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06-22-2009, 06:44 AM


06-22-2009, 06:46 AM
Hi Everyone...

Off to spinning. BBL

Sloanie posted late last night; you might want to catch up.

I regained my touch with chicken fried steak; I made it again last night because I couldn't stand the way it tasted the night before. But, I didn't eat any, just tasted it and the gravy to see if I had improved!


beach bum
06-22-2009, 10:54 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Real frustrating day for me today,Woke up to a another gloomy & rainy day,and than the scale showed me a maintain instead of a loss,all made it the beginning of not such a nice birthday for me.

We going to the Clam Shack and we're having FRIED Clams & Fries with a chocolate danish for dessert. Than tomorrow, I'm dropping my calorie count from 1500 to 1200 calories per day.

RHONDA-Thanks for starting us up today.

SANDRA & SLOAN-Leo like the mug and the candy that was in side.

06-22-2009, 10:57 AM
Hi Everyone
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
I think the storms have past for a few days now.
So maybe I can get caught up on everyone.
I have to run and do a couple of things for son today.
Go to the store and pick up a couple of things.
Go to WW. Sure hope the scales are better today.
Well I can say I have one of the best sons in the world. On Saturday. He went and bought me a laptop. So know once I figure out how to use it. And get it set up for the wireless internet. I will be able to keep up with you girls when I am away from home. He knew I missed getting on here with you. I was so surprised when he came in with it. So I have to be good to him. So a couple of days this week. He needs some things done. That he cant get done with his work schedule. One thing will be taking his truck and getting it inspected for him. I dont like to drive his big truck. I dont mind the small one. Oh well. What are Mom's for.
Well I better get off here.
Need to get a load of towels done before we leave.
So will be back sometime tomorrow.
Hope everyone has a great day.
Thinking of each of you.

06-22-2009, 10:59 AM
:bday2you: BEACHBUM
Hope you have a great day. :balloons::bday2::woo:

06-22-2009, 01:12 PM
:bday2: Maryann!!!

On core so far! I've had banana and p'nut butter with light bread (3wpa) and coffee for breakfast. Just finished an early lunch of polenta, grilled pork chop, black beans, and onions with salsa and ff sour cream which was yummy. Not sure about supper, yet. We have lots of work to do today, so I've got to go get busy. BBL

06-22-2009, 03:42 PM
Happy Monday Everyone,

MaryAnn - :hb: Happy Birthday! Enjoy yourself :D

Paula - :cp: 3.5 lbs congratulations :D :cp:

Sloan - Sounds like you had a fun if off program weekend. Sometimes life just gets in the way of our best intentions. Congrats on getting back on program. Also about your popcorn thing, you don't need a popper for in the microwave, as long as you have a rotating bottom (I don't know what they're called we don't have one) you can put popcorn in a brown paper lunch bag, fold over the top and staple it with 2 (they won't spark trust me), lay it in the microwave and heat for 2-4 min. Alton brown made it on his show years ago ( In this recipe he uses oil but in his cookbook he said that wasn't necessary but you need the rotating thingy....

Coco - How sweet of your son.

Sandra, Rhonda & Vicki - Sounds like you're having fun and staying busy. :wave:

This weekend turned out kind of crazy for me too. The in-laws begged off Fri and came Saturday instead and after all the shopping etc I didn't feel like cooking so we ordered in pizza :( Then Sat we went to the car show and I wore a halter for the first time this year, you would think at 40+ I'd remember sunscreen the first bare shoulders of the season, yea not so much so I was pretty pink when we got home. Made a new grilled chicken recipe for the in-laws it was really good and pretty easy, so I was happy. Then Sunday I made strawberry & strawberry-rhubarb pies to take to my folks for fathers day. It was fun.

Well today I started back on program for the umpteen zillionth time. Unfortunately I forgot to weigh myself this morning, but I did weigh myself on Sat. so I'm going to use that as my starting weight. Happily I was the same as before we left on vacation, so that was good. I also took the dog for his walk this morning before I went to PT to try to get it in before it got too hot. But I didn't feel like cooking at lunch so I had l/o pizza from Fri but I also had a salad and fruit rather than just pizza so I'm not totally upset with myself. My goal for this week is to start tracking and being accountable once again; walk every morning; drink more water less diet pop (soda whatever); limit the wine intake to 2-3 times this week (this could be hard as I'm pmsing big time).

Well, I should get moving. I picked up some flowers to plant and knitting is tonight so I need to get it done soon.

Have a great day everyone.


06-22-2009, 05:00 PM
Hi All:

:hb: Maryann...enjoy those FRIED clams and CHOCOLATE!!!

