100 lb. Club - Accountability/Menu/Planning 22 - 28 June

06-22-2009, 03:49 AM
Hi lovelies,

How are we all doing, now that the solstice has passed. Yay for longer days for me at least - this morning the sun rose at 8:08am and set at 5pm. It makes for a very long dark night, that's for sure.

I've spent the weekend doing a bit of thinking about where I'm going and I've figured out I need to get back to making myself accountable. On the plus side, I'm doing really well with exercise. I'm enjoying it and it's not an effort to get myself out of bed at stupid o'clock and get to the gym. Now that is a huge thing and I'm really proud of myself for that. Seriously, six months into the year and I've been at the gym 5 days a week and missed only 5 sessions. I definitely deserve a big star for that. Measurements are also going well and I want them to keep going well.

And then there's the food side of things and to be honest, the less said about that for the last few weeks, the better. There's been a little too much junk food creeping back into my diet and I'm forgetting about the fruit and vegies. Yes, it's the middle of winter and fruit and veg is limited, but there's still a lot out there that I love. Cauliflower, broccoli, mandarins etc. When I ordered the groceries last night, I looked over my last order and there were a few things in there that made me cringe. Seriously, do I really need to put potato chips and chocolate biscuits on my list because I deserve a treat? I'm starting to reward myself with food, and that stops right now. Because we all know where that ends up.

So from today, I'm holding myself completely accountable. I am going to post menus every day and I am going to be completely honest with myself about what I have eaten. Starting right now.

Jab, how are your allergies now? It's a difficult time of year for those...

Beverly, I love Mamma Mia. Such an awesome, fun movie!

CC, hope you're feeling better - as Diane said, this is our whiney space! If we can't whine to each other, who can we whine to. Oooh - wine...mmm.

Diane, go you for being an inspiration!

MJ, sounds like a lovely lazy weekend - you deserve it!

B - 2 crumpets with vegemite

S - mandarin

S - chocolate cake

L - chicken salad roll, mandarin, muesli bar

D - stirfry with bacon, rice, broccoli, frozen mixed veg.

S - yoghurt.

Talk to you all tomorrow - sorry for getting a bit long winded there!

06-22-2009, 06:29 AM
Good Morning!

nicolen--GREAT job w/ your exercise!!!! I am hoping to pick up on your vibe starting today! I need to get back on track, no more excuses. As for the food, I am right there with you. I was looking for a snack yesterday and was *shocked* to find some of the things I found...of course, I do the grocery shopping...so WHY was I shocked?!!! Yea, food for me also needs to get back on track. Because I can feel what is happening w/ lack of exercise and food being not so good...I know what I need to do! I am THRILLED that the farmers markets are starting back up..that helps a lot--yummy stuff and a LOT cheaper.

I have my lunch packed, my gym clothes are in the car and my water bottles are clean and ready to go! I am only working three days this week--I *had* to use up some vacation time, so I took Thursday and Friday off. Dh has Thursday off, so we'll spend the day together. On Friday I am seriously thinking about going to a new Bare Escentuals boutique that is opening. I LOVE their make up and have never been to a boutique. It's a bit of a drive, and no one can go w/ me, but it's an easy drive, too. I'm thinking some good music and before I know it I'll be there! Also--good way to get some rewards for myself to work towards. I have stopped doing this (again)...not sure why, it works so well!!!

Have a great OP day everyone!!!

My play for the gym is upper body weights and cardio.

06-22-2009, 08:15 AM
Wow, Monday already it's hard to believe. This week will pass slowly for me as I have a weekend with friends coming up.

I'm already worrying about food and drink for the weekend party. It's a biker thing and I'll be camping with a large number of ppl. On the second day we serve a huge buffet in the evening. I'm taking rhubarb berry crisp and asparagus salad as my dishes to pass. I think it's insane that I am already worrying about it. Problem is once I cheat I tend to slide farther downhill and it's hard to crawl back up. Most ppl don't understand that this is a real worry for me.

Not to mention have you ever noticed when you are with a group of friends and family they can put a lot of pressure on you. ~ Omg, is that all you're eating. What is one drink going to hurt. This is suppose to be a party. Come on live a little. Just a little bit won't hurt you. When was the last time you came to a party, come on. You can't be serious. You're making everyone else uncomfortable and then they wave food in your face...

