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06-19-2009, 06:47 AM
Flappings as in tongue's hard to be alliterative some mornings but I try!

I hope I can "tongue flap" OK later on as I have to give a wee eulogy for Harry at the nursing home memorial service this morning. I was supposed to do it way back in April but had the time wrong. Do you think I can find my notes? Not a chance so I'll just wing it. :shrug:

Yesterday one of my lane trees decided to lie down :yikes: and did so in my neighbour's lane. It's darn lucky they were out as a car is usually in that spot. I will get the "lads" on it later this morning. I do have an electric chain saw but decided not to start in myself late yesterday. Rain is a good deterrent when I get stupid and risky ideas!

No rain this morning but the ground is just soaked out there. I am hoping it's dry enough this afternoon to putter around outside. If not, there's no shortage of things to do around the house.

Hope your Friday is fabulous. :cofdate:

06-19-2009, 07:25 AM
:coffee: It's Friday!

I look forward to seeing what alliteration you can come up with every morning, Ruth. That's why I usually wait to let you start us up. ;) At least you taught your trees good manners, not to fall on cars! But be very careful with that chainsaw. We don't want any missing digits!

The sun has decided to make an appearance for the last day of the work week. :) I'm glad, since Maggie is invited to a friend's pool this afternoon, and Audrey is having a friend come over. The movie yesterday was excellent, but it did pull at the heartstrings. :cry: We all loved it, though.

One more week to go until vacation! :carrot:

06-19-2009, 07:32 AM
Good morning :coffee2: I'm a bit on the sleepy side this morning - went out last night and had so much fun I stayed out (and had more wine :o )

Ruth - Probably a good idea to let someone else tackle that tree. Glad no one and nothing was under it when it came down.

Cottage - I hope the girls get their sunny day. There have been few enough of them lately. Is this the Canadian vacation coming up?

It looks like we will get some non-rainy hours today but still cloudy. It's much to wet to get into the garden or lawn but I can work on the porch. I've also got a long list of chores from being away last weekend so will start making my way through that. Such an exciting Friday plan ;)

06-19-2009, 07:39 AM
Hi, Cyndi! It sounds like you had a good time last night. :D A pot of coffee will help shake the fuzzies away and get you off to a good start today. Yes, this time next week I'll be getting ready to spend a week with Ruthie! :)

06-19-2009, 07:50 AM
I'm most of the way through the pot already. I've also had 45 ounces of water because I know what all that wine does ;) Luckily dinner was OP. When we got to the Pub we discovered they had an Open Mic at 8 so I emailed DP (cell phone dead zone but they have wifi!) and she joined us for an hour. It really was fun until she had to get up for work. (These are the same friends who take over wedding planning after a couple of glasses of wine :eek:)

I'm so envious of your trip! I wonder if Canada is ready for the two of you together?!

06-19-2009, 07:52 AM
I look forward to seeing what alliteration you can come up with every morning, Ruth. That's why I usually wait to let you start us up. My feelings exactly! I got a chuckle before I read even Ruth's post. I think I'm a pretty good flapper.Good Morning Ruth, Cottage and Cyndi:sunny:
Ruth, that must be quite a blow to be bringing down a tree. Look forward to hearing from you after your memorial.

Cottage, have a great day with the girls, whatever you do. You must be excited to count down the days to vacation. I will be counting down the days with you because I think I finish VBS your first day of vacation!!

Cyndi, glad you had fun last night. It sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy. I had a question to ask you, but its not in my head at the moment.

Me, got home too late to do anything, but the "cute lil' pug" is gone. Things are much quieter.:cp: The kitty even came out and sat on the couch with us. Today is double pool day. I'll bike in at 7 to bounce around then we're picking up our friend who just got out of the hospital. He wants to go to the pool and Starbucks but 9:00 was more his speed. His wife,a nurse, has finally returned to work and he can't drive yet. I think I'll just work around the house later. Well I'm off to ironing, but first I'll sit out with the pups and enjoy my coffee.

Hi to all of you yet to visit, I look forward to hearing what you are all up to. Thanks for all your support!

ETA-Mornin, Twynn, have a great day! It sounds like you are able to move right in. How exciting!

06-19-2009, 07:55 AM
Good morning chicks!

Ruth - That pesky tree....glad the car wasn't in the way. You gave me quite the giggles with your topic title today :D.

Cottage - I'm hoping for some sun today too!! It peeked out for a couple minutes yesterday!!

Cyndi - enjoy your morning....I don't think I could stay out late anymore. Do you have big plans for your 3 day weekend?

Me - TODAY is the day!!!?!?!??!? We close on our house! One o'clock, and so reason to call it off. It's funny, I haven't done A THING to move yet. I guess I was waiting to get the "okay" by signing papers. It's only a mile away though, so we're going to move most stuff over every night, then big stuff next weekend.

Yesterday was a long day, and I'm certainly glad it's over! At least I didn't have time to eat badly! Today (and tomorrow) are pretty empty for work, but that means I get to tear some wallpaper down!

Have a great day ladies!

06-19-2009, 09:22 AM
Lord God, Ruth, I'm so glad you didn't run out there in the rain with an electric chainsaw! :faint: Even you have to ask for help sometimes, warrior woman! ;) I'm sorry you're having to do a must be hard to dredge this back up. But I'm sure you'll do a fantastic job. I love hearing your Harry stories, so wish I could be there! :hug:

Cottage, did you go see UP? DH and I absolutely loved it. I don't think I've loved a Disney movie so much since Beauty & the Beast! Definite tearjerker, but in a good way, IMHO.

