart to pick up some things. Tommy is happy because he got a new laptop from the local he was playing on that for a while, and then when we were at Walmart last night we got a new tv. Since our last one took a crap and we had been using the tv from our bedroom out in the living room.

Now tonight we will have to do some moving around because we told the boys that they could have the smaller tv in their room but we just have to find something to put it on now!

07-08-2009, 05:22 PM
Hello all...

I've had the rugrat over since Monday evening...and like Jules with her G-baby, she wears me out. Little girl needs constant attention...and she's 5!!! Trying to get lots done today because I've got to take her home plus attend Charlotte's tupperware party, yeehaw! I have not been to a tupperware party in many,many years! Hoping they have lots of new stuff! But I always liked their drinking glasses-hope those haven't changed much.

Got my walk in this morning and then we had a good rain, much needed. My yard was looking a little thirsty. We have a well and so don't pay for the water to water the yard...just for outdoor purposes...but they don't soak it like it needs, nor do the sprinklers cover every spot so...anyway...had a good little thunder storm. Just glad it didn't start until I was in Wal-mart and over when I came out, lol. It rained more after I got home though. Also did a dvd and I am feeling pooped! That little girl wanted to sleep in her sleeping bag in the tent downstairs. Which means I get to sleep on the couch, oh joy...worst couch ever to sleep on.

JULES...yeah, I wouldn't want to stress out the mom either, so good for your dad. Glad your mom and the little one enjoyed the fireworks. And...hope you guys enjoyed your day with Ry.

SASSY...hope you are feeling better.

MINDEE...must have been a day for sleeping in...Cambrie slept in too...I went and woke her though at almost 9, didn't want her sleeping too late. And now she is napping...for some reason she was really tired today. I bet the kids are excited about starting school!

SUE...enjoy your company!

HIYA to everyone else...come out and play!

Okay, I better get going...need to change my weight. I was surprised I lost anything with the way I ate over the weekend but ended up with a .6 loss at WI. And I am fixing dinner early since I need to leave about tellin' when I will get home so need to eat before I go...doing good on the points so far. Hoping for a really good WI come Monday, we'll see.

Take care ladies, and I hope everyone is having a wonderful day/week! :hug:

07-08-2009, 05:43 PM
just thought I would pop back in here........

I took the kids to the pool but we didn't stay nearly as long as we did on Monday. It was chilly there today! Now Marissa is sleeping and the boys are watching Calliou on tv.

We have been into sleeping in since school let out. But now we need to get back into the habit of getting up early. Well, I should say I get up at the same time every day, but the kids sleep in!

07-08-2009, 08:19 PM
Another was not weigh-in day, but I forgot on Mon. with all the goings on. Down to 171 from 173 last week. I might get BACK down to my 170 weight AGAIN. Then the next shot will be to the 165 I achieved last Fall. Maybe by Fall I will be staring there....with just a year lost. Grrrrr to me for letting this happen.

HI everyone and be good....

07-09-2009, 09:45 AM
Sue--good fo the you on your loss...all this mindless grazings has put me up a few--I think I have it under control so I am going to wait until I weigh next Monday...

Mindee--woo hoo on date night, hoping to go on the motorcycle or tbucket and to lunch with hubby today...

Cristina--I haven't been to a Tupperware party in awhile the last few I went to were Pampered Chef.

Well hubby's up and wanting coffee...

Where is everyone else!!!!

07-09-2009, 11:07 AM
popping in here really quickly before the kids get up!

nothing really going on today.....our neighbor is supposed to come over today because I have to help her fill out a paper and then she is going to cut my hair for me. I really need to dye it again.

then tomorrow is the get together for our friend that works here at the complex. I have to talk to the office manager today at lunch time to get all the details together for it. last I talked to her she told me that she hadn't told anybody but her daughter. when I just talked to her a little bit ago she said that she had told a few people.

I am hoping that it isn't too many people because we are the ones that are basically footing the bill for it! Tommy is cooking, I am making the cake, some cupcakes, and some cookies. I wasn't going to make all of it, but I have a feeling that I am going to need to make it all! I am trying to figure out if it would be easier for the office manager to come over here at lunch time to discuss every thing because our friend doesn't know about it. He just thinks that we invited him and the office manager over for dinner tomorrow, which isn't out of the ordinary because we invite them over for dinner all the time.

07-09-2009, 06:08 PM
Hi everyone
Just popping in really quick to tell you that I have a job interview. I am keeping my fingers crossed, as there have been a lot of layoffs and store and plant closures where we live, so now there will be alot of people trying to get the same jobs that open up.

Jules - Hope you go for lunch with hubby. And by the and tommorow is my days to do all your worrying for you. You will try and have a good day or two. And yes, I will do a good job worrying!

Mindee - Good luck with your get together. Hope you get a little help. BTW loved your pictures of you that you put on FB.

Ohhh Sue - You are so close. I am cheering for you that you will soon see 169. (Yes jumping up and down so that I can lose a pound or two with you.)