Coco, what a sweet son. We will all be extra nice to him this week. Send some of his laundry to us, we'll get it done, and ship it back! Oh wait, dirty laundry can't be sent across the border (new rule ;) ;) ...if you believe that, I have some land in Florida.....).

I'm writing from work. I've done well today in both eating and :ebike: If I can contain myself to having only salad tonight, I'll be really happy with the day.

Well, Donna, welcome back OP for the umpteen zillionth time...better than not at all, for sure.

Tomorrow morning my spinning buddy and I are going to start walking on the beach front on the mornings we don't spin. Lake Ontario is a 7- minute drive from my house and I almost never go there. Shame on me. So, this summer I'll be there, and maybe get it out of my system.



06-22-2009, 08:47 PM
Happy Birthday, Maryann!! :bday:

Rhonda, kudos, my friend. I am impressed you didn't eat the cf steak.

Sloan, your weekend sounds like it was fun. I think we need our off program days to make us appreciate our on program days. (Sounds good, anyway)

Donna, I think I've restarted at least one more time than you. At least we don't give up.

Coco, your son is a sweetie. You're going to enjoy your new laptop.

I'm op today. Life is good.

beach bum
06-23-2009, 10:44 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Its going to be another gloomy day so that lets the beach out. Have to rely on my bike or walking DVD's for the rest of the week.

W-I was terrible but it got worse[171] after eating those fried clams and fries.Have to go on a very strict plan so I'm going to go down a notch on my calorie counting of 1100 -1200 which is 22pts-24pts .

Thanks for your birthday wishes you are the greatest ladies around.

COCO-That nice of your son to get you a lap top.MY DD & DS have one but we have the reg computer. Never drove a truck, period and wouldn't know the first thing to start it and than switching gears is another story,good you you hat your learned.

SLOANE-Your lunch lookers yummy with pork and black beans. In the WW Short Cut cookbook they have a recipe that I use all the time its called PORK WITH BAKED BEANS SUCCOTASH is not a core recipe but is only 6 pts. I guess if a different bean was used it would be core.

DONNA-I would have done the same thing if the plans were canceled for the next day. Sorry about your pretty pink shoulders. We use a ALOE VERA gel by Fruit of the Earth moisture for sunburns,minor burns,insect bites,chafing & dry skin.We leave it close to the stove as I'm always burning myself and it cools within seconds of the gel touches the skin.

RHONDA-So Jealous that your able to walk along the beach,wish we could also,but not with the rain & wind howling around us.

SANDRA-Hi:wave: I'm back on the program also,hope I don't stumble and fall off the tracks again.

06-23-2009, 10:55 AM
Good Morning:

Don't be too jealous Maryann; we're in the second day of a garbage strike (and all city outside workers and city daycare). The place was already a mess from the weekend. I hate, and I do mean hate, littering. Why anyone thinks it is OK to throw their garbage around is totally beyond my comprehension. NO, wait, I comprehend it, I just HATE it. Now that my complaining is out of the way, I can say that I did have a good time with my friend.

I lost .2 pounds, and I'll take it, given all the partying I did last week. This week I have only two parties so it will be easier to not go crazy.

The raccoons were back. I would post a picture, but I don't see how to do it...can anybody instruct me?

OK, I'm off to the office.


beach bum
06-23-2009, 10:56 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Its going to be another gloomy day so that lets the beach out. Have to rely on my bike or walking DVD's for the rest of the week.

W-I was terrible but it got worse[171] after eating those fried clams and fries.Have to go on a very strict plan so I'm going to go down a notch on my calorie counting of 1100 -1200 which is 22pts-24pts .

Thanks for your birthday wishes you are the greatest ladies around.

COCO-That nice of your son to get you a lap top.MY DD & DS have one but we have the reg computer. Never drove a truck, period and wouldn't know the first thing to start it and than switching gears is another story,good you you hat your learned.

SLOANE-Your lunch lookers yummy with pork and black beans. In the WW Short Cut cookbook they have a recipe that I use all the time its called PORK WITH BAKED BEANS SUCCOTASH is not a core recipe but is only 6 pts. I guess if a different bean was used it would be core.

DONNA-I would have done the same thing if the plans were canceled for the next day. Sorry about your pretty pink shoulders. We use a ALOE VERA gel by Fruit of the Earth moisture for sunburns,minor burns,insect bites,chafing & dry skin.We leave it close to the stove as I'm always burning myself and it cools within seconds of the gel touches the skin.

RHONDA-So Jealous that your able to walk along the beach,wish we could also,but not with the rain & wind howling around us.

SANDRA-Hi:wave: I'm back on the program also,hope I don't stumble and fall off the tracks again.

06-23-2009, 11:16 AM
Mornin' chickies!