In past years I have served food at the buffet which of course makes it hard to avoid. I'm going to take foods I can eat thru the wkend, but the buffet will be hard. Maybe I will avoid everyone at meal time if I can. I am going to take some flavored water and diet vernors. That way if I choose to drink I have diet mixers. I usually go for peach schnapps or capt morgan w/vernors. Maybe if I do a peach flavored water I can guzzle it and pretend it's schnapps tainted...lol.

As for my allergies I'm doing better than I was. I'm trying to find a over the counter combo of meds that works half way decent. Since I lost my job in Feb ( we closed and were too small to qualify for cobra) my health insurance is now gone. I can't afford my asthma or allergy medicines so wheezing is a bit of a problem for me right now, humidity and pollen. What meds I have left I am trying to only use when I am having a really bad day so I don't waste them. Sounds stupid I know but I'm trying to make them last. I make over $400 less a month with the new job and it's been hard trying to cut that much off my budget. But on the bright side I do have a job and can still feed the kids and pay the bills, so for that I am very grateful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man I am rambling today.. lol. Sorry about that. Yesterday's food...

Sunday 6/21/09

Joseph’s flax, oat bran, w. wheat lavash bread (1/2 pc)
Guacamole (homemade)
Canned tomatoes

Boiled egg

Tiny pc grilled venison

Ground turkey & veggies
Cottage cheese

Happy Monday everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06-22-2009, 08:23 AM
Hi chicks! I had a good weekend with food and life - I am very grateful. :) Our dinner celebration with family went very well. I have been really concentrating on eating slowly - and it helped with not wanting to take seconds and feeling that I've had 'enough'. I don't ever take anything for granted...but, I am hoping I can continue this effort. :)

Saturday I made a big sheet of oven grilled veggies (eggplant, onions, red pepper, mushrooms etc) :D I plan to doing different things with them this week like eat them with Parm cheese, combine with tomatoes and chick peas, eat with lite Mozzarela cheese, etc. I also have lots of yummy brown rice left - it should be a good healthy week.

I haven't been journaling at all lately - it's always better when I do. I am going to commit to it and let you all know how I am doing with that.
- a day with tasty healthy food - portioned appropriately
- put my fork down between bites and pause
- lots of water
- meditations
- stretching and strengthening
- journal - I must get back to this
- Positive Mental Attitude
- ice and heat for my pieces and parts

MJ - you have a good plan and are setting yourself up for a healthy day. :) I think we all go in waves of 'doing it all' - sounds like you are ready to get back on the routine that you like. I know you can do this...keep trying.

Nicolen - it's not easy to say that you are struggling ... but, this is the place. Thank goodness there's no judgement here, just support. :hug: Sounds like you have your eyes wide open. I wish you well on getting back to eating the way you wish. Keep trying! :)

Jab - I didn't know you don't have health insurance now. :hug: Sometimes the manufacturers of the meds will give you a huge discount or sometimes free, if you contact them. It might be worth a try.
Planning ahead will help for the big weekend. Yes you can bring your healthy food. When I am faced with a huge buffet - I take one plate of food, eat very slowly, concentrate on talking to the people, sit away from the buffet table and don't even face the buffet table. It's one meal - I am wishing you well! :)

Diane - good job on baking DH something you don't like!! :D

I hope everyone has a GREAT healthy day.

06-22-2009, 04:35 PM
Hey everyone! Had a good weekend. I took my son to the gym with me on Saturday and then to batting practice on Sunday. We had a good time and a good talk. He is 13 and doesn't open up all the time, so it was nice to get him to speak up. It might be because my 15 yo daughter has no trouble speaking up! She kind of takes over sometimes. (I would never tell her to stop talking. I've learned a lot about where she is with different issues.)

Jab: Thanks for sharing so much about yourself! I feel like I know you better now. This stupid economy is such a strain for everyone. I'm glad you were able to get another job.

Beverly: Keep journaling! It's good to share!!

MJ: I've used that phrase before. It worked so well, I quit doing it! ha! You deserve a nice treat like that!

Nicolen: Good job on being accountable. Now you can move forward!!

Have a great week!

06-22-2009, 07:57 PM
Finally I feel like myself again!! Never has my TOM been so bad. My stomach muscles actually are sore like I worked out from the cramping and I'm pale as a ghost, but at least I was able to sleep a few hours at a time last night for the first time in 4 days. Plus I was a weepy mess for days and I'm never like that (well yes I am, but never due to TOM ;)). I'm dreading next month already and this month isn't even over yet. Argh.