Cristina - Wow you must be getting double exercise with running after Princess. How was the Tupperware Party? I haven't been to one of those for a long time. We finally got some rain. I have had my nephew for a few nights, and I made them strip to their ginch and I let them splash and play in the puddles. They had a blast. (My brother and wife would of course call me an unfit babysitter for that.)

Sassy - I am going to park a block away from my interview and walk, so tonight you have to park a ways away from your door and think of me while you have a little walk. That is how we will start to get back on the wagon.
and 6 more days until the new Potter movie is out. I can't wait. Yeah worse than a kid.

Katy, Susan, and Francie :wave:

Oh Susan, did you get the new position at work?

K I gotta get.

07-10-2009, 12:33 AM
just thought I would pop back in here......

our old laptop seems to have taken a crap on us, at least the cord did! so we had to go back to best buy and get a new one. if that one burns up again, then we are going to transfer every thing onto the new one and scrap the old one!

we are still doing the get together for our friend. the office manager isn't going to be there because she isn't allowed to mingle with the tenants now. do you remember me talking about a letter that I wrote to the corporate offices? well, the corporate guy called the higher up here, (the one that I wrote the letter to, he read it, then threw it away) and basically reemed him out. Basically saying that every thing that I put in the letter was made up or leaked to me from someone else. so, we are looking into housing options in this same area. we will end up breaking our lease if we find a place that we like and can afford.

07-10-2009, 12:26 PM
Good morning...

KATHY...tupperware party was fine, I had a good time anyway. Always good to have a night out alone. I stayed abotu a hour after it was over and everyone gone...would have stayed a little longer but there was quite a lightening storm and Charlotte looked up the weather...didn't even know it was supposed to rain. Being 30 mns from home I thought I better get going...almost made it home before the storm hit but glad I left when i did because we had quite the hail storm...good thing I wasn't at the baseball game...those people got pounded! I am sending good vibes for the job :goodvibes: :lucky: Hoping you get it!

JULES...did you get your ride yesterday? If so, I bet it was nice. I love the wind in my face...trying to talk V into get a motorcycle, he's not having it. Would love to have a big ole harley. I think I have heard of Pampered Chef, but not sure. My friend in CA always had some sort of party, her or one of her SIL's and I always went, lol...lots of fun.

MINDEE...maybe that's why the friend is being transferred. Do they know they he knows you guys? Hope your get together is nice, I am sure he will appreciate it.

SUE...good job on the weight loss :bravo: You'll be back down to 165 before ya know it!

SUSAN...hoping all is well with you, miss you.

Same with the rest of you ladies...hoping all is well and you can check in.

Nothing going on with me today. Was up early for my walk and it was already muggy. Then mowed the back yard and if I do a dvd later I do, if not whatever. It takes 50-60 mns to mow the back so...with that and a walk that is plenty. I do need to do some weights though for sure...but don't plan on much, no more than 10 mns, maybe 20-we'll see.

Have lots of laundry to do...not sure why when that little girl was here why everything went to pot! Anyway...

Take care ladiies, and have a great weekend!

07-10-2009, 01:24 PM
Good Morning Everyone.

Cristina your good vibes worked. I got the job. I will start on Aug 4, so I have lots to get done before then. I have to go to college at the same time that I am doing this, as I will be a licensed care aid at the nursing home here.
Glad that you had a good time at the TP, and glad that you made it most of the way home before the storm hit. It is always hard to see when you get stuck in that kind of storm. Well maybe I should mow the yard with you..except that I have to sit and ride our mower. Not much exercise there. Maybe I will get off my butt and do the Jillian 30 day shred video.

Jules did you have a nice lunch with the family? Did you geta ride on the bike?

Ok...the child is wanting to play the computer, and wants some toast, so I guess I will be back later.

07-10-2009, 04:13 PM
Kathy---glad you got the grass needs mowed sooo bad....we actually went for a ride in the bucket--so much fun and I had way too much to eat at the mexican restaurant

Cristina--It was fun but I got a little sunburn. You guys would have a blast on the bikes...

Mindee--hope you can find a new place..sounds like you have lots a problems where you are it

Sue--you will lose that stubborn last pound before you know it...

Hi to everyone else!!

I bought all low calorie meals for this weekend and lots of fruits and veggies...I need to get serious--getting steps in and drinking water now it's time for the stress munching and overeating to stop...

07-10-2009, 04:17 PM
Quote Kathy to Cristina

"We finally got some rain. I have had my nephew for a few nights, and I made them strip to their ginch and I let them splash and play in the puddles. They had a blast. (My brother and wife would of course call me an unfit babysitter for that.)

I love the stipping to their grinch---can't stop gigling over that one--Dominic does that too...he's the superhero known as "Naked Baby" he runs around in the buff and thinks it funny.....we must be unfit grandparents too!!!

07-11-2009, 11:57 AM
Haven't done too well the last couple days exercise wise. I have not eaten a lot though. Stress here...and it keeps me upset.
Everything is good health wise with me and that is not the issue.
Maybe by Mon. I will have a good weigh-in, but I am not counting on it.
Don't you wish families would always do what Mother Knows is Best????