I stayed op all day yesterday! Certainly an accomplishment if you look at my recent track record. We did a lot of work yesterday. We had to take up a portion of the floor in our bonus room, so we got that started. DS and I painted the baseboards in my bedroom. We have projects all over the house, and it really gets to me sometimes. My kitchen "stuff" is in the dining room, my bedroom is empty and all of that furniture is in the living room, I have only the shower working in my master bath, and we can't find anything :dizzy:
The plan for today is to remove the carpet from another bedroom and start painting the trim in there. After painting the baseboards yesterday, my arthritic hip was killing me, so DS will have to do that part today. Sorry I'm whining. I'll stop now.

Rhonda-trash everywhere sounds yukky, but walking by the lake sounds awesome. Congrats on the .2

Sandra-Congrats on staying op. Lets do it again today!!!

Coco-I'm sending a hug to your DS. He is awesome!

Maryann-Sorry about your gloomies. We keep having small storms here, but then the sun comes out. The problem is that when the sun does come back out, the humidity is awful. When I took Pippi out to potty this morning, my glasses fogged up!!

Donna-I think we have all started over a gazillion times; the fact that we keep coming back is the important part. Sounds like you had a busy weekend, so now it's time to focus on you.

Hey Vickie and Paula !!

Have a great day, y'all. BBL

06-23-2009, 01:56 PM
Hi There
Just a quick stop by.
Lost 2 lbs last night. Still up about 5 lbs. So have to work on that.
Still havent figured out the new laptop. But neighbor said he will help me.
So now to get with him.
Washing up sons work clothes today. Didnt get them done yesterday. Did get the towels and the guys good jeans done.
Well got to go. But will be back later.
Have a great day everyone.

06-23-2009, 05:46 PM
Hi everyone. Its been a busy couple of days. Ran errands with my mom yesterday am (she can't drive for a couple weeks) and then took dd on errands afterward. We left our house at 9 and got home at 2 -- lots of in and out of the car in the rain. Today took DD to The Museum of Science in Boston. It was a lot of fun - tons of walking. She had a ball. My eating is OK, not 100% but I'm making healthy choices and keeping up with my water.

Coco - glad your scale is moving down. I hope it keeps going that way!
Slaon - we are also doing a bit of remodeling. Well, DH is doing it. The baseboards are getting done today and the closet doors are on. I think tomorrow afternoon, I'll go order our new rug. I'm hopeful in a couple of weeks we should be able to move back in. DH is on a roll, I think he wants it done as well. He is also doing our new shed/entry way.
Maryann -- Happy Birthday! I getting tired of this weather as well! Being off with DD this week has been a planning challenge. We were hoping to get to the beach (we go to Scusset Beach in Sagamore - its on the Plymouth side of the Sagamore Bridge) but I'm not sure if Thursday or Friday will be a good day or not. I know tomorow is out. Oh well. Hope you are getting in your exercise.
Rhonda - congrats on your loss. Any bit down counts.
Vickie - how is Sara? Hope things are going well.

Hi Sandra and Donna!

Well, off to start dinner. BBL

06-23-2009, 06:14 PM
Hi, Ladies. Sounds like you're all doing well op-wise. :woohoo: I'm doing well, too.

I turned in my paperwork today for subbing at the grands' school. Life is good.

It's definitely summertime in Texas. Thank goodness for a/c. :lol:

I had a super NSV today. After I turned in paperwork at the school, I stopped by to visit a cousin I hadn't seen in years. He told me I looked beautiful. Now is that love or what? Anyway, he made my day. I hope my visit made his.

Have a great, op day, everyone. I'll be back later.

06-23-2009, 07:51 PM
Hi All,

Just stopping in really quick before I head up to start dinner. I'm doing trout on the grill, it's a new recipe should be interesting. I was proud of myself I took the dog out for a walk this morning before going with DH for his cat scan, glad we went early it's pretty warm and muggy out. Not much else going on been sewing and knitting most of the day. Tomorrow I've got a dentist apt because my tooth aches, hopefully he can fix it, if not at least I'll have clean achy teeth.

Have a great night everyone.


06-23-2009, 09:16 PM
Hi Everyone
Well not much going on since I was on here last.
Did get sons work clothes washed up.
And made him strombolis for supper. And of course I ate a small one.
So will be back on track tomorrow.

BEACHBUM Sons truck is a automatic. Or else he would have to find a way to get his truck inspected himself. I tried to learn to drive a stick shif. But dont do very good. Would drive on a country road. But not in the city. Sorry wi wasnt good. But together we can get back on track. Hope it clears up for you soon. So you can get back out and walk. Hows the leg feeling. Hope it is doing better.

ONTARGET How exciting you turned in your paperwork for subbing. When will you find out for sure you got the job. The kids are going to love you. That was so sweet of your cousin. I know you made his day. And am so happy he made your. Isnt it nice when someone says something nice to you. And you dont expect it.

