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06-13-2009, 11:43 AM
I wanted to tell you about my blog.

I do a daily weigh-in and goal post on Sundays.

I also post about what my new "thing" is -- the most recently "obsession" has been vitamins.

I will often post pictures of myself or things around me - food, etc. These are things that I find motivating.

The blog is dedicated to the pursuit of a happier life. This is most often synonymous with losing weight, but I won't lie and say that is all there is to it. I also post pictures of my garden or my pets or my friends.

This blog is NOT about complaining. I make a point to never whine or complain (unless it is specifically to get advice from readers).

I really hope you guys can find some time to check it out and watch it in the future. I will respond in kind. :)