100 lb. Club - Accountability/Menu/Planning 15 - 21 June

06-15-2009, 03:24 AM
Hey everyone!

So, today was a good day. A good workout, work was quiet. The boss was back after his bereavement leave. It's kind of difficult to know what to do in a situation like that - we bought a card and some flowers for him. He appreciated it.

I did some measurements last night and I've lost 5cm/2" off my chest and hips and 10cm/4" off my waist since the last time I did measurements, which was about 6 weeks ago. So while the scale may not be moving, at least the jeans test's going well!

The weather's supposed to turn to rubbish overnight - sleet, snow and all the usual. I'm not sure if I'll get to the gym tomorrow, but we'll see what the weather's like in the morning.

Beverly, I hope the stress is improving for you!

Jab, your menus always sound so yummy!

Diane, I just don't know. I'm absolute rubbish at reading this sort of thing. I know we've got a lot of interests in common and I know that he's becoming a really good friend. I'm just taking it as it comes at the moment...

Everyone else, hi!

Anyway, the menu today was:

B - toast with vegemite

S - muesli bar

S - apple

L - chicken salad roll, 2 mandarins

D - chicken and vege soup, cheese scone

Enjoy your day!

06-15-2009, 08:35 AM
Nicolen ~ your jeans test sounds GREAT !!! Good job!!

Food for yesterday was...

sun. 6/14/09

bolthouse mocha protein drink

grilled skinless chicken breast
red potato (cooked in foil on the grill)

fruit bowl (melon, grapes, strawberries)

turkey & veggies (left over)
sf lemonade


Hard to believe we're back at Monday so soon.....lol. Have a great OP day today !!!

06-15-2009, 09:06 AM
Hello chickies! I was away on a trip last week, so haven't had much time to check in, but still fighting the good fight! Today is my 3 - telecon day, and DD has her 5th grade graduation this afternoon (my baby is headed for middle school!). Tomorrow is last day of school for them.
The weekend was gorgeous. The kids had a campout at the farm where they take riding, so DH and I had a date and went out to eat. I was pretty good with my meal, but it was a microbrew place, so I did indulge in a beer (it was sooo good). I got lots of cleaning and stuff done while they were away, and my friend got me out for a long walk yesterday, which helped with the beer guilt. Looks like another gorgeous day today.

B: half grapefruit, 2 hard boiled eggs, 2 slices turkey bacon
S: V8, mozzarella cheese stick
L: salmon, Wilted spinach and black bean salad
S: latte, fat free yogurt with strawberry-rhubarb sauce
D: taco bake, green salad
S: SB peanut butter cup

congratulations on the NSV nicole!
Hi jab, yesterday sounds like a good day. Hope today is as well!

Greetings to all chickies and have a great Monday!

06-15-2009, 09:52 AM
Good Morning! So the scale hasn't moved, BUT I am not showing a gain and that's a good thing!

nicolen--Fantastic measurements!!! Keep up the great work!!!

jab--I know...what happened to the weekend???

Schmoodle--Sounds like a great weekend!!!

Hi to everyone else!

I am already drinking water, which is something I have been struggling with. I ate my healthy breakfast (yea!). I am going to eat my healthy lunch that I brought from home before I go to a meeting this afternoon where 'lunch will be provided'...the meeting isn't until 1pm and they are known for their unhealthy lunches. I will bring a snack w/ me too, so I won't be tempted. I have my gym clothes in the car--today is cardio and arms. Phew. There. I have it all down, so I must do it!

Have agreat OP day!!!

06-15-2009, 10:13 AM
Happy Monday and welcome to the first day of the rest of your life! Yes, Im feeling upbeat despite the rain. Congrats to all who had a good weekend and if you didn't, today is a new day.

I've been stranded at the same weight for about 2 weeks and I am not willing to make it 3 weeks. Im pushing hard this week for 3 pounds gone by Sunday. Im droping carbs to 10 a day and increasing exercise and water. Mike is coming home in September and I want to impress him.

good luck all and have a great week!

06-15-2009, 02:42 PM
Hi chicks - I had a good weekend with food - I stayed with my routine and it was nice to have that happen. :)

Yesterday I was cleaning my office when I bent and twisted and OUCH felt a ping in my back. :( Ugh...so, I'll be babying that for a while. My foot is holding up.Good grief...."The old gray mare, just ain't what she used to be!"