Catch you later chickies.

07-12-2009, 02:59 AM
just thought I would pop in before heading off to bed. we went to a birthday party for Tommy's cousin more or less, and then on sunday we have a graduation party to go to. so the busy weekend is not over yet!

I am still getting used to the new laptop since the brand new cord that we bought about a month ago started to melt in the old laptop! so, we took it back and got a replacement one for it, but we haven't tried it in it yet. we are going to try it and see if it ends up doing the same thing. If it does, then we are just going to transfer all of our files and such over to this computer and call it good!

I like this new laptop though because we can put our memory card from the camera right into the laptop and it pulls up the pictures that way instead of trying to find all the cords and then having to flip the pictures so that they are right! It was all a big mess when we used the other laptop.....

Cristina~ They don't know that we are friends with him, and even if they did, it wouldn't matter to them! they are tranferring him because the other place is closer to his house. And this place is closer to the guy who he is switching with. BUT in reality, it is because our friend doesn't get along with the head maintenance guy here! and the head maintenance guy has already told off the new guy and his first official day isn't until the 16th!

Jules~ There are HUGE problems with the place we are at now! we thought that they would get better, but alas they are not!

07-12-2009, 10:07 AM
Mindee--Teri want to get a laptop...though she her I-phone already has everything possible on it...

Sue--I am with you on the stress and eating and not exercising...when Dominic isn't here all I want to do is sleep. Hugs to you...

SuzyQ--where are you missy....I miss you!!

Kathy--hubby started with his usual grumpyness yesterday so I told him I was tired of the every Saturday B!thchfest and he needed to stop. He actually laughed when I said it...thought it was funny...he straigtened up for awhile and then went back into arse mode...had the nerve to tell me I was being mean to him all day before we went to bed...he can dish it out but can't take it when it's given back--turns him from grumpy to whiny...

Katy--miss you here, but keeping up on FB

Francie--hope you are feeling better

Cristina--hi to the exercise queen!! you do so good!!

Sassy--hoping all is well with you!!

well, the little one wants his breakfast..gotta go...

07-13-2009, 12:23 AM
2 miles on the bike today and food was okay too. I am not looking forward to weigh in due to stress eating a few days....

Otherwise things are "blah" here. DD and DGS left to go back to CA today and that is hard. I am definitely going to fly out there this Fall...

Made our plans for the Vegas trip the end of the month. Even that thought does not cheer me.

I will post some family pictures Tues. Going out of town tomorrow.

Play nice kiddies....

07-13-2009, 02:15 AM
well, we had a very busy Sunday! we had our neighrbor and friends graduation party on Sunday.....and now we got invited to her daughter's brithday party on Thursday since there was so much food left over!

right now I am putting the pictures from the party onto a disk for her, and I am printing a few of them out for her. She didn't want me to print them out because of how much the paper and ink costs and such.....but I am doing it anyways!

now I am going to clear the memory card and get ready for Thursday! I told her that I can be a demanding photographer, but I am generally really nice. They started laughing and then said that they liked all the shots that I took.

07-13-2009, 10:03 AM
Hi everyone!

I spent the 4th with my mom, then I came back an plunged into my second class of the summer. It is really hard and even though the week is over, I still have papers to write. I do pop in a post at FB now and again...probably the best place to keep up with me for now.

Alas, I was doing so well, but am up 1.8 today. Still weighing in on Mondays. Still gaining and losing the same 5 pounds - shucks. Still working on the about half way through.

Miss you all! Have a great day!

07-13-2009, 01:31 PM
Hello all...

Din't realize it had been so long since posting here...apparently FB seems to be my new home. Funny too, because in the beginning I didn't like it, now I can't stay away!

SUE...hugs to you! :hug: Yeah, if only everyone knew moms know best. Good job on the bike ride. I think of you every, or every other morning that I of my neighbors is out on his bike at 5:30 in the morning as well.'ll get those pounds off soon enough. You've done very well with the weight loss. Pictures on FB are great! Can't believe how big/tall the kids are!

KATHY...yippee! :cp: :bravo: So glad you got the job! Hoping you love it too! What college course(s) are you going to take? Sorry if you mentioned it memory is not so great and I hardly go back and reread posts. I know, that's bad.

JULES...funny about you and Kathy and the nakid kiddoes, too funny! Love your new pix! The new glasses too! I wish I would have gotten frames like yours...instead I got those pink things. At least I know I can get some new ones next year, so I am not stuck with them forever. And I will never, ever get the non-glare thing...I am thinking that is the reason those stupid things will not stay clean...never had a problem before. Glad you guys enjoyed the ride and the food! I always over eat at the mexican place too!

SUSAN...are we going to have to come and hunt you down? We miss you lady! :hug: Hoping all is well with you and the Gabster, and of course Rebecca and Rachel too!

SASSY...hoping all is well with you and you aren't working too hard.

FRANCIE...where the heck are you girly?

MINDEE...sounds like a great place to live! Kidding of course...I lived in an apt complex before, a couple of times and I swear there is so much drama. Hope it gets better.

