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06-22-2009, 01:42 PM
As today I am 26 weeks preg, and I have 99 days to go.

I star loosing weight on Nov 12 , this was the time that I was doing it right , I can say that this Web help to much , seen every body success , push me .

I lose 20 pound and I was so happy ,I was planning may be meet my goal by June , there where just 25 more pound to go .

But on January something else came, I found that I was pregnant. I feel so confuse at the beginning knowing that all my hard work , was about to go thou the window.

The next 4 week after I found I was preg, I din"d exercise, or eating clean, I just eat what I want , and no care that much. Even that I did not put any weight on, that help to realise that I can have a healthy pregnancy.

So I made some goal to keep me going.

* Healthy Mom & healthy Baby = Trying to do exercise at least 4 times a week, eating clean Mon to Friday. Weekends are my free day, Lots of water.

* Try not to put more than the 20 pounds, which was what I lose.Rigth now I am just 7.8 pound gain more than 13 to go.And jus 14 weeks to go.

* reach my old measure waist , at 5 month preg , Right now I am almost 6 months and still no reach it , I have 1.5 inch to go.My arms and legs still same measure, that means, gain weight is just baby gain.

I still love coming I looking every one progress, so thanks so much , every one here , I know that I soon my baby born , I will be here healthy than ever.

I did preg I can do it any time....

Thanks every one.

Sorry for any mistakes, I still learning

06-22-2009, 11:03 PM
Doing a good job!