TECHALUM I am trying to get back on track myself. Dont know why I let meself get off in the first place. Then it takes me forever to get back on. The trout sounds good. Hope the tooth gets to feeling better.

TEJAS Congrats on the loss. I love raccoons. But I know they are a pest. We have been having one in our yard early in the mornings. Around 4:00 am. So I have to make sure it isnt around before I let the girls out. The coon dont seem to be too afraid.

BLESSEDWITHSARAH That is good that you are able to help your Mom. And glad you had a good time at the museum. Sounds like fun.

SLOANIE You are not whinning. You have been working really hard. That is nice your son is helping. Congrats for staying OP. That is awesome. My goal for tomorrow is to stay OP. I need it after today. Need to go and get some more fruit to have on hand. Maybe Friday I can get some. Get some rest.

Well ladies I better get off here.
Got a couple of things I need to get done before bedtime.
Dont know when I will be on here tomorrow. Or if I will get a chance.
Get our hair cut in the morning. Then I have to stop at my sisters for a few minutes. Then take sons truck. Come home. Have some paper work that I need to get done. And I think my neighbor is going to help me with the laptop. So if I dont get on here. Know that I am thinking of you.

06-23-2009, 09:30 PM
Hope everyone is having a great evening. Still op and planning to make a core tuna casserole for supper. We are on our annual watermelon eating binge. Between dh and I we eat aprox one every two days. Got a little remodeling done today, but hip and shoulder were giving me fits. I went to the chiropractor that has really helped my dh for a work up, and I go back in the morning for her to go over my tests. She was appalled at how little range of motion I have in my neck, and she thinks that is a big part of my problem. Oh well, getting old stinks but the alternative is not so great either. I guess I'll stick around a while, stiff neck and all. DH and BIL are building us a deck to put our little pool on this afternoon. We have one of the small ones that you keep chlorinated, and it has a pump. There is just enough room for two floats; just perfect for dh and me. It will be so nice to have it off of the ground!

GTG get supper started. We are eating late tonight due to the visit to the chiro. Nighty night chicks!!!

06-23-2009, 09:51 PM
Donna, I'm excited to begin grilling as soon as we get our decks ready. Your trout makes me hungry. I'm about to have fruit for dinner. That's pretty good, too. I'm having pineapple chunks, peaches, and strawberries.

Coco, I have the jobs now. Both schools should be calling after school starts when they need subs. I'm excited.

06-24-2009, 09:27 AM

I've got a very busy day....BB much later....

I've everyone's post, but have gotta get this hectic day started. I went to spinning though...


beach bum
06-24-2009, 09:35 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

This another gloomy:P day but tomorrow we're suppose to see the sun:sunny: shinning again. Another day on the bike but this time I'm going for the spin.Going to undo the tension button on the :ebike:bike, to make it easier to get the results.

SLOAN-Hopefully we'll see the sun shortly,but not the humidity.That I can do without,so far we haven't but the A/C's in the windows yet,and if doesn't look lot we will at this point.

When all is done,your going to have beautiful home when all the work is done. By all means don't do anymore work if your hip is hurting,take it easy for a couple of days until it heals.Do you have a deteriorating disc in your neck,that's what I have and it does hit the rotary cuff nerve in my shoulder.

COCO-Big congrats on the 2 lb loss. you're doing fantastic.The others will follow soon.

Oh that's a different story,but I don't know if I could every drive something that big. Thanks my leg is not hurting it was my back at gave out the other day.

PAULA-Thanks for the birthday wishes.I'm really sick of this weather,I like to start walking to the beach again.Didn't know that there was a beach on the other side of Sycamore Bridge, as we never go down that way, the furthers we went was to route 6.We go to the Bristol Beach,to get our walking done.

SANDRA-Those NSV:carrot::carrot: do pick up your spirits. Congrats for that.

DONNA-:wave: HI--Nothing like meals on a grill,if this rain:rain: would ever stop That just what we do is cook on the grill everyday. I have a indoor grill but we don't have room on the counter for it so I have to get it out all the time and that is quite a hassle for me. Love wall type of fish on the grill or not.

Have a great morning

06-24-2009, 01:37 PM
Hello All,

It's pretty muggy here you can almost cut the air with a knife. Took the dog out this morning, was only good for about a 1/2 hour though (we usually go closer to 45min) it was hard to breath. Been out weeding in the garden, I may not have to water I've been sweating so much, taking it in about 30 min sections then into the A/C to cool off. I could never live down south, I'll tell you that.

The trout was good last night, will have to add that to my repertoire. I don't do fish often, I love to eat it out but I don't cook it much. Need to find some recipes that are easy and good. Tonight we're having black bean burgers, they're one of our favorites.

