20-Somethings - *****Weekly Chat - June 14 to June 20*****

06-14-2009, 10:39 AM
Hey ladies!

I hope everyone is having an OP weekend. Despite the fact that I went to bed at 3 am, I still woke up at 7:30 and decided to blow off the gym because I'm going to be jumping around and dancing for 2 hours tonight at the No Doubt concert. :carrot:

I'm going to have to squeeze in a nap sometime before we leave. I'm also slightly dehydrated from sangria, so I need to replenish fluids before I even think about depleting them.

We attempted to dye my hair purple last night, and as far as I can tell, you can't see it. I'm going to wash and dry it, so maybe it'll come out in the sun, but I will be taking another trip to Hot Topic for purple hair clips. I'm kind of obsessed with this idea.

Eating has been going really well. I had a friend's birthday party last night, but I essentially spent all day doing some sort of exercise, and yeah, I indulged, but my spinning, weight lifting and swimming (plus the fact that I allowed myself a higher point allotment for yesterday) won't do me in at the scale.

06-14-2009, 11:51 AM
hey stellarosa! I tried dying my dark brown hair cherry red with boiling hot kool-aid in highschool lol. It kinda showed.. and never faded out!

As for me, I've been feeling a little blue lately. I guess from the lack of a social life in this new city, and I'm being a shy hermit lol. I reaally want to get drunk and have fun, as bad as it sounds. I have no desire to drink alone I've discovered.
So my game plan is to recommit to losing those last 10-15 pounds (right now I'm eating healthy stuff mostly but not watching calories at all). I'm also gonna drag my *** off the couch after I finish this snack, pretty myself up and do something! Even if it's just a walk around.

06-14-2009, 01:50 PM
I'm getting ready to head out to do 120 miles round trip or so, and climb Mt. Rogers if it's not raining too badly, and if wildlife permits. There have been a lot of bears out and about, so depending on how often I cross paths will determine whether I stay at the camp sites and on the trails. I'm going to take pics, so I should have some good stuff to post. I should be back Thursday or Friday. :D

Stella -- Have fun going to see No Doubt! And as for the purple dye, I hope you didn't try to use Manic Panic colors. Those won't take to your hair for crap, but it will surely stain everything else it touches so be careful if you sweat at the concert. Beyond The Zone colors show up way better, and they stay in for a few weeks. You can wash it out completely with dish soap and vinegar, just be sure to deep condition. If it's just for tonite, I suggest using the spray in colors or putting streaks with the glow-in-the-dark neon hair mascara.

Aneleh --Skank it up and go getcha some! You'll probably find some awesome shops along the way, plus it's always good to get oriented to your new city. Cat calls always shake away my blues. :)

06-14-2009, 04:41 PM
I have had four days of BBQ's and beer.

It has been great but after tonight I am ready to get my butt back in gear.

06-14-2009, 05:36 PM
RIght now i am working on getting this weight off i aquired once i started jogging with my walks..
I have been pretty upset over this and i need to kick it in gear and get going to get it off.
This week i am going to work on walking and jogging each night 1 mile or more. I know i can do it..
Also need to get the rest of my yard work done.. I am SOO far behind with my hubby be in the hospital this past 2 weeks. He spent most of that time in ICU. SO i need to get things in gear here..

I hope you all have a great week and stick with your plans!!
Take care all!!

06-14-2009, 05:56 PM
Hi guys,
Since my boyfriend was in town, I didn't exactly have an 'on plan' weekend, but I've been living in a way that I know I can maintain and be happy with. I actually put my scale in my roommate's closet for the week, and she won't let me have it back till Friday (though I plan to do my weigh-in at the gym anyway where the scale is more accurate). I'd been obsessing a little bit and I think my bf is annoyed, so I'm going to try to be a little more laid back about it.