Friday I started something new to do because I tend to eat very fast. I am waiting 30 seconds between bites. You know...it's hard to do. :dizzy:
It's amazing how I kind of feel full when I do that - not really sure yet (I think that part of me is 'broken'). But, it's true if you wait about 20 minutes are so - sometimes the urge to eat is gone.

eat tasty healthy food
no distractions while I eat
30 seconds between bites
ice and heat
lots of water
positive mental attitude

Nicolen - hooray for the jeans test!! :carrot: That's wonderful. Sometimes those inches show before pounds. You do so much working out - it makes sense.

Seashell - the scale will move...but, sometimes at it's own pace. Darn it. Hang in there. :)

MJ - you are ready and prepared to have a healthy day! :D That's great. Hope your knee is feeling better.

Schmoodle - Hi! So glad you had a good weekend. Isn't it amazing how fast the kids grow up - it seems like a 'blink'. :dizzy:

Shout out to anyone that stops by.

Have a GREAT day. :D

06-15-2009, 03:42 PM
Hi all!

Just a quick check in. Still rockin' the food, and fightin' the exercise. I'll commit to a long walk with the puppies today.

Glad to see everyone doing so well!

06-15-2009, 04:31 PM
Hi everyone. Quick post for me, too. Doing well with exercising and staying on plan, but I was disappointed in my weigh-in. Up by .4 pounds. Not much, so I can live through it. I seem to have one week where nothing happens and then a couple of weeks when I get to lose again. Must be patient!

My son was selected for his little league baseball all star team. Excited to watch him find out about it tonight. (I've done well in keeping it a secret!)

Have a great day!

06-16-2009, 03:56 AM
Hey everyone,

I'm pleased today is all but over - busy day at work, topped off by my last caller of the day having a go at me. Because of course it's my fault that his policies were cancelled due to non payment, even though he was warned that would happen. I ended up missing my bus and having to walk to the hospital to catch a bus - the bus that comes closest to my work only goes once an hour.

Anyway, it was a good workout at the gym and the walk will have done me good. We didn't get snow in the city, but there was a wee bit on the hills, which intrigued one of my team members who's experiencing his first southern winter. He'll learn...

Jab, tell me about it! Monday always seems to come around so fast.

Schmoodle, sounds like an awesome weekend!

MJ, go you with the water drinking!

Seashell, hopefully you'll see a drop this week!

Beverly, ouch! Hope you're feeling better and in no pain today!

CC, hope you had a good walk with the puppies!

Diane, that's awesome about your son! What was his reaction like?

Have fun everyone!

06-16-2009, 06:14 AM
Good Morning! I went to the gym yesterday. I thought I might have overdone it, but I feel pretty good this am! YIPPEE! I have everything packed for today, too.

sunshine--You certainly are upbeat!

Beverlyjoy--Yea for a good weekend!!! Oh no...you be careful!!! I bet it is hard, 30 seconds is a long time...

CC--How was the walk yesterday? I bet the puppies loved it!!

Diane--Keep at it, you will see the whoosh soon! Congrats to your son! How exciting!!

nicolen--today is a new day...sounds like that's a good thing, right?!

Today is upper body weights and cardio.

Have a great OP day everyone!

06-16-2009, 07:06 AM
Hi chicks - I pulled through a good day yesterday - I am so grateful. That's over two weeks of sane healthful eating. :carrot: Thank goodness for these good days. My 'exercise' of waiting 30 seconds between bites is so, so telling for me. It is my inkling to keep shoveling in the food so quickly. Of course, I won't do this all of my life - but, I hope this will teach me to eat slower in the long run.;)

I have been managing my work - even with my ouchy foot and ouchy back. Both are holding up. I couldn't do it without my summer helper Alexandra. The programs have been going beautifully and the children are very enthusiastic and joyful. :)

For today:
healthy delicious foods
fork down between bites
aware eating - no distractions
journal - I haven't been doing this & need to get with it
lots of water
ice and heat for my pieces and parts
positive mental attitude

MJ - so glad your trip to the gym didn't make your knee hurt...yay. :carrot: Have a great day.