Yay for having fun, Cyndi! :cheers:

Debbie, I envy you the pool time! Our gym doesn't have one. :( Enjoy!

:congrat: on the house, Twynn! :hat:

I'm drinking tea this morning--Monk's Blend from Saratoga Springs. Yum! Things are pretty crazy here. Our dog managed to eat half a package of dark chocolates last night :cry: and we spent most of the night dealing with it and making her vomit it back up. It was torture, for her and for us. I feel awful, because I left the bag with the chocolate (which I'd forgotten I bought) on the floor where she could get to it. Oy.

Today I have to take our buns to the vet--one for a wellness yearly checkup and the other for a ton of problems. I'm really worried for the sick one and pray that the vet has answers.

Hope everyone has a great day and gets some dry weather if not actual sunshine! :sunny:

06-19-2009, 09:43 AM
Good morning folks. Not much time to stay but wanted to share the happenings of yesterday as it was so scary! I was driving home (hour and a half one way) from my friend's house (we had had Bible Study) when I came upon four cop cars. I thought they were doing inspection sticker checks as the officer checked mine. But not a minute later I was at a stand still. I could see a line of cars at lease five miles long.. Cop cars were lined up both sides of route 63 in Oakfield, and a police chopper was in the air, then I saw the second. Cops were walking in the fields with their shot guns in hand, several k9s were on the ground. Took my over an hour to get through after they opened the road back up. Come to find out there was a bank robber in the next town over. The suspects had fled in that direction. The one I witnessed being apprehended was the final of the trio to be captured. So, when I should of arrived home around 2 pm, I didn't arrive till well after 4. I'm so grateful that that was the ONE day I left my canine companion home as she would of been going bonkers with all that chaos!

I hope to get back in here before long to say hi's and personals. must run ds to work. Been busy with reorganizing house, cleaning, running him everywhere. Neighbor has a car for sale at 700 that we may buy for him. or he may buy! Very nice vehicle, I may even swap it for mine!

anyway, hugs to all.

06-19-2009, 09:57 AM
Oh, that's funny cottage, I didn't realize you saw Up yesterday too. The pool isn't open yet (!!!), and the kids were bored yesterday (day 2 vacation), so I took them to see it. I am PMSing and have been stressed and not sleeping well, so I boo-hooed like a crazy person at that movie.

anyhow, today: laundry, coffee, work, coffee, kids, coffee, cleaning, glass of wine, pizza at my mom's tonight, another glass of wine. woo-hoo.

Hi Loriann, always good to hear from you. Sounds like quite an adventure!
good luck with all your animals Laurie.

Tammy, it's great that you can move a bit at a time. It takes some of the pressure off. I don't envy you the wallpaper. all 10 rooms in this house had a wallpaper border when we moved in. It took me weeks to scrape that stuff down. I hate wallpaper borders!

Have fun at the pool Lexis. Sure wish I could. :(

cyndi, one day I'll join you at the pub!

Ruth, glad you've got the lads to take care of the tree!

06-19-2009, 10:37 AM
Good Morning!

Ruth -- Back away from the chainsaw! :)

Cottage -- Hooray for vacation! Sometimes I think the best part of a vacation is actually the planning and dreaming.

Cyndi -- I can't party like I used to, either. Sometimes the 'payment' isn't worth it!

Lexxiss -- Your friend getting out of the hospital and wanting Starbucks is funny. My brother got his wisdom teeth out and wanted to swing through Burger King on the way home. Must be a guy thing!

Twynn -- Hope is all goes smoothly!

Laurie -- I'm so sorry about your puppy. I hope she feels better soon.

LoriAnn -- What an adventure you had! I don't like those either!

Schmoodle -- LOVE your schedule! :)

Me -- The Boss is out. The Supervisor is out. I'm sitting here in my very cute denim cropped pants and my favorite silver Birkenstocks. WooHoo!!! I have filing to do, but will probably do it Monday -- when someone is here to see me busy. :D Today, I'm drinking coffee and playing on the internet! And going to try to stay out of the tootsie rolls!

The two Great Pyrenees showed up again last night. Auston was having big fun playing in the yard with them when I left this morning. Good thing I'm not in my white pants. They pushed my butt all the way to the van again!

Today is my in-law's 49th wedding anniversary! I cannot imagine! I'll have to live to be 81 to see that anniversary! We're all going out for dinner tonight. It will be fun, especially if Auston gets a nap!

If things are quite enough, I may get a nap today, too. ;)

Hope your day is wonderful!

06-19-2009, 11:06 AM
Good morning, everyone. Late start this morning after not going to sleep until about 3 am. Every time I laid down, I felt the room spinning and nauseousness hit as though I was drunk. The easiest, most comfortable thing turned out to be staring at the computer all night/morning.

Shoot, there go the phones. Hope to BBL.

06-19-2009, 11:23 AM
Feel better, Kim. :)

06-19-2009, 12:28 PM
morning ladies....i just got back from the gym and i'm waiting for my daughter to get here (she is prego and lives 5 hours away) we are throwing her a baby shower tommorrow so expect to be busy when she gets here. on top of that she is bringing the dog and i live in a apartment so that means lots of walks this weekend.