Though I've been eating less nutritiously this weekend, it wasn't binge or emotional eating...it was just being happy doing normal things with my bf like getting lunch at the hot dog stand at the lake and splitting a creemee with him. That's where I want to be with my life. Also, I ran/walked 9.5 miles in 2hrs this morning (!!!!) which is about 3mi farther than I've ever run before. This is part of my decision to see if maybe I think I could some day run a half marathon...I got horrible blisters and sort of just got bored, so I'm not sure, but the running threads on here have been really inspirational, like the c25k-ers who have gone from being able to run 500 yards at a time to being able to run 5000. That's really incredible! I just need to double my distance, not multiply it by 10, so I can do this! Also apart from the blisters my feet felt fine, and I had been worried about stress fractures. So, I'll keep training this week and try another long distance run in a week or two.

As I said, we went to the lake today, and I actually let my bf take pictures of me in my swimsuit. scratch that, I actually asked him to. He commented this weekend about how I never let him take pictures of me and now I'm like 'take my picture!' all the time :)

Shannon- sorry your hubby has been in the hospital :( I hope he is getting better and will be home with you again soon.

06-14-2009, 07:38 PM
Haha...whoops ;) I posted in the last week's thread by accident.

I feel like I haven't been here in a while....haha. I hope everyone's having a good weekend.

I've been trying to be so good this weekend....but it's not working out too well LOL My mom and sister actually threw me a surprise 30th birthday party Friday night and I have drank a lot more this weekend than I have in the past like 6 months! haha Plus, there is lots of extra cake laying around. My actual birthday is tomorrow and once tomorrow is over, I am back on track LOL

06-14-2009, 07:57 PM
hola ladies (and gentlemen?)
having a not-very-on-plan-at-all weekend (with a glance at my half-eaten bowl of butter pecan ice cream) but that's not unusual for me right now, unfortunately. I got off track a couple of weeks ago when my computer died and I was unable to get on forum or track calories online.
But it's fixed now, and it's time to get recommited. So I'm sort of jumping into the general conversation. Hi :wave:
Hope everyone's having a great weekend.

06-15-2009, 02:20 AM
It wasn't Manic Panic, I stayed away from that b/c it screams PERMANENT. I wound up getting more hair clip things and just went that route. I was dressed from head to toe in black and purple (I'll post pictures tomorrow). The concernt was awesome with a capital everything. We were about 20 feet from the stage and I could see Gwen's ab definition.
I am getting OLD. We were jumping up and down for 4 hours, and about halfway through hour 2 I realized that everything from my hips down was in severe pain. After we had to leave, it was an effort to even life my legs. Oops. I'm sitting here in my bed with my feet up, trying to get normal circulation going. It was so much fun though. And I don't know how WW classifies dancing, but I definitely got 4 hours of jumping in tonight :) Hopefully I'll be able to spin tomorrow.

Aneleh - did you ever think about joining a rec sport? Some friends of mine in Baltimore are in a kickball league and its basically organized drinking. Yes, they play kickball, but they spend more time in the bar after. They've met a lot of really cool people that way, while being outside and getting some activity.

Nish - the hiking sounds awesome. And you MUST take pictures.

Shannon - I hope your husband gets better soon!

Love to the rest of you!

miss shelly84
06-15-2009, 09:19 AM
Good morning ladies,

I am going to try this again, as I believe my post got eaten by the esc button gremlin.

Hope everyone is doing well this morning.

Stella- Glad you enjoyed yourself at the concert! They are coming to St Louis in July, and Green Day is coming in August, so hopefully I can find someone to take to both concerts. Anyhoo, can't wait to see pictures, that sounds like an awesome outfit! : )

Shannon- Hope your hubby gets to feeling better very soon!

Nish- That sounds awesome! Can't wait to see photos.

As for me, Mom, Dad, Lil Sis, and I have been moving stuff out of my apartment this weekend. So, I am sufficiently scratched, beaten, and bruised by my furniture, but at I have burned some calories. We are going to move a few more things this morning and take off for St Louis in an hour or so.

Well, hope you have a pleasant rest of the day.