Okay, nothing much going on. Dealing with these high temps we've been having. Still walking in the early morning, and it's still sticky at 5:30/6'ish in the morning. But still not as bad as it is in the middle of the day. Tired of this already. Today, just doing some exercise, reading and laundry. Cleaned the house yesterday because we had a call for a showing Saturday...of course I couldn't do it at that time and they never called to reschedule so...thought the house should be in tip top shape just in case. Anyway...that's about all I have.

Take care and have a good day everyone! :sunny: :wave: :hug:

07-13-2009, 02:02 PM
Good Morning Everyone

Not much going on around here. Gotta get the house cleaned and laundry done today. Hubby is on vacation this week. That should be just great. (Very heavy on the sarcasm there.)

Cristina - Stupid Face Book Farms. DD gave me her facebook password so that I could do farms for her so that I could get more neighbors. My brother also gave me his so that I could do his, and I set up an account for my hubby. I have 8 stupid farms. By the way you will get two friend requests and they are from me. The college course is for nursing assistant. I will be working in a nursing home, so I need to know how to bath people, insert cathetars, and such. I will have to start getting up early and getting my walking done early with do you get up so early?

Katy - Do you have any organization tips for me for getting some study time in with all the busy life things that go on? Looks like you guys had fun on your holiday. Did you get to your knitting group?

Mindee - Sounds like you had a busy weekend. You'll be driving before you know it. That is very nice of you to do your friends pictures. By the way your trees are ready to be harvested.

Sue - How exciting...Viva Las Vegas! Sorry that you will have a quiet house again. How come kids don't think that mothers do know best? Right now DS #1 thinks that he should buy a newer truck that he wants, and needs us to cosign. He is mad that we won't because 23000.00 of debt is pretty high for an 18 year old that is going to college next year.

Jules - Cristina and I need more neighbors on Farmville and Farmtown. Why...why are our hubby's like that? I hear also how mean I am to him. I just want to throw up my hands. I will get a week of it now. Male menopause?? How is our little Raspberry Puff doing? I have been trying to think of a cute little nickname for him. My brother would have had an absolute heart attack if he would have seen the boys sledding down the stairs on the couch cushions.

SuzyQ - I am sending out an APB for you. Are you ok? We are getting a little worried about you.

Hello to everyone else. I better get going and start cleaning my house. I will check back a little later.

07-13-2009, 10:03 PM
Kathy--Teri about had a heart attack when she found out that Jerry takes Dominic in the sidecar of the motorcycle--its not very fast and he only takes him up and down the driveway....he bought him a new helmet...I like that...little Raspberry puff...Jerry started teaching him not to be afraid of stuff...the boy picks up worms and toads now...Teri's gonna kill us before it's all over..

Cristina--since Teri and Jerry wouldn't take time from their busy schedules to go and help me pick out frames I had the lady there help me...they aren't ones I would have even tried on myself and I don't think Teri would have either, but I love them. I never thought about my glasses being dirty from the anti-glare coating--I am always cleaning them...but they do help with the fact I stare at a computer almost 10 hours a day at work

Katy--haven't started c25k yet..still would like to...had the money for an ipod and then the electric company socked Ry with a $120 deposit on his first bill since he hasn't been with them in awhile--my my went there instead--I will get one sometime soon and start...

Mindee--sounds like you are having a busy summer

Sue--I was all depressed with the empty nest thing until Teri had Dominic--he keeps it fun kids were my life and I didn't function well without them...have fun in Vegas--how close is it to where they are in CA--maybe you can go for a weekend..

well, I mowed the grass with my killer cramps--will be so glad when TOM is done forever...

07-14-2009, 01:09 AM
Good Evening Chickies.

Getting ready to go to bed, as I have to get up early and go to the Health Unit and get my immunizations updated. Looking foreward to that. Also have to go in and get all my paperwork turned in.

Jules. Teri won't kill you. She will be too busy running away screaming from Superbaby as he is running towards her trying to show her his treasures of bugs, worms and garter snakes. :lol: You will need to post pictures of that.
My brother found a belt for the motorbike that belted my niece to him while he was riding the bike. I will have to find out where he got it. Then the three of you can ride together.

Cristina... I finally found the DVD of Turbo Jam in the drugstore here. I saw a commercial for it on TV and it does look like fun, so tomorrow afternoon, I am going to put it on, and exercise with you! I know you will be done by then, but I will think to myself that we are exercising together.

Chat with you all tomorrow.

07-14-2009, 09:10 AM
Good morning, chickies!

KATHY...ah! I didn't know you were looking for the turbo jam...I would have given you mine! I haven't done it in ages because the last time I did I heard a crack in my back and it wasn't afraid to do it now. So if you want them, I have them! Lately these days I am sticking with the biggest loser dvd,and all the Leslie Sansone dvds...the ones with the walkblaster are great! And I like them the best...for some reason, they go by really fast. And I have no clue how I get up so early, especially since I don't have a job to go to, just get up and walk. It's funny because even if I forget to set the alarm I wake this morning. But the biggest reason I do it is because I want to walk and it's too hot during any other time during the day. I got the one request but didn't get a second...I'll check today. How the heck are you keeping up with 8 farms, EGADS! I am having a hard time with the two!