Let's see, I'm actually going to start cooking for myself as of today instead of the fresh meal delivery. It was a mix up on their part - usually they call to ask if you want to sign up for the next month. I lost track of the time, so no meals for me today. It's just as well. I feel grounded enough now with a good headstart under my belt to cook for me again without risking binging behavior. And it did give me some new ideas for things I can incorporate into my diet. I just got back from the grocery store with lots of good stuff for the next week.

Now that I'm feeling better, I need to get back to walking...

Nicole - you are one dedicated chickie with all that gym work!! Right on!

MJ - We are so alike when it comes to not taking vacation time. When I quit my last job to open my own business, I got $8000. in untaken vacation time. I wonder now if I would have been so horribly burned out and ready to leave if I had taken more time off! I used to have to take "emergency" days off too to make sure I didn't lose time. What's the matter with us?

Jab - Don't think of it as worrying, think of it as planning ahead! I hear you on the insurance thing as I no longer have it either. I had Cobra, but it got used up and because of my weight could not get insurance once I was self-employed. That will be a good day when I stop having to pay full price for everything myself. My last bill from the bloodwork place was $1400. I was royally pissed.

BeverlyJoy - Good luck with the journaling! I know it helps me a lot.

Diane - Your son's situation sounds like my dad and his incredibly chatty older sister. He apparently didn't talk until he was 4. He says it's because he never had a chance to get a word in.

06-23-2009, 04:27 AM
Hey everyone!

Well, it's been a good day today. I had my monthly one on one with the boss and he's happy about where I'm at and told me that I've made a lot of progress since this time last year both professionally and personally, so that was great to hear. We did talk about this time of year being a difficult one for me - I hate July and August and it's a time when work gets very busy thanks to winter storms and my depression does become a factor. He did say something interesting to me. One of the triggers I have for myself with the depression is what I call "don't wanna". If I don't wanna do something then that's a bit of a warning sign for me. He made the point that sometimes there doesn't have to be a reason for not wanting to do something and that maybe I take the self analysis a bit too far. That's an interesting thought and one I'll have to think about.

Gym today went well - cardio. I was a bit sore after weights yesterday, but once I got started, I was fine. Tomorrow it's my day off exercise - I'm going out for dinner with a friend since we both have something to celebrate. My celebration is because after tomorrow I don't have a student loan! Big yay there - it gives me $100 extra per pay.

MJ, yay for long weekends! Your plans sound wonderful!

Jab, nothing wrong with a novel, trust me! I have to admit socialising is really difficult when you're trying to lose weight. Food plays such a big part certainly in my social life and yeah. Add alcohol to the mix - seriously, after a couple of drinks, you're not caring what you're eating and things just go from there. What's the buffet going to be like - are there going to be healthy choices, or at least healthier options you can choose? Can you perhaps have a snack before the buffet so you're not going there starving?

Beverly, I'm pleased your family dinner went well. Your vegies sound so nice - I do something similar in the summer where I cook a combination of eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, onions on the barbecue and toss them all together with a bit of feta and a balsamic vinaigrette. I just use whatever's on hand and it's sooo yummy!

Diane, oh, the difference between boys and girls! I might have missed it, but how did he react to being picked on his baseball team?

CC, I'm pleased you're feeling better. Good for you for getting back to the cooking!

The menu was:

B - porridge with apple and cinnamon

S - muesli bar

S - mandarin

L - leftover stirfry from last night

D - chicken stirfry - chicken, mushrooms, mixed veg, broccoli, rice.

And a complaint about the mixed veg - it's like around 75% sweetcorn. I love sweetcorn, but that's a bit excessive - won't be buying that mix again!

Have fun everyone!

06-23-2009, 05:53 AM
Good Morning! I had a GREAT workout yesterday....and when I came home it was so gorgeous, I took the dogs for a short walk, too! I'm a little sore (arms/shoulders) today, but not too bad. TOM is here, so I am avoiding the scale for now. No reason to hop on...I know it is up right now, I can feel it. I'll have to wait until next week...hopefully I will see a loss, but if not, I'll just keep at it!

jab--I hope you have a fantastic weekend! No, it's not crazy to worry about food already. It's a big deal and unfortunately, so many gatherings revolve around food. My best advice, is do your best. If you aren't "perfect" don't beat yourself up about it, BUT don't use it as an excuse to continue to eat too much. Glad to hear your allergies are a bit better. Med/insurance stuff is rough. Not sure, but there may be some type assistance available--especially for asthma meds. Might be worth looking into. And what a great attitude you have...YES, you have a job and still put food on the table and pay the bills. Ramble away...we ALL do it!