06-15-2009, 03:01 PM
Hey all. So this day is going rather craptastic. I'm trying my best not be be Cranky-Pants McLisa, but am failing epically. I had a wonderful bum morning all planed out and then my landlord surprised me at 10am to rewallpaper the kitchen. No call or anything. I wasn't even wearing a bra! So I got dressed quickly and rushed out of the house. Went over to the library and picked up a copy of the 30 Day Shred DVD I've heard so much about here. Hopefully, I'll try it tonight. Now it's the computer lab. Again. I dropped by my d-bag professors office to ask if he'd gotten my email with some questions about the homework. He kinda looked at me blankly before saying "Yea, but I think I deleted it." I really had to restrain myself from physical violence. He's always telling us to email him with questions and then he deletes them!? ARG. *Deep breath* Thanks for letting me vent!

Stella- I'm so jealous, I love No Doubt! I don't know what we used, but in high school I had a glorious electric blue streak in my hair. I loved it so much. If I could go back, I would have died my entire head in the stuff. Sadly, I can't go funky with hair color anymore (stupid jobs :().

aneleh- Sorry to hear you've been feeling down. Pending grad school admission, I hope to be in a similiar situation this time next year (strange new city, hopefully not the new city blues ;) ). Have you thought about doing some fitness classes to meet new people?

Mmm.. Me thinks I may run back to the apartment to see if landlord is gone... See you chickies later!

06-15-2009, 04:29 PM
Hey ladies.
knitalisa--sorry you're having such a bad day! I hate when people mess up my lying-around time.
My day has been okay so far, went to class this morning and then hit the gym. I had a hard time working out though, due to a sudden onslaught of heartburn which is a mystery to me--I had a Lara bar for breakfast. But i got in my cardio and some weights. Now I have to study for a looming math test.
cheers :)

06-16-2009, 08:18 PM
hey all,

so i've been having a really rough week so far. for those of you who didn't catch my ranting thread, my boyfriend of almost 3 years and I broke up. it was tough because it was one of those situations where we're both madly in love with eachother but it won't work. i always believed that there could always be a way to make love work no matter what, unfortunately he doesn't. i won't get into it but i'm not handling it too well. mentally i'm as expected, trying to get busy and not think about it, not being alone for too long etc. physically i'm a mess. i can't eat without getting nauseous, i throw up everything i do eat. luckily i can hold down fluids (not soup for some reason, the heat is no good). so i'm not getting dehydrated. i never knew that heartbreak could physically hurt. my body has never hurt this badly so constantly before. at least i'll drop those last annoying pounds to get under 160 right? haha, silver lining to every cloud.

my brother, in an attempt to comfort me, told me that although i'm going to be single, at least i'll be skinny which is something i haven experienced yet. on a similar note, my cousin told me that now that i'm hot i can hook up with hotter men than i've ever gotten before. you gotta love my family haha.

i'm attempting to concentrate so i can get some type of work done for school. i skipped both classes today because my eyes are swollen too much to read, but i'm hoping i should be relatively ok for tomorrow. we'll see.

as for the job front, i heard about openings in a school not too far away, and they're hiring quite a few people. i sent in the resume, now the waiting game begins. education is not a good field to be going into right now haha.

ugh ok well thanks for listening to me rant. i'm sorry i'm so depressing. love you all!

06-16-2009, 10:06 PM
Amy - more hugs!

Nothing too new going on here - I got my acceptance letter for grad school and I'm down 2.8 lbs :) Now to talk to my dad and convince him that I should go this fall and convince myself that I can do this.

I just made myself some turkey bean chilli, so I'm going to eat my dinner and watch True Blood (probably not the smartest combo, but hey).

Hope you all are having a good day/night :)

06-16-2009, 10:16 PM
Good Evening everyone

I have so been MIA for awhile now it seems. Life is just so busy and crazy. I had to leave work early yesterday bc the vet didnt think my cat was going to wake up from the anesthia she gave him for a surgery he had to have. After much TLC and him fighting he is still alive and I think going to make it. He is asleep on my bed for right now. I hope we have a better night for sleep than last night. I think I got 4 hours total. I am so proud though he is eating and drinking, peeing, and pooping which is more than the vet expected. Yay he is just like me, a trooper.