JULES...I think the lady and you made a good choice, I like the glasses. Yeah, for some reason these are so dirty and get so dirty easy...I don't even touch the lens-I swear, but I am always cleaning them, and just using a shirt or the cloth will not get them clean, ugh..such a pain.

Hello to everyone else :wave:

Well, I was up early for my is cool right now but so muggy. Tired of this heat. Going to mow the front yard at about 8...hoping the guy next door doesn't soak his yard this morning...nothing like mowing soaked grass! Other than that, pretty boring day around here, that's different from any other day!

Have a good day! :hug:

07-14-2009, 03:57 PM
Wanted to share a new snack I discovered...Quaker Mini Delights Chocolatey Mint...only 90 calories and, if you like the Girl Scout cookies to me they taste just like them! Will definitely be buying some more of these.

Anyone try the new Quaker Tortillaz? I just saw an ad in my Prevention magazine..they look good, a zesty guacamole falvor...gonna have to try them.

Just wanted to share...have a good day!

07-14-2009, 09:27 PM
Well I had to get 3 needles today. Sure could have used a couple of cookies to make me feel better.

Cristina I will look to see if I can find those tasty little snacks. For some reason Quaker doesn't share all their products with us over the border. Not very nice of them. I forgot the video at my moms so I didn't do it today. How many Turbo Jam videos are in the set? I have to get off my butt and get going again on my exercise. Did you have to mow wet grass? You just need to get a minature pony. They make great mowers.

07-14-2009, 11:18 PM
Hi Ya. :wave:

Sorry been mia.......our computer at home is totally hosed so I can only get on at work and just haven't been able to get here......

TG its my "Friday" :D

DH and I have bought a new car. :cool:

Its a 2009 Kia Optima, Black ( cde3&useHistory=true#).

Anywho, no real plans on my days off, except getting our new kitten fixed. Thats about the end of it. lol. I would like to go and do something, but I don't wanna leave her at home alone when she will be recovering from her surgery.

I am WAYYY behind on posts so I'll just begin from here. ;)

I hope you all are doing well!


07-15-2009, 01:23 AM
Sassy - Nice car. Now the fight will be on about who gets to drive it. :lol: Poor kitty. You will have to let it have a nice little rest while you go to the movie....because the day has finally arrived. Told my hubby that we have to go.

Oh yeah Cristina about the farms, I have had to plant stuff that takes at least 2 days. My hubby has accused me yet again of having an internet boyfriend....DD took over 1 of hers....stupid things is, I don't know why I spend so much effort trying to build up a stupid farm. :D

07-15-2009, 03:27 PM
Howdy all...

KATHY...I hear ya about the farms, lol...too funny, I am spending waaaaaay too much time there too! DD keeps telling me "Ya know it's not real, don't ya?" just messing with me...we both laugh. DS has a nice one on Farm Town and was bragging about all the points he has and has no use for them, lol...he already has a barn, houses, and all sorts of other's ridiculous, I tell ya! :lol: But it's something to do, lol...have all kinds of others things I could be doing though. Of course the hubby has starting saying "So, how's the farm" everyone's a comedian! OUCH! 3 needles...I hate needles! I did have to mow wet grass...part of it was anyway, it's a pain but it was the best time to mow so I did. The turbo jam has 2 dvds, or the one I have does. Bu tthe one dvd has 5 workouts on it...if you want them let me know, be more than happy to send them to ya.

SASSY...nice car! I love black but always heard they are really hot in the summer'll have to let me know. Enjoy your days off!

Didn't get my walk int his morning...we had some storms move thru last night. Had some weird looking clouds hanging round and the lightening...I have never seen it so close. I swear every time it hit it was right outside the living room window...finally had to close the blind. Anyway...had some errands to run this morning one of them being having my boobies squashed, and I do mean squashed...I think she was trying to twist them off! Gotta be done so...trying to get stuff together for Charlotte's baby shower. I know it's not typical for the MIL to give one but one else was going to and it's my first grandbaby so...that's about all I have. Going to try and get some exercise in, not sure it will happen but will try. If I don't get the majority done in the morning it usually doesn't happen. Just like to do it and get it over with.

Hoping all is well with everyone...take care, and have a GREAT day chickies! :hug:

07-15-2009, 06:32 PM
Cristina - If DS has that much, tell him to hire you to harvest his fields. That way you get extra coins. All this just to buy a stupid house and barn. :lol:
The TJ video I got just has one work out on it, so if you want to get rid of yours, I would appreciate them. I want abs like her. When are you going to have the baby shower? That is very nice of you. Will her family come to this shower? Are they close by? Is little Princess excited about having a new baby? I have to say that you are a very good wife that you mow the lawn and take good care of the yard. Maybe on the weekend I will go out and scoop some horse crap, as we have Ben the mini eating the grass in the yard. He is doing a wonderful job. Fertilizing it as he goes also. :rofl: Just don't go barefoot. :D

Hello to everyone. Hope your day is great.