Nicolen - isn't it funny how some clients can't take responsiblity for their own actions. :dizzy: Enjoy the wee bit of snow and the gym.

Diane - .4 of a pound could be water, friend. It will go down. Hooray for your son's accomplishment. I know you're proud. :D

CLCS - keep up the good stuff. Yes, those puppies will keep you moving for sure. :)

Hi to everyone else....Have a GREAT day.

06-16-2009, 07:26 AM
Food for yesterday....

mon 6/15/09

bolthouse mocha protein drink

Morningstar spicy black bean burger
Cottage cheese
Broccoli & cauliflower


Turkey & ff cheese wrap (whole gr tortilla)
Sf lemonade

Sf pudding


06-17-2009, 06:06 AM
Good Morning everyone! Accountability time for me...I did not go to the gym last night. Usual excuses..I was running way late from work (So? The gym was still open!!!) and my knee hurt (ok, when doesn't my knee hurt?!)....water was excellent and food kinda balanced itself out...which basically means I didn't make the best choices, but didn't eat a lot and made better choices as the day went on.

So, today is a new day. I have all of my food and snacks ready to go. My gym clothes are waiting for me (from yesterday! LOL!) My water bottle is clean and waiting....

Today is going to be a not-so-fun day at work. I have to deal with some disciplinary stuff. Never my favorite thing....but I plan to get the writing part of it done first thing this morning and meet with the person as soon as they come in this afternoon.

Tomorrow I have been invited to a meeting w/ my director and my executive director. That will be fun! I know this is part of my "grooming" for my promotion....still don't know when it will be posted, so I can officially apply for it, but like I said, I have seen the staffing pattern with that promotion included! I just wish they would do it already!!!! I know they are waiting until we reconfigure our program, but I wish we could do it sooner!

Friday, dh and I are off together! Yippee! Not sure what we will do, yet. I am going to a jewelry party w/ some girlfriends in the evening. I actually 'maxed out' on acruing time off, so I "had" to schedule some days off or I wouldn't acrue anymore...not a bad situation to be in! So I have some long weekends coming up.

Ok, I really need to get ready for work!!! Have a great OP day everyone!!! I will be doing yesterdays workout today (arms and cardio).

06-17-2009, 07:54 AM
I did good yesterday. Was hungry and ate more but made good choices. I also worked up quite the sweat with the wii and I am feeling it this morning. Co-ordination and rhythm passed me by in life by I do my best so I guess that counts for something...lol :p

Tues. 6/16/09

Lf yogurt
Sprinkle of muesli



Lg salad w/ extra tomatoes (ranch dressing)
Morningstar spicy black bean burger crumbled on top of salad
Fruit bowl

Bolthouse mocha protein drink

Lf yogurt

Work sucked yesterday and I wanted to quit badly but I can't afford to. Hoping today is better.

Good luck to everyone staying OP.

06-17-2009, 08:20 AM
Hi chicks....yesterday was a good day....I am so grateful.

In the last week I have lost 2 pounds - I am very, very grateful to see that number go down.

healthy tasty food
aware eating
putting my fork down between bites and pausing
lots of water
stretches and strengthening
Positive Mental Attitude

Jab - your menus are always great!! Wonderful!

MJ - you're ready for a good day. HOpe your meetings aren't too hectic. I know you can do it, friend.

Shout out to everyone that comes by!

Have a great day.

06-17-2009, 11:17 AM
I've been having some good workouts, but I haven't been getting there as early as I would like. Staying in bed has seemed like a great idea. I had a slight increase in weight (.4 pounds, which I know is nothing, but...), and it puts me in a funk. I know I just need to keep plugging along, but I like to see the numbers go down. Yes, I need to accept that it won't always go down.

Beverly - Congrats on your weight loss! How great!

Jab - Yep, in this economy, no one can afford to lose their jobs.

MJ - Glad to see you're all ready to go for today. Back on track!!

Nicolen - How's it going??

Hi to everyone else!

06-17-2009, 02:59 PM
Hi everyone!

Today I plan to walk the dogs. It's beautiful out after weeks and weeks of "June Gloom" (which I secretly like, but the sun is a welcome change).