Beverlyjoy--Mmms, those veggies sound fantastic! I am going to have to borrow that idea! I am going to check out the farmers market today to see what I can get...it's still early, but I might find something! Great job...keep it up!

Diane--Sounds like you had a great weekend! thanks..

CC--So glad you are feeling a bit better! And yes...back to walking! ;) The funny thing is, I take a full week off at different intervals and take my holidays off...I have just worked there for so long, that I accumulate time off SO fast...not that it's a bad thing, of course! I just need to make sure I take some random days here and there...It definitely helps w/ the burnout factor!!!! My dad was the same way...he used to 'turn in' weeks of vacation time every year. Sounds like you did a great job at the grocery store!

nicolen--Great meeting with your boss, great workout, and even better news...NO MORE STUDENT LOAN!! That's awesome!!!

Shmoodle and Rhonda--Hi! how are you doing?

I have my lunch packed and gym clothes ready to go! Tonight is legs/back and cardio.

Have a great OP day everyone!

06-23-2009, 08:15 AM
Well for all my fretting about the weekend I dropped the ball on my "today" plan yesterday. I knew I was out of triscuits in my locker at work but didn't want to stop at the grocery so I took 2 pcs of fruit. Well my stomach was grumbling loudly for several hours before I left work. Water didn't appease it and by the time I got off shift I was famished. :(

I went right to the grocery got a box of triscuits, picked up some other things for the rest of the family and was drooling by the time I pulled my cart to the front. When you are hungry everything seems to entice you. I ended up buying a slice of pizza..which is my all time favorite food. On the upside the only topping on this wayward pc was one pepperoni and of course cheese. I ate that and some triscuits on the way home. Which maybe it was a good thing I was in the car. When I am famished I inhale my food so if I had been home maybe I wouldn't have stopped at one pc. :shrug:

Anyway today will be better, I will have enough food packed for work.

So yesterdays food is as follows..
Mon. 6/22/09

2 boiled eggs


Slice pizza
Diet root beer

Ground turkey & veggies

Sf pudding

And I did my wii workout, plus worked in my garden afterward so atleast I moved and maybe that helped offset the slice.

I never thought of the "worrying" about the weekend as planning... good point ! I am going to take flavored waters (normally I only drink reg water) so that will be like a treat. I plan to stuff my small cooler with foods that are good for me and go from there.
I hope to avoid alcohol because it is just too many useless calories and will lower my inhibitions on the rest of the foodstuffs.

As for the buffet, it is HUGE and has a LOT of choices on it typically. I know the main meat will be grilled pork. I can take it or leave it so that is fine. The weak part for me will be the cheesey potatoes with sour cream, the swedish meatballs, and the taco salad (it's made with doritos and beef). Beyond that I have no clue what all else will be there. The above dishes are staples that show up every year.

The asparagus salad I am making does have cheese in it but the dressing is an olive oil and red wine vinegar so I will be able to eat that. I chose to make a desert that wasn't on my favorite list rhubarb berry crisp so I can pass on that...lol. :devil: At this point I think I may just avoid temptation and when everyone goes toward the buffet head to my area and make up a plate of my foods then go sit with the group. I just hope they don't need me to serve on the buffet line :p

I do have several different coupons towards meds from the drug manufacturers but I never thought I would say I missed my $50 co-pay on prescriptions...lol

Hope everyone has a great day, time to fly. :)

06-23-2009, 04:35 PM
Ok, busy day. I had a good workout, but I didn't get to the gym in time for the spin class. I have to try harder on Thursday to get there before 6 so I can join in the class. I could have walked in late, but that's really not my style, especially when I'm nervous about going anyway. So, must try harder!

Jab: Glad you got your box of Triscuits! Isn't it funny how we get used to something and can't do without it!!

MJ: Sounds like a good workout day for you!

Nicolen: My son was so excited to be chosen for All Stars. They've been practicing and he's having a great time. Today, they went to the pool instead of practicing, so he was happy with that.

CC: TOM sounds brutal for you. Glad it is over for now!