Work is being so stressful this week, I hate period close it seems that whenever we get done with one its here again. I have had some people on my team help me today to make sure I get what I need done done. Yay for teamwork. Well time for me to start winding down for bed not that it will take much tonight. ttfn

06-17-2009, 03:34 AM
Ahh... am I scared or what?! :)
It's been like forever, I think...since I've been on here. Ever since my school was done about a month ago, I've been thinking about getting back on here since school was the "reason" I couldn't get on here as much. However, one day, two day...days passed on without me getting on here...and then I wanted to but I was scared. I would see ladies on Twitter/FB and then wonder and miss everyone...but was just scared... and ashamed...
I've been working out here and there but my eating habits have been horrible. My portion control went out the door and I weighed myself last week and I was in the 180's...
For some reason, my carb control is...well.. there is none.
Today, I finally said "heck with it!" and came on here... and started looking around and saw that there were still many ladies that I know...and saw all are doing great and I realized it's time for me to shake being scared and jump back in here.

Oh, and I'm NOT updating the ticker... lol

Iconised Ghost
06-17-2009, 03:43 AM
welcome back tara :D It always feels better when you finally get back doesnt it?

I'm doing ok this week, been working a fair bit which is good, and my tax return just came through yay! :lol:

06-17-2009, 10:14 AM
Yaay for tax returns!

I'm already and hour and 10min late to work today lol. I took yesterday off and me and my sis went to Ottawa. T'was so fun. Also, I am pretty sure I said some things to someone on facebook that I shouldn't have lol. I am not looking forward to the reply...
What a fun night! I can't believe it's wednesday lol it feels like sunday.

06-17-2009, 11:29 AM
so the (ex?)bf and i had a good talk last night. still not together but we agreed to try and see if we can work something out. it's going to be a long freakin journey and may lead to our end, but at least this way, if we have to end it, we'll know we tried everything we could. even though i know it's a definite possibility that we might break up, i'm so relieved. all i wanted was to know he was willing to fight for us. i didn't realize he already was.

so, physically i'm so much better. my stomach is only slightly crazy, i'm not constantly crying, and i think i might actually be able to get some homework done today. when we hung up last night i was actually hungry!

the good thing about all of this, I lost 3 lbs. haha. i know it's from not eating for 3 days, and will come right back on as soon as i'm a normal, functioning human being again, but so be it.

yay personals:

Jennirose- i know this is super late so forgive me. i freaking LOVE no doubt and am so incredibly jealous! i tried to do the purple streak thing when i was living in australia, and let me tell you, purple dye and red hair are not a good combo. it was this weird brown color that you could barely see but drove me nuts. (and thanks so much for all the hugs:) )

nish- i know you're hiking but i'm excited for the pics!

shannon- i'm keeping your husband in my thoughts.

tara- welcome back! don't be scared or ashamed. we're all here for you and won't judge you, because we've all been there.

06-17-2009, 02:57 PM
amyleigh Thank you! and I'm glad to hear that you guys had a good talk. No matter what happens, it's good to have some closure so that there is no curiosity/regret at the end.. But I really wish you good luck!

aneleh I love those social networking websites, I even have the apps on my iPhone... The problem is I have done the same thing that you did...and oops. :P Well, hopefully it will be okay.

Icon Woot for the tax return! Although it's my own money, I always feel like it's free money. I had to increase the tax I pay this year because I wasn't paying any fed tax after the tax reduction... So I'm hoping to see some $$ next year. lol

As for me.... I have a phone appointment with school advisor in like 7 minutes to figure out what to take in fall and stuff. I will be taking class in the comm col and university at the same time this semester and man, the $$ hurts... I'm used to paying for full tuition with the pell grant since that was more than enough as I was taking classes at the community college...but now that I am transferring to Univ... it really hurts...but I do NOT want to get the student loan... :( Oh well... we will see what I have to do.
Once I'm done with the all, I'm gonna work out. Do something. I know at least run for 30 minutes or more.