Jab - I hope you don't mind me asking, but are you eating enough? I worry about your protein level, which could explain why you are hungry too. Do you count calories too? I would hate for you to be missing out on food you can have and still lose!!

BeverlyJoy - how is your back feeling? Better I hope! And as for being grateful, I hope most of that gratitude is directed at yourself for all your hard work. Great job!

Diane - that .4 pounds could be ANYTHING. Keep plugging away and you'll see it fall off.

MJ - Enjoy the gym!

06-17-2009, 09:11 PM

No I don't count calories. I did at one time. I used FitDay to do the "pie chart" for protein, carbs, fats and calories. Problem was I became obsessed about the chart...lol. I did check out the daily plate recently. I logged everything in that I had eaten but didn't like the way the pie chart looked which made me realize hey you can't get caught up in this again. I did click in my weight and goal etc and saw my calorie intake should be about 1500 a day.

This time around I'm trying to not worry about all the numbers and just stick with better food choices. I struggled most of last week with NOT being hungry. I was forcing myself to eat (or drink a protein drink) because I know if I eat too little I won't lose anything. So being hungry yesterday was a good thing... I think...lol. :dizzy:

I do remember protein in my meals and for the most part think I do pretty good. I did cut back my triscuit intake last week and noticed some issues with that so bumped it back up a bit this week.... I use triscuits as a flavorful fiber source and they keep "things" regular. :o They keep well in my locker at work too.

I've bumped up my exercise this week and think that has something to do with the hunger yesterday. The wii was a good choice I think.

06-18-2009, 03:28 AM
I didn't post yesterday. I'm not sure why not - I definitely visited. Weird!

Anyway, it's been a good couple of days. Nothing really out of the ordinary happened - well, there was something that happened that I'll tell all of you that are living vicariously through me. No gym yesterday, but I got in a decent walk and gym today which was OK. It wasn't the best workout I've ever had, but it certainly wasn't the worst either. I'll take it.

And this is the bit where I feel like I'm 16 and back in high school with me - yummy trainer walked out with me this morning. Yeah, so back in high school...

MJ, ick, disciplinary stuff. I've got one on the go as well at the moment. Did you get to the gym?

Beverly, that's awesome stuff. Go you!

Jab, is 1500 calories enough for you? We're around the same weight and I'm eating between 2000 - 2300 most days...

Diane, yep staying in bed would be so easy at the moment. But think of how good it feels when you've got that workout done!

CC, how was the walk.

Yay Friday tomorrow and yummy trainer. I'll let you know the latest in the saga then.

Have fun everyone.

06-18-2009, 05:13 AM
Good Morning! So the disciplinary stuff actually went REALLY well. The person thanked me when we were done. (When does that ever happen?!) This is someone who has worked there a lot longer than me (and is qite a bit older than me), but she said she felt totally respected and absolutely understood what the issues were. I was totally shocked. Honestly, I'm just glad it's over!

I was able to get a short walk in during lunch and that's the only workout I did get it...no gym yesterday, I ended up working late (like almost 2 hours). But.....that was to get things caught up so I can get my whole routine back on track. At least that's the plan!!!! I don't know why it is so hard for me to get back into my routine right now. I know it is easy to stay in my groove once I get there and I WILL get there!!!! Today is a new day!!!

jab--making good choices is the best we can do! Hope things at work are better!!!

Beverlyjoy--You are doing awesome!!!

Diane--I know what you mean...we can 'always say' it's just a number...blah, blah...but when you are working so hard, it really stinks!!! Keep at it, you are doing fantastic!!! You are inspiring me to try to get my workouts back on track!

CC--Hope you and the dogs enjoyed the walk in the sunshine!

nicolen--Hmmm, things get interesting w/ yummy trainer! LOL!!! Definitely keep us up to date....we are living vicarioiusly through you!

Schmoodle--How are you?

Rhonda--How was the business trip? Trip to the beach? Hope you can pop in soon!

Have a great OP day!!!

06-18-2009, 07:32 AM
**Jab, is 1500 calories enough for you? We're around the same weight and I'm eating between 2000 - 2300 most days... **

I don't know I'm not counting calories, for all I know I am eating more than that most days. Maybe at some point when I plateau and stop losing I can go back to counting but right now I want to avoid it. I get too hung up on the graph and all the areas being where they need to be etc..