Check back later.

07-16-2009, 03:29 PM
Beautiful sunny day here today. I have been cleaning and computing...more computing I fear. Although I keep getting sidetracked while cleaning. One job leads to another........

Have to laugh about the FarmTown remarks. I got on FB simply to look at pictures from both daughters. Then my son joined and my granddaughter..then more family. So, I thought..okay, a family place to talk, share pics. and meet up. Then some old friends added me..and the rest is history. People got me playing Farkle, FarmTown and Farmville. I am wanting to play poker..but do NOT have any more time. Haha. I actually wish I could add a second FB just for online friends..........but that is just too much. The games are addicting and I find myself standing around the marketplace trying to get hired more often than not. Grrrrr..curses to you FarmTown.

Food has been good..exercising has been poor...weighed in UP again...woe is me.

07-16-2009, 07:09 PM
just thought I would stop in here to see how every one is doing.....

yesterday was our friend's last day was okay until he pulled away, then I lost it. (I didn't think I would.....but hey, it happens!) I know it isn't like I am not going to see him anymore......we are planning on getting together and going to a tattoo party at the beginning of next month.

Marissa and Logan are laying down. Logan has been stricken with allergies, so I gave him some allergy medicine this morning. Marissa has what seems to be the start of a cold, so I gave her some cold medicine. Brandon is watching his programs, and playing. I am putzing around for tattoo ideas and some more music and such for my mp3 player.

I have already had it out with the head maintenance guy here as well. I put in a work order yesterday and our friend was going to do it for us before he left yesterday. The higher up here, told him that I needed to get my closet door put back on, and then when our friend asked him what he should do....the higher up told him to finish the apartment that he was working on. so we got pushed off. Then I got up this morning and saw the new guy out picking up trash INSTEAD of doing the work orders! I went into the office and asked the office manager if my work order was going to get done today. she told me that they will probably get to it sometime today. I then went into the office after I saw the two guys clearing the garage up! I walked into the office and said "you have got to be kidding me! they are going to clean the garage out instead of doing work orders?" she then told me to go talk to him. so I told her the comment that I made to Tommy this morning which was "I guess I will be raising some **** today." She then told me "I will go ask him for you" so I followed her out the office and she asked him when he was going to get to my work order. He replied with "it is on the schedule for this afternoon." She then said "well, you better make sure that it gets done or she will be on the phone with Dustin again." To which, I noticed the head maintenance guy's jaw drop when she mentioned that I would call Dustin again. Dustin, is the head above Donna's boss. So, he mentioned something about it still being well within the 24 to 48 hour time frame of getting the work order done. I said "well, then you better get to the work orders instead of cleaning out the garage" and turned to walk away. He then mumbled something and I turned back around, and said "you know.....had Ben still been here, my work order would have already been done" and turned to walk away again. He said "well, we have priorities around here." To which, I turned back around and said "well, you know what.....this place has their priorities screwed up then" and turned back around. Donna, then said "it is pointless to argue with him Mindee, you won't get anywhere." I then turned and looked at her and said "I will argue with him because I will get somewhere" then turned back around and came home.

I kid you sooner did I get back home and into the kitchen to get a drink, and there was a knock on my door. It was the new guy coming to fix every thing. He came in and I explained to him what needed to be done. He then said "please don't get mad at me on my first day. I am still just trying to figure things out. Plus, since Bud is the head supervisor I was waiting for him to tell me what to do." I then said "you know, a lot of people in this place are mad, but they are NOT mad at you, they are mad at Bud and Jeff. and as for waiting for Bud to tell you what to do, you will be waiting a while."

I called our friend Ben, and asked him how his first day at the new place was going and let him know about the fireworks going on over here. He is supposed to come over tonight for a friend's daughter's 18th birthday.

but alas, that is all my excitement on this off to get the kids up and maybe get on with my plans of uploading some music and looking for some tattoo ideas....but I am not seeing that!

07-17-2009, 05:48 PM
Hello all...

Seems like I have been away forever! From 3fc that is...I never go anywhere, lol.

KATHY...babyshower is August 8th and I am trying to get things together. Never thought it would take so much work and/or planning. Just want it to be nice for Charlotte and Josh. She didn't think anyone would give her one with it being her third but I think everyone deserves one for every child, lol...maybe because I never got one. And I know they need so much and are kinda low on funds. Especially with school starting and having to buy school clothes and all. I am trying to keep track of both FT and FV, and to top it off yoville and bejeweled, lol...taking too much of my time for sure. Yeah, ds#1 won't add me, lol...he wants to keep me away from his FT, lol...but Josh and Charlotte are on the FV and are as addicted as us! Charlotte was a barn and house too! Are you getting excited about the new job? When do you start again? And yes, I will send the TJ to you...wish I would have checked here before I left this of my errands was going to the post office...I will get them sent next week for ya and let you know the exact day I mail them so you know when to expect them. I think you will like them...I do and believe me you DO get a workout! I am just afraid my back will go out doing them. another one addicted to the FV/FT and the games on facebook?! I always try to get hired but no one wants to hire me, lol. Love it though. Hoping all is well with you and your mom.