Well the weeds are calling my name. I'll try to stop back later.


06-24-2009, 03:10 PM
Hi Everyone
Well got my hair trimmed this morning. Well just the bangs. And hubby got his cut. The took the truck. And it passed. Son called. Was happy with that. Thought it might not pass inspection. The tires were ify. But they passed it. Said he would need new ones for sure by fall.
Then went to my sister's for a few minutes. Then home. And havent gotten into anything.
Wont be long. And it will be time to start supper. Not sure what we will have.
Thinking stir fry veggies.

ONTARGET CONGRATS on the job. That is awesome. I am sure you will love it.

TECHALUM it is suppose to be humid here today. The temp is 79 right now. But it feel warmer. Do have a little breeze blowing. But the sun is pretty warm. Will have to turn on the AC after bit. Trying to hold off as long as I can. I have a flower bed that needs weeded. But will have to wait until the sun goes down. Or a cooler day.

BEACHBUM How did your bike ride go. Hope you had a good one.

SLOANIE Hope your are feeling better. I bet the pool water feels good on your back.

Well I got to get off here and get something done.
Will be back later.

06-24-2009, 11:22 PM
Hi chicks! Busy day :dizzy: Back to the chiropractor today to find out that I have arthritis in my neck and pelvis as well as my hip. No wonder I hurt when I over-do it. Oh well, she is going to work on my joints to see if I can start moving better.
I have been op today except for some ice cream dessert for dinner. I've eaten tons of fruit and had lots of water, so I feel like I have done pretty well.

Sandra-congrats on the sub job. I'll bet you will love being in the school with your grands.

Maryann and Rhonda-keep spinning :ebike:

Coco-sounds like you had a busy day. Stir fry veggies sounds good. I had a grilled chicken caesar salad that was pretty good.

Donna-I do live in the south, and we have "air you can wear". Like I posted yesterday, sometimes my glasses fog up when I leave the house. How did you prepare the trout?

Paula- hope all is well with you!

Vickie-where are you and Sara?

GTG It's past my bedtime :tired:

beach bum
06-25-2009, 09:31 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Looks like we are going to see the sun:sunny: come out :dancer:,as it been a long time since that happened.WoW!!! what a difference my possitivity is coming back again don't feel any of the negativity around, like I did all those weeks. My weight is coming down again also,hope it stays that way until Monday's W-I.

DONNA-Don't like those days either,way can't we just have sunny days with not humidity,but that would be perfect world.Wouldn't live in the south either,we have to cut our flowering bushes in the front yard down they growing over my window sills,with all the rain we had.

COCO-I bet you feel cooler not that you had your hair cut.I'm going to have my hair cut & styled very soon.I going to make roasted veggies[red &gr peppers,onions & eggplant]along with boneless pork & corn on the cob our noon dinner.Oh!! I had a good 30 min ride of bike spinning. I loosened the tension on the bike and oh how I could believe how fast I was going.Was watching a DVD at the time I was on the bike.

SLOANE-Oh I'm sorry:sorry: about the arthritis in your joints.I can image how they hurt,after having my back go out on me. We used a joint & muscle pain killer called joint-ritis and it really worked,but unfortunately somehow they took a ingredient out of it and it doesn't work anymore,like it used to.Hope the chiropractor will help you get some relief. Oh I like Rhonda's spinning exercise and will continue doing so,when its raining and I can't go out and walk.

06-25-2009, 10:25 AM
Good morning. I"m op. The decks are in process, flowers are blooming, life is good.

We are going to a family reunion Fri-Sun. We're excited about that. It will be held in New Braunfels just north of San Antonio. Should be fun.

Maryann, I'm glad you have sunshine and also that your weight's dropping. Both are good signs. I love your positive attitude, too.

Donna, I don't cook fish at home much either but we do it it quite a bit at restaurants.

Rhonda, you're doing so well with your spinning class. I'm glad you found something that works for you and is fun.

Coco, I'm getting my hair cut and highlighted this morning. Glad your truck passed. That would be a bummer if it didn't.

I found Melissa on Facebook then I had a Lucy moment and can no longer post there. I'm not sure what I did to the puter but need to find me a Geek.
Waving at Paula, Vickie, and everyone else here.

06-25-2009, 10:49 AM
Hi Everybody:

I've got another day of running like mad. I've got a lot of work, and a lot of parties to go's that time of year :dancer:

My home department had its retirement party yesterday and WOW... there were seven of us and we each received a beautiful book about the university and a gold watch. A gold watch???? I thought we were all broke!!! Well, I'm not giving it back, that's for sure. :nono: It's beautiful, with the university's name and crest on its face. I'm stunned, actually.