My main goal is to be healthier. I've never been thin so I'm not trying to get back to a certain point. My cholesterol and blood pressure are good but giving up junk food never hurt anybody...lol.

Yesterday's food

Wed 6/17/09

Purple carrot juice
Morningstar Italian sausage
Scrambled eggs w/ salsa


Bolthouse mocha protein drink

Bocca chicken pattie
Steamed veggies
Cottage cheese

Fruit bowl (melon, peach, kiwi, raspberries

06-18-2009, 04:27 PM
Hey everyone. It's been a strange day for me. It's going to sound really stupid, but I had a bad dream last night and it made me wake up in a really bad mood. (Dream was where my husband told me he was leaving me for another woman... not the case, but it seemed real... luckily I didn't smack him when I got up.) I had to get some paperwork together for my son this morning, so by the time I got to the gym, I was grouchy. I don't have a yummy trainer, but there is this totally charming (and totally way young) man that is at the front desk usually. He wasn't there, so I didn't get his sweet face saying good morning. Just had the young lady who was not really interested that I was there. DANG!!!! So, I did my workout, and it was good, but I didn't really feel like I was a part of it. Totally distracted. I can tell I worked hard because I'm a little sore, but I was so out of the moment. Disappointing. Anyway, I was going to walk with my friend at lunch, but when I walked out of the office, it was raining. What the heck?! We decided to go out to lunch instead. I made good choices, so nothing wrong there. Now I just feel in a funk. It will be fine tomorrow, but I wanted to whine about it to my accountability friends. Poor me. :)

Jab: I always say that, too, that I want to be healthier. I truly believe that it is the most important thing. Just would also like to see the scale cooperate!

MJ: You are so good! You handled the disciplinary action well or that person wouldn't have thanked you. So cool!

Nicolen: Thanks for the yummy trainer update. Made my heart flutter a little... just like when I was 16. What a great feeling.

CC: Glad you have had some sun. Boy, when we ever get back into sunny weather, it will probably be blistering hot, but it has been awfully rainy here, being June!

Beverly: How are you doing? Hope you're having one of those sane days!

Rhonda: Check in when you get a chance!

Schmoodle: How about you? Having a good day?

Anyone else? Hey to y'all.

06-19-2009, 03:20 AM
Yay Friday night. Today just seemed to drag - more computer issues at work. I have a theory that helpdesk are playing fast and loose with things and making changes without any idea of what issues those changes are going to create. Well it's a theory.

Anyway, gym today went well. Yummy trainer told me that next week we're bumping the workouts up a level or so. I think I'm worried by that - todays death circuit of push ups, lunges, squats and step ups were more than enough for me!

I tried on an old top that I haven't worn for a few years - it's a size smaller than what I've been wearing. I wore it to work and it's a little tighter than I'm comfortable with, it's not too bad. The girls said it looked really nice so I'll believe them!

I've got a quiet weekend planned - my spin class tomorrow and I'll probably go for a swim on Sunday. I've got a house that looks like a tip so housework will definitely need to be done at some stage.

MJ, I've said it before, but would you like to be my boss? My disciplinary was resolved as well - more of a breakdown in communication than anything else but things escalated to a level that it shouldn't have.

Jab, it is about what works for you - I have to track or else I tend to mislead myself a few days later about what I've eaten. Your calories do seem low, but hey, if it works for you then stick with it!

Diane, whine away - that's what we're here for. Goodness, I certainly do my share of whining! And it's Friday and the weekend, so you're right - that has to be good!

Everyone else, hi!

Take care everyone!

06-19-2009, 08:01 AM
TGIF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm very frustrated with work so I am ever so happy I am off tomorrow and the next day !!!

Didn't get any exercise yesterday. My asthma and allergies are bad right now and I was wheezy most of yesterday. Lots of housework to catch up on this weekend, sounds exciting doesn't it...lol.

Nicolen~ congrats on the top. Stuff like that always makes ya feel great!!!

Yesterdays' food....
Thurs. 6/18/09

Vanilla chai tea protein drink (bolthouse)

Lf yogurt
Sprinkle of muesli


Turkey & ff cheese wrap (wh gr tortilla)
Sf lemonade

Lean gourmet chicken snackers

Happy Friday everyone!!!!!!!

