100 lb. Club - What a difference a little weight makes!

06-20-2009, 09:18 AM
Yesterday I needed to run to the store for a couple of things, and since I only live about a block away from the market I decided I'd take the dog and walk. Holy cow! Walking with two bags of groceries kicked my butt. I walk almost everyday for about and hour, but just adding a couple of bags of groceries I was huffing and puffing.

Made me think two things: one, I need to do that more often! And two, No wonder it's so hard for me to move around with all this extra weight! Just lugging an extra ten pounds makes a huge difference.

We have two flights of stairs which I use often, and sometimes I think to myself, do I really need to do this right now, or could I consolidate trips? (I know I need to be looking for excuses to climb those stairs, but I'm just telling it like it is!)

I'll be so glad when I have more energy and less weight.

06-20-2009, 10:51 AM
Keep at it! Every 10 lbs DOES make a huge difference in how we move. That was one of the strangest things about losing weight - some days I feel like I'm floating along - no effort needed to move :)

That alone is a HUGE motivator to be at a normal weight.

And - yes - every extra step, every extra opportunity to burn extra calories will help. A lb. here - a lb. there - they add up :yes:

06-20-2009, 12:50 PM
Keep climbing those stairs, it will build the muscles in your legs. When you combine the stronger muscles with weight loss you will be amazed at how wonderful it feels to move. Almost effortless, it's awesome! That is one of the nsv's of weight loss that I didn't think about before I started, but it has been just wonderful.

06-20-2009, 01:04 PM
That was one of my motivating factors to lose. I just felt like I was moving so heavily, kind of lumbering along or something. Isn't it funny how even just an extra 10 pounds makes such a difference? It reminds me that I should be grateful for every little bit that I lose, and to not say things like "I have only lost X number of pounds", because EVERY pound helps!

I'm glad to see that you walked to the store, thinpossible. It shows me that slowly but surely, you are starting to really come out of your funk and are feeling better. Yay!! :)

Alana in Canada
06-20-2009, 02:16 PM
Glad to hear you're getting motivated again--especially to move. My back pain has disappeared as a constant thing (it's still around, but only now and then)--and that has everything to do with just moving.

06-20-2009, 02:50 PM
You are so right. I move so much easier now. I am really looking forward to how easy it will be after losing more of this excess weight.

06-20-2009, 07:37 PM
I am enjoying being able to move easier too! I make myself do stairs now too! It's a good fat burner, builds resistance, and kicks your butt into shape! I am another one who no longer has back pain. It is so empowering!