By the way... I've been going carb crazy lately...which I know is not good at all. When I eat lots of carb, my tummy starts to get bigger and bigger...but I just can't seem to stay away... and all these small cravings here and there I just can't seem to figure out what they are... I try to calm it with mini peppers, carrots...which doesn't work. :( And I give in and grab whatever I can find here and there.... I tried water too... :( Ahhh sucks to be me...lol

Iconised Ghost
06-17-2009, 05:45 PM
Thanks, i always tend to get a little something back at the end of the year. I think its because I usually work 2 jobs on a casual basis so have no idea how much i'll earn in a year, so i err on the side of caution and would rather overpay tax than underpay lol.

Tara- good luck with the uni stuff. Are student loans interest free where you are? Ours were made interest free a few years ago, thank god, i dread to think what mine would be now with interest, after 5 years of uni :dizzy: Ive been a bit carb crazy too, omg cheese has been my thing the past few days. Good thing it makes me feel ill when i eat too much of it, otherwise i think i would have eaten the entire 1kg block! :lol: Maybe try having a baked potato for lunch or something?

amy- yay for trying to make it work. Like you said, at least then you know you tried everything you could :) Good luck! I really want it to work out for you

aneleh- you cant remember what you wrote? :lol: sounds like a good time indeed

06-17-2009, 06:09 PM
I missed you Tara! SO MUCH.

My week is going OKAY. I notice I don't eat enough during the day - then my blood sugar drops and I make bad choices and I even get a bad mood. I gotta carry something with me at all times...but what can I carry that's not full of sugar, totally processed and doesn't need a fridge and can last in a purse all day. Ideas?

06-17-2009, 10:23 PM
Luna bars!!! They're my new favorite thing. Under 200 calories (usually 170-180) and they tide me over.

Amy - that's good that you both are talking - I wish you well :)

I really wish I'd get my tax return. It would be nice :p

I had a kind of off day. I would up crying at work (mom-related) and then I put myself into a friggin panic attack. I got to the gym and managed to kind of calm it down and in the process forced myself to run for 45 minutes. I'm trying to relax by catching up on my DVR but its not working. I'm giving myself a half hour longer until I take a pill. I get so aggravated with myself when I have to do that, which makes the panic attack worse, but this is why the doc gave me Xanex. Grr. I have to spend all day at a meeting in DC tomorrow, so the good news is it should be a fairly low-stress day. I just have to help the doctors use the computer. Not hard.

I hope you all are doing well :)

06-18-2009, 04:56 AM
Hmmm... I see that it's rather slow here..

Icon baked potato sounds sooo good. Actually I think I'm gonna have some baked sweet potato...or roasted or steamed.. omg that sounds just sooo good. thank you!!!

Taylor I missed you too, girlie!!! How are your two men doing? :) I so agree with you about carrying something around!

I ran for 40 minutes today and then did 10 more minutes of cardio sculpt which always gets me full of sweat by the time i'm done with it. That's 50 minutes. I was rather excited about it. :D hehehe...

I got only 35 minutes left at work...but lots of work...but just don't want to. :( ahhh well I better get going.

Iconised Ghost
06-18-2009, 07:23 AM
no worries :D I do my "baked" potatos in the microwave, so you can just take a raw potato to work and do it there! :D I know one person who also does that

miss shelly84
06-18-2009, 12:13 PM
Morning ladies!

Sorry if I'm behind a few days, but to personals.

amyleigh- I'm sorry to hear about your relationship ending, my ex-fiance's and mine ended up in very much similar circumstances, so I totally feel for you. I'm glad you guys are talking things over though, at the very least ya'll can end on good terms. I'm also sorry you're not feeling well, take it easy and enjoy our company regularly and you'll be back to normal soon. :hug:

Icon- I love microwaved baked potatoes! That is the way my dad has always cooked them.