I have a lunch with a former student and dinner with two work friends....then, that's it for the partying at work :hat:


06-25-2009, 02:44 PM
Rhonda, what a wonderful gesture. I am impressed. Enjoy your celebrations.

I'm taking the puter to my son's later today. I had a Lucy moment and have done some damage that I hope he can repair. If not, I'll have to take it to the Geek Guys at Best Buy.

06-25-2009, 09:14 PM
Hey chicks-I'm op for the moment and hangin' in there. Things are moving along with our little pool deck and the bathroom. Maybe this time next week we will be swimming then retiring to our new master suite.

Rhonda-the gold watch sounds lovely. I don't blame you, I would take it and run!!

Maryann-I'm glad you are finally seeing the sun. I know it really cheers you up!

Sandra-have a great time at your family reunion.

Hey to the rest of y'all.

Have a good night everyone :D

06-25-2009, 09:30 PM
Hi Everyone
Cant stay on here long.
Sorry I didnt get back on last night. But took laptop to neighbors and was there 5 hours getting things on it. It was almost midnight before we got home.
Then today. I have been cleaning veggies. Finished the laundry. And now getting things ready to go camping tomorrow.
Taking the laptop. So will see if it works. Hope so. So if I am not on here over the weekend. You know that it didnt work.
Hubby has a eye appt in the morning. Then after he gets done with that. We will come home and get the girls and take off. Son will be home.
Well I better get off here.
Got to go and get clothes packed up. And a few other odds and ends.
Hope everyone had a great day.
Thinking of each of you.

06-25-2009, 11:35 PM
Sloan, I am visualizing you relaxing by the pool with a fruit smoothie. Ahhhhh......the life.

Coco, have fun camping. I hope your new laptop gets reception up there. Do you have a card in it or will you be using WIFI?

I'm taking my puter to my son in the AM as we leave for New Braunfels. I hope he can get it fixed so I can get back onto Facebook.

Night night.

beach bum
06-26-2009, 10:40 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

According to yahoo & the weather channel,Its back to rain:rain: and thunderstorms this weekend and all next week. :censored:UGHH!!!How will my tomatoes & basil going to grow with out the sun shinning on them?????

I guess I will be spinning on the bike again,as walking:running: along the beach is out.

SANDRA-Have a great time at your family reunion this weekend.The rain:rain: is back,but my scale:goodscale: is moving down again, this morning another pound lost,but we'll see at Monday W-I for sure.Like you say Life is good!!!

RHONDA-Enjoy your gold watch,I'm sure you all deserved it, with all the hard:book2: work it took all these years.

SLOANE-My wish of good weather didn't last long.But I must say lowering my calories is working and the scale:goodscale: for that couple of days we good to me.

COCO-If you see this post hoping you have a wonderful camping:cofdate: weekend,hope the weather hold up.

06-26-2009, 03:47 PM
Hi All:

Maryann, that is an appropriate "smiley" for me. I do wear reading glasses, and I've always got my nose in some book, report, binder, folder, spreadsheet, or something. I'll be glad when I'm just reading novels!!

DH and I went out for lunch and are home now. I am actually going to go take a nap.


06-26-2009, 08:42 PM
Hi chicks! the pool deck is finished and the pool is full. I bought some little wind chimes to hand in the tree over the deck, and they are so cute! I guess since no one can see us from the road, it does not matter how we decorate our yard. Some people would say we are tacky, but I don't care. I have a pool!!!!

Sandra-I did enjoy a ww version of a margarita this afternoon after swimming. It is so good and only 3 or 4 points, so I'm told. I'll post the recipe on the recipe board. You will need to check out the points for the tequila. I don't there is enough of anything else with calories to count.

Rhonda-Hope you enjoyed your nap. I took one yesterday, and it was lovely :D

Maryann-Sorry again about the rain! Spin away!!

:wave: to the rest of you chickies!

I'm about to be home alone, so I'm going to enjoy the peace and quiet. TTFN

06-26-2009, 09:13 PM
Well dont know what is going on. Cant seem to get through. Posted a post. And lost it. But just wanted to say "HI" Trying out the new laptop. Some setting must not be right or something. Or the service I am on. Isnt right.
So will try later.
Thinking of each of you.

06-27-2009, 08:58 AM
Hi everyone. Had a busy week with dd, it was fun. Back to work for me on Monday and she starts camp. We never made it to the beach this week, the weather just wasn't that great. Its sunny this morning so far which is nice. I'll have dd take her bike while I go for a long walk. There is a route that I do that is about 3 miles -- yesterday I added a new challenge. I decided to try to run 2-3 telephone poles to see how I would do. I did pretty good! I ended up probably running a mile of my walk. I've always hated running -- it seemed a bit fun! Go figure. I figure if dd and I go out today, she can ride her bike and I can walk/jog.

