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06-19-2009, 06:47 AM
Has anyone tried the Nintendo DS game My Weight Loss Coach? I think it sounds interesting, and Amazon has it for $15.97, so I might try it. Please let me know if you've tried it and have an opinion. Thanks!

06-19-2009, 09:24 AM
I have it, and to be honest it isn't worth it. It has very limited food lists to pick from when you do your food journal and it doesn't really take health into account. for instance, if I ate 3 ice cream drumsticks, chicken wings and beer, and pizza and input that, it would tell me i was balanced for the day because it goes by the calories and not nutritional value. It was a good idea for a DS application, just really poorly done. you're better off trying an online application like or something like that.

06-19-2009, 03:22 PM
Thanks, that was helpful. I've read reviews that say the food calculator isn't accurate, which is a little worrying because I count calories. But I can never keep up with complicated programs like FitDay. How are the challenges/exercise monitoring?


12-15-2009, 09:55 PM
I thought about it but decided based on reviews not to get it.