MINDEE...hoping the kids are okay and don't get sick, not fun having a cold.

I have not been doing much of anything. Trying to get the baby shower stuff the invites done and mailed and working on the menu. While I was at the store I talked to the lady in the bakery about a cake and prices. Not really sure what to serve yet, have a couple of ideas. Didn't want to get fancy with a meal or anything but rather some finger foods. We'll see I still have time. in some exercise but the eating is going crazy again. Anywho...gotta get going Jeopardy is about to come on.

Have a good one!

07-17-2009, 06:09 PM
stopping back in here while I have the chance.....

not a whole lot going on around here.....dealing with some things, but they shall pass.

I am not sure what our plans are for this weekend, but I am sure that it will be fun.

07-18-2009, 04:33 AM
Hi everyone

Just popping in really quick to say goodnight. We went to the Harry Potter movie tonight. DH had a hard time with it, and how it ended because he has not read the books. I think they left out a little to much this time. Still a good movie though.

07-18-2009, 09:02 AM
Hey all.

Well our baby girl kitten got fixed......and all her shots. She is doing fine. We have stayed home mostly. We did take the inlaws out to dinner last night.

Kathy -- no arguments on who is driving the car -- that would be ME! :D Since its been nice weather, DH rides his motorcycle, also because I have to be at work earlier than he does so he likes to sleep in on the nights I work...
We didn't go to see Harry Potter movie, we are waiting a while to hopefully avoid crowds......DH said one of his friends flew over to England to see it, since they showed it a day earlier than the U.S.

Cristina -- Thanks yes it does seem a bit hotter, but our last car was a dark blue, but this one still seems hotter? I dunno. :shrug: We did buy one of those sun shades, so hopefully that will help!

I am totally lost on the whole farm town thing on facebook. I only go to facebook like every once in a while then I end up having all these things that I have no idea how to use or what to do! lol. One of my friends farms needed tending too, so me being a "Good Neighbor" decided to go over and "help" only I didn't have on clue on what I was supposed to do! I tried! :rofl:

I haven't been to myspace in I dunno a while......I think since we got Bella (our kitten) actually cuz right after that is when our computer crashed. (using dh's laptop from work)

But anyways. Better go before DH has a complete melt down. He has been in such a bad mood lately. Its like we totally switched roles. He is now the grumpy one and I am not. Go figure. :p Now he is going on a "cleaning rant" UGH is this MY husband???? I don't think so, he had to be kidnapped and replaced with this grumpy clean aholic look alike. Hmmmmmm clean aholic? I think I could live with that, IF he does ALL of the cleaning! HA!!!!!! Thats a joke ladies, seriously, if he does end up doing that I will try to clone him and make some $$$$$!!!! :rofl:

Well later girls.


07-18-2009, 04:24 PM
Just dropping by to say Hi...hoping everyone is having a good Saturday/weekend.

Kathy...glad you liked the Harry Potter movie...I'm not a fan, haven't read any of the books or seen any of the movies. I think it's along the lines of Twilght for me, just not into that sort of stuff.

Sassy...that's crazy flying over just to see the movie a day early, lol. REALLY a die hard fan for sure!

Hiya Mindee...have fun whatever you guys do.

I've not done much of anything...went to wash my car and then of course it rained, lol. Then ran to Target to get something straightened out. I bought some stuff for Charlotte & Josh, rather the baby and it never took it off the registry. But online I noticed someone bought something and it took it off. So went down there printed out a new list to see if it may just be my computer that it's not showing...nope. The girl called someone for me to check things out and go it taken care of. I told her it was no big deal that Char could just take anything back should she get two of something should be working and it should have been taken off the list as soon as I bought it-which was last Wednesday. She doesn't need to be worrying about having to take things back. Anyway...home and wasting time on the computer. Going to throw a roast in the crock pot in about 30 minutes and do some laundry and reading and that is about it.

Have a good one everyone!

07-19-2009, 02:23 AM
just thought I would stop in before heading to bed.

we ended up going to Frankenmuth was a lot of fun....even though I started to not feel good right after we got there and sat down to eat dinner. I think it is just a stomach bug, but we shall see how long it lasts.

other than that, nothing really new. we actually got Logan to eat all of us food, or at least most of it and without any arguments! we even got them to try some new that was a good trip!

07-20-2009, 12:05 PM
Good Monday morning!

MINDEE...what is Frankenmuth? Glad the trip was good! Always good when the kids cooperate.