Tara- Welcome back! We're glad to have you.

Me- As for me, I finally moved up to St Louis after a long time packing and cleaning. And we're still not done yet, as I have to vacate by June 30th. I said I wanted to maintain while I was in the process of moving and I did so fairly well, give or take a pound or two in either direction. So, hopefully I will be able to move in a more downward direction from this point on. :)

I have my New Student Orientation at the University next Friday. I feel kinda weird because I wanted to be a certain weight at that point and I am not. *sigh* I guess it's just motivation to work harder.

Talk to you guys soon.


06-19-2009, 11:00 AM
Happy Friday!

I'm motivated to do work, because I HAVE to leave here by 5. I have a 90 minute spin class tonight, and I'm kind of terrified for it. I'm very excited though. I accidentally found pictures of myself from 3 years ago yesterday, and I was like HOLY CRAP. When I moved down to MD I gained about 30 lbs in the span of 6 months, and I had somehow convinced myself that you couldn't tell. Well the pictures I found were right before I moved...HOW DID I NOT NOTICE! I'm not really upset, because I'm getting closer and closer to pre-move weight every day, it just shocked me.

Also, does anyone else watch the Real Housewives of NJ? I watched the finale last night and the best line ever was said: If you're not familiar with the table flip, you're probably not from NJ. So true.

I wish you all a happy, stress-free Friday!

06-19-2009, 12:04 PM
Happy Friday to all!

So ladies I have totally been MIA from the chats and feel the need to jump in here even though most of you are busy for the weekend. I have been spending as much time as I can picking up shifts at work and then spending time with the boyfriend. I have been on and off on my eating and my working out has been pretty good but needless to say ice cream has been a HUGE weakness and I am back up to 175 so hopefully I can lose these last 25 and look super HOT.

I did get a new bathing suit which is super cute and I plan on spending every sunny morning at the beach. Too bad today is overcast..maybe that means it'll be busy at work tonight as I have to make a TON of money in the next 10 days to pay my car payment and RENT. Sigh..the joys of being a single mom I swear.

I love you ladies..but seriously SOMEONE kick me in the BUTT right NOW!!!

06-19-2009, 12:22 PM
hahaha jennirose, ALL my friends are quoting that already! good luck at spin tonight! the harder it gets just keep thinking about how damn good you're going to look in your jeans tomorrow when you go out (and you will go out cuz it's saturday and you're not working so you have to).

miss shelly- congrats on maintaining! sometimes that's the hardest part. new student orientation is always nervewracking...i've been to 3 (one in another country) and i always hate them but somehow always end up making one life long friend.

tara-for my minicravings, i lean on 100 calorie packs, slimfast bars and weight watchers foods. i tend to crave chocolate, but i know they make all kinds of low calorie stuff. i keep a few extra boxes lying around just for the cravings (if i don't get what i crave i obsess about it until i get it, could be a few hours, could be days. i've learned not to ignore my body). don't know if this would work, but it's better than just grabbing whatever is there.

thank you all for the kind and encouraging words. i really appreciate it.

as for me, i'm holding up. i'm back in class, which sucks as normal. i'm trying to keep myself busy. i'm going down to atlantic city with my parents, cousins and aunt and uncle tonight. tomorrow my best friend got us tickets to jimmy buffett which i'm totally stoked about. it's going to be pouring rain so i figure i'll just wear my bathing suit...and not be ashamed. freakin awesome!

talked to the boy again last night, and though we obviously don't know if it's going to work, he's hopeful now because he sees a way that it might, which he didn't before. we did discuss it and said that even if we do find a way to make it work and get back together that we're going to take it slow because we have a lot of stuff to work out and neither of us want to jump back in too deep and end up missing it. ok enough of that.

i think i might actually try to get myself to work out today. i'm not doing anything too hard cuz i'm still not really eating, but somehow have energy. i'm looking forward to my ballet strength video (which probably doesn't really have anything to do with ballet but i heart it).