06-19-2009, 08:26 AM
Hi Chicks....sorry I didn't get here yesterday to check in. I was so, so busy. :dizzy: The last couple of days have gone pretty well. I am grateful. :)Wednesday night I went to my neighbor's for Girl's NIght Movies. We watched Mama Mia - I did eat a little extra but was right back on track yesterday.

It seems that listening to my meditation, relaxation and guided imagery cd's are helping me very much. They have in the past, too. However, for a while I wasn't 'willing' to use them. I am grateful I am willing now. :D

My back is alot feeling better, thankfully. :) I used alot of ice and heat and tried to 'rest' it as much as possible - being careful about bending and lifting. I have a summer helper who helps to bring in my 'stuff' to the places where I am working every day. :D:D She is a true blessing to me - plus, I pay her. So, it's a nice job for a 12 year old.

For today:
healthy, tasty food
stretches and strengthening
journal - I am not doing this much
put fork down between bites - and pause
lots of water
aware eating
positive mental attitude

Jab - hope your allergies and asthma have calmed down. :hug: Great menu!

Nicolen - wonderful thing to wear something you haven't warn for a while. :carrot::carrot:That's a great NSV!! Nice to see that yummy trainer - even if he's going to make you work harder!

Diane - I hope your day is better today and your funk is over. :hug: Dreams can be weird, sometimes. Good job on making good choices at lunch. :D

MJ - I am so glad things went well at work - that's wonderful. :D Yes, you will get your routine and grove back. Keep doing the best you can. It will happen. :)

CLCs - those dogs keep you moving...great. ;) Yes, my back has improved. Thanks so much.

Shout out to schmoodle, rhonda, and anyone else that stops by.

06-19-2009, 12:19 PM
Mind if I just whine today, friends?

I officially am falling apart this week. First I pulled a muscle in my rear doing nothing. That's right. Nothing! So that has me defying all the rules on the heating pad warning label by sitting on it.

Then I'm minding my own business yesterday and I open my mouth only to feel a pop in my jaw followed by a burn. Today, while I can open my jaw, I can't close it all the way or get my upper and lower teeth to touch, making eating interesting and painful. WTH?

And then since yesterday I am having the TOM of all TOMs. If I don't show up here again, I probably bled to death... Remember me fondly. :faint: I thought the new BC pills I'm on were supposed to regulate and lighten it? I got zero minutes of sleep last night as I couldn't risk laying down for more than 15 minutes.

As my dad is fond of saying, if I was a horse they'd have shot me by now. :tired:

06-19-2009, 04:53 PM
Much better day for me today. I felt much more focused and in tune with what I was doing. I had a nice pep talk from a friend of mine who is a trainer at the gym I go to. She said that she thinks I am doing so well. I said thanks and she said, "No, really. As a trainer, I do not give out compliments easily. It's part of my job to not just say things to make people feel better. So, when I tell you that you are an inspiration, I MEAN IT." I could have cried. I love her! :) Anyway, had a good workout and I'm planning on really doing the spin class next week. I just couldn't muster up the courage this week, so that's my goal for next week. I will not be happy if I don't do it, so I better do it.

CC: How frustrating things are for you! My Dad used to say the same thing. I know I have felt like that a few times, too. Just hang in there and be kind to yourself. You need a little pampering right now. Besides, Nicolen told me that it was ok to whine, so go right ahead!

Beverly: Glad you are finding some comfort in your CD's. They sound really positive and uplifting!

Nicolen: You are up for the challenge with yummy trainer. I really do believe that you have to push yourself to continue to improve (even though I didn't push myself to go to the spin class.....yet). You can do it!!! Besides, he'll be impressed. ;)

Jab: I'm with you on the TGIF!!

06-19-2009, 06:30 PM
Hi everyone! Dh and I had an awesome day off together. Didn't do too much, ran some errands, went to lunch, things like that, but it was just nice to spend time together w/ out feeling rushed.

jab--Mmm, fruit bowl...that's what I have been having as a snack. It's SO good! Yea, my work has been frustrating lately too...glad it's the weekend!