Hello to everyone else wherever you are, hoping all is well :wave:

Nothing much going on...did get my walk in. Glad we didn't leave later than what we did (5:57 a.m.) because we would have gotten soaked! Had a good little thunderstorm move in this morning, still a little around but the sun is trying to shine. Daughter felt a drop or two once we walked out the door but I didn't so we went. Just barely made it to the cul-de-sac by the house before it started, but not hard so we were fine. It was nice and cool-just how I like it, lol. Ran to Target to get a couple of things...she had to pick up a BD gift for DS#1 before the things were gone...only two left. Now I am home and getting some computer time in before I do an exercise dvd...I've been lazy :( Anywho...have some laundry to do but waiting for the hubby and son to get gone. Other than that same ole, same ole.

Have a GREAT Monday! :wave:

07-20-2009, 04:19 PM
just thought I would pop in here.....

Logan has a couple of mysterious bites on his arm, just like the ones that Marissa had on her arm. so we are thinking that maybe they are spider bites. He had two on his arm and one on his face. I put some medicine on them, and they were down swellingwise this morning.

we are looking into getting a house! Tommy saw one in the paper for $700 a month. It is 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, 2200 square feet and it sits on an acre of land. I am going to probably call the number here in a minute. our friend's daughter is going to take Brandon to the park, and since Marissa and Logan are laying down I might as well call the number and see what is going on with it. The house, it says, will be available on August 5th, so that will be nice!

07-20-2009, 09:29 PM
Hi everyone.

Not much going on around here, although I should be frantically getting everything organized for when I go back to work.

Cristina, You sure are out the door early. That must be nice that you and DD get to have quiet time together in the morning. Ok I am going to do a rain dance so that some of your rain comes this way. Is your hubby still working afternoon shifts? Because I am classified as a casual at my job, they say I will get full time hours, but alot of my shifts I will only have about half hour notice and it could be one of 3 shifts. So I guess I will have to find a way to get up early, and get my exercise in so I can be ready. Actually I will just have to plant some stupid pumpkins or something that will be ready to harvest at 5:00 am :rofl:

Jules - How are you doing? I am thinking of you and sending some good vibes your way. How is little Raspberry Puff? Do you have any berries left for him to get into?

Mindee good luck on getting the house. How far away is it from where you live now?

Sassy - How does the new car drive? Good thing your hubby likes his bike.

Susan - can you pm me your phone number so that I can phone you and make sure you are ok!

Katy - ebay for the helicopter. You can get three, one for the hubby also and they can drive you insane by flying them in the house. How are you coping with everything?

Sue how is the farm coming along? What is your farmer name, as I now have to start hiring people to do my harvesting for me.

Francie :wave:

It feels like I am missing someone. I hope not. Well I must run and take the youngster in to have a sleep over at Gramma's house tonight, and then they are going golfing in the morning, while I get my hair done.

K Have a good night everyone.

07-20-2009, 10:15 PM
Hola Chickies.

How r u all? Me? Better than yesterday! lol. I called off work I was up and down all night and day to the bathroom.......:barf: So that combined with Zero sleep yeah I just called off and slept.

The new car drives really nice. We took the inlaws out to eat last week for a combined Anniversary/My mil's bday and they got to ride in our car and they liked it. I think my fil likes it better than his car and he has the exact same model, ours is just a year newer.

Thats about it. AF came to visit last night too! I am SOOO lucky! :rofl: I just woke up and was like "Seriously??" lol. But at least she has been consistent, coming every month at the same time by herself! :woohoo:

We got our kitten spayed and all her shots. You couldn't have telled that she even had surgery unless you looked at her belly! So she is doing good.

Well thats about it.

Take Care!


07-21-2009, 09:41 AM

Kathy...yeah, the hubby is still working the afternoon shift and hating it as much as I do...doesn't get home until a little after midnight and if he works overtime, then it's a little after 2 a.m. and has been working 7 days a week! Never any time together. You silly lady, get up at 5 to farm, lol. I'm trying to keep up with the two. For some reason I have too many problems with FT but working on it. Well, I hope you like your job!

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Didn't get up this morning to was supposed to be raining and honestly, I don't know if it was or not. I was so sleepy so just got up at 7. We had one **** of a storm last night and the kicker is our electric went out...okay so that wasn't the kicker except everyone around us still had electric! I kid you not...from the corner which is 2 houses on the left of us and into the cul-de-sac which is 5 houses...we were the only ones hit and it was hot so I couldn't sleep and didn't get to bed until abou 12:30 so I feel tired. Anyway...winds were bad...the guys trash blew over and blew down the street, my flags flew somewhere, the guy next door lost his cover over his dog run and I've got water under the desk...thinking there was so much water and a crack in the concrete that the water soaked up thru the floor :dunno: Such a pain...anyway...I am up and trying to wake up so I can get a dvd in and then maybe walk later when things dry out outside, or on the treadmill. I'm so freaking lazy!!!

Headed to lunch with the hubby this morning, then he has a drs appt...decided since we can't do a date night we will do a date day, lol...we've not done that much lately so...that's about all I have.

Oh KATHY...I will be getting the dvd's ready tonight to mail tomorrow. I will be over that way (by the post office) so will mail them tomorrow while I am that way...I think I am repeating myself, lol.

Take care ladies, and have a great day! Hugs

07-21-2009, 10:55 AM