06-19-2009, 12:34 PM
Well, I'm going out with my dad to see Star Trek, but its still out :) Glad to hear things are working out, Amy.

06-19-2009, 12:49 PM
*sits on the track*

Where is my wagon?....I fell off...

06-20-2009, 01:14 PM
Time for Margaritaville!!! I'm going to Buffett in a few hours (cannot wait!!) and it will be a good break from this crap i've been dealing with all week. it's raining and gross out, but i don't care. i will be there prepared for rain, in my bathing suit (and looking hot, haha), with my MGD 64 in hand and my fruit platter in the other as my friends eat burgers and hotdogs. i'm so glad it's finally summer, even if it is 74 and raining. (i don't know when new jersey turned into seattle, but i think it was somewhere in the middle of the inconvenient truth).

06-20-2009, 01:23 PM
Ugh tell me about it...the 10 day forecast is all rain here in VT. I went for a run this morning and even though it was only 63 it was sooo humid it felt a lot hotter and I was drenched.

I'm going to have a lethargic weekend I think...It's the first time I've really had time to just relax and be by myself. I've been eating out so much tho! I ate out Thursday night and did pretty badly, tho I had saved a bunch of calories in case I slipped so I think it's okay. Then I ate out again last night (was gonna go for a run but friends called to say they were going out in burlington and that sounded a lot more fun) and think I did ok; at least fitday is telling me that the bison burger I ate the better part of wasn't too bad, and I had no-mayo coleslaw instead of fries and kept my hands off the booze. Plus we walked up and down battery hill a bunch. Then tonight I'm going out for dinner with my bf and his parents, who are in town...the combination of stress and fancy french food is not going to be good! Oh well, I'm going to do my best to enjoy it since I can't get out of it; my run today plus saving some extra calories shouldn't destroy me for Monday's weigh in. I hope I can stay in the 150s thread, but three nights of eating out in a row...i dunno...

06-20-2009, 08:07 PM
yaaay margaritaville! I'm in beerville at the moment.
Ugh i'm drunk again!! I can't believe it. It's so lonely in this stupid city. :( I wish my friends were here.

06-20-2009, 08:53 PM
Hi girls - I miss you all. I hope you didn't forget about me. Life has been crazy with nightshifts. I've been doing my best food-wise, but haven't exercised in over 2 weeks. I'm starting to walk again on Monday. I did meet a boy though.... :love: We've seen eachother 3 times now since last weekend when we met.

06-20-2009, 08:56 PM
Hey ladies. It's been a while since I've actually checked in, but I have been lurking in the shadows the whole time. I just got back from Vegas last night and am going to do a couple of days of detox before weighing to see the damage lol. Hopefully it won't be too bad bc one day alone we walked 21 miles. I was really excited once I got home and looked at my pics and compared then with last years Vegas pics. I look soooo much better!!

In other news, I have been selected to participate in a Fit challenge from the local news channel and a local gym. It's a gym where mostly beautiful professional men and women go so that should be interesting, but I am excited about the opportunity. It's about 30 mins from my house so I will have to find time to squeeze the time in. I get to meet with a nutrionalist and personal trainer and the program will be 6 weeks. There is some sort of prize at the end but I don't know what it is yet. I have orientation Thursday and then we start the first week of July.

Hope everyone is doing well and keeping cool. I miss Vegas bc there is no humidity unlike back here in Arkansas. UGGH!

06-20-2009, 11:18 PM
(i don't know when new jersey turned into seattle, but i think it was somewhere in the middle of the inconvenient truth).

Haha, yup. I brought shorts and a bathing suit in my backpack thinking "oh, I can go in the pool while I'm home - SWEET" - as it stands I've had to raid whatever clothes we have left of my mom's so I have something warm to wear (its about 60 up in North Jersey).