I hope everyone is doing well. BBL

06-27-2009, 09:06 AM
Mornin' chicks-another busy day here in remodeling Hades. I have gazillion errands to run, and if I don't get to the grocery, my guys are gonna kill me. I have not gotten on the scales lately, and I guess that's smart. I may just weigh on Mondays. I don't know if you remember, but I don't attend meetings 'cause you chicks are my meeting group. I will post my weight on Monday and hopefully change my ticker, too!

Paula-your walk/jog with dd sounds like a plan!!!

Hope y'all have a wonderful Saturday! TTFN

beach bum
06-27-2009, 09:58 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Sun is shinning:sunny: again, so maybe we'll be able to get some walking done if the rain :rain: didn't leave to many puddles the walkways.

Just looking over my food & w-i journals and notice that I was 6 lbs lighter last Thanksgiving.:thanks2: than I'm now. That the time I was using the core food and recipes. I think I going back to look over the recipes that I used to cook. I think I was eating more filling foods that kept the snacking a bay.

RHONDA-That's funny,:D I had no idea when posting that smiley. I just thought it was appropriate you working for a university and such.

SLOANE-Didn't spin like I did during the week,as I didn't sleep:tired: well the night before. If I don't walk I will be on the bike again.

You don't need the meeting I used to go and get very frustrated:tantrum: with my leader,she was sweet but she always wanted to go down to 20 pts which wasn't made for me,Switched to core]. Met a woman from my old meeting:gossip: and she still goes and I haven't seen any improvement in her weight. Told her that I was counting calories,but her remark was "That's to hard for me I like points better."[to me points & calories are the same].

COCO-Sorry you lost your post,its very rarely that I loss one on this board ,comparing to the others one I post to. If you can't get back HI :wave: will miss you,but have a nice weekend.

PAULA-Don't think its going to rain :rain: today,but you never know the weather here is so changeable. I used to love:love: to power walk with a little jogging in it, but my hip started to go,so I'm afraid to do that anymore. But I like your idea about from telephone pole to telephone pole,maybe I could try that and see what happens. That not too far.

To all the others have a great weekend

06-27-2009, 10:47 AM
Good morning everyone:

I've been eating way too much this week, so the weekend is going to have to be much more restrained. I've started with strawberries, All Bran, and lf milk. So, while I'm still full, I need to go grocery shopping.

I'm taking today off from any exercise. I could hardly move yesterday when I went for a walk!

Paula, I used to run and think it is fun when it is done on something softer than the sidewalk! But, I can't do it anymore because of a disk problem in my neck.

The raccoons seem to have found other sources of food; maybe the garbage strike has provided them with more variety in their buffet.


06-27-2009, 11:20 AM
Morning Everyone
Will try and post again.
Seem to be having a little trouble. Tried to e-mail a friend. Wont let me send for some reason. So when we get home. I will have to get ahold of my neighbor and make sure all the settings are right.
It is sunny right now. And getting warm.
Hubby us making some kilin for a fire tonight. If we dont get rain. But right now dont look like it. Did have a few sprinkles last night. But not enough.
Well am going to get off here. Dont want to post alot then lose it like last night.
I hope everyone has a great day.
Thinking of each of you.

06-27-2009, 08:34 PM
Reporting in that I've done well with the points and staying Core today...I had 22.5 points...I hope you're all doing well.


06-27-2009, 09:09 PM
Hi everyone. I FINALLY got my beach day in today! It was sunny and warm at home so I talked my sister into skipping chores around her house for the beach. It was weird at the beach - sunny and warm but all around on the water was fog. Very strange. We got there about 10:15 and stayed until 2:00. When we got home (45 minute ride) the sky was black. We had bad thunder storms for almost 2 hours with hail.

Maryann - we didn't go toward the cape. Went to Horseneck Beach in Westport - close to Fall River. Its a state park with really huge waves. DD was body surfing in the COLD water. Ah, to be 6. Did you get to the beach? DH was in Brewster today and he said it was sunny and warm all day. Hope you got out today.

Coco, sorry you're having computer problems. Hope you get it figured out.

Rhonda, glad the racoons moved on! Sorry the garbage strike may be the reason :O

Vickie -- Where are you?? How is the new addition to your family?

Hi Sandra, Sloan and Donna.

Have a good night

06-28-2009, 08:11 AM
With heavy heart and lots of tears, we are taking Sara back to her home. She has been getting more and more depressed with every day that passes. She will not play or interact with us. My worst fear materialized. She has lived all 5 years of her life with other dogs and she is grieving for them. We are doing the best thing and returning her to her breeder who loves her very much and will let her live out her life in happiness with the other dogs. We're off to bring her home this morning. It has been just a horrible, horrible week.