Diane--Whine away, girl, you have certainly listened to me enough times! I have had a bad dream and it carries over into my mood for the day. You'll snap out of it, it's ok. Great job making good choices, despite your mood! Fabulous compliment from your friend!!! I can't wait to hear about the spin class!

nicolen--Sure! The next time I am hiring, I'll let you know! Glad yours went well too!

Beverlyjoy--Great job! Sounds like taking care of yourself is paying off! What a great job for a 12 y/o! I bet she loves it and loves having some $! thanks for the pep talk! I needed it!

CC--Wow, you are certainly having a rough time aren't you! Big hugs!!!! Hope things are better VERY soon! Let your doctor know. I have never taking BC pills, but I do know they can do weird things to your cycle. My sister had all kinds of problems.

Tonight I am going to a jewelry party w/ some girlfriends. Dh is looking forward to watching a ball game w/ out me talking through it. LOL!!!

I did get a short walk in between rain drops. Well, it was something.....

06-20-2009, 09:42 AM
Hi Chicks! I had another good day - I am so, so grateful. :) Actually, I need to be careful - as I may not be getting enough calories to do live this long term. :dizzy: But, at least I am aware of it. My slowing down my meals with utensils down and a pause between bites has been very helpful to me. For me - anything I do goes hand in hand with willingness. I am so grateful that I am willing to try again. Hopefully - the worst of my stress is over for now and I can move forward with continued healthy eating. As always, I'll take it a day at a time.

Today is a restful day. DH is doing some projects. I'll write some thank you notes to my clients and hang out.

Meditation - very important for me
lots of water
journal food, etc
stretches and strengthening
put utensils or food down between bites and pause
aware eating
healthy yummy food
ice and heat on my pieces and parts
Positive Mental Attitude

MJ - you are so right about my helper - this is her third year. It's a wonderful job for a young person. She is learning about so many things and making a bit of money too. Her mother is thrilled that she has something to do in the mornings and learning about responsibility So glad you and DH had great day off. :) How was the jewelry party - I've never been to one of them.

Diane - I am so glad your trainer friend told you what she thought - it's nice to have a 'professional' say you are doing well. :D YAY. Wow - being an inspiration is awesome. Go girl.

CLCS - go ahead and whine...this is the place. Sounds like you have every reason to feel frustrated. :hug: Please take care of your pieces and parts - I am a firm believer that the body wants to heal itself if it's possible. Hang in there.

Shout out to everyone else. Have a great day.

06-20-2009, 09:43 AM
Didn't eat enough yesterday but it was because I was busy from the time I got up till I went to bed.

Food for yesterday...
Fri. 6/19/09

Pc cheese


Lg salad w/ chicken breast & tomatoes
Ranch dr

Sf pudding

06-21-2009, 07:51 AM
Hi chicks - I've had a good weekend - I am grateful.

Tonight my Mom and Aunt are coming over for dinner - it's their birthday's soon. So, we are doing a special dinner with the cousins too. I've kept in pretty healthful with grilled marinated steak, rice, salad, garlic bread and green beans. My cousin is bringing a healthy dessert - she is on WW.

I hope everyone has a GREAT day.

06-21-2009, 08:47 AM
Good Morning everyone! My knee is feeling a bit better (knock on wood!!!!), so here's hoping that continues!!!! Today is my lazy day w/ the dogs. Dh is on his way to Cooperstown for baseball game and all that good stuff. I decided not to go, we are going to be there for four days in July, so he and a friend went today. I am going to read and watch movies...

Beverlyjoy--Your menu sounds yummy!

Have a great OP day everyone!!!

06-21-2009, 09:23 AM
Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Been busy here, but my to do list doesn't seem to get much smaller...lol.

I didn't eat enough yesterday but I was so busy I didn't really notice it. I was hungry around bedtime but didn't want to eat late at night.

Sat 6/20/09

I skipped breakfast, just not hungry and LOTS to do


Broiled shrimp
steamed veggies
Cucumbers in vinaigrette

Watermelon lg pc

06-21-2009, 12:24 PM
Today is my rest day, so no going to the gym today. I have lots to do this weekend, with little chores and such. I'm going to bake a cherry pie for my husband for father's day. The good thing is that I can easily pass up cherry pie, so it won't be a temptation. He loves it, so he gets the special treat.

I think I'll be taking my son to the batting cages today, too.

Have a good weekend.