06-24-2009, 06:18 AM
Good Morning everyone! Two good workouts in a row!!! I am seriously considering springing for a session or two w/ a trainer at my gym ($25 a session, so not many....LOL!) once I get back into my groove again....as a bigger reward for myself. My brother keeps telling me that he will rework my workouts for me, but he is SO busy, he just hasn't had time. I would rather have him do it, because he knows all about my knee stuff (obviously, I would tell the trainer, too), but my brother has kind-of lived it too....especially since this whole mess started one night when he and I were fooling around at home.......LOL!!!! Actually, what I could do, is on one of my days off at the end of July (he's going away on vacation soon, so the days I have off now won't work), I could meet him at his gym--he changed gyms because he was given free family memberships for his family at the YMCA. yea, I like that plan better!!! LOL!

jab--New day, fresh start. And like you said...Exactly!!! You ARE planning!!! I know you will do great.

Diane--Hope you get to the spin class on Thurs!

Hi to everyone else!

I have everything packed for today....in a moment of weakness I almost skipped making my lunch last night so I could 'order out' today, BUT I didn't let myself do that!!! Dh and I will probably go out to lunch tomorrow and I am trying to limit eating out to once a week.

Have a great OP day!!! Gym today will be just cardio--a little short on time, but I WILL go!!!!

06-24-2009, 06:29 AM
Hi chicks....sorry I didn't get here yesterday. I was so busy and my back was hurting - so it didn't feel good to sit at the computer. But, the good news is that I had another good day on my plan. :) I weighed myself today and have lost another two pounds. :carrot: (that's nine pounds in three weeks) I am so grateful and very thrilled. It seems that the aware eating, my meditation/guided imagery tapes and very slow eating has helped me break the binge cycle.

It has been a long time since I've put together three healthy and sane weeks of eating.:cp: I feel like I can move forward. I've been through alot in the last nine months. Reinjuring my foot, DH getting a 20% cut in pay, DH being let go with 20 others from his company (after 32 years), feeling totally stressed and helpless, horrible stomach aches, and very sick from severe anemia as a result of taking nsaids (got an ulcer) for the foot pain. I feel like much of this is behind me and my severe stress has lessened. DH got a new job (he loves it and they really like him), the anemia is better, foot improved (although I still might need surgery later on), and feeling less stressed & more hopeful. I still take it a day at a time. I had put back on almost 40 pounds of my weight loss. Thankfully, I have taken off nine of that. Thanks for being here to hold my hand through all of this. :grouphug:

My back feels better today, thankfully. I have a program to do this morning and then I am free for the rest of the day.

For today:
healthy tasty food that I like
aware eating
putting my fork/food down between bites and pausing
lots of water
gentle stretches
ice and heat for my pieces and parts
journal - still not doing this - I really need to.
Positive Mental Attitude

Diane - glad you got your workout in. :) Next time for the spin class!

Jab - sounds like you are well prepared for your weekend. :D I know you can get through this and have fun too. One piece of pizza won't undo everything. Hop right back on your plan. It's hard when we get that hungry.

MJ - great idea avoiding the scale during TOM. You know how your body reacts...no sense setting yourself up for a 'disappointment'. Sounds like you are having some good days....yay. :carrot:

Nicolen - so glad your meeting with your boss went well. Workout sounds good. YAY - last student loan payment -that's a huge accomplishment. Enjoy that extra$$$. :D:D:D

CLCS - glad you are feeling better. It's great that you are feeling more steady with food and feel OK to cook something. Small steps are included in any journey. :)

Well, I am starting to get my head into going away to see my family out of town. I am so anxious to see my GS!!! It will take planning and commitment -

Have a GREAT op day, friends.

06-24-2009, 08:14 AM
Hope everyone has a great day today. I am running short on time so must fly. Going to be a hot one which means really muggy at work :(

Yesterday's food...

tues. 6/23/09

lf yogurt


boiled egg

2 baked chicken egg rolls

Turkey & veggies

06-25-2009, 07:36 AM
Hi chicks...it's been kinda quiet here. I hope everyone is OK. My plans for today:

- healthy tasty food in moderation
- aware eating
- putting my fork down and pause between bites
- ice and heat for my pieces and parts
- meditations
- lots of water
Positive mental attitude

Have a GREAT day.

06-25-2009, 07:47 AM
Yesterday turned out to be a bear of a day. It was very hot and humid and after work I had tons of errands. Was so relieved to get home only to have to run back out to do something for my sister. After that I had some dinner and went to bed.

No time in between for temptation or anything else but I hate to eat my meal that late but I was hungry it was a long day and no snacks.

Hope everyone has a great day today. I'm hoping for rain today...lol.

Yesterday's food...
wed. 6/24/09

tea w/ splenda

Joseph’s flax, oat bran, w. wheat lavash bread (1/2 pc)
Guacamole (homemade)
Boiled egg


2 bocca chicken patties
Wgr tortilla
Ff cheese
Squirt of ranch
Cottage cheese

06-25-2009, 12:58 PM
Hi everyone! Just popping in quick...dh and I are about to head to the farmers mkt. I am hoping to get some nice veggies to roast! I know they won't have a lot, yet, but anything would be fine!!!

Have a great OP day!

06-25-2009, 09:10 PM
Hi everyone. I've been so busy at work, I can't find the time to get on this site! ha! So, I'm checking in from home. I've been having some good workouts. Yesterday was slightly challenging with food because it was my friend's birthday, but I stayed within my calories. And today I went to the spin class. Wow! That was hard. I really thought it was a good workout and I don't think there was one part of my body that wasn't sweating. So, I need a headband before next week's class. I'm going to try to go every Thursday. The instructor said I did well especially since it was my first class. So, that was nice. (Hope she wasn't just being nice.)

Anyway, I need to get going, so I'll talk to you all later! Have a great day.

06-27-2009, 06:33 AM
Good Morning! Yesterday I had my mini road trip to the bare escentuals store...oh my, it was fantastic!!!! I had my makeup done and everything! SO much fun!!!! I did a ton of walking (HUGE mall), but spent a lot of time in the car, so that was the only exercise for the day....

Diane--CONGRATS on the spin class!!!! I am so proud of you for going!!! Great job! I am sure the instructor was being honest, not just nice!

Today I am going to some yard sales w/ my gm, cleaning and normal 'saturday' stuff. Then I will do a workout dvd.

Have a great OP day everyone!

06-27-2009, 01:13 PM
Went and worked out this morning. I took a peek at the scale yesterday and it was looking pretty good, so I'm hoping for some happy times at Monday's official weigh in. I'll be motivated to stay on track this weekend. I'm still trying to recover from the spin class. Yesterday I felt very sore, but in a good way. I definitely want to keep that in my exercise program. It will be on Thursdays, so I think I'll move my weights only day to Tuesday since I get a little sore/tired from it. Then I'll have a day in between that I can prepare for the next push. It's a good thing.

MJ: Thanks for the encouragement on the spin class! Have fun today with the yard sale!

Kind of quiet here today! Hi to everyone else!

06-27-2009, 08:59 PM
I fell off the wagon today. I went to a tea party and they had a chocolate fountain and an assorted variety of fruit to dip in it. I ate a ton of fruit of course all dipped in chocolate :( I was doing so well this week (my weeks start on mondays) and I totally blew it today. I'll be back OP for dinner if I even eat dinner. I figured I could post this here since it says accountability and I definetly needed to be held accountable for that. So thanx for having this post here.

06-27-2009, 10:30 PM
I fell off the wagon today. I went to a tea party and they had a chocolate fountain and an assorted variety of fruit to dip in it. I ate a ton of fruit of course all dipped in chocolate :( I was doing so well this week (my weeks start on mondays) and I totally blew it today. I'll be back OP for dinner if I even eat dinner. I figured I could post this here since it says accountability and I definetly needed to be held accountable for that. So thanx for having this post here.

You can bounce back! In the scheme of things, this is not going to derail you unless you let it. Focus on what you did well this week - it sounds like there is a lot!

06-28-2009, 11:23 AM
Hi chicks...been real busy, but doing mostly OK. Hope you have a great Sunday.

Hey, where's Nicolen?

06-28-2009, 11:36 AM
CC thanx for the encouragement. I'm going to run it off this afternoon. My soccer team is going to play a double header so 110min of running up and down the field after a ball should help me work off that chocolate. Also, I ate dinner but a sensible dinner of 1oz pork chop and 1/2 a baked potato. This am I am back OP and hoping I still lost something, I'll find out tomorrow. So thanx again.

06-28-2009, 12:16 PM
Having a pretty good weekend, staying on plan. I won't be working out today, but I have some things to do, so that should keep me moving! ha!

Rowan, now you can move on! Chocolate fountains are just temptation magnified!! Good luck with your soccer match!

Have a good weekend everyone!

06-28-2009, 02:18 PM
Well I am home. I wish I could say I stayed OP all weekend but that would be a lie.

I did pretty good all things considered but could have done better. Partook of too many jello shots which was wasted calories. Did tons of walking so that helped offset. I was worried though and one of the first things I did when I got home was jump on the scale. It was my day to weigh in... nothing lost , but nothing gained so I am happy enough!!

I'm really tired and need to catch up on house work etc... Hope everyone had a great weekend !!