06-28-2009, 09:14 AM
Oh, Vickie, I'm so sorry to hear that. At least, at least, you tried. You and DH put your hearts out there and took a risk. That's very admirable.


06-28-2009, 11:50 AM
Hello Everyone,

I've had a very poor week and I think it will show on the scale tomorrow. But I will eventually persevere.

Have a great Sunday.


beach bum
06-28-2009, 01:51 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Its was a rush this morning to get ready for church so,I didn't have a chance to post.

Overcast sky but a least its not raining:rain: Just got home from having brunch. Going to take the day off from exercising and my right hip is bothering me a little.

Still on program,stayed away from the popcorn last night,so that should show some improvement on the scale tomorrow.

RHONDA-Glad to here the raccoons take alternative route for their dining,as they can stir up some much damage to the property.That great that you had22 pts let at the end of the week. When I was doing WPA's I always got closer to the finished line,by midweek.

PAULA-Hope you didn't get stuck in that thunder storm that they reporting on the tv yesterday afternoon. No I didn't get my walking in,even thought he sun was out,I had other things to do,and than after a while it got to hot to do the walking, I biked instead.

COCO-Hope that your lap top problems with soon cease,and you can again post normally,with out losing your posts.

VICKIE-I'm so sorry about the dog not being happy,and missed this friends.Sending :hug::hug: your way.

TECH-Think positive you just might see a loss.

Have a great afternoon ladies going to watch the golf tournament.

06-28-2009, 04:08 PM
Thanks Rhonda. That means alot to me. Mary Ann, thanks for the hugs. Wish I could have them in person. I need them.

We went to the waffle house after we left Sara and I ate a whole pecan waffle with butter and syrup and order of bacon. I think I'm done now but that's going to be lots of damage. The bad part is that I'm still hungry. We stopped on the way home and got some fruit. Problem is that I don't want it. My emotions want to be fed. I've been crying for days.

06-28-2009, 08:02 PM
Vickie, I'm so sorry it didn't work out for ya'll and Sara to be together. You're good people to take her back. I know that wasn't easy.

We're home from the reunion and are trying to come back to life. It's been HOT. But this is Texas in the summer. We're not surprised.

I'll be back tomorrow after I get dusted. You know what that means.

06-28-2009, 08:05 PM
Vickie -- I'm so sorry things did not work out with Sara. Would you consider another dog? HUGS to you.

Maryann -- we got home just in time. On the news they showed Mansfield and people at the Jimmy Buffet Concert at the Comcast Center. We are about 5 miles from there. Got home, got all the stuff out of the car and the sky opened up for a good hour and a half! We must have gotten about 3 inches of rain in that short time. Did you get any of the storms? I don't think I saw any on the news.

Donna, its a new week. Just look at this as a clean start.

Well, I went for another long walk today. I did end up running about 1/2 of it again. It felt really good! I think I'm going to set a goal for me----I'm going to try to get to the point of running the full 3 miles by the end of the summer. Who knows, maybe I'll be successful at that!.

Well, got to get DDs stuff ready for camp tomorrow. First day of day camp for her! Have a good night!

06-28-2009, 08:19 PM
Hi Everyone
We are home. And now trying to get things put away. Got the towels in the washer now. Then we go back to the camper. All I have to do is pack them up. They are ones that I leave in the camper all the time.

VICKIE I am so sorry it didnt work out with Sara. I know you would have made a wonderful Mommy to her. But maybe another little one will come along. So here are some :hug: Wish I could give them to you in person. But know that I am thinking of you.

BLESSEDWITHSARAH Congrats on working the running in. I didnt do any walking while camping this time. It was pretty hot and humid. I just didnt feel like walking. Then hubby wanted to go with me. But that kind of weather is hard on him. So just stayed around the camper.

TECHALUM I havent been eating very good either. Well have been. But just overeating. So tomorrow night. I am going to get a tracker. And start tracking again. I have even been doing that. And that does help. I dont see the scales going down. But up pretty good.

BEACHBUM Hope your hip feels better. For the laptop. Will have to get back with my neighobor about it. I dont think all the settings are set right. I couldnt even send a regular e-mail. And I dont have spell check. So dont know when I will get it there. But one of these days.

ONTARGET Hope you had a good time are your reunion.

SLOANIE Hows the remodeling coming along. I am sure it is going to be beautiful when you get done.

TEJAS Congrats for staying on track. I have to get back there myself. Hope you had a great day.

Well it is hot up here. So am going to go and get cooled off. And put the towels in the dryer.
Hope everyone had a great weekend.
Thinking of each of you.

06-28-2009, 10:26 PM
TO: Vickie


:grouphug: :grouphug: